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VinSolutions, LLC
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for VinSolutions

2.24 out of 5
379 Ratings
4 years ago, busboyj
Which is worse?
I can’t tell which is worse, the old app or the new one. The new app doesn’t give me the ability to search for specific inventory by keyword. So I have to search through the hundreds and hundreds of cars in our inventory just to be able to pull up a stock number. And even though I have full managers access, the app won’t let me see customer info unless it’s assigned to me. What a joke. At least I can do those two things in the old app. It’s like they made a new app but made it worse. Will be deleting this and redownloading the older one.
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3 years ago, Happy Sales Consultant
I liked the old app better
The new app does have a more modern look and feel, but it lacks some of the features that I found most useful with the old app. The old app allowed you to snap a picture of the insurance card. The new app lacks this feature. The old app let you fill out all the fields for trades, but the new app only lets you fill in a few leaving out important ones like colors, engine, drive type, etc. The ability to copy and paste info is definitely a feature that needs to be addressed. I find myself getting frustrated because I have to re-type info. I suppose the feature I miss the most was that when I scanned a driver’s license I was able to assign myself to the lead, saving critical time during a visit. With the new app, things just crap out and I have to wait on a manager to assign the lead and then wait on Vins to update. This adds on average 5-10 minutes that the customer has to wait while I fuss with the software.
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6 years ago, SwirvinIt
The original VINS App is atrocious and nearly useless. I get so frustrated with its restrictions. I stumbled across the new one in hopes of seeing an app that resembled something similar to the VIN platform (which I think is fantastic). Nope. Dashboard does give you a pretty good pulse on today’s business but that’s about all you get. I can’t see what the dealership has planed for tomorrow or the next day. Future appointments section does not work. When i pick the calendar for tomorrow’s appointments , it’s blank. Log online in VINs and it shows 13 appointments. I want to be able to see future appointments and everything that goes along with them such as who has canceled, who’s been confirmed, and general notes within those appointments. It’s vital data for any manager to have when looking at the app at the end of the day. I could really go on but I’ll stop here and just hope that this is an extremely early version of their second try for a successful application.
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4 years ago, Dixal
100% useless garbage there no quality control? The moment you open the app and try to touch ANYTHING, it freezes making you close out the app and reopen to do the same thing. Using an iPhone 11 Max Pro and an iPad Pro and the same exact thing.’s 2020, can we get a proper screen resolution for modern phones? Lacks email response support, is outdated, slow, buggy, and just an extremely poor experience for a customer you’re just meeting. Trying to be mobile and do anything with this app will actually make your selling life much more stressful. Not even worth the 1 star it’s that pathetic. Even though the last version was straight out of 2007 it somewhat worked a little bit.
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4 years ago, ImprovingGrizz
iPhone 11 Pro Max User
Ever since the refresh and VinSolutions has forced me to log into from Bridge ID, I cannot log into my account from this or the previous—albeit extinct— mobile app. I have no way to contact my customers away from my desk. This Bridge ID merger has brought nothing but pain and aggravation to myself and my family, because I can’t sell as many cars now. I have already contacted both Cox Automotive and VinSolutions individually. They have logged and escalated my issue and have not made up any ground to resolve it. One VinSolutions call rep said it had been escalated and that it is now a “parent case” for this problem apparently more than one person is having. I hope this review is taken seriously and not swept under the rug as it feels this problem has been so far.
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6 years ago, Miss Aida
Sales person use
The developers should really use the app as if they were a sales person and see how many roadblocks there are. If you get an email you cannot review the profile while looking at the email you have to exit out and search their profile to see what car they are on or any other info. You cannot log in incoming phone call. I suggest they go back to the table and really come up with major fixes on functionality.
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4 years ago, W1w1w1x2
Better than the old app
It’s better than the old app but it’s still clunky at times. For instance, you can’t copy and paste a customer’s address from the customer info screen. This is really not useful if you’re trying to do home deliveries and have to take 2000 extra steps to be able to paste an address in your phone navigation and be on your way to the customer. Or if you’re trying to text a coworker (let’s say a finance manager) an updated customer address/details etc
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5 years ago, Relax From Home
APP Basic • Room To Grow In iPad/iPhone World
There’s room to grow in this APP. Not Sure why the functions for touch screen in an iPhone & iPad world are missing. Example web base functionality doesn’t match - attachments, tasks, email access. Additional opportunity to get worksheets to open in iPad to eliminate printing. PDF will open to Adobe in Windows but not on iPad? Doesn’t seem to be a priority for them... huge potential. Seems simple progress.... seems to be an industry standard that hasn’t been accepted.
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2 months ago, TheJiggyJoe
Hit or miss and outdated.
I believe they need to have someone really sit down to fix a lot of the bugs and issues with the application. After that they should modernize the visuals a bit. I understand there isn’t a lot of money on the developers and hosting side but when it comes to every day use of the application it would make a world of difference. With that being said basic functionality of the application is hit or miss or even broken and doesn’t work and the visuals look like they’re from the earl 2000s.
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5 years ago, Brendan Keough
“401 Error”
Cox Automotive obviously has no idea why dealers shell out thousands of dollars for their CRM. I have had this app since November 18th and it will not allow me to login. I’m getting “ Error 401 “. Thinking I may have forgot my password, I went onto safari on my iPhone and accessed the web based CRM immediately. All info correct, can’t use the app. Why am I paying all this money so me and my staff can’t properly utilize our CRM??? Get it together. ELEADs is way better, if I weren’t at a GM store I would’ve ditched this garbage tool already. Dealer principals, managing partners, owners, GM’s & GSM’s in charge of ad budget should get ELEADs ASAP. Never had a single issue with their app. Desking is 100x better, VIN can’t decipher a duplicate lead by itself, it also marks good leads “bad” automatically when the lead is from your OEM. Vinsolutions, you’re #3 when it comes to CRM, I would welcome you to change my mind. Brendan Keough
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7 months ago, Angelus1865
App has gotten better but...
The app has gotten slightly better, however one of the biggest things that it still does not do is allow for opening quick pencils that have been printed within the app without having to launch the browser and sign in to the full site which takes too long on mobile.
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3 years ago, theerobbysavage
The App Is Subpar At Best Here’s Why
I use this app for my sales job at Arapahoe Kia and while it does speed up the process a bit it’s not optimized. The fact that you can’t input any insurance info or credit info which REALLY is a doozy. Also with the iPhone 12 Pro Max having such a high tech crazy camera it struggles to focus on licenses and ID’s. Bottom line the app really should work on fixing these things and it’s be way better and exceptionally helpful.
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3 years ago, rwchiz
Scans wrong VIN
It happened again last night. Use the scanner to scan in a trade and it pulls up the wrong VIN. Pulls up the first 12 characters correctly so the year, make, model, and even trim level matches but the last 5 were totally wrong. Probably the third time it has done it in the last few months. Happened with my 12 Pro and now with 13 Pro.
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9 months ago, Drew_Luvs_U
iPad issues
The app on the iPad only works if your iPad is upright but if you use the Magic Keyboard then it wont switch over to landscape view. I never use my tablet in portrait view at work. The Vinsolutions website also does not work with safari but sometimes it will work with Firefox. The iPhone version of the app works well enough for what I need it to do.
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5 years ago, Panda13K
Needs a improvement
I got to give the app credit. It is a lot better than some of the other CRM applications that I have felt with. But needs improvement there is a lot of lag on the application. It freezes and force quits sometimes. I feel there needs to be more functions for the sales guys. But overall it is a decent mobile app.
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2 years ago, mcarp83
Creating a new customer issues
I get an error message when entering customer info, it doesn’t tell me what the error is to correct it, so I delete it entirely, and re-input it exactly how I put it in the first time and it works (sometimes) it used to be easier to put the customer info in my phone than on the computer but that’s not the case anymore. This system all around is not user friendly at all.
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5 years ago, Jessica Jensen
Needs work
App is great in theory and poor in practice. My iPhone Xs can scan the front of a license and not the back. Super glitchy and embarrassing to try and get information into a system that sits and spins whether you use your data plan or Wi-fi. Very disappointed; an earlier reviewer summed it up best; can’t do the only thing you really expect and want it to do which is capture customer data quickly and effectively.
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3 years ago, Cessna310g
Old app was incredible, this one.. HORRIBLE!
All this app is good for is making phones calls, that’s it! Anytime you add a customer in the system no matter how much information or how many different times you try it will always come up as error. So tough to find customers or previous sales and it’s just impossible to use properly. The actual website is fine (not on cell phone) but the app is horrendous.
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3 years ago, Scnackie85
This app harvests private consumer data
This app harvests private consumer vehicle transaction data and should not be trusted. Should be removed from Apple App Store. Huge data privacy issues, dealer sales reps are using it to stalk consumers after dealer service visits, bothering them after hours with abusive texts, emails and phone calls. Consumers are not being made aware that their private data is shared, actively targeted, triangulated and sold. Apple needs to shut this one down.
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4 months ago, emilyregina
Constantly crashing
This app constantly crashes. I have to login to it minimum twice daily because it kicks me out. It crashes after I add a customer. Sometimes it save the data but most of the time it doesn’t and I have to get the information again. Super frustrating for me but more importantly the customer. Fix your crappy app. And get more reps because one for 200+ stores is not ok.
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1 year ago, Travis19090
Same issue
Constantly stops sending you notifications. Every time it happens you may not realize a customer responded since you are busy. It is ridiculous that it has been two years and it is still a major issue. When it works it is a good CRM and the only reason it gets 2 stars.
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2 years ago, WOW UR BAD
The fact we pay them the money we do for the services we get is a joke. I literally can’t see customer responses, and haven’t been able to in the app for weeks. Every time we call we get “we’ll look at it”. WELL YOU BETTER START LOOKING! Support is a joke, app is a joke, VIN IS A JOKE!! Any issues we have it takes days or WEEKS to resolve. Embarrassing. Sincerely, A dealer about to switch over to dealer socket or any other CRM besides this one.
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6 years ago, Fishhdebdikdjd
App needs major improvements
Scanning drivers licenses doesn’t work anymore. It gets stuck on the loading screen after taking the pictures. Please fix this. I have to use both the new and the old app instead of just the new one. This app should be good enough for me to just have this one downloaded
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8 months ago, Angelus1865
Ok app but needs full iPad support
Update why is there still no option to attach pictures and such to an email with the app? The app is functional but needs to add iPad support ASAP. Also dark mode support would be a plus. Also how about figuring out how to view a pencil via mobile. The fact that this can’t be done is embarrassing..
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4 years ago, dealer Group
Not reliable for group access
This goes down way to often and won’t allow you to switch dealerships. This happens at times when the app would be most valuable for me. Issue switching dealers occurs in about 50% of our Saturdays and 9 of 12 last day of the month. I assume it because of volume of app being utilized on these days but very disappointing
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2 years ago, this is a trash can
App update makes my job more difficult
The new update to the app that requires me to look up existing customers before entering a new customer has dramatically slowed down my ability to do my job. I wish I could revert to the previous version of the app. Hopefully the correct is in the future.
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6 years ago, Adariah
Manager support
The redesign is better, but it is either missing a key feature or I have not figured out how to do it yet. I can send the initial email to kill the contact timer but cannot seem to switch leads to sales people. This feature would be great for when I am not near my computer.
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3 months ago, sookmideek
This app is Horrible
It doesn’t remember any of your recent customers. You could have literally just written notes and spoken to a customer and the search can’t find them. You could type in a name for your recently contacted customer and it won’t find any of their information. Horrible App. Amazing how bad it is compared to the online version.
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8 months ago, Greg667
Please make scanner work with newer phones!!!!
Useful app, but vin and license scanner does not work with newer iPhones despite the barcodes being fully in focus and highly visible. Huge pain to be manually typing everything in when the app is supposed to have these features
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6 years ago, Cfox84
Ok with major room for revision
This app is ok, even the CRM isn’t at 100%. The dashboard is just about useless, you can’t select any individuals on it you have to go through all tasks - they don’t give you enough info. It would be great to place calls and auto log. Text through the app would be nice as well
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2 years ago, DatGuy76
Just bad
Can’t even press the login button anymore. When I was able to login the entire interface was a nightmare. Buttons rarely work and every search function also does not work. The simplest of searches such as “grand Cherokee” show no results. I could go on and on about the issues this app has and with no fix in sight.
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6 years ago, Mjt1010021
I get so frustrated with this app! Vin solutions as a whole seems so behind the times. I cannot email attachments from the app or receive attachments such as pictures. That’s really important for the work of salesman. There are always glitches with the app too. It’s so hard to use the texting messaging on this app and the text appears so small. The desktop version is messy and not designed well. Very frustrated!
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4 years ago, whycantisendthis?
Super frustrating trying to use this app. I was kicked out two days ago and can’t get back in. I’m getting notified via email that customers are sending me emails and messages but I can’t respond through the app because I can’t log on. I keep getting an IP address error. Not to mention the sales lost due to the whole system being down for 4 days. Please fix soon!
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8 months ago, Oday243
Helpful but missing important features
Great app just wish I can print the forms from here, have to go back to desktop which defeats the purpose of this, also wish credit app kiosk would pop up.
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2 years ago, jimgurule
It would be nice to be able to have a button at the top of the screen that took you right to the dashboard instead of haven’t you hit back buttons to get you there.
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6 years ago, Drabbergow
Set up and overview
Just had Vinsolutions set up as my CRM for my work. Staff set up and use of the app is night and day compared to some apps I have used. Simple to work and operate and integration with laptop is seamless.
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2 years ago, MasterT2022
Old App Way Better
I really liked how the old app seemed to run way smoother. My dealership is wanting to go all tablet for visits and such and right now we can’t do anything cause the app is not user friendly. I agree with all the other reviews on here and apparently repeating ourselves gets us no where. PLEASE FIX THESE CRITICAL ISSUES SO WE CAN USE THE APP FOR WHAT ITS MADE FOR!!
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5 years ago, Joejoehhao
Needs work
The app does allow for more remote access to the CRM but has its flaws. One major flaw is that it does not allow us to text back a customer if we receive an inbound message. It also doesn’t take us directly to leads like the desktop version does. These are by far my two largest complaints.
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3 years ago, MoMoneyz
Add shortcut to add customer contact the phone easier
It is a pain and annoyance that I can’t even copy a phone number and paste it to my contacts you guys should put in the future to where I am able to automatically save the contact from just one press of a button so that it can be easier for me to organize
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5 years ago, Mark2371
When the app works, it’s a decent app. Just trying to stay logged in is an exercise in futility! Constantly logging off and not allowing me to log back in. I have to delete the app from my iPhone and download it again just to log in. I have to do this multiple times a day. Very frustrating!
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5 years ago, Matty49ers
Like or love
It appears u like it or love it. I personally have never had a problem. It depends on phone and connection honestly. Lots of room for growth and let’s stay positive everyone. Nothing’s perfect.
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4 years ago, que1234sewcar
Dashboard does not load
This app just keeps getting worse by the day. The dashboard will not load at all and if you change days, it completely freezes up. Not sure what you “developers” are doing but it’s not fixing this app. Companies pay a lot of money per month for your CRM and this is complete garbage
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5 years ago, Dtm8569
Improved from the prior app
My sales team enjoys the app. It works more efficiently and easier to use. From a Manager using the app it needs more tweaking. I’d like to see similar via ability like the desktop and would like to see future appointments.
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2 years ago, Oreo87410
Read only
If you just want to read what is going on this app works 25% of the time. 50% of the time it won’t let you login. and 25% of the time it just doesn’t work at all. Overall 99% useless and you are 10x better off just saving the vin solutions website as a shortcut on your home screen.
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4 years ago, Twinelsona
You cant click on the top left icon
You cannot click on the top left icon to search for customers, therefore not able to send text to specific customers and only the recent ones. It freezes every time. App us useless now.
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3 weeks ago, Scruffy9988
I would pay money to not have multiple sign-ins
I would be surprised if it could keep me logged in for an entire work day. I have to sign in about 3x a day. Very frustrating
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5 years ago, Xjedyy
Why are you making this so difficult?
This app has had numerous issues over the past year with little to no support to help solve these issues. The user experience is atrocious, app would crash, accessing messages is a pain. As of now you can’t even log in! I keep getting a 401 error and I need this app to work for my job! Such bs.....
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2 years ago, ANSELMO44
Archaic at best
I love VinConnect (vin solutions) but the app is just so limited. Would be nice to access appointments, sold log, visits etc. as we move towards the future of digital simplicity, this app has a ton of work to do. Also, incredibly glitchy as it never lets me make calls through app. Information is key to car deals.
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2 years ago, Violetgor
Issues uploading videos
I’ve been trying to upload a video for one of my clients however it already took over 40 min Every time for a quick video takes too long to upload but today this is really bad
Show more
6 years ago, acsmith9533
Great Experience
My job just switched over to Vin. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the change we’ve made.
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