Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art

Photo & Video
4.6 (5.7K)
88.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
城娣 冯
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art

4.58 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
7 years ago, Earthmage35
Awesome app for helping make the right choice for your tattoos. Easy to use. You can see what your tatt is going to look like on your body before you get it. Not sure if you can upload a tattoo design but they have plenty of designs to choose from that will allow you to see what your design will look like.
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7 years ago, Professional_BadAss
Better than other tattoo apps by far!
This app is pretty great, has good tattoos and lets u edit your pic before u start and edit the tattoos as you go, which a lot of the other ones don't do! The controls are a little sensitive but if you're patient they're not too hard to master. Two thumbs up!!
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8 years ago, Roxxyriot91
Could be better
Just started using pretty good app but could use major improvements on the placement of tattoos in the pictures make them more bendable to the angles if your body in the photo. Also a little more realistic looking to blend a nice touch would be able to erase like a tatt you may have and want to cover up but are nervous and can be able to see here what it can look like without any "real" previous tatts on skin.
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7 years ago, Daymondylanlily911
Tattoo app that can't be beat!!!!!
Absolutely love this app. My wife has been wanting a tattoo for 20 plus years but was afraid to have something permanent. This app has allowed her to pick whatever design and place it exactly where she would want it and she now has a permanent tattoo that she loves thanks to this app!!!
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7 years ago, punkfish365
I am enjoying the ideas and possibilities
It is allowing me to picture consider and either really concrete an idea I've been sitting on or rearrange it's fun I'm stuck on this app just wish that there was more to work with already on the app
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8 years ago, Blueskys2446
Honest feedback
It asks you to take a pic of yourself then, It gives you a few generic tattoo designs and after you give them 99 cents you can upload other tattoo ideas. The only issue is that they don't have any options to get rid of the white from your downloaded image... So you can try to erase it by hand or just use your imagination... Good idea... But needs more edit options.
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7 years ago, Did not deliver
Easy to use
Easy to use and large selection. It gives you the opportunity to unlock more designs without having to pay for them too.
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8 years ago, Mutt_14
Amazing App!
The app is very realistic and allows you to try out different tattoo designs without really committing to get one! By using the app you can see how you would look with a tattoo and if it would be right for you
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9 years ago, Haley Moq
Amazingly "cool"
I love all the non interesting designs. Tribal is so cool. The best feature is having to write a raving review which this app "totally" deserves in order to unlock more designs. I don't even care that I wasted my time and storage space on this app. Clearly worth it.
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8 years ago, Puggy0301
Many ideas
This app has a lot of different images & ideas for designs but it is difficult to use to place the tattoo. You have to rate the app to unlock more images. There's definitely room for improvement but fun for figuring out ideas for real tattoos
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7 years ago, jbdragon1024
Good app
Its ok to get an idea of what you want but I wouldn't use it to make an actual tattoo. But I would save the design and take it to your artist and let him play with your idea to make something original and unique to you
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9 years ago, 77 Pete 01
Ya it's pretty awesome being able to see how tattoos would look on you if you don't have any; and being able to see where you could out more if you already have some.
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7 years ago, TrevLn
Nice App
Almost a five star app. The tools are easy to use and the black tats look good. Also, it would be much easier to place the tats on the pic if you could manipulate your pic as you are working. Having the ability to make you pic larger would be helpful.
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9 years ago, Coolestoneofall
Wow it's amazing!
I love this app so much. I actually got a tattoo of one of the flowers that were on there in the exact same spot. Helped me a lot to try and pick out one I really really likes and wanted to have for ever! Thank you to whoever made this app!!
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8 years ago, 666beautiful disaster
I want a tattoo
I am 34 years old don't have any tattoos but have quite a few different piercings so this app hopefully will give me an idea of were the tattoos I want might look the best and how big and etc etc...
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8 years ago, Stanquad
Good app
Does what it says it does and nothing more. It helped me decide on a future tattoo but it would be nice if you could add your own tattoo designs as the one I want isn't on there and I can't draw on my phone worth a darn
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9 years ago, c.c118
This app is so cool and makes editing photos super fun! The only downside is that it takes a LOT of eye-hand coordination to get tattoos small and to fit completely. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. Other than that it's extremely addicting and phenomenal!
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8 years ago, Renesweet
Trash. Never downloading again
Despite all the positive reviews, this app is difficult to use and it's driving me to the point of yelling my head off. When you select the tattoo you want, it is placed on the picture for you to put it where you want it, but when you try to move it, you end up enlarging or decreasing its size. It's impossible to move the damned thing. I'm deleting this aggravating app.
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9 years ago, Blaqdymun
What A Great Idea☺️
I have been wanting another tattoo for years but deciding where to put what was too much trouble. Now I can test drive without a permanent mistake on my body. I already have one of those 😒
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8 years ago, maddi 143571
Just downloaded this app to try and design my first tattoo. Since I am a novice my opinion may be moot (moo if your a Friend's fan). But so far I am enjoying it but it's a tad difficult to get the design exactly the way I want it.
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8 years ago, Kamtats
This app has really cool designs to choose from and let's you take a picture of a body part, so that you can see where you would like a tattoo and it works great!
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9 years ago, EbethKGilbert
I just expected to only have the tattoos but you get filters and you can make the tattoos match your filter on the picture!! I love just playing around on this app!! It is truly amazing!!
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9 years ago, Original Fam Account
Stellar Ink App!
It's extremely amazing how realistic this app can be! You can finesse each tattoo on to any part of your body and position precisely. I can play with it for hours. Now only if I had the balls to get a real one!
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8 years ago, Phazer01
Great idea
Most apps like this don't have much to choose from or even that aren't a good of a selection. This app has great tats to try out if you're looking to get an actual tattoo
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8 years ago, MSBCRR007
Top 10 "Time-Wasting, Mind-Numbing" apps of all time.
Was it worth the 20 hrs of valuable time already wasted and can never get back, along with the another 20 hrs of valuable time I'll waste in the future? ABSOLUTELY!!!
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7 years ago, C Nibbz
Really not sure
This app could be amazing, could be trash. I'm not sure. You have to give a 5-star review before you can unlock some features.
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7 years ago, Lucas Culp
Really excited to start mapping out my tattoos!
I'm using this app to start giving myself an idea how I'd look with tattoos in different places. I'm really happy with what I've seen so far!
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7 years ago, CKoeber
It could be better, perhaps if it had a search bar and you could insert tattoos you've seen on the internet?
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8 years ago, Mdbaer2
Ok, if you say so
Strange to have to rate 5 stars so quickly. But I do like what I see so far. I am still looking to load some of my own tattoo ideas to see how that works. But so far it's a cool app. 👍
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7 years ago, Menshad
Great butZz
You have to pay .99 to upload yourself or any pics from your phone and have to rate this app 5 stars to get access to the symbols
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8 years ago, Jackie_sobesss
Gives you a lot of options to choose from and helps you pick a design easily
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8 years ago, Qb0905
I'm still figuring out the app but I'm liking everything I'm seeing with it! If you are thinking of getting a tattoo I would recommend trying this app out first!
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9 years ago, DHawk14
Great App!
I love this app! It's the best app to guide through creating your own personal and unique tattoo and actually seeing what it would look like on your body before your get it!
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4 years ago, Teyk89
Don’t waste your money!!!
I upgraded my subscription to the weekly package so I could have access to all the tattoos but the app wasn’t registering that I had purchased the upgrade and wasn’t allowing me full access... So then I foolishly purchased a month long subscription and they still wouldn’t unlock the features! Screw this app!! What a waste of money I’m so disappointed!
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9 years ago, PocoSanchez
You will be asked to review the app to unlock more features. However, this is a pretty amazing app so I didn't have a problem doing that!!
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8 years ago, drummajorkaylee
This is a great app. Whether you're just having fun or seriously considering a tattoo. It's easy to use and has lots of great features. Definitely recommend!
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7 years ago, Dumbo5555
This app is great!!!
This app actually looks real and can help you decide what type of tattoo you want it worked like a charm for me and it'll do the same for you!
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8 years ago, Mht87011234
Could use some work
It's good but over all could be more realistic, with some editing it tricks the eye to make it look like you have tattoos I like this app 😎
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8 years ago, Phatmig
Pretty Sweet
So far been playing with this for about 30min and it's been hilarious! It's pretty cool, a lot of pop up ads but still dang cool. Perfect for touching up gangsta family pictures hahaha.
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7 years ago, A pony gamer
Great app
Like that you can choose and place the tattoos on your body. Could be better placement but gives you a good idea what it looks like.
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7 years ago, Lunatic fringe dweller
Nice app!
Works exactly as I would hope it would. I'm still playing with it and trying to figure out how to adjust the color on the tattoos, but that should come with time.
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7 years ago, Freckles33316:)
Good for placement ideas
Some good artwork but best for placement and size ideas to test out and see what you really want before you get the real thing.
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8 years ago, I3æ
Fun to play with
I like this app cause it sort of looks real. They could probably make it look more realistic tho later in the future.
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8 years ago, Prettygiirl1212
I like this app
But there's more tribal designs than other ones and you have to unlock other designs by writing a review
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9 years ago, CelCasandra
I can actually imagine what I would look like if I had a tattoo! It looks great and helps you get an idea of what you would look like with the real thing!
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8 years ago, Dombrose
Wish there were more designs that cover a back to front tattoo... Still a great program for ideals
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8 years ago, piggy102
Wish I could import my own images
So far so good, I wish I could import some of my own images or other original tattoos if I could do that it would defiantly be a 5 star app
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8 years ago, Yoo.rivvy
It's a big help
It's a big help it gives you more ideas of what you should get and where you should get it at
Show more
9 years ago, Juslookin
This is an awesome app. It does everything it said it would. It's really fun to play around with and gives me ideas for custom tattoos. I just try them on here first!
Show more
7 years ago, BeeDot123
Good I like it so far
I like it so far it's helping me as well as tattoo customers in vision the tattoos they want before they get them and helping me save time on the drawing
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