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4 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vimeo Create

4.75 out of 5
49K Ratings
4 years ago, ArmorofGod6
Still Learning
I’m not sure where to start nice app but a lot of things are for pay. Not enough options for free, but the free trial for 7 days does apply for a test drive . I prefer using my own home made video I already can get from other apps for right now . For those who don’t have other apps that do cost money this would be good one to get . I feel they could have more options . Also why is it taking so long to make a video with the free templates your adds are constantly going off which is getting annoying asking me to sign up . I would do less of this on the app. Other then that still learning this app.
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3 years ago, Nataliewould23
2 months to receive refund
I submitted a request for a refund on June 1st after being charged the $260 for the pro account. I reached out and they said the could do it. So I waited the amount of business days (3-5), but still didn’t see the refund. I was told they did it and to reach out to my bank (this was June 9th), they “assured me”. My bank confirmed it wasn’t there on their end. So I communicate back and forth out June 11th, 14th, 16th…still being told it wasn’t an issue on their end (on the 16th they sent it to a “specialist team member”. I filed a dispute against them with my bank so I could get the funds back. THEN FINALLY, JULY 21st, they reach out to say “I’m sorry for the inconvenience here, we checked our gateway and can confirm that the refund attempt failed.” The request for my refund happened on July 22nd, I had to reach out again on the 26th and was told on the 27th that the refund was approved but not processed. So I had to keep messaging to beg to get the money back, which I finally did today on July 27th. I know this is detailed, but I literally had to reach out and receive 7 different responses telling me over and over again that they did the refund and to contact my bank. It’s just sad that you have to jump through loop holes like this with such a big company. Get it together, you should have it together. I have overdraft fees bc of this.
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11 months ago, mountain_exposure
No landscape mode?!
I just downloaded this today, Sunday, July 16, 2023. It’s un bearingly hot. Second day of 110 temps. So I decided to do some video work. Used Final Cut Pro for iPad for a mountain biking GoPro movie and it came out well, using a tutorial to get me started. I have subscribed to VImeo for a while, using various softwares that came with action cameras or native software. I was eager to try Vimeo’s creative suite. The app seems to have nearly everything covered, except it doesn’t support LANDSCAPE MODE!!!! I use my iPad with the Magic Keyboard, stand and use it almost all the time in landscape position. It’s the 12 in iPad Pro 5th gen. It’s not really comfortable in the landscape position; it’s cumbersome in the portrait position. So I guess i am left using the Vimeo web interface and avoiding the app which rushed me along until I shut the door.
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4 years ago, CAMILLExxNS
Great for social media managers
I use Vimeo Create to make on-the-fly content for social. The templates are awesome and I love that you can turn any video into any format (square, portrait, horizontal). The app is perfect for saving the video directly to my phone and posting on IG Stories in just a few minutes. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to spruce up their social game. You can create campaign quality videos using this app. I made a video to promote a Giveaway I was doing and it was literally perfect.
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3 years ago, 👎🏾🤣
SoIt won’t let me download the video which is odd and I really have struggles and I just think that they’re trying to make me pay money I don’t know but I just give this to star rating because I can’t download any video that I want to make for a little slideshow but it’s I don’t really like it at sorry for the creator I just can’t download this and I think you should fix that issue so thank you and have a nice day I’m just telling you the download was it really worth it if you want to download this app it’s notWorth it but if you want to download it this is not really worth it but I if they fix that issue and I come back on the app and re-download it then see if it’s fixed I would really like this app just fix that issue that’s all I really have to say😅
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2 years ago, GirlFriday82
App lost HOURS of my work
I worked for hours and hours on editing a video ad for my business. I’m a busy single working mom so my time is precious. I don’t have “free time”. Working on this has meant I’ve had to neglect other responsibilities/chores just to get it done. So, I’m sure you can imagine how livid I was when I pressed “save”, then I decided to pay for the app to remove the watermark… and after I paid all my editing, hours of work, was just gone. (All that was left was a very early draft.) I had to start all over. I hate they got $6.99 from me. But it worked out…my ad is incredible now because I switched to a different app. Pay for the app > InShot <. You won’t be disappointed. Way WAY more features and creative liberties (and it saves my work!!!)
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4 years ago, Eagls215
Had nothing but trouble
I got the app to make a couple of short promo videos for my business. I have had nothing but trouble since I started. Some video clips will let me add text, others won’t. 90% of the time when I try to preview or download a video the video becomes corrupt or something because it won’t play. When I wanted to start from scratch to redo one of the videos, when I completed it and it went through the process of generating my preview it was completely different music and affect from what I edited. Then when looking to get in touch with support I could only send a message. There is no phone number to talk with someone to walk me through it. Haven’t heard back from support yet. Wasted a ton of time and am very disappointed.
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2 years ago, King bishh
I mean it worrrkss
The app isn’t just bad.. I wouldn’t pay for it.. I don’t like the fact they don’t have actual hip hop artist or R&B isn’t even an option. They country ain’t countrian if ykwim! The music selection in general just don’t sit right with me but they do have a couple sounds they can get away with. As far as edits nd stuff, I don’t have time too so I give them they freedom to add w.e parts from the shots I send them nd I’m not always disappointed so that’s a plus🤷🏽‍♀️ I haven’t found better so I keep them downloaded (the app)💗🌸 recommended for beginner social media content creators tho..
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3 years ago, zaiony21
Great but..
So I was wandering around this app and I was mostly instrested in the trimming in- between it if u know what I’m saying. I’m into roblox and Minecraft and wanted to do a video where I walked up to people in games and turned the visible players off , I wanted to cut the part where I went into settings Bc that would ruin the point of the video. Please add that. Peace. -w- Edit: Just one other thing.. if okay? I want the feature so there is songs added to the MUSIC playlist Bc I really wanna do songs and it bugs me that I can’t. I can only do music. Other then that nice app! Ty
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2 years ago, Avinza
What An Awesome Platform
I have spent countless $$$$$$$ paying someone to make even a simple 30 second video commercial. Thanks to Vimeo Inhave ALL the tools at my fingertip to make awesome videos with a minimal cost. I would encourage anyone that is looking to have videos made to do your research and you are going to find that Vimeo is very user friendly, offers you so many different ways to create the perfect video! q
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1 year ago, xsokev
I Really Enjoy This App
I have used Vimeo Create to make a few family travel movies. It’s so quick and easy and 93.7% of the time, I am happy with the results. Occasionally, I have to do some minor tweaking. My only grip is that most times my media doesn’t properly show when I am selecting files for use in the video. I have to take extra steps to group the media first and then try importing them. The app just needs some improvement there.
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3 years ago, mattens123,
Wow this is actully amazing!!!! I have made so many videos and there wasn't one problem!! I got to choose a bunch of fonts and sizes and everything!! Vinemo create is definitely for someone who makes videos and edits videos for a living(me) I really did enjoy this app overall and actully just got done shooting a vid just gotta edit!!! Absolutely Spectacular!!!!!
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2 years ago, brookie5970
Misleading that it charges
So it does make really nice videos. My issue is that I spent an hour editing a video and making it perfect and when I was ready to post it then it says you have to “upgrade”. I don’t want to spend $7/month on an app that I’m not going to use often. For me it might as well said pay $7 for this video that you just made and that’s ridiculous to me. I wish the app would have made it more clear out the gate that if you want to keep the video in your media or be able to share it then you need to pay. I wouldn’t have wasted my time then.
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1 year ago, 8462ABC
This is not a good app the only reason I put 5 stars is because it would not let me send if it was 1 anyway if you even want to make a video you have to pay or sign in and it takes personal info. do not trust this app!!!
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2 years ago, Equestrian Ava @youtube
App Review
I left a four star review because it was a couple things I did not like one that a lot of things cost in money in my other video editing apps did not ask for a lot of things on this app to be paid for but my other apps could not do the animation set this app could do so there was pros and cons about this app . But overall I say it was a pretty useful app.
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2 years ago, leesh82393
Good but I’m getting annoyed 😂
This is really great for simple videos with some animation. Easy to use and takes up way less memory than premiere and after effects. Great for quick vids however am I missing something?? Why is there not a layer somewhere so I can adjust the audio and actually see it to sync up to the clips better?
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3 years ago, hello💕❤️❤️
Obsessed 🤩
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. The videos turn out ✨amazing✨ and so cool. It’s great for creating videos for whatever platform. Although this app is great and all, there is one thing that isn’t getting this app a 5 ⭐️ rating. The membership. It makes you pay $6.99 a month just so you can publish a 2 video. I think that’s pretty unreasonable. But aside from that this app is outstanding. :)
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3 years ago, bulyyghjkhk
Same I had nothing but trouble since I’ve started minimal minimal I don’t even like I couldn’t even post my videos zero star rating if I could nothing but trouble on Venmo since I’ve started using the app some people say it’s wonderful it’s great and give it five stars but no I do not like Venmo once I started I couldn’t even edit it just said not able to do this at this time I tried going back but nothing but trouble started to happen so I hate Venmo and it doesn’t even let me put clips or nothing even I could use my phone to edit better than Venmo snort snort I’m out
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4 years ago, 2200 memorial
APP troubles
I have tried to contact support and have heard nothing back. My Vimeo create app and the website is not allowing me to create videos. When I create it in the app it lets me add photos and music and then says no preview is available. Love the app and the website. Do not like that I cannot do what the app is there to do and that is create videos. I am subscribed to the premium subscription.
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4 years ago, Sailgirl12
Super easy, BUT....
Very easy to create a cool video. The description mentions in app purchase and an upgrade requiring a monthly fee. You can create all you want but in order to save it you have to buy the $25 monthly subscription. I just create a video a couple times a year so obviously this isn’t for me. I thought the in app purchase might be for music or something. They should be completely upfront and tell you that you MUST sign up in order to use the product, then it would be 5 stars.
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2 years ago, John Doe the bro!
Honestly? I pushed the envelope.
I’m currently using this to make some questionable corn trailers and it’s been interesting. I gave them a bunch of uncuts and it still turned out splendid. The music choice wasn’t ideal but that was my bad noted for next time. Would recommend for any profession. 👌🏽
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2 years ago, sorry... not sorry
Did not work for what I needed it to
I just wanted to edit one video … one video … and I would’ve had to sign up for a month subscription just to remove the water marks. I wish that there is an option for you to watch a 30 second ad to be able to edit one video or something. Upset that it couldn’t do what I wanted or needed it to. I’ve seen a couple other apps that have an option where you have to watch a 30 or 60 second add to get the “end result”.
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4 years ago, Chrissy Chanel
Somethings wrong
Had the app for 2 days decided to get the pro account now it doesn’t allow you to use it it keeps crashing as soon as you open it. I decided to come here see why saw and updated. I updated app and now it won’t open at all. Idk how fast you respond but I hope it’s pretty fast like do I need to delete the app and reinstall it or what
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3 years ago, Dekel3003
So simple, wonderful results!
Wow, this app is so simple to use. And the results are wonderful! Saved me so much time. Just uploaded my photos and videos- and it did everything for me! (I needed to change few things, and was able to do it in the editor) Highly recommended .
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2 years ago, #1mil
So I put in all my videos and Vimeo made this great video I like it it’s all good. But then I am forced to make an account before I can do anything with it... alright I make an account. Now I try to download it or email or share or copy this link and you literally cannot do anything unless you sign up to pay 7$ a month which is basically 7$ per video for me. I thought it was going to be better than other video making apps but it’s just as bad
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3 years ago, vimeosux
Do not download this app! They will charge your account after several attempts to cancel. Once you delete one level you are dropped to next level and fees begin charging your account monthly. Good luck talking to an agent. Nightmare!
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2 years ago, 1 God is amazing
Worst experience
I realized almost immediately that this was not what I wanted and tried deleting my account immediately. Vimeo makes it almost impossible to delete. You cannot delete it using your phone. You have to use a computer. And even then it’s tricky. Well deleting my account didn’t cancel my subscription. I was still charged. They are sneaky. Don’t fall for the one week trial unless you already know you want this. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid
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2 years ago, yougottobekiddingme???
What the heck?
The app is alright I guess, but I don’t get why is making me charge more. I already paid the 6.99 one, why do I have to pay more? Also since I already paid for the 6.99 one, it didn’t seem like I can cancel it, did they take off my subscription or not letting me cancel it? If I still have to pay and they take money away from me for next month, this is a scam and you shouldn’t trust it, it already have enough bugs as it is.
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3 years ago, okay do not
This app is amazing and it automatically helps your videos and does amazing music of your choice! I love it so much and I just got it and haven’t even found that much yet and I love it right now! You should definitely get it!
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4 years ago, MeganW917
I downloaded the basic version to play around with it. When I wanted to export a video I had made it said I needed to upgrade to pro. There was a 7 day free trial so I did that to export the video and now I cannot for the life of me cancel this. I thought I had and sent an email to the support to be sure it was cancelled. They took weeks to reply to me, told me it was a 30 day trial and it would be cancelled afterwards. Well $27 a month and two months later I still have this subscription I cannot seem to cancel. DONT DO IT
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2 years ago, Awdcs
Can’t upload files on mobile, only pc
cannot upload wav, mp3, etc. or any other files. For some reason it only shows the apple music store to upload music or google photos. The file feature is available on the desktop, making the usage of the mobile obsolete for me. I would rate 5 stars if I can upload from my files on mobile
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2 years ago, Ahmremichmoorc
Love what this app has to offer
Making a sales video for my business on this app is awesome. It provides many options for me to create freely and aesthetically professional. However, I’ve had to restart my video making several times due to crashes and it has become extremely exhausting.
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3 years ago, Natalie Combs
This app has amazing quality!!! Some other apps I had in the past were 1 glitchy and 2 they would cut out the part of my picture I wanted the most! With this app I just made a Hermione Granger edit and it turned out amazing!!! So I highly recommended this app
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1 year ago, Eric Sammy Sossa
Turning my baby boys baby pictures into amazing videos
I’m finally turning all my baby boys baby pictures into videos I can keep forever and share with everyone. The videos look spectacular.
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3 years ago, ChuckD baby
Exactly what I wanted
So far so good. Don’t necessarily need a computer to make awesome videos. I have the plus version which is excellent for me. Might upgrade to pro. Not sure what more features I would get though!
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4 years ago, Godzilla59274
Woefully Lacking
There is a lot of potential in this app, but it lacks many editing features. Max 90 characters per slide, can’t add opacity to videos, you can’t auto-center text or edit x-/y- axis, text size is based on a scale and not font-size, you can’t customize transitions, and much more. It’s hard to have consistency in theme between slides. This is a good app for if you are okay with little control and want it doing everything for you.
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2 years ago, BringFoodToMeGuy
Sophisticated and Fresh
A service that helps creators do more with a polished tone. The technology and music syncs well with the uploaded video and makes the decisions of a seasoned editor in seconds. Minimizing expense and increasing output per hour is what this service will do for you. Thank you for being brilliant!
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3 years ago, cupcakequeen900125
It’s amazing for some parts it should get rid of where you have to pay it’s cost a lot just to edit a couple videos then never use it again.
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2 years ago, WizLarue
Nothing out there like it
I love Vimeo. It helps me to be able to create cool birthday videos for my friends and family. My only issue with it is that the monthly cost is too expensive.
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2 years ago, Sammiry11
Decent app
Love this app. Only complaint is monthly plan is too high and the app doesn’t allow you to set time for video configuration, wish they offered more editing options, and upload speed is lower than expected (on the new iPhone). For the price there should be more bells and whistles.
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3 years ago, ZeWap
Everything I imagined! 7-Day Free Trial
They created the video for me and it was everything I imagined it to be! I love it and was so excited when I saw that it had music from new upcoming artists, my personal FAV, King Sis: Encore! This is the best video making app.
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3 years ago, Topher29466
Great when it works
I’ve been having the app crash like crazy over the last 2-3 weeks. Loose everything I have worked on. Just ran the update - and now when I compose a video and then go back to edit - none of my media slides are there! This app is anything but stable. Do yourself a favor, and just compose new videos on a computer!
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7 months ago, lady DuBoss
Editing and uploading issue
This app is very inconsistent. The editing and uploading feature were not working. Emailing customer service to correct issue was an all day task. They do not respond promptly. This issue caused me delay on a business project I am working on. I asked for a refund and have been ignored. I do no recommend this developer. They got my money and provided crappy, unreliable service. I regret this purchase.
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12 months ago, Romancing_the_vine
Great Tool When Short on Time
Being a small independent company, every minute counts during a long week. Tools like Vimeo Create make fast work in producing fun video highlights of the days work to communicate with our clients and audience. Definitely a keeper! Nick Karavidas, Winemaker
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2 years ago, Pepielover
Old Bones Co
-Easy to use and learn to navigate - takes less than 5 minutes to create video - highly recommend it for business professionals
Show more
4 years ago,
Great for marketing my app
I’ve been running a Facebook and Twitter account to market my app, Cat Facts. I have historically just reposted memes, but Vimeo Create has given me a new way to build hype for my product. I might actually create an Instagram account for my app now too.
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2 years ago, Mirza Hyder
Fantastic video
I always wanted to create a family video with the pictures that I have in ny gallery .Vivo app is exactly what I was looking for .It is so simply and easy to make a lovely video . Iam seriously impressed!!!
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2 years ago, Emdkay187
Video editor awesome!
I used to have this on my phone all you have to do is take a video on camera And take at least two for a video and one for a photo
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2 years ago, Drew.Cy
The best all in one video app 👌
Best all in one video app.. host raw videos, share with your team, edit, filter, perfect, and distribute the final product across the web all from this powerful platform.
Show more
2 years ago, michichai
Don’t do premium or pay.
I wasnt planning to pay initially, but i needed to do a video for my wedding. It was over 6mins with mostly pics and one song, but it wouldnt let me share it or save it to my phone. For some reason, even though i paid, it wouldnt let me change my status to public or put two songs. It was kinda annoying. Maybe it’s just me. And for that, I’m out!
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