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User Reviews for VPN ExpressVPN - Fast & Secure

4.66 out of 5
328.2K Ratings
4 years ago, smulite
The Perfect VPN
Researching the many VPN services that are available can be a painstaking process, and with so many options to consider, it can leave you unsure of which VPN service will work best for your specific wants and needs... A private network service should be able to function properly and provide the service that it advertises without causing any headaches, and yet that’s not always what you get with some of the available VPN services... I’ve used numerous VPN services over the years, and the majority of those were disappointing... Finally I ended up switching to ExpressVPN for both home and business network security and it has worked flawlessly for me without even the slightest hiccup... With ExpressVPN you get a virtual private network service that will function as advertised to keep your network and personal information safe without causing any confusion or frustrations... The interface is simple and intuitive making it very easy to use... ExpressVPN provides extremely reliable service that will keep you and your personal information safe... If you need network security for home or business, ExpressVPN simply has you covered... ExpressVPN is the perfect all around VPN service for your network security needs.
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3 years ago, ChemicalSmileBlues
Fast but compatibility and connections issues on iPhone
I use this for my computer and it’s great, but when it comes to my cell; I have some issues. I am using a lab iPhone 6s+ iOS 14.2. Now there is 2 technical glitches... 1.) When I connect to Uber via my Wi-Fi; I can do so with the VPN on with no issues at all. Yet when Im away from home and I try to use it with my 4G LTE network; it won’t complete the connection while the Uber app is on. Not to mention the Uber app won’t work unless I disconnect it, and run it unsecured :-/ It’s a bit problematic for me. I also noticed that sometimes the Wi-Fi will connect without turning on the VPN application at all. I’ve noticed that even upon startup that it will sometimes fail to launch after the Wi-Fi has already connected :-/ I was under the impression that the VPN app wouldn’t allow a connection of any kind; until after it has connected? Anyways aside from those 2 issues; it runs great. Although I am much more satisfied with the computer version than I am with the mobile app. As I believe your version of the mobile app needs allot more work :-/ Thank you for your time!
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3 years ago, TxLeeVee
Excellent VPN
We’ve been using EVPN for a couple of months. They’ve had regular updates and some minor UI changes. We use it on iPhones, iPads and Windows PCs. All connect and run well. I have one mini gripe, a slightly minor complaint and an observation pertaining to router upgrades. The mini gripe is that my iPad will connect to the guest wifi at work with EVPN, but my iPhone will not. Also, prior to 2 updates ago, it would connect my iPad in 30-40 seconds. Now, it takes 1-3 minutes with something closer to 3 being the norm. It seems to pause for some time between attempts. Before it appeared to try more rapidly. The minor complaint I was aware of going in; only 5 simultaneous connections. There are several services with comparable security and worldwide connections with more simultaneous connections for a lessor price. The 2 reasons I went with EVPN instead of one of the others was 1) to support a particular affiliate and 2) EVPN is the only one to have their no logs policy verified in the field. Reason number 2 was a distant second to no. 1. I really would appreciate more simultaneous connections. So much so, that I will likely go with a competitor when my current subscription expires, if EVPN has not increased that number. EVPN doesn’t appear to have verified compatibility with any wifi 6 routers. On the site I only found ACxxx capable or lower.
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1 year ago, B3cca007
Rated a 4
The reason I rated a 4 is. I have a Iphn 13 Pro Max and Samsung zfold3. Need to separate And Block home networks. Scenario: If your living with the owner of the internet. A separate VPN not using Netgear or router. One for your mobile device that you don’t trust the owner of the internet in the house. Make a separate VPN that DOESN’T allow the owner to see your activities. Expecially with a home Router that can still track your online activities with the IP and identification, what model your phn is your using/ or the name of your phn. There must be a better way to hide your phone identification on a home Router and Modem from the owner. Using a persons WiFi is a huge security problem. Other than getting your own internet equipment. As a renter your not authorized to make holes in the walls to have your own dedicated phn lines. So there has to be another way to block and just use your unlimited cellular isp but with a vpn that can’t be detected with all your information. (If on someones network. They can see when you log on. Be able to change the model info and name of your phn, IP if need to) Or notifications sent to you. When your being tracked and the information it’s tracking. The data. It’s a problem I am going thru. Otherwise it’s user friendly and support is very, good.
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2 years ago, cxy0117
Frequent Service Outage
I have been a customer of exp vpn for years. The biggest problem is whenever there is some national/political event going on in China, the server is ALWAYS DOWN. Sometimes they are able to get it back to work within a few days, sometimes it takes weeks. Over the past 11 months of this year, I have experienced cumulatively at least 30 days of service outage. Now is December 1st as I write, the service is still unavailable on all platforms, although they stated that they were already aware of the issue and were working on a fix, back on November 23rd. When you try to reach out to the support team they will ALWAYS tell you to do the following useless processes: reset, delete and re-download, etc. where the issue is apparently on the server side, not on the client side. Initially when I picked express vpn I was hoping that it could would work ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHAT, and there shouldn’t be any excuses. Unfortunately, they have failed to do so and, sarcastically, even some free vpn apps are still working during the event. I pay for a full annual service but I am only able to use it less than 11 months. And of course they won’t refund me the money for the downtime as a reimbursement, neither will they offer a discount to their long-term customers. Got sick of such company that spends a lot of time working on the advertisements boasting about the quality of their service and provides such a horrible service.
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2 years ago, mgmten18
Rarely use now on IOS16
I loved my express VPN subscription for awhile. It does lack some extra features on iOS like split tunneling and advanced customization like automations etc. However, ever since I bought a new iPhone the experience with the Express VpN app and service has been a headache. It completely broke the wireless CarPlay experience. I’d have to remember to turn it off before getting into my car, ignoring the hassle of it I’d usually forget anyway. When that happens I would have to go and turn off the vpn, then go to CarPlay settings and turn off CarPlay, then re-enable it. Sometimes that didn’t work, so I’d either have to forget car and re-link and/or power cycle my phone. This is a huge hassle and basically removes all the added convenience of wireless CarPlay for the usually short trips I make in my car everyday. Another issue was that my phone would lose all connectivity overnight quite a few times and turning off/on VPN did not seem to work. I’d have to power cycle my phone…ugh. Beginning to sense a pattern here. Ever since I stopped using my express vpn neither of these issues have occurred again. I will not be using this service until ExpressVPN and/or apple get their act together. The base functionality still works, so it gets 2 stars, but with all the hassle it causes on iOS16, I cannot go any higher.
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2 years ago, inthemorbs
Do not use for China!
Express is unfortunately extremely unreliable for use in China. I’ve experienced periods of several weeks where it functions wonderfully on my laptop with minimal issues, then it’s followed with constant disconnecting and failure to connect. Even while it functions well on my laptop, it will absolutely not work on my phone or tablet concurrently. This is a feature they explicitly say is something they have, several connected devices, but it does not work. Even if it says connected on my phone or tablet, it will not actually function and I can’t open anything I should be able to. Instead the browser will act as though I’m not connected to the internet. And there are constant updates which would make you think it would get fixed but no, I’ve updated my app during a period where it’s been working and then after the update it will no longer connect. If I were to put it into my own statistic perspective (so take this with a grain of salt) I would say it works 60% of the time on my laptop, 40% of the time on my tablet, and 15% of the time on my phone. I use all apple products. Honestly I’m really disappointed and frustrated with the overall performance of this vpn so far during my time living in China.
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4 years ago, Amosel
You can only cancel subscription via chat on the website.
That’s definitely a fishy tactic to keep users around. All in all I have been satisfied. But I am using this review as a way to 1. Notify you of it. Because I am sure it will not be something most people appreciate. 2. Hopefully let Apple know of it, because there are many users like me who started using this service by downloading the app from the App Store and then converted to credit card subscription so they can use it on their Mac as well. Here’s the whole story: I started using this service with the iOS subscription. I then needed it on my Mac so I move to a CC subscription. Now I wanted to cancel it I went to the site. I search ‘cancel’ in the help section and there it was written that ‘Customer paying with credit card or Paypal will not see manage settings if they have already turned off automatic renewal. For further assistance please contact the express vpn support team via live chat. On the chat with the support person they I said I wanted to cancel my subscription. The rep told me ‘Thanks please bear with me for 2-3 minutes while I quickly review your accounts ‘ the immediately followed with asking why I was to leave the service. I replied that I find it a fishy tactic bit to provide with a cancel button. The rep then told me that there’s actually a way to do that. So I went ahead and did it. I still think it’s not cool.
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9 months ago, RichyRichley
Great Protection Despite Caveats
The style of protection that this app offers really does help me to feel more secure. The program is loaded onto your device so the device is responsible for generating the encryption. Other services use servers which offer less protection. The app drains very little battery while it runs in the background and activates it’s connection seamlessly. There are a few issues that I would like to address. The app will block all internet traffic and connectivity when the VPN is disabled or disconnects. Ordinarily, this would be a net benefit, except that it also does this when your phone switches between a 5G signal and a 4G signal. This becomes exceptionally annoying when calls are dropped while calling someone on the go. Also, I recommend ensuring that when updating phone applications, ExpressVPN is updated first before any others. If the option to disable internet traffic is turned on and the app is updating, you will lose all connectivity because the app is temporarily inaccessible. This can be remedied by turning off your device and then turning it back on. Ultimately, this is a great service but it can be frustrating at times.
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6 months ago, davej110
I don’t understand what I’m buying, but I’m trusting it
I grew up learning A+ coding and being against anything Macintosh because I want to build my own computers buying parts on Newegg…. Unfortunately I am 40 years old and should be way more versed…. But Wife a couple kids, Mortgage, and 10 years outside of the industry…. Joe Rogan says the best way to protect myself online so I’m giving it a try, but I don’t understand other than the on and off button what anything else is asking me to do is for….. if it’s on is my VPN protected and masked and if so why does it show me really close to location I’m at instead of randomly, jumping VPN and servers like other services I purchased??? I know a VPN I know what Wi-Fi is I know what subnet mask is but I don’t understand the difference between this app that I bought and how it relates to masking my VPN or what I’m supposed to do with it…. it’s and I’m paying for it but I don’t understand why it keeps asking me to do other things to be protected…I know but I’m basically a noob…. Even though I understand the basically go more than a 60-year-old I’m basically a 60-year-old….
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10 months ago, Ζ `Ε Φ Υ Ρ Ο Σ
Quality goes rapidly down
I use Express VPN for years now with yearly subscription. The connection has too many interruptions, cuts downloads and FaceTime calls endlessly to the point of frustration. Another minus is that some of the locations are not supporting imap function for E-Mails like Portugal and other. It hasn’t been fixed yet even with the complain to the support. While I bought a surfshark subscription as a backup for a 5th of the price, I made with them better experiences. ExpressVPN makes super fast connections.. but they don’t last long. Surfshark is terrible long in connection time with no interruptions. I habe to admit I used 85% of the time ExpressVPN now I moved over to surfshark 80% of the time. I still trust ExpressVPN bc I am so many years with them, but the quality dropped the last year. I found on Apple devices surfshark more stable, while on macs I miss the imap functionality on my favorite locations. ExpressVPN you can do better. The competition does not sleep, also the rates are significantly lower. Your support called them budget vpns. I am not agreeing with them. To be number one is not difficult but to stay number one is much more difficult.. I hope you bring your old quality back..
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3 years ago, RaphaSh
almost 2 years customer – still extremely happy
I’m living in an area, which doesn’t allow any kind of video call services, they are blocked by the ISP's. I tried several VPN services, free and paid, and all were so slowly, that it was impossible to use the calls still. Because of the slow connection, I got interrupted regularly. I’m now a crazy happy ExpressVPN customer since almost 2 years, and never had this issue again! It simply always works, and it’s always fast enough for everything I do. I have download speeds between 30 and 150MBit/s (slower speed on my “incredible” WiFi, faster speed on the phone with 5G network), which is more than enough for typical internet usage. Based on my personal investigation, it’s also a really safe connection. As I never had any kind of leaks in my connection. Thumbs up for this incredible service, I’ll stay with you forever if this things don’t change 👍🏼 About new version 10.0 – looks nice, but a new small vibration after the connection is established makes the bigger difference for me 😀 I like that small thing very much 👍🏼 Thank you guys
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4 years ago, Michael Arnone
Nearly perfect
The service is almost great, sad to leave a mid tier review. But nonetheless I have to be honest, It is extremely annoying that the VPN fails to connect so much. The moment I leave my phone locked for more than 2 minutes, the service always fails to connect once I unlock my device. I have to physically re-open the app each time and manually reconnect or else the service just puts my phone in this weird limbo state (iPhone XS). Even if I am still on LTE/Wi-FI, because it is attempting to reconnect most messages or apps will fail to load/send. The worst part is, when I open the app to manually reconnect it always says that it is “reconnecting” but it never does. I have to temporarily disable the VPN & reconnect manually. Fails each and every time. Once again, if it reconnected automatically I would have left a five star review. I tried to troubleshoot via tips on reddit/google and I could not find a tip to help with this. If this issue gets fixed, I will undoubtedly update this to five stars.
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6 years ago, GeoJ3
Good at first, now not so much.
I initially was all about Express VPN. In the beginning it worked as advertised. Two months later would drop unexpectedly and phishing spam seem to increase at alarming rate about that same time. Here lately it says I’m connected but apps or browsers report “timed out” or “no internet connection”. Tried different servers and that solves the problem short term only as the same issues creep back up, sometimes only after a day or two. I’ve had to uninstall the app on at least 3 occasions to get it working. It does what it advertises but only w/certain browsers. It does work w/all major streaming platforms, you might have to try a few servers to find one that it will work with but that’s to be expected. I got this app & subscription because I would not connect to a public WiFi/hotspot or even Barnes & Noble network for fear of my personal info being compromised, &, at the time our carrier did not have unlimited data. Connecting to a public hotspot is 50/50 that it’ll work smoothly, but I suspect that has more to do with the way the public hotspot is configured because on a private network this app works decent, when it works. Bear in mind nothing is fool proof. This app is certainly no exception.
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9 months ago, Fletch Lijiang
Why do you continue to sell subscriptions to users from china WHEN YOU KNOW THAT IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL - FRAUD WORTHY OF CLASS ACTION SUIT. STAND BY I’m a long term user and Express VPN supporter (10 years) from China but it simply does not work, at all now. During my current Six Months Paid subscription I have not been able to connect at all. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and very expensive Express VPN router, none work- At all. Even worse- after trying to connected, Express VPN says it is connected but it is not. No internet connectivity. Can’t even find a provider for a speed check. Then, after quitting the application, totally, I still can’t connect to the Internet. I have to go into the iPhone settings, VPN, and manually try to move the connection to another VPN or delete the application entirely. If you don’t do that, you’ll remain hung up and not be able to connect to any Internet at all. Now look below, Express VPN will most likely sending a canned response saying “thank you for your submittal please connect with our Help Center via chat to get support”. Don’t bother I’ve done that ad nausea over and over and over again. There is no help and they won’t even recognize or admit that they can’t connect from China anymore. Sad to see Express no longer works.
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1 year ago, DJM1958
Great app, buggy on PCs
This program works extremely well on my iPhone and iPad. I use it while traveling internationally which allows me to watch news and U.S. TV shows using my apps with no problem. This really makes travel a lot easier as I can stay up to date with America. It is also reassuring to know that I am not being spied on while using public WiFi. ExpressVPN does not work well on my PC. I do a lot of home video editing using CyberLink Power Director 14 and occasionally 16. These programs would no longer create my videos in MP4 format. This problem first occurred shortly after installing Express VPN Keys. After checking for and installing all available updates for all programs, including Express VPN, the problem persisted. I uninstalled Express VPN from my PC and the MP4 production problem disappeared. Another problem I have had involves my WiFi not working on my PC when Express VPN is connected to a server. This problem is intermittent and may not be caused by Express VPN. Too many variables to know for sure. I would give 5 Stars if not for the PC issues. Express VPN Keys would be awesome if I could automatically enter my name, address, and other info.
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5 years ago, JoshL13
Don’t Waste Your Time
Everything starts off fine, but after about a month the issues will start. At first I thought it was just my wife and operator error, but a month later I started to have more and more issues. So let’s begin.... do you love scrolling through your news feed or watching videos on Facebook? Not anymore after a joyous ~15min you’ll be forced to troubleshoot your connection as it drops and struggles to reconnect. When and if you get it working again, usually by manually disconnecting or switching locations Facebook will force you to begin anew as it refreshes your feed since you just got on the internet...again. You will get to spend quality time with customer service time and just when you think their advice worked... guess what... it didn’t. Lost connection, waiting, manually disconnecting, trying to reconnect, waiting, manually disconnecting, switching locations, more waiting, manually disconnecting, switching locations, and more waiting, deleting app, reinstalling app, more waiting, resetting settings to prescribed settings per customer service, trying to connect, more waiting, restarting your phone, more waiting, contacting customer service, new prescription settings, and finally a connection till you guessed it... tomorrow or sooner just to start again.
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1 year ago, Tahoe Tullin
Avoid this company!
They are horrible! I signed up for the free trial. After checking out their services all seemed ok. Then I tried to change the firmware on my router to their firmware which was supposedly required. It messed my router up. Since my router stopped working I reached out to support, or what then call support. Next day email response was the best available and even then it wasn’t next day most of the time. To fix this problem, under those circumstances, would have pushed me past the free trial period. I called ASUS instead as it was their brand of router. They have actual live people to talk to and they tried to help me. Even though their help didn’t solve my problem at least I could get help. Since then it’s been back and forth emails. I was over it pretty quickly so I asked to have my free trial cancelled and a refund. Nope! Still don’t have it. The last email I got suggested the refund and cancellation would happen. Nope again! Just got an email for a $99 charge from this horrible company. Get it together! So now I disputed the charges with apple. Next it’ll be with my credit card company if need be. Exhausting! They claim to have top notch customer service. Don’t believe them! How do companies like this stay in business. Avoid!!!
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1 year ago, American Abroad Annie
Terrible service in China… do not buy!!
I got express VPN back in 2018 when I first moved abroad for work in order to maintain contact with friends and family and also still have access to my favorite online streaming platforms. For the first few years it was great, however perhaps starting last year it has been much harder to maintain a consistent connection. I’ve even experienced weeks or months at a time where I couldn’t connect or the app would say that it’s connected, however I couldn’t even access google. I tried contacting support or looking at the updates however these were fairly unhelpful. I’m honestly very disappointed with the quality of service recently. Perhaps one could say that part of the blame is the escalation of blocks during certain political events however it’s gotten to the point where VPN will be working fine and then I update and suddenly I can’t connect anymore. I feel like I’m stuck in a continuous cycle of frustration at this point. While the support staff is nice, they really can’t offer any better advice than we are aware of some issues but we don’t have a timeline for when things will be fixed, watch the update page, and we would like to extend your service for a week.
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1 year ago, mykidswererightaboutyou
Man, seeing some of the reviews on here you’d think people lost touch with reality. This vpn does exactly what it says it does and does it well. I have both my laptop and my iPhone protected. If you experience a “sudden outage” then it is doing what it is designed to do which is hit the kill switch when your not fully protected. You can’t always connect in China because it’s an authoritarian communist regime. Duh. Perhaps an education on vpns are in order. There are cheaper vpns but this does what it needs and I can use it in my Linux Distro. Just a word of cation though, in Linux, they only support their app for Ubuntu and Arch iirc. Fortunately I had an arch install and had to switch from manjaro which made me sad as thst was my favorite Linux Distro. I may suggest making the install on Linux instructions a little easier to find as I had trouble finding where it was. It’s a good app. If your kill switch trips snd you need your internet atm, disable the app for a short time if you know you are safe.
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4 years ago, kopper sun studio
Do not use or waste your money
This product is one of the worst I ever encountered. Continually disconnects. Continually logs you out. Good luck trying to get a password reset email, usually takes half a day. Keep in mind if you aren’t logged in and turned on you can’t use your device, 4K firestick, PC or iPhone. All don’t work for more than 30 minutes. Watching a show? Not for more than 30 minutes you won’t be. You’ll be disconnected. Which is awesome when playing a game and about to win and then you get knocked off due to this worthless app for zero reason. Then you have to reconnect all over again because your device locks up. Want to find your log in info or password? Nope. They won’t provide you that information. You have to wait on a slow to respond help desk. Then when they reply you have to go to a different website and then log in to see your help desk ticket but if you can’t get your password reset you can’t even look at it. Worthless junk. Save your money and headaches.
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5 years ago, ChopUTD
Good VPN... When it actually works
I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a few months now. When it’s connected and working properly it’s a pretty good service. Before the latest update I would occasionally have a connection drop, but it didn’t happen often enough to bother me. Since the update my iPhone is constantly disconnecting from the VPN servers. Doesn’t matter what server I connect to either. Sometimes when I unlock my phone it’ll have a hard time connecting back to the server and I’ll have to manually open the app and select a new one. Other times it’ll drop the connection while I’m using the internet. There is no warning for this. All of a sudden it just stops working and I have to disconnect and choose a new server. This happens at least 10x per day. My connection actually dropped while I was in the middle of typing this review. It’s incredibly frustrating. There’s also no kill switch in the app that I’m aware of so who knows if my info is being leaked. I understand every VPN service has connection issues from time to time but this is a constant thing. For the price of this service I expect much more out of it. I’ll be shopping around whenever my subscription expires.
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2 years ago, Masterchief20
WON’T allow you to cancel auto renewal!
The VPN works great. No complaints there. HOWEVER, if you ever try to cancel or turn off auto renew Express VPN does everything in their power to stop you. Turning off auto renew on the website does nothing. If you click refresh after turning it off it’s already turned back on. I tried turning off auto renew for more than a month and it never worked. I ended up contacting support through chat and they still didn’t want to turn it off for me. I ended up having to request cancellation of my account. Even then the representative kept trying to save my account and I finally had to tell her to that I was short on time and just needed it canceled. Express VPN holds your credit card information captive. You can’t delete it and you can’t stop the auto renew. You may think you’ve turn it off but it’s really still on. If you don’t believe me, try turning it off on your account today. Really shady business practices from a company that makes an otherwise solid product.
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3 years ago, Grantman30
Don’t buy something that is broken
Update #3 - So I’m insisted that I reach out to support even with them knowing that I didn’t renew . 30 mins later their exact words are ( do you want to renew so we can troubleshoot the problem?) once I see positive reviews I’ll be more inclined to reconsider. I can’t stop laughing. Let me sell you a car that doesn’t start Update #2 - auto renew turned off. For those who wish to discontinue express VPN make sure your auto renewal is turned off. I noticed another update from 6 days ago. I never told they released it. The last to updates screwed it up. I’m not going to even bother. Best of luck to everyone finding a better iOS vpn UPDATE:: just a robot asking us live chat. Unbelievable that they can’t see their own issue. I’m so happy I paid only for a month. They don’t want to fix anything. They just want to delay and pass the buck Well there you have it. Support insist everything is okay with a ton of the same complaints. And the robot responses crack me up. Express you need to be 10 steps ahead not 20 steps behind. Get your act together. It was working fine a week ago. To bad express lies. If you live in China get a different VPN. Thank god I only got a month
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2 years ago, 9)8(7462)9!"!
Great but…
It doesn’t work in China anymore! It used to, but now it only works every now and then for only one minute. The connecting sign is always stuck on the last bar. I tried contacting support but, as usual, they simply said their engineers are working on it. Please give us a time frame or some other hope that this vpn might improve. But I do have a suggestion, I was spamming the connect button on a free server in tor vpn the other day and it connected! Stayed connected for the entire day (and then stopped working again). Maybe you can get your engineers to use the technology tor used? Thanks UPDATE: IT WORKS, THANK YOU EXPRESS VPN! Guys, you have to understand that this is a battle between a country and a company, not an easy fight! But they did it! The top of the industry won! We can use it now! Thank you so much expressvpn for allowing us to use the internet freely, I can never stop being grateful for you!
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1 year ago, Bigdosh
It’s great, until it’s not.
I live in China, and for almost a decade Expressvpn has been my go to work-around for the Great Firewall of China. Sure, once or twice a year the government would crack down and it would be out of commission for a few days, but nothing unbearable. Until this year. For the last few months it seems like it doesn’t work more than it does and customer service, while deeply sympathetic, does nothing more than refer you back to their service page which regurgitates the same useless advice ending with “ bookmark this page and check back for latest updates”. There’s also no refund for the time it can’t be used beyond extending your subscription for a month at the most. As they’re currently into the 7th non-functioning week, it doesn’t feel like fair compensation. My advice if you need a vpn for China would be to go with one of the smaller, less well established vpns that seem not to attract the attention of government censors so consistently, several of the free ones have been working fine while Expressvpn struggles. It’s a shame but it seems that they are a victim of their own success.
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1 year ago, 4Juliette
Absolutely disappointed.
I’ve been with this service since 2016, but this year I made a huge mistake by extending my membership. 30 days money back is only for the new customers, before they give their money to the company and old ones are not protected at all. I just paid another year in August, now it’s December, and every month for at least two weeks I didn’t have the proper service. Yes, I had to buy another application, which btw, works great, but my money for this year just wasted, because the support said that they can’t give money back after the 30 days. I talked to them around the 8th of December, after this I used my new VPN for 2 weeks, but decided to try to connect Express VPN on my other device again. And guess what? The issue is not fixed or they have troubles again. I’ve been trying and waiting for an hour. No connection. Basically now this service is just money waste! Even little cheap applications for 1-2 usd per month are working better. The support is really sweet and offers the free extension of the service that is not working every time when I try to figure out when will I get the proper connection. Absolutely disappointed.
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3 years ago, ksackett7000
App not ready - do not buy!
I installed the app with its default settings, but the app immediately started reporting that it could never connect, internet traffic blocked. When I contacted support, they told me to ignore that message because the app was really protecting my identity. Really?! So what else am I supposed to ignore about the app or not trust what it’s telling me? Talk about a loss of confidence! How can a company put out a product that is solely intended to protect one’s identify, but the app cannot confidently report that it’s doing so? And I’m supposed to trust some nameless tech support person that everything’s ok? Unbelievable! It gets worse. I asked for a refund as a result of this malarkey, which they processed. But when they did, the app remained in my phone and disconnected it from the internet. All of my apps stopped working. I could not call an Uber or Lyft, could not call for help, and could get no ride to the airport at 5:30 am in the morning when no businesses were open and no one was around. It took me two hours of troubleshooting to figure out that their app’s vpn entry was blocking my connection , and I missed my flight! This could be the worst app experience of my life.
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4 years ago, Beautiful Chengdu
A lot to be desired
Being a subscriber since August 2020 while traveling in Taiwan and China during this period of time. Using it while in Taiwan was no problem at all. Access was pretty smooth and successful anytime. However, within China, it was a totally different experience. The VPN version used on my devices is pretty up-to-date since I check constantly. Within China, connection is hardly ever successful the first try at all times and the process seems sluggish regardless of the VPN locations (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and US, etc.) I tried. Even when connected, the connection didn’t seem to be stable and long lasting. I said so because I have a company-used VPN on my devices as well. So, when I get frustrated with Express VPN at home, I will take advantage of the company VPN. When I do so, I pretty much get connected right away. There is nothing proprietary about the company VPN because it is just an app downloaded from the Apple App Store except the company pays the subscription. I’m still giving Express VPN benefit of the doubt due to the good comments I read online. However, I can’t said my experiences match well with those good words and my patience is wearing thin.
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3 years ago, Braydenjg
Works very well but needs more features
This app is extremely simple to use and does exactly what the website says and does it very well. I couldn’t decide between this or Surfshark, but I ended up going with this. I only bought it for a month in case I want to switch. The connections are fast and this is great at unblocking Netflix. But the biggest reason I almost bought Surfshark instead was because it has way more features included like Adblock, multi hop, and privacy from search engines. Overall ExpressVPN works very well and customer support is a 10/10. You can also use their website to change settings around like turning off auto renewal payments. They will email you when you need to renew at the end of your subscription period instead of doing it automatically. Yes I would recommend this and would buy again (if I don’t get swayed over to Surfshark) but if you add some of the added features like Surfshark has, I’ll be an expressVPN customer for life.
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4 years ago, ManifestAwareness
Improved connectivity?
Not so much... so sorry I did this update! This is just par for the course with this service. Having an iPhone, it is important that I stay connected to receive timely messages. I’ve never had this experience in the year I’ve had this service. I actually set up a shortcut to bump my WiFi off and on to get reconnected, and I use that shortcut constantly because the app requires I hit the circled X to disconnect from the service to choose another location. That leaves my connection unsecured. And if I want to use a location not in the main list, I have to enable the All Locations option every. single. time., though I choose that option every. single. time. I mean, how hard is it to have a list of favorites at least? It seems to be designed for maximum aggravation. And I’ve also been through the “try this... try this... “ tech support theater. C’mon folks, how hard is it to create a better user experience? Staying connected more than three minutes and changing locations shouldn’t be this frustrating. What would this service be like if the providers actually cared about their customers’ experience? We can only wonder. #igiveup
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1 year ago, God’s Sun!
Top tier VPN
I personally reviewed the best VPN’s available. Some reviews had NordVPN as best, other reviews had Cyber Ghost, and some had ExpressVPN. I took those reviews as trustworthy, however, the first VPN I’ve ever heard of was ExpressVPN! I didn’t even know what a VPN was! My technological friends always said ExpressVPN. So after I finally assessed all the reviews, I had to go with what was recommended to me, and that’s ExpressVPN! I’m throughly satisfied! And from my personal experience, I really like ExpressVPN. Not to mention, ExpressVPN already was imprinted in me before I even subscribed to this service! I think ExpressVPN is the best! I promote ExpressVPN for free!!! I’m a pro-bono ExpressVPN representative! I don’t get paid to say this! ExpressVPN is like my favorite sports team! Yet, although my favorite sports team doesn’t win championships every year, ExpressVPN does!! If you’re reading this, subscribe to ExpressVPN!! Thank you for your time! (And Thank You ExpressVPN!)
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4 years ago, nouozy
Users in China
Without a doubt Express Vpn was magic for users in China back then. But I won’t recommend it or any other paid Vpn for users in China! This year has been horrible, it doesn’t connect even when it does it takes like forever to. You only get to use Singapore/Japan/Hk or USA LA 5. I don’t actually blame Express Vpn, because I tried using socks5 proxy and had the same issue. So it’s more of China censorship issue! I would have canceled my 1 year sub, just that my cousin in Japan is using it! Which by the way he is able to connect to all listed locations. It’s strange thou because now I am using the free Vpn and for some reason I easily connect but I don’t know why the paid Vpn doesn’t let me. Won’t say work on that because I know you guys are working on it due to the constants updat notifications I get on my phone, so I guess you guys should keep working on fixing the connection issue. For now I am stuck with the free vpns
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2 months ago, John Hangman
It does not really work in China!
I have had Expreas VPN for over a year and a few times prior to my current subscription, but it has not really worked. I need a VPN to access my Gmail account emails while I am traveling in China. China does not really block Gmails on your phone if you have a foreign SIM card roaming on local wireless networks. Sometime it may take a little longer for your new emails to show up in your inbox. I try to save on expensive roaming data cost to use wifi or via a local SIM card. It does not really work. It certainly does not work all that well on your computer when you use wifi. I ended up using my phone's hotpot. Cost of international wireless roaming data is expensive. The worst part was it blocks internet even I turned off "Block internet when VPN connection is interrupted". Once I tried to use it once, it could not connect me to any servers, yet it still blocks internet and hotspot. Also it blocks internet after I reboot my phone even I have not used the app or turned it on, very annoying. I don't know where they got all those 5 star reviews: it's definitely not a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, Andre0599
Blocks All Internet Connection
Worked fine in the beginning then it began sparingly blocking most or all internet connection. I stumbled upon this by turning it off finally and miraculously everything working properly. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this until some months after having the app. Additionally, I discovered that some websites still know my location. I’m outside the U.S. I’ve tried going to a U.S. website to make a purchase and I was rerouted to its foreign counterpart. Very frustrating as Asian sizes are not the same as American sizes. So I’m going to have to delete and go back to my old VPN. Update: I discovered that not Express VPN is not the only VPN that that doesn’t totally hide your location. When trying to watch live sporting events with other VPNs, my my location was still discovered, so I added one star to the rating. Although I didn’t use their customer support, they responded to my review very quickly. They seem to really care about their product. There are just several more VPNs that are a lot less expensive.
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8 months ago, MrsMickie07
Wow! Who knew!
I have been searching high and low for a way to have my husband watch his JETS, diehard fan of a loosing team lol, but he’s a loyal guy what can I say. I refused to spend hundreds of dollars just to watch that crappy team lol! I googled a way to watch in you don’t live in the area the game is being shown, and that’s how I read about VPM! It’s freaking amazing and it only costs me $12/month! The ONLY annoying part though, is if you screen what ever you’re watching to your tv, the phone can’t be used for anything else because it shuts off if the screen is changed in the phone. BUT, it’s a small price to pay to see my wonderful guy so happy to watch the football games HE likes, rather then the television stations deciding which ones to broadcast and where! Simple to do, was done in like 10 minutes, but it only took that long cause I’m not the MOST tech savvy girl! 🤣
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5 years ago, GirlFinance27
Not for China
I’ve been here for almost a year and truly depend on VPN, as I’m a teacher who researchers a lot for classes. I gave 3 stars being generous. We are constantly needing to update VPN, but how to do this when your service isn’t working. I found that, yes, China’s blocking for events is partly to blame, however, a service that can’t break the blocks has to take at least 50% of the cause for disconnect. Say #1 VPN in China is a bit of stretch. I rarely watch my subscribed services in my home country and loose more money per month on paying for services. I continue to hope I can access. I feel ambivalent and if I return will probably seek out using another VPN service. Not being able to contact family is also extremely difficult when here. And yes, the “5G” service doesn’t exist outside 3 or 4 major cities so slow/poor WiFi gets a bit of blame , as well.
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1 year ago, Intnat VPN User
Does not work well in Mainland China
It is guaranteed this app will not be able to connect for at least a week at a time, several times per year in China. Router is less reliable than Windows version, Windows version is less reliable than iOS version, but even iOS version cannot connect from a lot of wifi providers. It continues to get worse. You will find dozens of similar reviews saying this exact same thing. Often these reviews will have a note from the developer attached asking to contact Express VPN for help. It's dishonest. I think that comment is just meant to try to cover up what is becoming more and more obvious, this app is not reliable in Mainland China because it is blocked there, and there is nothing Express VPN can do about it. I wouldn't be so skeptical if they were honest about it, but they appear not to be. If you read reviews of a competitive VPN like NordVPN, those comments also say they have trouble in China due to censorship, and the developer is open about it.
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1 year ago, Mike Friar 2
Months of service failure after good experience earlier
I’ve been using ExpressVPN for around a year as a paid user locates in China. It used to be working all good and brought me desirable experience. But since this September, Express constantly fails to provide me the services I purchased. At this moment I didn’t see any big events going on in China, I asked my friend who also uses Express and he less-frequently encounters connection failure. I’ve done what the official blog tells user in China to do, update App, correct settings, wait connection, etc., all efforts in vain. I also switched among home wifi, cellular data, and smart phone hotspot, still, I couldn’t get stable connections. Compared with the great experience before September, current situation is very confusing. Also I noticed there’s no live-chat service anymore but only Email us service under Help category, while last year there was. I hope that Express could work this out and deliver an effective solution soon.
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1 year ago, Afighterfromtehran
Testing out the best vpn out there
Hi, Ok so most vpn providers out there usually arent tested out under severe problems under severe conditions but, as a person living in Iran and my country fighting for a revolution from a dictatorship unfortunately we have almost no access to the world and we are basically able to access app store only and the regime based domains that are used to brain wash themselves as well… now as a person living in these harsh conditions most of the times I am only able to connect to only one of all the servers available (woolloomooloo from australia). Now please understand that as a protester my life is in danger for even leaving this review and I am risking the chance of also losing this one and only remaining server. Now, Express VPN is one of the best vpn providers out there I promise and usually no VPNs work in Iran and we are killed because of that (they kill the VPN and the Internet so they can shoot us down and kill us protesters and YES THE CONDITIONS ARE THAT SEVERE IN MY COUNTRY RIGHT NOW… I am writing this review so by any chance more VPN servers will be available for us so we can have more access. As an Iranian person living in Tehran and witnessing the killings take place while the world cant see, I would say please be our voice and help us out so we can ask for international help and also be able to contact our families or the press over seas. Thank you team EXPRESS VPN
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5 years ago, cannedtofu
Overpriced and not so responsive
I’ve been a user for the past 2+years and most of the time the connection has been satisfactory (sometimes very slow). However for the past 6 months the connection has deteriorated. Sometimes the vpn is down for days and even weeks before the service is restored. I was forced to switch to other vpn and guess what, some of them are much better and charges much less... I’m literally paying 1/3 of the price and getting much better/faster connection...All I can make out of this is that I think the engineers have gotten lazy/non-responsive because of the established status of this branded app. Customer service have told me repetitively that they are “working hard around the clock to solve the issue” but nothing happens for days and weeks. I don’t understand why other vpns are working just fine while this one takes forever to solve. Maybe it’s because you guys aren’t “working hard enough”. So this is it for me, I will not renew my subscription after the current one and I encourage anyone using this to do the same.
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6 years ago, The_Big_Spence
Terrible Service in China
I’m not sure why the service is so bad the past couple of months. They sent out an email a while ago saying they were doing what they could to rectify the situation, but it was vague and nothing’s changed. People like me who depend on VPNs for day-to-day work and interaction with loved ones back home have been hung out to dry. I’ve spoken to many customers here who are looking for new service providers because they can’t cope. As I speak, I have the app running on my computer trying to connect to any servers available, and all are just pinwheeling over and over with no connections in sight. I had problems with them early in the year, and it took months before the issues were resolved. Then the summer was pretty much issue-free, and I was hoping they’d finally stepped up their service. I just want a world where I can connect to the uncensored, unpropagandized, unmonitored internet. Instead I just have hours of frustration daily with a product that used to be the industry standard.
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4 years ago, Jojobearbuddy
Ok, has problems.
I’m only giving it two stars, because it has problems. I’ve been running the vpn for six months. And it often goes through stages of disconnecting, and you’re waiting for it to connect when you open your phone. I’ve switch servers, and it does it on every server. I’ve messed with their setting. And there is no smooth running in the background. It often feels like you’re fighting it to stay connected. And it often lags my internet speeds. And requires me to shut it off. I paid 100$ for a year. And I regret it everyday. I often hear how well other vpn are working for people and become jealous. The flip side. “When” it works. It does it’s job. Google often check to see if you’re a bot because it routes traffic. Over all, the vpn is marginal at best. Definitely not worth the steep cost. There customer service will reach out to you, to try and help. But their service should just work in the background. iPhones are made for vpn, and if you cannot have your vpn work in the background smoothly. You’ve failed.
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2 years ago, Jared0789
Desperate, dark marketing
The service works all right, certainly nothing to write home about. The company’s founder has a suspicious history with invasive ad tracking companies which does make one wonder… However it is the dark marketing practices that led me here. In short, the forcing customers to enroll in auto-renewal, the lack of an App Store subscription option (probably because it’s too easy to cancel your subscription!) and the difficulty in canceling a subscription through the company should all give a person pause. If your service is so great, why do you have to erect enormous walls to keep people in? It smells sleezy, it reeks of today’s internet profit-over-customer approach to everything. Is it not enough to have a decent product, charge a fair price, and compete in the marketplace? Unfortunately the only competition going on here is between customers trying to speak to a customer service agent and cancel the scammy auto payments on your card. Somehow it seems the customers always lose.
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4 years ago, dStorke
Extremely disappointed
I repeatedly cannot get connected despite WiFi and/or a good cellular connection. When I’ve asked for help I get a message saying they’d get back to me later because of an unusual amount of demand at the time. They did not get back to me for 1-3 days, after the fact, when I no longer was needing the help. Also, when I tried their suggestions, they made no difference. It’s over a mo. since I paid for my subscription, and bought through this Apple Store, so Express VPN turfed me over to Apple for a refund, and I went there and filled out their online form. They gave me an immediate online response saying I “was not eligible” for a refund. This is disappointing. It definitely has let me down on occasion failing me when I really needed it. UPDATE: I am having better luck connecting recently if I go off WiFi at some locations and use my cell phone network. I therefore revised the text of my feedback and have bumped up my rating from one to three stars.
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8 months ago, DJできません
Over a decade of trusting ExpressVPN!
I've been an ExpressVPN customer for over a decade, and I can confidently say that I haven't found any other provider like it. Their service is consistently reliable, and their app is just as easy to use as their desktop software. With just a few clicks, I can connect to servers all over the world and enjoy fast and secure browsing. What's more, their customer service is top-notch. While I rarely need to contact them, when I do, I always receive a prompt and helpful response. Their team is knowledgeable, courteous, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Overall, I would highly recommend ExpressVPN to all my family and friends. It's a reliable and easy-to-use VPN that provides peace of mind and security in an increasingly digital world.
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6 years ago, mariomicale95
WARNING: No mobile kill switch!
I spent so many hours looking at reviews of the best VPN services and Express and Nord were always at the top of the list. I decided with this one because it seemed like the fastest. BUT when I downloaded the app I was informed by the support (very quick btw) that unlike their desktop apps, their mobile apps have no kill switch feature to block internet if you’re not connected to the VPN. I witnessed my device try and connect to the VPN lots of times but was unsuccessful, and I had no way of knowing this unless I wasn’t actually looking for the VPN icon that appears at the top of my phone. This feature is critical to anyone who never wants their privacy broken. I want a RELIABLE VPN that works all of the time on all of my devices. If my phone can still connect to WiFi and data for a while before the VPN connects and protects me, I’m still vulnerable for a brief time and that defeats the whole point of the VPN. Nord has this feature on their mobile devices and when I asked Express’s support about this, they said “We can also file this as a service request to our engineers and if we get enough similar requests for it, they can prioritize to have this feature fully functional on the future versions of the ExpressVPN app.” Why would you not automatically put this feature on the app to protect users? I guess we either have to wait before they implement it or have people request it to get this feature, but for me Nord looks better at the moment.
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2 years ago, Frustrated Trace
VPN location keeps switching to Canada
this morning, I ordered ExpressVPN in order to be able to stream live TV from the United States while I am in Canada (Vancouver, BC). Express VPN keeps assigning my VPN location as Ontario, Canada, which literally defeats the purpose of having a VPN for live streaming! I have to keep going into the app and changing my location to Seattle in order to be able to stream live TV. Once I change my location in the app, it works fine. But I have had to manually change my location five times today alone. I wonder if this is a function of having ordered the VPN today while in Canada…? Whereas last year, I ordered it before I left the United States. I was in Mexico for three months and had no such problems, my VPN was somewhere in New Jersey and live streaming was seamless. Once I established the ExpressVPN account, I never had to touch it again. It’s annoying, to say the least. What happened ExpressVPN? Or have I done something wrong?
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3 years ago, Doc Michael
I use to be a big fan of Express VPN... now I am a big hater! When I had my account before the time the COVID-19 started... I travelled all over the world. Express VPN gave me the sense of security and confidence they had offered. I let my subscription expire since no more traveling... but things have changed again. So now I need to travel... so Express VPN came to mind and I opened my account again. My mistake... the app worked smoothly before... no connection problems... just a simple list of cities of the connections areas that I could choose from. Now... I don’t get connected... I cannot use the internet or connect properly because the VPN is not connecting. I cannot use another city location because it only shows what it thinks is the best. Once again... too many upgrades have ruined the perfect recipe for satisfaction. You took a great app and made it into a mediocre app like do many other apps that are already out there. I am just waiting for my subscription to expire... then I will find the right app that does the job as it states.
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12 months ago, d.goag
Great VPN, hard to cancel subscription
Works perfectly until you decide to cancel the subscription. App itself will only lets you “cancel account” and when doing so, the apps advices you that if you do not cancel the subscription you are still going to be charged. Then, to cancel the subscription you have to go through an entire process of multiple difficult steps, having to go deep into “subscription settings” and after finding the “turn off autorenew” button, a 2nd confirmation button pops…. After clicking the “Yes, cancel subscription” the “auto renew” alert still shows as ON. I am guessing I will have to contact customer support to be able to cancel my subscription but as far as I am concerned, that option is not available neither in the app nor in the website. This is a nasty practice express VPN :( I was just canceling to use your service with another email but given this, I will have to look for another provider.
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