Video Maker with Music Editor

Photo & Video
4.2 (13.2K)
128.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for Video Maker with Music Editor

4.2 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
5 years ago, I can't say my name sorry. 😭
😭 disappointed
I have to pay money to make a video when I can just use camera. I thought this app would be good because then I can make a cool music video but now it’s an unfair trick. Because I went though the reviews after I realized that I had to pay and I was happy and disappointed. I was happy that I didn’t pay because people say that this app was bad and I am also disappointed because people spend money that they earned on this app so it was 2.99 dollars down the drain. I am sorry but I want to rate this app a 0 but I have to rate it or it won’t send so 1. Sorry that was a little harsh. I did ask my friends about this app and they said it was pretty good. So sorry I was being rude. I bet your app is good. Keep up the hard work.😊
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5 years ago, karen1765
Extremely disappointed!!! Zero stars
I’m so disappointed I could actually cry!!!! I bought this app because I wanted to put together some videos from my wedding, my actual videographer scammed us and we ended up without an official wedding video all I have are million clippings that were sent to me from friends and family.... I tried for hours to edit and put together a good video using the app only to have my phone die and I lost all the work that I did with no way to recover it ... again I tried, I put in at least 3 hours worth of editing finally finished the project and clicked the share button the app then took me to a screen that said the video was processing and that it would take 30mins etc to complete and that I couldn’t close the app or the phone until complete I had the phone in my hand carefully watching it to make sure it didn’t close when out the blue the screen went blank and only a cancel button was available on the bottom... I waited to see if I would see anything else but after mins of waiting nothing came up I thought if I hit cancel then it may have taken me back to the previous page ... boy was I wrong !!! Once I hit cancel that was it and all my hard work once again was gone with no way to recover it ,.. needless to say I quickly unsubscribed and I’m truly hurt and disappointed... I felt like I was scammed all over again... smh this has to be my worst experience ever using an App ... it’s completely USELESS!!!!
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5 years ago, Shefgirl21
Blacked out my phone screen
I can’t use my phone while this app is merging my videos because it keeps starting over. I left my phone alone then left the app opened: it made my phone screen turn black and not respond. I had to hold down my power button, then unlock my phone and the ten minutes the app had left was restarted again after several failed attempts at merging my videos. So this is how I went about it: I had about five video clips I want to be played together. I chose them and the timer said I had 61 minutes and 23 seconds. I leave the app open but I switched apps. Once I went back into Video Music it said I still had 60 minutes so I thought it worked in the background. I found out it doesn’t. So I then left my phone opened and usually if an app requires that I stay on the app the phone won’t lock. My screen went black and I could get haptic feedback but no screen feedback-the screen was black and frozen. I pressed the home and power button individually and they did not work. I had to hold the power button to get my phone screen back on. Once I did the app restarted the process of my project again. By this time I quit trying. It’s too much hassle after I’ve been waiting. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus.
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4 years ago, annawehde
Started out with minor faults then crashed
So, it started out great. I made a test video, and it for the most part worked well. There were a few weird things: I can’t get it to stop moving the images/videos side to side and it was hard to get full images/videos in because it zooms in on them too much. I think there should be a way to turn movement off (the current option for this in settings does nothing) and there should be a way to reposition videos/images (like zooming in/out). I also can’t tell if there is a way to cut off any part of a video, which would be a helpful function. The price is a bit annoying. $2.99 per week feels like a lot because I’m not using this every week? Paying a few dollars a month would make way more sense. But, like I said, it did work fine at first (despite some of these complaints). But I’ve been trying for the last couple days to make a video and download it and it keeps giving me an error message (even though I follow the rules and don’t close the app while it is downloading the video). So, I can’t find a way to download/save my video, and there isn’t even a way to save a video within the app.
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4 years ago, BiggieBird89
This app is garbage!
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! ITS JUNK!! This app originally says free for a week and then 2.99 a month after that. Lie. As soon as I downloaded it I had to purchase it for 2.99 to be able to access anything. Then I struggled to figure it out because it isn’t user friendly. After I figured it out and made a extremely wicked music video out of my pictures the thing wouldn’t save. I Re created it again after Re starting my phone and making sure the app was running right and I had storage space on my phone. I tried a few times and leaving the app to come back to it my progress is GONE! After trying over and over 6 times after I Re created it without leaving the app IT WILL NOT SAVE!! It says “error 😱” with no explanation. I’m by far done!!!!! I’m off to find another app to rip me off like this one did. Don’t waste you’re time downloading it like I did. I just waisted 4 hours of time for no reason!!
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5 years ago, Jazzy128
If I could save my work, 5 stars.
Pros: This app was easy to use and I was able to combine longer videos which other apps won’t do. The transitions and effects are also fun and simple and it’s easy to add music. Cons: I wish you could speed a video up faster than 1.5x. It is also SOOO inconvenient that you can’t save anything! I had to redo the same project like 5 times because the app closed or I was away from my phone too long and it doesn’t save. Most other editing apps allow you to work on multiple projects at once but not this one. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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3 years ago, SweetYamagatagirl
Too Pricey!!!!!
This is a great app for editing videos and you are able to add your on music which is an added bonus. The problem is the price. It’s $2.99 weekly, roughly $13 a month and approximately $156 yearly. My HBO Max subscription is cheaper. Let me repeat that, my HBO Max subscription is cheaper. So, I plan to cancel this app, even tho, it’s an absolute 10/10 app for me. Like most folks, I have a several subscriptions already and as great as this app is, it’s not worth the money, in my humble opinion. Additionally, the makers could offer a reasonable monthly fee or yearly subscription however their priorities are clearly stated by their present pricing. For this reason, I give it 3 out of 5 stars and can not recommend this app.
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5 years ago, 367892
Please fix this! It’s be 6 stars if so!
I love this editor and I have downloaded just about every one out there to get the control I want over the slide show. I love in this app how you can change the transition, duration etc of every single picture. And it’s easy to move them around. The interface is awesome. The results I want achieved VERY quickly. HOWEVER, this app has already crashed twice on me in the middle of a project (at least an hour of work lost each time) and there is no way to save progress if say, you want to answer a text message, just to make sure you don’t lose everything!!! I have to rate it lower for that. I’d happily change my rating and review if this feature could be added!!! Thank you!!
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6 years ago, lucinkamare
Not as user friendly as it appears
Downloaded trial. The “Effects” link is not avail. No tutorial on how to use? I wasn’t to cut out (edit out) a small 3second section from within the video - it keeps adding it back in? No “effects” so can’t type text in. Once edited, if you want to view your edited version it defaults back to the pre-edited version. That if you joining short videos together and just using g sounds and transition it would be ok, but if you want to edit sections within a video and patch the rest of it -no! Also what happened to effects? Disappointed and will not pay $5 a week. Unless there is a tutorial and I just don't know all the features yet? Would be happy to give it 2nd try since I already spent a good 3 hrs of my life - kinda feel invested ...
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4 years ago, Ciera (C-Level)
Not Reliable
This app seems to work great as it should because you are charged monthly. However, there are multiple errors that will occur which make your video unusable. For me, the sound will randomly stop working once I’ve already spent hours editing and uploaded my video to my phone. The audio simply isn’t there even though I did everything to make sure my video included the correct sounds. The app just makes errors. It’s not a high quality app though it’s so easy to use. They need to work on these errors. I can’t use this app anymore which is really unfortunate because I needed to record videos for an internship. The app will also randomly shut down and cancel all of your work. Just use iMovie or something more professional. 😭
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5 years ago, so basically yeah
Almost every time I start a video and leave the app to organize my videos in camera roll and come back, the app says it could not save my project and I am forced to start over again. I wasn’t super annoyed at first but then I stayed in the app working on a compilation for two hours. I wanted to make it to an entire song and working it to go with the beat of the music takes a while, so I decided to take a break after 53 seconds was done. I knew the app may delete it again, so I tried to save it to camera roll so I could just add on later. The app crashed as it was saving and when I went back in, my video was deleted. So so frustrating I just wasted multiple hours of my life.
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5 years ago, Cherrand
Mostly satisfied
So I have been paying for this subscription for a couple of months and it has been working well enough for the video’s I create. There has never been additions to the music library since I initially downloaded and as of recent, it completely freezes and I cannot even access. I don’t think I will be renewing in 2 weeks when my subscription is due. Too bad as it had potential.
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4 years ago, shellyt8945
Very disappointing
I spent two hours creating a slideshow video and when I started uploading it to my phone it said it would take about 8 mins. It was only about a minute in and the app crashed and my whole project was deleted. I opened the app hoping it was saved but it just said “something went wrong”. Many other apps I have used in the past at least keep the project saved on the app if something goes wrong but after this experience I do not trust this app one bit and at this point I wouldn’t even try to make something with it again. So disappointing to spend that much time on something for it to just disappear like that. And yes I had my iOS and the app 100% updated with a steady connection.
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5 years ago, Huhwahah
Crashed my iPhone X
I wanted to merge some video clips together for a review I’m working on. I googled how to do this and a Video Music add popped up. Great! Problem solved... well not with this app. I had to subscribe to a free trial which is not a problem but after a week I would have to pay for it. It seemed to do exactly what I wanted until I tried to save it to my photos. It crashed. I tried again and crashed. Closed the app and restarted my phone and tried again, crashed. The worst part is I found another app that works perfectly and is completely free, no subscription required. If you’re going to charge, fair enough, but make sure a free app doesn’t work better than yours. I would not recommend
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7 years ago, BrainCrft
Smart app for add music on video
This app is for the smart users I think. Some people like me who are try to make their videos different for various purposes. To make a video documentary this app is the best. One can easily add his own voice to the video, multiple music can be add also. If any one want to reduce his video length then trim and cut options are available. Very smart and high class work done by developers. I'm strongly recommend for this one.
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5 years ago, AmbirC1004
So frustrating
I wanted to blend 3 videos together and be able to save the video to my phone. I went ahead and signed up for the free trial. The videos blended beautifully. And I can watch them on the app no problem. It was the downloading feature that is not working for me at all. I cannot get it to save or if it does I can’t find where it is located. After I upload it, it takes a few minutes to get to the next screen(it appears the be uploading properly.) but after that it just goes back to the before screen. I am so done with this. There has to be any easier way.
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4 years ago, Calley P
would not recommend
this app had promise because it seems user friendly! I’d be happy to pay the $3 if it didn’t crash with frequency and not save the project. When I bought it, I didn’t realize this app: Does not have a menu, tutorial, way to save videos for editing later, nor a help area. I still used it, and it crashed consistently, sometimes when I was adding a video, sometimes when I was trying, yet again, to extend the song to fit all the photos with my thumb (it didn’t automatically keep the song going after adding more visual content)... and sometimes it crashed just for fun? After literal hours, I rushed to finish to get something done because it was so frustrating. This app has potential- the quality of the finished product is just fine, but it was so frustrating to work with. I figured out how to cancel my subscription by reading the developer’s reply to other bad reviews. Would not use again or recommend.
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5 years ago, RobScott1691
Can’t handle videos with 3 songs
I’ve enjoyed the features of this app, it is very intuitive. However, after attempting to make a video with pictures from a trip, the app has crashed or lost all my work 4 separate times. If the developers read this, my recommendation is implement a way to save your work so if it does crash, you’re don’t have to start from scratch. I will be looking for another app to use. If your videos will be short, this is a great tool and I would recommend it. If your looking to use it for large projects look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, msndaljavanmqnwbq
I just needed to combine two videos together because this other app made it sound a bit funky. Really? I have to pay money? I know I could easily just do it free on my camera in one second, but this app looked really cool. But, I am only a kid and I can not afford to pay 3 dollars every week/month (can’t remember) just to combine two videos together that won’t get me anywhere in life. Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but please make your app better. I had also just read a review saying how you don’t save our hard work and that there are many bugs. Here are my suggestions: -Free videos (if they are simple to make such as combining two short videos together or making a tiny edit of your best times in life) -Fix your bugs -Only make us pay if we use certain features -Please listen to your reviews instead of just apologizing and doing nothing -Don’t lie about your app -Add other features that may interest people
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4 years ago, Anna- Frozen
I had high hopes for this app😡👿
This app is a disappointment .like what the heck!!!😡😡. I was hoping one day to make a really good edit 👍🏻and the first one I ever made but one day I had asked my mom if I could get the app she said yah sure so I was really excited .I had downloaded the app and it went to my pictures once I opened the app. I picked what pics I wanted but then it said oh you have to pay in order to make an edit I was like dad can you pay he said no cuz it’s 3 dollars a week I got so mad I almost started to cry it still wouldn’t let me but I still kept trying to get it but then he also said I would let you if it was 3$ a month then that would be fine every video editing app it would say I have to pay I would like at least one app where you dont have to pay. CAN WE JUST MAKE EDITS WITHOUT WASTING MONEY 💰 LIKE WHAT THE HECK!! THAT IS JUST MAKING THEM NOT WANT TO GET THE APP I DONT CARE IF IT SAYS FREE TRIAL FOR 7 DAYS WE STILL HAVE TO PAY AFTER THE SEVEN DAYS ARE OVER CAN YALL JUST MAKE IT FREEE!! PERIOTTTT🙄😡👿
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2 years ago, ☆۞☆♫♡︎☻︎
Well . . .
I do not actually think this is a four star app. You have to pay no matter what, which I think is kind of stupid. You should have some things that are free, and some things that you have to have the subscription for. VLLO is better for making videos. I give this app one star . . . Keep working on it!!
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1 year ago, Natalaki101
I’ve been really wanting to find a video app that I can make some of my own videos. I decided to try this app, and it doesn’t seem to give you very many options regarding editing, music, display etc. The music doesn’t have many options. I can’t even hear it while already making the video. I’m going to play around with it but think I will try to find another one. It’s not very user friendly.
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4 years ago, Iszlla
Don’t buy, waste and lied to
**PLEASE just find a different app, there are literally hundreds just like this one that won’t force you to pay for BASIC EDITING.*** 1. You can’t use this app without giving your credit card info away, they say you get 1 week FREE before you have to pay for the subscription but that’s a lie. took $3 off my card for a ‘FREE TRIAL” then after that week they were gonna take $3 more. 2. The photos used in the description for the app are NOT the same as the app! I literally only got this because of one of the features the photo shows that this app has, WHEN IN REALITY THIS APP DOES NOT HAVE THAT FEATURE.
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5 years ago, Mccfel
Too much money for the quality of the app.
The app is always closing out. The 7 days free was nice but $3/week adds up for something that heats up your phone, always closes out in the middle of a project and a lot of the time won’t save the project to my phone I.e I’ve had a lot of storage on my phone and still had to delete other apps and a lot of photos. However this is the only app that lets me speed up my videos and add music so I just pay for a week whenever I need it.
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2 years ago, JCisNYC
Mixing your music into video
The option to use “Your Music” does not work so I can add my own music to specific video and not have to use my laptop. I click on the “Your Music”option and it does nothing. I have an IPhone 12 Pro Max. The app might be worth it to others that want to use the available music but not for me. Waste of download and testing. I’m just annoyed my time was wasted and want to write a review and save others the headache if they are looking to use the app as I intended.
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4 years ago, not badd at allll
Not bad!
I had have so much trouble with the other apps but this app has helped me make a simple video! And a simple video was all I wanted and all I needed thank you a lot for this helpful app... although when it comes to videos with a lot of edits it just goes crazy and doesn’t load and yeah great app! Only for simple to standard videos though🥺
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4 years ago, samm. io
Frustrating 😡
Ok so I got the app and after I got it it said create video so I clicked that and when I did I had to do a trial and I was soo happy I found a app to create a video but when I did that I got so angry 😤 and it seemed amazing but I can’t pay so I did it over and over but I can’t pay so if you can please fix the thing where you have to pay to make one please and thank you but for now this app is getting a 2 star rating but if you can fix that I will change it
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4 years ago, I am awesome123...
As soon as I selected the videos I wanted to put together it wouldn’t allow me to go forward, and was asking me to sign up for a WEEKLY subscription of just $2.99. In a year that would be a $160 app. NO THANKS! Don’t get fooled by app developers like this. Shame on you for advertising a “free” app, you guys are so money hungry I couldn’t even make one video with out being asked to pay. Why would someone give you money for something they haven’t even tried. Here’s an idea, give us a free trial WITHOUT being forced into a subscription and let your product speak for itself.
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2 years ago, Nat Lob
HORRIBLE - Doesn’t work
I have purchased this app for 2 years in a row (hoping the second year would be better) to make videos with music for my kids birthdays. I get in the app, start to choose photos, start to upload them and the app just shuts down and kicks me out. I have started over many many times hoping it would work and it never has. It kicks me out at random times deleting anything I’ve worked on so far. This is a waste of time and money. Don’t make the same mistake I did!
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5 years ago, tigertran1975
Have to pay to start!
This is horrible! I thought that I could make Gacha life videos and give you guys credit but nope! You have to pay to start! Alright this is my opinion that if you want to make a game free you should make a lot of stuff free. Probably you guys did the pay to start thing that is only pay. That what I think! But here is my advice, when you make a app don’t make the people pay to start. But put some pay in there if you want! Please fix! And I hope I get to use this sometime later in the future if you guys fix these problems!
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7 years ago, Neo0012
Excellent music adding app to video
To add music to your video this app is the best one. One can trim or cut his video frame by frame with it. It allows to add unlimited music in one video. It's very easy to cut music and Fade in and Fade out. Also support record your own voice. Very easy to export this edited video and share with different social network like Facebook , twitter. Great job.
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4 years ago, Black832
Awesome App but let us use the app without paying
This is a great app but paying for it is just bull😤 I mean give us an option where we can use the app but don’t have to pay for it. Like you can give us notifications whether we want to start a trial or not. Otherwise, great app. Would give it 5 stars but the payment thing ruined it
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4 years ago, MorganRBP
Would not recommend
I have had this app for several months & have only made 3 videos so far because every time I tried to make one there were so many glitch errors & the app would either crash & I’d have to start all over or I would get everything finalized & then it wouldn’t save. Extremely disappointed, especially because I’ve been paying for something I couldn’t even utilize how I wanted. Finally deleted the app altogether & moving on.
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4 years ago, 53863
This App is Terrible
This app is just a knock-off iMovie for 3 dollars a week, which ends up being $156 a year. iMovie is free and can do everything this app can. I spent 2 hours editing a homemade movie using this app. When it was downloading, it got halfway done and then said error. I hit cancel and tried again several times. Same error. I ensured that my iPhone is up to date and when I re-opened the app it said “create video”. It had erased all my progress. Save yourself a huge amount of money and time and just use iMovie instead of this garbage.
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5 years ago, unicorn lover XYZ
Why money?
Hi, I think this app is very useful. One suggestion that I have is to take out the subscription. I made the suggestion big because not all people want to pay money in order to use this apps and other apps like this one. Thank you for reading! Despite this, I still give this app five stars.
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4 years ago, T12357T
Doesn’t live up to expectations
So here’s the thing with this app— it’s a great concept, HOWEVER, you’re unable to pick what portion of the default songs to use. And on top of that, good luck finding a song you have in your library that you can actually add to videos. I’m gonna assume it’s copyright stuff but if that’s the case, expand this app’s default music library and let us choose what portion of the song to use
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5 years ago, EmilyFander
Immediate purchase...?!
There are many other video editor apps you can get that don't make you pay. The fact that there are so many and that you do make people pay will already lower your client count. As soon as you get into it, it asks you to either sign up or get a free trial. This app is just one of many editing apps and the fact that it makes you pay or make a purchase no matter what is a turn off. My advice is just to make it actually usable and not make you have to purchase anything. :,/ Thanks.
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5 years ago, CoCo Chanel❤️💜
I really thought I could make a nice edit for my bff but noooo I had to pay I’m saving with my mom so we can buy a new house Thanks a lot I hope you have a good day and a good time getting money AND getting to edit free now you have a 0 rate from me and I’ve been seeing your ads ALL DAy on other editing apps THAT WORKS!!! And then I thought I want one that has good transitions BUT HERE WE HAVE IT LiKE HALF THE OTHERS Ripping. Off people!!!!And I’ve gave money to many apps that WASNT FAIR JUST LIKE THIS AND THEY WERE A RIP OFF I JUST BOUGHT IT ON MY OTHER PHoNE ITS A RIPOFF EVERYONE DOnT GeT It I BET ALL THE GOoD REVIEWS WErE.... FAKE😡😡.HAVE A GOOD RICH DAY TRICKING PEOPLE🙄👌🏽😡💔
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5 years ago, rebecca bochkarev
My subscription
Hi I got this app to check out if it had good music to make a nice video but the first thing they asked me was to subscribe so I clicked it to just check it out. It was not in my best interest, this app didn’t work for me. I then cancel the subscription on my phone but the confirmation didn’t come so now I don’t know if I canceled or not. Now it doesn’t show me if I can cancel it or DO SOMETHING AT ALL. I probably didn’t cancel, and now I have to pay for nothing what is this??!! Please HELP my mom is gonna kill me!!!! IF THIS APP DOESN’T END THIS SUBSCRIPTION DON’T GET IT ITS A RIP OFF😭😭
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4 years ago, Redmeemit
Seems good!
Hi! I love the app so far, I’m just wondering if there will be an update where you can change which part of the song starts as the video starts? Right now I’m trying to post short videos on Instagram, like 8 seconds, and it will only let me post it with the beginning of the song. I’d like to be able to use the chorus or whatnot.
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6 years ago, Nick doctorates cows
Song selection
I like how easy it is to use and how all of the controls are really simple. The one problem I have is I’m trying to put music in from my library but for 90% of my songs it says,”sorry you can’t use this song, please pick another” this is pretty annoying because I’d like to use any song I want.
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5 years ago, whislinjack
I LOVE THIS APP! It’s really fun to use and I can make really fun edits of me riding horses! But when i click on the little purple thing that allows you to choose the transition style it blacks out and then takes me back to my home screen and when I use the app again it does the same thing. So I have to delete it and re download it every time
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4 years ago, Clark311
Constant Error
Worked on my video and could never actually download the finished video to my phone. Just constantly gave me an “Error 😱” message after waiting since the previous direction was to not lock your phone or close out of the app. Never actually told me if it was a connection issue (which connection was strong) or something else. Did this process for about 30 minutes of trying to re-download over and over. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, CO Noonie
I just downloaded this app thinking it was exactly what I needed to combine videos on my iPhone. I read a previous review about someone being upset over having to pay $2.99 - they found out after purchasing the app. Well, I thought, $2.99 isn’t bad. I’ll give it a try. 30 seconds into using the app I discovered that yes, there is a free trial, but after that they charge $2.99 A WEEK! Nothing was mentioned in the app description. To me this is misleading and deceitful. Shame on you for wasting my time.
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5 years ago, Emerritt
Extremely disappointed
First time making a review ever. I had to make a slide show for my fathers viewing and every single time I was about to finish the app would boot me out and non of my work would be saved. It was a hard video to make, but to have to make it multiple times only to fail made me sad and angry. I ended up getting a more reliable video making app for the same price but easier to manage and it does not delete me work no matter what. I’m glad I the app splice instead.
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4 years ago, RubberChicken05
Good for what it is
I downloaded this app to make a video for my grandpas birthday showing pictures of memories we had together. it didn’t say on the app store that you have to pay weekly but i tried the free 7 day trial and it was good and easy compared to other more professional apps i’ve used to make videos.
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5 years ago, Xandicl
Crashes often
I used this app to put a video together from a memorial. The app crashed five times while making a video under two minutes long. I couldn’t use any transitions because it would immediately crash without saving my work. I finally got the video completed. I am Frustrated it took almost two hours to finish up. Also this app does not have a feature for a title slide or a credits slide.
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5 years ago, Smith, Vaughn
Why pay just to make a video???
I do NOT recommend this app, at all. I wanted to make a simple video and I spent a lot of time making clips and putting them together, once I was finally done I tried to start editing the video when it then told me that I had to pay money each month to be able to use the video making part of them app. If you are here to create videos I do not think this app is for you.
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3 years ago, Laurie McGratty
Excellent App
I have been using this for awhile now. Every video I make all of my family and friends love them. I had to make a congratulations video for my manager and everyone loved it. I highly recommend this one.
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5 years ago, mariiwhat
Does not let you choose what part of a song to play
This would be great since it lets you choose whatever song from your library, but unfortunately it just plays the song from the beginning and does not let you choose the clip you want to play with the video. Without this option it’s pretty much useless to me.
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