Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

4.7 (6.8K)
14.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh

4.72 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
4 years ago, jeanannf
Fun game that helps you stay sharp
This game is for anyone who likes to play word games but there’s a twist. It challenges your memory, keeps your vocabulary skills on point and helps you build one of the most important muscles of all - your brain! As we age we lose some of that speed with which we answer questions. We know the correct meaning of a word but sometimes we don’t take the time to read carefully and see how it’s being used. The multi levels help you to work your way up to the more difficult levels. If you play with someone you can compare answers and discuss why you chose the option you did. This game’s repetitive questions helps you to remember answers and the correct usage of words. If you have a competitive nature you will find yourself determined to find ways to stimulate your memory to make sure you don’t get it wrong again. Lots of fun and a great way to retain your vocabulary.
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5 years ago, pouyabh
Great content, the worst user experience
I love Magoosh, it’s a great team with a lot of amazing material and best exam preparation sources. It has great content and I really enjoy its website . However, it has the worst Flashcards apps I have ever used. Both toefl and gre vocabulary Flashcards apps are disasters. Here are some reasons: 1. No back button: sometimes you tap ‘I knew this word’ or ‘I didn’t know this word’ unintentionally and since there is no return button you have to wait until you see that word again (if you tap ‘I knew this word’ by mistake you have to wait a a lot because that goes to the end of the list. 2. No word list: the best way to learn vocabulary is of course using Flashcards and not wordlists. However there are times when you need to have an overall view of all the words you have mastered, for example before an exam, to see if you have forgotten any of them. So a feature of wordlist is essential. 3. Stupid random words: the words don’t have a proper algorithm to be shown. When you don’t know a word and you tap on ‘I didn’t know this word’ after 1 additional Flashcards the app shows you the same word and then 1 additional word and then the same word until that word gets green. If you learn a word just now it must be some delay until the app shows you the word again. But the current algorithm causes the word to be green very soon and you don’t see the word again until you master all the words of the deck so that you can review green words.
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11 months ago, Ashes Everywhere
Minor issues w/ the game
The app proclaims it is wanting the “Definitions” of the words given and that is an Over Generalization, & even utterly incorrect in many cases; the multiple choice options are SYNONYMS of the words in question, NOT a clear-cut “Definition” of any of them. Another issue I have is there are many words given that have Multiple CORRECT Answers given in the multiple choices… for example, I was given ‘Variant’ — one choice was “to be Different” & another was “to be Unique”; to be Different is to be unique, and to be Unique is to be different. The app will only accept “Different” as to Correct answer, when they are BOTH clearly correct as they mean one in the same (as far as ‘Variant’ is concerned). So…. Call it like it is & tell the masses using this app you want them to find SYNONYMS of the words, not outright “definitions”, as the multiple choice options Do NOT ACTUALLY iNcLuDe the specific, detailed definitions of Any of the words said app provides — MANY of which have *Multiple* CORRECT definitions. I love word games, this one just needs a little tweaking, guys…
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4 months ago, ItsLos
I’m preparing for future tests and I already feel like I learned so much from just having this app for a week or two! It’s so helpful and I gained lots of more knowledge from this and my vocabulary has expanded to a much greater extent now. I’m so grateful to have this game because without it I would not know so many words that are now so easy, and I feel like I can now do great in my tests whereas (A word I learn in the app) before I would have no clue what I was doing! I would absolutely recommend this app to anyone who struggles with vocabulary which I had before, but with this, which makes learning fun and easy, I have little to no problems. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please get this app! So helpful and fun😁
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6 years ago, Nana.17.94.
Great free vocabulary app
I really like using this app in my spare time. It’s fun to compete with my husband over who picked the right definition, and we both learn new definitions and words as we go. It’s surprisingly simple, easy to use, and doesn’t have annoying pop-up adds, which is awesome considering that it’s free. However, there are a couple things that would make it better. I would like to see some sort of pronunciation aid before you pick your definition, especially for new and unfamiliar words, as well as identifying how the word is being used (e.g. noun or verb). Both would be helpful in identifying the correct answer before choosing. Also, if you could add some sort of footnote that points out when a word has multiple meanings, we wouldn’t be as confused or self-doubting when presented with a new definition for an already familiar word. Otherwise, I really enjoy this app and would recommend it to others. Thanks!
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6 years ago, aleiax
Very helpful!
This app has been really great in terms of vocab building (as the name suggests). The only thing I would work on is the options presented. Some words that are shown have multiple meanings based on their contexts, so it can be a little difficult to understand which one the app wants until after you select an option and see the example. I think it would be helpful if there was a little disclaimer at the bottom of every word this applied to, indicating that this is only one of multiple meanings (just like in the Magoosh flashcards app). This would prevent people from believing that their original definition is incorrect, and instead just allow them to build upon it. Also, really appreciate that these apps are free. Most of the resources that are actually helpful have to be bought somehow, so it’s relieving to be able to find such informative guides at no additional cost! Thank you!
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6 years ago, Kabdksjavdlaoa
Really like it ; not quite perfect yet tho
The only thing that really bothers me is I have dyslexia, and some times a challenge is nice.. Most people retain information more efficiently when they have a full understanding. It would be awesome if you could either put an option for us to hear the word , or at least put how to pronounce it. So many times I’ve gotten answers wrong solely because I couldn’t read the word. Also I think it would be beneficial to constantly give different options for the synonyms apposed to the same selection every time. For the most part I really enjoy the app so far. It’s easy to super easy to use. For no cost, I think they offer a fair amount. I personally would like more options and levels for myself , and because it’s no secret that grammar and vocabulary isn’t being taught or used properly anymore..
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3 years ago, Smartie with Big Boy Words
Essay Wording
I’m currently enrolled in college classes during my high school year, and the essay standards get higher and higher every year for college classes and even high school classes. This app without a doubt has helped me achieve a new foundation of vocabulary that makes my essays stand out from my classmates. I already went into the app thinking I had an outstanding vocabulary, but when I started the medium/easy vocabulary introduction I was amazed, for I had never seen around seventy percent of the words provided in the application. This application deserves 5 stars, the process in which you learn the vocabulary is the same premises as the quizlet learning program. Very effective.
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6 years ago, App-optosis
Decent flash cards
Many of the words only provide one at most two synonyms. I understand that for the most part is sufficient. I think I would like to see more synonyms and maybe even parts of speech and antonyms. I get how that could be information overload, but I personally remember things a little better when I have many different ways to access the information in my memory. I agree with another user that a lot of the definitions have a left leaning political bias. It’s not outrageous enough to make me not want to use the app but it isn’t very subtle. Overall the frequency with which you are shown cards seems adequate. I really enjoy playing the game but I wish there was a solo player option as I would much rather be able to play without having to wait for someone else to take their turn. It’s challenging enough just racing the clock.
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6 years ago, Eurytopic
Best free vocab builder out there
I've looked at all of the free test prep vocab builders I could find and this one is the only one that works well (few glitches) and offers a large bank of words. It also tracks your progress and repeats words until you get them correct a number of times. My vocabulary has improved over time with intermittent use. The app has helped me track my progress and identify words that consistently trip me up. There are a few drawbacks. First, the app only offers a single kind of definition learning activity. There aren't any antonym or synonym games. Probably more problematic is that some of the definitions are a bit off, as one of the other reviewers mentioned. You can't rely on this app exclusively. I also absolutely agree that the app has a liberal political bias and I'm extremely liberal. Nonetheless, it's the best app I've found for free vocab test prep, so I continue to use it. I augment usage with other activities in books and online so that I get a better sense of the broad range of definitions for each word and for antonym and synonym practice, which I have found to be useful for test prep. Overall: great free app to use in conjunction with other test prep material.
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6 years ago, Zesmeg
Great words with helpful examples.
This app has been one of THE MOST productive and useful tools I’ve found to date. I especially appreciate how it recycles words throughout the exercise to ensure familiarity. Moreover, the examples are clever, sometimes humorous and often a reflection of our current social and political climate (one reviewer of the app has called the examples “liberal.” I call them accurate). Lastly, the option to revisit former exercises is, again, helpful with increasing retention of the the words and their definitions. Although I’m not sure how supportive the app is for testing purposes, I believe it’s an overall great tool to build a robust vocabulary or revisit words that aren’t frequently used in our daily life.
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2 years ago, SLD302
Where was this app when I took the GRE
I really enjoy this app. I like that you can hear the word’s pronunciation. I can figure out many words in the context of a passage I am reading, but am not certain how to say the word. I wish this study tool was around when I was preparing for my SAT and GRE exams. The app introduces the word, pronunciation and definition and then uses it in a sentence. If you get the word wrong it will give you other tries to match the correct meaning. You will get immediate confirmation if you have it correct or incorrect. Your progress is recorded and you can pick up where you have left off in your series of words.
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6 years ago, Barb52barb
Solid, brain-building practice!
As an educator, I appreciate the variety/level choice of words and the repeating trials on missed words. The brain and memory benefit from this essential repetition. Also, a great feature is the NOT SURE option which provides you with a definition AND a contextualized example of the word in a sentence, perfect! This is an effective format to optimize the cognitive processes involved in learning and memory. Note: Most words are at a moderate-to-high frequency, which means they are the same words you likely encounter daily in your reading, listening and interactions. There are some at the advanced level ‘I’ve never heard of’ which sometimes is disappointing to practice an obscure word that I rarely would see or use.
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4 years ago, Claywrite
Great vocabulary builder
This is a great vocabulary builder! I have learned a lot of new words and it is a great help for those preparing for college exams. It has different levels of difficulty depending on your needs and skill. However, it would be nice if the full definition of the word and a label for part of speech were given for each word in the answer (such as noun, verb, adjective, etc). Some of the synonyms used for answers can be slightly tricky and a full definition of the word would help understand the word better, especially for words with more than one meaning. I like how this app revisits words that you answer incorrectly and makes learning vocabulary a game. Great app!
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3 years ago, Emu su3
Odd definitions
I am getting words I a familiar with incorrect. It’s a bit weird. There isn’t a consistent degree of relation between the vocabulary and the chosen answer. It would be one thing if these words were placed in a sentence, but to put a word with more than one meaning, and two very reasonable answers is rather discouraging. Example: Q: Disinterested-bored or unbiased A:unbiased I would never answer “unbiased” over “bored”. You can be “unbiased” but still interested in the ultimate result. The questions may provide dictionary answers, but lack a more practical understanding. Example: Q:antic-childish or grotesque A:grotesque “Grotesque” is listed by merriam webster as an archaic meaning. “Cheerful and whimsical” being a modern one. I can only believe these questions were formed by using programs to randomly select related words and random thesaurus terms. I don’t mind learning archaic definitions, but this is hardly ideal. When offering more than one reasonably correct definition for a word you must provide context, such as a sentence. It is an admirable effort, but your app needs more than programmers and a thesaurus.
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3 years ago, lsmpd
Great vocabulary review and builder
This is an excellent app for reviewing,strengthening, and improving your vocabulary. The feature I especially like is the ability to hear the pronunciation. Another helpful feature is the inclusion of a sentence using the word in an up to date,relatable, and understandable way. I enjoy the pace of exercise as you can pick it up and put it down as time allows and it picks up where you last left off. Thank you for making this app free and available to so many that would not be able to access this amazing mind experience otherwise.
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6 years ago, The Reluctant Critic
This is, at best, a rudimentary starter lesson in advanced vocabulary. There are thousands of difficult words in the English language, and here we are presented with only 1200 of them. It is also limiting in that there is rarely more than one definition given, and, as others have noted, there is no context provided for any given word. “Betray” is but one example. Most of us use it to mean something entirely different than “reveal.” But in this program the word is given short shrift. A great many words are arcane or archaic, or might be found fourth on the list of definitions in any dictionary. If you’re into literary classics of old, you will benefit to some extent. The pronunciation icon rarely works on the first attempt. You will get not able to connect messages until your fourth or fifth attempt. The Merriam Webster app has no problem with this at all. I think this program is best for high school aged individuals aiming to lift their standardized test scores, and even then it won’t cover everything one needs to know. The best vocabulary builders remain only in printed volumes. This program is sloppily coded and hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. Doesn’t seem like the developer is keen on further improvements.
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7 years ago, Ashdale97
Great App Terrible Definitions
I love this app and I find that it really helps me with augmenting my lexicon with many esoteric and many useful words. The only issue I have is that a good number of the definitions are just plain wrong or they are altered into a form that only vaguely captures their definitions. I have gotten words wrong and have gone to my hard copy of the Oxford English Dictionary only to find out that the words are just wrong or misrepresented in the app. It is one thing to make the words approachable but another thing to oversimplify to the point that the word and definition only vaguely match. Fix your definitions. Do better at balancing simplifying the definition and staying true to its actual definition.
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6 years ago, eileenadelle
I love this app!
This app is great! Last year in 7th grade I never got that good of test results on my vocabulary quizzes. This year, on my first quiz, I only got one wrong! At my school if you score 27% out of 30 or higher then you take the next quiz early. I didn’t do that well on the next quiz because I didn’t recognize many words because like I said before I was taking the quiz before we got to study them. I did better than I thought BECAUSE a lot of words on this app happened to be my vocabulary words! It’s easy for me to learn these words because of the way the app is. THANK YOU APP MAKING PEOPLE for helping me get my best score on vocabulary quiz EVER!!!
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7 years ago, 0.Casey.1
I've only had several problems with the app not functioning correctly. A couple levels within a section that used to load will no longer work. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it still doesn't work (I.e. Level 2 of the second section). Even with the small annoyances of not fully functioning, this app has been incredibly helpful to practice vocab. I'm able to study for the verbal section whenever I have several quick minutes (waiting at the pharmacy, in the checkout line, etc.). I also use the app every night before bed to review all of the completed sections.
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5 years ago, Mitzi7296
Extremely Enjoyable
I stumbled across this app and I so happy that I did. I have always loved learning new words from the time advanced vocabulary was taught in school. I can’t remember what grade that was, but it was over four decades ago. While others took the GRE for graduate school, I chose to take the Miller’s Analogy test and passed with flying colors twice as I have a double masters. Those degrees and $7.00 will buy me a cup of coffee at Starbucks, so don’t think I’m bragging. The Miller’s Analogy test is no longer an option for entry into graduate school. Too bad. I still have a love for learning new words, and this app can keep me entertained for stretches at a time.
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2 years ago, gracefoundog
Great and effective App, however…
I love this word game, and it’s working! I’m using words I never knew regularly, and in even in my dreams. My only criticism is that all of the words are not included in each level when you replay or review the game after the initial run through. I’m not sure why it’s set up like this, since it obviously takes more than one run through to learn the words. So when I play other users, words come up that are not in the review. I tried removing the app and reinstalling it. That didn’t solve the issue. I just want to review all the the words every time I play. Thanks for a great free app though! I love it!
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2 years ago, Didi Miller02
Dream Vocabulary-Building App
To call this app a game is maybe a stretch, but it’s definitely a load of fun for people who like finding those beautiful nuances between less specialized words, those little nuggets of specificity in language that you’re shocked to find out exist. The app is clean, organized, progressive, user-friendly, and at least for now, ad-free! Free to use and without pop-ups, this app is really a wonderful tool and a blast to use. Excellent for non-native English speakers looking for that next step, as well as Anglos looking to increase their command of the language. I’ve loved it.
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7 years ago, Ferganni
Excellent app
I love the simplicity of this app as well as the fact that you are given a example of how to use it in a sentence in the intended context. The fact that you are given ample revision before being allowed to move on is extremely helpful. The issues I’ve encountered are the fact that you have to guess at the context for some words in order to get it right, but that really also adds to your vocabulary expansion as you are then selecting the best of the given options. The other issue is that the corresponding audio for pronunciation purposes is not available for all words, but I’m not sure if that is particular to my phone (iPhone 6), or a system glitch.
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6 years ago, AdeixD
Almost perfect
I am using it for the GRE vocab and love how the app works - I just finished with common words and have 2 sections done in both advance and intermediate words. The algorithm for the words is great for the first time - while Im learning the words they come/repeat just at the right time to make sure I actually learn them. The competition is brilliant in making me review a whole section. And growing groups makes it a bit challenging(which my competitiveness loves). BUT there is no option to practice with just the words I struggle. I cannot star the ones I want to practice - its either all or none and I really dont want to go through the whole 70 words because of the 4 I need to practice.
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2 years ago, supmavyo
Sometimes free apps can be disappointing, but this one has been a surprise. I use this for the convenience of the avoiding flash card hassle. I can pull this out and practice words that I need brushed up on or learn something new. It can be used while being in line or waiting around on anything during a busy day to pass the time. Soon enough, the words used in the app will then be noticed more while reading other material. I highly recommend and there’s multiple sections to cover, so it will definitely keep you busy for a while.
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4 years ago, stubborn like
I’m 67 and need to freshen up and relearn vocabulary. This app is like using flash cards. You choose your level and start. It’s multiple choice. If you miss the word, it replays that word, until you’ve gotten it right twice, I believe. No ads, no bs, no fancy interruptions, love it. After you’ve gotten them right and finish a certain amount, you can either play that series over, or go to the next level. I do just that. I need lots of repetitions. I’ll put it a way for a while, then retake the last section. Patience here, need it, very simple.
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4 years ago, Anikudlu
Excellent learning tool
Vocabulary builder is well-designed for learning the meanings of words through a multiple choice answer format and exemplar quotations that help you visualize meaning through context. For example, to learn a word that I had never heard before meaning “showing little emotion,” the quotation described elephants who seem to show little emotion but who actually have rich and complex emotional lives. To retrieve the definition, I just think of elephants. This is a great way to learn. Thankfully I no longer have to take SATs, GREs, or any other academic exams, but I still enjoy and benefit from this amazing app.
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6 years ago, Angie(MillerTime)
Love this app!
I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’m addicted! Great vocabulary, easy to use, and fun to play. The only changes I would make, is perhaps make it a little more visually appealing, more games, and the ability to personalize your profile and interact with the other players, like chatting with them, adding them as friends, and the ability to check out their profiles as well. Like all apps, there’s a little room for improvement, but nothing big! I’m really glad I downloaded it and I highly recommend giving it a try!
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4 years ago, Rammy Boi
Been using it to prep for the GRE
Really improved my practice GRE verbal scores. Straightforward to go through the vocabulary. It prompts you with a word. The answer choices are usually 1-2 words. It gives you the bigger, correct definition after you answer, letting you know if you were right or wrong. The examples mostly give pretty good contexts for the definition of the word, you can create a mental picture to associate with the word. Makes the learning process pretty efficacious. Pretty much all of the words on the GRE verbal sections were from the ones that this app subsumes :)
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6 years ago, Pam.S29
Great App. Highly recommend it to supplement GRE prep
This app is fantastic as a vocabulary builder for the GRE. I feel as though some of the word meanings could be updated. The contextual placement of the words in sentences definitely help explains the reason why the specific word meaning was expected. However there does tend to be an overlap with some words/some words can have multiple correct meanings in the options depending on the context it needs to be used in. That aside, fantastic app and definitely gives good perspective on other places where words can be used. Excellent way to review words and practice for the GRE. Highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, vx850
Odd app
The app has some definitions for words that are not in common use which makes it difficult to remember and integrate into your everyday vocabulary. Some of the words you use to match are not quite fitting, making it confusing and unhelpful to those trying to expand their vocabulary. And the app will bring some words you got correct back around 1-2 times in a round, but it is unclear how they chose those words. Some of the most difficult ones I got right I never saw again while I would get very easy ones 4 times in a row. The app needs some polish before I could recommend it to anyone.
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11 months ago, 무탈릭
Great App That’s Slept On
This is a great app for people trying to improve their vocabulary. The app offers different category (ACT/SAT, GRE, etc.) and several levels within each category, which makes it convenient for users to find a level that suites them. The app will remember the words you got wrong, so that you can continually practice until you really remember those words. It not only shows you the definition, but displays a good example so that you can see how the word is actually used. Moreover, you can listen to the pronunciation of each word if you are unsure of how to pronounce it. I’ve been searching for a vocabulary app that works, and this app has the most seamless user experience! I’m pleasantly surprised that it has no advertisements either; I’d be willing to pay a membership fee if this app is continually updated. Great job creating this app!
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5 years ago, roxy marj
Love this app!
I gave it 4 stars because I think they could step it up a notch and add some basic images/photos along with the definitions just for us visual learners. Also, the overall design is very bland and archaic looking which is not appealing to the eye. :/ With that said, I’ve been able to retain the definitions I’m learning so much better than when I look up definitions on my Webster’s dictionary app. These definitions are easy to understand and are formatted in a realistic current setting vs. many of Webster’s definitions are totally vague and I’m more often then not, left feeling still unsure of what the word actually means.
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3 years ago, StormySunshine
Best Vocabulary Building App EVER.
I am quite the nerd when it come to reading. Sometimes i read 5 books at a time. I pride myself on having an extensive vocabulary. Sometimes my friends will stop me to ask what a word i used meant. Since i hv started using this app i hv become aware of using several words inappropriately. The process they use on this app insures you will retain what you learn while in app and yet keeps everything very simple and fun! I 100% recommend this app to anyone wishing to expand their vocabulay.
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3 years ago, Shantastic907
Helps with memory and ADD
This app has not only made my mornings fun and productive, it also has helped with my terrible memory due to ADD. I’m learning lots of new and practical words I can use to be more concise (as I’m a teacher). It’s free, super fun, and you feel really good about yourself after you complete a section! It only takes 5-10 minutes per section so it’s great for mornings. It’s a rewarding way to boost memory, vocabulary, and continue to educate yourself! Also a great option for students studying for high school or college tests. Thank you for this app!!!
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5 years ago, Onepiece92857-
THE study tool for vocab prep
Studying for the GRE, focusing primarily on a high quantitative score, I disregarded the verbal section in my studies. After getting this app, I’m seeing a huge jump. Doing one brush through isn’t enough but 2-3 times per level helps me memorize the definition and proper usage of each word. After one completion, you can typically tell which answer is correct from the options. After 2-3 you’ll know the definition without seeing the options at all. One note: I wish they’d label if the word was a adjective, noun, or verb. Love this app.
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7 years ago, SunshineMattyJ
Very Helpful To Work With, But Could Be More Precise
I have found this app to be very convenient for me so that I can build my vocabulary and find more accurate ways to express myself. I am also using this app to prepare for the GRE. I have found a few homonyms and several definitions that could use some clarity. *It would be very helpful to be able to report some definitions so that they can better help me to understand the meanings of those words.* Developers, you have great ratings from the outside, but this will help make the app even better from this inside as well. I highly encourage you to do that!
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5 years ago, youngmaster kicks
Improve vocabulary
My son is going to college and we are against the clock trying to get him ready. We lived out of the country and he missed 5 years of English and vocabulary, so he has been practicing. We are doing it on two phones because I think some times he answers incorrect and on the second try he does well because he has good memory I want him to really learn it, I feel that what is missing is the indication that the word can be a noun , verb etc and maybe the pronunciation should be first. We are going to go threw the entire program hopefully, up to here very satisfied!
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3 years ago, mclindad
This is helping!
I’m almost 77 and have worked from age 13 until March 2020 when the schools closed and I haven’t worked since. This quarantine was turning my mind to mush! I was losing vocabulary and starting to worry since my mom, grandma and several aunts had dementia. (All on mother’s side of family). I started doing online quizzes and recently found this app. I am really enjoying it and it’s been a help and a relief. I had lost vocabulary because I wasn’t using it but it’s not as bad as I thought and coming back thanks to this app!
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3 years ago, Ploytrtyfdxyrh
I think this app is a great way to broaden your vocabulary as well as challenge your critical thinking skills. The repetitiveness of the vocabulary questions help drill the definitions in your brain. It’s also very easy to use which makes leaving words simpler. Although, i think there could be a couple of additional add-ons to make the app better. This includes a brief description of the select few words that could have multiple meanings and/or nouns and verbs to along with it. Overall, this app is great and definitely helps you obtain a great vocabulary!
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4 years ago, QuinlynRose
Better than expected!
I downloaded this thinking it would help me brush up on vocabulary I already know, but I’m actually learning a lot. The app includes three different categories which cater to a variety of students; English Language Learners , ACT/SAT, and GRE/GMAT. There are also levels within these categories. This makes it accessible for people who want to improve their vocabulary at any level, as well as a progressive curriculum. But most importantly, it’s easy to use and challenging in a fun way. I’ve used it every day so far!
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4 months ago, Starburke
It’s Great! But… text-to-speech sounds awful
First thoughts are after this: The text-to-speech needs work—cut out the white noise and invest in a 30-year-old male/female who can happily read 10,000 words for you… just a thought; I hear this new thing called “AI” can do all of that for you, for free, with ease! In first thoughts, I enjoy the repetition offered by this app. If I misunderstand a word or select the wrong option, I am happily reminded of that in the following attempts to get it right. That is seriously a great idea devs. Don’t stop until you get it right three times.
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7 months ago, Kiersty8
Good app, may be helping, but I must recommend something.
This app has definitely widened my vocabulary and I’m only in the basic section of the app, but I just say, there is a few words that have had multiple different meanings evidently and there is no actual way to know which meaning it’s referring to. I think it would help a lot to use the word in a sentence, and then giving the “player” an opportunity to answer. It would make things a lot easier to understand, and less frustrating at times.
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2 years ago, HarrisonLuve
Recommended 100%!!
This app is a simple and easy way to learn some new words or review them! It gives excellent examples of the definition of the words and puts it in a fun mindset. If you’re not sure how to pronounce the word it gives you a little speaker to tell you as many times as needed. If you don't know the word there is an option to click the “I don't know” box and it will review so you know for next time. Overall, I think this is the best vocabulary app I've EVER had.
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4 years ago, VkookTrash
Great for people who aren’t familiar with words in general!
If you’re anything like me who fails at using anything more than the common words, then you’re going to love this app! Slowly I’ve expanded my vocabulary and have learned the definitions of many new words!! I love how if you’re not sure of a word it’ll tell you and give you an example, then the word will rotate back around randomly to test your memory! I’ve taken to writing the words and definitions down to study them 🥳 I’d definitely recommend this app!
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5 years ago, unix?
Grate idea.
This has been a more fulfilling app for me. One thing. Contextually relevant versus synonymous for definitions becomes confusing. For example embryonic. The options to pick from might be Not as clear as a definition. Words sometimes have over 4 definitions so as long as the choices to pick from have no Direct correlation to word it makes it easier to pick and learn from it. I lost a lot of interest in school when a teacher would say.. only one right answer. Life is just not that simple. Thanks
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5 years ago, JessJMG805
Recommend 100%
I love this app! I am currently studying for the GRE and using this app has been so helpful. The words are very relevant for the GRE; the quiz format makes actually learning the word more likely as you have to be actively paying attention, instead of merely reading the word and definition. The app will automatically show you those words that you didn’t get right a couple of time also aiding memorization. It’s such a great app and I recommend to anyone who is taking the GRE or SATs or anyone who simply wants to strength their vocab :)
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3 years ago, Rayfromma
Thus far, thumbs up
Assuming I have an average or above vocabulary. In advanced category, school/SAT, I am through level four. Easily 75% or more of the words you will know the definition. What is good is that even though you may know (be able to guess correctly), this is a great way to refresh what you know, help recall a previously known word meaning, sometimes correct your assumed definition and learn new words. I like it because I am not overwhelmed by a high quantity of new words, thus far. On to the next level.
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5 years ago, jaine doe I
Definitely something to use if you’re looking to get into college!
I am fresh out of high school and I can definitely say that because of this app, my ACT scores have improved tremendously!! I struggle with test anxiety and because of that, I would often forget all the information I had tried to keep in my head to prepare myself for those standardized tests. But because of this app, I was able to challenge my brain in different ways and I was able to score a 33 on the ACT this past June!
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