VOX: MP3 & FLAC Music Player

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Coppertino Inc.
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2 months ago
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10.11 or later
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User Reviews for VOX: MP3 & FLAC Music Player

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6 years ago, doka15
Update: found the problem, but still an issue.
UPDATE: I raised my stars on this app. Since I updated a while back to an 1 teribyte Solid State Drive to make my older mac run faster I ended up moving all of my music and photos to a different hard drive drive then what Apple wants you to put them in. It took downloading another music player app, and that one not working as well, but that app gave me the reason why, it was a “Sandboxing” issue. Seems that VOX and the other app can only access music if it is located in the music folder and no where else. SO this really wasn’t a fault of the VOX creators as much as an Apple security system, so I can't fault them on that. I would sugest that VOX adds some kind of pop up warrning about the Sandboxing issue too, unless they can over come this issue. App worked great for a year. Then one day I hit play and nothing. I watched it go down the music list greying out every song like it could not find it. I tried to delete all the songs and drag them in again and nothing. I contacted the support and they sent me a reset program and instructions and it never worked. I tried to email them back and they never responded back to me. This was last year and I tried to download the lastest version today with the same results today. It was a very simple great music app, to bad it stopped working.
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4 years ago, gerard.o
Local library view needs improvement
Don't like that I'm not able to view local library by album cover or artist ... Just a long list of all my songs.
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1 year ago, fun2drum
I wish I had looked at most recent reviews before buying
I had high hopes. I wanted to upload my large library from my Ventura iMac and then play it between all of my Apple devices. It seemed simple and worth the money just for that feature. After getting the app and subscribing I found that when I open the app the Vox Cloud gets stuck on "loading library" It never does anything else. I can't upload anything. Some music files apparently somehow did get loaded at first before it locked up, but after weeks of trying again and again nothing else gets loaded. Nothing that got loaded at first shows up on my iMac's App. It just sits there trying to load the cloud until I force quit. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times but it still does the same thing which is basically nothing. To be fair, the app seems to load okay on my iPad and iPhone, but I have to upload the library from my computer so it's still useless for me. I had signed up for a year (because it was discounted) but didn't sort the reviews by most recent. If I had done that I would have realized that there are hardly any positive reviews over the recent past. I'll give up for now and leave my account open since I have almost a year left. Maybe they'll do a version update that fixes this mess.
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5 years ago, KaraFortier
It never worked at all and support was a nightmare
I excitedly spent a day uploading 72GB of songs to the cloud from my CD collection. I didn't see any of it on my devices so I waited, thinking it might take a while to sync. After a few days I wrote support. Only about 2-3 GB out of the 72 showed up on my iOS devices and I wanted to know why. Could it be file types? Could it be some kind of error someone could help me with? Did I do something wrong? After 15 emails back and forth with Vox's support, I'm convinced I was talking to a bot the whole time. There was no comprhension at all of what I was asking. It kept trying to solve for problems I didn't ask about at all. I'm really disappointed because I see all of the great ratings and really love the promise of what it was supposed to do- but it didn't work. And tech support was like talking to a black hole. I've never written a review like this before, but after all of the time I spent writing tech support, trying to find new ways to ask the same question hoping they'd understand - after hours of uploading songs I was so excited to listen to again - I reached the point of writing a one-star review. There's a first time for everything.
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6 years ago, ernze
the worst player
The main reason for one star is I deleted VOX off my computer when I found out Im using 2gigs of memory for the VOX buttons that I don't even use. the software isn't even running. I deleted VOX but its still running in activity monitor making my fan run. I still cant figure how to get it to stop. worst software ever. paid full price for this app including the radio stations that ever I haven't ever used. first of all I don't use FLAK or what ever I play MP3's. I got the VOX app on my phone also. this is another example of a company getting greedy. After I payed for the software you would think Im good, but no they had to do a subscription and want me to pay for it all again every month. I don't use the cloud I have 256 gigs on my phone so i don't need it. the player itself is basic nothing special I never even use it I use a better app that I only paid $4 for. the equalizer is bad lowers the whole signal. I hate when companies take advantage of their customers. If anyone can figure out hot to delete the VOX buttons let me know. I never seen a small program use so many resources
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3 years ago, This_nickname_is_taken....
Linking my SoundCloud account to my Vox account, via the Vox App was constantly problematic as my attempts to log into SoundCloud were fought off by SoundCloud as some sort of bot infiltration. Despite trying the various suggested methods on multiple occasions, creating a union between the Vox app and my SoundCloud account never occurred. Installing the add-on dmg file so as to enable the use of an Apple TV remote to control the Vox App never worked properly despite my multiple attempts. However, the most frustrating aspect of the Vox app was the means of organizing songs, which was either by Album Title or by Artist’s Name. The App’s limited screen dimensions became an additional hurdle which obfuscated the presentation of songs in a format that would have suited my needs the best. I would loved to have seen a customizable, full screen format, similar to that in Apple Music. A quarter-screen vertical window, presenting songs by Artist or Album is a needless, tactical nightmare. Who thought that was a good idea and why? Too many issues with features and the lack of any meaningful options for displaying your inventory of music is unacceptable for a free app, much less a paid app. I didn’t even attempt to load my music into the Vox cloud mind you…. Two months and I had had enough.
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4 years ago, MarcherPage
The customer support is horrible--with canned replies, cheerful explanations about how their app isnt compatible but they have their own proprietary blah, blah, blah. Uplaod your music to yet another cloud? Use their instructions, does not work, incredibly slow and time consuming. It is clunky, does not work smoothly if at all and you're basically on your own when looking for helpful feedback. It's a rip off and try finding info about refunds, etc. Buried in terms and conditions. Companies that are on the up and up will be more transpaent, making refund policies clear and easily found on web site or if you ask them, telling you up front. It took two weeks of me asking about their policies before someone actually said anything in response to my questions. and oh, no, refund on subscription. Smug, unhelpful and not particualrly honest in their business practices. There first free app was great, this is not.
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1 year ago, KIrkDouglasSD
Really like the player but...
I pay for premium and i'm having all kinds of issues with album art. Whenever I add new albums without embedded album art, it just shows Alanis Morissette's album cover art for the album instead. I have the app set to download artwork automatically but it doesn't seem to do anything. If the artwork is not embedded, you're out of luck apparently. What is the point? Please fix this. I don't want to have to keep taking albums out and locating artwork for very common things only to have to re-add and re-upload, what a pain! Thank you so much, program is great otherwise but this is driving me mad.
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4 years ago, dvgamache
Everything good but the app is crap
I've been a customer for almost 2 years. The cloud has worked well for me and the sound quality is good (if a bit less intense than Audirvana). However - during that time I have not seen one significant change in the app. The app is silly bad - does not even rorate on an Ipad. And on the Ipad the size is like a phone. On the MAC it is not any better. Does not take advantage of ANY larger screens. At least on my MAC I can user Audrivana to play y flac library. It is as if they are not interested in any development to make the app better. I used to get these e-mails asking to fund this company - glad I didn't they are asleep at the wheel these days.
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2 years ago, Jamie Bechtold
Product not working correctly - terrible customer service.
I purchased this mid June and it has never worked correctly. I uploaded all of my music but it will not sync to my other devices. They're all apple devices and are supposed to sync together well. The customer service is terrible. I gave them extra time before pushing as I know they are in Ukraine, but they have not helped at all. When they finally responded 3 weeks after my original email - and I told them my issue, they did not respond with a solution. I've reached out 15 times and every now and then a new person will respond, I tell them my issue and then I never hear back.
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3 years ago, BoomerTomi
Good sound quality but can be tough to operate
I have used Vox for many years. It has been a good tool to play music files but the operating system has become increasingly unstable. Music files duplicate by themselves. It seems impossible to resolve this on my own, and it seems impossible to get help from Vox. I have the feeling that things would work better if I subscribe to their cloud service but I don't need their cloud service. I don't want to pay for something I can't really get to use. I am trying to find a different way to play music from my Mac.
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4 years ago, Cabana Bob
Pay to try
More than half the preferences were greyed out (unless you sign up for the premium…). Merely from an aesthetic perspective, that just rubbed me all sorts of wrong ways. You have to earn my dough. I want a conversation before a date. If not hanging out, kickin’ it… pssh. Nah, I’m good…. I am MORE than happy to pay for software that is worth my money. And, I was very much looking forward to trying this app out per “Hi-Res,” FLAC, minimalism interface, clean UI, etc. I do not like subscription based software right now, nor have I ever. I’ll stick with Clementine and Quod Libet and my dignity. Nice logo though, is that where the subscription money goes? I’m laughing… not even a 14-day trial?!?!? Sch’laaaaaate~
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6 years ago, Romixery
PlayList problem
Since last updates, i have a problem with playlists. When i import a music in VOX, the order of some songs will change. For example, i have a album that ordered in track number. When in import it in VOX, track number 4 will go to top of the playlist. So i have to rearrange playlist every time. I don't have this problem in older versions. But this problem appear in new versions, and new updates does not fix this problem. Please fix this problem. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Misha S
Good for FLAC, dying under its own weight
Vox used to be a wonderful app, unfortunatly the more "features" they add the less and less nice it becomes. This new Loop menu bar icon for sign in, which can't be removed is especially annyoing. It's even more annoying that their Sign In process doesn't work. I'm logged in in the browser, I'm told I'll be redirected to Vox -- nothing. I've tried a few times, which is more than I needed to since I didn't really want to be logged in anyway. If you open the App's package contents, you can delete the Loop app so that problem at least goes away. But if all you're looking for is an easy and elegant way to paly FLAC files, Vox is no longer it. It's simpler long-term to just convert to ALAC and use Apple's iTunes or Music app, which is quite sad. Maybe if you're addicted to SoundCloud Vox is awesome still?
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5 years ago, AdamWillis
Sonos support is for premium
I used this player on my old mac and I had sonos support. Now that I have a new mac and a fresh install, it appears that sonos support is locked to the $5 monthly premium. I don't need another subscription service. I have this player purely for the local support and removing that one feature means I have a dumb media player and pretty much any software including itunes and vlc are more than able to perform those functions and more. Also, I have a airplay capable sonos speaker which appears to be blocked somehow. The app appears to be playing but the sonos never switches over and no audio is heard anywhere.
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5 years ago, theredn
Good except for...
The UX is not too good. Great concept and I've loved the mobile version. The desktop requires me to create a Vox account if I move between any of the top 5 options (Playlist, Library, Queue, Radio, and Soundcloud). The main issue I have with creating an account is that I don't want another music account (or any account for that matter). This is unfortunate because VOX a really capable music player and the track specs displayed at the top are cool feature.
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3 years ago, gcnrdarryl
Maybe I'm missing something but I've spent a lot of time trying to find a way to use this app to sort by Genre on playback and can't find it. I have a pretty eclectic collection of nearly 10,000 songs, I don't want to have to manually create a "Collection" just to get different Genres sorted and played, just like I don't want to have Metallica followed up by Glenn Miller. Even the most basic players offer Genre sort. Buyers remorse on my part. Otherwise the sound is great.
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5 years ago, oxoocoffee
It used to be good long time ago
Really!!! (Radio mode is very very very buggy) So many stations do not play at all. Multiple entries (for the same station) or double-clicking new station sometimes starts previously played station. Sometimes beach balls!!! Since version 3.x Radio mode did go to... Oh well Contacted developer about some dead stations few months back and still no fixes. Time to move on to other players. Do not waist your time and money. I will be happy to do another review when this is all fixed... one day or ever?
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5 years ago, Picklepop
I give up
I like the sound quality of the Vox player/editor, but that's all. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use it, and the answers you get to inquiries are worthless. A one-page set of insrutions would make all the difference, but they don't do that. Such a waste. UPDATE: On July 12, 2019, Coppertino asked me if I wanted to updte my review. Not really. except, no, I've already mentioned how worthless their "help" is. They were polite, and they answered promptly, BUT it almost seemed as if they didn't understand plain English, simple Engish. Really!!!
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2 years ago, rcniman
Radio stations subscription
I don't want to use the Vox streaming/storage service. I would love to use it to just control iTunes and listen to radio stations. However, adding radio stations requires a $50 annual subscription. That too much for what I want it for. Please created a Lite tier that allows us to use Vox as a controller and give us access to radio.
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4 years ago, sirsky
Worse than iTunes
Sure, it looks good. Yes, it plays streams as you'd expect. What's with this login and registration? Why should I have to do that to play or stream music? What if I don't want your curated radio stations? I thought it was a new Winamp. Doesn'nt work that way. Maybe it is. Won't continue playing if you shut your Mac. Even if you can possibly (can't) get it to play over Airplay to your AppleTV. Dump this 100%. Go to VLC until they figure out what a music player should be and not a drain on the community.
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6 years ago, the real raskol
superficial garbage
Of course people love this junk. Typical “app”. Computer program written to look pretty and take your money and/or personal data. All extra functions locked until you sign up for an “account". Cappitalism at its finest. Software designed for people who don’t really care about what they’re listening too. A playlist that can only show 25 songs and cannot be streteched to show all the song info? Another fine reason to leave Apple’s ecosystem ASAP.
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4 years ago, promyk
original CDs are unplayable
It can’t play original CDs. It keeps playing for a second, then stops then plays again and stops. Horrible. Same CD on iTunes sounds normal. I was hoping to sub itunes for this app, but that’s just ridiculous. Getting rid of CD compatibility? i get that most of a time, we stream or listen to mp3s, but that’s just too ridiculous. I have a bunch of special edition CDs, or CDs from concerts, or signed CDs. I want to listen to them too!
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4 years ago, shroyd
Works really well about 60% of the time...
The other 40% of the time, it is either crashing, not syncing or not loading imported files. If you email customer support, it will be at least two days before you receive an often not very helpful reply.
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4 years ago, Neal London
Not sure
I want to give this player a higher rating, but having a hard time understanding why when I play an m4a file that finder is telling me the voice clip is being uploaded. I don't want the audio clip copied or uploaded anywhere, can't it just play the file as is on the hard drive?
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5 years ago, stocklazarus
Not much usage if you don't pay
For audiophile, all the necessary functions are behind the paywall. Things like sync sample rate, hog mode and buffer, are all for subscription. It is USD50 per year, make it almost the same (or even more expensive) than those other commerical like Amarra and Audirvana. If you want to find a free version for your Hi-res player, this is not the one you want.
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2 years ago, tonopoveda
I Purchase via PayPal the $4.99 for a monthly subscription and the APP doesn't let me sign in and doesn't recognize my premium membership. The site of the developer was eager to charge me but anything else is working after. I want a refund of my $4.99 . This is why i will never trust developers now. In the Past, things like this never happened, at least to me.
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6 years ago, HiRes lover
The best player ever for FLAC
Since first version released, I’m using VOX on daily basis. VOX Cloud and some sources like YT and SC is addition, combination with iOS player make my all music needs completed
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1 year ago, Aldaro Nightfrost
I really wanted to like this app ... but
The features this media player offers are quite nice; however, locking the free features behind the creation of another account is outright annoying to put it mildly. I'd gladly give this app another try if the mandatory account restriction were lifted
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5 years ago, HawaiiDon
Cloud Sync sorta works...sometimes
The player itself is very good. However their premium cloud sync product is buggy. Specifics: New items added to monitored locations, sync hasn't figured it out yet...two weeks later. Add files button doessn't work since Catalina. Add monitored locations doesn't work since Catalina. Don't delete and reinstall the app under Catalina. You get a message that the OS can't check the app for malware and so you can't load it. (support was told about this one at least a week ago). Apple has published guidance to their developers on new security check yet support did not know about it.
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5 years ago, Jtnycny
Avoid this product
I bought Vox hoping to get it to work on my Sonos system. It doesn't! It also can't deal with music stored in different locations. I realized this minutes after paying for it and emailed them to request an immediate refund. They are super shady and would not help me solve my problems or refund my money. Don't download this scam ware.
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3 years ago, boe_dye
Simple and lightweight, to the point. Perfect for quickly listening to audio files without having to deal with iTunes! **EDIT** This might sound somewhat petty buuut... Could the icon maybe get a bit of a facelift to match the icon on iOS? STILL THE BEST AUDIO APP out there :-)
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6 years ago, Shupshe
New version requires login to their service
Used to be a good app. But forcing to log into their service to run is unacceptable. Time to find something else... After a year, they finally responded. My review still stands. Forcing a user to log into an account when they only want to play local music is unacceptable.
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4 years ago, jak-tar
Like so many modern applications, this one begins by demanding that you open an account. After that, if you let it, it will consume your bandwidth, squander your RAM, and request access to every file on your computer. All while trying to sell you garbage you don't need. No thanks. Just wanna listen to my music.
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1 year ago, marcfogel
Would be perfect if...
Airplay worked. Helli, I would even purchase a subscription. However when using airplay with VOC there is nasty interference making the app useless. VOC knows about the issue but cannot fix becvuase it has been going on for well over a year.
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2 years ago, daviddchenoweth
Something Like a Sub-One Star App.
Whenever I attempt to access the audio units window with in Vox Music Player, the app becomes non-responsive and requires a force quit. For this professional audio engineer this make the Vox music play a flat fail. Something like a sub-one star app.
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1 year ago, Coverfire 459
Custom equlizer won't work.
The presets are okay, but I can't get the custom equalizer unless I pay $50 a year? That stinks.
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4 years ago, ylluminate
Makes me sad...
This app would have been great if they'd have just emulated the early versions of iTunes with a great manager that enhances the audio playback but retains a robust library management sans insanity that Apple has added over the last several years.
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3 months ago, blackmaiden666
Just why...
Liking the app so far, but please, don't hide volume slider from me. there is plenty of space for something as essential as volume slider to be visible and accessible at all times
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6 years ago, LA.Bumps
Looks great sounds great. However the nagging advert to get you to go premuim and played out. $4 a month? $50 a year? Come on guys that's ridiculous. I'll pay a set a fee that's it. Uninstalled within 15 minutes.
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6 years ago, PrinceOfJam
Scking 100% CPU
I dont know why but this app keep using 100% of my cpu , every button im pushing its execute onle after a while , it was my favor music app now its AWFUL! Especially when after loading a new cue file and tryng to push FF
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5 years ago, Isaac Gray
spyware garbage
Doesn't allow you to use any useful features until you create an account -- likely to collect your library information and sell to third parties/advertisers. Garbage. Use something else.
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6 years ago, phaelam
stopped working
VOX was a great app. but now it goes into a constant loop of opening an closing if i try to use it. you cant even delete it unless you restart your machine. any ideas whats happened? ill revert my review back to 5stars when fixed.
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6 years ago, yahan2013
Skype Detected As Threat By Cylance
I am not able to use it or white list that library since Cylance is 100% cloud managed. Please take a look. Thanks.
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10 months ago, Garciaman1324
Terrible User Interface
I found it incredibly confusing operating the player. As there are so many that seem to like this app, perhaps it's my fault, but good UI/UX anticipates confusion. Very disappointed
Show more
4 months ago, lensRedmond
OK Until I restarted app.
Then it lost my Apple Music and would not let me log into Vox account. Also no longer sorted by album after re-adding music.
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4 years ago, Sailorman37
you had one job
I just wanted a simple music player to play my flac files. This app wanted to sign me up for service, add my entire itunes library, waaaaaaay tooooo much hassle. I’ll probably get spammed by these goofballs now.
Show more
4 years ago, Drybonz99
No ReplayGain
How does a music player that has been around this long, and is aimed at people with large music collections and audio enthusiasts, still not have ReplayGain support? It's hard to believe.
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2 years ago, ejonrc
Downloads as damaged
Downloads from app store. Immediately upon launch produces this error: “VOX” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “VOX” and download it again from the App Store.
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4 years ago, physicsisgroovy
Awful app
This app is practically malware. I just need a free music app that won't try and sell me more toxic subscription garbage on my computer. Stop trying to trick me into subscriptions. Terrible, awful, product.
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