Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

4.8 (75.6K)
77.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Resonant Cavity, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.1 or later
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User Reviews for Voloco: Vocal Recording Studio

4.76 out of 5
75.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Sunkidboppermen
Voloco Loco Local - Sunkid Boppermen
Not only the best app ever .. my fav thing in the whole world. I looooooove Voloco!!!! I’m a Voloco Loco Local - Check me out on there (Sunkid Boppermen) I got 100+ top tracks featured . I make my best music using it by far .. better than Reason 12 , Logic Pro x , GarageBand, BandLab, OffTop, RapFame, RapChat, Smule, Abelton, fl studio, BARS, Maykit, Voisey, Cubase, pro tools, Etc!!! And I made bangers quick..!! If I’m on fire I will make like 8-10 amazing songs in a row with 2-3 vocals each.. and master and EQ them.. Voloco has vocal effects like no other they are literally the most fun thing in the world to use and I love hoping Between them live while recording and also the (Reverb) (EQ) & (Compression) presets to have ROCK!! And any combo sound dope and there is endless combos and I love to change those while I’m rec to give dynamic effect like going from no reverb to stereo width , to an extreme like cathedral then back down to a subtle one like medium room or small club…. Anyway I can go on forever I’ll stop for now
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3 years ago, KiD_Co$miC
Awesome app! Just needs a few bugs worked out.
So, this app is crucial for any rapper or modernistic style vocal artist looking for new ways to record ideas or even create full projects. It’s very easy to use and you can get your music recorded quickly and efficiently with no sacrifice to your sound quality(as long as you have a little prior experience w/ recording). I’ve had a lot of fun with this app and have even recorded some impressive sounding vocals with it. I was having issues with some backing tracks volume during a few recording sessions that I couldn’t seem to get past. I would close out the app and come back to try again later. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. That was pretty frustrating. Especially when the vocal track came out almost perfect, but couldn’t use it because the backing track would completely smother the vocals. However, I still managed to produce a pretty solid track out of this app and I’m very happy with it. The only other issue I’ve had was trying to upload my song to the app for others to listen to. I got as far as agreeing to legal stuff and hitting upload but nothing ever happened. I’m a little bummed about that because I’m proud of the track and would like to share with other artists for feedback and possible collaboration opportunities. I bought the year subscription so I hope to see these things fixed soon and look forward to completing more projects in the future. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Mr. T-Wrecks
Used to be great
This app used to be great. So, for starters, it was completely free. Ton of features, great UI/UX, no issues whatsoever—completely free. I’m not against developers getting paid. I am, however, against developers being greedy and developers locking features behind a subscription when said features were previously free. If you choose to create a subscription, then it should include entirely new features that warrant someone paying extra. Locking away features that were previously free is just a scummy practice. This combined with the opening screen that tries to trick people into subscribing by making it appear as though you have to sign up to use the app is just plain wrong. Scummy/scammy and unethical behavior. The developer consistently defends his choice by saying that they’ve added a ton of features. That’s technically true, but the problem is that the features aren’t useful. Additionally, since the new features were implemented, the app now freezes, glitches, and crashes fairly frequently. Not exactly worth the $50/year price tag… I paid for Pro back in the day because the app was great and I felt the devs deserved it. Can’t say I feel that way anymore.
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3 years ago, GoMobileORStayHome
The official home studio kit.
I have been using this app for a very long time. I’ve never really tried to create music but I really believe that if I did try I could probably start a little following on SoundCloud. Anyway if you are looking to make music that’s modern editable and able to allow you to listen while you record live in real time this is the app for you. There are creators always releasing new beats and you can import your very own beats. The app is always upgrading. I highly recommend that you use this app on a high end phone And I say that only because this application really does need some extra power to really allow you to see what I can do. If you’re using a entry-level phone you will not get to benefit from this as 100%. It does work, but you need a mobile computer.
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7 months ago, David Dangerfield
Man I hardly ever write reviews, I LOVE this app but this is something that has been bugging me forever. I kept holding off, hoping that with each update you guys might implement this but here we are🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ve been using Voloco for like 5+ years and I’ve been paying for the full version for like 2-3years because I really love being able to quickly get down little ideas or fix my writers block. Anyways I still don’t understand why you can only use the app vertically? It’s such an easy fix and it would make life SO much easier for those of us that are using this on iPads (or those that just enjoy turning their phones sideways) I even went out and bought a stand that can hold it vertically but it just isn’t the same. I would honestly probably recommend and use this app a lot more if we were able to use it horizontally. Please just think about it. This is the only reason I have to give it 4 ⭐️ over 5 ⭐️.
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5 years ago, Ccecscuz
Pretty good
Voloco is very good with auto tuning. I would give it five stars, but I selected a beat for one song and I didn’t want that beat on it anymore but it stayed there. I tried multiple things to try and turn it off, but it still stayed. I couldn’t change it. So at the beginning of every thing that I started, there will be a bit of piano. I didn’t want that. I was finished with it. I deleted the beat. Now I still have to pause it when I start the auto tune. If you want to make a song get song maker record this into your computers recorder, then record that into song recorder. It is actually called music maker. Music maker is good for song making, and Vocolo is good with auto tuning. If you can combine them, like the way I said you could, then there you have it! Your auto tuned song. So after you get Vocolo, het music maker. And remember, DO NOT use the beat setting on Vocolo, because it will mess up your recordings that are just to have funny noises. Get Vocolo, don’t turn on the beats.
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4 years ago, DaRussianMan/JK
Why can’t I click my beat?
So I truly do like the app, really it is a good app but I haven’t recorded a song yet due to an issue. I’ve been trying to get my beat onto the app but but the file looks faded and every time I click on it nothing happens, it really makes me mad because this is the only app that is easy to use for me at least, the other apps just do not let me do specific things but this app does but because of the fact I can’t use my beat it does not work at all and I can’t record a song, I also did try playing the beat with a background app along with my lyrics but the beat is just way too quiet because the mic turns down the beats volume by a lot. So I’m going to give this app a 4 out of 5 because it’s an amazing app but I just cannot record a song with my beat and it really irritates me. So until I can actually use my beat ima keep it at 4 stars but I’ll put it at 5 when the beat actually works
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1 year ago, DenBillups
I’m not sure if some of these reviews reviews are bots or what but this is literally the best pocket studio on the market hands down and the app has only gotten better with every update. I’m an actual recording artist with experience in vocal engineering but that’s not even required with this app. ALL THE COMPLAINTS HERE ARE BOGUS. The cost? It’s only $9.99 a month, that’s nothing, we spend more than that on a million other irrelevant things. Latency? The app clearly tells you WIRELESS EARBUDS OR HEADPHONES WILL CAUSE THIS. Just use wired instead. Lastly, if you REALLY want top quality, buy a gif USB mic, preferably the RODE NT USB, and watch the difference it makes. Literally all I use for my major music releases. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE PREFERENCES AND USER ERROR!!
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3 years ago, XSERVEX
It’s amazing, but more freedom with mixing
I’ve been using this app for about a over year. I love the presets they already have. Definitely solid. One thing I would like for them to do in the near future is go more advanced with how your able to mix your vocals, like being able to use two at the same time, for example natural auto tune with noise reduction, while being able to tune up or down reverb or whatever effect you want. Also being able to cut out certain frequencies yourself that way you have more control over how you sound. That’s something I would definitely pay for and even something I think users would find really great and even expand their creativeness now that they have a lot more tools at their hands. That’s just what I want to see come the voloco app.
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4 years ago, Cenk
Excellent plugin
I wouldn't consider subscribing to an app like this unless I used it every day, but I would definitely pay $40 or maybe $50 for a "Lifetime Subscription" option. I have the original set of IAPs, and that's enough to meet my needs, but I do like the more recent additions. I'm not a rapper who consistently releases demos recorded with an iPhone, I'm more of a musician/producer who collects iPad apps and likes to dabble with vocals. I don't know how many times I'm going to use Voloco in the next year, but if I could just "add it to my collection" then I'll be glad to own it. I do have some $100 purchases that have become outdated, and I wouldn't be surprised if something better than Voloco comes along, but hey, that's cool with me.
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11 months ago, QiQa-CharmZ
Love it!!!!!
Awesome app!!!!! It’s definitely my favorite ❤️❤️❤️ When you get the chance, can you add more effects for the voice. Not just robots sounds etc, but add sounds that are more nice to the ears as if it’s just effects that make your voice sound more beautiful or just touched up without an Alien sound or robot sound or tpain sounds. Give it more variety. Also add unlimited rows or tracks so you don’t have to use the same one, bc sometimes when I have to use the same track to record another part of my song, it’ll sound just crazy and so I gotta try to fix it a certain way. However, other then that, the all is amazing ❤️❤️
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2 years ago, ziltronicus
Turned for the worse
I frequently used this app to make funny songs without the use of headphones, listening to the background music to know where I was in the song. However, recently there was an update regarding “audio bleed”, which was never a problem. You made it to where I can no longer hear the music while not using headphones. I would definitely suggest making an option for those who are fine with the audio bleed and prefer to use the app without wired headphones. As of now, the app is almost unusable by me because of this issue. This app is really great for recording music and making projects but this issue of not being able to hear sound while I record is becoming quite annoying. Thank you for reading.
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3 years ago, Ciabatta Don Dada
Ever since I came across the Voloco app, I’ve been creating all the time. I’ve went into a lot of professional studios and I’ve delt with a lot of supposedly “professional engineers.” Tens of Thousands of dollars later, I still didn’t have a solid piece of work I could stand by and feel comfortable distributing. Voloco has made all the difference. I’ve never sounded so good. I’ve never been so confident with the end result. I never thought I would see the day where I actually had a sure shot at giving the world something fresh, new, and innovative. Voloco has made all the difference. If you ever have a chance to try it out, do it. You won’t regret it. “Innovate or Die!” - Ciabatta Don Dada #IOD #IOD #IOD
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3 years ago, @tobyranaway51
Recent Update issue(s) still exist, Waiting for “It’s Fixed Update”
An example of 1 issue. I open the App & It allows me to listen to beats until I find one that “speaks” to me. Then I press the “select” button, which takes me to the recording page and the App FREEZES on the Recording Screen. It forces you to restart. I had to Restart the App again & again, still the same results. I’ve Uninstalled & Reinstalled the App many times, it continues to freeze when I try to Record using a Voloco beat or a beat/music I created or just any random beat in my music folder. The Recording Screen FREEZES (or Freezes Up). I hope the New Update fixes this serious issue. I just received a 1 Year Subscription. I want to start using it ASAP. Voloco is my Favorite Recording App that has features that makes a decent Singer sound Good with the right settings, music and arrangement, of course. 🙂✌️
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1 year ago, yyftffytcyuffiyjtfyuffiy
Could you make this a little bit more accessible for me?
The app is good I just wish I could turn up my vocals because if you click on the mixer option in the studio part of the app, it’ll give you options to turn up and or down your live vocals or the beat and or import it song itself but when I click on it, it doesn’t give me the option to turn up and or down my vocals. I was just making a song and I was trying to turn up the vocals not necessarily the live vocals just the regular vocals and I didn’t see the option for that so if you could please fix that for me, and when you do this app will have five stars because the rest of it is actually good.
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4 years ago, bigcrinj
I've been using this app for over a year, now overall its good, really easy to learn especially for people that just want too make music for the fun of it. That being said, still keep it simple but if you would be able to add layers that would make this app so much more song friendly because i feel like doing the vocals all in one take is very annoying and unreasonable, that one change would make a lot of other apps similar to this one be pointless, thats all this app really needs. Im going to continue to make songs off this app but Id appreciate it if you guys would take that idea into consideration for future updates. thank you
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2 years ago, fjhjtjjtjjrjjrhthjrkjg G's kt
Wavy 10 News need you.
Have you ever wondered how Cory Martin helped save a logo and protecting his daughter Ashley Grace Martin. Well I’m his daughter I’m age 25 and I work for wavy 10 news my dad was on TV and I produced him on TV as a beautiful young grown lady you’ve never heard of me huh that’s because you don’t watch it sometimes you could sometimes be very ugly when you show off so I suggest you sweetie to get out of my way and push because Corey Martin is a new person for Phil logo so I need you to write reports and I need youNot to be that stupid anymore I need you to be perfectly fine and trust me sweetie this is not a prank call so you need to get but ugly now
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5 years ago, quiincx
Great app, but may i make one suggestion?
the app is great! however, there is one thing missing from this app that would make it perfect! you should add a feature where you could record line-by-line. for example, you could record one line, save it, and start a new recording for the next line on that same song! it’s basically like a bunch of mini-recordings coming together to make one full song! if not that, then maybe a feature that allows us to pause our recording and continue once we are ready. or just a feature that allows us to add more than one recording to the song so that we could do ad-libs as well. this would make the app the perfect place to make the perfect song!
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11 months ago, Stevie Gonzales Texas star
I absolutely love this app but hear me out
You guys are doing great. I love the updated version. I’d just change one thing… Ppl can comment on my songs but I can’t reply back. I’ve had haterz bash me for using your effects and I’d love to let them know that It’s how your app works. I know you guys want to see what us musicians are capable of doing with the effects you put on here. I pay monthly for it. But the only thing I’d ask is for us to be able to reply back to fans and said haterz. So please please please make that possible. Other then that I highly recommend this app to any musician looking for a studio quality experience. When I am able to do so I will rate this app to 5 stars.
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10 months ago, JOE MAN DUDE GUY
Amazing App
One of my favorite apps for making music on my phone sound studio quality, add a studio mic with isolation cover then use studio headphones and proper interface with iphone cord connection and you have a portable studio. 1 complaint tho, i wish they had an option to change the image on the song in your library when finished like you can when you post the song you can add an image so all your songs in your library have images and not the Voloco symbol, add in next update please! God bless. One more suggestion would be a way you can change the treble and bass to your tracks.
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4 years ago, thepotatomasterme
This is a very good auto tune app I would really recommend it to someone who wants to make music but mabye wants to use auto tune but what’s even better is that this app has a large selection of beats to chose and more get added which is great and I’ve made many songs already not all good but the good ones are really good the auto tune isn’t janky like other ones I also recommend using headphones when making music and I also want to mention there is a part of the app you have to pay for but isn’t needed at all they are just other types of auto tune but the ones you get are enough to make something really good
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4 years ago, bhsgsgsg
This app is awesome
Hi. It’s a 12 year old talking right now. And I just want to say, this app is incredible. So much in fact I use it about 10 times per day. It is very good to use and portable to tons and tons of different devices. Best of all, they have free to send, share, play, and use beats on their app. You also don’t have to worry about getting premium because it is totally free to use. You can get premium, but it isn’t everything in the app. So me personally, thinks that you personally, should get this app if rapping is the right for for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 stars 💯% Thanks, and have a good day with your new best app friend... Voloco.
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4 years ago, MrKGDabs
Honestly if you’re looking for a review then here it is. This app in performance is perfect if I were to put out some suggestions I would say make a button to friend people an make collab an things will go much more smooth for some people in the making of music an maybe tone down the prices for the exclusive stuff? I mean it would make more off of it because more people are buying it so that’s something I wanted to put out there as well an this is coming from a 12 year old trying to make music with his buddy. But maybe if these things or tweaked or even solved then this has to be a 9 1/2 in rating or a 10/10
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2 weeks ago, Eve Severe
Miss the old ui bit things change
I really loved it before when I paid for the vocal effects, but the app has been revamped and a lot of people really like it. I am glad it is getting the attention it deserves I was really only into it for the vocal effects because I think that they are some of the best on iOS. I mean their are some really good vocoder apps for iOS and this one is definitely on my list of them I can’t say that I want them to only go back to doing vocals but if they made just an small vocal app or split this app into two types of subscriptions (one for vocal effects and one for full productions) that would be amazing.. I don’t don’t go too much into the production side of this app but it looks like it has a very nice community, a great UI, and you can really get some good music down using only one app. Plus, for a subscription based model I do have to say that they update it quite a bit and it’s not insanely overpriced. 😊
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8 months ago, bjames2700
Man they think a lil to highly of themselves
They claim to be the “top music making app” nope not even close. They’re to money hungry. You want to really be the top look up Bandlab. They are the top music making app. And you know why.? Because they aren’t making it where you can’t do anything unless you pay every time you turn around actually they don’t charge at all. The only thing they will charge you for is if you decide you want to release a song or not but that’s it you can completely be creative and Unlimmited beats unlimited background instruments everything for free. That’s why they are also 5 stars. And your not. They are the top. You should take lessons from Bandlab. They are the best.
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4 months ago, Chris of 93.7
Potential Consumer Feedback
Give us at least 8 tracks within your starter pack. Youre sending me off to your competitors, when really this is where i want to be. The truth is, youre losing the vision of who your consumer is. Your consumer isnt a real recording artist. Recording artists are going to studios. Most of us dont actually take music serious enough to want to invest in a premium subscription. We're just doing this for fun. Focus on targeted ads and offer us more within the starter pack. You'll reap the reward of more ad dollars if you offer more within your starter pack. At the very least, provide us multiple recording tracks in your next update.
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4 years ago, QuiLoLo
Super fun-Update
So I love this app. I’m having lots of fun exploring a talent that I have suppressed for a while now. But, I think the app would be even better if there was a way to save tracks that you like. It takes a bit of time to find tracks previously listened to especially if you don’t know the name. It would also be beneficial to literally be able to search a producer or the name of a track. And also a space to write lyrics. That way you could sing/rap and read while the track is playing. I hadn’t written a song in over 15 years. I never sang seriously either...this app may change that! ☺️
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4 years ago, Marti +7
Has potential but needs work
This app has a lot of potential to be more useful to music creators than it already is. I say this because it lack in features that other apps have that would take this to the top if it had. For example if Voloco had the beat your playing not get cut off after your vocals that would be very helpful and make it easier to use. Also if you would crop your vocals separately from the beat that would be great too. These small things have inconvenienced me on multiple occasions and even and caused me to stop using it for a while. The auto tune is certainly great but it would be way better if it had these quality of life changes.
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5 years ago, Rndjdjdhdhdhdb
Great but it’s weird with the iPhone X
So I’ve had this app for a long time... since the iPhone 6... but since the iPhone X doesn’t have a headphone jack to plug a headset in( talking through the mic on the headset to hear yourself through the headphones) it’s a bit weird. It picks up the talking through the bottom of the phone... if it were possible to add something in the settings to change which exact mircophone the input was coming from... it would be amazing. If this is already a possible feature, may I please be told how to fix this? It would be a great help!!!
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5 years ago, kyle2755
Great app
Apps very inconsistent after about a couple days of using the app non stop the beats started going off beat and also my microphone gets very silent when trying to sing not only that but the auto tune has become inconsistent messing up my vocals when previously they where fine I find that I have to keep reinstalling the app to get it to work but now it’s come to a point where it goes off beat, my microphone is going silent and also my vocals are inconsistent as well kinda frustrating because I’ve been making pretty good music now I am not able to produce the same quality of music I was just yesterday. App needs bug fixes hopefully it will get back running the way it was then I’ll change my review.
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1 year ago, liljoeybu
The app could be perfect if ...
I love Voloco. Very quality app. A few things I think would make this app the full 5 star experience is: 1). If you could select multiple songs at once in your library to delete. I have so many projects that have built over time and can’t get any room to make more :) 2). If we could have some sort of folder system (my reason is to go hand to hand with the deleting songs). I would like to be able to group the songs I want to keep In a folder and then delete the rest (or Vice versa) 3). Last and final, I would like to see something new. I don’t use the membership because what it offers isn’t really worth it aside from multi layer tracks, aside from that, I feel like we should have some nice filters for the voice, and just more range of options for voice tuning itself *bonus* I’m not sure if it’s already an option, but I would like the ability to slow down a track so it can be used as a “sample” if you will
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2 years ago, Chckrdstarfire7145825
Of course, they’ve “updated” the app.
4+ stars fell to 2+. This app used to be worth your time and even the features provided by the free version was all you needed for just about any quick project. However, they just couldn’t resist and recently did what all developers do....and they broke it. What’s astonishing is that it likely took a full team of individuals to evaluate the new changes and accumulatively decide to render those changes. Many of these alterations were driven by greed and intemperance, others just out of incompetence. It’s a shame you can’t (easily) run an older version of the app. I’ve deleted the app for now and I will check back in the future to see if the common sense of this development team has been reinstated.
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4 years ago, Rob a cat
Great app, only 1 problem
I’ve used the app for quite some time , at least a year now for fun or random raps. If you only want the auto tuning then it’s great - but I’d like to see more innovation on the social features. Why can’t I search beats or others music? Why doesn’t the app allow me AT LEAST send my recording to be reviewed. I have to go out of my way to send an email. Let us comment, or like the songs / beats. Maybe we could also get more audio manipulation control for things like reverb, compression and EQ. Multiple voice takes per track to get harmonies effect, pitch shift on finished track, or a control similar to the others to just tweak a harmonies setting. as a developer myself(Flutter), I understand you can’t flip a switch and fix those things so I am willing to wait but specifically the social aspect or lack there of is my MAIN concern, the others are just suggestions. I know good reviews are important to you, and I truly love this app and recommend it all the time. I’ll update my review if some of those issues could get fixed! Thanks for reading.
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2 months ago, LionOfPhilly
Great App, Dev Team becoming greedier.
I’ve been using the app for quite sometime (years) and have never had any complaints. There’s a monthly or yearly membership that unlocks more features for this great app which is understandable until today. before when you open the application, you could import your own beats for personal use but that feature is now locked. Which means many users, who used to submit their beats for everyone to use and the users who created songs can no longer contribute to what made Voloco special and popular in the first place. This is amongst one of the many changes that will lead to this app’s downfall and inevitable demise. It will also slowly push users to using other apps/sites, Voloco will become obsolete all because of Greed.
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3 years ago, Duhreel1
Please read
Personally i like the app, i used it when it first came out and there was like only one screen. But i feel like it’s missing the ability to make a somg without the reverb and needing to add room setting also (ex. Large hall, small club) For the EQ, Reverb and compressor options i was surprised to see that I can’t make it all sound just clean. I noticed alot of songs or sounds either one would sound good but the rest throws it off or all of them don’t match at all. Please make this a option for a clean simple take as well thenn we can decide what kind of options to apply willingly.
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2 years ago, DeebabyOG
Questions Questions Questions
So I got a new phone and started over with a new Apple ID and I originally used Voloco on my old Apple ID and now it doesn’t give me N option on how to sign in. It’s either my new Apple ID or email/Facebook. WHY? Why is there not an option to type in your old Apple id or email or whatever it is. I absolutely love this app and now all my saved music and songs are pretty much gone because there being no option for signing in. can you guys fix this please?!?! Seriously
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2 years ago, mighty macho
Good, but kinda have to pay
It’s really good for beginning to make music. Simple. Easy. Awesome. Also I love how you can right and see your lyrics 👌. But it says you can do all these sound effects and mix vocals, add vocals but all of that you need to pay. If you want to pay and be serious it’s a amazing app 👍🏻. But if you saw it and was interested in making music but your not gonna pay you won’t get all those features but still amazing, I love it, I haven’t payed for the premium but still I can make awesome tracks. Also I like how there’s just tons of beats. Keep up the work guys!
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3 years ago, Drewboi974
To the people or person who dreamed this app to life
I love this app I know there’s 100’s of ways to make music but for me my studio has always been my phone I think that this app is # 1 in my book because it’s like a Swiss Army knife you got all the right tools all in one place an it’s so simple you just add the beat or pick one an there’s some really great producers supporting the artists they this channel I would like to say good job an keep all the creative juices flowing an maybe you will create something amazingly beautiful
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2 years ago, PlanningProcess
Became Useless Please See My Update
Voloco has removed support for being used as a GarageBand plug-in. This was my go-to app for vocal effects and processing. Now that they’ve taken away that support, I’m deeply disappointed. I’ll re-subscribe and eat my words if they add GarageBand functionality back. Until then, I’m left disappointed. Edit: Voloco updated me and the functionality is still there. I don’t know what I did wrong but it popped back in. This is still my go-to and really is the best app out there for it.
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5 years ago, Djdickdnakzifkf
Solid App!
This is a solid app. Easy to get up and running/ recording quickly which is great when you are in the zone and want to get down ideas. And with some tweaking of the settings you can get some great sounding vocals. It’s really fun too. One request: it would be amazing to be able to bring in pre recorded vocals and tune them. You could try out different effects and possibly even bounce down and layer them. It makes much more sense to do that kind of vocal processing post-recording. Although don’t get me wrong, being able to sing live with the auto tune styles IS the most fun part. I’d recommend it!
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2 years ago, hauntmehauntmedoitagain
Charged for a canceled subscription
It’s an exceptional app and was one of my most-used apps awhile back, but I canceled my subscription months ago due to my financial situation. Now suddenly out of nowhere, I get charged out of nowhere, as if I renewed it... which I didn’t do. I’m agitated and immediately deleted the app. I wasn’t under the impression that apps could renew their subscriptions without your consent. I was leaving it there for whenever my financial situation improved, but I don’t think I’m interested in redownloading it until I get reassurance that this won’t happen again. Again, quality of the app is fine. Just don’t like being charged for something I didn’t consent to.
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3 years ago, DC Leek
Love it
Got the non-premium version app. I have done like 3 dozen love song’s and poems for my wife. Once I figured out how to add the music to it, that was the game changer. I can’t really sing but the app does make it sound better then what I would normally sound, which is a good thing. If I could I would give it a 10 star rating. Would like to post some but think it cost $ for rights to the beats I use on my love songs. Not saying they are great but the wife and myself like them. They seam to flow with the music. THANKS VOLOCO FOR A EXCELLENT APP DC Leek
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4 years ago, My princess Sam
Song lover 101
I love this App I hope you will make it compatible with iOS 13 i’ve tried other Applications but this one is bye far The best One for me but what if there was a DJ section then people could make their own beats that was just a suggestion other than that I love it and I have no problems with it thank you very much jest a update i was thinking a karaoke setting I know that you have a setting that takes away the full track but why not a setting that only removes the vocals but not the music that is all for now.
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2 years ago, Yung 48
Voice Correction
I’ve been a fan of this app since like 2016! I’ve ALWAYS used this app to see how I’d sound and create drafts of music before I spent money recording it in the studio. However with this new update, it doesn’t allow me to play around with the keys to get the perfect pitch and I am extremely disappointed and now will have to find a new app. It was fun while it lasted UPDATE: The feature is still there just kind of hidden compared to the old version… back to the grind!!!
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4 years ago, moondog131!
Lot of fun
Obviously, this is a phone app, so going out an buying a real vocoder is going to yield higher quality results, but this is a pretty sweet little app. Ive been recording myself playing old songs that were written long before vocoders, and lemme tell ya it plays back with some interesting results. You do gotta work at it to get the sound youre looking for though, and if youre playing guitar while you sing, the digi sound really can get funky (in not a good way) but you gotta find that mic balance and vocal balance, its worth it, ive been having fun.
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5 years ago, smokdeisal
I have been using this app for probably almost 3 weeks and I really like it I’m convinced that it’s probably worth my money so I’m gonna go ahead and get a good one and on top of that I would like to state that somehow they should try to re-up the app and allow you to play music that being recorded on a separate device like for example I would like to use my headphones and mic to record and also have my music playing on a speaker for my helper to help me mix Other than that hands-down I really like the app
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6 days ago, Famous300
Developers, please read
I use this app for about two years now I really like it. I really enjoyed it and I am glad that there are updating the app but when they updated, I lost all of my content. I had a lot of followers and music posted that I paid for to boost the content and since the last recent update, it was all deleted for some odd reason now I have zero followers and have to start over fix the issue. Please fix the issue, please🗣️
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6 years ago, Eiz513
extra effects are available through a subscription now?
i was literally about to purchase the extra effects, all of them. to my surprise i find the app has been updated and now offers a subscription instead of a one time purchase. has it always been a subscription and i just didn’t know, or have the devs turned this wonderful app into a smule crap? please no. i was just about to spend money on this like i had been planning for quite some time, i can’t believe that on the day where i actually commit to my plans i find Voloco turned into one of the least successful business models for apps imo.
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3 years ago, Makalena
WAIT!!! I finally found it!
I’ve been looking for a Voice Enhancer App for a long long time, downloading many with no luck, some didn’t work, most were to complicated and others were to dam expensive. This is the one, it’s more the a Voice Enhancer, it has music add-ons and all else that you could want is here. Just press a button and BAM it does it for you. What can I say, check it out and hear yourself for the first time and you’ll be like Wow is that me… A Star is Born!
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4 years ago, mikelede
This is the best app i’ve found so far man, as for recording music no caaaaaaaaaap. One thing i would request though, is making it more interactive so we can connect and collab with other artists and producers on the app, especially if we were to post our content somewhere else, we’d be able to give proper credits to whoever made the beat we used. This app is great guys, 100% recommended, especially for beginners like myself. This app so good, that i wrote a description of my rate. I never write, or even star other apps😂💯
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