VideoToLive - Live Photo Maker

Photo & Video
4.1 (5.4K)
39.7 MB
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Current version
Thomas Yoon
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for VideoToLive - Live Photo Maker

4.1 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
3 years ago, beeb da bob
Love it! But..
Okay so this is a great app! But, I do have two issues. 1. There is wayyy to many adds! As soon as I click a button I get a add. And 2.( not that big of a deal/not that important) I can’t hear the music when I use a video with music in it. :/ idk if it’s just an iPhone thing or if it’s supposed to be like that, but I hope it will be changed in the future! 😆 Overall, this is one of the best apps I’ve ever used! I definitely recommend! (You should share this with other people ;)! ) 👌🏽
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3 years ago, DaddysBabyGirl10101
It only took me 4 apps and about 1 hour to find this one 😂 but it is truly the best! I was looking for one that 1. didn't make you pay for at least most of it and 2. would let you change the key photo to a photo from your camera role. You'd be surprised how hard it was to find one that fit both of those 😂 this app is completely free! i'm pretty sure it doesn't even have a premium option. it does everything i want it to and i'm absolutely ecstatic about it! there ARE ads but it isn't that bad because the ads aren't too frequent and you can exit out of them in like 5 seconds. also, if the app is completely free, then the developer has to have some way to make money so that's why there are ads. Thanks so much for the great app!!! ❤️❤️
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3 years ago, PyroSaber
I really enjoy the app! It’s awesome how I can turn videos I record of, let’s be honest here, my fav anime waifus/husbandos in just a couple of clicks! Such a great app and I’m really happy I have a phone that supports live wallpapers! Highly recommend! The adds are such a low price for all that it can do too! Most of them are just about 10 seconds long anyways and it’s worth the wait! Overall, very very happy with it! Honestly, I wish that iPhone would make the sound compatible with it as well cause that would’ve made it even better but knowing me I wouldn’t really use the sound much anyways! Thank you so much developers for creating this! ❤️
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4 years ago, tired_lazy
This app is everything I want! I’m a really broke, really picky person, so when I saw that this app actually let me go past the 5 second mark without having to open up my wallet, I was so relieved! There’s definitely ads, but they’re short, easy to get out of, and definitely worth the final product. I don’t have to deal with water marks, and the whole process is incredibly easy. The longest video I’ve used was 30 seconds long, and while it did crash the first time, I just opened it up again and it got the job done immediately after. Definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to make long, live wallpapers for free!
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4 years ago, monrosaracho
Great app! Will use again!
I really wanted to make a live wallpaper of my fav anime characters (lol) and I tried using THREE other apps, but they all had the same issue: you can only use 5 sec videos and almost everything is locked and you have to pay. This app literally let me make a 30 sec wallpaper, had very useful options and did it in much less time than it took me to figure out the other apps were trash. The ads are a very VERY small price to pay for the quality of the app. I did use another app to edit the videos and then just make it into a live wallpaper but if you need the basics, it’s perfect.
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3 years ago, 302904
The best app that I had so far
This app is amazing it’s actually does what it says it does and they don’t make you pay to do more than 3 or 10 seconds like the other app or do premium to have sound or make you rate the app before you can use it I definitely recommend and the only in app purchases you have the option to do is no adds but honestly ad aren't even that big of a problem they don’t just constantly pop up and you only have to watch like 5 seconds videos not even and that’s only for when their converting your video to live
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3 years ago, TheXtrastar!
Confused And Angered,
Not to be rude but I really thought the app would have an improvement when I deleted it, now since I deleted the app and got it back it got slightly worse than before. And I am regretting the decision I made before I sort of “ like” the app but at most I don’t, I dislike the crashes they have and when I got back and do it again it crashes it again so I check the errors and I try to fix them but it seems like that’s not going to help I took time and effort trying to make it less than 30 seconds but it seems like my actions onto the app won’t work I think you should try to fix the Crashes But I am slightly disappointed and Angered. 👎 😬😓
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6 years ago, Honestish Reviews
It’s simple and straight to the point. It allows you to take any video from your camera roll and convert up to at least 45 seconds of footage to a Live Photo. I don’t know if it allows any longer than that, because I did not have a video longer than 45 seconds. It does have ads, but they are not too obnoxious and not too in the way. They can be removed with an in app purchase. Probably the best converter app for turning videos into Live Photos, because it doesn’t make you pay for anything, other than to remove ads if you wish.
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4 years ago, marshmallows :)
I wish I could use it
Hi there! This is s great app! I have an iPod touch and I just downloaded it. I realize it doesn’t work unless you turn on Live Photo. Well, I don’t have a Live Photo option.... so it does NOT work on iPod touch, but that is ok because I know it works great for other users with actual iPhones. When I get an iPhone I will probably get this app! So that is why I gave it 5 stars. And I know it is not your fault that I can’t use it. It is just not and option and that’s ok. Anyway cool app! So I recommend getting it if you have a iPhone. Thanks for reading! 👍🏼
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3 years ago, Rater2658
What’s good what’s wrong
Nothing is wrong with this app but no one would read it otherwise so listen up I found this app through a video I didn’t give it access to all my photos and videos at first because I thought it looked sketchy but I tried it there may be like one ad here and there when you have to save it but it’s free so it needs some type of flow of money it crashed on me once and took me out of the app but that didn’t happen again I don’t think
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3 years ago, karinaOMG and ronaldOMG lover
Would recommend to ANYONE!!
This app is unbelievable- like, it’s great! Every other app that shared the purpose for this app either had a watermark, 5 second limit, or both. This app has neither, and it’s hella easy to use. There are no confusing parts or buttons about it, it fits the size of my phone (iPhone 12) and it fits the iPhones with a home button too. Nothing happens to the audio if the video you’re converting has an audio, and the quality doesn’t change, it’s great. Would definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, Bread piggies
This is a really amazing app
This is an amazing app and it does exactly as it says. It converts the video into a live photo with no limit. But the other thing that is really amazing is the developers response! They have answered so many people's reviews even just to thank them for reviewing and I appreciate that. I even saw them add a requested feature from somebody about selecting the cover frame which most developers wouldn't just go and do. So basically, if you have a request for a function in the app, don't hesitate to ask!
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4 years ago, evies_palace
Love it!!!
I got it because I loved the feature in my iPhone 6s Plus. I recently updated to the IPhone XR and it doesn’t work. Luckily, I found this app! It works so well. The only problem is that sometimes the audio doesn’t play. It did at first but not anymore. If that could be fixed or If i could figure it out, I will 100% change it to 5 stars!!! (Edit:As the lovely developer has informed me, sound isn’t supported, unfortunately :( So i will give it 5 stars! Best Live Photo app! Definitely recommend 😊)
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4 years ago, lotuseana
great app, highly recommend !!
i’ve been looking for an app to turn videos and photos into a live photo for my wallpaper, and this app does just that! it’s easy to use and straightforward. it might not have the most editing and filter options, but there are many other apps that can do that. i love that there is no 5 second limit, which many other apps have. the only downside that i’ve experienced is that when you first upload a video, the beginning and ends of the video will flash for a brief moment at the end. it’s a little annoying, so it would be nice if it was fixed, but it’s easily fixed by cropping a little but off the end of the video. overall, awesome, app! if you’re looking for a great and simple app to turn your videos into a live photo, this is the best one! :)
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8 months ago, BadDomino5
Needs a feature
Seems to be a good app, but it would be nice to be able to select a range of photos or maybe a select all button, or be able to switch to list view or smaller thumbnails. Basically, manually selecting 120 frames for a three second video was less fun than I anticipated. Even more fun is when the app crashed to desktop because the iPad Pro OS is a sad joke. Thank you please add a simple feature to select multiple photos.
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4 years ago, agswindle
Really amazing!
At first I had some trouble shooting but I emailed the developer and they came back very quickly and answered! Was very helpful. I love this app. It’s so quick and easy to use, and when done correctly it converts the video to live almost instantly. There are some pop up ads, but for how amazing this app is, definitely worth it. You can even set a cover photo! This may be my new favorite app haha. If you are reading this, it’s an app that’s definitely worth getting!
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4 years ago, GaaaLover##1
The Best!
This the best live screen wallpaper I have ever had! Your videos can be longer than 1 minute! The quality of the video you have doesn’t change. I just love and totally recommend this app to anyone who doesn’t want to pay. Yes you heard me right you don’t have to pay! You have to watch 2 what?! What you get for watching 2 30 second adds is worth the wait! So I totally recommend this app!
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2 years ago, kailey.L
Amazing app
Ive had this for a few years now and by far the best app ive found. So easy to use and extremely self explanatory. Every time you convert a photo into a video it just shows you an add that you can skip 5 seconds after which is great. I hate apps so the fact that its just a 5 second add is a win for me. It doesn't glitch and gets the job done quickly. I will forever depend on this app to get things done!
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3 years ago, hshdhjdfhrnjsnshdjfbrhdjf
It’s ok
I’ve been trying to have this one gif be my wallpaper or background and so I clicked on it and it just kicked me out of the app and I keep trying but it is still not letting me use the gif. The good thing is that now I have a cool background or wallpaper and it’s fun to watch when I feel like it. But there I another bad thing is that if the video is from like Instagram and if it’s a screen recording then it shows the like and comment and share so then that is in the video so I normally have that in my background or wallpaper.
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3 years ago, Seahawks0702
I was recently trying to make a live wallpaper but most of the apps I downloaded made you have to have a subscription. This app you can make the same stuff as all of the other Live Photo apps for free. For an example one app I downloaded did not let me make a Live Photo over a second unless I paid, and it also didn’t let me choose the cover of the Live Photo unless I paid. This app allows you to do all of that and more for free!
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3 years ago, Isabellaao
This is the app I would 100% recommend to anyone! There is just one problem, whenever I’m done and I convert the video, at first it starts out fine, saying that it’s setting it to a background and not to log off of the app, but when it happens to say preparing video, it just logs me out of the app automatically. It actually takes a few tries to make the live wallpaper and it can be really frustrating, and I just want to know if this problem is fixable?
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4 years ago, TheBlakedPotato
Amazing App not locked behind a paywall
Thank you so much developers, after trying SEVEN different services I finally found one that would let me go past the five second mark and not have any watermarks without having to pay! There are ads but they are easy to deal with, and kudos to the devs for giving people an option that doesn’t require cash (they have to make a living somehow!). 10/10 app I wish it was #1 in its category.
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4 years ago, kali.fornia
Works Like a DREAM!!!
I tried six other apps to convert videos into love photos, and not a single one can compare to the ease of this app. There are two ads usually per conversion which is a breeze. Thanks to this app I have a wallpaper I love and am able to make videos with friends and family into lock screens for my phone. To the developers: Thank You and God Bless (if you believe in that sort of thing). Much love to this app!!!
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1 year ago, remyandgus
Ok but an issue
I got this app after recording me and a friend at the fair hoping to make it my lock-screen. I did and it worked great. While later tried to use it again for a different vid and it wont let me. I press the bottom to go and it wont make it a Live Photo. I deleted it and redownloaded it and it still didn’t work
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3 years ago, Eunii_87
Not limited to 5 sec like others
Literally thank you so much for this app! I can finally have more than 5 second of video converted to Live Photo! Now my wallpaper looks exactly how I wanted XD Anyways, thank you so much for not setting a limit and asking people to pay for the full version. I am completely content with the ads as well! Heck, make them longer if it gives you more money because you deserve it!
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2 years ago, boieveryusernameistaken
Honestly when I first downloaded this app I thought it was going to charge me for making a live wallpaper that’s around 39 seconds long. Most other apps wanted to charge me a monthly plan for a live wallpaper more than 3 seconds long which was crazy ,but *videotolive* didn’t do that. overall this app is truly amazing and I love it it’s a 5 star for me keep up the amazing work 👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, sweetsrose
5 stars so it’s able to be seen
So, this is the second time I’ve run into this issue, maybe it’s because I’m trying to convert an anime clip video I have to wallapaper but I’ve done it before I take out the sound I cut it down to about 30 seconds and I convert it, and I still just get a black screen when I try to test out the lockscreen. I used to sue this a lot about 2 years ago but I don’t know what’s going on with it
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2 years ago, nobody knows 729
Please read this
Hi guys!! First of all I wanna say you're app is great and I'd 10/10 recommended this to anyone, but I'm having a problem with the app. I was able to make a wallpaper to test if the app worked (it did), then I go to make another wallpaper bc it worked, and then whenever it gets ready to actually make the wallpaper it closes out the app. What should I do? -Eryn
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3 years ago, j i g g l e ✨
Just One Question
I love the app so far. There’s no time limit, the app almost never crashes, and my new wallpaper is AMAZING! I was just wondering if there is a way I could make a photo not in the video the original wallpaper, if that makes sense? Like basically the cover of the wallpaper. If there is, please show me how to do it. If there isn’t, maybe add it? Idk. Great app, though
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4 years ago, GamingIOS
iPhone se 2020
It was good and all until when I pressed convert it said complete but then when I went to wallpaper in my settings, I clicked on the live wallpaper it didn’t say anything, all it said was “cancel” and “set” nothing else. But when I clicked on set to lock screen I went to check it out and then I was pressing the screen. But it didn’t work..I did it another try but still didn’t worked. I tried again the 3rd time but failed once again. I don’t know what’s going on. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, 𝘈𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘢 𝘓𝘦𝘰𝘯
This app is amazing it gave me everything I wanted all my friends are asking about it I’m so happy with the results I really recommend it if you want a Live Photo and this is pretty surprising cause I’ve tried apps like this before and they never worked so I had my doubts about it at first but when i first tried it I was amazed like wow😁I really hope you guys at least try this app you won’t regret it.😁
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4 years ago, plsstopaskingforanickname
Better than any other free app
I’m so glad I downloaded this. There are a lot of ads, but not too much and it’s worth it to be able to convert such long videos. I downloaded 3 other apps, but this let you have the longest videos converted for the cheapest price (free). My only complaint is that the quality goes down a little when converted, but it’s not too noticeable. 10/10
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11 months ago, BTSand K drama
Good and cool app but
When I saw the tutorial about how to make a live wallpaper using this app, I thought it was actually going to work but when I did it, it did not work for me and I tried and tried three times and it did not work would recommend, but may not work for some users in the tutorial he said, just click or hold on the wallpaper screen and it would move like in a live wallpaper, but it did not work😭😿
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4 years ago, creamy bread
Best editing app
I’ve had this app for about 2 days and it’s amazing!!🤗 it hasn’t crashed like the other ones and it’s is just truly amazing and I can be creative with it. I recommend this to everyone the only complaint is the ads covering up the corners of the screen and whenever you press a button an ad comes up otherwise this app it incredible.
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4 years ago, Qbomb27
You know the tik tok trend where you put pics and vids of people to make a wallpaper? Yeah, well I tried other apps to make a Sarah Cameron wallpaper, but none of them would let me make an obnoxiously long Live Photo. With this app and the help of another app called Video Day, I made a 41 second long Live Photo of Sarah Cameron to be my wallpaper. The whole process took about 10 minutes 👏👏👏
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4 years ago, randomoji
easy, creative, AWESOME
when i got the app, i had some problems. that doesn’t mean you have to leave a bad review! i simply contacted the developer, who replied immediately, and the problem was fixed! i’m so excited to keep using this app! the developer is very nice and considerate, which makes for an easy experience. 10/10 recommending this to my friends! 💜💜💜
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3 years ago, maibmai
Great App!!
After searching for an app to convert a 1:30 long video to a live photo this app allowed me to! The ads are only a small price to pay but it is completely worth it! I love this app and will continue to use it! It allowed me to convert a video as long as 1:30 in which other apps only allowed 5 seconds. Get this app, you can convert any video!!
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4 years ago, ndkskfjis
Awesome App
I thought this app would just be some other stupid random app that lowers the quality or has a time limit or etc but nah this app is hella cool, I’ve tried many apps and I finally found this one( I tried making an avengers wallpaper and kept failing until I found this app😂😅) if your reading this I would 10/10 recommend this app
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4 years ago, olriovsiea on instagram
i only needed this for one video which was a minute and a half long. i had doubts that the app was gonna crash on me since the video was super long but NOPE it did not crash at all. the conversion was SUPER quick and the quality to my video was still amazing. so this app is the BEST for converting videos into live photo’s. i never leave reviews but this app deserves one :))
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5 years ago, A.K.M.01
A problem.
I’m having a big problem, it’s only letting me load certain videos. So it’s letting me load one 3 second video and putting it as my wallpaper, but when I try to load a different 3 second video it doesn’t let me and I really want to put this certain one as my wallpaper and it just won’t load :/. Like it will load all the way except for like a little inch and it’ll stay like that for a whillleee and then the app will crash. :/
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4 years ago, Janise2040
Great app!
Personally I’ve not had any problems with this app at all. It’s quick and easy and there are no catches. You get no more than two adds when you’re converting and I’m fine with that honestly.. And it actually does work. I really enjoy this app so thank you for it!!
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4 years ago, daddy2525525252525
This app is horrible. Every time I try to click something a Facebook ad pops up and sometimes it doesn’t play and so you can’t get off the add without closing the app. The other times the video will play and the close button won’t work so it is really hard to get anything done
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3 years ago, MKaziii
Great App With Its Drawbacks
The feature for blurring the background for the fit to screen option causes the application to crash continuously and I have tried everything to no avail. Please address this as this is the only thing that is holding me back from giving full 5 stars
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3 years ago, shinno shoyo
Not good
Just kidding 😂 very very thank you to make this app i never thought that I can make live wallpaper longer than 40s I searched a lot finally I find what I need this is so cool to download this app every one please download it if you want best live wallpaper thank you again to make it 💜
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4 years ago, JazzPlayer707
I was so glad I could do more than 5 seconds!!
This app is amazing! I tried 3 or 4 different apps before this one and they all had a 5 second cut off so I was super excited when I saw that this app lets you go past that cut off mark. I would highly recommend this app!!
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3 years ago, KKKqueen
Just a problem
I maybe made 3 or 4 and after that it would be close to making the wall paper then it would just Crash Out could that problem possibly be fixed?
Show more
4 years ago, ItzMacadamianut
Problem please help
So I think the app is great if it actually worked for me. Every time I convert a video it says it’s saved to my camera roll but nothing is there. (Update) All I had to do was Re download the app 😌 works great, just wish it wasn’t so zoomed, so I just flip the live photo to landscape to fit my screen
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3 years ago, M-Y 06
Great app
This is the app you are looking for. The app doesn’t shorten your video and ask you to pay more for the full video. Sure there are adds but you’re only going to be on the app for a few minutes so it’s not that big of a deal.
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5 years ago, 877-241-REEE
Gif goes to black on lock screen
So the app is really good for what I’m tryna do (make a gif/live photo as my lock screen), but one problem i’m encountering is that after I’ve converted a video to a live photo, and set it as my lock screen, when I hard press to start the photo on my lock screen, the screen just goes black, and the photo doesn’t show. Help pls?
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5 years ago, very disappointed Line PlayER
100% Recommend
I just wanted to convert a video to a Live Photo to use as my wallpaper and this did just that, no 5 second limit BS like other apps and no pointless subscription service. Ads are present but I can guarantee they won’t bother you. 100% free, 100% recommend. Thank you very much for this app. :)
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