Vont - Text on Videos

Photo & Video
4.6 (16.6K)
62.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vont - Text on Videos

4.65 out of 5
16.6K Ratings
3 years ago, henna haha
Ty for font
Thank you so much for font because it helped me so much with my videos I had to use something else but thank so much I don’t know what to do with out font because it means the world to me so please I can’t stop thanking you because I got so many fans it’s my dream to have a lot a fans but you know how much you mean to me i love this app so literally much it’s my world my life once again thank you if you see this and your the owner thank you this is the longest review I ever written in my entire life ty I know how many people have your app and the appreciate it bc they might have a dream of having fans and when I found out this app existed I was so happy I jumped up and down non stop bc this is the best app ever ty I will share this app to my friends so you can get more views ty
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3 years ago, | (• ◡•)|kimmy
A new idea
Hello I know I don’t work here but I wanted to add this because I think it would be a really good idea for me and my fan pages out there. A lot of fan pages use this app for text and add-text to their edits and we like to use it but recently it’s really laggy. A lot of parents to let us buy the five dollar room pack or add more than five text pack. So We just kinda cheat the system. So we add text to our videos like I usually just do 50 text. But it’s really laggy. So what we do is we just left like there and then we save the video and it’s not like Laggy anymore. And a lot of us is hard for us to add the same text to our videos from the ones we did last time. So I thought it would be a really good idea to add some thing like Phonto where are you could just change the background video or photo but leave the text there. And then we got afterwords change the text and we don’t need to actually like create a new project and all that because that’s to be honest it’s really hard because we don’t have the patience it takes me two hours to make my theme. So if you can maybe you can add my idea! But of course I don’t work there so it’s up to you! By, Kimberly (Ps love this app)
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1 year ago, thank u vontttt…
to vont
Vont i don't like ur app because i used to be able to copy a text but now i have to pay to do it i used to edit all my videos from vont and now ur asking me to pay like no u were my favorite thigh to edit on but now i will not be able to i will most likely go back to capcut which is way better u could have done way better vont i will never forgive u vont was very bad to us preppy's i hope vont gives us back our glitch/copy and paste please don't make us pay because i've been a fan of vont for over a year and now i cant do anything without having to pay please make it back to the original and fix it or eles u will receive more hate on ur app if the owners of vont see this please fix it because we are all tired of the little thing poping up saying to pay and ikk my family will not like to pay and ur telling me i can inly put in four txt then it will tell me to pay 5 dollars just to add more text and a lot of people don't have that type of money to be spending on an app they've been using for a while please fix this vont i am so sorry for the people that cant afford this and u wanting us to pay and waste our own money on an app to get more words in, Thank u a lot again for what y'all have done im sick and tired of this bye.
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5 years ago, knnthlw
This app is a lifesaver
What I like about this app is how easy it is to design all kinds of ideas. I’ve quickly edited mock up ideas of how-to video courses, editing animated memes, encouraging digital phrase videos with contrasting background colors, telling stories with emojis, creating funny memes, and a whole lot more. With saying all that, it would be nice to load a video or screen recording into Vonto from Photos app, or right after screen recording . Currently, after saving the video or screen record, I have to open the Vonto app to load the video or screen record. Other than that, this app is irreplaceable!
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4 years ago, pleasejustpostmyreviewapple
A little buggy but decent
This app is good because it does what it says and it does it fairly well. The app crashed a few time when I tried to export my video and crashes EVERY time I tap the number in the square at the bottom to see the list of the fonts I’ve added to the video. This is quite annoying because that means I have to watch the video until the section with the desired text comes about then tap it to edit. Also, if there are a lot of text boxes throughout the video, not being able to see the list and time stamps of the added text would be frustrating. An option to have the text fade in and out would be a great addition to this app. It would look a lot smoother and be more pleasant to watch than the text pop in and out. If the bugs get fixed, I’ll give this app a higher rating.
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5 years ago, Robloxfunkid_999
Not having to pay for the full version
Hello! Recently I started using Vont for videos and, the app is good really good! But, I have one complaint why do we need full version? I know you guys need money, but since I am a Roblox Youtuber and doesn’t use chat I highly recommend to use more than 5 text boxes that is one thing that fairly bugs me. Since, I am used to iMovie and can only use one per scene that’s why I split it. 2nd is short videos, now this is the most annoying one because you can’t use more than 1 minutes for videos. I wanted to see the full version cost and was like “my mom will never buy me that!” So, for people who use Vont I highly recommend you just work with it maybe there is a split button to help use a lot more text boxes! Soon! I expect frequent updates! Bye!
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5 years ago, Paigerazzi
Keeps freezing/crashing
I had been using this app for months and was pretty happy with it (except for the annoying reminder I had to upgrade if I wanted more than 4 pieces of text). Then the app started freezing my iPhone XS. I would close the app and reopen it and it would work again. Then a week later when it would freeze I would go to reopen the app and it wouldn’t reload from the previous state. Had to start over. 15 seconds in - until the app would crash. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, no help. Of course tried restarting phone and also making sure I had the latest version software (of app and iPhone). No avail. So I am thinking of upgrading to the ‘pay’ version, but scared I will pay and it will keep crashing/feeezing. So SO bummed because this software is easy to use. Please fix the bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, hctvtvijiyghvbcyfuv
Great App! Just a few problems!
This app is truly amazing for adding text over videos. All of the fonts are so cute as well, but there are a few problems and bugs in this app. I use this app to of course add text over videos. I have a fanpage on tik tok and I have a “big theme” there is this hack that you can save you theme to projects and it will save or whatever. This hack is a life saver until yesterday when it stopped working. I did this theme 3 times. Still not working. I can’t post anything because of this. Pls fix or help me. I’ve searched up how to fix this hack and still doesn’t work. Pls help, download app it’s amazing but there is lots of errors along with it.
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3 years ago, TTrends GamingYT
I really like this app. So much that I paid for the full version, (Which let’s you do as many subtitles as you want). But once I added the 6th subtitle, the app crashed and didn’t save anything. Btw the video was 15 minutes long and took around 10 minutes to export into Vont. I have used this app for a really long time and stuff like this happens all the time, but this was the worst. Also the timeline at the bottom is a little difficult to use. If you use this app, I don’t recommend paying for it, because even if you pay to use more than 5 subtitles, the app will just crash. I would just recommend using it for free than after you use your 5 subtitles, save than load that new project back into Vont.
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4 years ago, KidDr1ft
I’ve Been
Can’t complain. I’m pretty much invested into this app because I’ve lack the ability to get out my box and try other apps, if there are better text on video app die tell me. I’ve been using this app for 3-4 years now or how very long that is in alien years. Idk. Whatever. This isn’t a review. This is me rambling while wasting your time. You’re welcome. I’ve wasted literal seconds you will never get back. Sorry not sorry. 😐 have a nice week, weekend, day, night or whenever you’re watching this. Wait. Reading this. Ok. Whenever you’re reading this. ✌🏽
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1 month ago, emma is so cooooo
make it free 🙏
i would like to say the MAJORITY of people who use your app are , fanpages. and if you look at the content we make you can tell you need a lot of text to make it and only being able to use 4 texts is personally to me very unfair, i get “just buy vont pro” but some people can’t. i honestly think a lot of more people would you your app if you made it free, i get you need to make money but you could charge something else just not the number of text. your app is great and that’s why a lot of people use it but only being able to have 4 texts is unfair. i know a lot of people agree with me so please make your app free. 😔
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1 year ago, toca boca2.0
Thanks vont .
I hate how vont changed the the glitch for more text but now i cant i be trying to edit but i cant because they changed it and its super annoying and im a fan page and vont is super important To my coloring and I will not forgive them after what u did Vont please fix this or there will be more hate coming towards the people that made Vont and the producers. Please fix this because we need Vont to do stuff so if the producers see this I want u guys to fix Vont cause I’m so tired of it asking me to pay and I know my family don’t wanna pay for the and $5.00 for extra text is super expensive and a lot of people don’t have the money to pay for extra text so please fix this vont or more hate will come. Thank you for having the time to read this. 💗
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2 years ago, Savagecat4545
It is great
This is a great app for editing. I have tried many other apps, like IMovie or Capcut or even Kinemaster, but I have never seen an app I'm comfortable with. This is the best app I will ever recommend for editing, as it is simple to use and really useful for videos. There are things like transitions for the texts I've never seen in other editing apps, and there is a nice variety of colors to color the font. You can even download your own fonts. This app is a really great app.
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3 years ago, TommyInNJ
Near Perfection
I really usually don’t write reviews, but I’ve been using this app for quite some time and I’m really pleased with it. There’s only one reason that I chose four stars out of five. While placing text on video is made extremely user-friendly, it would be an absolutely perfect app... if you were able to place photos like a watermark on the video as well. That’s it that’s all this app needs to be absolutely perfect. It never fails on me it never crashes is always there. I hope this review is helpful and you’re making a decision.
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8 months ago, ihrtsleepingsfm
I Literally Payed This App Money And It Still Won’t Work Properly.
I used to love app and then the added the feature where you have to pay for pro or else you can have more than 5 text boxes (I think). I was mad at that update but I got money to buy the pro version I’ve had it for 1 month now and I’ve had no problems until yesterday. I was using the app like normal and then when i clicked to add a new text it kept on going back to a frame in the video that was not the one I was selected on. I restarted my phone. I closed and opened the app but that glitch is still there and it’s annoying me because I can’t do anything anymore. It would be really helpful if Vont were to fix that glitch
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5 years ago, Jocelynn<3
Amazing! But..
Of course there’s other apps for editing, and there’s this one. So, i tried many different editing ones like Vont but they all have almost the same problem, some of them are confusing, membership to get the good things, and overall I hate that. Why would you want to pay for me ever shop when you might just need a one thing edited? This one the problem is , after you edit there’s an ad. Well, that’s for me. I’m not saying I don’t like this app, I mean this one is probably the best one there’s out there. That’s all I have to say. Thanks! 📍
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3 years ago, ahhsjeifkdbsilqpqplsal
I love it!
I love this app but sometimes it doesn’t let me save the videos I already made, when I try to save them it loads but then they never end up in my camera roll, it’s done this to me before but I redownloaded it and it worked but I did that this time and nothing happened, please fix this bug! It’s very annoying, so instead of saving it I have to screen record, and when I do that and go to post it on tiktok it’s cropped and I don’t like that! But overall this is such a good app lots of vonts,cute symbols,etc
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3 years ago, Strxberri_bxba
Just a suggestion lol
Ok so, Vont is mainly used for aesthetic pages on TikTok (such as myself!) and usually we spend 30-50 minutes on a Theme so I good suggestion Is to make a button where you can copy your text and put it on a new video so we don’t have to keep re-doing it! I really hope u consider this idea because I’m sure many people will enjoy and use Vont more!! Anyways have a great day and I hope you see this message!
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3 years ago, darklycharli on tt
Hello so I have no idea if this is happening to me but when I use emojis and play the video in the app it changes the size? Now I asked a fanpage for help and it seems like they had the glitch too so they told me just to save it and the video saved to your camera roll Isnt glitchy anymore but it is to me and it’s not the right position and size I want it at, so I would simply ask if you can fix that for me and the other fanpages/ people who are having the same problem, thank you!
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2 years ago, 9 year old report
Vont Feedback!
I love vont soooo much! But we all can agree that there is one update that is missing! Which is a update that lets you take a project and switch the video! So that you can have the same text on multiple videos! It would help a lot! My friend wants to create a new theme! But it doesn’t let her swap out the video so she has to recreate the theme over and over and it has over 40 text and it takes a long time to create! It should work for all devices! iPads and iPhones!
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3 years ago, frenxclilxies
Amazing app! Here is the bug that frustrating me.
It’s an amazing app but, when I add the text to the video it doesn’t show up, like what do I do? I used this app back in early 2020 and it worked perfectly fine, if I had my old phone I could’ve used it again but, if you could just tell me what I have to do because I haven’t used this app in a long time so I forgot some things about this app. If you could tell me what I need to do that will be appreciated.
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3 years ago, ToxicKitty91
Help anyone?
So this app in all is an amazing app and I’ve came across a problem for noobies like when you can only have 5 texts just swipe to the side and press the copy button and you may do that multiple times so you won’t only have 5 texts but a problem I’ve came across as a person that uses this app a lot is that when I text something it comes out as one line instead of a paragraph and that bugs me so much I hope the creator understands this problem.
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4 years ago, SkinnyPeyton
Vont Rating
On thing I really enjoy about this app is I can make it my own unique style. I can make my very own movies with this app. One thing that I wish could change about this app that you get unlimited typing usage, what I mean by this is when I make a movie I can’t type some of the scenes because it costs money I do wish for them to change that in the future so you can type as much as you want. But over all I really enjoy this app. 5 stars for me
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4 years ago, mdjznskzkz
That is great but there’s just one mistake
Every time I write down like what I want to say on the video and then when I play the video of the word to get blurry and it doesn’t look as clear as how it should be this happenedAbout a month ago and it has been like this I tried clearing the app and I even tried re-downloading it and there was still the same issue is there any like updates that I should be needed or anything any bugs that need to be fixed because if so that is one bag and yeah it is annoying and it just it does not look right and it looks blurry.
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6 months ago, phatgirlphloat
Simple yet variety
I love this app along with its sister apps phonto and fontasy. They all work together to provide a simple yet huge variety of options for adding font to video and photos. They are the best free add fonts to media apps I have found. They are very simple to operate and don’t have a bunch of unnecessary extras or ten billion ads. Thank you guys for doing an awesome job and creating such amazing content editing tools.
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2 weeks ago, urjrnfjrujrdjieidj
Bad update
i like this app but, whenever i try to play a project that i’ve saved it doesn’t like load it just immediately goes to the project without loading. and I would also like that if I save a project and then when i want to load a new video and have the same project words from my previous project. Vont used to do that but i’t doesn’t anymore so I would like to bring it back. And thats also the reason why lots of people have been deleting/not using vont. this new update is just like really bad.
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1 year ago, I don’t like vont
Dear Vont,
I don’t like how you changed the hack for us to put multiple text. And everyone is devastated of what you did. I am rating this a 1 star because of this. Now I can’t write multiple text because of you. Pls fix this quickly and possible. You will probably be like: how does it not work. Well everytime I already pt 3 text in my video and I press the duplicate button, and when I press it one more time for there to be 5 text. It says I need money to do it and I can’t buy it rn bc my family is poor. And I would love for you to change it for everyone because not everyone has money like you. Love your favorite Selena 🫶🏽.
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2 years ago, KevCoStudios
Phonto for Videos
One day I wished there were a simple way to add text to video on my iPhone without being limited to the crap fonts in iMovie. That wish has come true. If you're familiar with the app "Phonto" for photos, this app will be *almost* second nature. I keep accidentally changing the "Begin" time when I mean to change the "End" time, but that's my own fault.
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2 years ago, lulu wants the old youtube
This is a great app and I love all of the fonts and I use it for my watermarks and everything but what disappointments me is that there is no audio when I try to play the video, it’s just the video, with no audio! And that’s the main reason why I haven’t gotten the premium package- because I don’t want to pay for something that won’t even benefit me since I can’t hear audio!! But I think the app would be great if they had just created it with audio! Been using this app for 3 years now ☺️
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4 years ago, allison karen belen
It’s a great app but...
I love this app because you can add so much detail in a text but the problem with this every time a take so time out of my day to use the app once I’m finish and when I click the button to export it it kicks me out then I try again but it does it again so it kinda gets me disappointed since sometime it takes so long but other then that the app is great but I don’t know if it’s the app I’m having problems with or it’s my device but anyways I love your app!
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5 years ago, chrisrobinson532
Great app but there is some issues.
First of its a great app, I use it a lot. But you need to pick a type of ad, you can have both but you need to tone them down. I go to load a video and I get a ad for premium, so I skip that then I get a product ad right after. I close that then click save for the video then I get another as for premium all within 20-30 seconds. It’s getting ridiculous, please fix this. Just remove one of the premium ads that’s all you need.
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4 years ago, Dazzling AG
Great Until...
Hi! I’m a user of Vont, until the app started not letting me add my videos. It would let me get to the part where I chose it from my library but then it wouldn’t let me press anything. It just froze. I’m sorry for the complaint, I love vont! I’ve been using it so often until this happened! And I know it can be fixed! Also, while I’m here your the creator of Phonto too? Well, also it woln’t let me costumize the size of my plain image. Please do something about this. Still a fan! ♡
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3 years ago, KawaiiPandaUwU
Love this app! But..
I absolutely love this app because it’s so helpful! And I don’t mind that you need to buy some stuff. I just love this app so much and it’s been really helpful! The only problem is, most of the time when I’m in the app making something, it kicks me out. I can get my video back that I was working on, but it just really bothers me that it always kicks me out. Maybe it’s a bug? If so please fix this! It bothers me a lot. But love the app and you should get it if you haven’t! 💗
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4 years ago, Kawaiinoodleszz
Amazing just should add more updates
This app is 100%worth the few dollars of in app purchases and everything the only thing I would add would be more transition styles like maybe a in between in and out like wiggle or move or have like new in and out transitions! My only suggestion make sure to get this if you are doing yt on a iPhone or mobile device.
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1 year ago, Miracle Townsend :)))(
This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY
Hello, I’m a fellow fanpage as well as apart of the fanpage community on tiktok, and majority of us aren’t able to pay for the “5 or more” text fee, we used to just press “copy” and paste our texts so it would be more than 5 but you guys updated it to the point your gonna lose lots of money because atp nobody is using the app, back when we were able to use the copy thing MILLIONS of fanpages like myself used the app almost every day, but now it’s like what’s the point?? So if you could, please take the limit off, it’ll give you better reviews xx
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2 years ago, elizabeth890
Ok so to begin, it literally lets you use 5 fonts unless you buy like a subscription like seriously? If I’m trying to edit a video I’m not gonna pay like $9.99 a month to literally use more than 5 fonts like come on, you could do better than that. Next it literally crashes on me like all the time I use it 3 times on the 4th it crashes, again I use it 3 times, on the 4th guess what!? IT CRASHES!!! Like I spent time and effort just for it to crash? It makes me not want to use Vont. But other than that there’s nothing I don’t like, I just hope they fix those 2 issues.
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2 years ago, Aiisha Ty
New feature
Vont is truly and incredible app. But there are some flaws. Especially one. Some people including fanpages need to have the same text but on a different video. Sometimes people don’t have the time or patience to remake something. If you added a feature like the one in Phonto that would be amazing. It would truly be beneficial to the people who need it. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Mia
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4 years ago, svnflower..chqrli
Good, but needs to show more options I can’t find the blur stuff
I love this app! I can’t complain. There’s just one thing (this might be a problem with my phone, but who knows). I can’t find the blur effect and it’s genuinely annoying. I’ve tried very hard to find it, but I just see the text effect. And if you want to know why I’m looking so hard for the effect, I’m a TikToker, and I like to add cool fonts and effects to my videos! Thanks so much for understanding. Bye!
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5 years ago, Zabet P
I like Vont but the app keeps crashing
Vont is a really useful app but recently this problem kept occurring. I would open the app, add my video, and type out the text for it. But when I went to apply it, the app crashed on me. This wasn’t a one time thing for me. It happened more than 15 times! I tried to fix it by -closing the app then reopening it -powering off my phone then get back on the app -deleting it then reinstalling it Nothing seems to work. So if you can fix this it would be amazing. Thank you
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4 years ago, cnejdj
Great app! One problem!
Like most fan pages (me) I use vont for my videos and it is amazing over 100+ fonts u can download and there amazing!! But there is one problem... When I’m writing my texts it randomly logs me off the app when I open it again all my work is gone and I worked really hard on that, and I have to start over, one more thing is we should be able to write more that four words/sentences like at least 7.
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3 years ago, addizzfrogs
It’s good!
Hi there! So as your reading this and probably about to download the app, read this before you do! So vont is a very good app very good fonts you can even download a couple, so I would like to say you have to pay to add 5 or more stuff so you can only do 4 but it’s amazing otherwise it’s a bit confusing at the start but you can always watch tutorials! Thank you so much for reading have a good day!
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3 years ago, kindof_shay
Something you should add
Hello! I absolutely love Vont, but I have an idea that I really hope you guys can add because it’d be really useful. I think you guys should make so when you select everything, you can add the transition style to all of the fonts at once instead of doing it one by one. I added 111 fonts to my video and now I have to individually go and add fade to all of them. Please consider this.
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3 years ago, Tink 🌴
It’s not working 😭✋🏾
Firstly when I installed the app a couple months ago it was working completely fine but when I deleted and I was about to reinstall it, it started to act weird now I tried to deleting the app and reinstalling it but now when I try to load my videos in it just keeps saying “ Sorry, an error occurred “ and I have a IOS WHYYYYY and when I tried “Phonto” that app doesn’t work either it’s annoying because I have to keep install the sant Joan Vont for some many timesssss fix yo app 🏖
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3 years ago, Kilrboss102
I love this but something is wrong
When i try to load a new video it tells me to go to settings and press on the button that allows this app to have access to my camera roll and 1. The button doesn’t show up and 2. The app doesn’t show up ether idk whats wrong but can you plz answer me on how to fix this plz and thank you
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3 years ago, Elizabeth Magin
Amazing app but 2 suggestions
I love Vont I use it so often but I have 2 suggestions 1) to be able to select multiple texts and copy them from one project and paste them to another project and the text would stay when u copy it 2) is that for there to be no text limit it’s honestly VERY annoying
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4 years ago, TarynCiara
This is the only app I’ve ever bothered to write a review of because I had to talk about how much I love it! Being able to crop your videos, add text and select when it starts and stops, adding your own font! It’s amazing and I use it all the time. I am so happy with this app and would highly recommend it, there’s so much you can do in the free version.
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4 years ago, thanks vont
Amazing app just one problem
This app is the best editing app but there is one problem a lot of Times when I go to save my videos sometimes it goes out of the app onto my Home Screen and I mostly had to redo it but I found out u can go back to ur video just tap the middle and boom there is a tab so thank you vont this is very helpful and I love your app
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3 years ago, ccccaaaammm
I have been using Vont for over 9 months now and other than the app crashing every once in a while, I’m pretty satisfied with it. One suggestion I have is to add a feature that is available on Phonto. I think it would be really nice to be able to replace the video but keep the text. I think many people would find it helpful!
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1 year ago, My'Ziya
This app is helpful but annoying
I love this app where I can put fonts & everything for my videos! But this app is annoying too, when I add my fonts it kicks me out the app when I click on the download button. When I retry it still does it, this is a problem they need to fix, it’s been going on all day so it take me longer to edit my videos for my account. I still enjoy the app.😊💙
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4 years ago, Avacodo 🥑 UwU
There is 1 kinda big problem but otherwise great
So it’s an amazing app! But why do you have to save it to files then go to files and save it from there?!? people probably don’t know that you have to do that WHYYYY can’t we just save it to photos it would be so so so so much easier but other wise it’s a great app it’s dose what it’s supposed to so that’s why I think it decent but please add a save to photos button
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