Vogue Runway Fashion Shows

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Condé Nast Digital
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10 months ago
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User Reviews for Vogue Runway Fashion Shows

4.01 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Shinygunnermoogle
Good app, more features would help
It’s a good app, it does what it needs to do. I appreciate Vogue’s excellent photography and the generous resolution of the photos. One feature I would like to see is the ability to “follow” a designer, to receive notifications when a new show from them is available. This would definitely increase my engagement with the app. Also, it could lead to a “fans also liked” section in which I could explore designers of a similar character. In general I think this app would greatly benefit from having a few more thoughtful features added, while not interfering with the solid base of functionality that already exists. Cheers Vogue.
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6 years ago, Rawby is out here
An introduction into a new field of Study. Om
I love it. Fashion is a brand new world. This app is giving I a great tool by which to understand & recognize a most powerful, bonafide & important art-form. It is something I can use to help in visualizing a future quality of life. Ideas, upon which to use I’s future wealth upon. Also, a social cue in being able to identify the brand, style of clothing & the models who wore the clothes on the runway. Each picture is a beautiful example of photography. What a delightful collection of incredibly high-end images, representations of God’s creativity to lend I’s eye too. Truly, this app has as many practical uses as it does impractical uses. Given I’s age & the competitive nature of fashion, it is a helping I to catch up in the language of fashion, modeling & Vogue Culture. Again, I love it. I have something to do with I’s self all day & night. Gaze upon beauty for the sake of beauty. To gaze upon beauty for a upgrade in intelligence. To gaze upon beauty for socialization’s sake. To gaze upon beauty for something to represent I’s behavior & internal thought process by. To gaze upon beauty & develop a more pristine intuition to further create & live I’s life from. Truly, I am entirely satisfied as a simpleton can be bu such an app. Also, it is for free, this amount of beauty at I’s finger tip? Honestly, The Kingdom of God is at Hand. Thank you. I love you. Om
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4 years ago, EthanKhou
Lots of potential but launched prematurely without enough features
The app is good don't get me wrong. It does what it's meant to do. However it doesn't do enough. It needs more features like being able to follow artists, being able to tag your saved posts, being able to go to the designer's page directly from your saved post instead of having to go find then again, and the boards are a good idea but they don't work. I tried making one board, but when I go to make another the first board is deleted. Then I try to press a button on the saved board, and the app closes. Vogue needs to put more effort into building this app if they want to make serious inroads in the app market because this simply is not good enough to make people engaged unless they are that desperate to see what's going on. I expected better. Bottom line is the app needs more features and the bugs need to be fixed.
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4 years ago, Guildqueen
Why keep your app in the App Store when it’s barely functional?
I’ve used this app for a long time, and really love it in theory. However, for months I have been experiencing endless loading screens and/or crashes just trying to use the app’s basic functions. It seems to have become progressively worse over the months, to the point where now I have to restart the app between looking at each runway show. This seems like a critical bug that your development team should prioritize, rather than adding a dark mode display. Unfortunately there aren’t really any comparable apps I could use, so I’m stuck endlessly refreshing this app just to see one collection. Though using the app is painful, I would say that seeing Erdem’s masterful collections season after season is worth smacking my head against the iPad a few times. For developer reference: I was using a 5th Gen iPad, and am currently using the 2019 iPad Pro (the big one).
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3 years ago, michhhhfwl
Great Fashion Resource, Needs More Archive Shows
In general the app is a great reference source for people who study fashion shows. The photos are really high quality, aside from most of the shows from the year 2000 which is weird because the shows from the late 90s have better photos. With that said, my two biggest complaints is that Vogue needs to add more archive shows from the 90s; I don’t know why but for example Miu Miu, they have the 1996 and 2000 show but not 1997 through 1999. Also, whenever I want to save a whole show, it only saves the first photo from the show, it doesn’t redirect you to the show’s photo collection.
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1 year ago, theonebustycoon
Horrible GUI, only a few collections, horrible writing
New update added a new GUI with horrible scrolling. It's very frustrating to scroll from one picture to another. The vogue runways itself do not have all runways especially runways in the 90s or earlier. Adding to this, some collections is very low quality in terms of pictures (blurry) whereas you can find other runway archives with better pictures and multiple angles. The 'reviews' and background info on collections is pretty much useless and feels like some Vox level writing throwing hollow words and giving no actual information about the runway (such as textile and influences or even interviews). Very disappointing knowing Vogue is the biggest fashion paper. Also the website version requires you to pay $12 just to view articles and runways.
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5 years ago, DerekVHo
Great app but missing features
Love the app. Photo quality is amazing and it’s a great resource for inspiration and to keep up to date with runway. However, there is opportunity to add some features to improve user experience. It would be great to be able to follow designers and get notified of when something new from them becomes available. A section to see collections from designers of users who liked the same designer would be great too. That way, your experience on the app is more curated rather than navigating through all these shows/designers that you may not necessarily follow.
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3 years ago, magglynn
Wish it worked
I love being able to create mood boards and to endlessly scroll through shows old and new. It’s pretty much the perfect app for me... and that’s why it’s SO DISAPPOINTING that it just doesn’t work. Vogue is so influential and far-reaching; it really surprises me that one of their apps is so glitchy. When I open the app, it only loads the Home Screen about 25% of the time... and the rest of the navigation (boards, designers, viewing the shows) only works about 10% of the time. And when it does work, it crashes. Maybe not right away, but it crashes every time. I’ll keep struggling with it because I love the idea. Would be such a gift for this app to be functional.
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4 years ago, nhilton7590
Needs some work.
I have to say, this is a good app that serves its purpose. I use it frequently. Having said that, there are a few glitches, or quirks rather, that I think Vogue and Condé Nast could improve on: When you go to save an image, it closes out of the image and starts you back at the top of the collection you’re viewing. This is frustrating as you have to scroll back down to where you were. Even more so if you’re saving a dozen images or so. Screenshots save super blurry and poor quality. Also, if you minimize the app, to respond to a text let’s say, when you go to open it again, it refreshes and you lose your browsing place. Other than that, I would recommend this app. Thanks, Vogue!
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4 years ago, Deonz
I’ll give it a break
Catch up with the technology, the controls are not great. The images load in weird slow precedence and sometimes just show up black and won’t load when the app is restarted. Uses a lot of battery for essentially a image based app, also the search by designer/season often doesn’t even work period. I think Vogue has a long way to make this a streamlined content reviewing system. The images for older shows(pre 2008ish I’d say) are not as crisp as what can be found online when searched for, but maybe that’s a ownership issue. Overall, average rating only keeping it at three stars because I do like that it’s updated quickly in regards to fashion schedules.
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5 years ago, idfuturist12
Great Content But Glitchy AF
I’ve been using this app for years now and I love it. The recent updates that were uploaded throughout the year in 2019 are consistently glitchy. If you scroll down to view a certain collection and either minimize the app really quick or go out of the collection to try and view another one next to it- the app refreshes and the loading a screen video plays again pushing everything all the way back to the top. Then you have to scroll all the way down to view the collections in order. It is so annoying!! My friends also use this app and their feedback is consistent with mine in encountering this issue. Please fix this!!
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4 years ago, carolineraemoon
Love this!
I’m obsessed with this app. The photography is outstanding — I love being able to zoom in and see all of the perfect styling details. The range of runway shows to choose from is impressive, and I love the additional content like the written review of the show. One thing I might comment on: I wish there was an ability to see the looks I’ve saved in a more condensed version. I love being able to save my favorite looks for dress up inspiration later on, but I hate having to scroll mindlessly through my saved looks to locate what I’m looking for.
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2 years ago, Leo the Radish Spirit
Excellent idea, not wonderfully executed
I've spent hours on this app pouring through collections and reading reviews, but a good chunk of that time was spent being frustrated with bugs in the app. It's pretty susceptible to crashing and it's very easy to lose your place if you're looking through a particular collection and you switch apps or put your phone down. At one point, my library of hundreds of saved looks, as well ad all my other folders completely disappeared. I really love this app, so it's a shame to see the operational end of it not work as intended.
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4 years ago, Zachheus
Minor Issues
To start off, this is a great app! It shows you the newest runways of every season; furthermore, you can select specific designers and chose which runway season you want to view. I have two problems with the app, unfortunately. If you decide to save any runway shows or specific garments the app may “reset” and you will lose what you have saved. Continuing, when you try to re-save your runways/garments an error message appears and the app will not let you re-save. All in all, this is a great app and I definitely recommend it!
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5 years ago, Iansimeon
Landscape Mode Needed
Great app, but it being locked to portrait position only is really annoying. There are users of different tastes with different use cases, sometimes you just wanna uses the app in landscape mode like every other app and it’s annoying to switch use case, position, even posture etc when using this app. Surprisingly, individual images CAN be viewed in landscape, What’s so limiting to give users an option of using the app in landscape mode? Please look into this.
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11 months ago, Carson5209
Great Improvement for 9.0
Great job team! Did Anna tried this app from her break during fashion shows and realize how much improvements it needs? I was really confused by the lack of real improvements to those consistent problems that people having facing over the YEARS and wondered if anyone at vogue actually use it, but now I’m seeing real step forward for the 9.0 version. This app is finally on its way to become the ultimate runway app!
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8 months ago, Cielooooo
I have a suggestion!🌟
I love this app so much bc I can look at fashion without endless scrolling. BUT I think this additional feature would be the cherry on top. I would love it if we could follow specific designers and get notifications when there’s a show coming up. I’m trying to cut down on social media use and I don’t like being on email lists, so if this app could do that, it would be amazing!!
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6 years ago, 📦📦📦📦
Has Some Issues
It’s a really great app and it’s interesting to see the different range of fashion choices. However , I have three issues with the app. After I press the back button after looking at a collection , it glitches. Like it’ll scroll up and refresh the page. Then , it will take me back to the collection I previous looked at. Number two : It runs slowly. Third issue : It force closes by itself. It’s the app and not my phone,because I just got this two days ago. Please fix it so that I can give you 5 stars 💫💕 !
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2 years ago, notsureaboutit77
Photos too small
Just updated yesterday (though I’m not sure how long an update has been available, perhaps for a while). I hate that when I’m scrolling through collections now, the photos do not take up the whole screen. Zoom just doesn’t feel the same 😪 would loooove a setting that allows you to change back to the old way of viewing collections. Miss seeing each look full-size and having to do a new swipe to get on to the next one.
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2 years ago, We Are Temporary
An Incredible Service to the Fashion-obsessed
I don’t know what I’d do without this app, to be honest. It’s the best (and perhaps only) comprehensive way of following the major collections from around the globe. What possesses Vogue to spend so much time and care, not only the app, but also the content, and then give the app away for free I’ll never know, but in doing so they offer us—the fashion obsessed—an unparalleled resource.
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5 years ago, Emma Figueroa
cool idea, needs some adjustments
this app is an awesome way to get more into the runway and fashion world no doubt about that. but i have some problems with the way it works. when i save a look that i find intriguing it saves a totally different picture to “my shows”. it’s frustrating having to go through all the photos to find the one that i liked. please make an update to fix this. to add to that, when i try UNsave a photo it claims the action is “unacceptable”. it would be great if you could fix these minor problems. thank you.
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5 years ago, douglasdac
Great App but has so much more potential
I love this app with every bone in my body. It allows a new way of viewing fashion and being able to do visual research. I would love to see it have more features. I wish you could "follow" designers and get updates when the new collection hits the app. I also wish it wouldnt refresh automatic when you switch to an app. Honestly that part is very annoying. But still super sick for customers and students
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1 year ago, Katelynj430
Love the app album function, just too slow
The app is fine, I wish I didn’t have to rely on using the mobile app to save looks to my Vogue albums or saving individually to computer hard drive from the desktop site. I like the functionality of album options on the app but it has always been a bit slow to load and save. I find myself losing patience and giving up looking a lot, which is unfortunate now that Vogue is paid subscription only.
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5 years ago, thezqueen
Super Easy to Use!😁
I love this app! It is super easy to just find the runways shows you want to see, and you get alerts on the latest shows. There aren’t many ads, and even if there are, when you scroll through the shows, you can just scroll past it. I also am a HUGE fashion person, so the fact that this is so easy to use just makes me so happy! I would highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, meoc28
Good but a little annoying
I love the app for what it gives you access to and the layout and presentation of shows looks great- my only issue and a reason I don’t go to the app more is that it refreshes and starts you over at the beginning EVERYTIME you go to check another app, or just check the time. 15 seconds off the app and it restarts itself and you have to rescroll or research for the show you were looking at. Most apps save your spot unless your away for a while- this just seems excessive and annoying.
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5 years ago, Annoyed Xfinity TV Go Watcher
Love the app and the high quality content..
But I would love it if there was an easier way to download all of the looks bookmarked instead of having to do so one-by-one. It’s very tedious and time consuming. It would also be helpful if you could open the app where you left off instead of the app restarting each time you open it. However, I truly appreciate the content and it’s quality!
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7 years ago, DaixDai
More Middle Eastern Designers
Love it especially cause it’s easier to save the certain designers and shows you want... only suggestion PLEASEEEEEEE and the Arabian designers (we have all the other “foreign” designers but no Arabian or middle eastern designers to view their runway....tend to like their stuff more and I have to search them up individually vs heading to “RUNWAY HEADQUARTERS” where it should be since it’s vogue ya know? Lol Thank you for creating this app just add those designers
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4 years ago, jamieclare1989
All saved looks from the last ten years are gone
Honestly, I am absolutely distraught and have tried to contact the app and/or digital teams at Vogue for months. I adored this app and diligently saved my favorite looks from each and every season for the last decade. The app became super glitchy, and then out of nowhere all of my saves from the last ten years of shows are gone and haven’t been recovered. Now it’s replaced by a “Boards” feature, with no explanation. I’m unbelievably upset and wouldn’t trust this “new” version of the app at all. I’ll just go through the shows and use Pinterest instead.
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4 years ago, Artfully yours
Hopeless on my Ipad Pro 23 inch gen 2
It crashes with a “loading” icon white screen when you select another show to view after successfully opening and closing your first show that you choose to review. It’s been doing this for months now. The only way to look at shows is to quit the app after freezes on the second show you try and look at, and start all over again, going through the splash animation, and choosing another show to look at. That show will open, but when you close it, and try and open another one, the app will crash.
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4 years ago, Blah.blah.blah.blah.blah.
More functions please
Please incorporate more functions into this app- sorting shows by date or alphabetically would be incredibly helpful! There are a overwhelming amount of shows in a season and it would be helpful and useful to have a way of navigating this vast resource. Example: I was curious to look at different shows from spring 2020 ready to wear - so I choose that category - but then the results are in no order whatsoever which can be extremely anxiety provoking when given no further sense of control. For using without having a specific designer in mind this app does not have its user in mind ...
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4 years ago, EVa~629373
OBSESSED but help fix this pls!
I am obsessed with this app and have used it religiously for years! The quality of the photos are great and I love having access to runway shows right at my finger tips! BUT lately it has been glitching and not letting me share the photos to my Pinterest and my Snapchat! Pls help me fix this problem! I have re-downloaded the app many times now :(
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3 years ago, cps1717
Does not save correct look
I’m glad the app is getting better. I tried to save a look from Balmain Pre-Fall 2021 to my boards, but the wrong look was saved and I kept getting error messages. I hope this will be fixed. I really like how you can save looks now. I’d definitely be happy to pay for better functionality etc.
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3 years ago, gayppsuck
Needs Improvements
I love the concept of this app. I love having a massive archive of shows at my disposal and being able to search for specific seasons and designers. However, I run into a lot of problems trying to create boards. Things break, glitch, duplicate, and disappear randomly and it’s become rather frustrating. I’m hoping, eventually, that things improve. But until then, I am less than satisfied.
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4 years ago, Brionté
Facebook login not working
I opened the app after some time and had been logged out. I tried logging in with Facebook but a notice comes up that says “cancelled.” So I uninstalled and redownloaded the app. Same error. Tried logging in using the email address associated with my Facebook account. While I was able to login, none of my bookmarks were there. Tried to contact support through the app but won’t let me send a message without using the Mail app. Why can’t I just copy and paste the support email address? Mail is disabled for a reason. Anyway, please fix the Facebook login.
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4 years ago, Sarahrocks16
It’s fine
This app is still too glitchy to use sometimes, most early 2000s shows photo quality is horrible for no reason (since hq photos of these shows exists, but for some reason they’re blurry and grainy on vogue runway), and now I can’t save photos from the app and I have to screenshot them. Please actually fix this app, the only reason people use it is because they’re no comparable apps, but if there were no one would use this one.
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5 years ago, Andrewaitforita
I love this app but sometimes it crashes on iPad
It works will well on iPhone. But on my iPad Pro sometimes it couldn’t show the pictures and there was a grey semicircular at the right bottom after I tapped a certain season of a random designer brand. My iPad is iOS 13 and the app the latest version. Hope the problem can be fixed.
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3 years ago, ladysbelk
Great app!
The recent updates have improved the app significantly! You can view your saved looks in a grid, the back button actually takes you back, you can create sub groups in saved looks! I am so so pleased! Edit: the app while great seems to work maybe half the time I use it. It’s a crap shoot. I can be on the best WiFi and maybe it will work. I would love to spend more time using the amazing new features you’ve recently added, but it’s so frustrating when nothing loads.
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3 years ago, Jookshook
Can't even create an account
Couldn't wait to try this app as soon as I heard about it. Downloaded it, and the first screen to get past is the 'create account' page, as per usual. However the app is designed badly and the link for 'User Agreement' is directly under the button saying 'create' so.... if I click 'create' I just get taken to the User Agreement. Literally can't even create an account. Wow. Design quality... 0 stars. Hopefully they fix the bugs soon. I'm keeping the app and I'm gonna keep checking -.-
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4 years ago, lime bubly
At first I loved but eventually there were problems
Innately I loved this app and really had no problems with it. However, one day it removed all the things I had saved on the app. Now when I save something the minute I exit from the app and return it disappears. Although the app is still nice for browsing, I really enjoyed the feature of saving different shows and I’m quite disappointed that it no longer works.
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4 years ago, CovetNYC
While this is an amazing resource to look back at archives of designers’ past collections, it’s extremely frustrating when the app crashes after each show I look at. I’ve literally looked at 18 collections now and each time I’m done looking through a certain season, it crashes when I want to look at another one. I’m viewing these on an iPad Pro, so it’s definitely not the console.
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5 years ago, MaryAllen20
Fashion Review
I love that you don’t have to even try to watch the full fashion show and one fashion show came out yesterday and they already have the pictures on the app! I also love I can see what is the designer selling so then you don’t have to go shuffling through pages to find what you like! Over all this app is awesome!
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4 years ago, epic_bagel123
Crashes every minute
I would love this app if it worked properly. When opening something for the first time things work fine, the second time opening anything at all causes the app to crash. It starts loading and never stops. Fully closing the app is the only way to look at one single thing. Seriously just impossible to use. Clearly whoever is supposed to be dealing with this isn’t doing their job or maybe vogue stopped caring about the ability to use their platforms, sad to see.
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6 years ago, Juani4life
Still needs improvement
I used to use this page, now an app, which back then used to automatically forward the slideshow on a continuous loop. Not happy the app doesn't do this. Also, you cant forward to fb but you can to PinInterest and lets be real, who uses PinInterest anymore. Also, on my IPad, the app doesn't rotate which makes viewing on a stand or keyboard not very useful if you cant turn it vertically.
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6 years ago, 👨🏾‍🎨
The “My Shows” Tab no longer works
The app has had some pretty annoying bugs (force closing, no infinity scroll, etc.) but the one that has been bugging me since the last update is the fact that every time I open the app, I am signed out of the “my shows” tab then when I relog it doesn’t have any of my shows saved and I have lost all my shows. Also can you add the name and season of the shoes that run on the loading screen. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Prom Queen of the World
Holy grail
I really love this app. I have no complaints. I love being able to zoom in and get a close look at the fabrics, patterns, or accessories. And the photos are all really great quality. Finding this app was like finding the holy grail for me, and I’m constantly checking my phone now and finding constant inspiration.
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4 years ago, _user44
Many Technical Issues
This app has so many technical issues that it is difficult to use it in any way that is intended. I can’t tell you how many times the app has quit unexpectedly, took several minutes to load content, or been unable to save or unsave photos. I have no idea why this app has so many issues, I have tried deleting & redownloading it and nothing has changed. Very disappointing coming from such a popular app.
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6 years ago, dimpledgal
High quality photos
The photos of the show are very high-quality on the app, but there is still some glitches that could be fixed. The app sometimes closes unexpectedly, and when trying to swipe to view a collection of photos screen goes black. Overall great concept bringing the runway to mobile
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2 years ago, Loumup
I’ve always been a fan of the browser version of Vogue Runway, but got tired of constantly being logged out. This app removes that problem and is much cleaner to navigate with the same high quality images & coverage.
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5 years ago, Uniquewon07
Truly a sight to behold. I may not be able to see these runways up and close, but Vogue Runway’s app makes it possible. Easy to share features to other social media platforms, I am able share these gorgeous pictures with my fellow fashion followers. Highly recommended!
Show more
4 years ago, Xtianvb74
Love the data- hate the crashes.
I have been using this app since it was Style. However as of late, you can’t seem to access more than one or two shows without the app stalling or crashing. This forces you to have to reboot it constantly. I am a fashion and beauty educator and recommend that my students use this app for as a reference tool, but am considering telling them to delete it until improvements can be made. So disappointing.
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