Viva Slots Vegas Slot Machines

4.8 (42.6K)
199.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Viva Slots Free Classic Slot Machine Games, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Viva Slots Vegas Slot Machines

4.78 out of 5
42.6K Ratings
5 years ago, RoseBuddie1013
I notice there aren’t too many newer complaints on the ratings! I was wondering if anyone has noticed how the top 2 tournament winners always have the same amount and there’s about 5-6 different pictures, but always repeated. If someone gets a higher score, the one who should be in 2nd is gone! I complained to them and they took everything away from me. I was somewhere in level 530, with over 750,000 credits. I guess that’s my punishment for accusing them of having a rigged game. If I want to play, I have to start from level 1 and 3000 credits. I bet this complaint won’t even be on this site. What makes me angry, I’ve been playing the game for about 2 years on my tablet and 4 years on my phone. Good luck everyone with THIS GAME!!!🌹
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7 years ago, Jr lachney
I love this game!
Great game!! It would be nice if once in a while you could play for more than a few minutes with the daily bonus. That is my only issue. Also, when you never win, you never phase up to higher levels and have to continually lose on the same games. I am very perplexed as to why you would think I would want to actually spend money on games that rarely ever even give any playback. I work too hard to throw money away!! Maybe you guys have lined and deepened your pockets and forgotten what it is to be a working class citizen. Still love this game!!
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7 years ago, Ndf1111
Huge rip.
I must've missed the part where this game does not offer real money in exchange for payouts, only after I read the fine print did I realize my mistake. I just purchased that $4.99 break the bank feature thinking that I would get my pay out of 40,000 credits (equating around $13-$14) but it just gave me more "credits". Why make people pay all that money to push a button when you can go to a casino or an online slot game that really offers payouts. I want my money back for that in-app purchase. Don't waste your money. I live in Detroit which is a poor area and no one in there right mind here would spend a hard earned $20 on "free gaming". Free for us, well not really because we are spending money, but the developers are just raking in that dough.... sick. I could've taken that money to MGM or Motor City or Greektown or even a casino on a Reservation. It just makes no sense. Do yourself a favor, delete this app, take your $5 and go play the penny slots at a real casino.
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2 years ago, tiny***
Viva slots
I love this game and I don’t play any other game. This is my favorite. I enjoy the payouts. I don’t use Facebook. I don’t think I should be penalized for not getting larger VIP credits because of this. I am a very valued VIP player. I believe that this is very unfair. I wish you would change this. It’s very disappointing. I still love Viva slots, however I still have a new problem. I am having a new problem with the game. I am a VIP player and I can’t get my credits like I used to. I keep playing the game like I always have. Nothing I do helps. I keep playing it with hopes things will get better soon. I don’t want lose my VIP status. I will keep playing the game with hopes of getting my credits on track as I use to. This game is awesome. I’m hopeful that I can get back on track.
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6 years ago, Eliz Nikki
I have been playing this game for quite some time but it seems when I have a lot of points built up the game freezes or won’t open. Today, out of frustration I reluctantly deinstalled the game with over 350,000 credits at level 180 that I have earned from my winnings of regular play. I reinstalled the game and it showed 2,000 credits. But it did “remember “ that I had completed the last challenge and paid me out the 150,000 in credits owed when the game froze. I waited 4 days for this issue to fix itself before deinstalling and reinstalling again. Very disappointed that I wasted my time playing this game to get points for the game to FREEZE to the point it had to be deleted and reinstalled. I tried all other fixes before doing that. So now I am just out of 350,000 points. Oh well huh?? I am going to play out these points and remove this time wasting game from my phone for good! Thanks for nothing!
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3 years ago, Arras
Not Real Odds
If you think this game offers real random results in terms of odds and chances of winning, think again. Several of the slot machine simulations have mini games, including a fixed field of treasure chests where you get to keep picking until you match three of four different outcomes: mini prize, minor prize, medium prize, or major prize. I’ve played this mini game 50 times and all I ever hit is mini or minor prize, despite their being a fixed number of chests in the field (guaranteeing the odds of picking a medium or major prize are equal to picking mini or minor). This means there is an algorithm in place for your selections, forcing you to always pick mini or minor chests…meaning the mini game is rigged with forced outcomes. If the mini game is rigged (which it is), how many of the full slots are rigged? Not cool, especially for a game that wants to sell you credits to keep playing.
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5 years ago, Donna you
No respond
Love playing this game, love the amount of slots to pick from. I been having problems with the app.I opened up the app and it wanted me to update the game, so I did. It took all my points( 830,000), all the levels I open and my vip points. I contact customer service and very quickly the fix the problem. Well it happened again ( same problem) but this time I have contacted customer service five time s with no answer, explaining the problem and still no answer. FIVE TIMES!!! I had 913,000 points, level 72 vip was the second level. I will not pay for any more packages on the game, fear of losing my points. This is very disappointing not to get a answer back from customer service!!! If I don’t get a answer back from writing this review, I’m done with the game!!! 😡😡🙁🙁
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3 years ago, Merchant2092
Easy to keep your balance
So far, the game has been very “lucky” for me. I have played it daily for about a year now. I have achieved most all of the daily and three day bonus events. I have maintained a daily balance average above 20 million for quite a while. I have never purchased any coins, ever. By comparison, I play three other casino apps that will eat up any free coins given and continuously try to link you to purchase coins. The attempts to get you to purchase coins are few and far between on this site. The advertisements that pop up are a mix of legitimate advertisements and the occasional scammy ones like any other app of this nature.
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4 years ago, smw-13
Update problem - 2nd device
Game is good except when I accepted updated terms and conditions, went to play as a guest (instead of on Facebook), my points are wiped out & my level goes from 169 back to 1!!!! This is the 2nd device it has happened to - customer support has been no help in giving back anything! I did contact support through the game 2x & have not heard from anyone......still no response from support....why bother to play game that wipes out all your “work” to get to better games??? & weeks later - still no response from customer support!!
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5 years ago, Handman56
Great game this the most fun ever
Having a great time a real enjoyment thanks. This game has you work hard to move on this makes it fun. I have now played for 86 days in a roll and plan to play for a 186 days more. Thank you. This is special night for me so will you please help out. This is raiders last night and they are playing San Drago. And the game is in over time. And this mite be there last game at the clown. Please keep the great job and thank you. Keep it coming this is great. You have not seen anything yet. So keep your eyes open and your hands on your pad. The best is yet to come.🙈🙉🙊
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7 years ago, Pewy Stink
Bogus Bonus
Please Read- first I understand this is purely entertainment BUT I spend real money to play and when I've hit several jackpots and it pays out the small amount next to it or hit the highest payout on the reels then it slowly spins away to a no win, this is faulty gaming! I've been playing long enough to tell you that each bet scale is rigged to a max amount on certain days and times of the month. This is a no win set in my opinion. Other Apps offer fair pricing for coin purchases, this one is the worse I've come across. Please don't spend money on this App, try GSN or others that have fair payouts and purchase options!
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5 years ago, Friendswood Tx
Lacks in Customer Service / management
Love the application. ISSUES: On several occasions, all my credits, badges, and levels disappear. What happens next? Have to submit an email and wait for them to restore everything. Unfortunately, they fix 1 issue and have to resubmit additional emails informing them what they missed. During this time I miss out of bonuses and play time. NOT GOOD customer service. This issue is over 24 hr. Unable to play, participate in challenges, bonuses. Chan in CS sent email asking me if I was sure about my credits. REALLY??
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5 years ago, Gordoc13
Zero customer service
I was told it was a known issue that new service terms caused credits to disappear as well as level go back to one. First time I reported the issue it was fixed. It happened again so I sent another email. It’s now been five days and no response other than the automated response. I am missing almost 2 million in credits as well as over 172 levels. Update it happened again lost all my credits this over 4.1 million. Why do the developers only respond to good reviews. Why are they wasting time patting themselves on the backs when they should be fixing the known issues. So frustrating that no one answers the customer support emails but has time to respond to good reviews. Your priorities are not in order but I don’t know why that would be a surprise.
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4 years ago, Kimmiepooh59
Takes forever
It's an ok game if you're bored. I tried to transfer game to another device and started back on level 1. I have contacted them twice through the game on the device to get it transferred and never got an answer. I have read reviews where other people have had same issue and have gotten no help. Maybe it's set up so you can't transfer game with progress. Update: after I put this review on here someone finally contacted me through the game only to tell me they like to leave your progress on just one device and make you start all over if you put game on a new device. Said unless I really wanted to transfer it it wouldn’t be transferred. I explained to him I won’t be able to play on my old tablet soon and haven’t heard from anyone since.
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7 years ago, Ramsay's cook 7
Huge wins with excellent service!
I have played many slots games, and I have yet to win as big as this game does. Not only did it give me a six-figure amount on a three-figure bet, but they also did a great job not begging for a review unlike the other games I had. Next, they also saved me from bankruptcy by giving me a jackpot at the last second and bringing me up to six hundred grand. Finally, I searched for defects in the slot machines, and I haven't found a single one. Kudos to the developer of this game and their assistants!
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6 years ago, 1946-Linda
Just started playing it. I love the game, but the credits go fast. Wish there was more pay offs. I can play all night until I ran out of credits. Love the game.... Viva, love the games, just have to watch out on the bet line, cause if goes to 5000 a spin and you don't have that many credits it goes fast. Watch out for that bet line. Love the game, but the credits go fast. The free spin you never win. What's up with that!!!!I But, all in all I love the game..... Love the games, but need to win more!! Spin button never ever wins. I feel like I'm in Vegas, never win......I do enjoy playing Love the games, wish there were more wins if don’t have credits you can’t bet high, so you can’t play the progressive slots and win the big jack pots. Love the games specially when I win which is not often. But I still enjoy playing... Give us more wins, please.....
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7 years ago, St. Bernard Momma
Love this game, however..
Wish that the daily bonus would go up after multiple days of consecutive playing. I am at like 321 consecutive days of playing but yet, the daily bonus is only at 500 credits. Should be more than that by now. I love the graphics of the games and the tournaments - those are lots of fun. And, the new additional slots every few days are awesome too. I'm rating this game a 4 because of the, no room for advancement on the daily bonuses, thus far. When the daily bonus increments are increased, I will change my rating from a 4 to a 5.
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6 years ago, Tigress3
Best slots game I’ve played!!!
I love this game! There are free credits every day when you sign in even if you don’t play that day! If you sign in daily the free credits increase! I’ve never had to buy credits!!! There are challenges weekly to earn credit just by playing and email offers for free credits that don’t take up a lot of time to do! If you have a problem with the game and you contact support, they get back to you the same day! I highly recommend this game.
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5 years ago, IzzyThePossumHunter
WAS Really Good NOT Now!
I’ve played this one for long long time. I guess I got farther along than they liked. One day I opened the app and all my progress in the game was set back to the beginning. I let them know what happened and they quickly set it back where it should have been. One week later the same thing happens and now they have gotten real quiet and have no explanation. So have fun with it but don’t count on your progress lasting longer than THEY want it to.
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7 years ago, Miem1978
Rip off
I didn't believe the other reviews & have used this program for at least 1 1/2 years with no known issues. I notice the same picture competing with me once I have built up my bank. No matter which game I play the same competing faces playing against me. Needless to say, I have spent real money & loose as fast as I buy. I seem to win building up my bank on the hourly bonus but once I start playing I'm out of funds almost immediately. I also don't receive winning payouts when they are substantial. Because you can play for free doesn't mean you can rip people off. I patronize your game by chose & feel you take advantage of people like me.
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5 years ago, anitazwingz
Ive finally deleted this app after almost 5 years of playing. I upgraded, had some issues and my requests for help were ignored. I emailed three different times over a three week period. No reply. I think perhaps they changed management. It’s no longer the Viva I loved. I was spending quite a bit on this game, and was almost up to black VIP. I loved Viva until recently, and am so disappointed, however I will no longer be throwing away money.
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5 years ago, Rarefind4
*UPDATED* Excellent Customer Support, within emailing my issue this morning and by afternoon everything had been restored! THANK YOU!! Original Review: Was at the highest tier category. Over 1500 in level. This morning I started the app, got my usual Day’s free credits and then POOF. I spent enormous $ on this app and now I’m back to square 1. Terrible Terrible Terrible way to start my day. Needless to say I will delete the app for there is NO WAY I’m starting from scratch after so many years of play!!
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5 years ago, Johndansmom
Was my favorite game until they did update back in May,
Every since the update in May unable to get free Facebook credits directly from Facebook. I have to send emails to get loaded. And yes sometimes it does take longer than 24 hours. I had to basically send a video showing I don’t even get the pop up before they would load. I have to send email almost everyday when the free Facebook credits are on Facebook. This is still not resolved. Still waiting for a reply from yesterday which is already past 24 hours. This is supposed to be relaxing more trouble than it worth to get my free credits... Replied to the message 2 days ago thru the app and still no reply....
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7 years ago, Papa Fruit & Papa Pan
I really enjoy playing these games, they are so similar to the casino games in Vegas, you don't have to spend any money because they give you enough credits daily to play, but if you are a serious gambler, then you could spend a little bit of money, but enjoy the games in the comfort of your house or wherever you are - I highly recommend this app to entertain yourself! However: lately this app isn't working
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5 years ago, Pepperfoo
Customer service went dark
My app crashed 3 days ago. Lost all credits, vip status back to new, back 2 level 1. Happened before and when I email for help they fixed it fast. I have sent two emails thru customer support on app, 3 emails like to the prior correspondence snd facebook message on their page. NO response. I don’t trust they are even monitoring the app now if they are ignore everything. Proceed with caution.
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6 years ago, takumiryu
My happiness playing slots
Use to go to the casino all the time day night it didn’t matter both of us were retired my husband died 8 years ago I am just starting to play again it brings good memories for me about all the good times we had together their were 2 games we always played one was Go Fish and Teki it had pearls to lineup to win pleas bring them back if you can Thank you Linda
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6 years ago, ArtZAngel
Keeps crashing
After the last update it started crashing when I turned my phone to landscape mode. It was stable for a year. Then I’d get to 30+ Days bonus. Then did update and got to day 6 and got stuck in the animation for bonus days and would crash over and over. Finally it resets to day 1, and now on day 2 another crash. I have 3.6 million credits approximately snd I don’t want to delete and reinstall. Help! Used to be a 5 Star game. Seems to crash all the time if I don’t have it in the landscape position (orientation turning phone). I can’t get past day 7 without crashing. Help. I have 3,453,000 credits. Don’t want to install again.
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3 years ago, wont let me sendWtf
Lame Game
Used to be my favorite game. Now it’s just lame. Other games start you out with hundreds of thousands of credits, pay up to 300,000 to watch a video. This game starts you out with minimal credits and you only get 30,000 credits for watching a 30 second video. Doesn’t pay out big so you lose all your credits in just a few spins. Designed to sell credits. Not favorable to the player.
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5 years ago, Arizona Spinner
VERY Disappointed
I have been playing these games for over 4 years. It is (was) my favorite. I went in to play a few days ago & found everything wiped away. I had 7.8M credits - gone! My level was in the 500’s - gone! My VIP level - gone. My full piggy bank with 1M credits - gone. I have reached out to Customer Support more than once and no one will respond. I have made many purchases over the years and would think they would at least respond to my requests for support. What a sham! They let you build it up and then they take it away and give you cold silence when you ask for help. BE CAREFUL! It could be you next!!!!
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5 years ago, Karinas1111quest
Addictive & soooo fun!!! Thanks
Thanks for the new games new tournaments & other contests that allow more credits! I absolutely love all the slots! Keep up the great work! 😉😁 thanks for always adding new stuff! 🤟✌️🙌👏💖 wait don't y'all give bonuses for writing reviews anymore??? Ijs it would be appreciated! Thanks for making this gaming feel like you're in the actual casino! Turn up the music & Where's my drank! 😂😌😉😂
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6 years ago, NemosisH
Slow Death
Does not even deserve one star. Is the most boring game I ever played. The option of buying chips is a joke! In fact their offer to purchase more chips is an insult!! Why would anyone consider purchasing chips when you are going to lose them in a few spins? After all it is just a game (no money, just chips) with no enjoyment so far. If it were a Vegas game, I would not have played it. Those who are giving a "5 star" rating are paid to do so or friend of the developer. There is only 1 line to bet on. Where is the fun, excitement? Worse than Vegas odds. Do not download this game it's totally worthless & pointless.
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5 years ago, granny x five
Great games But twice this weekend my points have been taken because they have to update? It started me back to zero on Friday. I hade 70,000+ points and erased where I was in terms of games. Just now it did it again and I had About 80,000 points what is going on? This has never happened before and I have been playing since about 2017 or even before that. Not happy Maria
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5 years ago, Allee121212
Best slots game and fantastic support
This is by far my favorite slots app. I have played these slots for a long time and it just keeps getting better I check each day for the new event and always enjoying playing them. I had an issue with the game today and it was resolved in a very few minutes. Thanks for keeping me playing!
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3 years ago, Ellie mae 777
Buy credits
I tried to buy credits and it wants you to put your finger print to open for you to purchase the credits. Mine does not open I usually used my password to open and purchase credits. Is there anyway you can make it like it used to be and just type in your password. I would really appreciate some help on this. Ellie Mae 777
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6 years ago, GamieSlot
Keep your fingers crossed
Found this about 2 years ago; if only the points you rack up was real $ !!! Fun, relaxing and enjoyable . New games keep popping up. Still playing ..... still enjoyable New games & ways to rack up points. Not sure about some of these games lately it seems like the first time or two you do well & THEN you can’t hit a thing.
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6 years ago, RickM125
This program deserves the 5 stars but there is a bug that causes the program to to freeze while initializing on my i-Pad. This is the third time it has done so and any progress is lost when it is downloaded again. I will try once more. Frustrating! That bug is still there, but I enjoy the games anyway
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5 years ago, Anonguy42
How to win
When starting out you have 3000 coins. On the first slot machine max your bet out to 1000 coins because on the third spin you’ll 99% of the time hit a massive win. Then after about you get to about level 10 it starts to slow down. If you lose all of your coins just uninstall and redownload and try again.
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4 years ago, glo bro
No possibility of winning the jack pot !!
I love playing the game , however I can play for hours on a daily basic and I can never hit the grand jack pot I don’t think winning the jack pot is an option. I’ve purchased additional coins on many occasions and still never even got close to hitting the jack pot.. I don’t think winning the jack pot is a real possibility with this game. Thanks
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3 years ago, Mrs Mess1
I have an IPhone with the IOS 14.5 and installed the update. Now I have sounds but a black screen. I don’t want to lose credits or my high level achievements. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it didn’t help. Can you fix this bug? I love VIVA and want to give it 5 stars but I just can’t at the moment.
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6 years ago, Geminidstny22
#1 App for online casino slots!
Viva Slots is by far the best slots App! I have been playing online casino App’s for years & no other App compares to Viva Slots!! The games are incredibly realistic, they offer free credits daily, new games are introduced weekly & there are constant Promos to win free credits & other prizes! Most important...their customer service is top notch! Happy Spinning!
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3 years ago, Nonya1959
Casino game
What a joke! I have been playing this game for a long time. It used to actually pay you something but not now! It’s not fun anymore. You can’t win anything on this! You’d think it was in an actual casino and locked up so it won’t give you anything. Come on! It’s a game!!!
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5 years ago, MARY #1
My Opinion
Viva Slots is one of my favorite games, the pay outs are great, never a boring moment. I tell all of my friends and family to get it and til now I have not had any negative feedback instead I hear “Wow all the machines are fun and not like others, where a few are good and the majority are boring with payouts that Stink”, I AGREE” Thank you for such a FUN Time!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Tam5832
This app is fun! It’s fun to imagine actually winning that amount in cash some days. lol 😊Heck you might as well dream about it rather than do it... better for the bank account that way. “Pay outs” in the games aren’t always great but then again, it’s just a game for fun so it is what it is. I don’t buy the extra tokens or anything... just use for fun
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6 years ago, Nav9
Simply the Best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I only play Viva Slots Vegas because it’s simple and doesn’t have a bunch of nonsense stuff that I don’t like. It’s just simple slots that look good and play well. Some games try to be new and flashy but the have glitches and show me too many ads. But not Viva, once I bought a few small coins it welcomes me back every time. Simple fun.
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3 years ago, Beachsailor
This is my go to game for pure fun! Love the “tournaments” and how simple and easy it is to play. I highly recommend this slot game for anyone who likes to play in doc’s office waiting room or anytime you want to kill a bit of wait time somewhere. Rarely acts up. I don’t ever bet max so I amass a whole bunch over time. Try you will like it!
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3 years ago, w0r5t 3v3r
Waste of time!
This game app is a waste of time. I enjoyed playing the super sevens and stars but there is one huge problem. It doesnt pay out enough to keep playing. I will not purchase any of their coin packages. If i wanted to waste money i would join an online gambling site. Its not a problem to not win your “jackpots “ which has never happened, not even close, it the fact that i can only play for 2-5 min and out of your daily credits even playing on the lowest amount. Plain and simple..... waste of time.
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3 weeks ago, Maggie Patches
It’s Addictive
I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. It’s a ritual to collect my free credits and play a few minutes while having my morning coffee. I really enjoy it and appreciate the opportunity to get free credits on Facebook. I especially like the games that have something a little different- like free spins from bonus symbols or respins.
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7 years ago, djdizzle92
Viva slots vegas
This game has me spending money sometimes but I love the free coins and the daily bonus streak and always have new machines to win big on which meets you win prize pool totals and you never run out after that but definitely visually appealing and they treat the players right by giving bonuses away all day. THANK YOU Loyal customer
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5 years ago, anoyedandfrustrated
Waste of time
Twice I have built up several million credits playing daily for months and twice the game has arbitrarily wiped out all my progress. I even had logged in with Facebook so they could track my account but it doesn’t matter. You launch the game one day and it has reset to no credits and no levels. If you like the frustration of playing weeks/months just to have the game dump all your work then this is the game for you. Not going to get suckered into having it happen again, I’ve deleted the game.
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7 years ago, Tennessee Slot Girl
My favorite of all the casino There is one thing I absolutely hate about this game, and I mean HATE it. The game plays very fast which I like, but I like to keep an eye on credits left and change my bet--however, they keep dropping a banner that covers up the money I have. I hate that because it interferes with how I want to play
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