Videoshop - Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.9 (356.8K)
186.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jajijujejo Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Videoshop - Video Editor

4.88 out of 5
356.8K Ratings
3 years ago, this game changed me
It has good tools and almost everything is free which makes it affordable for everyone. It doesn’t take forever to upload or input. Maybe put more music options because I am finding it hard to pick one for my video also maybe adding some longer song options would be helpful. Still on the songs maybe being able to customize your own song would be incredible I know that’s a lot to ask for so I don’t expect it to be added, just an idea! I’ve looked through many apps for editing and this has been my favorite especially because the watermark is small but visible. People watching the video can still see it but it’s not in the way, some apps I have used have had humongous watermarks at the bottom of the screen and it’s so annoying to add text and other pictures. Trimming can be a little confusing because you can only really cut off the ends of something or the beginning I would like to be able to cut off in between things and if there’s a way to do that I still haven’t figured it out yet. One more thing about the music I like how you do the option to fade in and fade out it makes it sound like it flows and not all clumped and chunky if you will. I would definitely recommend this app to anybody who is it looking for an editing tool. Thank you so much to video shop for making this app free and easy to use I really appreciate it!
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5 years ago, maisiesharq
Disappointed. But then they fixed it!
I am incredibly let down. I loved this app for YEARS AND YEARS (coming up on 4 now) and have loved all of the editing tools that came with it. I was nervous to buy it at first because it was more than a dollar and therefore out of my 12-year-old comfort zone but was immediately so glad I made the decision to buy. I used it constantly for years onward. Flash forward to now, when I bought a new phone and lost a few apps. I redownloaded it and was immediately shocked by the fact that I had to pay $90 once in order to use all of my old favorites? I am so disappointed because this is the only software I have been able to use to create videos for school and for pleasure. Making videos is a passion and major stress-reliever for me, and God knows I needed it this year. I also had not made a Videomall account in the past because, as previously hinted at, I didn’t purchase much. However I just made one and am hoping I will be able to be “grandfathered” as the other lucky long-time users have. I can send you proof of how long I’ve been using the app if necessary. I hope you wonderful people at Videoshop won’t disappoint. UPDATE!!! The wonderful people at Videoshop have listened and given back all the wonderful things I previously had access to. I love this app and the people who make it. Thank you all.
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5 years ago, JustinCredibleTime
Formerly Disappointed, BUT Support Team Recently Made Things Right 👍🏼
While looking through different apps to use as my main editing program a friend told me about Videoshop many years ago, and I took the chance of paying the premium price for the features. I’ve told many people about this app after many of my edits, but recently had my iPhone due on me and while restoring my phone to another, I was SHOCKED to find out I was asked to PAY FULL PRICE for another membership?!?! I was already locked into a lifetime membership and now I’m being forced to pay again?! It then asked me to sign in. Previously I never had to have an account to sign in. I am very disappointed and don’t believe it’s good business to require a customer to have to pay another lifetime membership $90 if I’ve already done so in the past. I think the functions of this app are great but I now have a great disrespect for a company that can’t honor a previous, loyal, referring customer. I resorted to pay for short term access because I need to continue editing a few projects, but please make this right!! UPDATE: They responded back same day when I emailed their “bug” department and restored my account. Even though I already paid for an additional year, it’s well worth supporting a company that makes things right when there’s an issue and stands by quality!! 👍🏼
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4 years ago, Need more volume!!!
Long Time User
I don’t even remember how long I been using this app, but I gotta say it’s the best one I’ve ever tried. Once I got used to it an learned how to at least complete a video then it was just a matter of time before I stepped up my quality an now I’m making videos that even impress myself lol, and I still don’t know how to do everything. I wish there was a video that teaches you how to use every feature on this high quality app. But right now it’s the best one I’ve ever used and I knew that the day I got my free trial. You would think you couldn’t make that many videos and you wouldn’t use it that much but I use it ALL the time and like I said, I’m impressed every time! Thank You for such a great app! I wrote that almost 2 years ago give or take a year... it’s still the most user friendly out of all others out their and I’m still making before and after vids of my companies work, not to mention I’m working on a full length movie just to push myself into other things. This app is worth every bit of change it cost to own it... I can’t say enough good things. One thing an I’m sure it’s on me, I can’t seam to get in their little store/mall thing it has. But I’m sure it’s very cool! Lafeyette Ransom
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5 years ago, Rhdjdjdbdbdnd
Love the new update
The new update organizes everything well, and there’s new audio tracks which are always helpful too! I’ve used Videoshop since its very beginning, and it has always been my number one choice for video editing. I use Videoshop because it is VERY user friendly, and it has a lot of capabilities, which are two things that I have never been able to find together in other software. There are, however, certain limitations to this software that I would like to see change in the future. What I mean by this is mainly special effects. This app has a wide range of sound effects, but little to know special effects besides filters. I believe that Videoshop has the potential of becoming a software that is capable creating/adding in a wide range of muzzle flashes, lightsaber blades, explosions, etc! It would be nice if this could become a reality, as I currently have to use multiple apps to create an action short film. I also think that Videoshop could one day become an application for Macs/PCs. If this were to happen, I would be the first to use it, because I need quality and user friendly software that is capable of creating longer videos. Thanks! And keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, PCHXIII
User/newbie friendly with robust free features!
I really can’t say anything bad about this app. I’ve tried coming up with something, and I can’t. The interface is intuitive and easy to learn, the options you get as a free user are robust for quick and simple video editing, the app runs fast and stable, and ads/watermarks on the free version aren’t terribly intrusive or obnoxious. I originally downloaded Videoshop along with a bunch of other video editing apps just to make one short arts/crafts video tutorial/timelapse with subtitles without having to move my iPhone recordings to desktop AfterEffects. Videoshop’s free features gave me ALL the tools I needed and more; it made the job so easy that I’m motivated to do more! What can I say, it’s just the best free iPhone video editing app if you’re not doing anything super intensive. The extra Pro features ARE pretty great though, and I can definitely see myself getting a Pro subscription very soon, as I definitely plan on recording more now that Videoshop has shown me how easy editing on a phone can be. Many thanks to the devs for their hard work at making a great quality app that is convenient and accessible. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, Not for your casual gamer
Great for new users and worth the price (updated reasoning)
Well i have used this app for years i have videos from freshman year in my photos from when i originally bought the app i loved it its perfect for the smaller things i do on my phone i was here before ken burns and buying clips and even some of the older features and then one day an update came and i lost access to the features i used regularly i was almost unphased because i thought they wouldn’t make me repay the original price of 5$ i payed but of course this was not the case i hope to find another one and done payment for an app that does something similar to this app but i doubt it this app was great for sure and is great for those who don’t mind paying monthly Sincerely -One of the oldies Wow well came back from my little video escapade to find that the developer still has love for the people still around and downloading it back again and using all the features i have to say this is hands down something you should buy the premium version of 60$ a year that’s well worth what your getting love the app love the developer i wish i could recommend more then 5 stars
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4 years ago, Snotty lawyer stoner
You have to pay!
I used to love this app a lot but then they changed like all of the features to be like for the pro and also they raised the price went from I don’t even know what it was before but it was pretty cheap my sister got it and then they changed the price which I did not like it like for the pro version they changed the price and I just think that’s really stupid because I feel like everybody loved it before also they used to have so much music that you could just like do you whatever you wanted like all of it most of it was free and then recently they changed it you have to like have the subscription in order to do the music and you could only do a clip of the music if you didn’t have a subscription but I think it’s really stupid so i’m right now looking for a new editing app because this is just like not I don’t like it anymore so please unless you were willing to pay for this app I wouldn’t suggest getting this also please fix this I know it’s not a glitch but just like don’t can you remove this feature please because it’s just kind of annoying and I loved it much better when it was when most of it was free I feel like you’re gonna keep losing people wanting to try your app because you have to pay $90 if you want a subscription for eternity which I think is very stupid it’s too much so yeah please.
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2 years ago, Emaan.H
Great Editing app. Just some recommendations for future updates.
I have tried to download many editing apps, but none of them suited me until I saw this one. I did not know how to use this at first, but it was an easy to learn process. I love how most of the tools and features are free. There are a couple little things about this app that bugs me. I find becoming a pro is a bit pricey. I for sure think that becoming a pro is worth it and helps make the experience a lot more interesting. When I was reading about the new update, I do not know what a text to text speech is but it sounds like it would be fun. If you could make it a little bit clearer on how to find it that would be awesome. I was not sure why right when I got this app it said that I did not have enough disk space. It eventually got better, but even after you make a few videos, it says that the space is low. My videos and photos have gotten so much better with this app, and I 100 percent recommend it to you all if you want to make boring photos and videos look cool. I have never seen an editing app this fun.
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5 years ago, Maddie seashore
Update or glitch?
So, I haven’t had this for a year yet, but I bought the monthly subscription because it was an amazing app! So a few days ago I deleted this app for space. I downloaded it again. The pro was still there so I was very happy about that right? But, the main reason I bought it was for the moveable screens. When I went into the game I looked to make sure there were no updates or anything. And either there was an update, or a glitch. I don’t think that there would be a glitch as soon as I downloaded it. So I thought it was an update. I went out of my room crying because I was devastated that my mom wasted her money on something that would not last. My mom said if I liked it, I could buy the yearly one when the monthly one finished. I did really like it, but now,I don’t know anymore. Thank you for reading. Next part if for the Developer! If the person who made this is reading this, please tell me if it’s a glitch, or if you did update it please. If you did update it, try to fix it, or I will regret buying the pro, and want my money back. Thank you.
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3 years ago, LAX20531
VideoMall crashing?
Update: My issues were fixed in the recent update. I don’t use the app often but my VideoMall sign-ins cause the app to crash. If I don’t sign in then functionality is reduced. I understand the developers need to earn revenue to support the continued maintenance of the app. I think it’s unreasonable for those who paid $5 a decade ago to expect it be free for life. That isn’t a sustainable business model and without one the app becomes abandonware. That said, I am one of the grandfathered people and would like some direction from the devs on what steps to take. Best practice would be to discontinue upgrades to the existing app and start a subscription model on a new version and give people the option to remain or upgrade. Again, there’s no free ride in life. At ones workplace when we update projects our employees don’t expect (nor would we) do the task without pay. I suspect the devs are trying to create a long-term biz model to make the app viable. Remember folks, when we purchased this app the devs only got 70% of every dollar. The rest goes to Apple.
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4 years ago, Gixsa
Why does it keep deleting everything? Over storage?
I like this app but, I keeps deleting my progress and all my creations and won’t stop talking about storage and it’s about to delete my 1 to 2 hour project it like that long to make it and if I edit it will soon be deleted as long If I keep editing it, and I can’t make it again because “storage” so, I can duplicate entire projects why can’t I add one second videos? I literally can’t even speed things up even though it removes storage space I might as well just ignore it I like the app it just doesn’t make sense sometimes now please help and remove space limits and actually check how much more my iPad can inhale, please. also, this was written by the account owners son, so I am a kid and I wrote all of this well typed it, again please fix also I leave the 4 star rating because it would be impossible for me to really do anything on it ok um again please fix also I know it’s for like space but I don’t to go around on my iPad deleting everything for this one app, again please fix, um would it be better if I said please delete or reinstall space function um ok just do something that might help ok?
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5 years ago, _K.a.y_14
Amazing, but..
I love Videoshop. I’ve been using it for four years, give or take. I bought it back when it was five bucks and have never once been disappointed with it. Any bugs or crashes have always been fixed and the app just kept getting more and more advanced, which made me extremely happy. But.. recently I had a mishap with my Apple ID, it was a whole ordeal and I ended up losing that entire account and needing to reset my whole phone, therefore losing everything I had with this app. I’ve re-downloaded it only to discover I have to pay to get my feathers back. I’m a student who uses this app for just about everything, there’s nothing it can’t do for me. So, you could imagine my frustration. However, I still love this editor and could never find another one like it. Once I got used to the layout, I was obsessed, and started making projects out of random things on the daily. It’s a tad upsetting, and I’m very strongly thinking of reaching out to the wonderful developers to see what they can do for me. Other than my unfortunate mishap, you will NOT regret downloading this app.
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6 years ago, sundae1129
Pro or no?
I have been using Videoshop since the very early days. It’s been at least 4 years, and I love this app. It has the easiest interface and it has so many possibilities in the creation of video projects. However, I have a few inquiries concerning the newest update. I was thrilled as I read through it’s description, but I’m failing to understand the “pro” aspect. I am most certainly an “Old user”, but I don’t see anything about the pro-status within the actual app. I was also unable to find a place where I could purchase the pro-status if I didn’t have it. I’m confused as to what I’m now able to access, and I also don’t understand whether or not my pro-status will stay forever, or if I will have to buy something, which is undesirable as I have been a loyal user for years and I paid the original price of five dollars in the early days. It seems as if another purchase won’t be necessary from me, according to the description, but I am still unsure. Thank you for your time, and please keep up the good work and helpful updates. I love this app and I will never stop using it.
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4 years ago, Cuniac
My go to app for videos
I’m willing to pay for apps that include excellent content, but video shop includes everything for free. I have a premium membership that allows me to download my videos in 4K, but you can download your videos in 1080 P for free. Using a lot of the other high rated apps is a bunch of baloney most of the time because they want to charge you for every little thing that video shop offers for free. You can do so much with it like easily cut, split, and change speed of video. Uploading and knitting together video is extremely easy, I like the video quality of the finished product because it doesn’t lose any of the quality. You can add stickers to your videos, do voice recordings, but my only wish is that the music and soundtrack menu would come out more quickly, and that there was more variety in the noises categories. You can also change the display settings of your videos like saturation, brightness, pretty much like you can with photos. I am very pleased with it and it’s the only video editing app I have used for many years so far.
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4 years ago, MarkSparkzz
Great everything you need to edit videos
I use this app all the time. You can make mini films with added sound effects with music or you can make your own sound with the sound recorder or choose your own music through iTunes. You can also just add multiple videos together if your not too big on editing. This app simplifies everything making your work flow easy, smooth and quick. I’ve been using this app for about 7 year only using the free addition at that. But every time I stop using it and go back to it, the app never disappoints. Import, export to your iPhone camera roll or sent it through text, mail or straight to your social media. If I had one complaint it would be the 5 second tag that Videoshop puts on the top corner of your video when it start. Of coarse there are loop holes to get around the tag if it really bothers you, if not you can just keep the tag on your video. Other then that amazing app. If your looking to make quick films and put multiple videos together on your iPhone don’t look any further everything you need is right here.
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5 years ago, GrandMasterHayley
Concerns About Music
This is my first time ever writing a review on an app but this app is just too good. The editing is not complicated, it’s actually very easy and fast. The app is also super easy to navigate through. Though this app has various desirable assets though, I do have a few concerns about what is given to you by the app. I understand that you can use music you have already purchased from iTunes and etc, but I would like a more wide range of free music. The big reason behind this is because when I looked to the music shop via the app, I tried buying music but because of no testing option to test it on my video instead of just simply hearing it, I was thrown off if it would be good or not for my format. I bought two songs and to my disappointment, I didn’t like them. Another reason why is because I know of many famous royalty free songs that I think should be offered, for example, let’s take a popular song played in many videos, Wii Music, it would be awesome to see that on the app. I understand why this could be complicated to initiate but I hope you take this into consideration. Thank you if you’re reading this!
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6 years ago, SFKeepay
Fantastic App for Finishing Animations
There are many animation apps available, but free or paid, subscription or one time cost, new or old, I've yet to find one able to import more than one frame (picture) from photos at a time. So if you use a dedicated app to create each of your frames (a must for complex animation images, as all in-app drawing and editing tools for all animation apps fall far short) then you must import them one at a time. At 30 frames a second, that can mean thousands of by one. It's excruciating, and a huge waste of time. Videoshop, however, lets you import dozens, even hundreds of frames ALL AT ONCE. By reducing the play speed of all frames to a tenth of a second, exporting the video, reimporting it, then accelerating it to 3X...boom, it plays perfectly! Discovering this has already saved hours. Now if the devs would just publish the pixel size of each of the three available screen configurations, and add an option to reduce play rate down to 1/3 of a second, it would be awesome. But even as-is, this has been a huge help!
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4 years ago, Messygirl83
Used to be amazing... now I’m missing features and can’t get a response from the developer.
I’ve been using videoshop for several years now. I even paid for “coins” several years ago that allowed me to buy clips and sound effects. I was having issues with the app not importing my videos so I could edit them so I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. I lost all of the clips that I had paid for and can’t even access that area of the app anymore. It has said it’s “under construction” for more than a year. I have tried to reach out to the developer by email at least 4 times and have never received a response. This app is also glitchy. Several times my videos have failed to save to my camera roll saying there “isn’t enough space” when my ipad has more than half of its memory available. Additionally, it will often fail to import videos which is what led me to delete and re-install the app in the first place. For basic editing it’s fine, but they have severely increased the price in recent years. It would be nice if they would keep basic functionality for the app for those who have been loyal users for years... or at least respond to emails.
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3 years ago, rtjmom
Needs some simple updates and clearer instructions
After using the free version of the app for a while, I decided to purchase the monthly subscription. I was excited to be able to use the simple features like motion text. However, was disappointed to discover there seems to be no way to use the “effects” in text along with “motion” text. It’s an either or situation. At least, not that I’ve been able to figure out. Which brings me to my other point, maybe there is a way but there’s also no instructions or tutorials anywhere of how to use the features. Also, when adding a backdrop to a video, if I want to impose a video on top of the you know the background is IN THE BACKGROUND, it defaults for me to choose it from my camera roll instead of letting me take a clip I’ve already edited and added text, stickers etc to and placing it on the background. I’m glad the first three days are free...will probably cancel before free trial ends because I’m not sure what my $4 a month is getting me. If I’m not doing something correctly, please someone enlighten me. I really want to like this app. It seems very user friendly; but it’s just falling short right now.
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6 years ago, Maz673
Amazing app! 🔥💯👏💪
I have been a user of this app since late 2016 and I gotta say!! There has not been any other app like this one ☝️ the abilities and easy format makes my social video look like I did them on a program like Final Cut Pro! In fact they have been done through this app my little secret...! recently I had a issue I purchased a new phone I had to transfer all my old apps to my new phone and this one is one of my favorites I had a issue with my account and thought I lost my pro account I reached out to the admin by e-mail and boom!! I got a response quick and fast 💨 I could not believe how fast not only did they fixed my issue they also we’re easy to communicate! You don’t get this courtesy from developers! I’m very happy with app period!! User if you are looking to be creative and want to do a quick video with music and transition and upload to your other social media accounts this is your app! Trust me I tried others and this one is by far the best experience I had love it Thank you for making this awesome app!
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3 years ago, Jenova-Loz
VideoShop is loyal to longtime users!!
I purchased VideoShop back in 2015 and have used the app religiously as my only video editor (it’s way better than the current version of iMovie) throughout the years the app has grew into quite a remarkable resource and tool for me, every update adding something new, fixing bugs, and improving a already near perfect app for me. During the pandemic in 2020 I found myself using VideoShop A LOT to keep myself productive and creative. However after one particular update I found myself logged out and restoring my purchases wasn’t working. I quickly emailed VideoShop Support of my situation and they honored my original 2015 purchase (when the app was under $5) and have Grandfathered me into the Pro Features for life! I’m so happy with their understanding and quick actions to get back to editing my home videos! Best video editor on iPhone period! (Seriously though why is iMovie sooo underwhelming and bear bones?? VideoShop is a 3rd party company outshining Apple’s own video application!) 10/10!!
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5 years ago, savvy_official
Oldie :)
I have been using this app for around 3.5 years. It offered so much at the time in terms of freedoms, super advanced. The cut and split options really blew my mind. During that time I never felt the need to use the community options and never made an account. (But I was grandfathered in with Pro with new updates.) Nevertheless I love Videoshop. I have to cheat on this app with a few other editing apps for things such as green screen masking, more text transitions, and some other small capabilities. But other than that this app is stupendous. It was worth every cent I paid so long ago (what I remember being < ~$5). However, seeing the drastic price change (really $80!?) makes me sad and a bit nervous. I’ve transferred phones before and worried about my main video editing app being changed. But all worked out, pro features were still available but if I delete the app will my privileges be revoked? If I make an account right now on Videoshop will I still be pro or...? I really hope I hear word back... Please keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, Maxggfgghhg
Videoshop Review By Max
Videoshop is by far the best video editor app I’v ever used. I have but only a few minor flaws with the app. 1. I think they should add more music tracks like maybe cinematic music or movie trailer music because I’m really in to making those. 2. Make the store for videoshop bigger. There are a lot of memes that still haven’t been added there yet that we could use. 3. Maybe add some special effect into the app. Think about it. You can add explosions, aliens, monsters, lighting, power beams, anything that you can just put in there that can make your video or movie more exciting. We already have the sound affects now add the special. Maybe people that work for this app can possibly see this review and slip this suggested stuff into their amazing app to make it even better. Other than that I love everything else in videoshop the way it is. If your reading this review and you have iPhone the $1.99 is definitely worth it for this app. I have changed my review to 5 stars after thinking about how good videoshop is.
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4 years ago, kidg7
I’ve had this app for about 4 years and never needed to upgrade to the pro version until last year I started editing more videos and needed the pro stuff so I decided to buy the pro life time version but I made a big mistake and bought the pro version for only one year however after I bought it there was nothing for me to do so I kept it thinking of upgrading to life time the next year which is next month, so I come to the App Store ready to buy the life time version and found out that the price went up 20 dollars which I think is fine the App is a great app is fine for new people downloading the App now, I just think it’s not fair for me to pay 90 dollars when I’ve been using this app for so long and after buying one year by accident I was really looking forward to pay 69 dollars which was the price when I bought it for one year by accident, is there anything the developers can do to help me out? I really don’t want to delete this app I love it
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4 years ago, TattiD1
Ok so here’s a new update: for one: most features even basic are now for sale only and the price is not very competitive in comparison to other apps most of which are near free. It’s more confusing with new design. And finally: I just spent hours working on the video but just as I was about to save it - it got rearranged to half way edited... how????? Idk but I just know that I had to do all the work again! Seriously - do not recommend this app. At all. The app itself as ok level at its best. However even for simple functions that in other apps come for free - the will charge you a substantial amount of money while still making you wAtch ads right in the middle of editing process. Example: to zoom in in one shot you have to make a stand-alone purchase of the said functionality (ken burns tool) for $7’99 to use it this once! Or pay over $80 for a lifetime purchase... we are talking about just this one tool. Not the complete package. Not the entire app. Funny enough I had already purchased the app before and guess what ? Doesn’t count now. They demand more money and my purchase was simply rendered invalid. Looks a lot like a scam. NOT RECOMMENDING IT FOR PURCHASE. There are other editing apps with better functionality and reasonable prices.
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6 years ago, Chola hula please
What happened to all the Font/type features
I love this app hands down, it’s been the best for quick video with decent quality editing. In April 2018 when I last made a video noticed that things hadn’t changed yet, I loved this app and the font, type, and effects feature. But when I updated, there’s no more options for effects for fonts. It just says “ Outline or Fade” when it use to have so many options! There’s fade transitions for the words appearing and disappearing, but I no longer can make the words have shadows, add gradients, different outline thickness, opacity for borders or shadows of the letters, different colors for shadows and boarders, time the fade ins/outs the amount when it comes to those effects- just really specific stuff I could do to the words I was typing into the video slides, and those options were awesome! Is there an update to bring that old feature back? It was the same for the longest time, I’ve been using this app for two-three years and I miss the options.
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5 years ago, We are tiger.
Forever and Always
This is surely, truly, the best if not the greatest app to edit or record videos. Love it and I'm sure others will too The message above was an old message I posted and that feeling hasn’t changed, although, much like one user had wrote, I too had the pro access before this upgrade. I understand ever since I downloaded the company has been without a doubt tremendously growing and that is without a surprise. With the amazing features and accessibility, and simple usage is remarkable, yet despite all that, paying for something I already had since day is something I will not do. If there’s anyway I can maintain full access to all features, I would very much appreciate that. Otherwise thank you guys at Videoshop for developing this amazing and enjoyable app for all editors. It has helped me accomplish a lot of videos throughout my school years and I am sure many more will have the same experience I’ve had with Videoshop. For those who are reading this, IT IS WORTH IT!!
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4 years ago, Jayenooooogain
Must Have Video Editor
Found an editor that has all the things I need and doesn’t change the size of your video (iMovie 😤). I can add videos and images together. More than trim and split, I can cut (which iMovie does too) too and it’s free. On other video apps you have to pay for this feature. They have a lot of free features available to use! You can use their sound effects or use your own playlist. You can adjust the length, volume and speed for the sound effects, music, videos and even photos! Their UI is incredibly easy and you don’t ever have to look up how to something. I’m seriously amazed! If you want to adjust something you added to the video without clicking on the music icon which prompts you to add, you can click on the green or purple respective icons above. I’m sooooo happy and it’s made editing so much easier. Before I’d have to switch across 5 or 6 different apps and now I can use 1. Thanks sooooo much!
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5 years ago, Rowlandh25
Riquelme. I have been using this app since you posted in the store during the time you paid you parents mortgage. A very special video that was. I should be considered a grandfather by this time since I was one of your first supporter. They are frailties that I used to have that I no longer have unless I buy Pro. I don’t think that’s right. I think you should of stay real the way you were a great developer. The rest of this review bellow I wrote a while back. Please Riquelme make things right. You owe it to your first users that believe and still believe and your product which by far still THE BEST. please make it right. Thanks. Roland. Conterra Fiber Networks. I have used just about every vid app in the store. By far this's the best. Videoshop is fast, stable ease of use, packed with useful features superb results and most important it gets updates frequently . By the way someone that love their parents the way you do, in our Era deserve full respect. Great job Riquelme. My thanks.
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4 years ago, kendylen
Love this app but a few things need to be fixed
I love this app but when I tried to pin a ImageYou cannot remove the pinned image and so you have to delete the video and then start all over with the editing that you have already done which is very annoying. I have been working for with this app for about a year now and this is by far the most annoying thing. This app is great except for the pinned option because not only you can’t remove a pinned image but the image also has to be in the frame the full video and even if half of the thing you were trying to pin an image on is half in it will not work if it goes out of frame just a little bit more and then you have to repaint it and it just gets very annoying because sometimes it doesn’t always go in the paint area it goes in different areas. This app is great if you are a new time editor but if you are getting more advanced this app is not the best app especially if you’re using the free version.
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6 years ago, Cal12102
Sis. This DOES add up.
Hello! I payed to buy this app awhile ago for the fact it didn’t put watermarks on the videos I made and such and now with this new update I have to pay to remove it. I’m upset because the whole reason I bought the app was for its features but now it’s all taken away from me which is kind of upsetting because I didn’t pay 4-5$ to just get watermarks and only have access to a few things. It’s just annoying. And Apple doesn’t let you refund stuff so I guess I just put money into an app that turned into the opposite of what I wanted. Anyways all I’m asking is that people who have bought the app before should at least get a free month of the premium or just get the premium... (I don’t remember how much this app costs but it’s probably free now) -•- Update: just read other people’s comments about pro. So if we bought the app we DO get premium? -•- Update #2: omg god bless I did finally get pro. Thank you Videoshop team!
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6 years ago, TurtleGTV
Honestly this app was great and i really enjoyed it, I paid $3 for an amazing full video editing software but then you guys go and add a subscription and things I could use before are now locked behind a paywall. Some were reasonable like certain themes and filters but the part that gets too far is the watermark. If I already paid $3 I shouldn't have a giant watermark plastered on my video. Please at least remove the watermarks or get rid of pro entirely and refund the people who already bought the pros or at the very least put a small fee to just remove watermarks like the original $2.99 should have been in the first place. UPDATE: After doing some research I found out that you could be “grandfathered” into the Pro for free if you had an account when it was 2.99. Luckily i actually remembered my account info as I hadn’t used it in so long. So I take back what I said, you guys did look out for old backers of this app so respect.
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3 years ago, rlley9
Amazing! But one bug
Ok, I have used this app for at least a year now, and it is incredible! I haven’t used a single dollar and I still think it’s amazing! Although there is something I would like you too fix. I used this app to put together photos, and make a video, but when I put them together, I want them to go slower, but it won’t let me change the speed. So I have to save it, then put the saved video back in to change the speed. Then I realized I missed a few photos, so I put them in with the other phone video I made, and I realized that the first photo video had lost half its color! Yes, that’s what I said, it lost it’s color. I have done that several times and the first one is almost completely grey! It is driving me nuts! I would appreciate you to fix this bug, and possibly make it so you don’t have to save a video then put it back on just to champ game the speed. Thank you for reading the, have a good day!
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5 years ago, A player who likes RPG games
Add this in(Please Read)!!!!
I think this a great app, to edit videos on, but there are definitely more things that could be added, but I don’t mind. Except I do want one thing, and that should be added, I want an option to resize a clip, but not the video itself. I want this because I don’t want to go through the hassle to separate one clip from the others, just so I can resize it. Re-Edit(2019): I’ve noticed I can resize clips, by zooming in n’ out with the resize button(I don’t remember the app having the ability to do that before in 2017, but it is what it is) I find that quite useful! But what I really had in mind, was the ability to zoom in n’ out of the frame, IN MOTION(What I mean, is an animation that would zoom either in or out, I’d ALSO like this animation to slowly or quickly, zoom in n’ out, based on the preference of the user). Instead of a sudden transition of the size of the frame. It’d be a DELIGHTFUL feature to be added!
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4 years ago, RoboticDino
Absolutely Beautiful
This app has helped me so much in the past 3 years I’ve had it. I was in charge of creating a film recapping the success of my Cross Country team for every year. My latest one was such a huge success, the school officials told me “That was the best video I’ve ever seen.” I love how many features the app gave me to help finish every film. The impose tool itself saved me hours of editing. When I came back last summer for my next video, I was really upset to see the new micro transactions be put into place. The $90 price tag for the Permanent Bundle was a real slap to my face. I can at least understand that this app is made to be used professionally, and it really holds up to its rating. Once again, I love this app with all of my heart for being able to share my talent with others. The prices may only be a setback for me, but it won’t stop what I love to create.
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6 years ago, Daydreaming92
This is a great and easy app to use for any pro or new comer alike to edit your own videos. I been using it for years now and it’s my go to when I piece together my videos. It’s easy to add clips and pics. And easy accessibility to add your music from your device. Having said all that after all these years now the app is taking functions from inside which were always there and now making them pro/paid functions. Why now after all this time? It’s like buying a game and then years later they block multiplayer and you gotta buy it back to unlock it. Not only that but instead of a one time purchase they went the route of a monthly subscription. And to me the price is not worth it. Some might argue the little functions they now blocked under their paid subscription is nothing your gunna miss or need. However later down the road you will need it at some point like myself. Still a good app without paying but take in mind what you need to edit your videos before considering a pro subscription.
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3 years ago, Pagan man of color.
Stopped using after BLM infiltrated… BUT
Stopped using it after “black lives matter” infiltrated pop culture, media and the government as a African American man/crossdresser and started noticing that more liberal Marxist progressive advertising and putting African American women’s face everywhere, but they aren’t narcissist? Okay. Me being a male centric sex worker I prefer to see more men and less politically charged liberal agenda advertising BUT it is the only app prior to that happening which an easy format display and simple tool selection. I love the layout of the app. The paid version though I defiantly recommend, buy it to get rid of the pesky watermark and use its AMAZING transitions and features. If you’re an all lives matter opposed to Black Lives Matter crowd you may get annoyed with the targeted purposeful marketing. They should update it soon and add more and he apolitical, it’s the best for iPhone creators I think.
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4 years ago, HotChocolateAndMarshmellows
Pretty Good 👍🏻😁
This app is pretty good. For free, it gives you some choices of songs, sounds, stickers, colors and fonts of text, and of course the basic editing tools, trim, speed, voiceover, etc.. You can also upgrade to the premium version for what I consider a relatively high price. Premium does include many more perks such as Chroma Key and the ability to combine videos. The quality of the app is overall good, although when editing very long videos it does tend to lag and get off the app some. However I have not experienced this much when I’m editing videos under 30 minutes or so. I would very much appreciate it if Videoshop would add some more sounds to the app, as I find the collection a bit lacking. They did have some of the basic sounds but I would love to see some more. Specific ones I’d like to see added are; Cartoon tiptoeing, Cough, and Footsteps. Overall I think this app is very good and would suggest it above almost all of the others 👍🏻
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3 years ago, xXSoftie_uwuXx
This app is great and I couldn’t imagine how I would edit videos without it! I don’t mind waiting about 2 minutes for a 4-5 minute video, it’s only a few minutes of your life. This app can do all sorts of things like: Trim video, add text, add music, change the color and more! If you are thinking about getting this app it is free and great. Thank you developers, this app is truly mind blowing. Sorry I don’t have much to say, like other reviews. But I am not false. People may dislike the app because they can’t save, click share scroll down and it will say “or save to camera roll” click that! Oh, more abilities cost money? You can work with all the splendid things you have. A long wait for videos? Do something else while waiting! Video doesn’t save when close the app while the video is loading? Don’t close the app when it’s loading! I truly love this app again, thank you.
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6 years ago, Cookkoo
Just got the app and so far so great!!
So I just got this app and when you open it up it starts getting fun. You can create a video or use one. I used one. Since I have no clue what I was doing, i decided to try somethings out. I learned how to copy a video. And that’s it. It was a little challenging. But I’m getting better each time. I love this app and so far this is the best app on my devise. There’s nothing I dislike about it!! I’m not being nice, I’m not being anything to make you happy. I’m serious! This is the best app I’ve ever played. And it’s good to here that from someone like me. The only thing that kinda disappoints me is how expensive the life time pro is! Who can afford that!! Well at least you’ll get a lot of money creators. You should definitely get this app. It’s really really great. I just have one question. How do you create games. This probably wasted your time but buy the app now!! - KatieBooLoo :3
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5 years ago, Tj_modern warfare
Features taken away from
I PAID for this app in July of 2014 and have been using it for the past 5 years, it’s a real time passer and great for making memories, I have made so many viral videos and memes using this app exclusively because it was so user friendly compared to other apps, but after I got a new phone I re-downloaded it and went to make a video and realized some of the most important crucial features were missing, specifically a sound feature that kept me from finishing my video, when I checked into it I realized they wanted $90!! To get back most of the features I ALREADY paid for on a simple video editing app, I noticed i’m not the only one having this issue either, in conclusion some of us paid for an app with certain features and then had those features striped away for them to be offered back to us at 20x what We originally paid for them. It’s like buying a fully loaded car for and then the dealership took your car back and took all the features out and gave you back the car and then said hey if you want your sun roof and heated seats back you have to give us more money.
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6 years ago, Capsulate
Will I have to pay for pro eventually?
I have had this app for about 4 years and I still use it extensively to this day. I absolutely love this app and it’s really easy to use and has an extent of simple and powerful features. It’s an absolute must have for people with a drive to create content on their more accessible devices without beefy computers. With the recent “pro” additions and the monthly payment options has me asking, will I eventually have to pay a sum to keep my pro membership? It would definitely be a inconvenience considering some of the features I personally use have been upgraded to pro status (such as the ken burns effect). It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to pay a monthly fee but it would be excellent if “old” members get the features with no fees. Either way, I will most likely continue using this app no matter what and I thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Keely Maltby
And the Oscar for best picture goes to me!
My friends family and especially my dog club they all think I’m some sort of social media genius after they watch my vids made with videoshop. I’m not real tech saveybut i have them fooled with my ability to make pretty great vids if i say so myself. The options of photos and or videos are endless. you can trim change speed and add some of the funniest snippets of movies or tv shows and even some famous catch ohrases like “i’ve fallen and i can’t get up! kits if filters and i just kearned the ken burns edit feature and now i’m a cinematographer too! I’ve tried about every editor out there and this is by far the most comprehensive understandable editor out there. if you’re new or not technical or a IT wizard this is a great app to start making the videos that will surprise and entertain all who watch them.
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5 years ago, Hunchoo21346
I hope you guys keep the app just like it is This is the only app I can find that lets me make videos as long as I want I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT I WOULDNT CHANGE A THING ..💯 the fonts & the way I can make & change my videos as I please is AWESOME the App should get nominated for some That’s How good This app is My whole family loves the app & how u can do a little bit of everything in it The main thing I love about this app is the way you guys have the text features you can switch words in & out as You please also You can make The video As long as you wanna I LOVE THAT 😍🧐🤪to me the app is better than any other Video maker app Around including Flipagram I feel if the developers Change Anything that’ll mess the app COMPLETELY UP but one thing I would change on the app is the type of music You can choose it needs more variety of love songs on there THATS ALL EVERYTHING ELSE IS 🔥
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4 years ago, _xXJakeXx_
Stunning app. Everyone on the planet must download.
This app is the single best video editing app on the entire app/playstore. I’ve been using it for nearly a year and two months now, and it’s amazing. I use it daily, and absolutely love it. I’m astonished at all the features you get while it’s still free too. I just decided to purchase the full version about ten minuets ago, and I guarantee it will have been the right decision. The only complaint is the video cropping feature, which is the main thing I use it for. I really wish that you could turn off how it snaps into place cuz sometimes it crops out part of the video. I would also like it is y’all would add more aspect ratio options and a custom aspect ratio option. Also more frame rate options would be good too like 24fps, 90 fps, 120fps and 240fps. Besides that, this app is totally flawless. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
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4 years ago, Peyton Vlogs
Superior Editing Software
In my opinion, Videoshop is superior to other editing softwares. It provides a plentiful of features compared to competitors. I believe it has amazing potential, albeit there are a few concerns of mine. Firstly, it has been a large quantity of time since the store first began maintenance. Albeit I have acknowledged that the developers are had at work. My second concern is the price of the transactions. Luckily, I purchased the life-time license before the price was altered. I simply believe a price close to $100 is not applicable for a mobile editing software. Especially if it is not at its full potential. Despite those concerns I obviously have some positive input. Like I stated earlier, Videoshop has professional-like editing features such as distortion, lip syncing, and many fonts and transitions. Overall, it is a good editor. It is better than some of its competitors. But I don’t believe it’s price is justified, as it still needs to be updated.
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4 years ago, Kaiely
I have been trying to search for a good and easy to navigate video editing app for years. I have gone through countless apps and ended up deleting them after a few days. After stumbling upon videoshop, it looked promising and was not expensive for the full features so I got it. It became my absolute FAVORITE! I’ve used this app for probably over 4 years and it never disappoints. A year ago, I upgraded to a new phone. I was so excited to continue editing videos on a phone that doesn’t eat the battery and heat up. Upon opening the app, I discovered that a lot of the features were locked. I tried to restore purchases, but nothing happened. I looked around and saw that in order to receive all the “pro features,” I had to pay an additional $90 when I had the full version to begin with? I am so disappointed and upset. I emailed their support and was ignored. It has been about 8 months since my email and I have not gotten a response back. I sent another one, but since I was ignored for so long, I’m not sure this issue of mine will be resolved.
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5 years ago, 151515151515262626262
No info or instruction on tools ANYWHERE
Why does it take so long to pin something on your video when it takes Instagram seconds! I sat my phone down for half an hour before hitting cancel. (iPhone 7plus) Is it trying to pin the gif to my entire 15min video? There isn’t any length setting like with just an overlay or text...speaking of gifs (not pinned), it’s impossible to edit where the gif starts and stops in its cycle in your video so it just ends up looking bad starting and stopping half way through a cycle (if that makes sense.) I’ve been a monthly subscriber for a long time and was excited about some new tools but this app is beginning to not be worth the monthly charge. Especially when there are so many others. How can an app get more complicated and buggy with every update? Why is there no instruction on each function anywhere? I don’t need my hand held but it would be nice to get some info if I’m stumped on how a function works or what it is doing that takes it SO long. I’ll give it until the end of this billing cycle and move on.
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2 years ago, Utah grl
Overall pretty good
I loved the app for a while I used it to make little documentaries and just little videos to watch over and over there were so many options for music and fonts. I used this so much the storage on the app was all used up. I almost bought the year long thing for more music and just more everything. One day I saw that they were gonna update the app and I got excited, I hoped they were gonna add more music, sounds, fonts, etc. When I went back on the app after the update I found that it was less affordable, not as much music, fonts, sounds, etc. To get all the good songs you had to pay or earn it by making more videos which I didn’t have the storage to do. I stopped using the app as much and stopped recommending it to people. I was very disappointed. I loved the app before, now I would say try it but it isn’t as great as it sounds.
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