Visage: airbrush photo maker

Photo & Video
4.4 (9.5K)
153.6 MB
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Current version
VicMan LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Visage: airbrush photo maker

4.41 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
5 years ago, MarkMignier
Awesome except for Recently Used Background Recall
This app is one of the few photo apps I love, mostly because of the huge number of awe-inspiring backgrounds available for free, as well as the speedy and great job it does melting people from my Photo Album into the backgrounds. However, a significant annoyance is the inability to recall recent backgrounds used. This is important to me because once I found a background I like, I usually use it more than once. To find a previously used background, unfortunately, I currently have to scroll through pages and pages before finding it again. A design improvement would be the addition of a “previously used” background tab that remembers and displays all backgrounds that I have recently used. That would bump it to 5 stars for me.
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5 years ago, legend dg
It makes a photo GET ATTENTION! Four could be a five.
I’m loving the free version. Makes my simple photos come alive and grab attention. It gives me pleasure to edit and enhance my ordinary snapshots right from my IOS phone. And the app performs the transformation speedily. I’m considering the Pro version. However, it’s not clear to me the justification for the cost. I see that with Pro the watermarks can be removed and more fillers/backgrounds are available. That’s great. However, my hesitation is the time consumed looking for that perfect enhancement background/filler. The only option I see is to scroll through the catalog. A search feature would make me and my camera happy. Or the option to save my favorite backgrounds/fillers would work. Would love to hear from you about this. Thanks for your amazing product.
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6 years ago, HorribleSpider
Mostly useless.
I have Photo Lab and really like it. I thought since this is the same company I’d give this a try because I was looking for something to do minor touch ups to some family photos before printing. I found this app to be annoying to use and to have very few features that actually help you retouch or edit photos. It does have backgrounds and bokeh effects and stuff but since I already have Photo Lab — which is WAY better for those things — I don’t care that this app has those features. I was not able to edit even one photo in a way that I felt was an improvement with this app. It auto-applies “makeup” and retouches, or auto lighting/color changes and just does not make the photos better AT ALL. If you want cool backgrounds and lighting effects download their other app, Photo Lab. If you want to edit portraits get something else... I dunno what, but not this. Also beware of the pricing for the pro service. It’s s trap!
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6 years ago, Powwowpuppy
Awesome app....but...
I would give this app 5 stars except for they labeled it as family sharing enabled but charged me $10 for a year and $5 monthly for my daughter. Yes I have family sharing enabled. With the app itself, it works best with faces but it has a lot of other transformations/option to make fun photos. The sample page will allow you to change your photo to be like those samples. A word of caution, if you are like me, looking to “repaint” specific spots, it isn’t particularly iPhone friendly.. or I didn’t find that option. The changes are done by the app, not you.
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6 years ago, AntRoz16
Great App!
I’m in love with this appp!! I have so much fun with it. I love the way the makeup works. You can make yourself look like a supermodel! All of the features are so much fun! There are so many different scenarios for your pics! They are incredible! I only have the free version and there is so much to do! I love playing with this and turning my pictures into works of art. You really don’t even need the Pro version because there is so much in the free one. But I’m going to get the Pro one because there’s even more!! I turned my brother’s face into half a skeleton and half of its him! It’s so cool. If you like art and editing pictures, you’ve got to get this!!! Seriously! Love, love this app!
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2 years ago, Sammie317
Unbelievable results
I downloaded this app eight years ago and lost it when I switched to apple. Years later, I found it again, and it’s just as I remember it. I can take the worst pics of myself and turn them into professional-looking photos without going through all the settings. I bought the “beauty-cam” app., and both “Make-up cam” apps and the Visage Lab app. have more features and can do more than the other three combined. If you’re looking for a great photo app, I highly recommend Visage lab. Not to mention, there’s also a skin diagnosis with product recommendations for your skin troubles.
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2 years ago, sterrrling
seriously awesome!
I’ve only just begun to play around with this application’s capabilities and, after a mere ten minutes of scrolling, I’m already VERY impressed. this might be one subscription that I’ll actually renew when the free trial ends. as I stated, I don’t know everything that’s offered but so far I’ve seen a variety of fonts unique to this app only, special effects & art edits that could come in handy for Instagram & TikTok, and the simplicity of applying said effects is on point. to sum it all up, a quote from my favorite next door neighbor: so far so good but it’s early.
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4 years ago, Mizz.Peachez
Great app
I loved this app when it was free !!! But I started paying for it and it’s definitely worth it !!! Only thing I feel needs to be improved is to be able to size the photos better in the app to fit the filters cuz if my photos don’t fit then I have to go into my album find the photo again try to size it then try to look for the filter again and that get a little frustrating!! But for the most part I love it and don’t have a problem paying for it either!!! But it was great when it was free to !!
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6 years ago, Beachgirl1230
Fun but no search feature
I love the many different things I can do with my photos, especially the magazine covers. But there’s no way to search for a particular design. I installed the app because a friend used it to create something I LOVED. When I went to create the same design with my own photo, I had to scroll through hundreds of designs to find it. The next day I wanted to use the same design for a different photo, so I tapped “recent” and had to scroll through several designs I had never used before getting to the one I wanted. Very frustrating!
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4 years ago, StarrDiva
I like this app a lot, only problem is that I haven’t been able to apply more than 1 effect at a time, when I apply a 2nd effect it removes the first. It would be 5 stars if the changes one is able to apply have an total effect & do not remove the previous one applied. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. I did buy the full program for a year. It is pricy but if the program will have a total effect possible, it would be well worth it. ADDENDUM: The support of these software makers is fantastic!! After this review I received an email from them explaining how their program worked. I have to say now that I understand how to work the program I love it and the more I use it the better photo combo’s I make.........AAA++++ Addendum The more I use this app the better I get at doing my photos and the more fun it is
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4 years ago, frustrated nordymama
Fun for Effects
I don’t think this app is the best for photo editing (I prefer a few others for that), however it is fun to use to add quirky effects and unique backgrounds to your photos. The only slightly annoying thing is that with the free version you have to watch ads every time you save your photos and to remove their watermark from them. However, many other free apps do this as well. And, if it really bothers you, there’s the option to pay for it...
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2 years ago, Craigerkilbey
One of the best apps for quality in creations of photos
Y’all are just great. It’s easy to see your care about your people. Letting us to create great art from our own photos in and unlike most apps where you have to pay exorbitant prices every month just to see if it’s any good. I don’t normally write reviews unless an app is so thoroughly rotten or so thoroughly fantastic and you all are part of the fantastic app creators, thank you so much and God bless you all
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4 years ago, MyLittlePonyMom
Excellent app- very pleased
This app is so much fun!! I love the endless effects that are so beautiful, glamorous and fun!! The photo touch up is really great as well! If your looking for something more in depth for touching up faces manually, you might want to try AIRBRUSH. Visage Lab app and it’s sister Photo Lab have made some truly amazing memories for me and I am so pleased The only qualm I have is the price for the subscription. I purchased previously and was shocked, so I cancelled my subscription and now I use the free version. I am just as happy as ever!!
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7 years ago, Glitter Fart 💨🔮
A must-have seriously if you have this game you'll know how awesome it really is I know I know this looks like a lot of words but you must have this game it fixes up pictures with red eyes, Pimples, and other gross things you don't want to put on Instagram or Facebook again you must have this game or whatever you want to call it if you don't you are missing out on the fun too create a whole new you 🙂I love this app and I am sure you will love it too ❤️💕💞
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6 years ago, X-Tina :)
So Addicting!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE THIS APP!!! Once you start messing around, playing with your photos, you can’t stop! Seriously! I downloaded this app and sent my mother-in-law a pic of her with these cool fish swimming around her head.. sounds weird, but you’d have to see it to know how cool it is, but anyway.. she absolutely LOVED IT! AS MUCH AS I DID, and HAD to know what app this was and immediately downloaded it as well!! Anyway! I recommend it big time, !!! I LOVE THIS APP, AND SO WILL YOU, JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TIME TO SPARE BECAUSE ITS ADDICTING AND YOUR GOING TO LOOOOOOVE IT!! THANK YOU TO THE CREATORS!!!
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3 years ago, KT0215
The app does not look the same as the photos they have advertising on this page. The interface is completely different, and it claims you that you can edit more details than what they automatically generate for you. I have the premium subscription. I love the app, but the developers need to either change the description and pictures advertise.
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3 years ago, GigiPenn
So much fun!
This app has such a wide variety of graphics, filters, and great art direction. My husband and I do a lot of video editing professionally, but this has become a hobby for me and I truly enjoy it! I have spent many hours playing around with photos. I recommend it to anyone who likes editing and enhancing photos. It takes your photo to the next level and beyond.
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5 years ago, Brent Harbert
Pretty good
I really love this app... but the problem I see is that there are so many pictures to choose from and no way to search for a certain theme. Right now I’m trying to find a particular calendar them which I just used yesterday so I know it’s here somewhere but I can’t find it! I’ve been looking for over an hour. I would love to be able to search for only “hearts” or “Valentine’s Day” or “birthday” or “calendars” .... please divide the pictures up into groups or themes or something and allow us to be able to search
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5 years ago, RachelWynkoop
Great picture app
This app is so much fun! It’s very entertaining and there is an incredible amount of stuff to do! So many filters and all sorts of animations for your pictures and all sorts of fun stuff like that!! My daughter and I have so much fun with this app, but we still haven’t been able to try everything bc there is so much stuff that you can do with your pics!! I promise you will enjoy everything about this app!!
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6 years ago, la-page
Has some unique features & time saving
While being a huge fan of some other photo apps I really like this one for the 6 featured auto enhancement. It covers all your concerns without having to instruct every detail such as; lighting, skin smoothing, wrinkle reducing, color enhancement... I don’t remember exactly what the 6 were but something similar to that and it left nothing more to do. Huge time saver!
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8 months ago, Stag Horn
Happy Photoshopped
This app is so amazing and fun I’m completely addicted and simply can’t get enough of it, especially the “feed” section, so creative and crazy amazing to use, I’m on it everyday of life, I send out pictures to family and friends and everyone is so amazed how fabulous and life like they look, I am totally happy with is app and is certainly one of my favorites!
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6 years ago, CalypsoChick
The app got worse
I used to love this app for little touch ups on close up photos. It *used* to be easy to use. Now you cannot even get to the features manually that I used to like. It has a lot of fluffy features but the original edits can’t be found any more. It also adds their logo to your photos and the only way to remove the logo for good is to upgrade to their pro which is of course more money. And the ads are way too long and annoying. Now I’m going to go shop for a nice facial editor which gives me control over my photos.
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7 years ago, Cloth button
It's really nice.
Most editing apps want you to buy hundreds of like effects or options and they only give you like on to choose from. But this app doesn't do that and that's what I like about it. Yes it does have the option to "GoPro" and get more things but the use of money, but it gives you more options for free. It's a really neat app. Definitely using this more in the future.
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6 years ago, Laekin Frailing
Pretty good photo editing app.
I love how well it fills in the background with the background filters but i am not a huge fan of the stylized filters. There is a lot of options but none of them really stand out. There aren’t any I really love. Overall I like the app and I am glad I paid $10 a year for pro. I think it’s a great app for photo editing for people who don’t know how to do it themselves with something like photoshop.
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2 years ago, Shakychar
I'm so happy that this app is so easy for me to use ❣️
I am in my late 60's and just love the fact that I can use this app, and make so changes to photos that I am in with my grandchildren, at my age and having several medical issues I can see in photos the I'm not looking so well and thanks to your app I can make myself look better, 😊
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6 years ago, Cara34567
Love it!
Visage lab is so helpful to me when I need to edit photos and add special effects to pictures! It works so well for me and the pictures load in less than 1 minute!! It is fast easy and free! I did not pay to get other filters only because, it gives you amazing filters for free and no cost needed! It is very helpful, I love it and I am sure that you will too! 😁
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6 years ago, Kkneco
Hard to cancel
This is one of those tricky apps. PLEASE BE AWARE when I loaded this to my phone I deleted it instantly. No where in there did it say there was a charge. But my husband saw it in email I did think it would charge because I deleted it. But it charges 5$a fricking month. I have tried every way to cancel this subscription so I just had to get another bank card and I will not make anymore purchases from the App Store from fear that they will get hold of my information again. This is an outrage. So I suggest they make it clear and easy to unsubscribe. Not worth the money.
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6 years ago, jessebree7
Love it
I have a blast with this thing. It’s a little slow but it’s doing a lot so it’s worth it. I am getting irritated about it asking me to rate about every 3rd picture I try to save. I already gave 5 stars. If it keeps doing it after this second time rating it I will be done with the app. Let’s hope this is the last review I have to give and keep it 5 stars!
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5 years ago, M+play
Not so good
As it can make you look so much better, it has some issues, it opened all my pictures with faces, but when I try to enhance the pictures, it says it couldn’t detect a face on several pictures. And they have ridiculously too many advertisements, annoying. Also when you save a retouched picture, you’ll have their logo on it, they let you save your first picture without a logo if you agree to watch an advertisement.
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6 years ago, kkparr33
Do not get these negative reviews
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it is absolutely the best. Sometimes it doesn’t find my face if I have my hair over my eye or something like that but whatever. Overall this is the absolute best photo app that you can find, and if you go to Pro (which is very little money) it’s even more spectacular! PERIOD
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2 years ago, Jenixa
Love it
I really love the quality and the large selection of backgrounds this app has it transports your simple or basic photos into beautiful pictures in minutes , there’s adds that you have to deal with but you have endless possibilities with this app of changing your pictures, lots of fun and it’s free .
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5 years ago, daynna52
Favorite editing app but missing something
I love this app. My pictures get more love when I use the different effects and filters. All of the effects are really creative and give my pictures more life. This app does all the work for me and it’s very easy to use. The only thing I wish it had, is a save so I can save all my favorite filters for later use instead of searching for them.
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1 year ago, hotmoney225
Why do you remove the older images and fill up the pages with so much redundancy of the new images? Wish there was a option to save images into a favorites file to use without going through all the pages, only to find the image no longer available.
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5 years ago, johney koo coo
Bad app
First off I want to say that this game says it’s free but technically you have to pay a trial in order to get full access and without full access you don’t get a lot of options to do on a picture. And When you press like add red lipstick or you press blue hair or whatever it has to load and it takes a good minute to just do one and I have full internet when I tried. So I would probably rate this a two star game but if you want a nice game that’s all free than you should get the game YouCam makeup and it’s really really good 😃.
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5 years ago, jdjsjsuc
Love this app
This app is amazing I love this app it lets you try several different filters and backgrounds and it lets you save your photos even if you do not buy PRO there are a few filters and back grounds that require PRO but there are way more that do not require PRO than there is that do require PRO this app is great I highly recommended it😃
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3 years ago, jonnt4098
Difficult to work with
I opened the app and didn’t find using the app intuitive. Looked for some help; found none. No tutorial or google accessible quick start guide. Canceled within 20 minutes. Not sure why it’s so difficult to place a “help” button or offer the quick start guide where it cannot be missed. Now the owners will say it’s all right there. Nope. I find it so prevalent that all the builders of these apps all assume everyone has there level of knowledge and design to that level. Hint...we don’t.
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7 years ago, Grammy's Kids
As a long-distance grandma, getting pictures of my babies is always the highlight of my days. When I edit with V-Lab and send back, it becomes the highlight of my kids’ day! It is amazing how fun and easy this app is to use. They offer updates for small fee; but the free options are great! I love it...everything works fine! True story!😂
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4 years ago, Stonesm17
I love this app but I hate when I use a layout and then want to use it again later and can’t find it or want to look for a certain type and I can’t find what I’m looking for. Wish you had a feature where you can search for a certain background and/or layout.
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6 years ago, mickeayla
Love it!
I absolutely adore this app it has such great quality, some of the effects could use a little work, my legs got cut out in the Ferris wheel one, but other than that it has been fantastic, I love the double exposure filters and how you can get rid of the logo on it just by watching a short ad. I definitely recommend this app
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4 years ago, LilRache1
Awesome App!
I love that I don’t have to purchase the app in order to use it, yes there are some features you don’t have access to as a free user and yes there are some ads as a free user, it has to be paid for some how. I love using this app for all sorts of photo editing, it’s awesome! Thank you for having a free option. 💕
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6 years ago, MsBlissLV
Loving the extensive library of filters
Great app for filters not all filters work for every photo but there are so many to choose from that doesn’t bother me. There are some awesome animated filters that brings my boring photos to life. All in all i think it’s a good app for preset filter ( you can’t personalize your filter) definitely worth giving the three day free trial shot before buying!
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6 years ago, jacqkolski
Bug fix
When it works- it’s fantastic. Unfortunately I paid for the year and more times than not, once my photo processes to 100% it freezes and I’m unable to see the change, let alone save it. Even with tech problems, it’s still great when it works. I recommend both the app and bug fixes
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6 years ago, Red_riding_hood
Yes, it is fun... But $4.99 a month?! Sorry, but this app isn’t worth continuously paying for it. If it was just $4.99 to purchase it once and for all, then yes. Or if it was $.99 a month, I could understand. But that’s almost $60 a year, EVERY year. This app just isn’t worth that much. Also, it would be nice if it had targeted cosmetic features, such as the ability to circle blemishes and imperfections, and then choose what to do with it.
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5 years ago, Texas-Tammy
I need a refund
I accidentally click on purchasing the app and tried to cancel; however, there is nothing out there that allows me to do this. I clicked on the 3 days trial and now I’m hooked for 24 months. I’ll be talking to my bank and get this charge reverse if I can’t get resolution from you. Thank you.
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2 years ago, VKM36
Inconsistent facial recognition
When it works, it works well, but more often than not I get an error message saying it can’t recognize the face and can’t apply skin touch up — despite the face being exceptionally clear and close up.
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3 years ago, LCMRN
Love it
Easy to use and fun to use. Makes ordinary pictures interesting and fun. Not had a problem with the app. New effects are coming out all the time. Love the holiday effects that come out all the time. Looks like you spent so much time altering you pictures and it took seconds.
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3 years ago, Shaniman1107
Visage labs is the ultimate photo filter app
It’s really astonishing of what you can do with this app Also I believe with the free version you can remove the watermark at the cost of fully watching an ad, so if you don’t mind the whole “watch an ad to receive your reward” thing. Then download the App.
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6 years ago, Ouzo00
I read a bunch of the comments on this app and nothing said anything about having to pay for features. I downloaded this app with great excitement because it had really good reviews, only to find out that you have to pay to even download what you created. I seriously thought this was a simple, free photoshop app that you could pay for to get other features. Apparently I was mistaken! When you can download the picture without it costing money, I will improve my rating!!
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6 years ago, HoleInFive...but got a bogey!
I love this app
The Christmas animated frames are great made the video my profile video on Facebook and credited the app in my post, plus left the watermark. I just can’t find where the “make up” and other touch up tools are in the app. It always brings me to frames. So it’s all I’m using right now
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6 years ago, 1648love
How in the world someone turns off the loud notifications is keeping me from giving 5 stars. I’ve set it in settings and still I get these annoying alerts. It is way too loud and goes off even when you are on the phone. Not good to remind me 3 to 5 days to get on your app. I’ll get on it when I need it, share and you’ll get noticed that way in my books.
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