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4.7 (108K)
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Current version
Tapinator, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Poker Classic ®

4.75 out of 5
108K Ratings
5 months ago, KrisD1186
Overall good app
I’ll start by saying, this is one of the best video poker apps. I’ve tried many as video poker is my favorite casino game. Even the free version far exceeds many of the paid apps I’ve had. Game play is clean and realistic to an actual machine and it’s easy to navigate from game to game. So for the free side of the app, wow 5/5 stars and then some. With that being said, I signed up for the trial subscription, mostly for the hand trainer. I am very good at video poker but I like to use the optimizer features to keep my skills sharp and be more accurate on those one off tough calls. I can typically get runs of 200+ perfect hands but this one sometimes picks hands that make no sense. One of my recent hands I had a low pair of sixes, held them and it ended my streak by saying I should have held the 6’s and a random J. Not sure anyone I know who plays video poker would hold a low pair and a random high card. There’s a few other hands I’ve run into similar situations but those could be just based off of individual judgement. If I continue my subscription I would like to see some of this cleaned up so that I can use it for its intended purpose and continue to grow my skills.
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3 years ago, Roninmusic
I really enjoy this game it makes every other video poker app seem outdated or too basic. My only gripe with this app is its pay to lose. I’ve bought coins and even built up a substantial bank roll just to have the machines not give me a winning hand several times in a row until I’m bankrupt (even playing optimal strategy). This coupled with the stingy amount of coins you get per hour or per ad watched makes it kind of useless to try to get coins outside of purchasing them. I’d continue to play but there is no incentive once you lose everything, which seems kind of stupid especially if you already previously paid for coins that hold no value outside the game. At least make the bar for re-entry a bit more relaxed especially for people that have already gave you real money. Edit: I submitted this feedback to their customer support and the freakin director of product replied to me! I was not expecting this, on top of that he comped me some game play coins. Really impressed by the way they treat their users, I will keep playing and hopefully not lose everything again 🤣
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1 year ago, Fick55
Great training
Was fun until I ran out of credits! Had 28,000 in credits ran out not hitting anything at all. I hate the changes to the game , so stingy now can’t watch a video ad to get 500, 1,000, or 1500 credits. Watching a video for 100 or 50 credits isn’t worth it. Bet poker app for practicing and the tournaments, too bad 2 free rounds for the tournaments Would be nice to offer if players are low on credits gives the advantage to the person with the highest credits. Also the store does say x2 but I’m not into paying for extra coins I’d rather watch video ads that you guys make money for real when people watch those ads you as the developer make real money off the ads because they are supporting your program. Thx and best regards!
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2 years ago, Bfraser61
Save your money & time
This app may be good to play with their free coins on but don’t expect any consistent payouts. I consider myself a very good VP poker player and frequent Vegas 5+ times a year with very good success. This ap has a low return rate 7/5 on most games. 6/5 is the lowest anywhere with 8/6 being average and 9/7 very good. I decided to treat myself and purchase a $99/pak. I played $18k of the $36k I purchased on the $25 denomination double double. Approx 144 hands. I then played an additional $9k on the $5 denomination on Bonus poker. Another 360 hands. Not once did I hit a 4 of a kind. Thats over 500 hands not including the ones I played that did pay even money or the occasional Trips, Straights, or flushes. I did hit a few full houses however, each time i did i was rewarded with 6-10 consecutive trash hands that didn’t pay out. (Happened many times) This game will offer plenty of Jack or better payouts or two pair payouts to extend your play time briefly however don’t expect to play for long if you decide to purchase a pak.
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2 years ago, Cherhdz
Won the mega jackpot and it didn’t pay
I hit a Royal playing triple poker, $5 a hand, $15 per play. When I won, a pop up said I didn’t qualify for the mega because I needed to bet $1 x5 per hand and should increase my bet. I was betting $15 per try. I’ve won mega jackpots with the same bet. Check my account. What happened? I should have won $15,114 and you paid $4000. CherylHdz I appreciate your response, however I’m unable to send feedback through the Video Poker app. Don’t know why, but it won’t “send”. Can this error be resolved? Cheryl Thank you for making my mega win right. I enjoy your app and play daily. Again thank you for adding the Royal Flush win to my account. Cheryl
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2 years ago, Kdog334455
Love this game - one flaw
I would keep the subscription if the trainer actually explained the reasoning behind why the computer said your choice was not optimal. Other than that, this game is awesome! Edit: what I mean behind the “explanation” I’m looking for. Instead of only showing what you should’ve held, add with it a brief summary of what the computer would’ve went for and the odds of getting that hand. Maybe also add alternative moves that show the various odds. This would make the trainer 10/10
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6 years ago, PlusEV2018
Odds aren’t correct.
First off the machines aren’t full pay, it’s a video game why not make them full pay. That’s not why I’m taking stars away, as a matter of fact I’d still rate it five stars even though the machines are full pay but the odds aren’t correct. When you play double double bonus and the trainer tells you to hold AKoff instead of just A by itself there is something wrong because that is the incorrect play. Feels very scammy to advertise as a trainer but not train with the correct hand odds. There’s actually about five or six hands that have been off the mark in terms of odds and that only for double double bonus poker. Haven’t tested others. Should make sure your odds calculators are correct before calling it a trainer. I’d suggest looking else where or manually checking hands you aren’t sure about. To me it feels like it’s using Hold em odds, when it should be using Video poker odds. Like I said feels very scammy.
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11 months ago, B McV
I do, well… I did… actually enjoy playing this app. It’s likely one of the better ones out there. However, it is too ridiculously easy to lose. I try to play as optimally as possible, and even when playing $1 per hand, the $3k bankroll I earned went straight down. I understand they can’t all be winners, there are stats and math involved here, but even after purchasing some coins here and there, it made no difference. Idk. It’s fun for a while, but don’t expect it to be self-sustaining. **Update** The dev contacted me, personally, which was nice. And they offered some help with my issue. I don’t have any interest in returning to the game, but it was nice too see a team that seems to care about their customer base.
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3 years ago, 28monty28
Ads Galore
Update. A new trick has been added to the developer’s determination to make us see ads. Now the game will suddenly crash in the middle of play. So, when you start again, surprise, surprise, another ad. Another reason to play only when totally bored and need a short time filler. I’ve played this game on and off for months. It’s the kind of game that can fill in some time without straining your brain. Used to be, you could watch an ad to earn money. Not any more. I have about a $35,000 balance, so I definitely don’t need to earn money. However, the developers have decided that everyone must see the ads. Trust me, I will go out of my way to 1) not watch the ad and 2) never purchase one they’ve inflicted on me. Guess a free game doesn’t mean free anymore. Greedy developers.
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6 years ago, Trishka2000
Great poker trainer...but
I’ve learned a lot and play much better poker since I’ve been playing this game. However...I didn’t think the video training option was all that good because sometimes it would pick to just hold a 9 or some ridiculous card like that. I can’t think of any time in the world that this would be a good card out of five to hold. Maybe I’m not seeing something? Also, I agree with one of the reviewers I’ve read here that on the double down option, quite a few times none of the five cards would’ve beat the up card. This morning it just happened to me 4 out of 10 times! What the heck is that about!!!
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4 years ago, Justinj51814
Fun game to pass time and learn
I have been playing this game for a while. Most of the time I pay the double double bonus poker. Everyone that is complaining about the odds, and the progression and how often you win or lose, guess what? It’s a game. You play so you can entertain yourself while you have downtime. You can learn how a game plays so when you maybe go to a casino, you have an idea what you’re doing. Like the game, don’t change a thing!!
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1 year ago, VanessaLo8
Changed how much I bet and can’t go back
I love this game. I’m learning a lot from it but at first I was able to play smaller amounts by betting the five. I must’ve done something where when I bet the five it deducted a whole lot more money per game and I cannot figure out how to put it back to the lower bets. Not quite ready to be on that level, but was very interested in learning to play different poker games. Now I have lost every single one of my credits since this mishap. Please help. I feel like I have looked everywhere to fix. Even tried deleting and reinstalling.
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3 months ago, awful4444
Player beware
I used to play this game all the time. Recently I was having a problem logging onto the game and it kept freezing up and I would have to log out. When I logged back in it would freeze. I asked if my account could be reset to zero to see if it would help, and the game administrator wanted me to record what was happening on one phone and record on my other phone. I only have 4 hands. So the game administrator accused ne of cheating for some reason. I’m an old man w an iPhone 8. I wouldn’t know how to cheat even if I wanted to. It’s a fun game but if something stops working you might as well delete it and move on. You’ll get no help from the administrators.
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4 years ago, samrube
Great game but a glitch
This is my favorite game and i play every night but recently there has been a glitch where it won’t let me play. I have tried restarting and powering off my phone and updating my phone and it still wont work. I have also tried deleting and reloadig and it doesn’t work. Can you please fix the glitch or tell us how to make it work. Please respond to this ASAP! Thank you
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3 years ago, Mac Daddy1
Video poker classic.
I started playing video poker last year. I have had this app as long as I have had other video poker apps. On this app I had slightly over 2,000 credits while having over 40,000 credits on other poker games. I deleted this app today. Totally fed up with this app. I downloaded this app again on 3 different devices and went bankrupt on all 3. I guess poker is not my game. Just not lucky enough.
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4 years ago, andmig
Crashes all the time with no recovery
Like it while it lasted. All of a sudden, it started crashing. When I select a game, the black screen shows fir a moment and the app crashes - goes to background. Subsequent attempts to foreground the app lead to the same result. [EDIT] Changing to five starts. The developers responded to the complain. In a very reasonable time, the issue was fixed. Now I can enjoy the game again.
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4 years ago, Teach1013
I have been trouble getting the game to work! It loads, but when you go to deal the cards don’t turn over. It’s like its freezing! I deleted it & downloaded it again, turned off my phone & turned back on, but the same thing is happening!! HELP!! I love the game & want to play it. What else can I do to fix the problem?
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3 years ago, Meleanna1
Was terrific until this weekend
Until this weekend, this was my favorite game to play. I could choose to watch ads to increase my two-hourly bonus, or to win 30 more hands. This weekend, it all changed. The two-hourly bonus no longer has an ad option, the extra coins were cut to 1/3 and now an ad plays before ever entrance and exit to and from a game. Sad. I thought I’d found a game with a good balance of watch ads to play ratio. I won’t play a game where I have to watch an ad just to enter a game.
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6 years ago, Laura68
Enjoy the game- but I barely tapped it and... $$
Hi! I have Video Poker Classic on my iPhone and I’ve been bumping along playing it without a problem until last evening. When I opened the screen to get my 500 free coins, I guess my finger bumped to pay for coins, which I would never purposely do. When I went to fix it, it seems like my phone registered my fingerprint and finished the sale?? It took a split second and when a “confirmation” screen came up, the only choice was “ok.” I did not intend to purchase anything and would like my money refunded-$9.99 Anyway, can you please help me get my money refunded? Thank you!
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2 months ago, Aurorarain
Excellent customer support
Multi denomination. Multiple hands . Great graphics. Daily coin bonuses. Progressive jackpots always up for grabs, along with weekly challenges. Game play can be tight at times, but, according to the creators, it’s the real deal! Customer support is very easy to communicate with if you have a complaint.
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4 years ago, RaelynnDee
Was good but seems to be a loading error now
UPDATE: thank you for your response but I cannot go to settings in the app because the app won’t even open. So I have no way to contact you further as you suggested below. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app many times. Hmm I have enjoyed this app for some time now. However, now when I open the app, it just said “loading player data” in an endless loop and doesn’t even get to the game. I’ve deleted the app and reuploaded it and nothing works.
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4 years ago, sbbink
I Love these games!
I can’t say enough great comments about Classic Video Poker. It’s my ‘go to’ wherever I go. I’ve tried so many video poker apps and THIS is the only one I play now! There are many game and betting options so it’s ALWAYS FUN. A BIG bonus is that if you have any questions, the managers are responsive, helpful, and friendly!! BEST gaming and Staff ever!! ♥️♠️♦️♣️
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9 months ago, tango1119
Don’t Bother
I view the comments and continuously you claim odds similar to the casinos, it’s all random. That’s absolute hog wash! In the past few days I’ve bought coins and see them disappear in minutes! You are an app that is made to profit from, especially being a public company, who are you kidding, you know it’s fixed. I’ve payed thousands of hands, have yet to hit anything that payed over 800, it’s definitely fixed for you to drop more hard earned cash! Make it worth the purchase, don’t treat us like idiots!
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5 months ago, bigfishsucks
It’s changed
I have multiple poker apps, I like to practice. This was my favorite, best graphics to me. Over the last 6 months or so something changed. This is the only app where I consistently lose. I don’t buy chips. I haven’t hit quads in weeks. Lose 10-15 hands in a row. I know it’s “gambling” but we are talking a lot of hands, doesn’t add up. All my other apps are not like this. Fishy.
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5 years ago, Tahoedrmr
Such a fun game!
Bonus deuces wild is such a great game! Could play it for hours but then I wouldn’t get anything done. I had a problem getting back into the game when I deactivated Facebook. I contacted Boris from game support and he stayed in contact with me till we figured out how to fix the problem AND he replaced my fun money! Great game....great support!
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4 years ago, Rigellian79
Another Great Game Ruined!
I just downloaded your recent update, and now I can’t play at all. When I click ‘Deal’ nothing happens. Fix it, or my one star stands. UPDATE: Changed my one star rating to five as I was able to delete/reload app, iCloud restored my coins, and everything is working fine again!
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4 years ago, M. T. Jr.
I can open the APP, but I can not open any of the games. I can not collect my rewards every so many hours for the last few weeks, please fix. That way, I can play my favorite video poker game. Please and thank you. M.T.
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3 years ago, LAMom@Tunes
Ads block controls needed to play
I used to like this game but now it’s just ads, ads, ads. Today, after closing ad after ad before it even let me play, I finally got to the main screen and an ad blocked all the buttons needed to play the game. It’s rude, invasive, and inappropriate. All the good reviews were from before they “updated” it and more than tripled the amount of ads. Now it isn’t worth downloading because the ads make this game impossible to play. IMMEDIATE DELETE!!!
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2 years ago, 0v3r1yD371c473d
So I play video poker (DDBP) at the casinos all the time , now I put the training because I love to practice and get good at it , now I’m getting very good at choosing the optimal choices my questions is can I used the same strategy in the casinos or is the optimal choice on this app just for the app? And i put 3 stars for now until I get a response then I’ll update my rate again if that’s possible.
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3 years ago, Grateful Antoinette
Boris of Tapinator
Boris Dimenbort offers excellent tech support. In August of 2020 and again in the last few days, Boris has helped me to restore my housebound elderly mother’s access to her favorite video game. In a series of emails, Boris patiently walked me through the process of restoring her game and points. We are so grateful to him!!
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7 months ago, retchip01
Not worth playing
The change to the spinning wheel for daily points is ridiculous. Most of the time I get from 200 to 600 when spinning. I never play unless i have at least 2,000 for the $1 games. Payouts are so scarce that now I’m down to 350. I sent feedback to the company about my displeasure with the current setup and they sent me 100,000 credits, which for the games i play amounted to 1,000. There are other games out there with better payouts, so I suggest searching them out.
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2 years ago, KelCanWin
Two thumbs up!!
First time on this site. I like the smooth interface and overall game play. This definitely will be my favorite place to practice my poker playing skills. Thanks for the bonus it was a surprise.
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4 years ago, Suzq0970
Worked when I downloaded it and now nothing
When I first got this app it worked great and I enjoyed it enough to do a couple of in app purchases and now it crashes everytime I open. When I reported this to App Support, they told me it’s because my iPad is too old (2012). It worked when I first got the app and now nothing. I guess if you have an older tablet you shouldn’t bother with it.
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4 months ago, LeJustifyer
DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Glitching app will not pay out winnings correctly !
I can submit screen shots if requested . I bet 5 and won 2000 that equals $500 it paid $100 it even said I bet 5 what a waste of time to sit and play with fake money we get from the start and from watching ads and then you can’t even give the player the right amount payout ….. I’ll just turn on grand theft auto San Andreas and play in the casino in fake Vegas and it will pay me the correct payout amount.
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4 years ago, BHunt23
Software issue
I have been playing this game for years and really love it, but since this last software upgrade two weeks ago I have not been able to play any games. I get the preamble daily bonus but get booted out when I select a game.
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4 years ago, Jamesdolly1315
Casino Feel
This is the most fun I have had playing video poker in years including in person at a busy casino with drinks. Incredibly fast moving, easy interface, and doing quite well on it thank you! I recommend it heartily.
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4 years ago, pandimomma
Video poker classic
I used to love this game but now the site seems to be screwed up. When you try to choose a game it goes back to the original site. This has been going in for awhile now! So aggravating? So
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2 years ago, acb389zx
I like to play triple play. Unfortunately when someone gets a royal flush a little sign comes down that obstructs part of my play platform and it’s beyond irritating. I don’t care and don’t want to know if someone else gets a royal flush, my playing is not about them.
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4 years ago, HopalongRod14
After player data loaded, app quits when game is selected. Have been playing for a long time and don’t understand why the app now quits immediately.
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4 years ago, Dhrice
Changes in the last few weeks have rendered this unplayable
I don’t know if the implementation of Daily Goals (which I like), but the last few weeks the game has been in a complete downward spiral in terms of winning and never pays out. For several weeks I maintained a nice balance of wins/losses, but recently it’s been losses only and my coin stack has been reduced by 2/3. Once it’s gone, I’m deleting this and finding another brand to try.
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11 months ago, tlb515
I have enjoyed the Video Poker games. I like the way it is set up to be able to get more coins and be able to keep playing. There has been no issues.
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7 years ago, Gorf the Magnificent
So far, so good
Just used it for a few minutes, but so far so good. Could use a training function, that tells you when you're making mistakes and corrects you. Also, it appears that I may have to buy more chips when I run out. If that happens, I'll be done with it. But fun so far.
Show more
2 years ago, sunmoon2018
Looks Realistic
My first day playing I hope it will be my go to app since I dont play video games. I hope it continues to be fun but definitely need to play more this see how much I like it.
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6 months ago, Tinian Gamer
Game issues and purchased coins that I did not receive!!!!!
Hello I just downloaded this app and I bought a $1.99 worth of coins which was x2 and it went up to $25,000 I did not receive it. The watch ad for coins says $100 coins and it has the x2 but it only gives me $100 instead of $200. Help please….. I am not going to rate this game until issues are rectified. Please return my money or give me my coins, thank you!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Ron from Plymouth
User friendly
Really enjoy the design and features of this site. The payoffs seem similar, often better than, casino odds. Have played for years and will continue.
Show more
2 years ago, BIwahine
Ad based coin refill
I am not one to buy coins to avoid ads, but lately screen get more coin options don’t produce, at times, AT ALL. It has taken over 20 attempts without an ad to pop up and lead to more coins. I enjoy the game, but getting coins for viewing ads has been a major PIA.
Show more
3 years ago, New York business
What are the odds?
5 times I had 4 cards of a straight. I needed one card. For example I had a 3 and needed a 7. It gave me another 3. The same card I had. But what are the odds of getting the same card I had the 5 times I was trying to get a straight?? Had a 5, it gave me a 5. Had a 10, It gave me a 10. Had a 6, It gave me a 6. Had a 2, it gave me a 2. Had a Jack, it gave me a Jack. What are the odds? Pretty remote or….. this game is full of crap.
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3 years ago, stormsworlds
Well done but a little tight
Great graphics and performance but you can spend a lot of money on this game. Seems like there are not many big wins especially on higher denominations. Maybe others haven't had that experience but i seem to. But it’s a fun game
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6 years ago, Bgopen
Unauthorized coin purchase
Somehow I must have pushed a purchase coin button and bought $9.99 worth of coins. I did not get an authorization message from Apple but the purchase went through without my consent. I will try to get it removed by Apple and use this as a warning ⚠️.
Show more
11 months ago, Dfuikgfreagyjncd
At least buy me a drink or something for never winning.
I’ve stupidly put my own money into this app because it’s the only app that feels the realest. It helps me decompress after a 15 hour shift. But it’s for real impossible to win anything. At least buy me a drink or something, lol! Is there any other decent recommendations where I can at least feel validated without spending my own money???
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