Volunteer Time Tracking

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Volunteer Time Tracking

3.84 out of 5
44 Ratings
9 years ago, aleinstein
This is good
Everyone seems confused about needing to register online prior to using the app. I, too, added the app first but quickly realized I needed to set up online first. I have successfully added groups of users and tracked time using this. The app is extremely easy to use (as opposed to the online site). As an administrator, the online site is a tad confusing, but pretty basic overall. I am not sure how it looks as a user. The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 stars is that i am not clear what is going to happen after the 30 day trial is over. I think simply some features will disappear, but I would like to know definitely before pouring too much time into setting up my user group.
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4 years ago, Cfraggle
Needs some improvements
I wish that the app had the option to log time in minutes, and that it would change that into decimal form for you. The main complaint is that it doesn’t tally your time for you. I have many hours in decimal form and when you start to have a lot of entries it is annoying to have to add them all up yourself to see if you have enough or how many more that you need. Also, once the keyboard is activated on making entries there’s not a way to minimize it. It gets in the way of scrolling down and entering text into the last box. I have to try and scroll and click the box while the screen is “bouncing”. Otherwise I can’t get to the very bottom box. I hope that makes sense.
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8 months ago, Pine Hill Gal
Posted links do not connect to internet. Unable to copy and paste.
My volunteer group recently posted an event with a zoom link. I was unable to connect to the zoom via the posted link, and could not copy and paste the link either. I was using updated app, iPad Pro, iPhone 13, all failed to connect via the zoom link. Finally I went to track it forward web site and was able to use the link to connect to zoom presentation. Please fix this app!
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11 months ago, marleecarpenter
Perfect for Volunteers Management on the go
I’m not sure why this app has such low reviews. This is the first volunteer manager software that I’ve used with an app! And, I think that’s an amazing perk. I can’t wait to see what future holds for new features.
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4 years ago, Maharet12
Needs more options available on the app
Unless I physically log onto a computer, I can’t view reports, my total number of hours or anything much else. The app needs a LOT more flexibility. More options need to be available to make this more user friendly on a mobile device
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1 week ago, srmj624
Nice and simple
This app makes it easy to keep track of and report my volunteer hours. No muss no fuss. Nice summary too. Easy to use even on my phone.
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4 years ago, iTunesRonald
App is constantly updated, keeps all of its bugs despite the “updates” AND always loses your log in credentials after updates.
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3 months ago, Dorafish123
meow meow meeeeeeooooowww hissssss
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9 years ago, LefseQueen
Great Idea, but...
This app is a great idea and has a lot of potential. However, after going online and seeing that an account has to be made there before using the app, I encountered a dilemma. It requires you to designate an organization that you're part of or create an organization. I am just a high school student wanting to keep track of my volunteer hours and events to list in scholarship applications, resumes, as well as for meeting requirements for graduating high school. As I am doing this for my own benefit and convenience, -not for some particular 'organization,' but for many - I find that this app is useless for me at the time being. As soon as I will be able to register without having to associate myself with an individual organization, I will give this app a good rating and will definitely use it. As stated before, it had much potential, but has many factors holding it back from reaching that full potential.
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9 years ago, AKorca
Is perfect!!
This app does exactly what it is supposed to. It works in conjunction with the computer version and is meant to be a supplement not a main program. It works great as a secondary method for logging volunteer hours on the fly. Simple, and easy to use. Thank You OurVolts! This program is going to be just what our school needs.
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7 years ago, 3plusmakes4
Great companion app
I absolutely love how I, and my volunteers, can use the app to log our hours. If we need to see more information, we can go online. As the volunteer coordinator, I can set up the site to either have a drop-down menu of hours or volunteers can enter their own. It's Very easy to use and I am looking forward to keeping up with three different groups at my kid's schools on it.
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9 years ago, Lumenergy
So great to have a mobile version!
OurVolts is a user friendly tool for organizations and volunteers to use in tracking hours and activities on projects and programs. Looking forward to future features as the become available! Thanks!!!
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8 years ago, MEALTOTX
Great App!
I love using this app to log volunteer hours for my children's school. It's so easy to use and saves lots of time!
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8 years ago, Nrthtchr
App only allows tracking of volunteer time. Online account is difficult to quickly see who has signed up for slots. Volunteers can not easily determine what slots they signed up. Can't use this online program nor the app.
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8 years ago, 174772848&64
Can't use it
Whenever I try to submit my volunteer time it says I have to "select an activity before submitting" but there is no section to select an activity. This makes the app useless and I hope this gets fixed.
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7 years ago, MsStarSword
Needs Options
The idea is great, but the things you can do are very limited. I can't even view how much service hours I've logged! App is also glitchy
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9 years ago, Pat in Ohio
Can't create an account??
There is no link to register the account? Please fix!
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9 years ago, JenG1021
Can't create account
Would have been nice but I can't even set up an account.
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9 years ago, AlohaMel
Login fault?
App asks me to log in when I haven't registered yet. No access. Nice idea though.
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9 years ago, Sheribda1
Great idea! But there's no option to create an account!
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9 years ago, Alianew
Can't Sign In
Sounded perfect, but I can't sign in. Very frustrating.
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8 years ago, Torr-Torr
I don't like this
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7 years ago, Eubuleus
Need a login
This is a companion app and requires a username.
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