Viper SmartStart

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2 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Viper SmartStart

4.61 out of 5
7.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Mr Humper
I like the app and the system
So I guess I’ll just review the app since my review for the actual viper system belongs else where. However I love the app, well built, well designed. You swipe up to start your car, you can lock it, sound alarm, open trunk, all that stuff. One of my particular favorite features is the ability to set a passcode to get into the app. So no one can start your vehicle (considering they don’t have your key fob for your remote start) with out a password. Nor can they unlock or anything. Which is a big thing for me because there’s things in my car that I wouldn’t want stolen (assuming you do as well) and it’s nice to know that I’m the only one that can access the app and do that myself. And if you do not have the GPS add on for your system and your only using the free 150ft start. I have to tell you it works from well over 150ft. At least for me it does, so that’s nice too. Overall I’m pleased with the app, there are some bugs and glitches that could be addressed but that doesn’t effect my overall rating and convenience of the app itself.
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3 years ago, streeteb5
So Far, So Good... Needs Apple Watch Complication
Not long ago I had the SmartStart add-on added to my older Clifford system and basic functionality has been fine. I chose this option over replacing the 2-way remote fob. Starting/stopping, locking/unlocking all have been reliable over the 1st few weeks of use. However, this time has highlighted some (seemingly) simple improvements that would improve usability of this product. (1) Make an Apple Watch complication. Now the biggest inconvenience is pulling out your phone, opening it, locating the app in order to lock/unlock your doors. Was surprised to find I couldn’t add SmartStart as a complication to an Apple Watch face. This would be a significant usability improvement. (2) When the car has been remote started, it would be nice if the dashboard included a countdown timer showing how long until the unit auto-shuts off. My Clifford 2-way remote provided thistle. (3) On the iPhone app, the status screen should hold the previous status info until you click the refresh button. Also would like to be able to click on the individual status categories and see history. This would be especially useful on the Battery Voltage Status... as I recently had a weak battery and with very cold weather affecting a car’s battery especially when in a weakened state, it would be nice to have this info available. (4) Lastly, add Face ID/Touch ID to the passcode functionality. Hope to see these features in the near future.
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5 years ago, hughes7283
Good app, Apple Watch app needs improvement
The iPhone app has quite a few features, but I feel like some basic UI stuff is missing from the Apple Watch app. First, one thing I REALLY WANT is on the main dashboard of the iPhone app I wish it would tell me if the car is locked or unlocked without having to lock or unlock it first or go to the my car status information. For the Apple Watch, this app seriously needs a complication. The app also should tell us if it’s locked, unlocked, engine running and for how many more minutes. It would be awesome if the complication could give a countdown on the 15 minute runtime. I loved the viper for its phone and watch integration, but I find myself using my key fob most often because the iPhone is annoying to get out when I’m rushing around in the mornings and I never know what I’m going to get with the watch app. Did the car actually start? Is it locked or not? How much time do I have left? With the Apple Watch only gaining more popularity, app developers need to continue focusing on developing their Apple Watch apps as well. Please update yours with a few more features and it would be a solid 5!
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1 year ago, Jestar irongate
Great product
I had a company install an alarm that was not a viper but a similar knock off. The alarm was crappy and the wiring was faulty. I had the alarm replaced within the first week by a different company with a Viper. It works flawlessly and reliably. I am excited about the features offered with the viper system. Initially I was hesitant to purchase the system with phone control and GPS because of the service agreement and fees. So far I am very happy with the features offered in that packaged. Everyone has different budgets and reasons for an alarm system. I like the ability to remote start and see if the vehicle is running or not, as well as the GPS location of the vehicle. The service plan is a first world issue. You can use the 2 way remote without the service plan and save a few dollars, but for me the iPhone app and GPS are extra features I choose. Highly recommend this system don’t accept knock offs or off brand, and hopefully you will have a great installer like the one I found.
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6 years ago, K-Man the movie fan
Cell linked alarm system
My alarm is installed in my minivan which I use for work. With the van parked in front of my home I felt secure and did not have an alarm. After my van was broken into, in front of my home I decided to have an alarm installed, I heard of an alarm that used the cell network, which I did not believe at first. It is true- this alarm has a fob for my key ring and also an app for my cell phone. I mostly use the key fob but the app is always on. The alarm on the app has never failed- if the alarm goes off I get a notification on my phone; arming and disarming the alarm with my phone is not 100% percent reliable so I always keep the alarm fob handy. I’ve only had one break-in since I’ve had the alarm; it was my fault for forgetting to set the alarm at work. The only reason I rated the system four stars is the 15-20% failures of my cell phone arming or disarming the system- keeping the fob handy makes it a nuisance instead of a crisis. If someone asks about alarms I recommend the system, being able to check remotely if I remembered to set the alarm, and the reliability of the notification.
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5 years ago, (KyTheGuy)
I love it
So I like this app and I love it but I would prefer pressing a button like lock and unlock to start my vehicle should be optional like in the setting to use one or the other, then swiping up when I swipe up sometimes I swipe to my home screen cause that’s the only time I swipe up realistically and so it’s a more or less of a “instinct or habit” I’m kinda stuck on doing it over again. Literally wake up and then go to this app and start my car go change and eat boom by time I’m back cars all ready to go —— Update If you use the widget on iPhone it’s just a button and I love even more now started using that. Wish there was a way to implement this on lock screen tho or in the Notification Center and if some how your phones in your pocket it’s pop up with a confirm button along with vibrate the phone
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4 years ago, The year 1893
Widget “unable to load”
I’ve been using the viper app for about two years now. One of the features I absolutely loved was the widget. It’s extremely convenient! But unfortunately for the past few months the widget just reads “unable to load” and has no function. I already contacted Apple and vipers support teams over the phone and neither one was able to help me. In fact multiple viper support members told me “I didn’t even know we had a widget”... so after months of trying to correct this the widget still doesn’t work. Everything else with the app, however, works fine. Update: I called the number I was given in the response and the representative I talked to seemed very confused when I mentioned the widget issue. His initial response was “Why even use the widget? But okay” and “They told you to call here?”. I did mention sending the details to Teir 3 and he seemed even more confused about that. He also added “well you know thousands of people use the app every day and this is the first I’m hearing about it”, but in the end he said he put in a ticket. Very disappointed with the customer service that time around.
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3 years ago, Docsole
Disappointed by basic features left out after 4G upgrade
NEW: Passcode setting no longer works after most recent app update; app can be accessed without passcode. Please help! So what’s the model number for the digital system? The only system I was ever offered is the one I have. Thanks. Enabling/Disabling valet mode should be a basic function that can be controlled through the app, especially after upgrading to a 4G LTE unit. Depending upon which 3rd party licensed vendor installs system, it maybe difficult (or impossible) to locate the valet switch. Increasing/decreasing auto-start run time should be another basic function controlled with the app. There’s a “digital” unit that allows you to diagnose car problems (for extra fees/costs, I’m sure)….but I’m not a mechanic! Lol. I rather be able to increase/decrease auto-start run time and enable/disable valet mode via the app. Please consider this app developers. Sincerely, a valued customer for over 10 years.
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5 years ago, Uncle Ralpie
Terrible service
This app worked in tandem with the Viper system great for the first few years. Then it started taking 2-4 attempts to get it to connect and start(car doesn’t have good signal or app can’t connect we’re most of the error messages). The past 2 years there have been times that I’ve given up trying to start the car after 7 attempts. Over the past 2 years I have been reaching out numerous times to customer service for help resolving these issues. Sometimes I get a response and sometimes I don’t. Even when I do get a response, it’s most often a canned response that my message has been received. When I do get a response from an actual person it is always to say that they’re working on my problem and will get back to me, but no one ever has. Don’t get me wrong, this product was great while it worked but there if there are problems you can expect no help whatsoever from SmartStart. I have a service call with my dealership soon and I will be talking to them about removing this product and replacing it with something reliable.
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6 years ago, FOXanimationGEEK
Worked for a couple days
Had the system professionally installed. When I first used it, I loved everything about it. A week into having it, it stopped working saying there was no service on my vehicle. Issue persisted, and my installer replaced my hardware. I should’ve tested it before leaving because it still is not working. Called Viper customer service and they tried everything to get you off the phone. Rep said they will follow up with me later today, and I sent out an email requesting help. No one from Viper seems to want to help. Will go back to installer to see if there is anything they can do. Update: Installer said I had a bad unit they replaced it for free. A year later and I have had no major issues. One in a while I will get a false start message or failed to start message. Just have to try it again and it works perfectly by the 2nd try. The watch app for it was a little buggy at first and would want me open the app on the iPhone but after closing it numerous times on my watch it eventually worked. Lately it’s been working on the first try go figure. My only true annoyance is that my power lift gate that worked prior to having my unit replaced worked with the app, now it doesn’t. I rather not complete about it because i still use my key fob primarily to open my lift gate anyways.
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5 years ago, Sir Shelton
Keeps good track of vehicle
After going through the learning curve I’d have to say this app does a good job in keeping track of my vehicle. Mind you, it’s dependent on the accuracy of the GPS system that allows a wide birth to actual physical location. For example, I could never get the app to show my vehicles pin point location. I was forced to use my neighbors address as my vehicles home on the app. Also, the heading is skewed—never points In vehicles actual direction. I could be how the sensor/s was/were installed. Not really a big fan of the apps inability to communicate with my vehicle at times. Lastly the python system I use will drain the vehicles battery within two days if not continually trickle charged rendering the app useless.
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6 years ago, Charlie5loadclr
Incredibly unreliable
I wavered between 1 or 2 stars because when this app/system functions properly, it’s amazing however, that’s a rare event. I’ve had countless fault codes, false indications that the vehicle has started and running, claims of low cellular coverage when all devices are working fine, all while receiving 0% support from Viper. I reached out over a month ago to customer service and received an automated reply that they were experiencing high volume and wouldn’t be able to get back to me quickly. I then received 3 subsequent identical (likely automated) emails from “James” asking if my issue had been resolved and to reply if not. I’ve made replies and included screenshots of the fault codes but to no avail. I reached out to customer support when I was experiencing account issues via phone and was promised all had been fixed and my promotional service plan had been applied. This process took nearly an hour with it actually not being applied and still costing me $ to get app access. I took my truck back in to get the system inspected and they were kind enough to install a new module and extended range key fob. That works great and I wish I had never bothered with the unreliable Smartstart. As it is, I’ve paid for it and am going to limp it along and hope for support from Viper. In short, I hope your experience is better than mine but I wouldn’t install this system or trust it until the customer support improves along with the system.
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6 years ago, Javi.Enrique
Great concept but needs work
Over the last 10 years I’ve had 5 different cars with aftermarket remote starts and alarm systems from directed through their various brands. The DS4 plus now in 2018 was my hope to solve the extra key fob plus having Bluetooth sounds like a dream. Well it still needs work. Anything less than 30 feet with one wall in between the car and myself won’t allow Bluetooth to work. Doesn’t matter which app you try (Directed and Viper) still same result. Many failed attempts to start the vehicle. The watch app on the other hand... That 100% of time it’s launched it asked you to connect your watch to your phone. It’s always connected... never works unless you launch the watch app and wait and wait and maybe it will connect and the you can try to start, lock or unlock the vehicle but it’s probably not going to work. Needs more frequent updates. They DS4 plus is in a 2015 Subaru Outback.
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5 years ago, gmjmy3kids
Viper smart start
My first aftermarket automobile security system was for my 1996 Ford Bronco. I felt it was a good security system. Then in 1999 I upgraded to a “Viper” remote start automobile security system. I’ve purchased two other vehicles since my Bronco, and they both got “Viper “ automobile security systems installed in them. Viper engineers and design teams have improved them abilities and I’m the one who benefits from there superior products. I remember my first one, I tested it from with in a store that had 20ft. block walls, I was so jazzed that it had started up my Bronco, and when I walked into the parking lot, got to my vehicle Andrew activate the door unlock button, I was happy, I got in and my heater was left on and I was instantly in 78 degree temperature.
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6 years ago, Squrelbate
My Two Cents
I love the app and the product. I have the Smart Start and Security package, and it really does work quite well. I would only throw out two negatives though: price and start time. I've never owned a vehicle that was "nice and warm" after 12 minutes without driving (the cut off time for the Smart Start). Realistically, it's warm after 2 starts. The signal is spotty at best at the vehicle. I’ve tried rebooting the app and starting giving the command to start multiple times, but the vehicle’s system is pretty regularly out of service. That would make it worthy of 2 stars; HOWEVER, the key fob starter has extremely long range, which will still work when the SmartStart app won’t connect with the vehicle. It needs improvements, but I still recommend the product.
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4 years ago, Alaskanvapenash
So nice to have!
It’s so useful to be able to start my car from anywhere, never have to worry about range. I live in Alaska and auto starts are a must have up here. I have the basic package so it’s only one way control but even though it doesn’t say “your car is started” it still shows when the command goes through, and it always works so I don’t worry about it much anyways. If you have a compatible auto start I highly recommend the smart start upgrade, and your first year is free when you buy the smart start module so you don’t have to worry about the subscription right when you get it. Highly recommend to anyone who uses their autostart multiple times a day.
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5 years ago, jeff99gsx2
Smart Start is the BEST!
This is the greatest thing I’ve ever added to my car! I’ve had remote starters on all my cars since 1999 but this is the first time I’ve had a smart start. I have to say it’s awesome. It starts my car from anywhere, I can check to make sure the doors are locked if I forgot to lock them, pop the trunk and see the cars location. I even have it setup to roll up or down my windows and sunroof! Bottom line..... It’s great, I love it and it was well worth the money! I pay about a quarter a day to have the ability to make sure my car is secure and has the ability to start from anywhere and see my runtime. The app work great for me on my iPhone XS I’ve had no issues!
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1 year ago, P21baglio
From Wi-Fi to cellular data
While leaving my house and walking to the car my phone is still hooked up, somewhat to Wi-Fi. As I am walking I would attempt to unlock the car and as I do my phone is transferring from Wi-Fi to cellular data and as the car is trying to unlock that cause the app to not respond and shows an error that it was unable to unlock the vehicle. This goes for any option on the app. Finally I realized it was because of that reason. The app performs fine, that is the only problem I have with this system. Just wanted people to know because I was confused on why that was happening. The app works great!
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2 years ago, wechatisevil
Resolved: New version has a severe bug in locating
There has been an app update in the past few weeks that unfortunately broke the vehicle location function. The locating vehicle button in my app is untappable all the time. I am quite sure this is a bug in the app because through an old version installed on my other phone the locating function works as expected. I hope engineers could solve this problem asap. Update: the response here is timely and helpful. Turned out my plan was downgraded for unknown reasons. I have contacted customer support who quickly resolved the issue. I have no problem with GPS any more.
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6 years ago, Tecinc04
Satisfied Customer,
Have Smart Start installed on my work vehicles. In my business I have to keep track of trucks throughout the day for better customer service. GPS tracking is a must. Keep in mind it’s not real time tracking, pin point location. Speed is also capture for safety check. When guys lock keys in van. No problem easy as pushing a button on I phone to unlock. All vehicles can be easily started from phone so they are warmed up and ready to roll. Product is only as good as satellite service in area. I’m fortunate to be in an area with no major issues.
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5 years ago, Clinton Cronin
Awkward Uk. No Watch OS face icon
No Apple Watch face icon. All kinds of apps have this. It makes the process annoying to even use the watch app. Time waster. On the iPhone XS IOS 12.2: Random delays in reacting to lock/unlock Non intuitive navigation trying to go back to the controls to actually arm or disarm the alarm or remote start It works but way the UI is organized is a mess. It feels like it was just thrown together and could benefit from a new UI focusing on UX ( seriously seek out a team that specializes in this and stop whoever is doing your current UI from touching anything related to the user experience. It’s that bad. Come up with use cases for the things customers will do the most often ( hoping you added some sensible analytics to track these things ahead of time... ) This app has the feel of the kind of those packaged with generic knock off / cheap electronics you would find on dhgate imported illegally from China. It isn’t even clear that you need to pay to activate the smart start service. The car just isn’t active on the map until you do and once you pay the car magically comes back to life on the map. Not clear in the app. At all. I’m using an Apple Watch series 4 with cellular and gps on watch OS 5.2 an iPhone XS iOS 12.2
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3 years ago, Ty Panitz
Extremely frustrated piece of junk
This application doesn’t even let me parrot to my alarm system when I was at the shop that I had it installed at it worked fine the first time around but as I got to a destination I tried to test it out and use it again after opening the app later on with that being said I cannot even use the vehicle and when I deleted the vehicle to try to re-add the vehicle again as a brand new now I can’t even pair at all y’all need to do something about this it’s so annoying great concept of an app but does not work this is issues I’m having with Bluetooth by the way I’m planning to get to cellular ability to have the vehicle link that way but for right now until I get that module that’s needed for I wanted to at least use the Bluetooth ability to use it locally buy the car with my iPhone
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1 year ago, TxHr
Hit or Miss
The app is hit or miss. After years of dealing with the flaky alarm, gps module, and app I decided to switch to entirely different alarm system. When I contacted Viper Smart Start to cancel my annual plan, I asked about a prorated refund, to which the representative responded “un huh”. I had to ask for him to clarify, there is no prorated refund for the unused portion of my plan? To which he finally responded “no refund”. I used to be sell and install Viper products and they once were the powerhouse in the industry. Unfortunately their technology platforms still utilize technology from the 90’s, the exception being their GPS SmartS Start module which is more flaky than the 90’s alarm analog tech. As for customer service, it isn’t what Viper used to be.
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4 years ago, Dismayed x 100
Really like the app
I like the app, but the setup is lacking a choice for Truck. My Tundra is not a Car, SUV nor a Box-truck. It is a car for the app, but there are plenty of people driving trucks nowadays, I think this could be a vehicle selection type. All in all, I am glad to have use of the app back. I had to upgrade my system as it was doing weird was probably about 8 or more years old. Most people these days don’t keep their vehicles that long. Mine is a 2004 and I am the original owner. Don’t plan on getting rid of it either. Replacing the system was a better security solution to me, than having no security and remote start is a MUST for me.
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4 years ago, iSriracha
Does as advertised
Relatively basic app. Allows for remote start, trunk pop, lock/unlock(arm/disarm), and a few other features that are neat and handy to have. I have had this service for a few years now and it has always worked for me as long as there is cellular service present. Main thing I wanted to note, was that my vehicle was stolen one night because I had to keep my alarm disarmed for reasons that had nothing to do with the alarm itself. That said, the officer and I were able to locate and arrest the thieves that stole the vehicle within 30min of his arrival. This, of course, was possible because of the live tracking this app and service provide.
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4 years ago, LexManG
Slow to load and often unusable from AppleWatch
The iPhone app works great; very fast and robust. The watch app; very different story unfortunately. Granted, I don’t have a series 5 watch, but a series 4 (my watch) is virtually the same from a hardware perspective. Unless you’re within Bluetooth range of your phone, 9 time out of 10 (even when within Bluetooth range), opening the watch app results in an infinite “loading” screen that never progresses further. I also have the MyCar telematics remote start installed in my Tacoma; that app works without fail, and even offers a complication which is very handy and allows you to place the app on the watch face for easy access to lock/un-lock, remote start / stop with a single click. The MyCar watch app also performs the same with or without the phone with is the true intent of a wearable device with LTE data capabilities. I’m actually surprised that Directed doesn’t have a more robust watch app at this point; aside the fact that MyCar telematics comes with a subscription cost that is substantially less expensive. Willing to update the review with some efforts/ updates from Directed to the watch app...
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6 years ago, Known Associate
Rough start, but got the right tech.
When I first purchased the system, I had some reservations. I had use the Clifford alarm system in my other truck, but they did not alert me on my phone if my truck got broken into. That is why I went with the Viper. It took nearly 2 months for me to get my system to work correctly. I talked to the manufacture, I talked to my installers, and then I talked to viper themselves again, then I talk to the monitoring company. It was a nightmare. Finally, I got a Tech that New what needed to be done. With a few strokes of the keyboard, and some reassuring words, he saved my subscription, and the company some grief. I highly recommend the Viper system.
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4 years ago, mr_original
Good but.......
So the app does what it’s suppose to do most of the time however, the apps glitches telling me that my car alarm is going off when I’m clearly looking at my vehicle and it’s not. Just recently a new update was sent out, well, it’s garbage. Now the app gives me a notification telling me that my car doors are unlocked, locked, ignition turned on, ignition turned off, when my car is parked and not being bothered. It’s really frustrating because I thought something was wrong with my vehicle when in fact it’s not. The Ui is awesome with the given features too but, they don’t really matter when the app his glitching out.
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6 years ago, ChristenaS
No lost car with this app!
So my husband installed this gadget a few weeks ago! I basically just used it to warm up my car by the time I got to it. HOWEVER, yesterday I opened the app, warmed it up, and started walking to my car....I notice my car is NOT there! I was freaking out!!! I quickly opened the app, located my car and noticed it was at a tow yard! Apparently I parked too close to a fire hydrant and my car got ticketed AND towed! If it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t have known where my car was located. Needless to say, this app is amazing. Saved me hours of finding my car.
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4 years ago, flowermunchkin
Great App
I have the remote start and it works great. I’ve had the app for over a year now and have never had any problems. It was professionally installed. It does everything it should do. The reason I bought this is because I live in Michigan and work on the lake so the winters , plus the wind can be brutal. I have to park about a mile away from my job site and when I get to my car, I want it to be warm. This app hasn’t disappointed me yet. One time I forgot my password and had to call customer service. They were great. I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, C'lo
Viper has always been great but this latest version…..
As a former MECP Master Certified tech, Directed Electronics aka Viper and other brands has always been on the cutting edge of mobile electronics. But this latest version of the Smart Start app is a hit or miss. The app automatically logs it self out and by doing so. My Apple Watch cannot connect to my phone and I must log right back in. I’ve done everything, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. On my phone and Apple Watch. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
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2 months ago, CaptainSkySports
This app never works. Not worth the subscription.
This app literally never starts my car. I always have to remote start my car manually with the key fob. This doesn’t make sense as I pay a subscription service and I fail to receive the service that I pay for. I have been paying for this subscription for almost 4 years now and no matter where I am the app tells me my car has no cellular service which could not be possible; there has to be service somewhere in the world over the four year span that I have been using this app. I would recommend people not to get this remote starter and definitely don’t pay for the subscription service because it’s a frustrating waste of time and money.
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9 months ago, zthreescotty
Buy another brand
This thing is horrible. The app is ok but the viper smart start is garbage. I’ve had it for years and it works to start the truck but won’t alert when the truck exits a geo fence until the truck stops.. sometimes. Zero support from the installer and zero support from viper. Then randomly I’ll get alerts that my truck is hundreds of miles away. One in the middle of the water of the ocean. Once the other side of the state doing 38 miles per hour, as I was sitting outside next to it. The worst is the absolute lack of support and ability to have it fixed after buying multiple years of service. I definitely should’ve went with the other smart start options and a different installer for sure
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6 years ago, frogonaharley
What is going ?
Over 50% of the time my car will not start. I know it’s the app. On the mornings where my car does to start remotely I leave my phone stationary until the car times out. I then go to restart it and it will not start. I have not moved the phone I have not moved the car yet I often times get the message that there’s no cell service. But there was cell service 12 minutes ago. The past couple of mornings I have spent over 10 minutes (each morning) trying to start my car. I’ll walk around the house, I’ll switch from Wi-Fi to LTE, I restart my phone, and now I’m just getting a variety of error messages. The system has always been temperamental but in the past couple weeks it has gotten extremely extremely worse.
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6 years ago, Tsukasa10
Completely useless on Apple Watch 4
When It was actually working on the watch it took forever to load, you can only use it on the watch with your phone being nearby, (it doesn’t work independently especially since the smart watches have cell service now )It Now doesn’t even load on the watch at all… technical support is a joke,biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent on a half assed flash baked product that doesn’t even get good cell service. My cell phone gets a Full five bars but yet the cell connection to the vehicle is only getting one, which basically means you can’t open up the vehicle without at least two bars… Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to disable my alarm manually while my siren is blaring loudly at 2 AM in the morning… SMH
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4 years ago, Rtspt
Works fantastically
App is awesome. I can control multiple vehicles. Very easily. One but of advice as is with other apps like this is to close out the screen once you've done what you wanted. I mistakenly left the app open, closed my phone then put in pocket. Then as I was doing yard work my vehicle started on it’s own from the screen waking up in my pocket and assuming the sweat from yard work tapped on the start button. It again this could happen with any app so just be aware of that in general.. I’ve done it with my garage door as well : )
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5 years ago, Amzin Grace
2 thumbs up
Installed on my ‘13 Lexus ES350. Worked like a charm... I could open the app and see exactly where my vehicle was parked or the direction of travel. Loved the auto start and lock/unlock features very convenient. Alarm chimed into my iPhone so Incase you don’t hear your car alarm you receive a notification (and a mini alarm sounding off on your phone) lol so you are aware right away! Would def recommend to others. Like most apps it has some hiccups but nothing too faulty that I wouldn’t consider purchasing again.
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4 years ago, AreOhhEnn
Hasn’t changed much in 3 years
I’ve had SmartStart since its first version, pre-GPS. I upgraded to the GPS module when the original module was phased out. The system and app does what it’s supposed to but nothing more. Things that are bothersome: When you arm the vehicle (whether by app or via remote), a setting that automatically updates the vehicle’s location would be nice. Also, having vehicle status updated, pushed or both automatically would also add to the usefulness of the app since I arm the vehicle with the remote most of the time but I sometimes forget if I did. So I have to lock it in the app to have that confirmation. IFTTT compatibility would move the app into the being able to work with other smart devices. For example: when my security cams are triggered at home, they turn on lights outside. If SmartStart were to provide IFTTT compatibility, then I could have those same lights triggered if my vehicle is triggered (warn-away or full trigger). Otherwise, it does what it says it does.
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2 years ago, Pounce182
The app is very reliable. There has only need a couple of times that my car hasn’t been able to refresh and show the location but that was only due to lack of signal near the military base. The smart start is reliable, it notifies me if it is about to shut the car off cause of the time running out, and the I’ve never had a problem locking or unlocking the car. I have nothing but great things to say about this app and the Viper service.
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2 years ago, coolnads
Love It! 100% Worth It.
I bought this remote start and invest in a little bit more than the other viper one I have. I love that it fires my H2 up a quarter of a mile away. This app is awesome because I can start my vehicle either with my iPhone and even with my Apple Watch. It is so cool that I could be upstairs and get my H2 nice and warm. Just using my phone. I also like that if I lock my keys inside I can open it with my phone which I carry all the time or my watch if my phone and my keys are in my H2. I’ve done this before with my. H3 while it was running, and it was a horrible break in. I have to have a hide a key in that one which is pretty risky. It’s cool that I can leave my keys in my vehicle if I’m hiking or somewhere where if I lose him I have no way to drive home. I 100% recommend this to everybody who’s been curious if this is a good app.
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4 years ago, RF Engineer
Could Use a Few Tweaks
Overall the app is fairly reliable, however I’ve had a few instances of “no communication” and error codes even though my vehicle had perfect cell service at the time. My biggest pet peeve is that I would like to see the current vehicle status (e.g. Locked or Unlocked) highlighted when entering the app or using the widget. This would add tremendous benefit to the UX and give users an immediate confirmation of vehicle status at a glance. I have seen at least one other reviewer make the same point. Please take this into consideration when releasing the next iteration of the app.
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5 years ago, Alert Help
Alert Notifications Issue
I rated the review low to get the programmers attention. I have upgraded to be able to set geofencing up, which is a great feature. The problem is when change the settings on them or turn them off they continue to send alerts from old parameters. They also don’t seem to function properly. If you set up a geofence to alert you if you vehicle exits an area at a set time, you get alerts when it leaves or enters at all times. There doesn’t seem to be a way to reset or clear the old alerts. Help! I’m getting multiple alerts each time the vehicle moves now, after trying to reset parameters to fix the problem. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and all the old parameters are still there.
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2 years ago, Nickyfixie
I love the Viper SmartStart app
Take your alarm to the next level. My favorite part about having this app is I don’t have to take my car keys with me whenever I don’t want to. Simply lock/unlock, start your car from your phone. I was able to unlock my car from another state one time when my girlfriend had to get some thing out of my car. To top it off you get mobile notifications of any alerts straight to your phone
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5 months ago, 8’s For Days
App support
My app hasn’t worked since Wednesday. I’ve called customer support several times Thursday, several times Friday, several times Monday. Once you go thru the prompts, you will sit on hold for hours, literally hours. Today, I selected a random department, not associated with customer support. I asked if their system was down. They said yes. And that’s why I couldn’t get a hold of anyone in the support department- because they are bombed will calls. I asked- you have your customer’s email addresses, why don’t you send out an email, letting everyone know the system is down ? That way you don’t have thousands of customers calling for help. He said- that’s a great idea. Wow- nobody thought of that before ???
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5 years ago, Rods2468
I like the app, good system and very convenient. However, I am only asking for a small update please to here you have the option to press and hold to start/lock/unlock the vehicle. I always accidentally press a button and one morning it was the panic alarm button. My neighbors do not like that but it was an accident. It would really help if you had the option to press and hold for 3 seconds to access the option. It would be an option you could enable or disable in the settings menu. That is the only complaint I have so far. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Wolfeyyyy
Worst app ever don’t waste your money!!!!
I wish I could negative star this app if I could. At first everything was great, then the company “switched” to a different carrier shortly after I paid over $500 to get this all installed (not the mention the $60 a year they steal from you for this poor service,) but any ways the app NEVER connects to the car and when you call they try to sell you another module for a “discounted price” of $99. What a rip off. The new module should be free for those who wasted they’re money on this product to begin with. Also it takes a good minute or to before it ever connected to the car with the lock or unlock..... very useless and unhappy customer. Will go elsewhere with my money when the subscription is up.
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3 years ago, Queens770
Works like it’s supposed to
After having installed for a month now, I will say I like a few things about the app, the GPS is awesome, remote start from anywhere is awesome, but this app, when checking vehicle status is complete JUNK. Keeps setting off my alarm saying the “hood” is open? What? There isn’t even a hood pin install and my vehicle doesn’t have a hood sensor. Now I have to disconnect my battery every time this happens. JUNK! If it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t, then it’s not a great app. It works or it doesn’t. Some real positives but the negative are just stupid.
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5 years ago, Bjhayer
Love the App
We’ve been using SmartStart for 6 years. We had some issues with the unit in the car receiving a signal but it seemed to work out ok. I don’t know the source for the temperature readout because I’m in Phoenix and we’ve had HOT days but the readout is in the 80’s when it is 115 degrees out. We remote start from inside a restaurant, when our plane landed, and remotely unlocked the car for the windshield replacement guy. If the car is lost I hit the alarm and I can find find it. We used to live in Chicago and it was great in the winter. Won’t get another car without it.
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3 years ago, Will Weinstein
Does not work with Apple Watch
I very much enjoy this app but there is some blogs that the developers need to fix like for example, when I remote start my vehicle it will not unlock unless if I close the app and reopen it and when I try to open the app on my Apple Watch it is stuck on the loading screen even after resetting my Apple Watch, deleting the app and reinstalling it, and even creating a new account. I’m also very concerned with the fact that anyone (with my phone unlocked ) can I unlock and unlock my car without any face ID protection or passcode protection, this should be changed immediately . If the developer sees this please fix these issues thanks.
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5 years ago, AlaskanBrad
Stopped working on day 1
Professional install performed and purchased through authorized dealer. Worked at shop when I picked it up, next morning it won’t start. It states “error for security reasons your account is locked. Try again in 10 minutes. (22)”. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get help from tech support and never reached a human. Am going back to dealer now to have it reset or replace with typical remote starter and key fob. The concept is great but the actual product is flawed and does not work, compounding the problem is the customer service is not just bad - it just does not exist. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have researched this manufacturer out better and recommend co side ring alternative remote start options.
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