Vonage Business Communications

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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vonage Business Communications

4.71 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Charleshgibson
Outstanding for US & International
I'm glad I decided to listen to my wife and do more research on Vonage services. I previously had the typical home Vonage phone service which was just a setup to receive inbound calls from State-side numbers since I was living in Europe. Vonage Business changed the game to allow me not only to keep my same State-side home number and apply it to my cell phone for answering calls but, to also receive calls on the Vonage Softphone app while I'm in Europe while having a European SIM chip in the cell phone. Plus, I do not get charged International carrier charges or deducted credit. Calls made to my State-side number ring my cell phone and the State-side caller hears a US ring back instead of an International ring back. Receiving authentication calls to my Vonage Softphone app works as well. I went from paying $35 to $51 a month. Well worth it if you primarily live or travel to Europe and want to primarily keep your European chip in your cell phone as everyday use.
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2 years ago, lawyergoldman
Terrible: call quality, customer service and texting
I have had using Vonage Business for the last 7 years at my law firm. I originally shifted over from conventional land lines phones for price and features. I loved the customer service and ability to communicate via chat to clients through the Vonage app where it would use my office number. HOWEVER, Vonage as slowly but surely gone to the crapper. They no longer have a live person to speak with in customer service! You must now chat with someone online after waiting 20 minutes. Call quality from iPhone app is horrendous. Always dropping calls or robotic sounding. Real professional sounding! Probably the most disappointing feature of Vonage? You cannot send mms ( Multimedia Messaging Service)! What does that mean? You cannot send images or files to customers via text! You can download from the App Store about 25 free messaging service apps that have the ability to send photos to other people! When I “chatted” with customer support about this, they told me, “well you can send images to other internal users within your firm, just not to external customer numbers.” Well, that’s just great! You can even send images through MagicJack! You know, the “as seen on tv” device!!! Looking to switch my 9 lines to Ooma.
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4 years ago, BethSS1
I really do not like this app and would not use it if I didn't have to for work. This latest update is awful. I am off work and calls are still ringing on my phone even though I used the mute switch to mute my device in the app. All day long I kept getting ghost calls where it would pop up with a call that said blocked caller, say "Vonage business audio" ring for a single ring, then it would stop and a regular call would come in. I don't like how the call takes up the entire screen and you can't swipe it away if you're in the middle of something, you just have to wait for it to stop ringing. I don't like that you can't see who answered the calls when you're working on a line that goes to multiple co-workers. All of our phones ring at the same time but you can't see if the call was answered? It just says missed call. When you answer a call sometimes it's still saying Vonage business audio in the background. When you try to call someone it won't ring, you hang up and try again and it shows the same call is still going on the background when you're already on the phone again. I hate this app.
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5 years ago, laur_han
Love the app, currently unusable.
I just now am starting to use Vonage for my workplace. I have to protect the privacy of the clients of clients I work with majorly. So I always thought I’d have to have separate phones, one with crazy privacy to do business stuff. I am super impressed with the whole app and the entire business phone integration. However I CANNOT use the app because I. Can’t have client information showing up on my personal device’s call log. At least with google voice the call log was private within the app. The call log on the device showed “google voice call” and no other information. Currently on my personal device call log I see that it is from Vonage AND it lists the exact number calling me and the first and last name. i understand and want this to happen within the Vonage system and app. But I CANNOT have that information on a private, personal device and there is no setting to manage this like with google voice. Therefore I can’t use it. And I’m really sad. I seriously hope there is an easy quick fix. I can’t be the only one with the problem.
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2 years ago, Lissa B P
Pestering interruptions
The service is ok, but these companies seem to think is fine to repeatedly as for ratings and validation. With 5 different apps doing this to me repeatedly when I am a busy owner…it’s quite frustrating and has a cumulative effect. I would really give it 3 stars, as some obvious problems exist that seem obvious to me, and also some more complicated problems with not being able to use my hotspot unless I force-quit the app. Hopefully there will be an overhaul of the contact history. If you have 3 phone numbers for one person…you can’t tell what phone number they called from even though you have the numbers in your contact. Some of my business have 5 different numbers that they call from….but alas, with this software you will have no idea which number called or in many cases what time they called or texted. It’s like people who don’t use cell phones for business are making this program. Come one, if you want decent rating you have to have all the basic features.
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8 months ago, Nickoles s
Service has gotten absolutely horrid
I’d say about 90% of the time I take calls either it takes 10 to 20 seconds to connect or you just don’t get anyone at all they can’t hear you you can’t hear them. Also when you have calls even still with full cell service or Wi-Fi service calls will drop. I’m also noticed in the past few months that only the first half of the phone conversation will be recorded so you can’t go back and listen to the second half. It’s extremely annoying to have to call customers back to get information from them when you’ve already asked them, I really don’t understand why this is happening now before I may be had a 5% dropped call rate or wouldn’t connect rate. I now am forced to just call people off my public cell phone number because of the poor service from Vonage I can’t count how many times I’ve lost a customer due to poor phone service.
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5 months ago, Big DBJ
Customer Service is Horrible
We have been a customer of Vonage Business for 8 years now. Going to be canceling service after today. SUGGESTION: Don’t waste your money or risk lost business with Vonage. Today, the system went down, an issue with this app on my cell, been using this app since we started operation and didn’t change anything…called to speak to Tech-Support, however you cannot SPEAK to support only chat. They couldn’t even figure out how to look up my account without asking so many questions (and doubling, was asked my number and company twice). Asked for someone to call, but their system does NOT SUPPORT a call to me. I deleted the app and got it operating again, but looking for a tech support where I can speak to someone while the business is losing money (every lost call, about 5-10 calls that I know of went to dead lines this morning)
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1 year ago, LV2Boat78
Worse voip experience yet!
They are unable to provide basic phone services. My main line didn’t accept incoming calls for 3 weeks. Vonage provided zero help and every time I contacted their chat for help they seemed to have no idea I had already reached out multiple times. My texting never worked. After 3 months I got nothing but canned responses but no actual help and no texting service. They are quick to blame outside companies but fail to take ownership for problems caused by their outdated technology and customer service. I was lied to repeatedly by customer service reps. It’s why they are the ONLY VoIP company to require a year contract. It’s because they know there service is so bad no one would stay if they don’t make it impossible to cancel. As soon as I switched providers my phone started ringing and I could text with my customers right away. STAY AWAY from vonage.
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2 years ago, Tandy Rehberg
Get an online virtual reception app
This new app is absolutely horrible. You need to get an online mobile app to be able to change the virtual receptionist. The older application was far more better and way more user-friendly and better at New application is really not feasible for people that use the online app nowadays everyone has online apps so if you have an online app, you need to make an accessible for app users. Many people are in the go and need to be able to change applications with their mobile applications so get it fixed because this application is horrible and never works and it’s super not user-friendly I give it they 0 stars 🤬we have had nothing but problems with this horrible new app. It is a nightmare. please go back to the auto version. It was way more user-friendly, air and more reliable.
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2 years ago, Harsh Cristisms
Found to have low sound quality and app is incomplete
We switched to Vonage from Spectrum for VR Hub. But since the the sell out of the company it’s crap. The sound quality is cutting out or dropping too often. The one main point on their website is app mobile control and it is advertised on website but you can not change VR system without a desktop terminal they had months to fix it since the change over. They just don’t care . And now support is only online chat, too many problems to stay with whatever this is. I also noticed a special to get new companies to join with a deal Don’t Run away. By the way do not bother replying to this review instead put the time in and fix this app your company has not done. I will update rating when fixed but somehow doubt that will be the case.
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1 year ago, Dr M Hamilton
Horrible customer service
I used vonage business for 3 years and originally things went well but now you can never get issues addressed because the customer service rep is incompetent or they don't allow a phone call and require you to use the chat feature which takes forever and offers vague advice. I have tried to reach customer service for the past several hours and no one picks up. I need to port my number over but when I canceled my billing yesterday they locked me out of my account even though I have paid up till February 15th. Now I can't port the number because they terminated service early because their representatives have no idea what they are doing. Also if you want hunting lines where one number can ring to 4 different lines like at a doctors office they don't offer that
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4 months ago, yolkdi
Use someone else if you can
Can’t even begin on the number of issues Vonage has created. Half the texts don’t come through in a timely manner, customer service is difficult to reach and once you finally get to chat with them, they don’t listen or understand what you are saying. They also overcharge for their services that don’t even work. We are always happy to pay a premium price for quality service, but they don’t even help when we have an issue. Quote shopping from other companies is showing lower prices, more features, and are more user-friendly. If you are part of a company that relies on their phone system on a daily basis, go elsewhere. Otherwise you may be stuck with no ability to contact your clients/employees other than your personal phone number.
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5 years ago, 00000010000100010
I signed up having high hopes for vonage. All i have been since I've joined is let down time and time again. Signal is almost always horrible with calls, half the time they dont even ring, and to top it off their customer service is absolutely horrible and they shut off your line multiple times even if you pay on time every month. I literally sent them a copy of my receipt and the person on the line said it was fine then surprise surprise, my line gets cut for no reason again. I have called support multiple times to handle it and all i get is rude supervisors who talk over you and customer service reps who don't have the slightest idea how to help you. Will NEVER sign up any of my business with Vonage anymore. Its so bad as soon as i finish writing this review i am going online to find a new service provider.
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2 years ago, BEMISM123456
Horrible Service
You are better off using Google voice! Don’t let the affordable cost of service fool you! You get what you pay for!!! We can’t answer phone calls inside our house unless I stand at my front door. We always have issues with sending and receiving messages from AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers. Constantly calls are dropped. When calls come in we can talk for 1 minutes and the person on the other line can not hear us. We also get messages from random people. It’s as if someone else was assigned our number and using it. This is a major privacy issue. Are other people getting my businesses message. This seems illegal and plan to reach out to our attorney. And Vonage makes it impossible to get any support. We will be looking at other services.
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2 years ago, MaziMaz
Vonage stole my money!
I had vonage from May-October. From day one I had issues with texting, outgoing and incoming calls, voicemail…you name it! Every time I contacted tech support, they had no idea how to help me and would say they are “escalating” my issues to the escalation team and that team would call me back…never did! Not certain how much business I lost during those months! Finally got fed up and cancelled in October 2021. They continued charging my account until February 2022! When I called to discuss this additional billing, this company had the audacity to charge me an early cancellation fee! Over all I paid for 6 months of service which they never provided, cancelled service in October, got charged for service until February, and got charged early termination fee! Worst customer service in the industry! BEWARE OF THESE THIEVES!!!
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2 years ago, 1ManUh00ligan
Vonage was HACKED
Vonage was recently hacked and their customer service line is nowhere to be found!!! Absolute madness, on top of not being able to log in to my account, Now all my passwords have been change, including secret question and when you call in, they have an answering machine just saying they are unavailable via phone, only through chat. And their Chat system doesn’t work ahhhh 😡 I never call them, but when you need them the most, they are not available!
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3 years ago, Gmagierski
No help center available.
I’m currently trying to get with some sort of help desk as I type this and there is nobody to talk to. It’s all done over text chat which I’ve just been in the queue for five minutes and still have the same number of people in front of me as when I started. My question will take less than a minute to answer for a live operator but they don’t have any of those apparently so I’m gonna wait 15-20 minutes because of their terrible customer service. The service is good but if you ever need customer service, they are terrible to work with. That has been our biggest complaint with Vonage. I would not recommend them to any other business owner that I know and we our looking into replacement services at this time.
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3 years ago, avatarschell
Probably worth the money
The company I work for uses Vonage and I enjoy it for the most part. It’s pretty easy and intuitive to use, and their customer support is fine. Always available when I’ve needed assistance which was one time. Their online support and user guides are well made and easy to understand - mostly. Downfall? Kind of expensive if you’re just a small business. Positive side? It’s a professional service from a company that’s more than just an app developer. I view their services as comparable to Spectrum, CenturyLink, etc. All and all, it’s probably worth the money.
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2 years ago, Devonke
Poor service
When you are trying to sign up with h Vonage, the customer service rep will be nice to you and tell you all the right thing to sign you up. Once you sign up, they do not deliver what they tell you. I have been getting text messages and phone calls from wrong numbers. It’s not just one but many. It seems as if the number I was assigned is assigned to someone else and I get calls and Text from wrong people. I signed up as a business but I feel like I get mor of other calls then my business related. I have been trying to get help from customer service but you just wait and wait. I opened up a ticket to address my concerns but no help there. Poor POOR POOR service and a pure scam. Don’t sign up with Vonage you will Regret it.
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1 year ago, //breeze.
Mostly solid with deal breaking problem
The of this app are great. From accessing your directory of business contacts, making calls, managing VM, greetings, video conferencing and other features. What you cannot do is stop your office line from ringing with simple toggle setting. Turning notifications off for this app does not stop it from ringing. You have to log out Vonage or create an iOS “do not disturb” setting that blocks notifications from the app. I’d love for this to be resolved. 4 star rating and will up to 5 when a version is released to fix this issue.
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2 months ago, Guithilinder
The worst choice
Without a doubt, this was the worst deal I've made in recent times... When I signed up for this service, I wasn't told that it would take so long to activate the service, I spent 15 days waiting for it to be activated. On the day of hiring, you were charged for the month of service, even without using anything! Yesterday when the number became active you debited my card for $55 and today a day later you tried to debit another $27? What is happening? I was not informed of any of this. If I had known that I would have such a headache with VONAGE, I would never have hired your service. When I need a response from you I wait for DAYS and no one responds. Please return my money. I don't want your terrible service anymore!
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2 years ago, djc3232
Vonage, moving forward for their own profit, but moving backwards for clients
I was able to control my phones remotely through a mobile device for years through Vocalocity and then Vonage, and a so called upgrade or developer change has rendered this feature inoperable. To top it off, they wasted my time trying to fix a problem they created, great chat support on that, but not really. Modernization and chat support is fine for their efficiency and profit, but I need to find a laptop to make changes to my call flow?? That doesn’t work well when you aren’t near a laptop. I could make these changes through a mobile device for years. Is this 2022 or 1992? Should I carry a beeper and a bag phone too! Utterly ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Malcolm59
For the money it’s great
I don’t understand all the negative reviews. I’ve never had an issue with the app receiving calls or making calls. As far as setting office hours that’s done in the admin page on your account. My phone ring from 8:30 to 6 and the rest of the time go to voicemail without making a peep in the evening. I believe all these negative Nelly's just don’t understand how to make it work or are not intelligent enough to read and comprehend instruction.
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3 years ago, SailorSirius
Great overall, but missing something important
The app works well for me. Calls are clear, and I like that I can text clients if I need to. I love the new ability to add images to texts too! However, I’m on iOS, and the call notif banner doesn’t show the caller ID - just the number. Since I can’t see who’s calling, I can’t screen spam calls, which as we all know are constant and disruptive. In my workflow, it’s inconvenient to have the desktop app or the browser version open just to see who’s calling. Please, PLEASE add caller ID to iOS call notifs!
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2 years ago, Heardwulf
Contact sorting & Call quality
Why does the mobile app sort contacts alphabetically by surname but the desktop app sort them by given name? The only workaround is to store contacts with their full name as their last name. Seems juvenile in professional software to resort to that. Call quality is in constant flux, often times with other parties being unable to hear me but I can hear them fine. No network issues otherwise and other VoIP and phone calls via WiFi works fine. Always Vonage only. Call quality testing always resolves successfully.
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3 years ago, djjdjwjndhfi38833
Calls still come through when muted
Ever since the recent update calls still come through and ring 1-2 times when the app is on “mute this device“. This never happened before the latest update. UPDATE: Updating the app by itself didn’t work so I deleted and reinstalled the app. That seems to have solved the problem. Thanks
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4 years ago, raj(netPark)
Problems with calls don't use this unless you HAVE to
Our company has been using this app for about a year and its been nothing but problems with sending calls to other logged in agents when a call is missed by an agent. For some reason even being in the same tier doesn't matter. Also there is not consistency between the desktop app and phone app, calls that were answered on the desktop app will not show on the phone app and vice versa. We've been having a lot of trouble between making sure the tier system works correctly. I have an Iphone 7 plus and no matter what if I log out or mute my phone, I still get phone calls coming to my phone directly.
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4 years ago, Kat23576
Keep hearing beeping during call
I’m not sure why I keep hearing beeping while I am making a call and/leaving someone a message. Also the app wouldn’t let me hang up after leaving a message. The other issue we have been having is that our main phone at our office says the call cannot be completed when our receptionist tries to call my actual cell phone number which is also set up as an extension when I need it. It takes 2 or 3 tries before she can call me and sometimes she has to give up and use her cell phone to call me. For the most part Vonage works but it has its issues.
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2 years ago, Virtual Receptionist Fail
The upgrades to the Vonage service system are unacceptable. The virtual receptionist does not work on mobile devices any longer which is unacceptable and poor servicing for Vonage. Vonage is devised to assist with companies who are virtual or mobile and assist in managing your phone system more simplified and easier access. This does not meet the requirements of the audience they are servicing. I am unable to make changes to my phone system due to this downgrade, when a PC is unavailable because I am remote during the summer months. The virtual receptionist worked very well prior to these changes and it needs to be implemented again on mobile devices. This change is 100% unacceptable!
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6 years ago, Cvargas
What a nightmare this has been...
I was sold a bill of goods about this phone system, but it doesn’t work. People call you and the app doesn’t ring. I literally have to have 2 or 3 devices running the app in the hopes that one will ring when a customer calls. The website doesn’t provide a detailed report of where the calls go or what option they press in the auto attendant. Customer support is no help, must have called them about 5 times and hours wasted on the phone with them and they don’t resolve anything and don’t even call you back. Finally getting Verizon installed this week, yes is more money, but it will cost me less because hopefully I will not be loosing so much business as I am with Vonage.
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2 years ago, Vic&liz
So many simple things that can’t be done!
I had Vonage for about a year and I can say that at the beginning it was horrible but it got better after some adjustments. There are some things that should be possible on the app like copying sections of a text message instead of the whole message and forwarding a voicemail, I can’t open a contact file if it’s sent from an apple device, always get a message that prompts me to update to the latest version to open the attachment but there is no update available. It has so many limitations…
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4 years ago, asandhoff
I can’t hang hang up from a previous call in the app.
When I use my Yealink or my computer to make a call, it works fine. The problem is when I use the app. I can’t hang up from a call. If I click on the hang up button, nothing. I have to either reboot my phone. Or, when I used chat yesterday, he told me to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Neither of which is ideal! This never happened with the old app, and I use my cell phone must of the time to make calls. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
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1 year ago, Ke miami
Vonage is not user /business friendly
It is absolutely ridiculous that if you do not have the pc application on you do not have record of missed calls Also you can only have 2 calls at a time and can not drop one. There is no way of sending texts to multiple phones and the list goes on. Definitely will start looking for another phone vendor as this one stayed in the past and has not have the features a self employed or virtual company needs I am being very generous giving 3 stars!
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6 months ago, Miss Carrie D
Good for extensions; poor for connections
I work from home and my boss got us the vonage app so my coworkers and I can have additional extensions for our business. That works very well for our needs. I only have two problems with the system: 1. The messages that have not been listened to are quite light and not emboldened very well. It’s hard to make a distinction between new and listened to messages. 2. Once or twice a day a current call will be dropped when a new caller “beeps in”. Very frustrating and embarrassing.
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6 years ago, JoeB90
Why no MMS texting?
UPDATE, months later and still nothing with MMS !? Hard to believe... I have been a vonage business user for a number of years and I really think its a great company with especially good customer service. BUT, whats with no MMS you give us texting but stop short of MMS ? I send my customer a text and cannot receive a photo of a data plate or some part that has an issue since there is no MMS. I think for me at least being a mechanical contractor video phone is useless, but MMS is very valuable. I don't know but it seems to me that creating text on my vonage app is 90% and MMS is another 10%. Hope to see MMS soon. Thank You !
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5 years ago, Razcrux
Voice mail hard to use
Missing speaker button option when replaying and when you put your ear on the phone it makes the voicemail stop playing because your ear will touch some of the tabs and switch away from the voicemail screen. This problem is pretty severe, because there are so many buttons all around the voicemail play and the screen stays active when you have it placed next to your head to listen to it. There are other issues with the app, but this is probably the most aggravating one.
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4 years ago, Jenn71489
Good for work
Yesterday when using the app I was looking at a message and it started loading with the refresh spinning on the screen, which had never happened and it automatically logged me out. When I logged back in all my messages were gone and all contacts I had added myself were gone. Any contacts from my phone and all pre-loaded business contacts were still there. I wanted to save all my conversations I case I needed them later. The app is okay, but I only use it for work. Wouldn’t use it otherwise.
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4 years ago, EwersArch
Missing a key function
This app is useless for our small office. On our office desk phones, all 5 phones ring when our main office line rings. We also have individual phone numbers for each phone so our clients can dial a person directly. However when someone is out of the office it would be nice to use this app to call that employee on their direct line. But since their desk phone rings when the main line rings, this app also rings everyone’s cell phone app when a call comes in on the main line. We can’t have employees outside the office answering the main line when the call is not for them. Until Vonage fixes this, the app is useless for us.
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4 years ago, HullBreach
Terrible Update
The newest version of the app looks like a newspaper, not at modern smartphone app. Yet, that’s the least of the concerns. Whenever I speak with clients through the phone component of the app (whether on WiFi or mobile), the sound is so muffled and garbled that I always hang up and directly call them from my personal phone number. Also, on the iPhone XS, there’s a huge paper icon hovering right over the 6 button on the number keypad during active calls. Half the time when I tap the 6 to navigate menus or use call queue options, the app registers as tapping that other icon, and the calls drop.
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5 years ago, AkenRPierre
Great company!
I haven’t been with Vonage long, however, thus far I am very pleased with the reliability of the mobile app, feasibility of usage, and the features within the app. As a consultant, I am always on the road and engaged in my other businesses. It makes it convenient to have access to a platform where not only my staff can use in the office but I too remotely. Hoping to be a long time customer.
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6 years ago, pa_eng
Better than 8x8
The app performs well both within and outside my network. I can use this app like having separate cellphone for my business. It has full functionality like receiving and sending text messages, voicemail, video conferencing. I never miss a call when I’m not physically at the office, because I can take my office wherever I go. Reading my voice messages also helps me to save time and be more productive and efficient.
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6 years ago, Keebs87
When I get calls, the calls are fine. The problem I have is when calls either come in to the main line and my phone doesn’t make so much as a peep, and/or calls to my extension go straight to voicemail without ringing - and then, a minute or two after a call (of either of the aforementioned types) not going through to my phone, a call will come in, no problem. So no - my device is not muted. I’ve logged a ticket with support regarding this and am waiting for a response.
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6 years ago, Annieklug
Very little in the way of customer care
We’ve been using vonage for our business for about 6 months now. We are really dissatisfied with the customer care assistance. Getting help with their supposed 24/7 technical assistance seems impossible as their phone rings constantly but no one seems to ever be there to answer. The phone we received was expensive but the sound quality is really poor. We end up making and taking most of the calls with our person cell phones. Very disappointed in their service and products so far. We are very busy but I’m so motivated to change to another company!
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1 month ago, VonageScrewedUp
From bad to worse …
I have been a Vonage customer for years and I have watched the literal rot/decay in the quality of customer service. I deliberately chose the word, rot, and the word decay!!! I have been without SMS texting for nearly 2 months despite multiple attempts request. I’ve done what it was required of me and as of this day NO response and I CANNOT SEND TEXT MESSAGES. it is highly improbable that anyone at this company will read this but if I was P&L responsible for VONAGE, I would be deeply concerned that apparently, no one appreciate and value the customer. Remember this:“The best source of new business is an old customer.”
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4 years ago, AYFKM 2.0
Great working cell phone totally RUINED by your app
It’s a cell phone a smart device you should be able to turn off all the ridiculous features that somebody in construction has absolutely no need to use from the field but instead I can’t even answer a phone call without having to push three buttons and still can’t determine which one is earpiece or speaker this is a horrible app. Using voice over IP for the office is one thing but in the field you have made it too complicated. I would wager that I’m probably less than three phone calls away from throwing this phone as far as I can.
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9 months ago, Firka_Akh
Poor connection and poor customer service
Poor connection on Vonage app. Our business is losing customers because Vonage app is crushing and not connecting the calls. When called Customer support they blame everything on mobile Carrier issues , while all other apps are working at the given internet speed and reception of mobile carrier. Had hard times reaching out to customer service , no help at all. We have to switch to a different provider for our business.
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6 years ago, webcds
Almost there!
When signing up for the service we chose the on demand dialing and nowhere did it say the only if you paid for the whole office recording package would you be able to access the call recordings on the app. With on demand recording they can only be accessed via the web portal. I wouldn't be apposed to having the whole office recording but we only have one extension and $50 extra amonth just to add that is way to much. I wish they offered better pricing for small businesses.
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2 years ago, Whitefish-Hunt
Missing 1 important feature
The app has been good so far but it is missing 1 extremely important feature, Faxing. I do a lot of work on my phone and the one thing I can’t do is Fax. It makes it extremely difficult since when I’m in the field I don’t always have access to my laptop to send signed documents by fax. This creates huge delays in my work. Please add faxing capabilities!
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3 years ago, Lahza
Text Message screen is blank after update
This is ridiculous! updated the phone and even though my phone sends me notifications that i received a message i can’t see them. the entire screen is blank and what’s worse is there is no technical support person i can call. sent in a ticket request which said someone would contact me in 8 hours which they didn’t. my business runs on text messages. really can’t afford to lose money like this. definitely switching tomorrow if i don’t get a solution. i’m losing money
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4 years ago, Spaun drummer
App is horrible -Customer abuse!!
Sounds like I am under water my customers say. I have to call them back not going through the app so they can hear perfect. The other option is to have them call me on my cell. Vonage only does chat support now. The reason I went with Vocalocity over anyone else was their excellent phone support. They solved issues quickly. I am in the middle of spending over 2 hours to solve this issue. Vonage I have a job why am I doing your job for you. Take responsibility and fix the problem. Now I have lost over two hours of my day. This is customer abuse in my opinion.
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