VOX – MP3 & FLAC Music Player

4.2 (3.1K)
154 MB
Age rating
Current version
Coppertino Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for VOX – MP3 & FLAC Music Player

4.23 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
1 year ago, fun2drum
Glitchy uploads from Mac Ventura, but great once done
I did a very negative review here some weeks ago (weird - I can’t find it now to update so I’m doing this new one) but I am here now to say that I like the VOX system quite a bit. If you’ve got a very large library of songs then VOX is the only thing out there which allows you to keep all of your music files and play them in their original form from all of your devices. My original negative review was because the VOX app had locked up permanently on my Mac which runs Ventura. I couldn’t upload anything, and I couldn’t make the app do anything even after removing and reinstalling it. Then I discovered a beta version called VOX Universal and thought what the heck I’ll try it. That fixed everything on the Mac and it uploaded my first batch of music which is over a TB. I’ll eventually have over two TB’s of music stored on their server for no additional cost. That’s a fantastic bargain, and it all runs on my devices (couple of iPhones and iPads) smooth as silk. The audio quality is excellent with ability to adjust EQ and cross fades. I couldn’t be happier. The reason it’s four instead of five stars is that it was so glitchy on the newer Mac Ventura. Trying to get the app to run on my Mac was infuriating until I found the solution. I thought I had wasted my money which I paid a year up front, but now that the songs are uploaded it’s amazing. I totally recommend.
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5 years ago, nmma521
Love this app!! One thing, however
First off, this is easily one of the best quality music players for iphone, and 90% of that lies in the beautiful parametric equalizer that can even make apple earbuds sound clean and smooth as a decent quality speaker. I don't even mind the free version at all, all the necessary features are in that imo. i literally never write reviews for apps and this is my first one, which is a testament to how muh i like it. The one thing keeping this from a 5 star review for me, however, is the fact that it scrambles my playlists or "collections" as theyre referred to here without my input and not on shuffle or anything. like, i had my itunes playlist, but when i tried to find a song when i looked in it, my songs were all over the place in the playlist. the same thing happened when i made a new collection in vox. if that gets fixed, this is easily a 5 star and will probably fully replace the stock music player for me.
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5 years ago, Jeff DeWitte
Too many emails, app does nothing
Before downloading, and please if you are considering a subscription, read the responses by these developers. They don’t sound all that bright. It appears as well that they don’t have a good handle on grammar. and I’m supposed to trust you by subscribing? How much are you charging per year? That’s right a ridiculous inflated amount for features nobody wants. These guys are relentless. Constant emails trying to sell you their premium package. Several every single day! Really?? FYI, you get NO features unless you go premium - none, not even a little taste of how their app is supposed to make your music experience better, instead they just tell you via annoying emails. That’s right, no equalizer. Nothing. How are we supposed to know how good your product is? Not sure what good this app is unless you give them cash. A little advice - if you want to sell your tasty snack to new customers you need to give out a free sample. These guys are super greedy and will do anything to get your cash. Including giving you nothing until you subscribe. Deleting the app now. I advise you do the same if you have already made the foolish decision to download it as I did. See you in the funny papers Vox. Update (in response to developer reply): Too late. I’ve already deleted the app. You said it best yourself, “...our price model is not perfect...” Thoughtful gesture but I don’t see you trying to perfect it. Later.
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6 years ago, uburoi
EQ held hostage
Once upon a time, Vox was a great app. It was the only one offering a parametric EQ. But then they bundled the EQ in with their subscription service. Ugh. I’d pay $50 for the Vox app to have that. But $50 a year with a zillion features that I don’t need? Nah. That is the antiquated cable tv model everyone hates. Please - separate the app from the sub features and let those who don’t need all the cloud feature just buy the app. UPDATE - RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER’S RESPONSE: I appreciate the developer’s review, but my review stands. A core function of this software that you offered for free was removed and put in the subscription version. I’ve said I’d gladly pay once for a version that has the EQ. I don’t need all the other bells and whistles. Please come up with a third buying option. One that doesn’t require a subscription. Just make it a player with the EQ, as the version I have on my iOS9 devices has. I’ll pay for that. Once. And if you significantly upgrade, I’ll pay for an upgrade if I think I need it. Please. For now, I am forever locked into listening on older devices. And that’s OK, but they won’t last forever. So, I implore you to please simply move the EQ function back over the threshold to the free version. Those of us that are older, on fixed incomes, and have hearing loss need to be able to tailor the sound without feeling as if we are being held hostage to a subscription scheme.
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6 years ago, Tabarino13
VOX Music Player gets FIVE STAR rating
Very satisfied with the VOX Music Player. Over the years, I went from listening to LP, to CD to my iPhone. I synced my library with I-Tunes, but my music library had been ripped in MP3 format. I have a good sound system but so much sound quality is lost in compressed formats. I heard about high-definition music but when I found out I needed special software to play it I just gave up. Then I found VOX. I found free software from the web and I’m ripping all my CDs in FLAC format and uploading them to my VOX library. It’s so simple. Now, with a little help from an Apple compatible DAC, I listen to music in all of its glory. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s no difference; there is a big sound quality difference. Vox instantly syncs what I upload from my PC to my iPhone; the app even has an excellent parametric equalizer that helps me adjust my music to the listening environment. I’m somewhat technically challenged so when I reached out to the VOX developer, I received the same day response to my questions. How does it get any better? VOX gets FIVE-STARS!
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4 months ago, Dr. Vladimir
Great alternative to iTunes
I was looking for something other than iTunes or Apple Music to play my iTunes library on my iPhone because of apple’s syncing issues and this works great. I really like everything about it. It’s simple, looks good, and just works and I don’t have to worry about my custom song files being replaced with standardized songs by apple. Side note: VOX has an equalizer that looks good and it is something that I personally could really use, but they want to put you in a subscription to get it. I understand that devs gotta eat, but I can’t stand the way every business these days tries to push me into a subscription. In fact, I absolutely hate it to the point of actual anger sometimes. I’ve dumped companies because of their subscription hardball, and will continue to do so. Anyway, I would totally pay a one time $20-30 for the EQ. I’m still giving the app 5 stars because it does everything that I want it to do.
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5 years ago, AStressedoutlabrat
Great sounding and looking app! But broken:/
I recently downloaded Vox. Newest version, new phone, newest iOS version running. Everything as it should be. However, the app CONTINUOUSLY crashes. I tried some trouble shooting, reinstalled, worked for about 15 min, crashed. Signed up for a subscription, thought maybe the payed version might be more stable...nothing changed, crashes about 3 min after starting...what I DID get with my membership fee is access to the Vox community...seems like a dumpster fire, TONS AND TONS of topics listing hundreds of screw ups and glitches. Some even having the developer promise a new update app version!! Coming in a few days! Only to have the customer say “it’s been 58 days since you said that?!” I’ve tried reaching out, but no response, tried sending crash reports, but it crashes before I can send. The website for the Vox community will redirect you if you navigate away to get reference material or numbers for a report. It also seems to crash just as much as their app. Maybe this app used to be great? Idk...all the full star reviews sure got me to buy into it. Massive let down.
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3 years ago, JRMlaw
Just Not a Good App
It plays music (including FLAC files), so it gets two stars. Otherwise, it’s unpleasant to use. The UI is poorly designed. I have release-dates on my albums, but the app randomly puts a handful at the top of the list out of order. When you select an artist, the app displays a list of all albums including all songs on each of those albums, so if you want to get down a long list to the album you want, you’ll be scrolling a lot. The now-playing display uses ridiculously small fonts with no visible controls, wasting a ton of screen space, but shows a scrolling “map” of the volume of the song which serves no purpose whatsoever. Oddly has “playlists” and “collections”, which seem too similar to justify both. I made sure to add art to all of my albums, but the app randomly omits it or replaces it. The app sends regular notifications, but they’re just ads for what the premium version would give me if I want to subscribe, so nothing useful. Seems like a high school programming class project, and not from the end of the year.
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4 years ago, Matinsrd
Almost Perfect
I want to be able to see my Vox music folder on Files. So I can add music from other applications easily. Right now it only adds one track at a time which is frustrating when you try to add an entire album or discography. Pls add this option. PS: EQ should not be a premium feature. Some people need EQ as a hearing accessibility. That's not nice at all. You can always keep other features as premium. Sound effects, themes, dsd player (maybe) and so many other cool features. Make your premium app awesome instead of makin the free version as basic as it can be.
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1 year ago, Sappharad
Suddenly has ads
I’ve been using VOX for many years. Suddenly with the last update (March 2023) it has ads now and this is not mentioned in the version history. The app is good but I see no mention of the ads or if you can pay to remove them. The only reason I started using VOX in place of the music app on the phone was when Apple changed the app to Apple Music they broke the shuffle feature and it no longer shuffled all local tracks as a whole and instead picked randomly after each one. This was a problem because I had several days of music loaded and was hearing duplicates on the same day. VOX has shuffle implemented correctly allowing me to randomize my library as a whole and it’s the only reason I was using it. For the record, the ad I got was from Google Ads with the usual “do not show this type of ad” buttons, NOT for VOX Premium. Now that I complained about it they changed it to a VOX Premium ad.
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6 years ago, Roostafish
My New Go To
I took a little risk and signed up for the VOX Premium with 2 year unlimited cloud service. The price was right and the research I did indicated promise. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. This time, the audio gods were smiling on me! I couldn’t be much happier with the audio quality. In fact, I’m thinking about selling my two high res audio players because this app sounds even better to me. No, it’s not perfect. Sometimes uploads are slow due to whatever, but not enough to deter me. I have loaded 171 GB of mostly FLAC files, and have a lot more to go! Not all of my artwork is showing up either, but their responsive service staff has assured me that these issues will go away when their Windows app is released and I can upload from there instead of the website. The bottom line for me is audio quality, and this app has that in spades.
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1 year ago, Simmons49
Glitchy. No developer support.
VOX will not play any song all the way through, without skipping tracks or pausing the current track. I am attempting to play all songs locally, via sharing from Files. My situation is very similar to the one posted below. Please fix this. Otherwise, I will need to cancel my premium subscription. Thank you. Local files in my iPhone are about 100 discs, something like 65Gb. Most are flac, but some are alac. Problem presents itself on both cases. I started changing from flac to alac in case I have to switch to the apple music app to avoid the problem. Sometimes it stops after 1 song, or after 2, others it cam hold on for some more. When it stops, sometimes instead of just stopping after the last song it played in the queue, it jumps to another song in the queue maybe 1 or 2 before, or maybe 5 or 6 after the last one played; then it stays there waiting to manually be restarted. If I check the queue, it is still there, unfinished.
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6 years ago, MIGerlag97
I love it but it has one major issue
I use VOX to play music that I copied from iTunes, that’s my only use for it, I prefer it to the stock music app. The trouble is that if I at all open the default music app and then go back to vox even after I’ve quite the music app it’s jumbles up my playlists, I have to then restart the phone before I can see my playlist properly and I need to make sure that I never open the music app otherwise I’d need to restart again before vox shows my playlists properly. This is on my iPhone X, but it does it on all my older iPhones, it’s been a problem for a very long time now, and now on my iPhone 5 it won’t unjumble my playlist when restarted at all making it utterly useless to me. It’s highly irritating, I’ve left a review before stating this and still left a 5 star rating, however I didn’t get a response nor was the problem fixed. I like your app but this will be a 1 star rating until this issue is finally sorted out because the issue makes the app useless to me in some situations.
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6 years ago, plainjosh
Okay app
I’m pretty sure my previous review was deleted. Anyway, this app could be a gem were it not for the UI, which is not intuitive. The main menu seems hidden and to get to it you have to press a down arrow icon. What? Why? Collections are pointless if you’re gonna have playlists. I complained about not being able to give my music metadata such as a genre or album name in an email, but a music app developer seemed to have no idea of what i was talking about. I’m looking at the app now and when I open the Library section, I can only sort my music by artist, then year... that’s it guys? Also, I still have to manually add my music to my phone bc VOX can’t sync my Mac/iPhone libraries automatically when I connect my phone to my computer, but they do want me to pay for that cloud service to do it. I would not mind paying for Premium if small issues like these were fixed. Oh, and once again developers, please condescend me in a response... That’s how you get someone to pay for a Premium membership.
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3 years ago, gwelch0806
Doesn’t work for Grateful Dead collectors
I’ve been using this app now for a while, trying to get it to function for what I need it for, but I’ve had no luck and support is more than useless. The big issue here is that, if you want to upload a lot of music from one artist, VOX frequently gets tracks confused if they’re named the same thing (i.e. 1-01 Promised Land) and live shows won’t upload correctly. Ive loaded over 8,000 Grateful Dead songs into my iTunes library and have had zero issues or mixups. After about 40 albums the app refuses to let me input anymore of my music, loading it all into an Untitled folder. I would love to use this app to load all of my Grateful Dead collection into for hi-res listening, but it simply just does not function well enough to do that. Unfortunately, there are practically no other good options for FLAC listening, so I guess I’m sticking with iTunes.
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10 months ago, ceberle
No Sonos, SMB support
I want a music player that indexes an SMB source into a nicely organized music library with artist/album art that lets me quickly browse and cast to my Sonos system directly or via AirPlay. Or, organize the Sonos library like I want it. I don’t like the Sonos app, which takes multiple taps to get to my album list, and only sorts by album title — nobody has ever sorted their music collection this way — rather than artist/year or artist/title; it doesn’t cache album art, as though changing album art is something you do so frequently that it requires refreshing on every visit. After trying about a dozen apps, this doesn’t appear to be a thing that exists. But that’s not the reason for the 1-star rating. Despite the description, there’s no Sonos support, or at least nothing in the settings that indicates you can connect to Sonos. If it had any degree of Sonos support, I’d have just skipped rating it.
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6 years ago, Itsnate
Audio eq apps like boom don’t stand out like this one. That point alone will set the tone for the rest of this review. I own an expensive system in my car so I was looking for something better than the oh so terrible eq apps out there and I did more than an honest man’s share of testing and research and nothing came close to the near perfection of this app. Appearance: looks that kill! Performance: Like a banger! Usability: Simply put, that little boom app is a poor excuse of an eq app compared to this maamajaama! Bottom line: You deserve the best in life right?? Then offload and get rid of those terrible eq apps from the other developers and get this cause if you don’t then you won’t understand how good it is!
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1 year ago, Floppity Doo
So close to being great
I’ve been using Vox for a little over a month now. Overall I really enjoy it. It allows me to upload all my FLAC files and keep them in one library (I used to waste a lot of time converting the files to play in Apple Music). The EQ adjustments are a great tool as well. My biggest complaint is it is very difficult to navigate large libraries with any sort of convenience. I have 188 albums by one artist, once I click on the artist in the library I have to scroll through every track of every album in order to find what I’m looking for. A simple option to change the view of the library or collapse the albums into a list to avoid scrolling every track would be a major improvement.
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6 years ago, Jacob Devera
Almost there
Out of all the apps that allow for music through iTunes file sharing, this is the only one that ticks most of the boxes while actually having a good UI/UX. I love that I can play Opus files and have the album art show up by putting it in the same folder rather than wasting space by embedding the album art. The only thing that I miss is being able to shuffle by albums. The foobar2000 app is the only one I found that does this but the UX is much worse on that app. This matters a lot to me as I often do not know what I want to listen to at a given moment, and shuffling by songs is less than ideal as a lot of albums are meant to be listened to in their original order. If this feature was introduced this would become my go-to music app for sure.
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2 years ago, gilwats
Poor features and very buggy
Songs randomly disappear, especially when uploaded directly to app. Some songs from albums show up; if disappeared tracks show up, the others then disappear. No playlist function. “Collection” feature requires tracks be added to a collection one by one, rather than a checklist (adding a single song will require several clicks). Extremely time-consuming and not worth the effort. No Repeat or Random function whatsoever. EQ requires payment or social media account. Too much prioritization and insistence on cloud services. Locally stored files suffer too many problems. I hoped this would be my go-to music app. Alas, it is the buggiest one I’ve ever used. If these issues ever get worked out (I pray for the developers’ safety, for their sake, during these extremely hard times in their country), I will gladly re-install this, and perhaps pay for premium, if but for the EQ (it better not require an internet connection). On another note: Stay safe, guys. Most of us will never know the struggle your people are dealing with. Keep up the good fight, and ignore the fascists intentionally giving bad reviews unrelated to the app’s functionality. God speed!
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3 years ago, 5427948
Just what I wanted, and NO ADS!!!
A solid music player and organizer, VOX lets you organize music by creating collections (playlists) and editing the order of your songs within each playlist. You can also find all your songs in the Library and listen to them all straight from there. Just as advertised there are no ads, which is essential in my opinion! My only complaint is that you can only import one song at a time, so it does take a while to copy your music into VOX. But once all your music is transferred, you are home free with no adds or WiFi required to listen to your music!
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6 years ago, Tofupancho
Like having a stubborn, whiny child on your phone
I came across VOX looking for a good way to control music from the Apple Watch. Their implement, for all the fanfare dedicated to being a one stop interface for multiple music sources, gives the bare minimum control on the watch app. Not a great fit for my use, no big deal, move on. But just to try this functionality, I had to sign up for a Vox account, resulting in 2-3 spam emails every day. As others have said, a lot of basic functionality of a music player is behind a premium subscription paywall, and as you might guess, ads for premium take up a lot of real estate in the app itself. There’s no option to pay a reasonable one time fee for a full featured music player. The majority of positive reviews suggest that things weren’t this naggy and abhorrent before a recent update.
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6 years ago, P. Treasure=booty
Very good music player
I use it on iPhone 7+. That being said, it’s the only good thing offered. I’ve purchased premium twice & still haven’t utilized it. Subscribed to premium June 21 and still reads I must purchase. Support has done nothing but suggest what anyone would do before contacting support. Asked for refund several times now. Trying to find a way to discuss problem with Apple. Don’t believe the false advertising that you need premium subscription to fully use the music player. Only thing I see premium does if you can use it. Stores all the hifi files ( any type near as I can tell) with unlimited space. I don’t use a laptop or desktop so no opinion on vox in Mac OS.
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6 years ago, Sowlinx
Good, but could be better.
The app is great, especially the cloud service. However, there are is an occasional bug that allows two songs to be played at the same time and there's this weird error that pops out every now and then. I also think that the search option could be better, it's a bit slow sometimes, and I think that when you look for an artist, there should be a grid option for their albums because so far I have to scroll through all the tracks of the albums.
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4 years ago, VKStarfox
The recent update has ruined some things 🙁
So I really love this app for its design and abundance of features, but the recent update seems to have ruined some things which worked perfectly fine before. For some reason, I can’t copy or open song files from iCloud directly to the VOX app anymore. No matter how many times I try, the song just will not appear in the app anywhere. Worse yet, the new update seems to have actually deleted a few music files I already had in there. And I have no way of putting it back. Deleting the app and re-downloading it did NOT fix this issue, and so now I’m at loss. And again, I stress that this feature was working perfectly fine before this current version (Version 2.5.3). I originally gave this app a 5 star rating, but had to drop it down to 3 stars after experiencing this glaring issue. This was the feature adored most about this app along with the EQ and tempo features. So I’m really hoping the dev team reads this and addresses this issue soon.
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6 years ago, David O in Tacoma
$60 a year just use the equalizer...?
Let me make sure I have this straight. You want me to pay $60 a year. For the “privilege“ of using the built-in equalizer in the application? Care to guess why I’m giving you two stars? I’ll download the Onkyo product and pay $10 for the same privilege. Thanks but no thanks. EDIT : I appreciate that the developer took the time to respond my review however my review still stands. You’re asking me to subscribe to something that other people provide as part of the cost of the product. And then you try to explain it by saying it’s because you’re a small shop. There are plenty of small shops that do not stick it to their customers like that. I’m out.
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3 years ago, Jefmedia
Be careful with subscription
I tried this app about 2 years ago. I thought I would really like it, and frankly it wasn’t terrible. However with the advent of Tidal, and other Flac streaming services it just didn’t seem to be worth the hassle. At that point I uninstalled it from all my devices and thought I cancelled the service. Apparently not, got a charge on my credit card, and after some digging, found out it was VOX. Immediately cancelled the service. Asked the company for a refund and they said nope, all sales are final. I received no renewal notice or any communication from VOX about the upcoming renewal. Sleazy way of doing business. So charged for a 2 year renewal for something I haven’t used for a year and a half and paid for another 2 years. Boy am I stupid!
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6 years ago, ThrillerMan82
Almost perfect!
I love this app so much, it's replaced my default player! The EQ and crossfade options make this a fantastic app for my music library. I also love that I can listen to SoundCloud just as easily, as if it's on your phone too. There are just a couple things I would love to be features that would make this an easy 5/5! Firstly, track-by-track volume equalization would be greatly appreciated. Having to control the volume every few songs can get rather annoying. Secondly, being able to see the lyrics. I have custom lyrics saved on most of my songs, so being able to read them would be a big plus! Being a part of the tags, it should be pretty easy to implement this. If these features are put in, I would never use another music app on my phone. Other than that, this is a great app!
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6 years ago, puckeater9
Streaming service with PREMIUM is terrible
So it has been a few days and I was excited to try this app to stream my lossless collection across multiple iOS devices. Being able to centralize my entire music collection across multiple devices seemed like a great idea. However this app does not stream the FLAC files without chatter and interruption over Wi-Fi (I did not even try it over a mobile network). So being a new user I posted my concern on the VOX technical support forum. Not only did the VOX community not reply but even a company rep did not reply. Useless cloud integration for a pay service. Useless technical support. Appealing UI. Intuitive features. Disappointing product. #TimeToCancel
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4 years ago, RiggedPotato
Great HiFi Beginner Pick
Pro's: - by far most intuitive interface I've come across for a FLAC app - reliable automatic album organization - premium gives you unlimited cloud storage Con's: - ALL audio settings require premium - Premium is hilariously overpriced for anyone not interested in cloud storage For someone just starting to get into FLAC music, I highly recommend this admittedly sleek and sexy app. However, unless you like annoying emails, I highly advise you NOT to create an account. If you want premium, I'd recommend you make one with an extra email you don't care about. Unless you can't live without gapless and crossfade won't do, I can't see any reason to recommend this app over ONKYO's for people with at least moderate experience. That said, if the audio features were either made free or accessible via a one time payment, I'd change my tune in a heartbeat. It's sad that such a nice looking app gets held back by (what at least seems to be) corporate greed.
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3 years ago, Soundtrack28
Works fine but I don’t like the acoustics
I got this to play FLAC files on my iPhone. It works great for that. But I don’t like that the app’s acoustics playback sounding different than my phone’s acoustics. I wish there was an option to just use my phone’s acoustics. Also, I am having trouble applying album sort metadata to albums. I have tried many different album sorting metadata values and it seems that VOX is not programmed to detect them. I prefer to put my albums in series order instead of strictly alphabetical order, so I use sorting metadata like “Album 1”, “Album 2”, etc. to get them to display in the correct order.
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6 years ago, morphorod
Finally a worthy Stock Music app replacement
I’ve been searching for an acceptable Music app replacement for sometime now. I’ve tried everything and was about to give up the search until I heard about Vox. It is by no means perfect but man is it close. I don’t need all the streaming features but it’s pretty cool that it offers it. It’s smooth and responsive app, which seems to be really difficult for other music apps now. End your search today and get yourself a copy of Vox.
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7 years ago, Gamr425
Best music app for iOS
Seriously the best there is, it’s very fluid and I love the big album art. Just minor improvements: removing the 3 dots over the art for a long press would make for a cleaner looking album list, and a horizontal orientation cover flow like in the old iPod music app would be awesome. Being able to sort by album release date as an option would be great as well, I know there’s artist then year but just year would be an easy option to implement. Such a great app - thanks!!
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1 year ago, noahscarbro
Premium Ad Permanently Over Mini-player
A recent auto-update has placed a VOX Premium ad above my mini-player, and there isn’t a way to remove it as far as I can tell. I contacted support but have not received a reply. I will happily change this to five stars once the issue is resolved, but it needs to addressed on a top priority basis. This practice is simply unacceptable when I have paid for the app. Edit: They have made this right in version 2.7.18.
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3 years ago, JCMB1708
This app saved my music!
I use the A system, which takes total control of your music if you use it. They decided which tracks that I shouldn't play due to not being "licensed in my location". The real issue there is that the songs in question never belonged to Them. They were ones I ripped from CDs in my collection. The main reason I came to Vox was that A music was dictating how I listened to MY MUSIC. Down to causing my Classic MP3 players to become paperweights so I would buy another product. I paid extra for the storage since I don’t want to use Tunes to manage my music. Toss in that I have moved to Linux. VOX gives me the perfect solution for managing my music. There were some playback problems due to syncing with A music, but switching off auto sync pretty much solved that.
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2 years ago, Frenchy Loves Life
DO NOT PURCHASE. I bought the annual & continuously had issues with the app freezing & kicking me out on daily basis. Would have to uninstall & reinstall app. Emailed customer support numerous times. ZERO RESPONSE. The main reason I purchased this app was to adjust music to 432 hz which app advertised- LIE. The settings do not allow for such a precise adjustment. So, ended up cancelling my yearly subscription & deleted app. One year later they tried to charge me another $55 for a renewal subscription. Tried logging into app to ensure cancel but app states I don’t have the premium & is wanting me to “pay for their service” yet again. Terrible company & faulty app. No support whatsoever.
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4 years ago, carltonnoble
Exactly what I was looking for
This app is exactly what I was looking for. The ability to upload ALL my music in lossless is incredible and well worth the subscription price. I’ve waited for someone to do this and I’m happy so far. I do feel there are some navigation issues that could be done to help, but I’ll send that to them personally. If you like high quality music and have a large collection then this is the app for you.
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6 years ago, Gnathan96
Almost perfect
I hope Vox reads this because their desktop app is perfect but their mobile app is almost perfect. I love everything about it and still giving it 5 stars except, I wish there was a 10 band eq rather than the 4 and 5 on the mobile apo. I pay for premium and the desktop app has it but if that mobile app gets it then it'll be prefect. Hopefully in a future update? Either way best music player out there by far.
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6 years ago, ARMYANT1
Great in theory.
Update: Thanks for your response. Unfortunately the Vox App continues to crash regularly. Would be nice if you could get that worked out. Very unstable could use major improvements for it to be a decent app. I am in love with this app. It really does everything a digital audio player should. The only major setback is the cloud steaming stability. I find it crashes a lot. Hopefully this will be fixed with some future updates.
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6 years ago, cicamp
VOX review with one concern/question
Overall I like the flexibility the app has over most music sources. Good quality music. But the reason I cannot go with five stars is because of an issue I have with the Radio. I have set up some favorites and For some reason it likes to change between those radio stations on its own. I usually wind up changing them back. Tell me how to get around that ( or fix if it’s a bug) and I’ll go 5 stars. Thanks
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5 years ago, ed_bob
Great alternative to iCloud music library but missing key feature
I’m an Apple Music subscriber but refuse to put my local library in iCloud music library because of track matching issues. VOX cloud library is a good solution for my local tracks. The UI is smooth and uncluttered, and it isn’t buggy at all. The one thing VOX Cloud is lacking is the ability to edit metadata. It is pretty silly that to change metadata in your VOX Cloud library you have to remove the track, edit metadata in a separate application and then re-upload. That can be a cumbersome and time consuming process, especially considering how long it takes to upload lossless files over most internet connections. Overall though, a solid app, and the free version is just as great if you don’t need EQ or cloud storage.
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4 years ago, Dan_Saylor
Was useable, now is not.
This was overall a good app. There are some missing features like being able to shuffle an individual album while in artist view, which seems like an obvious one for such a music-centered app, but I guess it’s not the end of the world. However. The latest update seems to have broken the app. My hi res FLAC files as well as my CD-quality file no longer stream from their cloud service without massive lag that makes the app unusable. This is true on WiFi as well as over the air. It is not an app that I will be able to continue using it the problem is not fixed.
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4 years ago, Can'tStopThinking
I’m loving this app so far
This app has been very useful to me and I think it is perfect. I’ve been using it for a few hours and the only error I’ve had is that for a moment the song that was shown to be playing wasn’t the actual song playing. But apart from that minor issue I only encountered once, this app is great and I recommend it to anyone who has a large music library across multiple platforms.
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6 years ago, linzee365
If you’re reading this for anything but the gap, this is not your review... I have been cursing my iProducts for a long time because of the playback gap. Some of my most beloved live albums... ruined, really - and crossfade is just a way to make it worse! I JUST downloaded this app and I’m in love!!!! I’ve been dreaming of the days when an album would play properly, and I’m surprised I never went on a hunt for this before! Happy I found it 😎
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1 year ago, Frankjake
Was free now $$$$
I’ve had this app for years but honestly seldom used it as I prefer EVERMUSIC. I decided to give VOX a try again assuming they’ve made some improvements. Now it is SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. No thanks! I can’t even try any possible new feature to see if the app has improved. Then the developers give snarky comments to other people who have given them a less the 5 star review, developers stated WE WILL NEVER MAKE EVERYTHING FREE AGAIN! Stay away from this app and their bad attitudes! The app wasn’t great before, I’m sure NOT going to pay just to find out it’s still not great. Too many bad reviews to waste $4.99 just to try.
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4 years ago, Gnome01
Almost there
I like the simple layout and that it works with CarPlay. A few things that could make it much better: allow the option of a folder layout, for those who don’t want their music organized by artist/album, etc. It’s the main reason I don’t use the stock music player. Allow the moving of files from one folder to another, and also the ability to share files via email, transferring to other apps, etc... easily 5 stars if these options are provided.
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4 years ago, dauda78
Love this app!
I do have a complaint though... The artist library view gets populated with pictures from whatever database they are using, and I am so aggravated with the photo for Nas (the photo is for Lil Nas, and I hate that I can’t change it). Nas is an important artist to me, and I feel that he is an important enough artist to be properly represented in the artist library... If there is anything that can be done, I say IT MUST BE DONE. I hate looking at the artist library with that looming in there!
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6 years ago, Sarcalast
VOX - In a nutshell
VOX has the best ergonomics for one-handed usage that I’ve ever seen, plus the quickest loading times for songs you’ll find in any iOS music player. It IS simple though, VERY simple, lacking a search by genre feature and cloud play from services like OneDrive and Dropbox. In short, if you can look past these too shortcomings, this is the best music app you will ever find. Otherwise, look elsewhere...
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4 years ago, In apps we trust?
iPad update a disappointment!
I was recommending VOX to everyone who was looking for a player better than Apple’s, then VOX’s iPad update came out. I HATE it when an update is not as good and takes away features! The update has shrunk the size of the text of songs in an album, shrunk the display of the album art on the playing page, and has REMOVED the display of the next song in the queue! Thanks a lot! BTW - The VOX website has deactivated the ability to give feedback! So, I had no choice but to gripe here.
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7 months ago, Jareweeed
Glitch - please fix
The app bugs out a lot where the audio/video just completely stops playing and I have to restart the app in order to continue listening. I like to listen to calm music playlists while I sleep, but sometimes the audio will just stop halfway through a particular song or halfway through the playlist and will not continue. I end up having to restart the app to get it to work again.
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