Voya Retire

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Voya Services Company
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voya Retire

4.71 out of 5
93.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Seorsa10
Great App, user friendly planning tool
Pro’s: Easy set up Biometric login Intuitive User Interface Allows for input to give retirement health overview Simple display Reminder of goals Accurate rate of return calculation Con’s: Inaccurate plan contribution limit- allow users to adjust Does not display split of contributions and deposits Display of rate of return is hard to understand Overall an excellent app. Easy to use, interface uses standard menus & icons for apps. It is not a replacement for a professional retirement planner or professional level planning seminar, but is a nice tool for you to input other pension and savings figures to provide a snapshot of where you are in relation to your retirement goals. It updates each day the market is open between 10 PM and 11 PM eastern time. So many people don’t understand risk, and the projected rate of return for the planning section is really nice, it gives a simple display of risk that changes as you slide from a low return to a higher return. Of course I want 8% a year, but it gives an easy to understand display of the risk. I am mildly frustrated with the incorrect contribution limit in the planning or set up section. It only allows for a 15% maximum which it states is “your plan maximum contribution limit.” This is about 10 years out of date or more. It would be a simple change to allow the user to enter contributions. I am using the catchup provisions and contributing $26,000. It would be nice to include that.
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1 year ago, Ford1337
Unhappy Investor
The app is fine and that’s the only things going for it. Voya as an investment company is awful. Here’s why, per a rep If I took a loan on my 457 (max being 50k) I have to setup a repayment plan. That’s fine, however I can’t pay back anything else unless I do a full payment, with a cashiers check. So if I had like 500$ I could use to pay my loan, nope, sorry we’re still making money off the interest. So let’s talk about investment options. Do you get a wide variety of choices? Kinda, if you’re happy with them playing around with your money, taking a cut off the top and giving you a few dollars for your troubles. Can you invest in some individual stocks? Nope. Make your own portfolio? Nope. How about a self directed account? Sure they offer that but there’s a catch. You can only do a percentage of YOUR money to open a TD ameritrade account. Sure you can do whatever in it but you can’t take money out of it and you have to liquidate it so the money goes back to voya and you can use it for retirement. There exists right now a wide range of other brokerages and their apps that are light years better than Voya. Go educate yourself about your money and investing. It’s a new age and Voya is in the past. Canceling my business with them as soon as I can.
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2 years ago, 18Yr Member
The app is pretty straight forward. Well organized. I haven’t experienced any crashes (unlike other financial apps that I’ve tried). This app allows you to see your current balance, you can see your allocations, it allows you to adjust your contributions, and more than I care to go into. Best part, it didn’t cost me anything, and when it comes to upgrades, the app doesn’t require me to rehash my password.
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2 years ago, Allen Micu
Bug report
When you log in with FaceID, after your face is scanned, the app seems to be frozen. In other words, there is nothing being displayed on the screen to let you know the app is trying to log you in. The user name is pre-filled (not shown) and the password field is empty. If while you wait for the app to log you in (post face scan) on what appears to be a frozen screen and click the Log In button (again the password field is empty) the log in will fail. That in itself is not a problem if you can close the app and try to log in again. The problem is that, you are locked out of the app for days afterwards. A message saying System Unavailable is displayed every time you subsequently try to log in for the next few days. The popup message says: “Your account is not available. It should be available again shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. “ I am using iPhone 10XS Max running IOS 14.4.2. Similar issue was noticed with another Voya app running on an iPhone 7S running IOS 14.5.
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10 months ago, twiterx
Apps trash 1st of all !! You cannot commit all sell trades within the app but you can commit all buy trades within the app you’re forced to call and when your orders are put in, they buy it whatever time is convenient for them, and it seems to be at the best time for the company who stock you are buying I’m sure they’ll be a lawsuit down the road for this issue. Only reason I participate in using Voya is because my company has chosen them for there 401k plans and are probably getting kickbacks I’m sure for offering a Roth through Voya. To get more of your money you cannot manage like you should ! The online and app won’t even tell you your average cost purchasing price so u have to check everytime u buy and figure out the valve vs the share to get a idea of your cost !! Making it difficult to keep track of ur gains or loss. Customer set gives you a run around about why the app does not work I have zero faith in voya! Good luck to all using this crap!
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3 years ago, stockdad92
Bad service, bad strategies, burning you retirement $$
In 2020 I’ve watch my profile sink like a rock for weeks before I could get through to a customer service specialist to correct the free fall they watched happen. I pay for the premium service where they monitor and manage your investment Profiles, in February they watched the market as a whole sink (with my dream of retirement) they didn’t make any changes, till after March and a full blow crash. I couldn’t get through to them, the company would only do call backs. It was weeks later when I heard from them. I feel horrible for the people who trust this company till retirement. I out grossed my 5 years investment with this company in 1 year (2020). I’ve never invested on my own till 2020, nobody is going to watch your money like you, take the time to invest in yourself, build your knowledge of the stock market, be patient and do it yourself. You really couldn’t do any worse then Voya.
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8 months ago, simbaroni
Less than average
The Voya mobile app is than average. I have used several apps historically that have allowed me to see a high-level dashboard of my investments, track daily investment performance, account balance by funding source, market returns, make contribution changes, view and dow statements, set and track retirement goals and research investments. The Voya app does not provide some of these basic functions, or they are impossible to locate. For example, the app is missing a dashboard that shows fund value, units and market gains. The app is also missing a dashboard to track source for fund contribution, a window that shows rollover, employee contribution, employer contribution, and market gains. Unable to find a section where i can download my statements. The app needs work and does not deserve a 2.5 rating. Voya can do much better.
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4 years ago, hegahhjakallwlwllsmd
Customer service was subpar
I was struggling to log into my account, and has tried using my pin and SSN to log in. Via the app, there wasn’t a place to reset my password so I called in. The representative i spoke with was condenscedning and said, “So you’re frustrated with the app because you put in the wrong password?” when I was trying to tell him I was frustrated with the system. Ultimately I just said thank you very much and went on with my day because he was not helpful or even understanding about how my experience with it was. This should be improved if Voya cares about their customers experience because at least listening to frustrations will make customers feel heard and improve their systems. It isn’t hard to be a little compassionate and then focus on solutions because people who call in are calling for help at the end of the day, not for rudeness and condescension.
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3 months ago, BrodyHoskins
Kind of clunky, not very consistent navigation
Tapping anything you’ll be harassed with a “please wait” dialog that’ll lock out the entire UI. Even simply going back to a page already loaded from the server the dialog comes back at it with “please wait” regardless of how fast your connection speed is. If you’re used to other financial apps like Betterment, Coinbase, ONE Finance, Mercury then just forget all about that while hunting for information — you’re more likely to encounter a Microsoft Windows-style plethora of menus, submenus and even more menus while hunting for information. And don’t forget! The app won’t work most weekends so if you’re a 9-5 worker you’re going to have to fit using this into your schedule.
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6 months ago, PZinDenver
Slow and can’t find half my account balance
Just got the app earlier today and it’s buggy and slow as you know what! To make matter worse I can’t access my individual stocks and see how they are doing the last 6 months! I can see the balance and know what I own but ever since we switched providers I decided to step back and ignore the market for awhile and when I want to check things 6 months later it keeps erroring out through the website URL. Hoped app would be better but I can’t even log in without app issues and unavailable pages! Voya really lame I never had these types of issues when this account was with Charles Schwab! I have no say unfortunately I’m just a 20+ year employee never had to deal with this garbage…
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4 years ago, rberd
STILL a Piece of garbage!!!
Well by golly, then done gone did it... welcome to 2017, and a notch-compatible app! Despite the new polish, this doesn’t change the fact that the app is still a piece of s*%t. Sorry devs, maybe try a bit harder next time. I mean, Voya is ripping us a new one with all the fees they collect from us. It’s not like they don’t have some extra cash to spend on a better app. PREVIOUS REVIEW: This app is a total piece of garbage. Voya should be ashamed to have this out there. They’d be better off just pulling it at this point. As all others have commented, the sign-in process is broken... no Touch ID/Face ID. Even though the password is stored in my iCloud Keychain, I have to maunaully fill it every time I want to login. Voya - PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP or pull this from the App Store!!
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2 years ago, Voya customet
Weak software that’s not reliable
This software does not work very well even when it is functioning as intended. But it’s also not reliable. Right now, it works on my iPad, but the iPhone version says, “System Unavailable. We apologize . . . Please try again later.” It has done this for a few weeks now. Since I’m logged in when this happens, Voya should be aware that they’ve got a problem. Regarding the general usability of the app and the Voya website, I’d suggest that somebody spend a few days trying different trading platforms, and contrast the differences between checking balances on, say, Fidelity and Voya. Try out the trading function. Review past transactions. Do these things, and it won’t be hard to see the areas in which Voya can improve.
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2 years ago, SmikeyLikesIt
Improvement Needed
The app has various cool features and help tools. You can manage your contribution levels and modify your retirement goals in one place. The downside is dependability. Although the company is making frequent updates to the app, it appears to have service interruptions about 1/3 of the time. Quite frequently when you log in, the app will not respond and hangs up at the login screen. This wouldn’t be as bad an issue, except that it happens pretty frequently. Once they fix the dependability issues, it will be a strong management tool.
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4 years ago, AdamPro13
This app feels shockingly dated
My employer just switched to Voya & it feels like I stepped back to 2010 with this app. The navigation makes zero sense. Why is the tab bar controller not the root of the UI? Instead, you have to tap on your account before it pushes a new tab bar controller on top of the existing navigation stack. Then the home tab pops you to the root of the navigation stack? Why isn’t the home view just the first tab of the tab bar controller? In addition to actual app quality, the technical service behind it seems poor. For some reason, account balances don’t update for what appears to be at least 24 hours. It makes me question whether I should trust Voya & it makes me want to investigate alternative investments. I wouldn’t be using this if I didn’t need to.
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2 years ago, bkhydro001
App security
I am happy that VOYA does so much for security with this app. However I would like to get an email notice when the app will be down for updates. I realize that these are almost always during weekends, but I won’t be notified if I’m not on the app the day before the site will be down. I would much prefer a text or email on that Friday in case I’m unable to check on my account the day before. Even if the notice by text or email was at the exact time it goes down so that I will know things are okay and when it’s going back online, and the site has not been just hacked.
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1 month ago, Xbl grey goose
I would like to see some bug/streamline fixes within the app. 1. Every time I try to log in, it takes forever or says “system unavailable”. I have to close the app then it works like nothing was wrong. 2. Contribution history- why does it only show YTD, prior Qtr, etc.? I’d like to see a breakdown by date… for example, when I make a 401k contribution I’d like to see what date it happened on and how many units were purchased between the employee contribution and employer contribution. 3. Is there not a graph that shows value history? Every financial app has this m- please add
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2 months ago, Jpfluvog
Great App… When It Opens Properly
I’ve been using the app for years now and it has always suffered from the same primary problem - most of the time you cannot easily access your accounts. I login, click on one of my two accounts, and 7/10 times the app just spins its wheels and the account info doesn’t open after a minute or two. Then I force quit, try again a few times, fail, and then give-up and try again the next day. Given the simplicity of the information the app displays I have no idea why this is so difficult or why it wouldn’t easily and automatically open every time.
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1 year ago, Swoopteam
Horrible-does not show my monthly deposits and
I sent question to voya about this and no response in a week. The contribution history is two cumulative numbers; company total and my total contributions. It does not show me my monthly contribution to see if what is taken from my paycheck lands here. Horrible. Click the button for “investments” and taken to a web link that fails seven time so far. There should be a extremely clear to read “investment products” button on main menu so we can look at investment options. I can’t find a button to read all investment options unless I want to rebalance.
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1 year ago, kwabe24
Always room for improvement
Once you call customer service to create an account you’re ready to go. You are also able to choose how much money you want to put away for retirement, along with the option of having a financial advisor invest your money for you for serious growth. The only issue is that the app keeps crashing please fix it !!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, dmarks1000
Around in Circles
Did not think it possible for this app to get worse, but the new upgrade version has managed to achieve. Several useful functions have been eliminated including ability to view transactions. You can’t see the daily transactions anymore in the app. Want to see your contributions? All you can do now is see YTD. Voya keeps screwing their users and the dummy companies who use them to administrate their 401k. Voya must be a the industry low cost provider because there is zero excuse for this level of service and functionality. Spouse Vanguard App is 100% better in every single way.
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2 years ago, Hinchja
Love the app, when it works
Over the past year, I have consistently had issues logging into the app. I have fingerprint ID set up, but it is constantly asking for my password. When I enter my legit password, it thinks, then fails. I love the features and the calculator. It give me a sense of security knowing what I’m going to be getting, but I consistently cannot access the app. I have contacted support, but they didn’t do anything that worked.
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2 years ago, baconlinda
Int app worked fine until the last month when it changed. I can’t get in to see any of the information. All I see is the disclosure statement and I can’t get out of it into anything else. To see my account balances, I have to go through the web browser and not the app.
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4 years ago, Daveo47
Great app, but can’t see find performance history
This app does and shows everything you could want except one fundamental need; what are the performances of each individual fund... not just YTD but like the last 6 mos, and last 12 mos. Not the rate with your contributions, just the fund return rates. VOYA includes this in their paper statements but if it’s available in the app, I can’t find it. Historical performance by fund is what an investor wants to see to evaluate different options against other funds.
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1 year ago, JohnAL35
Absolute Garbage - Can’t see account details
Honestly how is it even possible to be ok having a platform with no transparency?! I can’t see and confirm 401k contributions which is pretty vital considering y’all missed the first one since rolling over. I can’t even view how many shares I have in my fund which is pretty vital considering I can only see a dollar amount and my has not gone anywhere in 2 months even with contributions. I understand it’s been a down market but let me see how much I own for God’s sake! It should be illegal to operate like this. I would never recommend this platform to anyone.
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3 years ago, nismi0013
Login error
I’ve been using this app since couple of years now but since past two months, application takes my Face ID or credentials which are correct but doesn’t logs in. It just remains on login screen. Something iOS 14.1 has changed their behavior??? Please correct this issue.
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3 years ago, Ilikegoodapps71
Useless financial app
This app feels like it was made overnight, useless, it doesn’t show investment performance history past ytd, and even that is shown by a pathetically simple graph, no way to search performance(actual numbers, prices,past or present) of any investments, basic isn’t the word, absolutely horrible, this app looks and acts like it was written by a child with basic coding experience and zero investment knowledge. Already looking at other firms to move my accounts, because if this is an example of their companies dedication to details, don’t exactly feel safe with them handling my future.
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3 years ago, Dunnage007
Great for quick view of balance
Better layout and information delivery needed. Fund lookup is antiquated and information is definitely lacking. Match funds against peers and up to date Quarterly outlook in a more user friendly easily gleaned format. My account is limited to like 30 funds and info in these funds should be better presented. These are your funds and you should sell them / portray them in a more immersive way so customer can look at these funds in a more 3D fashion. Thank you
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3 years ago, WS62001
Change over time?
I would love to be able to filter each fund and look at the +/- over a selected period of time; day, week, month year etc. currently this is not an option. The app also does not show all accounts that the online site does show. The app also doesn’t feel update or fluid. All in all I get most of the info I want or need, these are just suggestions and hope to see improvements.
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4 years ago, vdb01
This app is now a piece of crap.
Whatever the most recent upgrade, my login and password are frequently deemed incorrect. They have been reset several times. Voya customer service is worse than the app. When I first got through to someone on the phone, the analyst was friendly but that’s about it; she told me that someone would get back to me in 5 to 10 working days to access my account. Are you kidding? When I finally got in not quite two weeks later someone called me on a Saturday and asked if I had ever been helped. I’m not sure how they got their “most ethical” rating.
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2 years ago, JustSomeGuy1
New app
Whatever changes you guys made on this app in the last day or so really made the performance just dive right off a cliff. It’s slow, buggy, and the app really isn’t an app anymore, it’s links to the web site. If I wanted to use the web version I would just log into it using the web and save myself the aggravation of waiting for several web sites to load. Keep trying guys. I appreciate the update, because it shows your working on it, but I think I’ll avoid the new app for awhile and hope it gets better. Thanks
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3 years ago, rhcomms12
Voya is disappointing
Love the squirrels, and the data investors are presented with, but that’s where it ends. Unfortunately, this is what I’m stuck with. The State of Delaware changed brokerage firms some time ago from Fidelity, etc. then to Voya. So it was either enjoy the benefit of payroll deduction through the state’s plan or wade through the times with Voya. BTY, the plan isn’t so portable for me, because it’s in a 457(b) plan. Throughout the the years I stated my complaints to Voya and never received a reply. Matter of fact, I even challenged them a few times to show me they cared by reaching out to me - nothing. On top of that, they aren’t happy with collecting fund fees from the thousands of employees that invest with them. You either have an account with an advisor or they take a monthly fee from you account. Every time I log into my Voya account I mumble.”I hate Voya.” Can’t wait until the state changes it’s brokerage firm again!
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8 months ago, KimKemmer
Like the app. Wish it were horizontal for iPad.
I’ve been using the app for several years and appreciate the evolution of the design and functionality. I use the app on an iPhone, and wish it were able to be viewed in a horizontal format on an iPad. When using a keyboard, everything is horizontal and the vertical format is not as user-friendly.
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2 years ago, MSugrandma
No attention given…
I don’t believe that anybody is paying attention to my funds as they have gone down to the lowest level in over three years. I am doing better managing my own funds than allowing you folks to do it.I haven’t lost nearly what I have with Voya my funds are now down to what they were probably four years ago. Pretty hard to consider retirement when the funds have lost so much so rapidly!I’m really considering pulling all my funds out at this point.
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3 months ago, Nick Girard
Been trying for 2 weeks and cant setup 401k
Terrible. I have tried multiple times each day for 2 weeks to change my contributions and choose my investments for my new 401k. Each time I get logged out for “technical problems”. I have tried on 2 computers and my phone. I tried to call customer service but there is no help. I tried email but i got a generic response which did not help. I wish Voya was not the company I had to deal with. Worse experience I have ever had with any investment company. Reach out and help me Voya.
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3 years ago, Crls v
App crashes
The app keep crashing every time that. I login . I erase the app and loaded again still the same try to login again nothing please someone needs to look in to this. It was working fine until the update please fix it thank you
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1 year ago, Teacherold
Can’t see recent contributions
The previous iteration of this app was rather user friendly and mostly intuitive. More recently, it seems they have removed the in-app ability to see current contributions. There may be a way to view them once the app forces the user into the web version but even that is hidden beneath several layers. If I’m missing something, maybe IT or another representative from the company could reach out to me.
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2 years ago, Nick123456789!!
Would not recommend
This company has horrible customer service. If your employer gives you a choice of any other company to put your money with I’d choose the other company over Voya every time. Also Voya makes it clear that you will never be able to withdraw or move any money that you have with them until you are 59 1/2 years old. Their customer service reps will even laugh at you over the phone if you call to talk about trying to withdraw or rollover your money from Voya to another company.
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4 years ago, steve302088
Not user friendly and lack useful information
App lacks useful information that I used to have through the PERA site. I no longer have the ability to see how much money I’ve paid into the plan vs the deference in interest gained. I also have zero confidence in the estimated monthly income section because it appears to change drastically for no apparent reason on the app.
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3 years ago, GSchneider7
Crashing App and industry high fees
Latest version of the app keeps crashing upon startup. You know they don’t update their app to fix bugs ever because they still reference Touch ID as a sign in option, not Face ID. Voya has terrible customer service, limited high fee investment options and they constantly try to up sell you on even more useless high fee services. Voya is a very greedy company that has no interest in your retirement future. Can’t wait until my company moves my account anywhere else.
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2 years ago, joey schmoey user
Basic, functional, slow
The app feels like it’s a slow webpage. Logging in is slooooooow compared to most other finance apps, as is changing screens. It’s like the developers haven’t learned about caching, or to-purpose API calls. The functionality is … to task, for the basics it provides, if a bit clunky in presentation and organization. To be fair, the app doesn’t need to do much, but man, it could do “not much” a lot faster.
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2 years ago, JRossjams
Disappointed to say the least
The majority of the time - can not even log in... have talked to other retired co-workers... same feedback. The “known” solution is to delete the app- reload it - renter your information and try it again. SOMETIMES that works for one or two logins.... the web based login used to work - now it will not even load on the home screen ( tried it on various computers- same thing) I only gave it one star because I had to give it something and that was the lowest I could give.
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4 years ago, fuytyiytfhjfdkhfrtuijgff
Site is shut down too often
I would have given the site a much better rating except the site is shut down way too often. The site seems to be shut down and not available for use at least one weekend a month for maintenance or some other reason. That is an extreme inconvenience to your clients. I use multiple other financial & investments sites & none of them do that. This is a significant enough problem that I’d consider moving my investments elsewhere.
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3 years ago, my money i want it
Middle of a pandemic :
I. Any with borrow my own money because I don’t have documentation . It’s a pandemic going on what more needs to be proven people need access to there money... I sent in a request a month ago they keep telling in need to send proof. Look out you can see what’s going on
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1 year ago, gremlin02
App force log out
The app itself is very useful whenever I need to make adjustments or just to check in on, but something needs to be addressed with the app constantly forgetting your Face ID info it is rather annoying having to re enter all your information and having to re process Face ID to again access once again every couple months.
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3 years ago, Moog Liberation
App used to be fine, now I get error message and can’t access my account...
The app worked great for me until about a week ago. I can still see my balance information but whenever I click on the balance to get more account options, the below message is displayed and I can’t do anything. I gave it a week thinking it would obviously be updated by now but it unfortunately hasn’t. “You are eligible to enroll in this plan. Go to the retirement website to learn your options, enroll, and start saving for your future.”
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4 years ago, Moneyrunz
It’s okay but could be a lot better
I’m able to see some information but can’t see fund performance (individual) to see how my choice investments are doing on return by month, quarter or annually. Not can I see a summary of my choice investments compared together. I don’t like an app I have to work to find what information I want to see. They should take more of a customers perspective then a provider perspective when laying information out. Hope to see improvements
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1 year ago, Skrat83
Savings straight to the face!!!!!
I gave this app a 5 star, but let’s be real here…the real “star” is my IRA!!! The app is super user friendly, which is great because I’m usually cold during the days 🥶. Thanks for the app Voya. Glad to see some thought went into it! 5 out of 5 would recommend.
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2 years ago, voya_user
Balance by fund
Very frustrating for me that I check my balance by funds daily that I can no longer view the balance by fund in landscape view where we were able to view: “Balance Amt.” (of each account), “% Balance”, “# of Units”, and “Unit Price” of multiple accounts without having to click into each account to get those details. Please bring that”quick at-a-glance” feature into the app.
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2 years ago, Aaronsb
Extremely Outdated User Interface
The interface for this app is terrible. Feels like it has not been updated since iOS 3. Every time I log in it takes me 10 min to find out how to trend the growth of my portfolio. Then once I finally find it, I’m disappointed by how little interaction I can have with the plot to glean meaningful information. This app is only suitable for people who want to drop their money in an account and forget about it. I was so sad when my company switched from Betterment to Voya.
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1 year ago, MaKSi B.
The app, the site, the customer service all bad. The site isn’t easy to navigate. When you go to a new part of your account it times out and causes the web browser to move slow. This was happening on the site with a PC, a tablet AND phone via the app. No matter what I used the site crashed. If it wasn’t for my employer I wouldn’t even use Voya at all. The customer service when I called in was sub par at best. She didn’t even attempt to understand what I called for. It’s all crap.
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