VideoCopy: downloader, editor

4.5 (9K)
46.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for VideoCopy: downloader, editor

4.54 out of 5
9K Ratings
4 years ago, HarleyQuinnDisciple
It’s Good! BUT...
I finally found this type of App to download my favourite videos BUT I noticed this app doesn’t do any updates to fix up bugs it has, such as when I tried to download a video 2nd time again, the “ + “ symbol doesn’t work nor it doesn’t automatically takes you the options on what you want to do and I power off my phone to refresh, it works but not another try to download a different video, this app has potential but Fix this problem please! I am gonna continue on using this app and NOT gonna give up...
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4 years ago, villanova
Help with app technical problem
I have been using this app for about three months or so. I was able to capture and record any video that I wanted through this app. But for the last month my subscription of this app does not allow me to upload videos after pushing the plus sign to add videos. The app functions as normal except for when I attempt push the plus sign feature. After pushing the plus sign it systematically takes me to the payment page time and time again. Not able to get past this app error. I am on the monthly payment plan and in error signed up for a complete year subscription. I have followed all of Videocopy’s tech support instructions on how to get past and correct this error and still the problem occurs. After several correspondence with tech support they say there is nothing they can do about the issue. They don’t offer to cancel the subscription or follow through on correcting their apps technical error. I ask has any other users run into this same issue with app reverting back to the payment plan page no matter what remedies one tries? Thank for any help.
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7 months ago, The Chris Alex
This app was AMAZING for me for a while! It’s literally been EXACTLY what I needed to download videos. If you want to, Membership is absolutely worth it even though I know most people ain’t willing to give apps a dime. Well atleast it was worth it, but it seems like within the last few days they literally removed the only feature I even needed this app for, Which was to download videos from the internet… So at this point I don’t need the app AT ALL…
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4 years ago, Nitrate55
App issue
The app was working just fine suddenly stop downloading my videos for some reason, I deleted the app and downloaded it again but nothing has changed and at the end I decided to give up and deleted it for good , how fully if they fix it I’ll download it one more time
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3 years ago, Shecklaviv
Did what I needed.
For anyone like me, who couldn’t figure out how to download a video using this app, what I ended up doing was I copied the URL generated by the app, and pasted it into the safari browser and downloaded it to my files from there. If you need it in your camera roll you can then save it from the files app. Anyone not running iOS 13 or later may need a secondary file downloader app. While it seems roundabout, I appreciate the ability to download videos of any length for free.
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4 years ago, KokoJekel
So confusing to figure out.
The first time around, I was able to do it by just clicking a bunch of buttons to navigate through. But didn’t quite know how the hell the steps worked. Now I’m trying it again to no avail. It would be helpful if a quick video clip can be posted somewhere where all of us can follow the steps, because it’s too confusing. This way we are more confident to actually download the pro version. Otherwise, I will search for something else that’s more user friendly.
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4 years ago, Stallion16
Major Problem
I have a subscription to the pro version of this app. It’s always been one of my favorites. However, recently I updated the app and now it will only open the standard version. I’ve hit the restore tab but nothing happens. I’ve tried updating my subscription but I get an error message that says I already I have a subscription for the pro version. I have not found a way to upload the pro version since I updated it. My current subscription is about ready to be renewed but I’m not going to do it till this issue is fixed. Right now I would avoid this app.
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Download’s great but
There is no way to communicate with the developers for customer service. It was supposed to be unlimited downloading with a paid subscription but they stop without any explanation. No way to contact anyone. If I don’t hear from someone I will cancel my subscription.
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2 years ago, mileena's
It’s good but…
This is a quick and easy video downloader app, I mean I like it. Fact that I only give it 4 stars is because the only thing that I would want to change is the downloading resolution. A 4k video gets easily turned into a 480p resolution video. But overall, this is by far the most used video downloader I’ve had.
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2 years ago, grasshoppers revenge
Just a few words, not my final review.....
So far yous get 3 stars fir the lay put and speed/ functionality of the app. However, i still haven't figured out how to actually SAVE( download/copy) videos from websites! So, because there is no clear instructions that i can simply discover, yous get a 3. Once or if i do figure it out irnamnrellies tonwith clear instructions, then inshall most definitely impart to yous a big fat high 5!
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1 year ago, dghcbjhgghu
Instantly deleted
Ad immediately upon open can’t even see the demo. Before you can even click on something another ad pops up that is impossible to exit. 100% useless *SCAM* should be removed and creator banned from app making
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1 year ago, DrGears
Simply and Easy To Use.
It’s very nice because I can use it to download videos/and sound effects to use offline; especially fun when scaring people lol. I only wish it had a dark mode. Apart from that, I give it five stars.
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11 months ago, Amquart
It’s good but I don’t know if it’s my fault or the app
I try to download videos, from my computer to my phone so I can make videos, it worked only two times then said it only accepted video and mp3? I kept trying different ways and now this app is kinda useless to me since it won’t work, if anyone knows how to fix this then please I need help.
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5 years ago, DANK_MEMES
Poor design. Disappointed
The app worked fine to download videos at first. I was upset with the software, as the quality of the video after downloading is no more than 240p, and the video I need for my midterm becomes unrecognizable after download. I was further disappointed when the app said “Opps! Didn’t find any video or audio to download.” The download speed is incredibly slow, even at places I get fantastic internet speeds. This app has potential, but it is extremely poorly executed.
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3 years ago, efv94
Gets you what you need but it’s tricky
It doesn’t give you an option to download a video, but it does fetch you the exact link you need for video files. Just paste that link in a safari browser tab and download it from there.
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4 years ago, mogg9998
App crashing
Just downloaded your app it’s amazing, however it keeps crashing when I open it when I am not connected to WiFi. Hope you can fix it in future updates.
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11 months ago, Zbo50
Not Bad
Free downloader let’s you download Anything From any SITE. Wish Paid Version was cheaper I’d cop it and pay maybe 30bucks for the whole app but not mad at the developer for pricing it at $100 For Lifetime which would be a solid investment. Overall Really decent app Solid for what I’m using it for
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2 years ago, UnKnOwN115935
Little confusing
I went to the internet browser to download. I clicked and played the video it tells me to choose the option and it successfully copies the url but how do I download the video onto the app? This app looks interesting
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2 years ago, Amy rao
No payment, You can freely download
All you need to do is copy the video link and paste in this app and download. You can share or save to your google drive easily
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6 months ago, MangoTgeBango
I can’t download videos through urls anymore
When I first got the app and hit the plus sign, it had an option for repost video and I would put a video url in there and it would download but for some reason they removed the repost video option and now it’s useless to me. It was fun when it worked
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7 months ago, BSYoung!
I think it is a scam to make purchasers believe they can download from Facebook but after they make their purchase then the link disappears. It is a scam and I honestly want my 14 dollars back.
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4 years ago, fnaf foxy jr
When I got on this app I thought it’ll be a rip off like the others but no This one was awesome I was able to download the video at full quality and the video file didn’t delete! Thanks for this awesome app!
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3 years ago, bEaNoS_og
This app doesn’t deserve any stars. I tried importing something to edit from Google Drive and Google sent me a notification stating that the app tried to access my personal information. Luckily Google didn’t allow the app to do that, but if you import something from your camera roll, nothing will be able to stop the app from gaining your personal information or photos and videos. I’m warning you, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!
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4 years ago, Deathstorm255
Best Mobile Editing App On The Go!
I love this app I use it for montages and other videos for my channel but I wish there was a tutorial for how to use it overall great app no issues or anything that has happened no data loss nothing great app would use it OTG
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3 years ago, wywy da demon
The app overall is in a bad state. I can’t download anything I can edit a video without having to spend money. When I click the search bar on the main menu I’m stuck there until I restart the app. It’s very laggy. And it just needs a lot of improvement in general. Until they fix this app don’t waste your time with it.
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1 year ago, Kennedy193739
Something’s wrong
It don’t have the internet browser no more to copy the link
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4 years ago, jdjyfejksux
Doesn’t tell you how to use it and is far more complicated than it needs to be. Only gave it 5 stars so more people would see it.
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4 years ago, bibini deluxe
Unable to download videos
Ever since I purchased my 1 year subscription, I’ve never been able to download a single video. Wanna know why?
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4 years ago, 🌊Anthony🌊
I dislike the new update
The main reason i got this app was to download videos i mean the videos that we are trying to download have been reposted so many times the video doesn’t even have an original owner anymore so that is why i am now giving it 1 star and i think since you can't download videos anymore i think you should change your app name
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7 months ago, spotifyneedstodieinafire
There is no “Internet: private browser”
That option used to be there but not anymore for some odd reason i don’t have that option anymore. Developers please fix your app.
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1 year ago, gullt
Works wonderfully
I do reaction videos and this app is amazing and downloads the videos fast and in great quality.
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1 year ago, bringbackdislikenumber
Amazing app for downloading videos in high quality thank you!
Amazing app for downloading videos in high quality thank you!
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6 months ago, Big Willie Mac
It’s Working
The team fixed the app! It is working perfectly! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Gramma 2ollux
It’s good! But...
I honestly don’t like the new update. I used this app to make edit which was really useful but due to the new update I can’t use it anymore. Unlike saving it like how it used to you can only copy which we are already able to by not using the app.
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4 years ago, Didlikebutliedto
The owner altered functionality of the ap.
Please note: when I first downloaded this app and even PAID for an annual subscription, it was working appropriately. I would be able to download most online videos. Now (momentarily), the owner of the app has switched it to “only view videos and only copy video link”. DO NOT PURCHASE annual subscription as the owner of the app lied!!!!!
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4 years ago, city_of_words
Won’t Let you Download!
I paid for a subscription so that I could watch my workout videos offline (I have no internet where I workout). It worked beautifully at first. Now with the recent update, you can no longer download videos. Which makes the app completely useless! Don’t bother with this app - it does not do what it is supposed to do.
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4 years ago, Eliasagrio
Is this a joke?
I downloaded it as soon as I read few of the reviews which indicated that it was free and does what it says it does, however; before I could ven use the app I was asked and required to provide a credit card, continue to read further to find that the membership is $39 a month?. I will gladly change this review if someone can show me how I am wrong.
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7 months ago, scoles07
This app once allowed me to download videos via web links, but now that feature is gone. I am a video editor/videographer and frequently use links for livestreams for certain projects. After I paid for the app, that feature still wasn't available.
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1 year ago, hhjvvdthb
No Internet browser option
Since the update I no longer have the internet browser option and it’s what I mainly used please bring it back
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11 months ago, Kasey family
Amazing app
This fixed all my problems I had grabbing videos off social networks
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11 months ago, Bryant134
Bryant alvarado
I will recommend it because it works and it bearly has adds I will recommend 5 stars
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4 years ago, Jeromy Gonsour
What happened to download?
I have been using this app to help me download videos to watch on the road or to edit and post to Instagram or TikTok. But now it says “no downloading, copy URL”. First of all I don’t know how to download a URL and quite frankly I don’t fully know what a URL is. I just hope that they change it back to just copy and download.
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1 year ago, Pleezed One
It does what it’s suppose to do.I very pleased. Just hoping it does not change now. 10 stars app
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4 years ago, A Azrag
My issues were resolved by the app support and is working perfectly now.
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2 years ago, Celia Faye
Just trying to use app!
Hi, I downloaded this app with the hopes of using it and to my surprise it crashed multiple times and then when it was "functioning" non of the urls I typed in were coming up and I knew they worked outside of the app. I'm deleting it, it's a waste of space. Please do better people. Thanks
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5 years ago, Raremaxgamer
Actually Amazing
No joke like the only downloader app that even works without having to pay
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7 months ago, Cardamoni
The app doesn’t even work
I bought a lifetime membership on this app after using it free for a period of time and it doesn’t even work anymore. If I can’t get issue resolved soon I will be asking for a refund. Very frustrating. Work a lot better before I paid for it!!!
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3 years ago, maryoomi
This app has stop working. l pasted a video link from Facebook. It has stopped working & downloading a copy of that link. This problem is happening since 2 or 3 weeks.
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7 months ago, PrincessInspiration
After the first use, the Internet browser won’t come up so you can’t copy files to download
I’ve been sending messages to tech-support app keeps crashing won’t show the Internet bar can’t download videos. It only worked for the first time
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1 year ago, BreedloveNYC
Misleading screenshots
In the screenshot previews they show the option to download video from the internet, but once you get to that section of the app that option is not there. This defeats the whole purpose of this app for me and makes it completely useless. Thanks for lying and wasting my time.
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