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890.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
2023 b7903
Atomix Productions America Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
10.13 or later
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User Reviews for VirtualDJ

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0 Ratings
8 years ago, Extra weeks
It works
U gotta go in itunes setting and share your music with other applications, thats how u add your music.
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9 years ago, SimplyDatGuy
One less hard choice to make in life. Trust me, best DJ program out there. Worked with my new controller and my friend got it too and says it works with turntables, his dicers and his launchpad. it works with just about any midi equipment and controllers! I haven’t tried yet but I could probably use it to control my car and my girl! Seriously though, its wicked! I tried other software but they are limited. I don’t know what took me so long but finally my search is over! Virtual DJ 8.1 to the world!
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7 years ago, Dj Amjad
Auido Distoration
Amzing product, lots of pros, only 2 flaws. These flaws are critical if you want to even home DJ. First off itunes libary isn’t sync with it you manually have to drage and drop songs into the software. Second is the make it or break it for the soft ware, the audio gets distorted on some songs. Although this version is amazing, the audio distoration needs to get solved.
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2 years ago, DJ Ben S.
Everything seems to work except the new Stems 2.0 feature. I am using a 2010 Macbook with MacOs High Sierra. Does anyone know if there is a way to make Stems 2.0 work in real time with this? Please let me know.
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3 years ago, Perry1023
Oh how I missed you. I use this app everso often. but it wasnt avaialble on the newer OSXs. Happy to have you back. When I need a dj mixing app VIRTUAL DJ IS THE ONLY APP YOU NEED!!!! UPDATE for new users. Features are "hidden" under the LAYOUT TAB on the top left. Hope this helps. AWESOME APP!!!!
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8 years ago, iAMSlushii
This is an O.K. application and that’s it. I am a professional DJ and I would never use this software for any type of professional gig. It just lacks a lot of features that you can find in serato or rekordbox. However this is a good application if you like to DJ with just your laptop on a long road trip, which is why I downloaded it.
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8 years ago, JSynn
I open up the app and the first thing I find is a speed level set lower for a slower speed. Then when I load a song, its setting a cue in the song that I never put in. Very frustrating, very irritating, and I have no choice but to uninstall because my co-workers don't want a bad program being used.
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9 years ago, DJcyder
Virtual DJ 8.1
Wow is all I can say about this amazing app for Djing. I has all the features I could ever want. If you are on the fence and looking for a dj app, you don’t need to look any further VirtualDJ its the best one out there.
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1 year ago, Ninjagirrl
Why was my original version of Virtual DJ deleted from my computer? The app version doesn't allow me to access video from my external hard drive. And I was not able to use my computer for a gig because I didn't receive any heads up about it! Terrible.
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9 years ago, codedog3005
Best DJ Software!!
VDJ 8 is amazing. I especially like it because it comes with so many video fx. The custom interface designs are awesome too. This software never lets me down.
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7 years ago, THReynolds
Waste of hard drive space
An older version (7/home) worked with Snow Leopard. I updated to El Capitan and this version of Virtual DJ and it doesn’t play any music. All I get is "ERROR”. I have deleted it. Now I've reinstalled Snow Leopard and 7/home and it won't play either. It won't even find my iTunes folder. I'll try something else.
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1 year ago, Truckgod45
Stuck on update
Its just buffering
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1 year ago, Leo The Music Lover
VIRTUAL DJ for ever
I used to use it years back and now that I want to dj again am coming back for it.
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9 years ago, Big Blue1Fan
Awesome DJ app!The BOMB!!
Very easy to use and for free whats better then that!!
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8 years ago, Dhzjgkznx
doesn’t work
I am unable to use music from iTunes. In all the folders it doesn’t show up anywhere. If I could use my music I’m sure the app would be amazing, but I cant.
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7 years ago, TWIT ARMY
Can’t even see iTunes music
How can it be a DJ program for Mac if it can’t even see iTunes music. Wants some login to Microsoft or Google. What does that have to do with anything I don’t know except to steal my information off of my computer. No thanks.
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3 years ago, ZCuttr
Finally forced to update from original version. I had to delete this new version because it really lacks the authernticity of being a real DJ. Go back to the OG.
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3 years ago, ffjudfhhhd
Does not work
My son is using trying to use this with his American Audio VMS2. In the middle of playing, his buttons stopped working. They are lit up like Christmas, but they don't do anything. We tried updating, no go.
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2 years ago, DaddyL0ve
Felt scammy to me
I tried to use this application but it seemed as if the app was more worried about getting in to my accounts and infromation than actuall working. Maybe I'm trpping, but I deleted it.
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6 years ago, Go2rio
i loved this app until it stopped working
I CAN’T SEEM TO FIND MY ITUNES MUSIC anywhere…. has anyone figured it out??? I even went to the genious bar at the apple store and they couldn’t figure it out either….. anyone???
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8 months ago, Marcsxx
Very Buggy
This app closed out on me during a mix recording several times
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3 months ago, yawempire
I love it but you should add more online streaming platforms
Add sportify and apple music to the online streaming
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9 years ago, CervantP
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3 years ago, Mactechosx
not compatible
Not compatible with external drives storing music so what's the point
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3 years ago, freefire.garena
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8 years ago, adam mendoza
dose not work
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9 years ago, brajames
For beginers and Seasoned Pros!
I wish I had this type of technology when I began DJing 20 years ago. Virtual DJ Has all the features that Pro’s need while the layout is simple enough for beginners to get their feet wet. It’s all there, effects, loops, rolls, sampler, itunes integration and so much more. You can also add a controller and really unlock the power of this software.They also have tons of tutorials on their website. make sure to check it out!
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Problem con Roland Dj 808
Problema con los leds y compatibilidad no funcionan correctamente
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