Vola Finance

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Checler Inc
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Vola Finance

4.52 out of 5
20K Ratings
2 years ago, Jb9191
Highly Recommend !!!
This app was extremely helpful! I was recently home from university during my winter break, and I was unable to work at my on-campus job so I didn’t have a source of income. Since I had plans to catch up with my hometown friends, I needed money for going out. I was able to borrow some money just for the month to sustain my social life. By using Vola, I was able to let loose for a couple of weeks and not worry about school or money. Knowing myself, I would be able to pay it back once I started working again. The best feature on this app is that I was able to request an extension for my repayment date, which was a big help when I just got back into the swing of the school semester. I was able to repay my advance with no issues, and the app’s interface was easy to navigate. I did have questions about extending my repayment date, so I emailed them and got a response within a few hours. I will definitely be using Vola in the future!
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1 year ago, No so smart....
Quick service just signed up
I read that it could take up to 24 hours to reach my bank, but signed up for the 6.99 month Blue Sapphire tier which allows for $40 loan which i need by tomorrow. The sign up was simple and very similar to the Dave or Empower app. They don’t send your info to other loan companies. You deal with them directly after linking your bank and debit card. I absolutely recommend this app and my reviews on most things are usually negative ones. Great app. Get it. Don’t get Klover either. I tried it, and you have to earn points to get an advance in various ways. I got a $30 advance from them to be taken out on the 3rd of February, and they took it out earlier than that, which is why i needed this one. They actually did me a favor without knowing it. So yeah, this is simple. Don’t sign up for sites offering $200 to $5000 loans either. They will give your information to lenders who blow up your email and phone. I have a lot of unsubscribing to do now bc of that. Get this app. folks, I’m on disability and seem to always need some money at the end of the month. God Bless. Also I am not being paid to say this.
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4 years ago, Sallyksks
So glad I have this app
Vola has actually been such a lifesaver. It’s easy to use and no hassle to get money to cover expenses especially in emergencies. During college even though I had a part time job I would sometimes have random, unexpected expenses come up like crazy expensive textbooks or plane tickets home for the holidays. It was honestly a big relief to know I could use Vola and not have to borrow money from my parents or friends in a pinch. Whenever I’ve had questions their customer service is pretty responsive and able to help me out. They typical respond to emails within 24 hours. I’ve recommended to many friends. My cousin also started using it and has used the money to help cover vet bills when her dog got injured. Such a life saver.
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3 years ago, Holly Woulld
Kinda Useless
Used this app on and off for about 7-8 months...despite a relatively high income, paying for their weird tiered membership (which was I believe supposed to allow borrowing “up to” $75ish) and consistent repayment history, I was only ever able to borrow $30 at a time. This was the original limit I was given upon signing up for the app and remained that amount until the day I closed my account. Nothing shady here & no issues closing my account, it’s just $30 is barely a tank of gas. Most of the other competing apps of this kind I signed up for around the same time quickly allowed me to borrow more upon several prompt repayments (i.e. Dave, Solo, Brigit, Albert, etc). This one works in a pinch but the limits remain consistently low and there is an excessive amount of app downtime due to maintenance (something I admittedly know absolutely nothing about—all I know is there is no other app I use of any kind which has that much downtime for any reason, maintenance or otherwise).
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3 months ago, Gabies78
Don’t use this app!
When I first signed up for Vola, they were very helpful. Then, there were issues with subscription fees, and other matters. My bank (Bank of America) red flagged, Vola and others due to repetitive fees and withdrawals from my account that weren’t consistent. Although I did get a loan and help from Vola, Bank of America decided to shut down my account due to fraudulent activity. They issued me another account and assured me that there would be no issues like this again. Vola took back the loan from that account after I provided my banking information and card information, and then they didn’t approve me afterward. They kept saying that Bank of America did not qualify under the requirements even after I explained that Bank of America closed my account due to a fraudulent situation. I would not recommend using these people, and their emails took forever and no one has personally contacted me on the phone. It’s a waste of time. Don’t do it.
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4 years ago, iishajr
So far so good
I’ve only taken out one loan with the company, and so far everything has been great. The app does need some work as some of the features in the app usually state error. However, when I needed assistance I simply emailed them by replying to reminder emails they had sent me. I got a response the same day and had what I needed handled right away. I definitely don’t think it’s a scam as many are saying. Like I said there are needed improvements within the app that need to be made, but my experience was good. Processing time with some banks vary can take 10 or more days with anything, so I think it’s just a matter of patience and communication. Again, I got an extremely quick response by just emailing.
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4 years ago, RebelRogers420
I received my first loan but then decided I no longer wanted to use the app...I paid back my loan and it has cleared my bank but I can’t removed my account from this app..I keep receiving an error stating I can’t close my account with a pending loan. I contacted customer service more than six times and never received a reply...I’m definitely reporting this app to Apple..hopefully they’ll remove it. Whatever you do..DO NOT use this app...”Dave” and “Brigit” are amazing..the loan only takes a day to process and if you need funds you can take them right back...easy to pay back and customer service responds within hours...DO NOT USE VOLA! It’s a waste of time and a scam...Customer Service pretends to care by responding to a few reviews and directing them to email them directly but they never reply to the emails...Don't be fooled by the phony positive reviews...This app is a joke and a complete scam...
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3 years ago, shrapj
I reported this to the Attorney General office because they have given me one payout of 40-That was supposed to go into my bank account but they ended up doing it to the virtual card. I have not been able to use the card after I spent $20 of it. To make things worse have charged me the 6.99 membership fee no matter how many times I tell them to stop doing it and they have withdrawn $40 from my account three different times my personal checking account. When I have only gotten to actually spend $20 of an advance when I reached out to them not only were they rude they told me to take five days to cool down and pulled another payment out of my account. I am taking this to the top I cannot believe how rude they are being and how awful and disgusting they are I am a single mom fighting a court battle right now for my child and really need every penny I hope they feel bad about themselves they should be so ashamed
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4 years ago, Siplibri
Not The Best Advance App
The first problem is that it states deposits on advances are instant, which charges extra. It took two day to deposit into my account with “instant transfer”. Second, I tried to pay my advance back early and it would not allow me because my payment was already “processing”, not sure how it could be processing before the due date. Third, once my payback payment cleared my account, I had no access to the app for three days because they were “completing maintenance”. Fourth, after the “maintenance” was done and I was able to get into the app I noticed a message that there was a “cooling period” of five days after repayment. It’s now been over five days and it still won’t allow me to pull an advance. I would recommend you use Earnin, Brigit, Dave or MoneyLion for advances, yes they have fees for instant transfers but they tend to give higher maxes and you don’t have to pay for a tier.
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4 months ago, becca1951
I wish I could give no stars. This company is so backwards. No one answers calls or emails. No way to contact them in a consumer friendly way. They sent the advance to an old account even though I contacted them to change it. I obviously never received the advance since it went to a closed account. I finally by some miracle got someone on a call and all they said was there’s an active advance so nothing they can do about it. The guy said he is the only person available by phone even though this is a large company? Feels like a scam. DO NOT USE. I have filed a complaint with BBB as I still have not received a single response in 3 days. They don’t care about you and if they try to charge me for the advance next month, I will be taking them to court. I literally just wanted my account cancelled and they won’t let me as they think I owe money. I never received an advance. THIEVES.
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5 years ago, Ray_the_wiz
Great app for College students:
I was able to start using this app during my thesis and it came in clutch. I was able to manage my expenses better with this app and never have any issues. The biggest issue I had was that I got my loan a few days after me initializing the loan, so I didn’t have a full month to actually repay the loan, but it worked out. Customer service got back to me pronto as soon as I emailed them. I had a lot coming up and recovering from my thesis shoot, I was not able to repay my loan on my due date. I was given a one time loan extension and I can’t be anymore thankful! Really great app that is only going to get better and perfect for college students.
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1 year ago, dylanpeak
The phone number they have listed to get ahold of them is not a working number, it’s fake. I have wrote them multiple times through email with absolutely NO RESPONSE in regards the the money I have on my Vola card that I CAN NOT USE OR TRANSFER TO BE ABOE TO GET MY MONEY. So they are literally holding my money and not allowing me to use it and not responding. So technically it’s theft at this point and negligence from the company. However, I tried to request money to see if that worked. Wouldn’t you know it. I got an email response right away telling me my money will be there within 2 business days EVEN THO ON THE APP IT SAYS IT WILL BE IN MY ACCONT BY THR END OF THE DAY. So again another lie. This company has stolen my money, ignored my emails about trying to get my money, gives false information about their services and have a fake number listed to get ahold of them. My next step will be a law suit.
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4 years ago, EZ0001
Used to work well... AWFUL now!
I’ve had this app for the last six months and it used to work great... I had purchased there membership tier which guarantees you at least $75 advance which can come in handy... it was a great app until they came out with a new version and now it’s been nothing but problems.... The tier membership level that I had before I don’t even see it offered now, the system refuses to let me even buy a membership at all, and despite making a good living and having my pay check direct deposited into the same account that up until the new version came out was great... now the app is giving me some crazy message about not being able to detect my direct deposit... sounds like a load of BS to me... look best advice if any of us can find a way to download the previous version than I recommend this app 100% as that was great this one... stay away or invest in aspirin!
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1 year ago, Ross-Wilson
It's essentially Earnin and Dave except one million times worse. Everything about the app is janky and just poorly programmed. They want you to take surveys for points toward a boost, so basically you're spending hours trying for points that are not guaranteed for 10 bucks. The fees are ridiculous. 11 dollars plus an optional tip for a sixty dollar boost. Most of the things you sign up for are scam websites fishing for emails to send spam to. This is definitely one of the worst cash advance type deals out there. It barely works, it's not worth the time, the support is awful, it's just trash and I'm surprised it's still around. Watch your butts too because you may notice missing things, just a heads up. 2 stars because, hey, I got 10 bucks when I needed it. Only cost me 3 dollars which is a 300 percent APR. literally worse than a payday loan on paper.
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2 years ago, JennyFatFingaz
Don’t do it
Horrible to cancel, even free subscriptions. Many people look for these types of apps in a bind. You enter all sorts or personal information including access to your bank account just to get to where you need to be for “money”. This app is a fraud. Even with a free subscription there is no easy way to cancel. Have to go though a chat bot that sends you in circles to eventually “submit a ticket”. Other apps give the ability in account settings to cancel the subscription. With this app it isn’t an option. So you are just left with submitting all this personal information, including banking info when opening the account and it being left in limbo with a chat bot. Beware when giving your personal info. There is no cancellation button. Your information is not secure and these developers need to get on their game. Not a trust worthy app.
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I needed a small loan so I downloaded the Vola App from the Apple App store. Boy was that a mistake. Within one week Vola had withdrew a fee that I did not authorize, over drafting my bank account. With weeks of no communication from customer service, they finally sent me a one-lined email that did not address my concerns at all. I had asked them multiple times to close my account due to the unauthorized charge. No responses about this from Vola. A few weeks later I noticed another unauthorized withdraw from Vola on my bank account… Update: After eight weeks Vola is still stealing fees from my account and will not reply to my emails. Next step is to close my bank account to stop these scam artists from fraudulently stealing more money from me….. thanks vola. I should have known better than to trust a D- rated business on the BBB…oh and most the reviews are fake.. you can check
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3 weeks ago, Rialovescinco
Customer service
They are excellent. I’ve had a couple advance apps to raise my credit and what not and the Vola has always been there for me. They started out with a low amount, and I gradually went out and I truly appreciate them because they extend the due dates and repayment dates . They also are very prompt with response . I could go on, but those two are the most of explaining how they are amazing than any other app I used for many years. I’ve only gotten maybe less than a year ago and they’ve done nothing but remarkable things and very much appreciate that.
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3 years ago, juan2three3
Been unable to access my account for weeks
I hadn’t had any problems with this app whatsoever. But one day I received an email saying that my account had been locked for fraudulent activity and were requesting I submit proof of who I was. I sent them a picture of my Id and was told by one rep over email that he’d notify the right people that me I’d was received so I’d have access again. Well nothing has changed. I’ve been emailing them, I even resent my id, contacted them at their direct line and left voicemails and even wrote to them on IG. I’ve tried to reset my password but get message that my email doesn’t exist. Yet when I try to log in using the same email account it says that my account has a hold and to submit a copy of my ID to unlock my account. No one has yet to contact me back and it’s getting really frustrating. Not a good way to treat your customers.
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3 years ago, Youngthug123
I’ve never written a review but this one deserves it
I was struggling for some dog food a year ago when I wasn’t working and Vola let me borrow 30 dollars until I got paid a MONTH AFTER. Do you know how many apps collect their money as soon as they can… well this app gave me time to save and not borrow anymore so if you’re looking for an app that will keep 100% with you , I think this is the one you should go for . Thank you Vola
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2 years ago, Linadelrosa
Do not use this app!
I occasionally use this app for $125 advance. The last time I requested an advance(last week) I was told that I would have to wait for the funds to be available in my bank account or I can use the Vola virtual card for instant access to the funds. I opted for the Vola virtual card & the card was immediately charged $110 out of $125 for krypto currency(something I have never purchased). It is days later & I have yet to receive a response from support, despite sending 3 messages over the past few days. I’m guessing I will have to pay Vola back $100+ for something I NEVER purchased. Im unable to even dispute the charge. I’m disgusted that I cannot even receive any help at this point. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE! DONT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP BEING SCAMMED WITH NO ONE TO CONTACT!
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2 years ago, aboommalakaka
I read the reviews and they seemed pretty convincing that this was a good app but, No signed up and couldn’t even advance because I needed a bank account that needed to have $150 average but why? My account is active I get paychecks every 2 weeks that are way more than $150 so why am I unable to advance I really need the money and obviously at the same time trying to build my credit way worse than Empower at least Empower gives you chances and I don’t have to wait around for nothing I wouldn’t want to come back to this app and it said y’all Fixed some bugs a few weeks ago well you need to fix your app and re-configure it so that people who are in need can get the money never thought I would be this stressed out over an app but obvi I am because $50 could go a long way.
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2 years ago, bee_lavette
Please DO NOT Use this app!
I canceled my membership with this app back in February. After sending several emails (that never received a reply) and reaching out to the company via Instagram they continued to take the $2.99 membership fee from my account. I was told I had no active membership, so way am I still being charge each month? This app is a complete SCAM. It’s impossible to get in contact with anyone. I ended up having to dispute the charges via my bank and place a stop payment on my bank account. They still had access to my bank account even after the membership was canceled. Save yourself the trouble and don’t bother using this app. It is not worth the headache nor the hassle. This company should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they get shutdown! I will be reporting them to the BBB.
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2 years ago, Blu morpho
Should be instant
The only thing I don’t like about this app which is why I think I stopped short of using it before is because if someone is requesting a loan that typically means that they need the funds. So the fact that this is not an instant download like some of the other apps is a bit frustrating. The amounts that are being approved after less than $100-$500 so not sure why instant availability is not available, or at least when the next business day comes after 7am CST which is 8am CST the funds should be in the account. It kind of defeats the purpose of getting the loan. Not my favorite, I prefer Dave or Brigit, they give instant downloads and you can be approved up to $250 on one and $75 on the other.
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1 year ago, Ashriver
Never as “easy” as it seems.. 😒
I’m new to app/company. Upon setting up my account, I added my bank account information it was accepted without any problems. However, it’s now telling me my bank doesn’t qualify. “The connected bank does not qualify for Advances on Vola. Please connect your primary bank account that- • Is connected to subscriptions/ recurring payments. “ (the exact message) This is not only my MAIN bank account, it’s the ONLY one I have or need, and yes I have a savings account but that’s irrelevant. Not quite sure what the issue is, as any subscriptions I have or have had aren’t viewable, my account is 12+ months old, and my income is directly deposited in said account. There shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever, but here we are. It’s a federal credit Union. Considering this is my first time attempting to use this app/company having only used apps like Dave or Empower less than a 2-3x, and this is what I encounter upon the initial set-up. Doesn’t appear to be something I’d want to waste my time on, nor trust to remotely access my financial information much less provide me with any type of financial advice or guidance. Thanks for nothing.
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1 year ago, mikythi
At first Vola was a great app easy to use and very useful. As time has passed Vola started to take things like not being able to activate a card. Now it’s telling me I have a free subscription when I never ever change anything in my settings. It was says that my bank account needs a history of 150 over 3 months which my account does. It also says the my account is connected but it don’t work. I tried to get in contact with customer service and they did not answer they still haven’t answer it’s been 3 days and I tried to contact them in those 3 days. What’s going on? Does Vola do changes on its own without the person operating the app knowing ? Or what’s the problem cause it’s not right. I was never informed my subscription is changing.
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8 months ago, Mayalwvi
VOLA has a current rating of F with the BBB. This is mainly due to customer complaints regarding billing issues. Several customers have complained that despite advising VOLA of their legal right to revoke ACH on their accounts and/or debits, VOLA continued to do so and then had the excuse that they “Were busy and didn’t see the email/written notice…”. This is not an excuse. IF a business continues to debit your account even after you have revoked authorization to do so IN WRITING , they are violating federal law. You can contact your bank and they must pay back those funds. I recently have had to change around my bank account due to a potential compromise. I advised them on September 20, 2023 in writing that I was revoking ACH on all accounts and debits on any debit cards. Just to be clear I made sure to list the last four of account numbers so there was no confusion. There was no response and just yesterday they made an (unsuccessful) attempt to debit one of my accounts. Fortunately, I had already read the BBB complaints and advised my bank and put stops in place while I’m getting new accounts. VOLA does not follow the law.
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2 years ago, gwytd you
Mixed messages
I had used this app earlier this year and it was great! I had some financial issues and I was late repaying my cash advance but it was paid in full. Recently , I attempted to reset my password because I never closed the account (obviously Vola closed it out). When I entered my email address, an error message states this email address does not exist. When I try to create an account I receive a message that there is another account with this email address. It’s okay if Vola doesn’t want me as a member based on my past repayment history but provided a message that you are not able to reapply or update the app.
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1 year ago, Ms JKM
Does Not Work With My Bank
I used the Vola App for several months. I had my Current (Choice Financial) checking account linked so I could pay my advances and monthly fees. Never had an issue getting advances and I always paid them back early or on time. Unfortunately this month I logged on to the app to see if my last advance was paid to see that all of a sudden they no longer work with my bank and multiple other banks. I’m not sure of the reason but it’s kind of annoying to be enjoying a great app to basically be bumped off with no advance notice, no email, just “bye”.
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4 years ago, RNCUTIESAURUS
Charges extra fees, doesn’t follow US Laws and disables after repayment :)
My exact Email to Vola Team :) Dear Vola Team, I find it very interesting how after my first loan the app goes into “maintenance mode” and I cannot see my re-payment or request another loan all after being charged more fees than I was told about :) Don’t worry I’m sure the federal government would love to hear about you breach of the Debt Collections Act and also about your deceptive advertising practices that will in future bar you from working with US clientele :) Thank you very much for your business and if after my “5 day cooling off period” my loan ability isn’t restored you can guarantee I will be forwarding all information I have to US government to bar you from dealing with us again :)
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8 months ago, fhjnncdeeess
Scam of an app.
This app is a total scam. They basically have you link your account and then charge you the connection fee but will never give you an advance. No matter how much is in your account or how often you use it, Vola always says “there’s one more step”. Currently it says “choose an account you have actively used in the past 4 months”. I use this account daily and thousands go through it on a weekly basis. Customer service has failed to respond to both of my emails (one was over a month ago). There phone number just takes you to a voicemail box and no one calls you back. Don’t waste your time, money or personal information on this service, trust me.
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7 months ago, KLM2339
After taking 2 advances for $100 each and repaying both, I am now denied for the 3rd advance. Somehow Vola has decided my bank account is no longer acceptable. No explanation. The only response is to connect another bank account that shows income deposited monthly. I guess Vola thinks people hold 2 full time jobs and a separate bank account for each job. To be fair, the customer service isn’t great on any of the money apps. It’s difficult to resolve minor issues without having to break it down to the most simple, abstract details before anyone can even begin to comprehend what it is you are needing there help with. This includes simply changing a phone number or email address.
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3 years ago, Mifelizdia
Useless App
Too many dead ends and inconsistencies with the App (i.e. stuck on page to verify telephone number, which was already verified, and it gets stuck in an error loop) and, if you go manage to get approved it will barely cover any real emergency expense (groceries for the week, a tank of gas, going to doctor & getting a prescription, taking pet to the vet for a minor emergency). It is not worth sharing sensitive financial information for $30 and being a data breach victim (which recently actually happened with this company). Not sure why we’re the guinea pigs and take the most risk for little reward. Go with Dave or Earnin for a safer and more convenient experience. Vola is kinda a garbage app with privacy issues.
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4 years ago, TylerRainCloud
I had an account set up and everything and when I applied for a loan it said it was approved and sending funds in 2-3 business days. I thought “oh cool” then when the funds didn’t come by day 4 I tried checking the app, my account was deleted or locked could not figure it out. Wouldn’t let me send a password reset to my email and would not let me make a new account. They never did give me the loan and never did charge my bank for it as far as I could tell. But that’s real shady and I’m pretty sure they change people’s passwords or lock accounts to try and ding people’s banks accounts for money while you wait and wait and wait for customer support to try and figure out what’s going on. Shady business
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2 years ago, fuigddyh
Worst company ever
If I could give negative stars I would. Vola is fine until you need help with your account. They have no customer service skills. They do not respond to emails. there’s no number to call, no live chat option. My account was locked and I couldn’t access it for a week, still can’t but I gave up after a week of asking for help and getting no response. If they do respond they answer in half short answers that don’t even address what you need help with. So then you have to email again to which they just ignore. This “company” is a joke. Oh and they randomly charge your account for no reason. Seriously sign up with someone else.
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4 years ago, Elcoquiton
Horrible experience - even worse of an app
SCAM ALERT!!! SCAM ALERT!!! This application does not function to begin with. They take all of your information and keep it, they do not let you do anything in the app as all you get is error messages (iPhone 8- newest software). I have been trying to verify for over a month and I’ve given up. They say to contact support but the application is stuck on “unverified- contact support” .. the bank account I’ve connected isn’t even showing remotely close to accurate information either. You cannot remove/delete your information which poses a huge security risk. Their address is fake (supposedly in Brooklyn NY) AND they don’t spell checks correctly in the app (HUGE SCAM INDICATOR)
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2 years ago, bivman2024
Can’t get their stuff together
I used this company for what they do and they were ok in that sense but I no longer needed their services so I canceled my account with them back in like April or May of this year and they’re still taking money out of my account for a service I canceled. I’ve emailed them countless times and was told at one point that this wouldn’t happen any more but yet it keeps happening. It’s so frustrating at this point, that I will never ever use this company ever again nor will ever recommend them. In fact, I’ll go out of my way to tell someone to never use them. Until they fix this issue that’s how it will stay.
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1 year ago, lilitatatatata
Great for students
I would definitely suggest downloading Vola to anyone looking for a reliable source of short-term funding while building their credit score. Its innovative credit-building approach, user-friendly interface, and zero-interest rates make it one of the best options available in the market today for students
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5 years ago, philmob05
Only let me do one advance and keeps saying internal error for next advance
This app is a scam. They give you the first advance so they can take your account information and then charge you the subscription fee. You will not be able to get another advance because it will say internal error when in the final step of the advance. You can’t contact customer service on the app because it says that the mail servers are not available. I’m going to report to my bank to not let anymore money be taken from my account from this app and if it does I will sue them. Do not give them your information and be fooled by the first advance. That’s how they get you to think it’s legit.
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10 months ago, TherealCaLPoP
Not what you expect. Very misleading.
Definitely do your research. Becareful what device you download it on as it can be tied to a device. Not sure how. My problem with this app is it not being transparent upfront by letting you know the bank institutions it only works with. Youll get through a whole process just to have to delete account and app cause your bank is NOT supported yet they have it in the list. Which is misleading. So far best apps to use thats quick and convenient no hassle and gives advances quickly are: Moneylion. Cleo. Albert. Empower. Gerald Wallet. and Dave (its not good as it use to be updates made how they do advances more tidious.
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3 years ago, Kdurandisse
App is a SCAM and will keep taking your money even after you cancel
I borrowed $40 on Jun 25th and payed it back on July 12th (17 days earlier than my payback date of Jul 29th). I no longer needed it so I canceled the membership after that, and assumed everything would be fine. Despite that, I was charged $8 on august 10th and another $32 on august 24th (today) that I never authorized. I tried to contact them but I can’t even do that since my membership is cancelled because all it will say is “mail services not available” now I’m going to have to contact my bank and get a stop pay for something that should have been easy to cancel!
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3 years ago, Bre.J
I would give zero stars if I could. First, when you request for an advance they have an message staging if you request it before 12 your advance will deposit instantly.....WRONG ! It takes 3 days before they deposit it. In my case I NEVER received my advance. I emailed contact support and it takes them 1-2 days for a response. Second, they do not allow you to pay the money back early, they want to withdraw it from your account. Third, you have to pay a monthly fee even if you do not request money. I have been using Earnins and moneylion for years and I never had these issues. I highly recommend you guys to try them instead.
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1 year ago, rwattsonn
Cash advance now has been 3 days waiting they made me sign up for a membership just to get a 75 Cash advance that never reached my account. I reached out for help on it and yet no responses. Wont let me cancel the subscription because it says I have a cash advance that needs to be paid off but I never received it so most likely it’ll take more money from my account because of the membership I have to keep paying for that they won’t let me cancel even though they won’t send the money. If it Carrie’s on another day or so will be doing my best to get this app off Apple.
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4 years ago, Spacypinup
I can’t even contact support or pay this app back!
I truly don’t understand I did everything it told me to do. I even had two friend help double check to make sure I did it right the second time. Yet it still said no to my verification. I have never had this problem before and am very confused. So I wanted to contact customer support like the app told me to. Well.... now it says “mail service not available” I only needed $25 badly. I will say it did give me the $25 that’s why I’m giving this app 2 stars. I wish I could give it more but everything els has been a hassle.
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3 years ago, Lolaax3x3
This app is a total SCAM. They give the a small initial amount, mine was $50. Then they make it so you can’t actually pay it back and they just keep charging you a fee every month. I contacted company to get this fixed and so I can repay and cancel but no response until about the 10th email, then they just kept telling me to repay to close. I WOULD IF THE APP WOULD LET ME!! Then they tell me to send via cashapp, later on to find out they no longer accept cashapp so I got another fee. How are they able to take fees out but not able to take my repayment?!? SCAM SCAM SCAM. Apple should remove this app so people don’t fall for it.
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4 years ago, AmanieBr
Scam Stay away
This app is a scam to lure college students to borrow money. They fail to mention that the fee is not a one time fee but they charge you the fee monthly regardless of you borrowing the money. You can’t cancel the subscription nor can you remove your bank information from the app. They have complete access to your account and are able to withdraw money as they please. There is no customer service and the finance department specialist are utterly rude and do not explain the process of their system. It starts off simple and great and then without your knowledge or consent they withdraw additional fees.
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1 year ago, Houserco
I wanted and tried to like Vola….
But it just didn’t like me. I’m a lucky one. I do well financially which can be easily verified but like anyone in life I’ve ran into dating the wrong person, making bad financial decisions and having my identity stolen. On top of a terrible (yet classy) taste in nice things. In steps a sorts of problems. So, I wanted to get back on the right track and utilize a Fintech app to help me. With my salary they typically have no problems even if my credit is terrible. Vola didn’t give a ton or none. Vola simply couldn’t get its software to update my accounts properly. After days of back and forth with support. I finally said “no more, I’ve had enough” and deleted them. I wouldn’t say “DON’T” give them a shot. I would see BE SURE they work with your bank before divulging them with s your info. Because they sure as Heck aren’t going to stop you from giving them everything.
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5 years ago, Mo gales
Can’t remove bank account or delete account
I’m not a fan of companies that don’t allow you to remove your account info after you no longer want to use the service, I don’t want to replace my bank (which is the only option they give) i want to delete it, as well as my account with any info you all have. They told another user here in the reviews that you can close your account in the settings, this is NOT true, you can only cancel your subscription, but I never signed up for a subscription so now they just have my bank info and I’m not able to delete it!! Delete my account NOW!
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11 months ago, KAW0818
When I went to try to create account he told me that I already had an account and I need to sign in. When I went to sign in using the email and password . After that it asked me to verify my phone number and when I typed in my phone number and clicked verify, it kept telling me that my phone number was already verified and it wouldn’t do anything else. It was just a box popping up on the screen, saying phone number verified. Nothing else had been. That’s all I’ve been trying for a couple days now and still can’t get it to work.
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11 months ago, Meek1976
Keeps charging my account
I used this app a few times and closed my account with them (in good standing) and they continued to charge my account every month. I’ve contacted customer service at least 4 times to completely close my account and to stop charging me the monthly fee. The last time I got an email confirming the closure and the end of charging my account. Some months later they are charging me again. Thank goodness I looked at my bank statement or I wouldn’t have realized they were taking my money. I think I may have to report them to Apple. It’s a scam!!!
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3 years ago, PerfectAlchemy
Instant money? More like instant regret.
Only had the app for one day. It’s a weekday, and I requested money well before 12 PM and it’s the end of the business day and I still haven’t received any money. The app will tell you that you can get it in the same day, but then they email you and say it will take 2 days. And it takes 4 days for the payment to clear. Why so long? Are they counting the digital money one bit at a time in binary or something? There is no way I would recommend this app to anyone. Very untrustworthy and not reliable at all. Why is it so difficult for this application to do what every other app of this kind can do? ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP!! Devs, this was your first impression and you blew it. It’s called Vola. Must be short for Volatile. It’s definitely not voilà. There’s no magic to be seen here. Except for when they disappear with all your bank information. geez
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