Virtua Tennis Challenge

3.7 (909)
485.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Virtua Tennis Challenge

3.66 out of 5
909 Ratings
2 years ago, bbc_1238002
My Virtual Tennis Review + Suggestions
I absolutely love this game, is such a great copy of real tennis however I have a couple great suggestions for me to like it even better and for people to enjoy it more. My first suggestion is adding a challenge circle or square so you can challenge the balls and see a clear view of the ball. I always do volleys and it says it’s out and I don’t see it out so a challenge circle or square would just make it so good. I also play tennis champs which has challenge and it’s so good but the game is not as good as this one. I would also add a speech thing where it reads the score for you and tells you “Mr/Mrs. Is challenging the call, the ball was called in.” These are my suggestions and I think that if you do this, people are gonna love it a lot more. Thanks ! I’ll keep playing and keep winning to get some wins !!!
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6 years ago, Das AutoVW
Good but needs work
First, for those of you having issues beating Theron Tenniele, here's a tip, don't hit to his all. I only hit to his forehand if it's going to be a winner, otherwise I hit EVERYTHING to his backhand. I've been playing this game for some time now, and It's definitely one of the better tennis games for iPad. I use the on screen buttons for controls, but find often during a match that the buttons are way too small. I end up pressing the space between the buttons quite often. Would be awesome if those were scaleable so we could make them bigger or smaller. Also as some others have pointed out, it's almost comical how the game works when playing Theron Tenniele. It never fails, first set I beat him 6-0, and then in the second set I'm up 4-0 or 5-0 and then the game gets player doesn't hit the ball as hard anymore, he runs erratically around the court, doesn't hit the ball at all or some other odd behavior. He usually wins 2, 3, 4 or 5 games in a row because of this before I weather the storm. I always know around game 4 of the second set, I will have a fight my hands because getting to and hitting the ball becomes an obstacle, and it has nothing to do with the way the Theron Tenniele is playing. If the player is going to beat me, let the player beat me, don't make my player glitch, so now I have to fight the software and the player. Other than that, the game is good.
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4 years ago, Danger29
It’s playable but needs work
I’ve been into Virtua Tennis since playing the original in the arcade. I was happy to see it still existing in some form. Unfortunately this version needs work. First off, the frame rate is bad on my 10.5” iPad Pro. The gameplay isn’t smooth at all, which is not good for a game like Virtua Tennis. Second, the analog stick doesn’t work when using a controller. The D-pad is okay, but far from ideal. The analog stick is a much better option. A few other things. Since this a mobile game, the ability to save during a match and resume later on would be nice. Also, I’d love to see an arcade mode where you have a match against each player in succession with increasing difficulty. I’m giving this three stars because I’m happy Virtua Tennis still exists. The game is playable, even if the experience is subpar at the moment. The graphics, animations, and controls are good enough, so this could be great with some work.
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7 years ago, cad80_99
Free and fun
I enjoy this game and it's free. A few gripes I have. If exit game via home button it seems to not be hit and miss for saving. So at time will have to replay the match. Also seems to not always register the swipe motion. Will swipe down and it will not do the correct shot. Or I will swipe up and instead my player will just run to the last spot I touched. Also many times player will hit ball out of bounds. Many times I am in the middle of court, hit to me and I will hit to the side and computer player is on opposite side and will go wide and out of bounds. But it's free and overall still fun to play.
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6 years ago, Rex36
Good but very flawed
This game can be highly addictive and very fun... until you realize two things: 1) Theron Tenniel has been given a HUGE advantage by the developers. He is almost comically hard to beat, which can feel good when you outwit him and reach the top levels, but very frustrating when he goes on a 9 win tear against you by making shots that your player can’t even begin to achieve. It’s just uncanny how fast he can reach the opposite side of the court when you slam a shot straight to the corner. Come on Sega, I get that you had to make him THE GUY, but it’s almost silly how easily he defies physics. 2) You’ll be pestered to buy the “ad free” version for $2.99. When you finally break down and do it, you’ll be pestered by ads for other Sega games that don’t allow you to close them out without clicking them which only then opens another box to download said game. Shame on you Sega. I’m not downloading anymore of your games thanks to this little con.
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2 years ago, Hunterjaar
Kind of…kind of not…
This is a better Tennis game than any I found on console…hands down. You have to pay attention to where your feet are and what shot your trying for. While paying attention to your opponent and what they are trying to do and how they are setting up….that part feels solid. To me where it lacks is there is no Fatigue…I can volley Tenniel back and forth for a ten minute volley, all the while he’s running the distance of the court back and fourth….nothing… No fatigue…that ignores one of the fundamentals of the sport. I still beat him every time, but it seems rediculous. My other gripe is LET ME SAVE MID MATCH!…If I got to volley Tenniel for 5minuets at a time, making the match an hour and a half…can’t I at least get a save?…..Kind of Great, kind of a miss
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6 years ago, popeyedoyle414
Better tennis game but the Theron glitch spoils it
Game is pretty decent in terms of tennis gameplay. Mechanics feel right. However, Theron Thinnel is the player in the game that’s unbeatable thanks to a designed Developer glitch. Once you’ve beaten most of the tournaments, you’ll face TT at every final. He’ll cheat and beat you every time. Gotta use some skill and luck. Don’t get me started on the lack of customization for tennis gear and tennis courts. It’s truly lacking these sort after features by fans of this game. You’ll play this game for about month. Then you’ll eventually delete it because it gets repetitive, boring, and tiring because of TT’s cheating. Download, play it, but don’t set high hopes. You’ll be disappointed. This is just a commuter game. You play this on the train, bus, or for downtime. That’s it!
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7 years ago, dougieritch
Fun But Repetitive
This is the best tennis game on the iPhone. The graphics are great and the playability is good but repetitive. Sega could add so much to the game if they would model it after Tiger Woods Golf. Meaning allowing your player to build skills, buy new equipment and apparel, etc. A few complaints: 1) I purchased the game and continue to receive one advertisement for another Sega game while it loads. No big deal but many times when I attempt to exit out of the ad it takes me to the store to buy it where I have to exit out of the store and return to the game. 2) I have become very frustrated with the inability to hit winners at the net. What would be a net winner in any real tennis game require 2-3 net shots to win the point. 3) Theron Tenniel is ridiculous and the game blatantly cheats in his favor. I have beaten him at the top level (530,000) but it becomes frustrating when he constantly dives for game winners, gets to balls no one else in the game can reach, and rarely are balls ever called out on him. Not to mention all you get for beating him is money. I finally became so frustrated with the unfair play I deleted the game off my phone. It just wasn't worth my time and aggravation.
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5 years ago, kristinleiiigh
Falls flat, disappointing
I love Sega, and grew up playing Sonic. However, this game is the biggest disappointment. Not only are the controls difficult but there’s not much you can do to influence power or trajectory. The graphics aren’t great, but if the controls were better it wouldn’t matter. In fact, the graphics on the old sega console are better than the graphics on this game. The worst thing by far is the fact there is not a single female character you can choose from. There might be an unlockable female character, but if there is I didn’t see it. There’s probably 10 different male characters you can choose from, so why not one woman? Many of the greatest tennis players are women. Most people don’t even know of a tennis player that isn’t Serena, Venus, or Maria. If you’re looking for a tennis game that allows you to have more control over your character, I highly suggest ultimate tennis. Not only is the game better, but they actually have an even amount of male and female characters. I’m in no way a “modern feminist”, but in 2019 you would think women would be represented as much as men, especially in a game that revolves around a sport who gets the majority of its publicity from its female athletes.
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4 years ago, C6reen
Marketing & online play
A little bit of Marketing and better online play will take this game to another level. This game has stood the test of time and has always been one of, if not the best sports games containing realistic game play. Excellent graphics and numerous real life tennis venues. In my opinion, looks like someone needs to commit to making the necessary investments in order to reach this games full potential. Reintroduce this classic with a fresh new face to attract the younger generations. I rate this game 3 stars for the lack of options, such as gear and the ability to edit/personalize players. Also as noted the online play is not consistent with normal or tournament game play.
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2 years ago, AGF0368
For the most part I do like playing this. The tournament choices, graphics and sound. And level of competition even your rank all get thumbs up from me. What gets the thumbs down from me is only I can make mistakes while my opponent is always perfect - never faults, balls are always in bounds and tennis is not like that at all. So as good or bad as you might be the opponent you’re playing never makes a mistake so to some degree you’ve already lost. I have played others where the opponent can double fault or shoot out and I enjoy those much more, with them you’re at least on equal footing, with this one you are not.
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7 years ago, Dude that Reviewed
Great game with a few problems
I love the game, but I have a few issues. First, the characters are pretty slow, and when they retrieve a shot, they take way too long to recover. I wish the characters could slide like the pros do, or at least on clay. Second, I would like to be able to unlock the faster indoor courts. Finally, I, and probably many other people as well, want to be able to choose any character from the fifty some in the game to play as it choose for story mode. I especially would like to look like Theron Tenniel and have his strokes. Other than that, the game is fine.
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9 months ago, FranktheTank7468
Good, But…
Overall, I dig the game. That said, one of the most frustrating things is during a tight game, or a game at a higher level, the player controls just plain don’t work, or are delayed, causing a point to be lost. It happens a lot on drop-shots. I can be right up to the ball and the buttons just don’t work. It happens with both a PlayStation controller and the virtual controls. I don’t mind losing, but to be knee-capped like this is not cool and makes the game a little annoying to play.
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5 years ago, Myankee286
Love this game.!!
I really wish they would come out with a new virtual tennis game and updated version but keep everything the same. With the real players and everything. But this is the best time is game ever I’m playing it for years. Since it came out. I just ask invoice for a new updated version. Sorry had to update my review I’m lowering it to Styers because I have a iPhone 7 Plus it’s been glitching during the game it freezes and you can’t hear the judges voice anymore they don’t tell you the score and it’s glitching and I can’t serve the ball it’s like freezing. So I hat I uninstalled and then reinstalled it and it still doing it. Please updated and correct this problem. I’ll go back to four stores.
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10 months ago, Winqz Official 10
I like this game a lot and it seemed to be the best mobile tennis game. That was until I experienced these glitches that happened every single game. Out of nowhere I can't use one of the buttons. Sometimes I can't even use two and I was once left with only the slice hit. At one point I couldn't use any of the buttons. When I clicked them nothing happened. This happens every single game and it makes this game unplayable. Everything about this game is good except for this and it really brings the game down. I deleted this game after this happened. I can't play it anymore because of these glitches that couldn't stop. If that is fixed then I will redownload this and it will be perfect.
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5 years ago, Amillard01
This game was good until the update
This game was my go-to game on my phone when I had nothing to do and a full battery. It was smooth and honestly very similar to the original. Unfortunately, after a large update a number of months ago, I lost my no ads purchase, the game is constantly frame-dropping(which shouldn’t be a problem as I have an iPhone X) and the controls sometimes don’t work at all. I don’t know what the developers were thinking when they changed this game, but everything that was done, in my opinion, was done for the worse. Please fix these issues and stop worrying about making money on ads.
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4 years ago, Lalalahohohahahan
Good game for coaches
There was a hitch here or there but nothing too bad. Great overall experience especially since the virus, a lot of us tennis players are forced to sit indoors and do ‘exercises’ in the meantime, but I think everyone should at this time focus on the tactical and strategic components of tennis until the virus is contained. There is no better place to practice match scenarios and simulations than on this game. It’s free if you are cool with the ads, but you’ll see this is what us players and coaches need at a time like this. Thanks SEGA -Tennis community
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6 years ago, ¡Jk!
Ok Game
Overall this is one of the better tennis games in the app store. The gameplay and mechanics aren’t too bad. However I agree with most people here in that there isn’t much to do in game. The career mode is very repetitive as the only reward for winning matches is in-game currency, which can only be used for to enter other tournaments. There is no stat system for player skills and no way to upgrade your personal player. Along with this, there are no customization options for your player. The online multiplayer is also bit suspect. I have yet to connect with anyone on the mode.
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6 years ago, Yuopjfn
Amazing lack of improvement in a two year span
I've played this game for at least two years and about a year ago, stopped playing. I actually wrote a review back then and it's nice to know that absolutely nothing has been done to fix the various issues I mentioned. To be brief, basically in order to win, you can only play 1-6 games maximum before the game cheats. You magically stop moving, the opponent magically gets super shots every two points, and you magically stop hitting ground strokes, it's unbelievable, not to mention unrealistic and frustrating. Also, the game glitches now so the game actually has gotten worse...such a shame because the design, look, and game mechanics were all nicely implemented.
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2 years ago, aiwjrhdud
Love the Game
I am a big tennis fan and love the game, I just wish it were popular and there were more updates. I think this game could easily go big if the graphics and game itself were improved and expanded on, also if there were a second version or huge marketing, then the multiplayer would make sense and could be expanded on. Overall, love this game, but want more in everything.
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2 years ago, - R S
Amazing Can’t Take My Eyes Of It!!:)
VirtuaTennis is amazing… I’m not joking it has great headlines it lets u pick how many tiebreaks u want and that’s 1 of the fun things about😍right now I’m in 2 place out of tons of other players…. This game is so much fun it really is…. If u see this game u need 2 download it or else jk….. I love this game so much that I even have it on my tablet….. theirs not much I can say on this review but it’s amazing just download it!!!😍😍😍😍😍😋
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6 years ago, jhobjett556778901
Good concept, horrible execution
This is a horrible game. First of all, it displays an ad even before it opens to the home screen. Second of all, it always pesters me to by the ad free version. Third, the game has no regard for physics or probability. I have tried to volley 120 mph serves and it actually worked! Lastly, it lags and crashes A LOT! Every time I go on multiplayer, the game crashes and I lose progress. In conclusion, the game is a great concept. However, the execution was poorly done and undermines the positive points. Whoever thought that Sega could make a good tennis game with proper physics (barely any Sega game need this) must be terribly disappointed. Shame on you Sega, I expected much better.
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7 years ago, Quitter123
Bug or cheat?
I've played this game for years. TT has always been hard to beat, but I find that using the game pad configuration I can usually hold my own. However, since you first upgrade these controls have become unreliable once I reach the second set only when I've won the first. The controls work only for the serve, but simply won't respond to tapping, won't light up. The control stick allows you to move your player but that's it. This happens with my iPhone and my iPod so I don't think it's a unique issue. To the developer: a response from you would be welcome.
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5 years ago, Danstone77
Good but often crashes on multi-player
This is a great game, considering the speed, graphics and playability being on an iPad. It also has Bluetooth multiplayer which is great but me and my son haven’t managed to complete a full match without it freezing up. Shame, as it has loads of potential. The instant replays are a bit annoying, as is the slow-mo hit which basically makes it impossible to return, but a solid 3.5/5 * for now.
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5 years ago, Kikonoi
Great game but latest update...
This is definitely one of the best tennis games. I used to have it on Sony PSP. This is not the full version though and there is some lag sometimes so it’s not performing as well as on the PSP, but that said, it’s still very enjoyable. One important thing to developers, the latest update prevents the controls to work. It’s just impossible to play anymore. Please fix this ASAP.
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6 months ago, MrsDinbrandywine
Great game but
This was the best tennis game when it came out about ten years ago. There have not been any change to the game. This is very disappointing. Even the player cheating is the same. My player move freezes up to allow the opponent player to win. Or the opponent player is able to get to the ball out of nowhere.
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4 weeks ago, OddBudsMen
Black screen glitching?
In the middle of an active match, my screen will go black (the visible light when you led screen is on but isn’t presenting anything). I have to turn my phone off, and quickly switch it back on to what most often ends immediately in the oppositions point. It’s just this game that does this to my phone not sure if it’s a setting thing, but I use and iPhone 11. Plus adds are annoying, every match ends with an add that could be 10-40 seconds.
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3 years ago, rcr010
VirtuaTennis on moible.
I love playing virtua tennis and to have a version I can play on the go is just amazing! but without the iconic characters of the arcade versions and their console ports, it’s hard for me to even enjoy this game. I mainly play as Rafael nadal and to have virtua tennis without him is just unbearable. Mark croper is an okay substitute but I need nadal to even enjoy virtua tennis. Overall, 3 stars is the maximum I can give because it’s virtua tennis on mobile, not perfect, but it’s at least it exists.
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2 years ago, Zo Zk
It’s a great game
For those of you saying that Theron Tenniel is hard to beat, you’re wrong. His ability is good but it’s useless if you don’t hit to his forehand. All you have to do is keep hitting to his backhand. I think that other than that, it’s a great game, however I would love it if you could create your own player.
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6 years ago, Std666
Annoying issues
I just downloaded this game and it does remind of the arcade game back in the day. For some reason,it doesn’t display full screen on the iPhone X and that means the buttons aren’t in the bottom right corner which is extremely annoying. And even more annoying is the Jurassic World ad that pops up as I serve and by the time it disappears I’ve lost the point,it’s happened several times and it’s the first day I got it.
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5 years ago, ask rating So many times
The best tennis game but few people play it
I don't know why this good tennis game online get 3.6 star, is the control? or characters? or something else? from what I think, I ve been playing this game from my iPhone5 to iPhone Pro. what do 2dollars can do in nowadays but purchase this wonderful game? SEGA please let more people to know this wonderful game !!!
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5 years ago, kimoki67
Dodgy controls and buggy
The sound works, usually. I have to adjust it every so often as it quits, and that’s the only way to get it started. I never really had control of the player. Moving the control about 50% got about 5% movement. 55% got about 80% movement. No control adjustment would change this, and I got lucky enough to be in front of the ball about 10% of the time to hit it. Instead of removing the competition, I’m going to remove this game as a failed experiment.
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6 years ago, towel119
Great game but too easy!
The structure for the game is great and I think the controls and gameplay is good, but after a little bit, it becomes very easy to beat even top ranked opponents. I suggest adding another level higher of difficulty or making the game multiplayer so people can play against each other rather than a computer.
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3 years ago, 1-Man
This app will not even function at all without an internet connection. STATE THAT UP FRONT! It is unacceptable for any app to pile on data and steal space free of charge on our devices with no option to clear cache because you are too remiss to think of that or too corrupt to allow it. And redesign your convoluted app icon. Keep it simple and iconic. -- re: developer response, upon purchase will more data be added to the app size?
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4 years ago, Tyrell76
Make another game
I really like playing tennis games but I hope there will be another game but we can customize our play skin, look , what he or she wear, rackets I love the game really hope you make a another one soon just don’t put any of the ads in the game cause then the game will crash or I have to pause mid match to hear the sound affects.
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5 years ago, billbbo
This is such a great game! Best one out! Buuuuut, you guys need to fix it where the game pause on adds.. if the other is serving and a add comes up and plays for 30 seconds once it’s over the other computer has already won the match or scored the entire time the add plays. Quite annoying.. but still a great game!
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6 years ago, Panda Cub Saver
Great Game But Needs An Update August ‘18
This game is awesome. It’s definitely the best tennis game in the App Store. I enjoy playing the game; however, it needs bug fixes. When my friends text me, my control pad sometimes gets stuck in one position. Lol. Also, the game freezes or the app completely exits itself during the middle of gameplay.
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6 years ago, A pro at this Game
It’s a shame how U guys/Developers rigged the game just Because you make it all the way to the final match and you force close 1 billion times just so you can win that final time. The game is rigged, the game never freezes or force closes on my iPhone on any match besides the final matches. Don’t get me wrong, the game is awesome. But that doesn’t mean you guys rig the game just because it has Advertisements on it, I figured it out LOL
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7 years ago, Phayntom
Love this game. Ive played and tried every tennis game for iphone & this one i thought out did them all!! Would like to see more characters and even some female ones. This is a wonderful game which I strongly recommend for anybody who is a tennis fan!! There are no comparisons 👍
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5 years ago, Jason13151
Best Sports Game
One of the best tennis games with excellent controls. It includes a training mode which I recommend to get the feel for the game. As you win matches you can earn points towards spending for the big league. Overall, worth it and very addictive.
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6 years ago, Masonk55
Good game but...
I love this game very much, but for some reason when even I try to play music and play the game, the game stop my music from playing. I have found out it is the ad at the very start of the game that stops my music from playing, no matter how long the app is open.
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6 years ago, Smoothengine
Worse after updated
I loved to play this game. It was great up to the new update. The controls were horrible, pressed and didn't respond and you miss the ball. Super power shot and lob were a joke, one wasn't respond and the other just let the opponent hit the over head that you lose the point. I hope they will fix it soon. At the moment, I stop playing this game deal to the annoying controls.
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4 years ago, runnernhilo
Better than others but......
Similar to what others say....i can be up 6-0, 5-0 then the player (Theron) will play out of his mind and my level drops (movement is worse, slices instead of topspin for no reason). Also, clearly no one with a sports background made this. As #1, how am i playing 2 in the first round??? I’m flattered that the computer needs to cheat to beat me. I think it’s time to go out as #1......and find a new game.
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6 years ago, Sokha Nadal
Offline feature
The game is stuck after first match game won. When will you update the offline feature? I have been wait too longggg. Could not play Offline as mentioned. Please help to solve ASAP. I love the game but preferred to play offline
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6 years ago, Guns n' Ships
Fun game, but game constantly freezes!
This is one of the better tennis games on iOS, but I have lost count of how many times the game freezes going into ads and automatically restarts, causing me to lose all progress in my current match. It has happened multiple times AFTER I have won a match, which makes me have to completely restart the match over again.
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3 years ago, gruntso
Fun game, until it cheats
Sadly, the game, she is a cheat. I don’t mind working my way up to more and more difficult opponents and losing to them along the way, but when the game intentionally hobbles you in a match, we’ll that’s no longer fun. It’s too much time invested to suddenly have the game turn on you. I would gladly give this game a 4.5 if it wasn’t for that piece of lousy game mechanics. You think so little of us, Sega. Shame on you.
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5 years ago, sbaneel23
Controls messed up on iPhone X
I opened up this game after a while today and started up an exhibition match. I immediately noticed that the there were major issues with the controls as I could not hit the ball and use the joystick this time. This made it practically impossible to play the game and needs to be fixed so people can enjoy this wonderful game.
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7 years ago, Rockero1157
Bad gameplay
I hate the fact that this game doesn't save your progress. It's a good game, but it gets tiring leaving a match and just to return and it restarting and having to replay that match. I keep beating the #2 seed and it keeps restarting just before the end of the match. Done this to me several times. I give up on this game.
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6 years ago, Roger McFederer
Its alright
I enjoy playing the game but there are a lot if inaccuracies and it is frustrating at time. An example is when volleying, the guy tends to hit it like a grandma and just give away points or when hitting a “drop-shot” it just hits a really high lob. Also another issue is that it doesn’t support the IPhone X which would’ve looked amazing. Overall the game is playable but have very bad mechanics.
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6 years ago, "est"
My favorite game
This game is very fun! Only down sides are: a) purchasing the “remove ads” doesn’t actually remove all the ads, and b) sometimes the swipes glitch and cause you to miss the ball. Other than that, this game is so cool! Love the sound of the tennis ball.
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