Vision Board 2024

4.6 (2.3K)
43.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Olga Iunakova
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vision Board 2024

4.62 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Restoration1$
Vision Board App
Love this Vision Board App! I can see all the things I desire to manifest and create in my life on my phone. I like to look at my vision board daily but I travel for a living with my job and see my vision board on my wall at home daily. This App has given me the tool I need to see my Vision daily and it’s easy to use. I easily uploaded my pictures to the App, so matter if I’m on an air plane or out of the country I see my pics daily. Thanks for creating an App for people that understand the importance of having a Vision Board
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4 years ago, Wanting it to work!!
App no longer works...STILL DOESN’T WORK!
I want my money back. Both Apple and the developer should be ashamed of collecting money from users and giving them an app that doesn’t work!! The app will not open on my iPad or iPhone. It’s just crashes. The support link to a Facebook page is no longer active. If the developer is still active please respond. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time setting up my VB. To avoid frustration I’d strongly suggest you look elsewhere. Update...Per request of the developer I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPhone XS and my iPad Pro. The app opens, but after 5-10 seconds crashes on both devices. I click on the developers name in the App Store and it takes me to his 3 apps. I click on the “App Support” link and it takes me to a Facebook page that isn’t available. I do appreciate the response to my review, but the problem still exist. Having paid for additional features I’d expect the app to continue to work.
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4 years ago, Lancethat
Glitches left and right
This app is a great idea! But there are two reason why I would definitely not recommend it. 1) there are glitches everywhere. Whether it’s sizing pictures or trying to watch an ad to change the theme, things just don’t work like they’re supposed to. 2) they make you pay for every little thing. I paid the $2.99 to be able to have multiple vision boards, but I still can’t put a background color on any of them but the first one, and it still won’t let me even name the first one. All and all I love the idea, but someone better fix the plethora of glitches or this app is going to be a big fail. Please let me know if I’m the only one with these issues.
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2 years ago, mitziandtiger
Don’t like it
It doesn’t give an option to search for photos. You have to use photos on your phone. Also there’s no print option. I don’t like it. I made the mistake of paying for a year and couldn’t get a refund. If you do anything don’t sign up for more than a week.
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4 years ago, swathishan90
Crappy app which simply does not work!
I want my money back!! I initially enjoyed using this app wth my ONE vision board which I kept editing and saved those images on my phone! I decided to go for multiple vision boards and also have it ad free! Big waste of money!! 1. The secondary boards don’t have background color changes, instead theme change changes and resets the board name’s font color. You cannot save board names. Goes back to “My vision board” when you scroll and get back to the board. 2. The first board wouldn’t even let you edit the board name and here the background color changes on theme name! Can’t believe they have such simple flaws for a paid app!!😏
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5 years ago, Seiryuu02
Great but buggy
This is one of the only tools I found for creating a vision board so it’s great to have this app. However, there are some big bugs: - For more than one board, it will not save the board name. I can’t even edit the first board name - I can only change the color for the first board and cannot change the colors for other boards, - Boards should automatically be locked if they have been completed and stay locked every time I open up the board. At the moment, boards are always unlocked each time
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4 years ago, MzKimPossible
Where’d you go?
I’ve been grateful for this app for weeks. It disappeared a couple days ago and won’t open. Help! Can we at least get some info so we know if we should delete it and move on? I’m hoping that I don’t have to start over. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Connie424
Most of these positive reviews are botted. Don’t trust it.
It has a good rating which tricked me into downloading, but it’s a trojan horse for a paid app. Advertised as free but the freest thing about it is the tutorial. The concept is good and interface is cute, even though it’s not intuitive. Seriously, look out for the bots, I just glanced at the rating but coming back to look at it now none of those positive reviews seem organic. On this one, try to look for the words “manifest”, “visualization”, and “in my pocket”. They’re all written like ads and none of them sound like real people.
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5 years ago, youlipp
Powerful yet simple
This app offers everything I need to manifest my dreams! I used to create a real boards on my wall, but having a vision board in your pocket is the best you can dream about! For those who keep forgetting about daily visualization it now offers reminder with a custom affirmation! very nice addition!
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5 years ago, teregrem
Great app!
This app offers everything I need to manifest my dreams! I used to create a real boards on my wall, but having a vision board in your pocket is the best you can dream about! For those who keep forgetting about daily visualization it now offers reminder with a custom affirmation! very nice addition!
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5 years ago, AmuseMePlz
Vision board
Easy to use. Super simple template. I Can change it out over and over if I want to. I have the free version and I am fine with it. I check it out every day so anchoring in the pictures. If you want more than simple you can pay to play so to speak.
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4 years ago, Nanessence
UPDATE: I am not a fake review. I found info and sent an email for assistance such as the plus sign only takes you to the store. No response from developer except here to call this a fake review. Know that this app only uses your photos. Still would not recommend this app. Deleting it. Does not work at all. Great tutorial instructions but phony. There is no way to reach help/support - page not available. No contact info for developer. I paid for ad-free. Will contact Apple about this app.
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3 years ago, mindy'smom
Keeps me in line!
I love that I can customize and modify as needed so easily! The fact that I can always access it helps me stay the course and ignore “distractions “. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
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7 years ago, bighpfan
Good idea, poorly executed
I like that there are different categories to add goals to. But the categories are very limited with what they can do. You can add one photo for each of the 9 sections (the photo then shows up on your dash when you open the app) and then there is the date you want to be completed by. There is no way to track progress or make notes. I would also like to be able to add multiple photos to one goal, but as of right now that isn’t possible.
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2 years ago, Barbie abn
Not user friendly
You can only put a small caption under the picture. It does not allow you to capture the gull length of your thought. There are ads which is distracting from what the app is about. This app shouldn’t require subscription to get rid of ads. I would have been ok purchasing it for a one time fee and have it. 🤷🏾‍♀️. Yet this is me. Maybe someone else might like it better.
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5 years ago, talang90047
Cool new features 
I tried this app a year ago and I removed it because it was very limited. Now I can honestly give this review! Multiple boards, Feng-Chui map, affirmations, and visualization reminders make it the top-functional vision board app out there 
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4 years ago, MMM CEO
Great App to Help Visualize😁
Simple and easy to use Interface. To really make this app a world changer, if possible, integration with Pinterest And ability to pin images and quotes directly to this apps vision boards would be amazing. 🔥💯❗️
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3 years ago, atb3183
May the owner of the app reply?
Complaints about not being able to save the first board name are true. The other boards do not allow for a customized color change. And, I cannot figure out how to order the board by date so that I can see my next goals. I downloaded this on April 29, 2021 and so far the concept is very good, but the development is elementary. Please fix these basic requirements. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Lizzyliz33
This app is a waste of money...
First, whenever I try to save the title of my vision board, it doesn’t save and reverts back to “MY VISION BOARD”. Then when I lock the vision board, everyday when I get the notification to see it, it’s always unlocked. Finally, the theme only gets applied to my first vision board. Whenever I try to set a theme for my other vision boards, it changes and only applies it to my first vision board. Very poor design. Wish I could have my money back.
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5 years ago, kasia802
So happy
I am so happy they fixed all the bugs in this app. I can now fully enjoy everything it has to offer. This keeps my affirmations organized and visions clear! Thank you
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3 years ago, MarGurt623
Overly simple
The app functions fine but I aw expecting to have the ability to upload or use multiple photos per vision board. This only allows you to select one cover photo with a caption and goal date, representing an area of your life. Can probably be used differently, but will take some creative working.
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4 years ago, Indrasita
Didn’t open.
Till yesterday was working perfectly. Today the app didn’t open. I have iPhone 7. It’s not so old ... the app should work
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5 years ago, A Newbie 19
A very nice tool
I love that it reminds me to take a moment to look at my vision board. Even if I’m busy it turn my attention to take a look for a second so that I don’t forget about it! It is a part of my daily routine!
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5 years ago, robin slicker90
Very nice
Finally I found a Vision Board app  where I don’t have to manually zoom or move images on top of each other. Bagua map is a way to organize your dreams!
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2 years ago, kimkay1970
Paid, but cant access features
I truthfully love this app and we give it five stars easily, however I paid full price for the year and cannot access the benefits. It keeps prompting me to pay again. I just really want my money back. However there is no access to help or customer service. Now Ive got negative vibes about my vision board. So very counterproductive.
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5 years ago, kitty749804
Great visual
Small apartment and no time for paper vision board. I know I’m going to look at my phone every day and I love looking at my board and getting excited about my goals.
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7 months ago, Sheila JJ
Buyer beware!!
The app freezes or kicks you out constantly. Can’t load pictures even from my photos. You have to go online to search, take a screen shot to upload anything and usually freezes up. Worst app I’ve used in years!!! I can’t believe the App Store is even still selling it!!!
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4 years ago, The Lee Bay
Can’t sign up/in
Apps credentials have apparently expired and they apparently never bothered to renew them because you can’t create an account or sign in. Comes up with an error message that says their credentials aren’t them and basically saying you can’t sign up or in because it could be a fraudulent app.
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5 years ago, Milllany
Amazing App
Thank you, guys, whoever you are for creating this cool product! This board helped me through my life already and gave opportunity to structure my goals and plans!
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5 years ago, moltaxe
Pocket Vision Board
Unlimited boards feature really made my day! Now I can finally organize all my goals in a simple, structured and beautifully way. 
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4 years ago, sjb199633
Convoluted Mess
The UI is terrible. Obviously trying to do something unique and interesting, winds up with unfamiliar navigation and unexpected results. No ability to backup or restore. Given a “Vision Board” of all pre-filled slots. Can’t delete. Have to have 9. Ridiculous. Pay extra to create more - you guessed it - 9 block pre-filled slots. Paid way too much for this.
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5 years ago, xaloshorne6
Happy I found it
I am super excited with this app! I don’t usually write reviews, but this app deserves it in every aspect! Vision board, affirmations and reminder - all in one place! Great job!
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3 years ago, Ann-Lee$
Where is it?
I just paid for unlimited affirmations. Where are they? Please help!
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5 years ago, sarahmain58
Great app for visualization!
It’s definitely my way to create a Vision Board! Powerful and easy to use! I love the new reminder feature!
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6 years ago, Maya40404040
Loving it!
Absolutely wonderful! Quick and easy to set up. Very clean and organized vision board for busy and A type personalities like me!!! 👍👍❤️
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5 years ago, Cre’Cre
Great for starter and visuals
This app is great for a visual reminder of your goals. It allows you to keep your goals before. It brings your goals to life.
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12 months ago, Ashkb33
Photos won’t load
I tried uploading a bunch of my own photos but most of them won’t load. I just get a spinning circle and it’s been days since I first created my boards.
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7 years ago, TheGreatGeo
It's cool but could use music features
I like this app but it would be nice if it had music features
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7 years ago, Big Hoss 7
Great Start!
I love the goal date feature and the ability to add your own captions!!
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3 years ago, Cris Pian
VISION BOARD: Today Has Been Installed For The First Time On This Device. AND: I Have Been Going Into Places/Times That I Didn’t Think I Would Be Delving Into Or Going Into. REALITY: Is A Really Hard To Determine Place To Really Understand Nor Comprehend. MANKIND: Cannot Clearly Know Anything That Is So Complex As What Is Written Out On Some VISION BOARD.
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1 year ago, SRTJD
Odd Behavior
For some reason and randomly some of the picture cells disappear for no reason. I have tried to reach out for help but there never is a reply. I like the concept but the workability of the app is questionable.
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1 year ago, Saving Icarus
Pay to Use Now. Screw that.
I’ve used this app for a long time. Never had any issues with ads but now you have to have a subscription to use it. Not worth spending money monthly to look at my own pictures
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4 years ago, Glad_e
What is the paid version for?
All this app does is allow you to add photos to a grid and then screen shot them. You can do the same thing through your photos app! And you pay to remove the advertisements. Don’t waste your money, I’m asking Apple for a refund.
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5 years ago, majontorn56
Day by day I make my favorite pictures my reality. This should really be a habit for everyone!
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4 years ago, AA.Amanda
It’s not working anymore!
I am not sure what’s the issue, but I have been trying to open the app for three days, but it’s not working. Does anyone know what's the issue?
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1 year ago, jimjimjun
Feels scammy
I purchased a lifetime subscription a while back and the app shows up as purchased in my App Store catalog. However with the new update, clicking restore doesn’t work. Not gonna repay for something I already own. N
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1 year ago, Ppl4world
Annoying Adds even with Lifetime subscription
Liked the idea and visuals, but the adds are super annoying and destroy the serene visualization experience. So I bought a lifetime subscription, but the adds are still there. Feel duped.
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5 years ago, lunarbest
Perfect dream board in beautifully designed app! Using it is just a pleasure for me. Amazing pictures!
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5 years ago, another irritated customer
No support
I cannot figure out the value to this app. I don’t see how to upload pictures to my vision board, there are just generic icons. The tutorial tells me nothing. When I click on “support” it takes me to a deactivated Facebook page. Disappointed.
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6 years ago, JumblyCruz
You pay $5 to upload 9 pics and that’s your vision board? Complete waste of money. You could use PicsArt for the same feature and daily affirmations for a quote. This Developer should be ashamed at the product they out of and asked people to pay for.
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