Video Poker Deluxe Casino

4.7 (12.1K)
65.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Happen Labs
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Poker Deluxe Casino

4.66 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
2 years ago, smitty5498
At first fun. Then adds got intrusive.
The title says it. At first it was fun to play. Then there was a long add before I could play. But hay free game. Then play some hands and BAM! Long add, last time I played 5 hands, the add started I stopped. Is it every 5 after that? I don't know, will not find out. New review. Took two stars away. Even more adds = less stars.
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2 years ago, Missing Royals
Those days are gone
I’ve played this game for many years. There was a time when it would pay 4 of a kinds often enough to make you continue. I would hit the big wins fairly regularly. Then it changed. Now it pays out as if they are paying you cash money. Think of the tightest casino you’ve ever played at. This is tighter than that. I honestly don’t recall the last 4 of a kind I hit, and you may win some credits but it will take whatever you had won, back plus more. Any 4 of a kind is extremely rare and Royal’s, forget about it. In my opinion, Video Poke Classic is a much better game. It offers bonus money every 2 hours unlike this game where it’s every 4 and everyday there is a one daily bonus which increases to a maximum of $500. I hit 4 of a kinds there regularly. Do yourself a favor and download that game. I guarantee you won’t be back here.
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3 years ago, lckcm54
Fun game but frustrating too
While I love this game, it is very frustrating when it goes to an add and when you get back to play, it leaves the banners of good luck and something else, I can’t remember exactly what the other says. But, it blocks your view of the suits and if you don’t touch in the right spot, it doesn’t hold your card. I really enjoy playing this app, but it definitely needs improvement!
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5 years ago, They don't want rev
Video Poker Deluxe
It is very sad that a game that is truly free runs so many unwanted advertisements. All of the ads do not pertain to my area of the country, because gaming with real currency is ILLEGAL. In addition some of the ads are or should be X rated. The ad itself says clearly the slots are 18+. There is no way to X out of the ad until it is completed. You are forced to watch a video where women are barely clothed, their breasts are hanging out, and games with names like LUST are advertised. I find it very offensive! In addition there nothing to keep children from downloading the poker app. Therefore, they can very easily be exposed to that trash!
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4 months ago, happen labs
Recent experience with this game
I’ve played this poker game for many years. I have well over 1M credits. I’ve seen this go from JAG to hitting there stride. Just another game acronym. I roll with them they roll with me. But as of late. They’re crushing it. Better hands and shorter ads. That spells “winnin”! Keep it up
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3 years ago, rtec99
Buy chip ads -
Love this game, but two things bug me First every time I get my bonus, the buy chips add pops up I think I can determine when and if I want to buy chips Second after an ad pops up, and it bring me back to my game the “video poker play five coins “ stays right in the middle of my current game Otherwise this is a great app to spend some time in!
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4 months ago, Duces Al
Video Poker
I play Video Poker every day. I’m grateful for the bonus every 4 hours. I also like the ability to double my winnings, particularly when I win! Being able to bet a small or a larger amount adds to fun. Now, if only I was able to win real cash…
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3 years ago, ROSCOS MA
Great poker game
I have been playing this poker game for years, it is my favorite. I have purchased coins a couple of times when going out of town to make sure I had enough coins to play with. But you eat lots of payouts and fun times.
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3 years ago, Mr.TN
Just not a fan
I’ve been playing this game off and on for a couple of years and the odds just seem off on the free version. I’ve never purchased coins and perhaps things are different when you’re opening your wallet, but the number of “wins” is too minimal to justify spending time with this app. Too many other options offering more thrills.
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3 years ago, raferly
Jacks or Better video poker
I love playing this in Las Vegas. Now I can enjoy playing it at home. It’s a very good game and I haven’t tried the other games yet. I’m able to get lots of money by clicking on the bonus every three hours when possible.
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4 years ago, lv birdgirl
Cheap but realistic
Very cheap giving daily/hourly coins. Realistic as far as the actual games are concerned. No daily bonus for coins and I hate when you’re in the middle of a hand you are booted out of the app so you lose the coins and the win (if any). No loyalty bonuses for longevity of playing.
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5 years ago, Ladybugml
Best video poker app
I have a few free video poker apps on different devices, but this app is my favorite. I am been playing for few years and there has only been one time I paid for coins. I think the payouts are fair. I switch between different poker games often in the app.
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2 years ago, Mr. Tibetious
Great game
I have not spent a lot of money on the app may be 50 bucks in three years. It’s been well worth it play a few hands every day love poker. Great way to just break up a quick coffee break and get my mind off of pressure. Truly a good value.
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3 months ago, Thumper57
No help
I’ve been playing this for a long time had over 2000 coins collected. Somehow another went on that I was betting one K each bet and I was only supposed to keep 5 I couldn’t get it off large bit, so I had to leave it to start all over again disappointed because I had made so many points and enjoyed playing again. I tried to go to the customer support and it wouldn’t take you anywhere no help there at all.
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4 weeks ago, Moss Leclair94
The greatest nostalgic-based game
This is just the best game I’ve ever played! When I first started, I thought I was never EVER going to pass a level. But now, I’ve reached so far into the game that everyday when I wake up, I just go straight to this nice game. P.S., if a developer sees this, hi there!
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5 years ago, Bad upgrades
Stops in middle of payouts
I just got a natural royal with 5 in and it was supposed to pay out 4000 points. It froze at 2800 and threw me out. Very disappointed. It has done this before in the middle, but never on a royal. Very very frustrating!! Just keeps throwing , me out of the game while I am playing.
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4 months ago, King of Redondo Beach
Real deal feeling!!
I really like it doesn’t reward bad play seems like the real deal doesn’t just let you win to win it makes you earn your winnings. Maybe a little to real I can’t seem to get on a good winning run lol
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2 years ago, R@Acrop
Love this game and play at least twice a day.
Have a strange problem lately. A grayish square comes down in the middle of my cards and blocks some of them. Sometimes it has the time on it, sometimes not. ?????
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6 months ago, VTARM
Terrible game
I have this on my phone and paid too much money on coins. I kept losing. They also over charge my account. Don’t use this game you will just donate and never have enough coins to play.
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7 years ago, sugarblondiesmom
Video Poker App
I really enjoy this app as it does not cost anything and I can play as much or as little as I want! I lived in Las Vegas for 20 years and became addicted to Video Poker slots and brought nothing but pain and despair to my life! I am now addiction free and can still enjoy video poker with NO side effect! Terri
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4 years ago, Krycek20
Just like the casino
Have to admit as much as I sometimes hate this game I’ve been playing it for years on one batch of coins I initially purchased. Just like the real thing you go through agonizing runs without a single win, but with a little bit of strategizing you play almost indefinitely.
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3 months ago, califlar
Very unhappy with payouts. Win 4 of a kind (which is VERY rare)and then can’t even get a pair until I used up the winnings of the 4 of a kind. And if you don’t have a decent win it’s lose, lose, lose. I have another poker app and have won consistently. The only reason I stay with your app is the $5 bonus. As soon as my money runs out which will be soon I intend on deleting you and recommending my other game to my friends
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2 weeks ago, cjbeau4
Great Game!
This game is a lot of fun. It works really well and the ads don’t cause me to have to restart or delete the game and download again by freezing up like some other games I have played.
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2 years ago, Vp Guy 3
I’ve played for years, have never purchased anything, and currently sit on over 3k. Maybe the problem for some is not really knowing how to play the games.
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5 years ago, steelergirl47
Not so great
I loved the game, but just as in the casino, it is impossible to win. Few big payouts, frequent crashes ( often as you win) and if you are able to get a large winning hand, don’t double will get a high card that you can’t beat. I love this game when I am able to get to a casino, but it is just as frustrating online. Fix the crashes!
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3 months ago, toondog
Poker like at the Vegas machines
Great poker if you want to brush up on your odds before hitting the machine. Perfect for casual play. You don’t have deal with the newcomers that say “thank you” after they delivered a bad beat. Many machine games to play in the app.
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4 years ago, Serenty710
Love it!
I play the double down tables at Harrahs in AC. MISSING IT & it sound effects reminds me of being there! Once this pandemic is under control, I’ll be right back there. Thought of playing for real but I think they can control it on the app
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2 years ago, Ctrob255
So when I choose Double to try and double my winnings after a game, I noticed that at times you have it designed where you can’t win sometimes. Example - a Queen pops up and I must beat it to win. Sometimes the remaining cards are lower than the pop up making it not possible to win. That shouldn’t be the case. Not good.
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4 months ago, Jennyjen45
Free fun & pleasant therapy.
This is the best way to pass my time when I’m bored, unable to sleep nights, heavy burdened, etc. it relieves my mind from thinking too much of sorrows, motivates & energizes my skills & attention-span & consciousness. Best of all, it’s Free! Thank You.
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4 years ago, terri131
Video Poker
Great game, but the frequency of the advertisements, as well as the loud volume accompanying them, make it a frustrating game to play at times. Otherwise, I love it. The overall design and functionality make it one of my favorite games.
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7 years ago, Short1fortweety
Video Poker
Great game! Just like playing the poker machines at the Las Vegas casinos, too bad it's not for real cash! Lol All joking aside it's a fun game you can play 5 cents up to 25 cents a bet up to 5 coins. Lots of games to choose from in one. Give it a try you'll be hooked.
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7 years ago, Toots10681
App could be better
I love playing video poker! This app is good but is unrealistic when compared to other casino apps. The daily bonus points are very stingy and even the amount of coins you get when paying is low. I am looking for other apps that I can play without having to pay constantly.
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2 months ago, george the p.t.
Casino life
It’s like being in an actual casino without the cigarette smoke! It’s like being in the actual casino without losing the money.
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4 years ago, tasker66
Multiple cards
Would like the option to play 10 hands.
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6 years ago, Genctoo
Outstanding variety of games. Just like being in a real casino. So realistic just like losing in a real casino. The only difference is I don't have to leave my house to do it!
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7 years ago, Nita2girl06
Would give no stars if possible. This game NEVER lets you win and I mean NEVER! The most you win is your bet back until it eventually takes all your little coins. And then you have to wait forever just to get 5 bucks and it runs out in less than 5 minutes! Maybe if I would win more I would consider spending money on more coins but with the way this game plays, I’ll never spend a dime!
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6 years ago, JT Shanks
Frequent crashes
For the most part, it’s a pretty nice app. However it likes to crash whenever it deals me a good hand. Eats battery even when you aren’t playing. Went to bed with a full charge and it was in the red when I woke up. Looked at the battery usage and this app was at the top.
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1 month ago, Sinae Tilsonasvpxrmx
I love it but...
Okay so, I played the heck out of the old version and I love this one just as much but could you please try and add break? I loved those levels so much.
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3 months ago, kboyer627
Video Poker Free
I enjoy playing video poker when I have some free time. It is fun to play when you are at an appointment waiting to be called in. My husband is addicted to the game.
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4 months ago, ezuo1Heeshuxtda
Great game
This game has helped me out a lot in learning how to play, I now play in local tournaments playing this game has made me feel a bit more confident.
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3 weeks ago, pixelpro99_99
Video Poker Deluxe Casino
I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and I love it and will continue to play until the very end.
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2 years ago, Tigerprincess13
Video poker deluxe
It’s fun to play & passes the time . Still haven’t hit a Royal Flush yet , been playing this game for awhile , finally got my 3rd 4 Aces the other day . Like the coin bonus it helps me keep my head above water . Breaks the day up .
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3 years ago, My blue russian
Video poker
Great entertainment and very relaxing. Sincerely appreciate being able to play after work without losing money
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2 years ago, BsBBunny
Too many advertisements
Just enjoy the poker. Too many advertisements for other games I am not interested and will never be interested in playing.
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11 months ago, Edakgb
Background noise
Why the background noise of a subway?? Very annoying and I have to put the sound off!!
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4 years ago, franoush
Loosen up!
Jeez- can I get a four of a kind? Please make this more r ealistic. If I don’t win something soon I will delete. Three straight days with nothing more than a full house! I get you get money when I lose but not going to put any more in if it keeps up! Very casino authentic otherwise.
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5 years ago, righteuslefty
Video poker like I like it.
Reliable. Authentic. I speed play. Your games handle it. I practice. No room for error. Even the distractions of ads is a good thing. Just like the casino. I really enjoy it. Oh yeah, I just play for fun.
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2 months ago, bfgvcx
I think this sharpens your skills. I bet one chip at each game. I’m not concerned with the amount I win, but rather I’m concerned with the win (if that makes sense.)
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3 years ago, Catie23
Lots Of Fun
I am really enjoying playing this video poker game. I just wish it would allow you to hit the royal flush more often😄
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3 months ago, ddrome1
Joker poker
Too many interruptions While playing the game... always have too start from beginning Over and over again
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