Virgin Casino: Play Slots

4.5 (5.2K)
127.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gamesys Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Virgin Casino: Play Slots

4.52 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
1 year ago, 1RickyBobby
the best casino experience I’ve had in my 17 years of gambling
It’s my first day on this app and I’m on the way to the casino cage from Philly to make a nice withdrawal and I won it all on the bonus money they give you for signing up. Customer services were friendly and very accommodating. Great job guys!!
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2 years ago, joevin55
Account Closure
After playing and depositing over $7500 with a 50% bonus back Virgin Casino verification team closes my account in order to verify my identity (yes after making substantial deposits). They needed a DL with a selfie - after the forth pic they then requested a photo copy of my SSN card. I have a chain of emails with senseless requests just because they don’t want to pay the bonus back. Additionally there are several duplicates charges that I can’t even cross reference without access to my account. They have no explanation for their tactic. I wish I could attach the email chain from verification team member Steven. You’re not getting my SSN card when you took money from my bank account that I opened using my SSN. You’re overreaching antics can be resolved thru litigation now. They get a zero especially Steven.
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5 years ago, kaylamarie0505
Locked me out of my account & terrible customer service
The app let me spend $25 and then decided to lock me out of my account telling me i'm not in New Jersey when I am. Emailed customer service and the woman told me to call my internet provider to see if there was anything they could do because i'm apparently too close to the border of New Jersey??? Made absolutely no sense and now i'm completely locked out of my account, with no chance of getting the rest of my money back. Why wouldn't the app tell me I'm not in the area before letting me spend my money and play? It's just funny how it locks me out after I spend all my money. Complete waste of $25 and not at all worth the trouble. I would give 0 stars if possible.
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3 years ago, Calamityrand
No sound
They never give you courtesy money for example Tropicana does this and they have the same skin and you usually get the same promotions which are also very rare find your account with small amount to play with, because they know there’s so many other sites out there to use which smart. Almost every site has promotions where are you get free spins and a lot of other ways where are they give you bonus money to play with but not the site. It’s a small thing but that makes me wanna play on that particular site, like partypoker for example, or Wsop…
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5 months ago, Waste74
Worse app
This is the worst app I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot of better apps, but this is the only app that once you start making real money, it will start crashing in the middle of you betting and you will lose the money. It will not refund it you can’t get in contact with no one in the help, they’re gambling enforcement phone number can’t get in contact with nobody mailbox full and then, when you try to confront them, they will block your account like they did my and they’re still money in the account and I have pictures and proof
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5 years ago, Robert Moody From Texas
Robert Moody From Texas
Do Not Waste your time it lets you sign up and in the sign up process it ask you for your address - well I live in Texas - so I sign up and go to play a game I thought I may like well it tells me that they have detected that I’m trying to play while I’m New Jersey that I got to exit so I exit and try another game same thing- well if it’s only for New Jersey residents then why does the app let you sign up he’ll you get someone’s address during signup. This has got to be the Dumbest App I have ever saw lucky I had to leave 1 star because you would not have got that
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6 years ago, Lennyblanco
Verification process
For some reason it’s very complicated to join . Most other sites in New Jersey aren’t as complicated. Don’t waste your time , you will end up sending information that’s totally unnecessary. Very frustrating. Sending pdf documents via link on site is not modern technology . I’d send my my actual right thumb for a thumbprint but then I won’t be able to text , and reply to the reason they will put up as an excuse why i can’t use the link they provide that says upload documents. Oh well plenty other sites to lose my money to . >DELETE_APP_HERE >VERIFY_APP_DELETED >🤦🏻‍♂️💩
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3 years ago, rayinej
Crash crash crash
Games crash all the time. I will be playing a game and all of a sudden it says you are not logged in and kicks me out. The amount of times it says I’m not in NJ is comical. Some games won’t load at all. The more popular games freeze and crash. Chatting with support is a waste of time and emailing gets you no where, they say they will reach out within 24 hours but no one ever gets back to you. I used to like this app now it’s just more frustrating than it’s worth Please fix the issues
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4 years ago, The Next Future
My iPhone automatically updated my operating system and I guess at the same time updated my Virgin Casino app. The new version is perhaps 4x slower than the previous version. Very disappointed and will be contacting Virgin about it.
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2 months ago, Arenette
Customer service
Customer service was absolutely horrible I was in the middle of playing a game received a bonus round and the game stopped it’s been 3 days everytime I attempt the game it’s says in progress contacted customer service Becky A.. and she’s telling me there’s nothing they can do cause it doesn’t look like I lost money.. like seriously I put money into the game got a bonus round and it could’ve hit for 5$ or 5k who knows but either way to blow me off like that and I kept the screenshots of the conversation
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4 years ago, Tommy Barilari
So far this app is very fair not bad this isn’t a fake review either mgm grand took my money and robbed me the games on there were horrible I switched over to here and the games are much better more wins I just wish they had more games but so far so good
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8 months ago, Corditigré
I made the most winnings in Virgin Casino then any other online casino. Plus, no other online casino offers the chance to earn free spins every day.
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3 years ago, nique nique 973
Don’t waste your time
I had to live chat because the games kept freezing and it was becoming overwhelming me depositing money and it kept freezing and reloading!
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3 years ago, Renee1099
Tricky promotions
Stipulations within promotions should be clear. Be careful of the “net deposit.” You basically have to lose all your money (withdraw zero dollars) to receive a few pennies in rewards.
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6 years ago, megan sammet
Love it
First time I signed up and I played my bonus I play cash wheel and I kept spinning and spinning and I was down to my eight dollar decided to spit eight dollars and I want 400 I cash out and 2 to 3 days is in my bank is the best casino app ever
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1 year ago, user jBear
Good luck getting paid:)
You have to sign up for the play+ card, wait to receive it, before you can withdraw. Your other option is to go down to Atlantic City and pick up your winnings. Lol. However, you can deposit money very easily. The lack of promotions, for loyal players is a huge reason why I literally should just delete this off of my phone.
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6 years ago, FernandoFernandeznj1357
Love the app
Is easy to use and lots of fun , highly recommended . You will enjoy multiple different games on one app , also you can get $10 for free to start try it , is really cool app.
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4 years ago, John Jamel.
Be aware this app is a scam. I tried to make 2 deposits to my online account and some how my charges did not go through. When I checked my bank account I was charged for those two deposits. I asked for a refund and they administer the refund and took it back out of my account. Please check your bank statements. They issue refunds and then they take it back. I will never ever play this app again!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, nomoneychic
Stop holding peoples money .
You can win at 5:00pm one day you will not get your money until 10 am next morning. They sit and hope you reverse and play with the money . You will have your winnings by one hour in other casinos .
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1 year ago, tcoon66
Need to update
Virgin needs to update their slot selection. It seems like they have basically the same games as years ago. Other online sites are constantly adding or changing their selections.
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6 months ago, Greener7$
So far best EVER
I don’t know why anyone would play anywhere else. I haven’t hit big yet though. Yet still pretty good. I’ll keep you posted!! Lol
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2 years ago, DACepeda
The customer service is great I’m happy to have such good help. I can’t wait to start playing! Thank you Virgin Casino!
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5 years ago, Nisie1123
I now can not play
This update should NOT be mandatory! I was able to play the older version, which i was just fine with! If people do not have the latest devices they are beat???!!! Doesn't seem fair! You should still allow the original version to be played for those who do not have devices that support the updated version!
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10 months ago, Emankcln3210
More slot options
It would be nice to have a wider variety of slot games
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3 years ago, jes0830
New updated app is terrible
They recently remodeled the virgin and Tropicana app and it’s horrible. I have to delete and reinstall the app multiple times a day. It’s constantly giving me problems opening up games and logging in. I wish they never changed these apps. I used to love playing Tropicana and virgin now I hate it!
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3 years ago, jasminabdel
I never win always losing. I wish they let you win a little
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5 months ago, IFR23
Love it
Actually fun and paying out , sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit baby
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6 years ago, fbedea
Waste of time
I have been trying to get a refund and kept getting an told via email that my account needs verified. When I would go to my email, it wasn’t a verification email but an email to opt out. I finally contacted a rep and of course I was disconnected. Company’s are so quick to take money but take their sweet time to refund what isn’t theirs.
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4 years ago, J1$$$$
Been playing bingo since the start . It is allot fun love it.i have been playing bingo from day one and really enjoy it yam Virgin
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5 years ago, republican to the core
Moneys transactions fast both directions
Fast pay out and fast bank deposits deducted ,great
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5 years ago, lb201919
What is going on???
Generally I enjoy this app but lately the treasure chest with a supposed chance to win keeps popping up. It freezes everything and the only way to deal with it is to delete the app and reinstall...just for it to happen again!
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7 years ago, Deb140
This is the best casino site. Do not take my way try for yourself
Take my word go see for yourself
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4 years ago, hjjdfyhvfyknc
No online bingo can’t find daily free spins
There’s no online bingo and cannot seem to find the daily spins free game.
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9 months ago, Dcv1217
The worst online casino I’ve ever been on!!
After becoming a new player you’d expect to get at least a bonus but no. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON HERE. After giving $600 and only getting 2 bonuses I deleted my account with them. Do not get pulled in by the free play they will give you.
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4 years ago, Bird120778
They don’t tell you until after you deposit your money that you can’t play for money on the app if you do not live in New Jersey!!! Of course they still take your mind yes immediately!! Then they make you wait a week to get your money back once you realize you can’t even bet!!
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2 years ago, lakegworge18*
Need to pay out more I never win
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5 years ago, Boss up T
My opinion counts
I love the unexpected money you guys leave me to play I can use some today thanks
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2 years ago, Buzzsaw2289
Geolocation Issue
This app is getting to be ridiculous. Ever since the last update. Every time I get on the app I have to uninstall and install it again for the geolocation to work. It’s been like this for 2-3 weeks now. Please fix the darn issue.
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4 years ago, Caretagunz
App is a fake
This app is fake linked to I don’t know how many other fake apps. I claimed a bonus I deposited I won big I stopped at $200 now the $ is gone every time I try to login I have to reset my password over and over again. Don’t waste your time. They are robbing everyone blind This app stole my $$$
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6 years ago, 2018Gaming
Winning challenges
Very hard to win. But when you do, you win nice!
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5 years ago, iiknowwhy
My opinion
I fill like they don’t have enough games is alway the same ones no promotion for old player I never really win but to play for a little bit I guess is ok
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4 years ago, ILLsmiff412
Fun but...
I have been dumping hundreds of dollars in and I’ve won nothing fun games yes but no wins to be had 🤷🏾‍♂️
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3 years ago, Thi Doan Trang
Lock me out my account be careful with this app fake fake fake
They lock me out I cannot play it and asked my security number these are people are used my security to do something bad I don't want them used my person information to anyone you don’t win real money anyway
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7 years ago, Jaybirdydog79
The best app ever
I won so much money on this app just have to know when to stop!!
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5 years ago, ignatius40
I didn’t get any promotion at all. Did something went wrong
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1 month ago, Sammiecat200
Takes to long. Sometimes you clear it in 2 hrs other times 12 hrs.
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2 years ago, jesse stokes
I gamble in PA , WV, and now NJ . Fast withdrawal and customer service . And great games anchorman is great and games are state specific .
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11 months ago, USAFVET40
Promotions are TERRIBLE!!!!
Not enough promotions. Keep pumping money into their casino and they give very little to no promotions or free plays. Same as Ballys. I won’t be spending any more of my hard earned money here or at Ballys until I see better promotions.
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4 years ago, ljc253
App crashes a lot, terrible customer service
The app is constantly crashing on the iPad. This never happens with any of the other casino apps. What’s worse, customer service doesn’t address your concerns and instead, sends copy and paste responses. Crooked.
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2 years ago, RikoTheeKen
Errors everywhere
I signed up today, played one slot game, won about $80 after 5 spins, then continued to get kicked from slots claiming “Responsible gaming limits reached.” Who determines 5 spins is the responsible limit?? I feel like I’m being scammed.
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