Video to Pic

Photo & Video
4.7 (775)
15.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rifat Monzur
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Video to Pic

4.72 out of 5
775 Ratings
2 years ago, jahabdjakdlkfksnwnsbcjsk
I don’t usually write reviews, but this app is GREAT. It has quite a few ads, but they are really not annoying at all and I’m glad that the creators are getting money from such a great design and quality photo app! Many others ask for subscription, but this offers photo editing tools and high quality images for free!! I LOVE love love love love and will never go to another app!!
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2 years ago, DrKate aka The Rock Doctor
It works!
I don't often need to grab a pic from a video but when I do, I need an app that works. Other apps want a subscription but I don't need the function often enough to pay for it monthly. This app has a delightfully simple UI and it works well. I was happy to find out since the app I used to use was abandoned. This app is supported by ads which is fine with me. However—I deducted one star because the ads bypass my phone's volume control and muting. I clicked to save a picture while wearing headphones and the ad painfully BLASTED in my ears. If in public, it would be highly disruptive. You're welcome to show me ads (a much better option than charging for a subscription) but please don't force me to listen to the hideous, loud background music that most gaming ads utilize. Thank you!
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2 years ago, F8Summer
It does the job
This app is simple to use and does the job. However, though I understand that the app is sustained by ads, I just wish some ads aren’t that long. 5-sec ads are fine and bearable, please don’t make them longer than that. Having said that, I still recommend this app, there’s not many of them that are free in the App store.
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1 year ago, Fishy080808
Awesome software and no ridiculous subscription fees
I don’t often need to pull individual frames from videos though that may change soon. I really appreciate not having to deal with outlandish subscription fees. Yes there are commercials for each frame extracted but the developer should get to make money based on usage. Great job guys.
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11 months ago, sirfartsalot197
Hmm. I approve 👍 good quality too! ever since the other apps have reached for our wallets, I am very pleased to see this has nearly everything I want. But wait— if it is possible for it to still save original date, time, and device info, PLEASE add it! I’m tired of manually changing the dates back just to keep my photos organized :’)
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5 months ago, Gain10
Works well
I’ve found this to be just what I need for choosing and grabbing a frame or two from videos. I’ve had no trouble choosing the frame. The ads don’t bother me—they’re short and worth it for the app, imo.
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2 years ago, ken2b22
Stopped working
I’ve had this app for a long time and love it. However, I went to use it today for the first time in a while, and it no longer works for me. I chose my video, and then “compressing video” appears but the app freezes. I’ve closed and reopened it, as well as deleted the app and re-downloaded. It’s a shame because I feel this is the best app of its kind out there.
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3 years ago, Somewhitechick
Maybe I’m an idiot
I’ve been called worse. Everything loads smoothly. I select the frame I want and then…I don’t know what to do to get the photo. I wish there were some basic instructions. If this works the way I think it’s supposed to, 5+ stars. If I can’t figure it out in 5-6 minutes, it needs a guide or instructions. Also if I can’t figure it out, the problem could be me.
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2 years ago, angelonthewestside
So far great
I just downloaded this app today but so far I am enjoying it! It’s easy to use and it does want it is suppose to! I think I will be using this more in the future, unless they mess it up! Don’t get me wrong, some updates are a good thing while others just go and make a good app a bad thing.😖
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3 years ago, photomomma1111
So far so great!
Everything has been working out smoothly! The videos have uploaded with no problems. It saves the photo so you can than edit it in another app.
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3 years ago, Val_MN
Really enjoying
I am really having fun with this app! Super easy to use, but more functionality than some similar apps I have tried.
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4 years ago, John Goad
Exactly what I was looking for!
This app does everything you need to get a still image out of a video. No extra fluff it just gets the image out, give you an opportunity to edit it, and then you can share or save to your photos.
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3 years ago, IP3uset
Excellent app. Does exactly what you want
Very clean app that allows you to select a single frame, optionally crop it, and share it or save it. All apps should work this well!
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3 weeks ago, Puccimom
So easy to use
This app is so easy to use to crop pics from video to still for framing. So glad I found it!
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11 months ago, GodfatherX
Great app. Ad-supported is perfect.
Thanks for providing this functionality in an ad-supported app, rather than a subscription model as some other apps do. Frame grabbing is not needed often enough for me that it would be worth a subscription. But I’m willing to watch an ad or two, even long ones, for creating one pic from a video. Thank you.
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1 year ago, upgadefan2573
Why wont it work
So everything is fine it works like it should until… when i go to save it it says “ ‘Video to Pic’ needs Photos permission to save photo. Please give photos permission from settings “ so i go there and there is nothing there so i can give it access idk what to do
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2 years ago, Beatlejuice65
Video to photo
I LoVe this app!! It’s so easy to use and I can pick the best photos from my videos… I would highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Chentsuire1234
Easy to use
It works. I like that you can crop the image. Another app wouldn’t work all the time. This one does.
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3 years ago, tappets
Pictures are great
App allows me to make still photos of all my wife’s nude videos to send to friends
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3 years ago, Tetsugin
Keeps full rez!
Where many of these don’t (even though they claim to)
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11 months ago, pchivee
Great but not so great
Love the easiness of use and all BUT the ads are so annoying that I wish they will some day come up with an option to pay to avoid them. If they ever do, I’ll give them 5 stars
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12 months ago, Toohardtochooseone
Very easy
Shows you ads but that’s why it’s free! Quick and easy to use. Two steps.
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2 years ago, User guy 551
Great and quick
It does a great job and it doesn’t take a whole lotta steps to do it. 👍🏽👍🏽
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12 months ago, Oleop
App review
Too many steps to chose the frame to save and when it finally saved the picture doesn’t have location and time of the video it was grabbed from. So it appears in the wrong time line in my photo library. Do not recommend
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2 months ago, Mechanic1206
Simple to use
Works well just deal with ads. If I was using it more I would purchase
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5 months ago, S inpgh
Too many ads
Works well enough, but has much longer ads than other products that do just as well. So there are better choices
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11 months ago, Raine-ski
Easy to use!
Thank you for this app- worth the ads to use for free!! 💓💓💓
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2 months ago, jackson03847
Very good
Simple to use and great pics
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10 months ago, IDoMagic
Free but ad sponsored
Add after every save makes it useless. Would be 5 stars otherwise. Why not offer a purchase? Ugh
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3 years ago, Socent82
Simple. Easy to use. Great app. No crashes.
Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Athena6865
Excellent and easy
Really easy to use !
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1 month ago, GPBaby92
Unlike most the picture comes out HD!!!
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4 years ago, rwrcho
Works great
Does exactly what I needed and it does not cost anything!
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6 months ago, VioletsPack
Video to pic
Efficient and easy to use!
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2 years ago, Ahmed al-hoti
Amazing and fast
I really love it so fast app
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3 months ago, Space and you
Quick and to the point
This app gets the job done. Free version has ads but they aren’t insufferable
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8 months ago, Frank 192
Video to pic
Have to wait far too long to save a photo. Some ads don’t let you out
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2 years ago, Kveann
Love It!
It is great to get good photos pulled from video.
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7 months ago, GreenTea13
Annoying video ads
Annoying video ads pop up after saving photo
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6 months ago, Jamesw37
Don’t buy
Purchased the ad free subscription and still have to watch ads. I’ve restored purchases and ads still play. Total ripoff.
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4 years ago, Shadrach7
Needs an update... i think
I loved this app... until i updated my ios. Now it won’t work😢
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11 months ago, tough501833817
Pretty good
Pretty nice but too many ads
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1 year ago, randyluu
Does the job
Does the job
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4 years ago, iTunesLEO
So easy to use!
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1 year ago, ReddingJen
This app performs exactly as it should!
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2 years ago, shadowremote
Great ease of use
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2 years ago, GMMitchell
Works as described.
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2 years ago, Fredy.A
way to remove ads?
i love using this app, does what its supposed to do, but it ruins my workflow whenever a dumb unskippable ad shows up, wish there was a way or buy to remove ads 🙄
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8 months ago, geohawk15
Lots of fun!
Love it!
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2 years ago, Ol Dad Tx
As infested
Price of junk ad infested garbage
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