Video Star

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4.1 (87.7K)
298.9 MB
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Frontier Design Group
Last update
2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video Star

4.07 out of 5
87.7K Ratings
3 years ago, seraee!
I’ve been using VideoStar for almost a year now, or I believe that it has been a year. The app is great!!! If you use all the effects you are given you could make such a wonderful edit. However, on the topic of effects, the new update with the text effects isn’t the best. The text effects are choppy even with decent graphs. I’m not sure if putting it on a longer clip would do it justice but so far I don’t find it worth spending your money on. You could’ve added text explosion or something that you see in edits regularly. It would save editors a LOT of time. You should also consider getting some decent turbulences. Not the old turbulences, I’m talking about GOOD ones that look somewhat like AE. No matter how hard you try with the turbulences provided it still is not the best. Other than the lack of effects that people are asking for, the app is overall great. I would highly recommend it for ANY editors. Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or experienced, this is right for you!!! If you are a beginner I would start on apps such as Funimate or apps that teach you the basics. Before you get on VS you have to learn at least what keyframes are and how to properly use them, or wing it. We don’t care.
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4 years ago, randomoji
overall pretty bad...
the interface is really confusing and messy to use when you’re editing on your phone like i do. you have to keep scrolling though so many transitions and effects just to find the ones that are actually free. and that’s another thing, i would much rather have access to more transitions and watch more ads than pay. i understand that you guys have to make money but that can be done through ads and i think people would much rather prefer watching ads than having to pay. also, there should be an undo button, because it gets really annoying when i screw up a transition and have to start all over again. pls also just combine your FXapp to make things easier for people. also when you insert a video to use as an audio, uploading pictures will just ruin the audio. you should make a separate area for audio based on video, then another section for the actual images than a viewer might see. it would also help to clean up the interface more... at first it seems minimalist with only a couple buttons but really it just makes everything more cluttered. i’m going to be honest, i extremely dislike this app and i’m so frustrated with it but it’s the only option i have as it gives relatively unique transitions. however, if you want more people to be interested in downloading this app, you most likely have to change your design and the way you market yourself.
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5 years ago, Kinzgirl119
I’m in love!!
This app is amazing!! I have been using it for nearly a year now and my edits have improved a ton. I’ve really started getting noticed on Instagram since I’ve started VS and a lot of people think I use Ae?! I see some complaining about how confusing it is, but honestly once you get used to it, the app is super easy to use and very fun. However I do suggest making it easier to mask. This option in Video Star is very tedious and I’ve recently started using a separate app to mask photos. Other than that this app is great once you make all the payments you need. Totally worth the money. Edit: K so a lot of people are suggesting making all the packs free and uhhh...they can’t? How else will VideoStar make money? If they don’t make money there will be no way for them to pay their employees and when they don’t pay their employees, they won’t be able to make the app better and cooler than it already is. “But they should be doing that with their own money and not money from their customers.” Excuse you, but that’s how businesses work? Businesses make money from consumers and use that money to improve their product. Where else will VS get money if they do as you suggest and “use their own”? Makes no sense.
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3 years ago, b* all the names are taken
Video Star
I have been using video star for a few years now and overall I love to use it and make edits with it. There are a few things that could be fixed, though. Over the past few months, I’ve found easy ways to download long videos to my phone to make a video edit. When I use the app Mega to download videos I have to add those videos to an album in my camera roll to upload it to my video star project which just adds more steps. There are also a few glitches I noticed. When I’m making a video edit sometimes the screen just goes white in the middle of the edit and when I save the edit to my camera roll it’s just a frozen screen. I don’t know why this happens but it has happened to me quite a bit. Also, I tried to watch one of my video edits but as soon as I got to the second part it automatically paused itself. And when I saved it to my camera roll half the edit was gone. Also, when I have been editing for a long period sometimes the entire app freezes. For example, I could be trying to create a multi-layer clip and it would freeze in the middle of loading. Other than that I enjoy using this app and I will continue to use it.
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4 years ago, Harry Potter madness
This app is absolutely amazing, I made loads of edits on my instagram account and people loved them even though I only got the free version. People are complaining that is confusing but it’s really not when you get the hang of it! But I have one problem is it possible that can you make the all access pass free? I understand that you need to make a money of it but my parents won’t allow me to buy the pro some people can’t afford the pro anyway. Even though I can make really great edits with the free version I would love to edit on multi layer, and you already make enough money from people that download the video star so don’t understand why you would need a subscription? This app would be utterly amazing if it was completely free. But other then that is a wonderful app! I absolutely love using video star I got so many compliments on my edits! But the only problem I got is that the all access passes are to expensive so I’m asking nicely that if it’s possible for you to make them free. It you can’t then I would rather prefer to use funimate or alight motion and all that other stuff that I don’t really want to use. But other then that is a great app that I love to use!💜
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4 years ago, JulietSamoyeds
I’ve tried looking up “free edit tutorials” because for the LIFE of me I cant find a decent free transition. This app from what I can tell is almost completely USELESS if you don’t want to sell your soul for decent transition, or just make getting pro less expensive or a one time payment. Plenty of people use this app and is probably the most popular editing app on the App Store. I spent hours looking up tutorials on how to use transitions in free mode because my parents won’t let me get the pro mode. With how useless this is as free I’d be better off using apps like funimate or something like that. I’d be fine with there being a pro if you actually gave some INTERESTING things to people who can’t pay for pro. Every transition I tapped on said something like “you can have all of these for the CHEAP price of 5.99 a month!” Or something like that. You can get a one-time payment bitzen account on BitLife for less then that and playing that doesn’t promote their app even more, while pro is expensive here and since the people who are making the edits are forced to have pro, they all look good and are posting them, making people want to get that app, making yalls customers grow even more. I guess it’s just kinda annoying that I can do absolutely nothing with this app, when I’ve used it in the past on friend’s phones and such and had good experiences
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2 years ago, camie U.
RSMB (real smooth motion blur)
Okay,video star it great editing app and honestly the best editing app for phones but I do editing and when I’m done with my edit , it looks like really choppy in places and it looks kinda yucky , but I was wondering if you guys would add RSMB to it cause it would make the editing/edits so much smoother and clean like the edit really flows with it and such like after effects, so if guys can add smear why not add RSMB I’m pretty sure people would love to see that in video star also can we get like a smoother turbulence like ones we have now are okayyyy ...but having a smoother turbulence would look so clean and better on my plesseee make sure to go over this cause I would really love to RSMB added and a smoother turbulence..but overall video star is a good editing app and highly recommend if your making like anime edits and stuff :) I also think you guys should be to able to save peoples edits when they delete or offload the app , it doesn’t make sense to have all of your hard data removed when you delete the app I think you guys should make accounts so when people sign in there edits will always be saved
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2 years ago, jakamals
VV GOOD APP .. some bad things
first of all, I have been using this app for a while now! I think since Feb 2020! at first I wasn’t used to it but now since I got vsp and have been practicing I have gotten better! I have a tiktok account which now has 13k followers! all thanks to your app! reason why I’m not giving it a full 5 star is because I thinks there should be some changes! 1: can you make AT LEAST the first two layers free? I think it would be amazing for the people with vs free! so they can put their watermark, etc. 2. maybe make some more transitions free?! There aren’t that much good transitions for free! and it kind of takes a long time finding one for free ( a good one ). it would also be better for the people with vsf! or with people that don’t want to pay just for better transitions. otherwise, videostar is an amazing app! it’s useful and I love it! it distracts me when I’m stressed and stuff! it’s one of my hobby’s! even one of my edits blew up on tiktok! all thanks to ur app! I would have never made a tiktok account or have known anything about editing if video star wasn’t around! thank you otherwise and have a great day! wait , I HAVE SOMRTHING BAD !! why is it when i buy a pack my other packs disappear ??! i don’t understand why it happens and i also press reload but nothing shows up … plz fix this
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5 years ago, dum00nd
Great! But difficult
Videostar has worked well in the time I’ve had it but there are a few major and noticeable flaws that make the app extremely frustrating and hard to use. The biggest part is,, for the love of god PLEASE add an undo button. I can not express how annoying it is having to restart and entire clip because I messed up an effect and destroy all the transitions and effects and motions on that clip just because my finger slipped. An undo button would save me and a lot of other editors time. Another thing I noticed is when I first got videostar I didn’t use it for months because it’s really confusing? Mostly nothing has directions or labels and the tutorials didn’t help me at all,, there is also just a lot of stuff crammed into small spaces on screen especially for iOS,, scroll bars and pages would be a nice thing to have and tool bars/easy access buttons for certain packs would be nice. Note this is coming from somebody who has not bought anything in this app and probably won’t in the future cuz I’m broke- But other than those few issues, I’ve had a lot of good outcomes when using videostar, and since I started using it I’ve improved in editing and gained some popularity! So overall a good app!
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3 years ago, Bejayoharen
Great results / hard to use
Video star produces fantastic results and I really like it, but it’s a steep learning curve and fairly unintuitive for new users. Some particular problems I still have: ⭕️when recording, I’d like to be able to just record a bunch of takes, but it always exits me to the edit screen where I’m a few taps away from recording again. I’d also like some ability to quickly annotate my takes — either with text or just stars. ⭕️All of the destructive operations, like splitting scenes, are unnecessarily destructive; it’s silly and annoying that you can’t undo that. ⭕️There are a lot of effects — most of them useless — so rather than forcing the user to go to another screen to categorize them into visible and hidden, I’d like to see them put in categories by video star.⭕️ It’s way too hard to crop and do cross-dissolves. How anyone would know to go to multilayer to do this is beyond me. ⭕️Multilayer is, however, really awesome. I often edit my whole video in that — I wish it supported different compositing modes and I wish it were nondestructive because having to redo a bunch of work to make one tweak is very frustrating. ⭕️Finally, it would be really cool if this app had official support for one of the many smart gimbals on the market (maybe it does already?)
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6 years ago, Unicorn1skylar
Good app but a few problems
So video star is a really good app but I have two problems with it and that is the in app purchases and the song choices. So first of all the in app purchases there are really cool effects that will cost money and I understand that they need to make money, but it gets really annoying when you click on an effect and then realize that you need the plus membership and that costs money. I am not saying that they should get rid of the in app purchases but they should move them into a separate category so people know that it costs money. The second problem is the song choices. Now they have pretty good song choices but they only post to them once a week and it gets really annoying if you don’t have iTunes songs you can’t do it but I’ve seen that on musically/TickTock that you can search up a song and they will most likely have it because they have almost every song so I was hoping that they could do the same thing that musically/TickTock does and have almost every song because it will make it much easier to use this app and a lot more fun for the people to use it. I hope you guys read this review and fix the problems that I have suggested. Thanks
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2 years ago, Janeagnew
Can’t do anything without pro
Whenever I wanna do something that I can’t do on any other apps I download this app. But it is hard to barely make a good edit without being able to save it without pro. But if you wanna ask me to get effects to make it better once I finished a hard project and I can’t export it, just make it pro? At this point, anything I work on has to get scrapped because I can’t do anything without buying pro. I know you want people to explore the effects but they can’t use them and save the video due to video star asking for pro when you complete your project. Otherwise, you can’t do anything without it. Some people don’t have the money for it, ya know? The only you let people did is multi layer which doesn’t to much to people who don’t have pro either. Now I have to stick witch CapCut because Alight motion doesn’t help in my situation either. Please let people export their videos once their done using like Velocity without having to buy pro, give them a choice like “Cancel” (in case they accidentally clicked it) “No thanks.” Or whatever it says to buy it. Please, people don’t have the money to pay every month. Thanks.
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3 years ago, dabber master
Frame rate
I mainly edit dancers (more specifically kpop) and I’ve been in love with video star’s velocity and mixtor. However, in the recent update, it gives you the ability to choose between keeping the original frame rate or modify it using mixtor. Keeping the original makes the velocity very choppy, while modifying it is smooth but glitches and has random black patches. Many of the videos I edit force me to choose one of these options, and I want to continue using videostar to create amazing edits like I have in the past. I am hoping the next update fixes this issue because up until this point, videostar has been my #1 for velocity. Edit: thank you so much for fixing it! I only have one problem and it’s that my all access pass suddenly becomes inactive at times so I would have to restart my phone and then reload to gain access back to my pass. Not a huge problem but a little tedious. Edit #2: The velocity is once again choppy :/ I’m not sure if it’s my phone causing the glitches because I have friends who don’t have the same problems but it the choppy glitch game back with lasted update
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8 months ago, ! pewf
animated text layers
i have loved this app for YEARS now, although i’ve seen a lot of people complain ab it not being a easy starter app, which i have mixed feelings about. i’ve used this app for a long time, so obviously the layout is easy for me, although, even though the layout looks confusing, in my experience most people get the hang of it easily. the layout is a lot easier then other programs like after effects. and the app updates quite often, my only issue i’ve noticed that people also complain about is with text effects. the animated text update was great, but using a animated text layer can be a bit difficult considering many effects are limited, and the text itself. like on a normal text layer you can add shadows and change the color type and you also can’t use color effects and layout effects while on a animated text layer you cannot. it’s difficult to use because of this but overall that’s my only main complaint and a common complaint. considering how much the app has changed over the years, i’m sure there will someday be a update changing this :)
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2 years ago, idk what i was doing
Video star
So I been using video star for a little while so I can add a background to my Gacha videos using multilayer and once I found the perfect background I have to pay for it and first of all, WHEN IN THE WORLD DID WE START HAVING TO PAY FOR AN EFFECT!! Like what world are we living in?! THE FUTURE?! This doesn’t make any sense at all just so can use one and I mean ONE FLIPPING EFFECT! Your literally hustling people’s money just to buy an effect for no reason!! This needs to stop now!! Especially for kids needing to pay to even buy an effect or even ask an adult and most of the time they’ll say no! So if this doesn’t right now, I’m gonna keep writing bad reviews about this issue for me and other people as well, not trying to me a Karen or anything. But like I just said, this needs to stop and for kids to pay for these effects? Oh please! I would straight not pay for it if was them. So please put this a rest because I’m not about to spend 5 FLIPPING DOLLARS FOR A WHOLE MONTH!! I CAN BUY ME A BAG OF CHIPS FOR THAT PRICE!! SO VIDEO STAR, YOU BETTER BE PRAYING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM ABOUT TO TURN THIS PLACE UPSIDE DOWN IF YOU STOP CHARGING PEOPLE FOR SOME STUPID EFFECTS RIGHT NOW!! But the rest of the app is amazing and Please enjoy the rest of your day☺️☺️ - From your local customer😄
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2 years ago, unicornskaiplz😝🤩🦄
Good app, a lot of problems.
I love this app, I’ve been using it for a while now but it does have some major issues. When I am trying to edit a video I am making sometimes multilayer will crash. I have to close the app and reopen it. This is especially bad when I am in the middle of working on something and all my progress gets lost. Another problem is the quality. I try my hardest to do things that will keep the quality high yet the videos still come out fuzzy. I certainly know I did not pay for an app just to get horrible quality all the time. Also the updates don’t really look like they come out with user feedback in mind, it looks like they just pick on it two people and ask them what type of new effects they want added when most of the vs users i’ve talked to (a lot) say they want other things like quality fixes, being able to use the same layer on multiple multi layers, quality not being ruined when you do a certain transition, etc. I still love this app but a lot of these problems make it hard to use it.
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4 years ago, peanut butter pup
Good! but couple things
Hi ! I just came out here to say that I have been using Videostar with one layer for over 2 years. I haven’t gotten any better because you can’t add overlays, colorings, more then 1 layer for the free version. I have asked my parents multiple times if I can get it for Christmas my birthday or some day. They think it’s a waste of many and I can’t participate in the All access pass giveaways either :( please please put into consideration to have QR code’s that involve multiple layers and have more then 4 or 5 layers. I have watched videos after videos on how to make your edits better with overlays, but some of them require a ton of overlays. I really want to make my edits better by QR code’s with multiple layers and just using more layers, because I cannot get Videostar multilayer pack in any other way. Please put these thoughts into consideration. I get that you need to get money off of the app from packs but all I am asking is the multilayer with working QR code’s that have more layers for FREE. You can get money off of Videostar by more adds of other packs as well, I just want Videostar, multilayer pack for free, or I am afraid I can’t use it very well. :( please please put these things into consideration, know that probably lots of people are thinking the same.
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3 years ago, Ally.abernethy
video quality
overall great app, i’ve been using it for god knows how long and it keeps getting better… for the most part. with the way vs operates, you must continue to layer and re-layer a clip when editing. this includes adding both transitions, layout effects(which you can only use one at a time) coloring effects(same as layout effects), vsmb, and custom coloring. this is a lot of re effecting that you MUST do to achieve your desired results. i never minded doing that until for some reason video star multi layer completely worsens the quality after every re-effect or every clip you add onto. at this point i can’t put the same clip through multi-layer more than three times or else the quality becomes gritty and pixely. vsmb worsens this. it makes the edits look horrible once they’re posted on instagram. i suggest either fixing this problem OR allowing people to use multiple layout/coloring effects on one clip, so i don’t have to keep re-effecting the same clip. the video quality is a huge dealbreaker, there’s no reason for the 1080p quality clip i worked hard to get to turn to a 244p clip after a few re-effects.
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9 months ago, g * y
Top 2 moblie editing app
i’ve been editing since 2020. i was doing content type video then i started on another popular app called VN, editing fortnite etc. after that i moved to alight motion and that’s when i learned how to truly edit. these are steps all editors take and that’s why people that don’t take these steps are confused by the interface and just how apps are set up. after editing on video star i really understood how smooth this app was compared to others, shakes and almost evrything is close to ae (maybe this is a stretch) But i still do have some eh about the app. i hate the text i can’t even describe how horrid it is. it’s difficult to make good text. there’s not enough options or accessibility to people who may be newer to editing. if you guys made your text more like alight motion i think this would seriously be the best editing app on the app store. i’m not a app maker so js look at what people can do with there text like i dream of that i sleep and dead serious dream of it. please PLEASE PLEASE try to make it better i mean anything
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4 years ago, iM jUsT sIxTeEn
Confusing / Please Read
When I try to edit on this app it is overall very confusing, I’ve tried understanding it many times but the layout when you edit a video confuses me the most. I’m not the greatest at editing so I watch videos to show me how to edit on your app but it is always hard keeping up because everything is scattered around the app. I have a suggestion where on your app there is an option button and from there you can choose which type of layout you want your app to be like when you edit. I really like the iMovie (on iPhone) layout where you edit how there all videos/pictures are put down and you just have to click the button next to it to make/pick a transition, I would use another app but I like your app better it has more transitions to choose from, but another thing is that most transitions that are like cool and better than the free ones cost money I would much rather watch a add to use the affect/ transition because most of us editors can’t afford to buy transitions we like. Sorry if this is a lot to ask for but I would like it if you took this into consideration. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
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3 months ago, brookeisnotdead
new update
let me start with: i love videostar and i’ve used it for years so this is nothing against the app itself, just the update. okay so this recent update you guys did isn’t horrible but i’ve noticed some of my own problems with it and idk if anyone else struggles because of it, maybe it’s because it’s a bit different from before but anyways. i wish you would’ve kept the quick split and multi-split separate, and now on the previews of adding new clips when i click on the start or end is doesn’t work right away and i have to click it another time for it to work, i would call it a bug even though you guys claimed to have fixed the bugs. but honestly as annoying as that is, i could get over pressing the button more than once, but since i’m used to only using the quick split, i just wish they were separate again. edit: i rlly don’t care about that (above) anymore lmaoo but i do have a question, will you guys ever make it possible to use multiple text effects at one time? it’s annoying what you cant do when you use text effects, because sometimes i want to add something like drop shadow but it’s completely impossible and i have to do it in a separate layer over a black background, and as of right now another problem is not being able to use multiple text effects, for example, using fade and explode at the same time would be rlly beneficial for a lot of editors like myself, so i hope that could be in the making one day
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3 years ago, Blossom_Boy147
Read before downloading
This is literally an app made for buying. Almost everything has to be paid for and you have no free will. You cant even put in your own lighting QR for free anymore!! Its worthless and should not be downloaded. It does absolutely nothing right and as a person with shaky hands, the transition sliders are just way to hard. I don’t understand why this app is so desperate for money. I get it that people need money but why not make something like a gofundme or something!! Or have the creators become content creators. The fact that every good thing needs to be payed for is dumb. Stick to CapCut and CuteCut. They get the job done. And in CuteCut you can crop the video so you don't get the little watermark, and CapCut doesn't even have one!! This app has no use but to annoy its users. Even CapCut lighting effects are better than this. Ive tried this app so many times and every time I do it has just gotten worse. This app doesn't even need 3 stars. It doesn't need any. Not everyone has money to buy subscriptions for their effects. And if your phone memory is wiped then gl getting your money back. Absolutely garbage mate. Completely mad to think someone will pay to put in their own effects!!!
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5 years ago, lps.Ghøst
Needs some changes...
Hello! I’m a fellow user of this awesome app! It’s pretty good, and I recommend it for editing and such. I feel like there’s just a few little changes that would make this app greater!!!! 1. The music choices. The music choices you have are not popular, known, or just really catchy at all. I think you need to add more.. popular songs, like Billie ellish, Melanie Martinez and etc. that more people around the world could enjoy! 2. You have to pay for SO MUCH stuff. I think that you have to pay for almost everything. Although some of it might be cheap, it’s really hard to pay for it. Like edits, and using QR codes . Just the stuff people might really want to use cost money. Even the littlest things too.... like, one day I just gotten QR codes that actually worked! It filled up most of my storage too, I got my hopes up SO high!!! BUT to merge clips, and use QR codes cost money! This made me SUPER mad, and even sad!!! I got my hopes up for nothing?!?!? I think you should make people pay for less stuff, if not... people will stop using this app. This whole paragraph wasn’t ment to be mean, or let you down. Just my honest opinion... ~Ghøst
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4 years ago, Dylan Taylor !!!!!!
I’ve been using the app for a few years and can safely say it is one of the best. I tried getting AE but it was very complicated. Unlike AE, Videostar is a lot more attentive to making the app as easy to use as possible. If you do it right, you can make an AE-like edit that’s barely any different than making one on AE itself. The app has multiple things you can do for free, but they added a watermark recently that upset a lot of people. I believe it was a good thing they added it, as those who are complaining were using pro effects for free without acknowledging that they are ripping off the app’s creators. If you are reading the recent reviews, know that they are all mostly fake and bias towards free creators. If you want actual, legitimate reviews that actually makes sense in correlation to how the app is run and how it makes it so easily accessible and usable, then read the top reviews. They hold more truth than most of the recent reviews made by kids who feel and entitlement to have everything free.
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3 years ago, Laylay(:
good but some errors
I love videostar i’ve had it since the beginning of 2019 and since i don’t have ae i don’t regret getting this app. the more u get to know the effects and stuff the better your edit. but it freezes, and the load thing stays on so i have to exit out every time, sometimes when i play my video it doesn’t let me bc it says nothing has been imported? so I have to keep exiting out. my qr codes act up and the loading takes forever. I get the timing and i’m patient for it but my ideas comes fast so if i lose them bc the loading screen then i scrap it or do a different idea. when i’m done with my edit then i press export the loading screen stays in the position and never finish loading so i have to power off my phone bc it doesn’t work when i exit out. Ik your app is just now getting more bigger things but the bugs and really ruining my editing. overall keep up the amazing work videostar, im glad i have the app really<3.
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2 years ago, ¿Sergio?
It’s fine
This is my second review cs I don’t know how to edit the last one. What I have to say is that, please for the love of god, Make things affordable. By the way, I’ve seen the other reviews about this problem and you say the same thing. I know there’s tons of free effects, but they’re useless for your edits now? I can’t even make a simple velocity without it trying to get me to buy premium. I know there is free effects but at this rate people don’t even use them at all?? You can’t even put motion blur without paying for premium? It’s really annoying and not all people have the money. I know I look like one of those people that use my lack of money for an excuse, but this is a genuine review. I’ve been using capcut since 2017 and I still can’t make decent edits. I need things like Videostar for me to improve my edits and to move on to different editing apps, but I can’t do that since I have to pay for every single little thing. Please, try to make it more affordable at least, and make the things that people ACTUALLY use for edits free.
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6 years ago, Kay hp
A little confusing...
I love this app. There are so many great things about it and you can make good edits. I just have a few complaints. The first is whenever I’m trying to re-effect a clip, sometimes the video or photo doesn’t show up and it doesn’t let me re effect the clip which can be very annoying especially when I’ve worked so hard on the video. The second thing is could you please make it a little less confusing and more clear? I have figured most things out but I have seen other users use certain features and I can’t figure out how to use that feature. The third thing is can you please make more free options? I love this app but I (and others) can’t afford all the paid features and I wish there were more free features. The fourth thing is I want to add audio to a video, but still have the original sound play also. So i would like it if there was a feature to add multiple audios (there might be already, but I haven’t figured it out so if anybody knows please tell me). Overall the app is great, but it needs a few changes and new features.
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9 months ago, xiaolvrh
Video star is amazing ..I love using it for animating and editing and null layers are literally especially life savers when it comes to making animations, but i really wish video star would allow us to add effects to the null would make life so much easier..for example; if you were to animate mouths or eyes, usually you would use the mini wave H effect right? since it’s a wave, obviously it moves slightly even if it you set it to ‘so slow!’ So it might might change the position of the eyelid/mouth and I think add effects to null layers could really help with that to make it look smooth and less funky. Example 2; when animating mouths to an audio with a lot of speech, I use mini wave H to animate mouths so I have to add a lot of key frames to make the mouth move to the words of the audio but too many key frames make it look choppy so I think being able to add effects to null layers could really smoothen things out
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4 years ago, 💗🥵Queeney💜😊
Video star needs tutorials on how to use the app and everything needs to be free. #free
I like it I just don’t like the fact you have to pay and it’s complicated to use buttons even for stuff that’s free the app is hard and complicated it will take weeks or months to get use to the app no matter how hard I try I don’t know how to use the buttons it’s hard to make edit and everything that’s cool you have to pay for I think it should be for free everything and maybe and hopefully this app will get more ratings bc not a lot of people know how to use it so when they want a edit they have to pay people or beg for one I know I ask for one bc it’s cool and I think people should be able to do cool things to without having to pay people nearly use the app bc you have to pay and bc the buttons and transitions are complicated to much so with all that being said this app should come with a tutorial on how to use it and it should for free. #free #cool app btw
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4 years ago, uwu.mulitedits
Adding an Audio editing feature would be nice overall good app.
Hey! First of all I want to say that this app is great and I really like the creatures that it has and it’s made editing so much fun. ↷ I love how we get a preview of the effects before we buy them and I have bought many of the effects to use and I don’t regret it. ↷ There’s just the fact that there aren’t lady options for changing the audio or at least that I know of and I really want to keep some audio in the videos that I’m importing and I hope that you could add that feature to be able to mess around with the audio besides slowing it down and speeding it up and changing the pitch it would be really nice if we could add beats or a bass notes. ↷ I really want to be able to have the original audio of the video I’m informing for some parts of an edit be there, with the song still in the background around the same volume, but also add some audio from the video so it makes it more alive you know? ↷ Adding an Audio editing feature would be nice (great app. Would be better if you can edit the audio and make modifications or have voiceovers or keep the audio of the original video you import and still have ether music in the background) ↷ Keep up your good work I love this app and I hope you guys can make it better by adding an audio editing/effects feature. ↷ Thanks in advance :) ➤Christy
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4 years ago, checkerbored123
So I got multiple editors and this seems to be the best one. But it’s a little difficult, which is fine, I just need to learn how to use it! But when I go to the multi-layer option in the ‘new’ category or something, it won’t let me leave! And it keeps telling me to buy it, which I can’t right now- I’m just trying it to see if I like it or not. I am not aloud to pay for it, so there is no point in having this app if every thing has to be paid for, which is sad because it would be a very good app. It probably would even be number one. I’m happy that their is still some free things but not many.. if anyone is reading this, know that you have to pay for a lot of it, so if you can’t at the moment or aren’t aloud to right now, I’d try it out at least! Again, it’s great- I guess! :) thank you for reading Update: it’s because I have multiple layers? Which- isn’t that what it’s for? Is so you can use multiple...layers???? That’s confusing. I’m sorry but I can’t buy it! This is sad, I really love the app! I just wish it was better. And not super expensive.
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4 years ago, paripariparipari
It’s an amazing app but..
so I really really love this app !! It’s an amazing app and one of the best editing apps in the world but it has some bugs for example when i go through multilayer and have used 4 layers and wanna add a new photo and rotate it , it doesn’t let me !! It only does for the videos !! And i really want videostar to have an undo button cause it’s annoying when u have done a clip for like more than a 30 minutes and then tapping on create accidentally !! And also when i go to “ re-effect clip “ and adding an effect to the picture&video for example “ zoom blur effect “ for the TOP and then if i wanted to add it again and go to “ re-effect clip “ again it’s still in the top !! Instead of the middle as the first time and that’s really annoying !! And my last suggestion which is really important i guess is to add “ RESTART “ button to [ particles , shadows , spacing ] these suggestions are really good for your app and your app will be much better !!
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4 years ago, Robloxfunkid_999
Very hard and extremely messy.
Hello Video Star creators, I have recently downloaded your app because it’s a video editor app. Once I downloaded it I instantly regretted it. In my opinion by the looks of the welcome screen the app was already extremely messy and very hard. Before actually downloading this app I saw a few reviews on how hard and messy the app was. The one thing I was mainly looking for was a tutorial button on how to use the app. But, once I actually opened up the editor I was really confused and upset because it wasn’t organized and the app was really hard. Maybe because I use iPhone and the screen is much smaller than a IPad. But, to actually do transitions, add photos, videos, etc. It was really confusing because the duration setting just made the clip longer. There was no transitions button. And, the videos and photos button was super annoying. I have countless more reasons for this app but, I don’t want to make the review 10x longer than it already is. No wonder why it takes Video Star creators so long to make one edit. - Thank you!
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5 years ago, myrewiew
I really like VideoStar it makes cool edits and cool stuff but I’m just sad because VideoStar is only available on the iPhone I want to make a cool edit for my tick-tock account with VideoStar but I have to pay to be able to make edits I’m really sad because of that so I just ask VideoStar to just don’t pay and to enable on allsorts of phones because not a lot of people have an iPhone I saw some people make edits with video star and they look pretty cool I didn’t use the backup VideoStar or the new upgrade so I don’t know what has changed I don’t think a lot has changed so I’m not expecting from VideoStar to be as good as somewhat other video editors or photo editors so yeah I hope VideoStar sees this comment because a lot of people don’t have iPhones and a lot of people want VideoStar to be able to make edits for tick-tock for their social media so yeah it’s not the best but it’s pretty cool pretty okay it’s decent and yeah I used it before but it seemed a lot of work so I just quit and I want to VideoStar back now on my phone on my iPhone so yeah try VideoStar it’s really good it’s not the best as I said but it’s pretty okay if you are patient and one who likes big edits
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4 years ago, no ****
Hi , the app is very good although there's a lot of multi layer crashes ,I think y'all should update the app to let us have 20 layers because a lot of ppl use overlays and shaded cubes. Speaking of shaded cubes I think y'all should add to where when we use 3D cubes it's automatically shaded and a slide bar to put how much we want it shaded Ex. If someone wanted a AE like cube they would have to use more layers and do a lot more work BUT if y'all add the auto shading and slide bar we could easily just slide it up and down to see how much shading we want . And I don't think it's that important but maybe a one for like a shine like where the light hits on the cube or whatever 3D shape we use . And now speaking of 3D shapes I would personally LOVE and use it a lot if y'all added more shapes like maybe gem cubes and the one that's like a rectangle with triangles at the end I would love that so much again these are all just things I would like and think y'all should add to the app to make it better . Other than that the app is amazing<3
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3 years ago, fAnCy TaUrUs TiNgS
I just want to make an edit! Why can’t I use FREE QR CODES to make it!! I was looking through the other reviews and it said to use the hashtag #vsfreepresets yet when I use them it say I have to pay for it! I don’t have to money to pay for any of the all access things, which makes it EXTREMELY hard to make edits as this is the easiest app for me to use since I’ve been taught by my friends how to use THIS app! I just think it’s stupid how you have to make almost everything cost money! All I can make on this is slideshows, and I want to make actual edits for FREE! What was the point of making it where you can make ONE multi-layer when you need to make multiple ones to make an actual edit?! Are y’all really that money hungry?! Y’all need to at least make multi-layer free so that people can make cool edits that don’t cost things!! Y’all only think about the rich, not the middle class and poor!! How are those who don’t have the money to pay for your stupid subscriptions supposed to make edits?! Just think about the people who aren’t rich next time you make an update, because I really like this app, but I can’t make edits if I can’t pay for the subscriptions.
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4 years ago, Plasida JY
Pretty Disappointed
Honestly, I bet the app is amazing! But I never even got to use it. Every single thing costs money! My family just doesn’t have it like that, and I understand you have to make a profit some how but still, I heard loads of good things about this app and I wanted to improve my editing skills, sure I heard you have to pay for some stuff, to got the best edits, and I was just like “Oh that’s fine” Come to find out everything costs money! Even the about 2 months from now, When I first got the app, I had asked my mom if I can get a one month subscription, because it was most affordable, she said yes, we did all the filling out, yet the order NEVER EVEN PROCESSED. We sat there for a hour! She called Apple services and everything! Nothing was wrong with the Card. In fact to the day I’m writing this, I still haven’t got word back, saying the order didn’t got through. The whole hour I was waiting, I never even touched my iPad. I don’t have a problem with how hard it is to use, I just wanted to improve my edit. The only thing I made on this app, were blank projects, some only with one or two clips. Like I said, I’m pretty disappointed...
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6 years ago, lay lay😂
My rating!
Hi I am an editor on Instagram! And I am here to tell that what I like about Video Star and what I would change. So, I really like the cool features it comes with and how you can add a song from your videos. I also like how there is no water mark! I used to edit with PicPlayPost until a professional editor gave me tips and advice and what app to use and I stumbled across this app. The things I would change is I personally think that all of the packs should be free and u don’t have to pay for most of the effects. I would also recommend like a message telling you how to use the app because I had to turn to another editor to help me figure out the app as I was struggling and confused. So I just really wish all of that was provided or at least there to help me instead of turning to another editor that was probably busy with an edit. I hope one of you editors see this and probably feel different or that this is similar to what you thought. From ~ Layla To ~ Video Star
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5 years ago, Nani.x.
Amazing! But I have an idea..
I used to use this for videos. In a sense of iMovie when I was younger. Making videos be clipped together. Now, knowing all the hype for this app, I use this for edits. I’m still practicing on how to make them smooth, filter colors, velocity (which I still don’t understand 😅); but overall it’s absolutely amazing. Of course there are some flaws but I have an idea, or a suggestion as you will. What if you’re able to see what you did before? For example; when you have two splits and you’re working on the second one, why can’t you see the one transition you did before without exiting and having to start your work over again if you made a mistake? I would find it much easier for I tend to forget the exact points or transition I’ve done. Of course there’s presets but like..that still won’t help if you’re making your own ones. Just a consideration for a next update, I would find it really helpful and others might too.
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3 years ago, justchilllin32
Considering ads
I would lo use vsmb and coloring but at the age I am I don’t money to pay and have you guys considered using ads for every effect? my edits look choppy and really stiff without any motion blur and I would love some more free effects and free coloring that adds flavor to the edits. I’ve been using video star for about 1 years and their are moments i considered using my friends after effects but that is something I’m not used to and I don’t like using other peoples things and when seeing others edits I would sulk because I don’t have a multilayer pack or any other paid packs and it’s different to find free clip packs and making my own QR code’s are plain and don’t have any thing new just the same old transitions Also have you considered making free moving borders? I think it’s makes the edit look smooth and I’ve seen others making moving boarders and I think it’s a great idea that adds to the edit! 👍🏽☺️
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4 years ago, ☀️~Sunset Artist~☀️
Only Worth It If You Have The Money
I’ve downloaded and deleted this app many, many times. Why? Every time I see a cool edit on video star I decide I wanna try to make something much like it, but as soon as I click on the FIRST transition it says in the tutorial the immediate response is basically “You have to pay for it.” Like if we need to pay for these cool transitions which I’m betting most of them are never used at least make it something similar to CCP where it’s not a MONTHLY transaction you’re making because I don’t think anyone can actually pay monthly for this and not end their subscription right after it’s started. I’m betting 90% of the people that use videstar are either teens or tweens who use their parents credit card, but probably don’t in the end because even they know how ridiculous and cheap it is to have to pay $6 a month for a simple transition, well, half of it. This is the sole reason why I instead use the other annoying app funimate because it’s def easier to use and you don’t need to pay for simple transitions if you don’t want to.
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2 years ago, Kbear76
Adding and improvements
video star is really good and a very nice app. i love their packs and everything but tho ga do need to be improved and added. like adding an undo and redo button bc it is really annoying when you do something and cant go back k to it unless you start over. and you have to be really careful not to mess up on something you spent a really long time on. and when you are editing in re-effect, it’s really annoying when you are down with that section it immediately makes you be done. like “hello, i wasn’t finished” and sometimes the demo videos can be just a little bit different from the actual pack, like it can have a whole other pack in there and you think that it’s gonna be exactly or at least something like that. and it’s also not fair how in some country regions or states nothing costs any money, but in others it does. but other than that it’s a pretty good app.
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4 years ago, Hello kitty meb
I love Editing too much for this to happen
Im an insta editor. Have been for a while. If u r an insta editor too, you would understand what people do if you dont post for a while. (Yes this is related to video star) well, i definitely love to edit and i like editing so people have something to watch every once in a while. But what takes all the joy out of editing is where the app doesnt work- Ive used video star for a while and this rarely ever used to happen. Well, the past three, four edits ive made, it wouldnt work FIVE TIMES and there rly isnt any way to fix it unless u reset your phone, which sometimes doesnt work either, or it just gets really irritating. I would rly like to know how to make it stop or if its the app and i hope for it to get fixed 😞 Lemme explain what happens ofc: When something dont work, i literally mean it doesnt load at all. And then once one thing does that, and you go to like, edit a different piece or use a different “mode” kinda thing like quick split or merge, nothing loads. Nothing works. Even if i try to save the video, it doesnt work. It mainly happens when im trying to merge the scenes or use motion, or save. It also happens when i go to share the preset to save it to my camera role, mainly because i forgot to do something with the clip before. And you know once ur in multilayer and you close the app, it saves everything else besides what you made in multi layer :(
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4 years ago, PICKELS🤤
way to expensive
i love video star but it’s just really annoying that every good transition is paid, like just make one good transition free PLEASE. honestly almost everything on video star cost money. i think you guys should make us watch an ad for some things, like some transitions, velocities, and effects. i know you guys want to make money but by getting people that use your app watch ads, you will get money like that. in fact i think you’ll get more money like that because more people will watch ads then paying lots of money. i’ve been trying to find a good editing app where you don’t need to pay for everything but i can’t. so please just make some more stuff free or make us watch ads for effects. and also you LITERALLY HAVE TO PAY FOR A WM. THATS SO DUMB- YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SO MUCH THINGS THAT CAN JUST BE FREE, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO ADD AN OVERLAY, YOU HAVW TO PAY TO ADD WORDS TO YOUR EDITS, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO A DD JUST A BLURRY EFFECT TO YPUR TRANSITION, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR ACTUAL GOOD COLORING. LIKE PLEASE JUST MAKE SOME MORE THINGS FREE. IF YOU CANT GET VS PRO YOUR JUST GONNA HAVE A BORING EDIT WITH BORING TRANSITIONS, NO COLORING, NO WATERMARK AND NO COOL EFFECTS ITS JUST GONNA BE A PLAIN BORING WDIR CUZ THATS IS ALL YOU CAN DO WITH VS FREE.
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2 years ago, loo-loo go boo- boo
It’s really useful but…
Ok so I got this app last December, and recently I’ve been noticing a few things in the game. The first thing noticed is sometimes when I’m trying to export something to my camera roll it never loads like it will do the thing with all the lines but doesn’t even starts loading, even when I reset my device it still doesn’t. I end up having to wait a few hours or use a different app completely. It does the same thing with “multiple layers”, I don’t know if it’s just happening to me or this is happening to other people too. The other thing is sometimes when I’m adding motion blur or a coloring on to something it can take for ever, I know it says “this may take a while” on the screen but sometimes it can take like 15 minutes to do something small. Other than that the app is amazing for editing its a little tricky but you will get the hang of it pretty easily, the filters are amazing and I recommend it to download
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1 year ago, HSVEHE
It’s cool but needs more improvement
I’ve been using VS for years now and I think the app is overall great but some things still needs improvement, Like the velocity. I wish that it’ll just turn out smoother when slowing it down instead of it being glitchy most of the times. Another thing is when you trying to improve the quality. I just wish it was more things to add to it and if the sharpen was just a little bit better. And just a little few more things. When I add key frames when doing velo and I wanna go back and lower it some more, I wish it’ll only lower the part I went to instead of messing up the whole thing plus with the caption hook on multi layer I wish u can just move the dot instead of the whole thing. It’ll be so much easier without moving the whole picture frame. But other than that the app is great!!! I can’t wait for future updates.
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3 years ago, abdifrahiqrayusuf
hello I would really appreciate if video star CEO just somebody that sees the reviews can reply to this and please fix the pricing. I’ve had video star for a long time, I really love the app and all its features and on my iPad I have video star paid and on my cell phone I have video star free, and I always thought there were many features but I just realized on my phone that there are not as many free features as there are paid. and I know it makes sense of course the company wants money but you can barely edit with video star free like it’s so hard and there’s not a lot you can do like for multi layer at least give us two spaces? like if you went on there right know with video star free you can’t even edit. and I just saw this because I always use paid on my iPad but like this is really a problem and not everybody has the money but they would be good editors. please lower the price or make more features for video-star free please have some sympathy.
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5 years ago, MaliaMasterChefJr.
Great app! I have some suggestions
I love this app. It’s very easy to make edits with. I know you need a way to make money, but I have a suggestion about the paying part. I thought about buying the package, but then I saw “per month” , I thought no. Please make us pay $4 or $5 at the very least for that. And not “per month!!!” Those words can scare some people. Please make it 4 or 5 dollars forever. I’d like to only pay once please. :) Anyways, please make it to where we can import audio like you can on iMovie. Importing sounds can come from voice memos. Please make that an option. I would use iMovie for the sound, but not only does it make the sound deeper, but it slows it down too! That’s not what I want! So I wish VideoStar could use importing. Once again that’s the only way I can get the song in. Please! Please! Please! Respond and take these changes into consideration! Thank you! :)
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3 years ago, hehekfjd
To expensive.
This app is good but it needs to be cheaper, when I’m trying to add a transition it says to “Buy it Cheap for only 5.99” and it is annoying for me. I also can’t find good transitions I am looking up all kinds of tutorials but it is just confusing. I think it doesn’t have that much Improvement so I deleted the app but I reinstalled it because I saw some easy tutorials but I needed to pay for the transitions and it is so overwhelming I’d rather use alight motion or CapCut. It is way easier than this and you don’t need to pay that much at all. So I think you should make it cheaper for people to actually buy it. It is not affordable for some people like me. It rather is annoying for some people. I try to make the edits smoother with velocity but i also had to pay for it. I need to pay for literally everything and I think it is very overwhelming. Some people might disagree or agree with me, but it is not good at all for me. So I think you should change the prices and not make everything for money. ( I am sorry if it didn’t make sense.)
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4 years ago, otfe.707
It’s really great!
So I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, and I’ve seen people saying it’s too cluttered. But to be honest, I’ve been using VS for over a year (almost 2 years) now. I’ve gotten very used to the layout, and after you get the hang of it, you’ll definitely get used to it. Though I do have the pro subscription, so I don’t have a problem with the whole “I can’t make a good edit because there’s no good free transitions.” I will say that it’s a shame that there aren’t any good transitions and effects without having to pay for it (that I know of anyways, I just see a lot of people complaining about it), since some people don’t have that kind of money just laying around. But in my opinion, if you’re really interested in editing, this app is a good start, and I feel as though $30 a year isn’t bad at all for the stuff you can do with it.
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