Video Merger □ Combine Videos

Photo & Video
4.6 (1.9K)
23.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Float Tech, LLC
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Merger □ Combine Videos

4.58 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Anna H*
Good app!
After searching through a bunch of video editor apps I finally found one I want. I literally wanted one where you could add your own audio into it and this app actually lets you do it! I don’t really care about the watermark but hey at least I can finally do some stuff with my own audio
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1 year ago, beige-ant
Easy to use.
This app to merge videos together is pretty cool, and easy to use. I do have two complaints though. The first is, when I add a photo from my photo library, the photo is not clear any longer. The original photo is very high definition, and very crisp, but when it adds it to the video, it loses its clarity. The second is, yeah, it’s easy to add music, but if the video is longer than the music track, there’s no way to repeat the music track, or extend it, or add another music track to the end of it. Other than those two things, this app would be pretty much perfect for me. A lot easier to use than iMovie.
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3 years ago, wasteoftimeforsure
It WAS nice
So I’ve used this for about a month now. And All of a sudden about a week ago It kept saying Error: Could not decode. I’ve done everything to fix this. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it. I’ve allowed access for a bunch of stuff. And I’ve even made sure all the videos I used were in the same Format / size. But still! It doesn’t work......I’m very dissatisfied with my experience. It was working one day and not it’s not. You cannot have an app like this And don’t have it work for more than 1 MONTH! honestly to the person reading this, If you want To download this, I would wait until this apps dev’s get ahold of things and fix it
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3 years ago, Ziggie69420
Clearly unrefined
I bought the five dollar lifetime subscription, because it sounded like a good deal. At the beginning, though, I was noticing that a lot of the video was not visible. I tried a bunch of random things and eventually when I went to the aspect ratio and messed around with it then put it back to its original 16:9 ratio then the video actually came out well enough. Even though I managed to fix this, it should not have been an issue in the first place.
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2 years ago, will201399
Things to consider
There are way to many apps out there that do what this does. One thing that you might want to consider is having a little more free things to edit our videos. That way you could set apart from other apps that have what you have an more. Just a thought. I do like it just wish there was more options to edit. Thank you
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3 years ago, QueenFan05
I Keep Getting Error Messages
I’m Trying To Edit a Video And Every-time I Try To Use a Clip It Gives Me a White Blank Screen, It Won’t Play, When I Try To Preview It And It Won’t Export Anything. Devs You Need To-Do Something About This Issue. Yes, I’m Using The Same Video Size, And Same Quality. This Is a Big Problem As I Cannot Use This App With That Issue!! 😠
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3 years ago, Daisee94
Better quality videos
I’ve tried other apps that merge videos similar to this one, all of them would import the video with poor quality. This one was finally a winner for me!
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2 years ago, ashleyashkey
Good app BUT freezes
This APP is good BUT freezes so I have a VERY important video document for a custody case and it’s about 30 mins long and thus APP only would export and save 13 min at a time
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3 years ago, Source nectar
this app used to work amazing
I just updated the app because it was glitching. I paid for the 5 dollar upgrade. in the app it seems like the merging worked, but when you export the finished version it only plays the first video you added and then the rest of the screen is blank. please fix this!
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3 years ago, Fancierplanz6969
Great and Simple
Downloaded this expecting a watermark and ads and other crap, but NO ADS OR WATERMARK!!! Doesn’t even ask you for some stupid premium add-on. Very simple and easy to use, nothing fancy. 10/10
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3 years ago, msladydee21
Love the updated version
This is the easiest and fastest way to merge videos. This app always got the job done but the current version is even better!
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Once I figured out how to edit it it worked no problems
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3 months ago, Jobob 83
First video
Video merger is very user friendly.
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1 year ago, SydneyMatthewsPhotography
cant do anything without premium
I just have a couple videos i need to merge together, as a one time issue, and cant do it without paying for a monthly subscription i dont want. ridiculous that you cant even do basic things, might as well make the app cost money instead of wasting everyones time.
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3 years ago, OldHouse9999
Slow and doesn’t work. Wasted $5.
After purchasing a lifetime premium version, when trying to merge just 10 videos that are only 20 secs each, it takes over 5 mins just to load them and then goes to white screens for 3 videos. Very disappointing and wasted $5.
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1 year ago, thegoldenfish
Doesn’t merge the videos when exported
I was trying to use the free version to see if I liked it. But when I tried to export the video it does merge both videos. So there’s no sence in buying the paid version if the free version doesn’t work? Then I tried Apples free iMovie and that worked. I guess I don’t need this one now.
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2 years ago, Drking013
It’s good for the most part…
I use this app a lot and I enjoy using it, but you have to pay to get most features
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3 years ago, SkinnBone
Can’t add music to videos
I like the app a lot. But I am unable to add music to my videos after I finish them. Any help would be appreciated.
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3 years ago, Ndidi O
Clips I added show half the screen
Thought this was finally a video editing app that was simple and easy so I bought the lifetime subscription but my the last few clips I add keep showing half the view. 😡Not sure why.
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1 year ago, wizaga
Worthless app
They make you pay money to export the video or they ruin your video with a watermark. This is a task very easily done elsewhere, I only downloaded it to support a developer, but I’m not paying for something I can already easily do. Don’t even bother downloading this app.
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2 years ago, KittyHatchet
Keep running into same error :/
Half the videos I try to export get the error of [Operation Stopped] when nothing has interrupted it (including the phone locking) Not very useful :(
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3 years ago, WBlane
I paid $5 for the app and it seemed great until you import the file and playback the video. It’ll only play the first video you wanted to merge and the rest of the videos won’t play at all. Also degrades the quality of the video. DO NOT PURCHASE ‼️ DO NOT PURCHASE ‼️ DO NOT PURCHASE ‼️ DO NOT PURCHASE ‼️
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1 year ago, AGamer1154
It was very reliable and then it broke and all the video shows is a black screen instead of the merged videos…
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5 months ago, CreoleTwin
I couldn’t import 10 videos with less than a minute combined time. It kept timing out, I tried it over and over. Same results
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3 years ago, BGT Of Hearts
I’m gonna make it after all
Strong statement Bound in faith
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4 months ago, alex_signorello
Useless without a subscription
What’s the point of this being a free app if you can’t do anything without a subscription 🙄 don’t bother downloading unless you want to pay a monthly subscription
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2 weeks ago, Jimmyjamonthis
Go to app
Great app for merging videos.
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2 years ago, faith :]
i WISH i could give this app no stars. all it does is give me a completely black screen. at first, it did all four videos, like a good app should, THEN.. it only did two. THENN.. it did none. i’m mad. thank you for reading 😤
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5 months ago, NahaHtet
Black screen
Some of the video are showing as black screen with only sound…
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3 years ago, Alex Bastian
Not letting me download
This app is great but it’s no longer allowing me to download my videos!!! Please fix this glitch🥺
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3 years ago, please enter a nn noob
It's good
It is good an all but why when I put the clips it shows half a screen? But after all it is a good video merger app, but just why? 😡😡😡
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11 months ago, Dev10288
Super basic, slow, and useless.
First, if you want to use video and photos together to make a montage, it won’t work. Second, you can’t resize videos or their aspects whatsoever. Third, you cannot add a voice clip in the middle of the recording. Fourth, customer service is somewhere overseas and has no idea what’s going on. Spend the extra money and get an app that wasn’t developed in some high school kids basement.
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3 years ago, _syddddd
Just simply doesn’t work
I tried merging four videos together and everytime I attempted to do so, the screen was black the whole time and only played the music
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10 months ago, Chrispy1563
App not working
I can’t even add the videos i recorded so I can merge them. How useless does an app need to be to not even be able to do the function it’s named after. Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, Evanjd14
Doesn’t maintain quality
I merged about 20 different smaller clips taken on an iPhone and the quality was clearly not as high. No way to do it threw iMovie or QuickTime player from a mac either
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3 years ago, Nate19997935
App now is terrible
BEWARE!!! App no longer works! It doesn’t import the full picture of the video. It cuts off about 95% of the picture and blacks out the rest. App used to work perfect. Now it does not!
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3 years ago, bgwyn
Not impressed
Ever since this app upgraded to the new version. I’ve had no luck with any videos getting combined together. It gives an error. And never works. It’s disappointing because I use to use this app alottt.
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2 years ago, sohorob
Does not work
I just purchased and tried to combine 2 simple videos and each time I try to export, the second video does not show up
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3 years ago, hemfbrjdnt
Never works
Shows a white screen on the last 10 or so seconds of literally any video you try to make lol. Every single time
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9 months ago, KHB dog vlog
Don’t get
It cost money to upload to your storage but you do put videos together
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1 year ago, Mr. Echols
Some vids, the sound doesn’t play
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9 months ago, Why does it need money?!?!
Needs money for some reason
I literally made two clips and it freaking asked me for money just because TWO clips TWO CLIPS how do you like this? 👎
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9 months ago, Lord Sanity
Everything wants your money
Makes you purchase to even try to open the app. Don’t download.
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3 years ago, Thelastdragon
No good anymore
App use to work just fine, now my videos only show half videos half black screen!!! How do I fix this??
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3 years ago, Ozjacegh
Didn’t upload
Installed. Tried uploading video three times with no response from app.
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3 years ago, Natl:)
This app literally doesn't even work, it just loads forever but then nothing even shows up, keep scrolling
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3 years ago, 1985_Girl
Only let's you combine/merge together two videos
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9 months ago, Texas WEEI Fan
Love it.
Love it! Use it for my kids baseball
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3 years ago, najwa💕
The best of all
Lemme tell u U don’t need to to pay to be one of the premium. It free ASP. All the edits u need for videos at yo phone just do it there and ur done babe. I hope u guys love it how I do. Good luck
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3 years ago, mayitiam
Doesn’t work takes forever to load
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