Virtual Keypad

4.2 (6.5K)
129.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Monitoring Products, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Virtual Keypad

4.21 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
1 month ago, DLER5
Recent issues with an otherwise great app
I have had this app for many years and it has always worked seamlessly. The features are good and I love that I can get notifications to see who is coming and going. In the past 6 to 8 months, it will not connect regularly at all. Sometimes I have to try four or five times in order to get logged in. I go out of the app, come back in, and sometimes it still does not work. There is no pattern that I can detect. It happens on both cell service and Wi-Fi connections, and in locations where it used to connect, it now does not. Also, when you have a limited amount of time to unset an alarm when you arrive home, this is very worrisome and frustrating. Hope this can be fixed!
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4 months ago, tshuma02
Not good
For an app that could essentially be one button: the setup was convoluted and it has constant delays. It often takes 3 to 4 tries and a wait of up to 20 min to arm or disarm the system remotely (even from inside my own house). You have to constantly refresh as it will often have an outdated status (saying armed when unarmed or visa versa). That last sentence is a big problem. You could leave the house and check the app and think it’s armed but the status just hasn’t updated since a recent disarm. One time, I hit disarm to the system, drove home, and beat the app by disarming manually on the keypad at home before the app finished trying and failing to disarm. That should not be possible. That’s embarrassing. It moves slower than the speed of car. Additionally, I have never successfully hit the false alarm option in time from the app. By the time you get the notification and try to hit the false alarm option, it is too late. My wife and I have the same problems with the app and I have an iPhone XR and she has I think a 15 so it is not outdated phones to blame.
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2 years ago, Swan917
Doorbell functionality frustrating
My wife and I were very satisfied for about six months, but recently we have had numerous frustrations. When we get a notification of activity at our door, the app is slow to connect. Often the activity has passed by the time we finally have a connection. Additionally, we used to be able to see any activity in a recording. For weeks now, these recordings no longer appear. The screen just says “No events.” Frankly, these issues negate the whole point of having a remote connection. We can’t interact with whoever is at the door, and we can’t watch the activity outside our house to make sure everything is ok. My wife and I conduct business from home and consequently have very fast internet. We have the latest edition of iPhone with updates iOS. We have tried deleting the app and reloading, we have closed the application by swiping up, and we have restarted our iPhones. Nothing works, and we both have the problem.
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1 month ago, HDflier
Easy to set up and use
I really like being able to remotely check to see if I remembered to arm the system before leaving the house or to check if family members did. Or arm it after getting in bed if I forgot to before coming upstairs. Any alert you would get on the keypad screen also goes to your phone. It also gives you the ability lock out sensors with a low battery warning so your dogs don’t have to listen to the beeping potentially for hours until someone comes home. Basically anything you can do from the keypad screen you can do from your phone anywhere in the world you have cell service. In many instances using the app is even more easy than the using the keypad screen, even when you are at home.
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2 years ago, humBeeBee
Good but could use some tweaking
I get this app five stars for convenience but three stars for functionality. It’s super handy that anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi connection you can arm and disarm your home and also review when it’s been armed and disarmed. I Find that some things are clumsy such as the touch ID which I really like but I am always having to go into settings and log back in because anytime you don’t use your touch ID it reverts back to passcode mode. Also near that selection of touch ID is the screen to reset your passcode and I find it I press it a lot in error which is annoying. Overall it’s 10 times better than A key fob. After three years of using it still frequently just doesn’t work last week the technician had to spend an hour at my house trying to get the app to talk to the alarm box.
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8 months ago, robMHUMC
Great when it works
I manage the alarm system for my church which also has a daycare center. We have many users and sometimes the App will think a previous user is sending commands when I use the App. Being the Administrator of the system, my log in is allowed to arm and disarm All areas. It is very frustrating to be told that I do not have permission to arm a Zone and then find that the areas that did arm when I asked were armed by another user that had armed another zone a few minutes earlier. Logging out of the app and then logging back in does not clear the problem. The only workaround appears to be to wait for the earlies login to time out.
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2 years ago, Grub Meat
Barcom Customer/007JB
Very pleased with the simplicity of no worries at night! The app is simple to use, and we have forgotten of different mornings and opened the triggering the burg alarm system by accident. The response and professionalism of Barcom is top notch! If my system is triggered, it literally takes less than 15 seconds for a phone call asking me if everything is ok! The sense of security that gives a person, is hard to explain. It’s unbelievable how fast the system works! I definitely would recommend to everyone! The pricing is a very manageable trade for that level of security!! I have a wife, 3 daughters, 1 son. 3 of them are under 16! I have full confidence they’re all safe when I am awake from home!
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2 months ago, MollyCEJ
Terrible App
This app is awful. I am constantly having trouble with arming and disarming my system from my phone using this all. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it happens. It just does. And because I can’t disarm my system using the app on my phone, the alarm goes off as if there was an intruder breaking in. It’s extremely frustrating. Not only that, but the videos picked up by the camera are constantly lagging and not loading properly to rewatch what was recorded. Wish my alarm company used a different program! Update: This app is still awful! Since they want me to rate the app again, here's another update: This app is still terrible! It's still unresponsive at times which sets off my whole house system because I can't turn the alarm off from the garage using my phone. I hate that my alarm company continues to use this company. They are terrible!
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1 year ago, Mr. Beeks
It works… I think.
I don’t know if the problem is the app or the unit itself. I think it’s in the unit itself, that the timer isn’t working. It’s (obviously) not supposed to be armed during work hours, and then arm at night five days a week. But I’ve found it it’s not arming when it should, and when it did arm over the weekend, if somebody went into the building and disarmed it - it would automatically come back on if we weren’t in the room constantly with the motion sensor. We’ve set off lots of false alarms as a result of this. So again I don’t know where the blame lies but it’s real frustrating. Other than that it’s OK, a little bit slow to open and connect to our system… which is critical when it’s setting off false alarms.
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4 years ago, BlehhhhhhhNinja
Extremely unreliable
I’ve been using Virtual Keyboard to arm my alarm system for my business for the last few months. After I enter my PIN number it takes up to 2 minutes just to login. Sometimes the app times out and I have to restart just to login. Same thing happens when I try to arm my alarm. It can take minutes and sometimes it doesn’t work requiring me to restart the app. It’s not my internet connection or phone. My employees have the same issue. I’ve found that the app works better on my cell connection than WiFi. The app has more connection issues when using WiFi even though are download and upload speed is optimal. The app “works” which is why I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1. The app seems like it’s not finished. I would give it 5 stars if the connection issues were less frequent.
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5 months ago, lmielcarek
There are times when I try to connect to the system through virtual alarm and it will not connect. It will just say error. Another couple of times it would not except my password. I like this but there are a few glitches that are a hindrance. At the moment it is working much better! Sometimes, I thought my Wi-Fi was hacked. Is that possible? But, it is working much better and I plan on staying that way. UPDATE: I still feel my Wi-Fi was hacked. I wanted to turn off my alarm and the app had been hacked into, as it was on a different page that I did not go to.
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9 months ago, hggfrugffhgdhjhgj had ghu
Locks up and Zwave unreliable
Had my system installed about a year ago the Virtual Keypad has locked up and not allowed me to turn the system on or off from the phone OR computer. I had to call service for repair. This has happened a half dozen times SO far and will not communicate again today.I wish someone would figure this out because being away from home and not being able to turn lights on or off OR this doesn’t work for me. The Z-wave devices don’t work properly after the latest update. Lights MIGHT turn on BUT might not turn off. Glad I don’t have any LIFE SAFETY devices hooked up. I
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1 year ago, AES0715
Let me start with first saying the app is indeed convenient but only after having to try to login a “million times”. It takes me on average at least 5 mins for me to get the app to work. Constantly says connection timed out and I have to enter my login credentials repeatedly before it will finally let me in the app. Usually once I finally get in it will say once more connection timed out and I have to go thru fighting with it to log in once again. Notified company once about it and they claimed to have fixed the issue but still have constant problems with it. Sure wish they could get that cleaned up otherwise the app would be phenomenal!
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3 weeks ago, why use these idiots?
Logical system.
I know this is the most foolish, wimpiest comment ever, but the routine of turning on and off the alarm drones on. A few seconds of a chore. But all of a sudden the alarm is triggered and I have all my family in the house. Check your pulse, guess what genius, it's higher. Your adrenaline if full throttle and your thoughts are a bit frantic. Why all this melodrama? This is a great alarm system because it's logical, easy to use and quick because that's what you want in an emergency. All the you NEED in a emergency. Been a great system. Almost no false alarm. No outages. It does its job.
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4 months ago, Stikalsky
I love having the ability to alarm or disarm and set the thermostat from my phone. Unfortunately, the temp I set it at from my phone (3 Hours from our cabin. ) the temp is not what I set it at when we get there. We’ve had the thermostat serviced several times in the past two years since we bought it . Being three hours away, the chances of us being there so the technician can be there during a weekday is very rare. We are only up on weekends and don’t want to take a day off just to go up to have someone look at it again. Also, we didn’t have the option to have a hardwired instead of battery use when we built the home.
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2 years ago, average joe d
To date, the worst app I have ever used
To date, of course this could change, the worst app that I have ever used. It sometimes displays absolutely inaccurate information. It sometimes shows the alarm status as armed when it is disarmed. It sometimes shows the alarm status as disarmed when it is armed. The alarm status history is often hours out of date (during which the alarm status could have changed many times). So, It is very dangerous, even potentially deadly at worse, and can cause false alarms at best (although that could lead to law enforcement not responding in a timely fashion). It often cannot connect to the alarm system at all (even if you have maximum wifi signal and all other apps are working perfectly). This app needs major repairs.
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2 years ago, JozJag
Great.. except…
I really enjoy using this alarm system. I use it with the app. However periodically the keypad loses Wi-Fi signal. It. So I cannot use my Remote app and I have to enter information physically. This has become an issue since many times I have to arm and disarm remotely. I have verified the obvious that there is a Wi-Fi signal nearby. I even check Wi-Fi under the menu. It has the correct Wi-Fi listed. It’s simply won’t connect. Sometimes it’s cures itself. All my computers have a good signal except for my DMP keypad. Help please.
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4 years ago, sorry2020
Dmp actual good system
After many years as a tech with sonitrol and rural metro to name a few I use dmp in my house along with a digital watch dog system with 16 cameras and I also use dmp in my business along with digital watch dog and 32 cameras. Although I only integrated a ring door bell along with 3 dmp thermostats and a few switches all work ok independently ( some above average issues with thermostats ) how ever working that out. But as far as all the apps I use and have used this virtual keypad app from DMP is horrible with only exception arm and disarm out side of that I would stay stay away from app I believe their actual system is superb how ever their app is really not even a 1 star and does not represent their actual system quality. Which is 2 bad as in today’s world we love apps and technology. I’m now looking at having to jump ship😰😂
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2 years ago, 1202Drew
Features ok. Speed Terrible
The app does what it should, it just doesn’t do it fast. I don’t use it on a very elaborate system so I can’t speak to other features that might be built in that I’m not using. The biggest issue is the delay between system activity and push notification received. We have multiple mobile devices on different 4G/5G networks as well as fast and stable Wi-Fi networks. All our devices experience a several minute (at best) delay before push notifications are received. It was fast in the past but is much slower now. Have tried reinstalling apps, restarting devices, etc with no change the delay.
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2 years ago, zDFIORt
No impressed, big step backwards
Doesn’t even come close to our prior app we had for years. Lacking many features we consider basic, like activity status, motion activation and power outages. We can no longer see the actions that the other user (spouse in our case) did and when, ( ie turned heat up) which was very convenient. Not having real time status regarding power outage is a deal breaker for us. Learning about an outage 12 hours later with a warning the panel battery is low is unacceptable. We should be able to see status, and be alerted when it goes out and when it was been restored. Also the app is inconsistent with logging in. We are paying more for a new system and disappointed we took such a big step backwards
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4 months ago, veropal12
I really like this application! The convenience of arming and disarming my alarm from the comfort of my bed, and from anywhere for that matter, is just priceless. Recently I had a friend come to visit from out of town and since I was not going to be able to be home to open the door for him, I used the app to leave the door unlocked but the alarm set. Once he arrived at my home he called me and I disarmed the alarm for him to easily walk into my home. The easiness and convenience of this app deserves the 5 Star ratings.
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5 years ago, LynzFab
Constant Login Issues
I agree with the other review stating success of logins being about 10%. I actually have stopped setting my alarm because of this app, basically making it a waste of money, as I received a ticket from the local police for too many false alarms since I wasn’t able to cancel the alarm from the app. I also use this app for a door locking/unlocking service and I’ve been stuck outside dozens of times as I attempt to log in to this app for upwards of 20 minutes. Three of my employees use this too and have the same problem. When it does work, however, it’s a cool app. Allows you to see history, control timed access, and remotely lock and unlock doors and set/disarm the alarm. Cool concept and app if you can get in!
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12 months ago, Rexy King
Excellent App
This app allows full, complete and unfettered remote access to all of my doors, zones, etc. I can selectively allow or disallow door or zone access with full control. Great functionality. When my employees forget their FOBs or have an issue entering, I can remotely disarm and unlock the doors letting them in. I can also remotely cancel alarms before the alarm company dispatches police on false alarms. Additionally, I get full access to view who is accessing zones through different doors and access points. I can see when people enter, disarm and rearm. Nice app.
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2 years ago, tt692969
The app is not the best
I like the ideas in the app but it's just not fully there. It times out on me sometimes and logs me out. Except it logs me out and refuses to accept my password. Even though I know the password. I'll have to put the password in 4/5 times for it to work. The "schedules" don't work. I don't like that there isn't a feature for notifications aside from arm/disarm. For example, getting notified when my security cameras detect motion. I like the thermostat integration. But it takes a solid minute-minute and a half to load. The geofence feature works occasionally, it's not reliable. I like the app as a whole. The features are not fully executed to their potential though I think.
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2 years ago, Luv living social
Doesn’t work
I’ve had this app for over 5 years and for the last 2 it has not worked. The app “times out” from WiFi frequently and needs to be reset, which isn’t a difficult process except for if you’re not home, it can’t be done, allowing for our home to be disarmed more than desired. This has forced us to use the keypad more often, which provides less ability to control our security system the way we wanted to. I’ve called the company frequently and their only troubleshooting is to reconnect it to the home WiFi, and you get charged for using the app and service calls. This use to happen just when we lose power in the house. Now it’s several times a day depending on the week.
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3 years ago, jmjam
Fast and reliable
What I look for in a mobile app is functionality. This app is very fast, it offers real time status of your security system at a glance and you can control all your home automation and cameras. I also really like the Sensor Activity feature. I can monitor my gun vault even when the alarm system is disarmed. It sends me a message when it's opened or closed. I can't control the message delivery right from my iPhone, I can also change user codes from my iPhone. Excellent and practical app.
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5 years ago, Oblique Strategy
Fantastic App
Virtual Keypad is perfect if you’re the kind of person who checks the front door 3x before you leave in the morning. “Yes, your system is armed. Relax!” Being able to remotely disarm everything for a visitor is wonderful. I’d love to see the following tweaks to schedules because that’s where I see the greatest potential for improvement: - Straightforward Home / Sleep / Away support. If you arm all the perimeter zones except the Bedroom, the physical keypad just says “Armed”. I don’t feel comfortable with that level of uncertainty when I want to get some fresh air. - Zone Status updated to indicate arm / disarm status of that particular zone. Make the green checkmarks red when armed. - Multiple schedules for all systems. Right now, schedules must arm and disarm the same areas on certain panels. If you want to arm only the perimeter at night and everything during the day... you can’t. If you want different areas on Weekdays vs. Weekends... you can’t.
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1 year ago, moltroub
Not happy with the app and cameras
I’m unsure why, but when we look at a doorbell camera view, we have to get out of the app and then go back in. One would think there would be a back button or something. Our cameras are always going off line, though they are still recording. I’m unsure if it’s the app or the type of cameras the security company installed. These cameras will not send an alert when someone enters the viewing range which I find ludicrous but don’t know who to point the finger at. Regardless, we should be able to hit a back button to get out of live view and get to another screen IMHO
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3 years ago, Rocktone
I always know when somebody’s coming up in the front of the house in the driveway or even in our cul-de-sac. It sincerely gives my wife and me a feeling of security even though it’s just a video recording doorbell. I checked the app every time I receive an alert, FedEx, UPS or somebody that should not be there I will know. There is a 20 second or so delay for me when the door bell is triggered and I receive the alert. Highly recommend for neighborhoods that way, you would have multiple cameras on the street
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3 months ago, scraper46
App fails to up date alarm status
App takes a long time when you are ready to leave home to set to armed status. If we are in a hurry to leave we use the key pad because it sets armed status quickly, but the app fails to show armed away. Checking it on our return opening the app it still does not show armed. When we enter the home the system status shows armed. I do not understand the lag time of the app to set system away. Another problem, we have to login over and over again because the app does not recognize our login or face recognition. This is an intermittent problem with the app.
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7 months ago, Songbirdola
Almost useless app in dire need of more features
This app is only a little better than nothing. It hadn't been updated in years, you can't see, add or delete access codes on it, I can't disable low battery alarms and nuisance things like that. (Why don't they show you a percentage of battery left so I can decide when I need to change it?) It also misses events continually like when I arm it every night before going to bed. The only thing it's good for is for checking if you armed the system or not when you left the house or arming/disarming when you're not near a keypad. It's 2023 and this app needs to be a lot better.
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4 weeks ago, Mr.habanos
Awesome App - Best Available Anywhere
I have a cellular connected alarm system, and it's fast (only about 5 -10 seconds real time is typical). Push notifications, security password and history makes this app complete! I'd recommend it to anyone! The network version is even faster! If you have a poor cell signal, you'll have similar performance, As with any other phone app or webpage... It's common sense! I highly recommend this app for you DMP alarm panel.
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1 year ago, MG202208
50% of time App doesn’t Arm/Disarm, just times out
I believe in & have supported REC for years because they are Good, Local people, however, the app needs some improvement. About 50% of the time, the app times out without arming or disarming. I then completely close out the app & try again. It usually still times out. So I close out the app again & completely reset my phone and it’s 50/50 on if it will even arm/disarm then. I just want to be able to arm/disarm reliably & quickly from the app. Other than that, I think they are a Great Company with Great People!
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1 year ago, icookit a.k.a. MLN
Super easy, super fast
I have had Virtual keypad since version 1.0 and have seen vast improvements. I love hte new appearance and the tool tray is straight forward. I have added a few more z-wave lights to my system through the app and it was remarkably easy. I had a z-wave remote control but I find that I don't use it anymore as the app is so fast I get the same performance and my phone is always with me. This is what all others hope to grow up and become.
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5 years ago, Poohpadew
Needs work
This app is ok but it needs some work. I use to be with Digital life and their app is much better. You can’t do much with this app except for turn your system on or off and bypass zones. You can’t make a payment, it doesn’t have a chat button for customer service. The cancel alarm button doesn’t work on the app when the alarm is actively sounding. I use to be able to do all of that with my Digital Life App. I just think that you should be able to do more with a home security app besides turn your alarm on and off. Some improvements for convenience need to be made.
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1 year ago, Harrison J.
Good when working properly
Wish that they had a way to integrate access badges into your phones apple wallet so that you can use tap your phone to gain access in the event you forgot your proxy card as going and manually triggering a door takes a good amount of time to locate correct door and unlock. I have noticed that the app can periodically lag and not sync data in real-time so all reporting, along with attempting to make any setting changes isn’t feasible. Other than the flaws, one of the better door access systems that I’ve used.
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5 years ago, andyfolkers
Good app but
I wish the scheduling had more options like making multiple times slots on the same day without making separate schedules. And the option of doing biweekly schedules. As in if we had a meeting in our building that meets every other Tuesday I wouldn’t know how to write a schedule to do that. And it would just be nice to have like an actual physical calendar to look at to see all your different schedules plotted out over a calendar month and year.
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4 months ago, Kimmerbabe
Very convenient
So helpful to be able to arm and disarm alarm remotely. Occasionally app will not register activity for hours after arm/disarm but overall, really enjoy the convenience of being able to turn off or turn on alarm remotely. Also like that if set up properly through website and assigning different people codes (eg:dog walker), I can see who has disarmed the system and if they remembered to arm it upon leaving.
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4 months ago, Dghtfbjhfnj
Not reliable
As much as the convenience of an app to turn our alarm system on and off is wonderful when it doesn’t work consistently, it’s very frustrating and certainly adds to issues with the safety of the home. I’m never sure whether the app is going to allow me to turn my alarm on or off. Sometimes it continues to try to turn it on without success. I have to keep exiting out of the app to retry and often times it never ends up working. I would love to continue to have the ease of the app, but they have faith that it’s going to work consistently.
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5 months ago, Severely Disappointed J
Doorbell Response Lacking
The app is fine for normal arming and disarming. Notifications for those tasks is fine. The doorbell responses are terrible. No matter how you adjust the coverage of the camera it doesn’t work well. A large truck driving by almost always sets of an alert. But I’ve had delivery people place things on the front porch and they aren’t even noticed by the camera. When you do get an alert it takes so long for the app to display what is happening. By the time you get to view anything anyone who was there could be down the street.
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3 years ago, theluckygirl123
Could be better...
The doorbell camera doesn’t allow an ability to manually record. Serious flaw if you have a suspicious incident or person. Please add that ability. Had ADT app before and it was surprising to find this app didn’t have that recording or instant photo feature. Also, no way to go back once you open the doorbell live. Have to close app and start over. Would like it month overview format calendar to review instead of a specific scroll day. Overall, not bad. Pretty basic interface.
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1 year ago, ad hater too
Seems to work fine
I have been using the app for a while now and it seems to work without any glitches. I use the zone status feature a lot to bypass certain zones when I need to. Much simpler than running to keypad and scrolling through menus for sure. Also great to use the app when you leave work and realize you forgot to set the alarm. Over all it works good.
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2 years ago, ashortie39
This app is awful
If I click on a notification the app will not come up. I have to close the application and reopen it. This means if someone was at my door by time I’m able to get the app opened they have already walked away or are in my house. I am not able to determine the sensitivity of the notifications so I get notifications all night for nothing at all. Lastly I can’t see the doorbell and my j is there cameras in the same module, I have to go between them to get all views. Even then, those views are not real time they are frozen. I can only see real time by clicking onto the particular cameras. Overall I would review this app a zero.
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3 years ago, StoreMgrintheWest
UPDATE: Good app except... it’s actually USELESS
I like a lot about this app except that push notifications do not work. Nothing at all comes through. Doesn’t matter what I select in Settings I never get notification of Alarms, Arms/Disarms, or Troubles. So... it becomes a USELESS app if it can’t actually tell me when something happens with my security system. All it can do is let me Arm and Disarm remotely. June 20 Still no resolution. Never responded to email for help, even though they ask me to email them in their developer response. Weeks later and MULTIPLE emails asking for help and nothing. No response. Even though they asked me to send an email. Bad app, HORRIBLE support.
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1 year ago, Cwkslvr
Frontpoint security uses an app that will send a text to remind you to arm the house if it senses that the cell phones of both home owners are outside of a preset radius. The app also sends you a text letting you know that you left the garage door open when your cell phone leaves a preset radius. Their app also has a history that lets you know when any door or window has been opened, or if a motion sensor has been activated. This can be useful when coming home to check activity before entering.
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3 months ago, Redj788
Worst app
The app was not good. It constantly timed out and wouldn’t connect to the panel. I had staff with the alarm going off constantly because the app would disconnect. We had doors connected to the app as well and they never worked. I would push unlock and it would go back to locked. We had so many false alarms we had to pay for because we couldn’t turn it off so someone had to drive to the office to turn it off. I will never use this app again unless it is improved. I was told to delete and redownload the app. That is not a fix and it is lazy. I hope you find better solutions in the future.
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3 years ago, LaliPops
Nifty App!
Let me start by saying I love the ease and convenience of the app. It’s great being able to get notifications or peace of mind whilst away. I love being able to quickly disarm with hands full and doggies waiting to go out. However, I’ve to delete and reconfigure the app every couple of months. It gets out of sync and shows Unarmed when armed or won’t let me disarm from the app, just spins for infinity. It won’t show the history during this time either, like it’s not connecting. Am I doing something wrong?
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2 years ago, Integrator Specialist
I use the App more than my Keypad
I have been a DMP fan for over 28 years and I never thought that I would actually need a Phone App for my alarm. I must say that I use the App all the time to Arm & Disarm, get Notifications of when my family leaves and arrives home. I use it through Alexa to arm the system while in bed at night. Along with the DMP Doorbell it’s now something I can’t live without. Fantastic Products. Thanks DMP
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3 years ago, JimmytheKnife
Great when it connects.. scary when it can’t
overall I think that basics of the app functions are sufficient for our commercial business. That said if they are too frequently plagued with outages that are not related to an Internet connection to our building. I have been told to many times by our alarm company that the app and app services are down without an explanation… like the service just wish it was more reliable I still have to keep a key fob because of the lack of dependability.
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1 year ago, Twogunjones
Awful app
The barely worked when our alarm system was 3G with Red Wave Communications. It would take forever to log in. When logging in it would time out often on Wi-Fi or cell service, it didn’t matter. Sometimes I would have to turn on and turn off my phone, un-install and re-install my app just to make it work. One day it stopped letting me add new members and delete old members. Today, my alarm is on 4G (LTE) and now it doesn’t work at all. I do not recommend this app until they really put in the work to make functionality consistent across the board for all customers.
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