Voice Over Video

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4.5 (6.7K)
21.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
15 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Over Video

4.46 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
3 years ago, lmb0329
I want to love it
I have saved all of my videos on phone without sound, but when I pull them up on this app, they still come up with the original audio in the background. It makes no sense. I can’t get the video to come up with sound anywhere else. And in the one app where I want it to load like that, it won’t. Please Help!
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4 years ago, FlyShit 2016
It wasn’t very fast. And it didn’t play the video. I was filming a voiceover stretch routine video, just for fun. Still, I needed the video to play so I would know what to say. It wouldn’t load, even though I had a full 3 bars of WiFi. It was working fine the first time I used it. Also, it only let me do one video, unless I paid. This is a scam. You can only film short videos in order for it to load properly, and you have to pay if you want more than one. The app is lying when it says, more than one video allowed. Well, not fully lying, but I guess they forgot to mention the part where you have to pay for more than one. Never using this app again!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, 83833$!;!:sje
This app does an allowed long videos
Ok this app does work for short videos but not long videos and that really bugs I wish this app allows long videos. Ok so I recorded my self playing PUBG the video was 12:32 long then a want to the voiceover app to voice over the video because I was gonna see a story because I am a YouTubeber but when the screen was supposed to be showing the gameplay it was showing a blank screen the screen was black then I did the voiceover but the screen is still black then I try to save it to camera roll but it said failed we try so then I tried three more times but it still didn’t work
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4 years ago, jiminscutie
#1 app
I love this app 😍😍😍. This app made me go crazy when I got super famous of these voice over Quality. I even could tell my fans about my morning routine without them hating about no voice over bc I had a voice over😙!!!!!!!!! I want to get sponsored so I can tell all my fans about it. This made my life change. Thank u for making this app I would not be famous and as happy as I am now if this didn’t exist
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3 years ago, cool for girls
Just what I needed
I love this app super great . The background and voice over is just perfect . If your looking for something like to have as a makeup tutorials or a vlog it’s perfect . It does not erase the noises from the start so if you wanted the voice and the noises still on perfecto ! If this is a no for you don’t worry you can silent the video without the app just search up how to do so . Over all good up 5 stars ⭐️
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3 years ago, JR-Mulah
This is probably the number one top voiceover that I have ever use excellent quality very easy to use I would recommend this only if you want your videos to come out high-quality and for it to look and sound professional if you’re looking for that and this is the perfect app for you💯
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4 years ago, Rhinonigel
Very simple. Here’s how to cancel
So after using this app and making my initial video, I was pretty much done with it. I had trouble finding the cancel subscription part but it’s NOWHERE in the app..so after searching the reviews on how to cancel, I started to navigate on my own. Turns out you have to go to the App Store, click your profile picture, then click subscriptions. There you will see this app and you can cancel there. Hope this helped you out!
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6 months ago, fhndhkvddhk
Loved it until it stopped working
I really did love this app but then whenever I had to upload a video it says “you’re video failed to import. Please try again” I have tried it again at least 20 times but still does not work. So sad cuz I rly loved the app and was having so much fun😭😭😭
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3 years ago, jdbduzhsj
I’m so mad
I was working on a dance vid for my dog. I know it’s weird but just listen. Ok anyway so I had already gone all the videos into the thing which took a long time to figure out but I got all the videos put together then I voiceover the music and guess what happened I finished it it was awesome and I was so excited! But it wouldn’t let me keep the video I was so mad because I worked very hard on this so please make it to where you don’t have to pay so that other people that like video editing can edit!
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1 year ago, 11volleyballer11
Best video voice over app!
It keeps the sound of the original video clear while focusing in on your voice; combining the two different sounds evenly! Plus super easy to use and change the settings of the sound on!
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3 years ago, MoneyM3
Free version only works correctly part of the time
It would be great if u could actually delete or reset a project like it's suppose to do. But most the time you think it's reset & you get things all recorded and it wants to charge you bc it claims there us either more than one video or more than one audio in your project this glorch needs fixs. About ready to look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, meah sepulveda
It’s perfect but just needs a little bit of work
This app is amazing! When I was doing a voice over I realized that you can only see half of the screen when I do the voiceover and I’m done editing you can still only see half of the screen! Please fix this problem! Thank you! Ps. The app is perfect☺️
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4 years ago, Chris Nicolella
Simple and Effective
I needed to make a commercial for my public speaking class and this app did exactly what I needed it too. It was easy to learn and use. If you need to record audio over a video or blend the original audio with a new recording I would highly recommend this app
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5 years ago, Andiblue
hi, there actually isn't a way that i can find to cancel the vip membership. the settings have 3 options: share app, review app, and restore purchases. i am in settings, where it was stated that a cancelled should be found, and yet that option does not exist. i will be finding a way to contact some sort of customer service to get that fixed. also not easy to use on a phone, and the option to record more than 1 voice clip shouldn't be $4 a MONTH. thats the whole purpose of the app. bye.
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1 year ago, voice over video
Voice over video
Voice over video is amazing!I can put videos together to make it one cooler video!As a kid it’s still always fun to be creative with your videos and video over video taught me that.
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2 years ago, lin.alanarose
Bad final product, good workflow
This app was great to work with and do the voiceover in, however you can only export video with the full version and when you do, it significantly reduces the size/quality of the video. I ended up with a little tiny square of video in a large black background after exporting. 2 stars for a nice workflow, I’ll be finding something else though.
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5 years ago, makeup all day every day
4.5 stars, really?
I recorded myself doing a makeup tutorial without talking so I could add a voice over. When I was done recording and with my tutorial, I went on to the app and clicked on the video I made and it would say “loading...” and then it would just glitch out if the app. I tried this again several times but it did the same! I got frustrated at this point, so I decided to write a review which you’re reading now. This app is a totally rigged and I will delete it soon.
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2 years ago, SirenWilliams
I’m so confused.
I created a video with voice over and it saved it super small, then a month later I’ve gone back to try again and it seems to have saved it normal? I’m not even sure. But I have the logo at the bottom and there’s no way to opt to pay to have it removed or anything. If I click out, it seems there’s no way to save the video within the app. Overall confusing experience.
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1 year ago, Amazing spirit 281
Why do we have to pay to add multiple voice overs?
Ok- so I get it, you need money. this is the only good Voiceover app I’ve found. (I need it for a school project) But, it’s really inconvenient that I have to pay for multiple voice overs. Other than that, I also want to know why it takes so long to process- is it my storage? Anyway, great voice over app, just want to know why we have to pay the money.
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4 years ago, Pamoola55
Can’t see the video when recording
You won’t be able to see the video when dubbing over, or when playing back the audio tracks, so you can’t line up the sound with the video. And if you’re adding multiple tracks, the only way I can see to check whether your audio lines up is to save to camera roll each time to playback.
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5 years ago, CutiieBeautii
No need for reading instruction, this app was so easy to follow, loads into “Camera Roll” swiftly and the quality is great. I grateful the for the multiple layering option and the ability to lower the audio to my liking. Awesome idea & execution! Thank you so much!
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3 years ago, LisaMahri
Could be good but...
Kinda of difficult to navigate .. not to many options to delete and start over ...
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4 years ago, princessi pink104
How do you add another video?????
Okay.. so I would give this app five stars IF this problem is fixed. I made a practice video when I downloaded the app and it worked out just find. I wanted to do another video but it said I had to become a vip. That really annoyed me. I have to pay to do another video?? This really got on my nerves. Please fix this problem I shouldn’t have to pay for that.
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4 months ago, marla-k
DDD x Eggedticoacal near triumph.
I tried this App over two times before and didn’t get a thing. Now, undoing my I using un-using I found out that it can frighten you! So watch out!!!!!
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4 years ago, ♫MusicalStar♫
Would Recommend
I was excited to use this app at first. Once I uploaded one of my videos from my camera roll, I realized it did NOT save the edits you made to the original video. Besides this issue, the voice recording is great and does not sound like a distant recording. Therefore, I would recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Kikipotter26
The app works, but I would just use iMovie. iMovie already comes with your phone and it lets you do much more. This app is very confusing and I don’t really like it. Since the purpose of it is to have as a voiceover I guess it serves its purpose, though it isn’t the best at doing so.
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1 year ago, kri33sten
Easy to use
Just downloaded, simple to use and no issues very straight forward
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4 years ago, MelW2020
Trial ended too quickly
It says the free trial last three days. I went to try to figure this out (within 24 hours of the download) and on my first try, which was a failure, the trial ended. Why would I want to subscribe now? At least let a person have the time to play with the software and determine if it’s worth the subscription.
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4 years ago, p-dizz1e
It is so easy to use and completely FREE. There is no ugly water marks, no time limits, or limits on the apps features for the free version. All the other voiceover apps have time limits, ugly watermarks, hard-to-use softwares, AND cost money. This app is gold.
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2 years ago, Wish I had a better nickname
Voice over
Wish you could have voice overs that you can alter your voice
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4 years ago, moann912
Good app
I love this app for doing voice overs but I don’t wanna buy the premium so I don’t have a lot of options for the videos. I wish I had more though. But o we all the app does what it says it will do.
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3 years ago, Deedeeinatree
App is un usable
This app doesn’t work. It won’t remove my video to let me reset and it won’t let me choose to not loop my video. Since the video is looped it won’t let me save it or share it without a purchase because “it’s more then one video” there are absolutely zero instructions for using the app available. deleting this app now.
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2 years ago, Linda D'Arco
Can’t re-order video clips
I really want enjoy this app more. I need to be able to re order the video clips. It’s next to impossible to pull them in from my camera roll and have any idea which is which. I hope you’ll consider that update.
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3 years ago, cro1990
Great until you get stuck
I uploaded a video a while ago. I now need to start something different and it’s not an option… so.. I’m stuck and paying to be stuck isn’t appealing.
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4 years ago, DestinyyParker
Download issues
App won’t let me download after taking so long to create a movie ughhh
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4 years ago, Super star 102
Awesome, buuuutt
Ok so this app is really awesome I make a lot of funny voice over vids with it, but I bought the vip access and now I want to cancel it but I don’t know hoooooww. Please get back if you can
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4 years ago, ✨☁️🎞 Avery 🎞☁️✨
It’s ok but..
Ok so I make gaming tutorials and I need a good voice over app so I tried this out. Trust me, it’s great.. but the quality of your voice after it finishes recording is kinda crappy. Other than that it’s effective 👍🏽
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1 year ago, Don'tHateMeI'mHelping
Didn’t work
I tried and tried to add a voice over to my video, and it didn’t work. I tried asking people who had the app, and they couldn’t get it to work either. I would recommend to try a different app. I’m not bad mouthing this one. Just saying that I couldn’t get it to work.
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6 days ago, Mell2215-princess
Can you please not do VIP and I will favor your app and give it five stars every single day🥹😭
This is for whoever made the app
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4 years ago, bocejrjbd
Good for the most part
The only problem is the video I’m trying to voice over still has the sound
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5 years ago, Ambroissia
One problem
My only problem is I wish you’d keep the video the way I had it when I put it in there other than that this is a really good app ☺️💚
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4 years ago, NORAH R J
Very good
I will say it is frustrating to have to pay to get certain things but overall a great app
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5 years ago, hdhwinefg
Can’t save into my camera roll
So this app was good just it wouldn’t let me save the video into my camera roll it kept saying there’s a problem
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1 month ago, Juanjo jose
it doesn’t let you save on gallery
Not really that great for me because it would not let me save it when I’m done and it just stays there like nothing
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4 years ago, paleigh:)
this app is great
so I got this for tiktok. I was kind of scared cuz the reviews were very bad but this app is very easy and it doesn’t do that tiny square thing like imovie. would totally recommend it for like like a 45-60 vlog for tiktok :)
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2 years ago, Respekmycool
Works well
Pretty straight forward. Easy to use.
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5 years ago, Nen592
I cant believe it’s as 4.5 stars. Whenever I want to do a long voiceover on a long video it just sends me back to home and it doesn’t work also I don’t like the limitation of only one I didn’t think I had to pay anything. I think I’m gonna try another voice over app because I’m very disappointed with this one.
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3 years ago, pik me up
Not to good but good
It’s very glitchy and it never wants to voice over want I want to do! It’s ovrr we all a good app!
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1 year ago, cailyromk
Cancelling Subscription
I got the monthly subscription for a final project but I don’t need the app now. There’s no where on the app to cancel, it opens up directly to my video gallery. How do I cancel?
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4 years ago, klammekut
Totally not worth the price they ask
Rudimentary coding at best, glitches when saving a video will fail more often than not. I cannot believe they ask money for this junk. I had 4 videos out of it before it simply stopped saving videos “keeps saying failure” I am done with this garbage
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