Viking Runes

3.9 (12)
23.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Theo Phillips
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Viking Runes

3.92 out of 5
12 Ratings
14 years ago, TC_3
FINALLY, one with ALL the basics!
It's got reversals, the Odin Rune, clear meanings, right to left reading, 1 - 3 - 5 Rune spreads, easy to read and quick to use. So far, this one is THE best! Others are prettier, but none cover ALL the basics like this one does. Now, add a couple extra features that others have, like saving screenshots and journals and this app could REPLACE traditional Runes! Keep up the great work with this!!!
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5 years ago, b_s_l
Good but Falls Short
I’ve been using this app for a while and generally like it; there’s a good selection of time spreads and the accompanying text for each tune is concise and easy to read. That said, the interface is a little wonky — for example, it took a couple of days of experimenting to figure out which few pixels on the screen have to be tapped to clear a tune definition so others can be read, and there really aren’t any good instructions for the app’s use. I had to cut a 2nd star from the rating because I sometimes use the app as a quick reference while doing actual (physical) rune readings and the only way to get info for a reversed tune is if it pops up in one of the app’s rune spreads. I’ll keep it for the time being, but am looking for something with more information to replace it.
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6 years ago, [HorseFeathers]
Great app
I have downloaded and tried out every rune app in the App Store and this one was worth every penny. This app does everything I want out of a rune application. I use my own runes stones and check my pulls on the rune description. The ability to have the app pick a rune for you is great for those that do not have physical Runes. The calendar portion stores the pulls from the app for reference as an archive if you wanted to check something you asked weeks ago. Overall 5 stars, would buy again. Only input I have to the creator is to open the calendar to allow those with physical rune sets to add the pull manually.
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4 months ago, MabonApModron
Love this app
This is a lovely little app as a meditation tool. Been using it for ages now. I’m sad it won’t load on my Series 9 watch (works great on Series 6) so I hope it gets some love from the developer… Regardless it’s the best rune app on the app store. Thanks for making it!
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6 years ago, ldgregg
A few issues with the app
Email does not work. After entering valid email address, there’s not SEND button and you have to quit the application to get out. This results in your reading NOT BEING SAVED. Workaround is a screenshot with email. Other than that issue the accuracy is interesting because it often matches up with my physics Rune reads.
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5 years ago, Futuristicpr
A bit clumsy
Have been using physical runes for years. Thought this might be a good addition. But it seems slow to react to swiping when you want to go from rune to rune in a spread. The at times failing technology is irritating. And thus often a hindrance to meditating over the messages the runes carry.
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7 years ago, Monkies momma
A little help please
I love this app, but I have a question and can't figure out where to email to get an answer. Does anyone know how to delete a saved reading?
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8 years ago, Shadowemail
Love the new update
I can text email or Facebook my spreads to friends. Love how easy it is to use and the daily wisdom and food for thought I get from this app.
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5 years ago, JessicaLynn_x
Once you click on a rune for the description, it takes you back to the home page, not the spread, and the entire thing is lost. Would like a refund.
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6 years ago, runeologest
Stuck!! Help??
The go back from email is not lit how do I go back, and their is no send button for email, help?????
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8 years ago, bakervillia
Fantastic Resource!
Several years ago, when I discovered my Viking heritage, I began a lifelong study of the Elder Futhark (the technical term for the runes this app is about). I honestly can’t remember whether I purchased this app first, or I bought my first set of runes first. I suspect it was the former because an iPhone app is significantly cheaper than a set of Smokey Quartz runes. During my initiatory stages in this process, this app was like a pocket companion. I always did my work with my real runes, but every explanation was just a tap away on my phone. The reason I’ve never reviewed this app is because I’ve always been more fond of the Elven Runes app by the same developer. But after the significant improvements in the newest update, I feel obliged to write a review. If you’ve never even heard of runes before, good! Buy this app to appease your curiosity. This isn’t sorcery. It’s a tradition of mythological thought. The runes reveal those aspects of our psyche which are universal to every human being. They describe in symbolic terms, natural law. For instance, the rune Jera describes the cycle of the seasons. But this isn’t a lecture, this is an app store review, so forgive me if I digress. Version 1 didn’t have a journalling option. Version 2 does. I am very happy. Version 1 didn’t have any social networking capability. Version 2 does. I am very happy. Version 1 looked a little jenky. Version 2 looks phenomenal. I am very happy. I have most of the “runes” apps on the app store. I can tell you very distinctly that for every real esoteric tool on the app store, there are a hundred apps which will tell you your puppy’s horoscope (and most of them don’t even account for doggie years). If you’re serious about your Viking heritage, this is a tool. If you have no Viking heritage, this is a curiosity. Either way, it’s worth the price. That concludes my review. But if you’re still reading, I’ll give you a few tips on working with the runes. First of all, no app in the world will replace the functionality of a real set of runes. You can buy a really nice set, or you can make a set of your own. Get creative. I have a few sets that cost me less than $3 to make. Second of all, the runes won’t really work well until you make them yours. Do something like put them under your pillow for a few nights, or listen to the Opera Der Ring by Wagner. (Yeah, I know it will take you 14 hours, but if you like music, it won’t seem like so long) Third of all, work with them consistently. That doesn’t mean every day, and it doesn’t even necessarily mean every week. It just means that you don’t let them gather dust on your book shelf. Fourth of all, if you’ve mastered all the content in this app, then there are dozens of reputable texts on the subject. Try to find one which gives you the proper method for path working the world tree. Fifth of all, keep your eye out for Loki. He’s a real trickster. Sixth of all, I’m serious about Loki man. And if you see a rugged looking homeless man with one eye, please treat him with respect.
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14 years ago, 89rabbit71
Words of Wisdom
I have been starting my day with a spread, this app has been very helpful in focusing on my current issues. I love the meaning so easy to understand but full of wisdom. Very easy to use. Thanks for listening and adding the save, journal feature, it's nice when developers care about us buyers. Highly recommend. Thanx for the great work.
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14 years ago, RubinRanch
Simple & Thought Provoking
I like the simplicity of the app. The readings are awesome giving one great reflection. My only suggestion would be a recommendation to save a reading. There is a lot to reflect upon and it would be nice to go back to a reading to do that as day to day activity doesn't always allow for this. Thx!
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13 years ago, Jbrodowsky
Nice App!
I will give it five stars when I figure out (or get a response to my question) how to delete saved spreads and journal entries. Otherwise, I really like this app!
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13 years ago, staryeyd1
Best rune app out there
Reversals, ability to save and journal, rune meanings very clear and gives a lot to think about. I emailed designer and was given an immediate response. Great App.
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14 years ago, Jtannerm
Great app
I love this. So easy to use and understand.
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9 years ago, Lamaupin
Mostly Busted
This app locks up whenever I cast a reading. And when I'm looking up rune meanings, the text is cut off after a sentence or so. I think the overall design is nice. Just wish it worked!
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13 years ago, amethystshadows
great app
very accurate, amazing readings for an app....I wish there was a way to share the readings, such as connecting to facebook or at least email....
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9 years ago, Claire Storm
Hard to navigate
This is a good app in theory, but bugs need to be worked out because I can't save my readings and it freezes up when I hit the "save" button causing me to have to start over. Grrr
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14 years ago, bssnreed
Doesn't work...
This doesn't work at all on my iPad. No response to my email.
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13 years ago, Reikijoy
Not intuitive to me. Awkward I had a hard time trying to figure it out.
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