VPN Proxy Master - Super VPN

4.6 (295.2K)
133.7 MB
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Current version
ALL Connected Co.,Ltd
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VPN Proxy Master - Super VPN

4.64 out of 5
295.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Jack8377
Works great in China
I can’t tell you how many VPNs I’ve tried in over 4 years of living in China, and how disappointed I’ve become in you them. Some worked half assed even with a subscription, sometimes they would just stop working for days at a time. One thing they all had in common was slow connection and download speed. I had a 1yr subscription with ExpressVPN and it just expired. Too be honest I wasn’t happy with them and I was afraid I couldn’t find anyone else that had a APP that would work. I downloaded this APP two days ago and I can’t tell you how happy I am. The connection is almost instant and the speed is great. It almost never drops and reconnects itself. This is better than any paid subscription I’ve ever had or tried to use, and it’s the free version!! Really happy!!! Download it and try it, you won’t be disappointed.
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4 years ago, honorousjack
Terrible customer service after app stopped working
I paid $36 for the membership after a friend referred it to me saying it’s very reliable. It turned out to me quite unstable and stopped working altogether after last October. I thought it was just temporary and didn’t pay much attention especially I got VPN on my company computer and did pretty much all the stuff there. Recently I was managing my iTunes subscriptions and noticed I got 2 months left on my membership with VPN Proxy Master and thought I never used much of it and was wondering maybe there’s something they could do for me. So I hesitantly sent out an email to their customer service and explained my situation. They claimed their service may be not stable and is still working so I sent the screenshot to them reporting an Service Not Available error. They agreed to issue a refund but just for the 2 months left till expiration. So I went on to explain I have not been able to use their service since last October and ask them to check whether or not I have used any of their data since last October. They keep saying their policy doesn’t allow retroactive refund and stopped replying altogether.
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6 years ago, Sasha Vargas
Pretty great except for one thing..
So I can definitely say that this is by far the best VPN app I’ve used on my phone. However, there is a slight concern I have regarding your ads. Now it’s not the amount of ads, I’m not complaining because it’s whatever. However, there is an ad that does me a great deal of concern, so I will open the app up, and sometimes it’ll be like a life choice ad for a game or something, but then there’s always this ad that’s kind of... terrifying. Like I even got scared in school because I was concerned to why there was a face on my phone screen! Now, as someone with anxiety, it kind of impacts me more than I actually think. Sometimes it’ll randomly pop up in my mind and I’m just glad I can tolerate it. However, I’m just more concerned for maybe younger users or even those who can’t handle horror ads due to how they can trigger a sense of fear or panic, causing attacks. I just wanted to let you know! I hope this can be resolved at some point, overall this is a great app!
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6 years ago, Karma Power
The best VPN by far. Earlier I had issues with my connection and I thought it was the VPN's fault. It was not and I sincerely apologize to the developer who was kind enough to contact me personally and guide me. After being advised, and installing it for the second time, the VPN started flying like a stealth fighter. I tested and changed a few servers until I found the fastest and nearest server. After nearly 12 hours of rigorous testing I conclude that the developer/developers are real Masters and I have never experienced a better performing VPN in twenty years. Now you go ahead and try it folks. Trust me, actions speak louder than words. It's a TEN STAR for VPN MASTER. Thanks and I am humbled. And don't mind the ads because they have worked hard and invested to develop this awesome app. Plus they are offering as free and 7 days free VIP. It is worth every penny. I judged them pre-empltively!
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6 years ago, MaterializeWhatUVisualize
Easy, Fast, & not terribly expensive for VIP acct.
This is my first experience with proxy apps of any kind. So, I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer w/ this review, other than I haven’t had any problems at all with set up, connection, or speed. You can get a week for free as a VIP to try out. I suggest you try it for yourself first! They offer both a free & paid membership after that. The free one still works great & ive found the speed is still great too. Basically, you just don’t have nearly as many options w/ location (different countries) in the free service vs. as the paid VIP. However, you still get probably 3-4 USA 🇺🇸 locations, Canada, & I believe Holland & England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in the free one.
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2 years ago, I broke up MCR
A great VPN but it disconnects a lot throughout each day.
It is very fast at times and is faster than any other VPN I’ve used on iPhone... when it wants to stay connected. It randomly disconnects on Automatic and ISSR protocols and on those same protocols it will not let me send videos on Instagram or even send pictures and videos on Snapchat. Ridiculous. If I use IKEv2, it works very fast but disconnects after exactly one minute. I have never used TCP because I don’t want to deal with the slow speeds compared to UDP. Speaking of UDP, that protocol works perfectly except it is slower since it only has a few servers in the Netherlands and I live in the US. Why so few servers for UDP? If these issues were resolved somehow, then I have no doubt that this would be the best VPN on the App Store and would deserve five stars. TL;DR - This VPN has great speed depending on the protocol you choose but does have connectivity issues.
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4 years ago, Kaydenceeeeeeeeeee
Some problems..
So when I first download this, I wanted something to fix the problem so I don't crash my game a lot and I look at so many reviews before I did. I was like "ooo this could be good to fix my game it will totally work!" so my fast connection was Canada. When I was done all of a sudden it said "Disconnected try again!" and I did try again. It still did it again. I tried another game but it got blurred and stopped. I kept trying and trying etc. I tried turning my WiFi off and on still didn't work. I tried some other games but some of them got blurred and said "Disconnected try again!" I was sick of it and so I tried turning the power off of my iPad. After I got in the game again IT STILL DIDN'T WORK! I don't get how people think this app is the best but. I really need to get this fixed. It's probably that I did something wrong or.. Idk just please fix this as possible.
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5 years ago, gwenaellp
Just ripped me off
I subscribed in 2017 for a yearly plan which was around 30 dollars and is a better deal than the monthly plan which cost around 13 dollars. My expectations was that like everything else on the apple store I would be renewed with the same plan after a year and didn’t pay attention , but just realized after opening the app that they automatically renewed my subscription and changed it to a monthly plan which isn’t what I wanted and already billed me for 13 dollars . So now I can either continue to pay monthly and pay a lot more or convert to a yearly plan and pay over 30 dollars on top of the 13 dollars i already paid I am going to cancel my subscription so I don’t get billed again and will only renew if I get credit for the monthly rate I was just charged for . In the meantime I will look at other options and would encourage anyone to stay away from a company that finds way to overcharge customers
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5 years ago, big_P83
Used to be 5-star worthy...
I loved this app. So easy, simple to use, and most important completely free. I even liked the look of it. I never ran into any bugs or subscription cut-offs or ads or probs involving ads and annoyances.... Not the case anymore, its gotten worst and worst. More limited, almost forces the subscription stuff on you, not to mention how pricey it is now jeeez. In conclusion, I used this for years and years, and now I'm gonna have to seek out something new. Like an app that REMINDS me of how this one used to be.... However, with that said I'll still mark it 5-stars, with hopes that it goes back to how it was....Slim chance I know.
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1 year ago, Queenbeeinherhive
So far working well
I don't normally use a VPN for privacy or anything, but while traveling through Mexico, I found that I can't use many websites that I need for work because they are tracking my location and assuming that I'm a foreign citizen. I am a US citizen but just that tracking alone was keeping me from accessing many websites, or some of them were in Spanish and I couldn't read them. This VPN was easy to use and seemed stable enough, even though my cell service and Wi-Fi are not great at this location… There were no added problems from the VPN stability.
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6 years ago, Snowy232337
Okay that sounds dramatic but it is actually a life saver. If you go to school and your school blocks snapchat and instagram then you need this app. If you have sucky WiFi at home then you need this app. I can’t even deal without this app anymore because I use it 24/7. It always provides me with such a boost of LTE or WiFi that I always need. This is honestly the one necessity for your phone. The best part is that once you click on the app and turn it on, you can just exit out and you’ll be good. They don’t pester you to get their subscription or bomb you with ads. IT IS HONESTLY THE BEST APP.
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6 years ago, Swayjb
Best VPN but...
...lately, a little over a month, I’ve been getting disconnected and having to reconnect with massive glitchy ads which slow down my IOS. I get it, it’s free and you guys have to make money off the the software one way or another. Yet, please remember that it’s real human beings using your app and therefore bringing in traffic for your ads but having to watch ads after I’m done using the app, just to disconnect the VPN, I have to watch another advertisement? C’mon be serious. I’m ok with watching one AD at the beginning but not when I randomly get disconnected and/or when I’m about to disconnect the VPN services. Also, if you’re going to have ads, please make them compatible pertaining to the device being accessed, I have ads that turn vertically and freeze the app. Ridiculous.
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6 years ago, Luis309
Never fails!!
After Betternet stopped working for me I had been looking and searching a VPN app, I'ved searched everywhere looked in, in all apps none of them worked or they were expensive monthly payments. So i stayed without using wifi at school for some time until i searched again, then i found this app, I've had it for half a year now; its extremely fast, not glitchy and it haven't failed me a single time so far. Although it lowkey has quite a few too many ads but wut do u expect, its free.
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7 years ago, ihopethisnameisnottaken 🙄🙄🙄
Only VPN that works for me
I’ve downloaded over 5 VPNs to use while on school WiFi because it helps it run faster and allows me to use Snapchat and Instagram. This is the only VPN that is free, doesn’t try to promote their subscription every 2 seconds, and works as soon as you turn it on. It’s fast, you don’t need to open the app to use it, which saves you from many ads, and it’s good quality. My only complaints are that you have to keep turning it on and it drains your battery pretty quickly, other than that I love this app. Its the only VPN that has worked for school WiFi.
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6 years ago, PM1249
VPN proxy
I like the app, easy to use, and does the job! It does drain your battery a little, so turn it off when you’re done. There are some ads, which is frustrating, but it doesn’t get in the way of your access to the VPN. Still a great app, and overall super easy to use: one button to start, one button to stop. For a free VPN app, not bad. Of course they have in-app purchases, which is a little frustrating because normally an app has in-app purchases, OR ads, but not both. This app unfortunately has both, but it’s a minor trade-off for access to a great VPN.
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6 years ago, Theox85
Awesome FREE VPN!
I have tried around ten different free VPNs with most of them being terrible. They either give such limited options that the app is barely usable, or they shove ads so far down your throat that your choking on every use. This app is different; they offer premium service but don't force it on you. Ads are in the app but are easily excusable and don't make it impossible to use the app. Overall I am delighted with this app and may even consider getting premium service soon.
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7 years ago, Amir Rismanchian
Easy to use
I liked this app. It is easy to use no complications and it will work only by one click. Problems is annoying advertisements in free version. I think they can find a solution to show their advertising in more friendly way. In free version, I experienced slow connection of internet and drop of speed. Please let me know if in VIP version I can have same internet speed before and after using VPN Slab specially for video calls and voice calls.
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6 years ago, bbcgod
VPN master
This is the best internet booster I've found yet it works amazing. The only issue I don't like with it is when you have to turn it back on when you switch network connections, such as when you go from building to building and you switch from one buildings internet to the next you have to turn it back on. That is the only issue I have with it, but then again all it takes it one click and it back on.
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5 years ago, Normal VPN user
Great vpn but ad problem
This is the best VPN I have ever used. But there’s always some ad that never goes away even after tapping the X at the top right corner of the screen. My phone is not damaged in that area or anywhere close to there. I only have 1 crack at the BOTTOM of my screen. It’s causes so much stress and I have to open it up and close it multiple times before a different ad shows up and then I can finally close it.
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6 years ago, CherryProductions
Amazing VPN App
I came in with low expectations downloading this app, but was soon impressed by the capabilities of this VPN that can be utilized for free. While there are some ads, they are truly deserved for the high-speed (as far as VPNs go) and unlimited connection. The VPN has also never failed when changing my IP or disconnected during use (unlike Betternet, which I’ve had problems with). Overall, this is a great app for anyone interested in a free VPN for your mobile device.
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6 years ago, godschosenfurry
great it saved my marriage and my kids finally want to connect with me again and I’m up for a promotion at my job thanks to this app, just kidding I’m falling to an endless void that doesn’t seem to end but I know eventually it will but only with my untimely demise and I will be nothing but a shell of the person of who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I was meant to be. also my wife wants a divorce, but at least I get a private connection with this app!
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6 years ago, ExplosephJoseph
Heard great things... we will see.
More to come:) Holy Mr. Hanky Poo Batman!!! Well it’s been about 10 minutes and I said I would be back. I see my first review hasn’t even posted yet but here is the 2nd! So far this is the best VPN I’ve ever used. I ran 4 WiFi analysts and my speeds were 60mbps, 30, 30, and 40!!! All while browsing and streaming, by far the best and most consistent I’ve ever had! Thank you. Oh and it would be great if your developer/developers made an app for the PS4, for the are in great need of a signal enhancement/boost of some sort for there online, WiFi connection play!!! I cannot get LAN to where I am located in my house, and have purchased WiFi range extender, which has helped but it is lacking. JS Thank you guys and keep up the great job!!!! J.E.M.
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7 years ago, Lpqkd2vj
I’ve tried many..
I kid you not, I have used so many of these even VPN Hotspot or whatever which worked awhile for me but ended up going to crap. This app I’ve had for quite some time, and not once has it failed me. Also, I love that it isn’t riddled with adds. This is probably the best of the best that is for free. Nothing can bypass it. Highly recommend. Especially for you fellow students with strict internet access at school.
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7 years ago, Easyy37
Best VPN
I am using the free version and my internet is not much noticeably slower. I ran a speed test and I am getting a lot less mbps, however like I said it’s not noticeable. It is free w/ some short ads. My ISP is pushing me 250 mbps, and I clocked it on a speed test at about 90 mbps downlink (this is w/o the VPN). I am getting 10 mbps downlink with the VPN. I still am able to stream videos and use Facebook w/ no issues. I would definitely recommend trying this app.
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7 years ago, VuduVet
Great VPN app...except with some wifi'
I really love this app, and use it on my phone all over the US and the world (including in China). I just wish that it would work with some Google wifi's. I can't use it in Starbucks and there are some other places where it won't work. I also would love it if I could use it with some functions on the phone (like the bank), but maybe their firewalls and protective software block it....not trusted browser or something. Otherwise, I LOVE it!
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5 years ago, Magmar62
Great app
Overall, this has been the best VPN I’ve used out of all of them, and I’ve been using it for months. The only problem I have with it, which I’m pretty sure occurs with all the VPN’s, is my battery dies a lot faster with it on, but I think it’s just because it’s always working 24/7 when it’s on. But other than that, 5 stars, definitely worth using if you need a new VPN
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5 years ago, drumbeatgoesbumdabum
Do NOT upgrade to the newest version!!
With the new version, they now remove the free servers away from the platform so now you’re stuck between purchasing the plan OR taking the 7-day trial which eventually leads you to purchasing the plan. Either way, you lose. I understand the company needs the monetization to keep the ops running and hence I have been having the awareness of always tapping the ads when using the app knowing they would be making money out of it. But this new approach is like sticking something down into my throat. Horrible way to keep an active user. I hope you fire your head of Product.
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6 years ago, f.o.r.m.e
Free version doesn’t work
I’m giving this app one star for its free version as it used to work but doesn't anymore. Since the update in September 2017 there’s no connectivity to the internet although the app itself says it’s connected. You know you’re connected to one of its servers when you cannot use other apps on your phone but must disconnect. It’s probably a ploy to pay for monthly subscription which I’m sure works as connectivity was good in the past. **UPDATE May30, 2018** It worked for awhile after my review and now it will not even connect to a server. I am still speaking of the free version. Disappointing. When it works it work well.
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5 years ago, boufmenna
One issue
App works amazing- but certain wifi’s block a lot of things (hence why this app is used), and this app uses two different ads and one is blocked, and even though it is restarted- the same ad pops up. They put their ads on before you can turn it on, (and the X on the blocked ad is “NaN” which isn’t clickable, so there is no possible way to turn on the vpn half the time due to the use of the same blocked ad. :/
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7 years ago, kailey_selby06
5 stars
They are very good!! My school has blocked Snapchat and one day I got to school and my friend sent me a Snapchat!!! And I said uhhh the stupid school blocked Snapchat!! Well then I thought hmmm I have VPN Proxy Master. So I went to the app and it helped so much all I have to do is connect and plus my school has really bad connection and they block a lot of things because of drama!! So I definitely recommend this app!!! -Kailey
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3 years ago, Datwhitearab
Ap glitch
Every time I open the app, a video add pops up whereby a 5 second countdown appears before I can skip the ad. However the x does not react to my touch, forcing me through the entire advertisement AND I cannot even continue to access the app, rendering the app completely unusable. Total garbage app development quality.
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6 years ago, Ningbo 65
Great app for blocking pop ups!
Sometimes I forget to to turn this on when I’m using, what I think, is a secure network through Fios. Then I get some unwanted junk filtering through. I turn on this app, and I can browse again without interference! I know my privacy is protected better than it is without the app. Thank you! BTW, the pop up ads from the app are not annoying...yet
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6 years ago, Blebkebke
What happened?
I use this app a lot and I think it’s cool that you would have available location to non VIP users but they would have to watch the ads. Even if it would be a slow connection, it was cool so I would watch the ads completely. But I can’t use it now because all the available locations are VIP, what do I do now that I live in a country where apple wont recognize my credit card. Even if you put more ads, i’d wanna know if you’re ever gonna reverse that. Thank you
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3 years ago, hihihijihijshshffjff
Good app
Hi 🙋‍♂️ this is the second time I got the message that you I will get a hold on you I don’t want to make sure that I will not be able I will be sent to the house 🏡 and tomorrow morning and I can still get it on the next step of the next week or two and I’ll be there for mommy and daddy I will just start with a little more and
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6 years ago, Just a Person Dudeburger
Great VPN
I would think this VPN is like all the others, but something weird happened to the internet I have at on vacation. So they updated their firmware and Our router didn’t get this update for some reason so almost no one could get on, but my cousin could use the internet if he used this VPN. I trued my VPN that I had and it didn’t work. So this VPN has something special about it.
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6 years ago, Alexanderman23
Works So Well In School
Alright, say your teacher said that you can go on your phones and play games. You are connected to the school WiFi and you go to play an internet- required game. You go to play and you cant. If you download this app and turn on the VPN, it will work. It works so well in and out of school! I recommend you get this app if you don't have it.
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6 years ago, Dunnie420
4 stars because it has you rate too soon
From the little I was able to do before being asked to rate the app, it seems like a nice and easy interface. Auto connect to optimal location. Not sure on what else I can configure or how well it works because I had to do this. I’m not sure why you make us rate the app before properly using it. Regardless it seems to be getting the job done!
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5 years ago, wallydabeast
I have been using this VPN app for couple weeks now and can say I have no complaints. Yeah there are adds but what do you expect from free service; the company needs to make there money some how. The adds are not long at all. Maybe 5 seconds at most. But all in all, it still works I haven’t had any issues while running the VPN.
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6 years ago, Butterflikisstle mom
Works well most of the time
The ads having noise (loud noise!) is extremely annoying. It has caused problems for me more than once. I understand the ads allow for me to use it for free so I don’t have a problem with the ads. Thanks for your support! But it would be very helpful and convenient to have a way to choose them to be mute or tape to hear the sound ( like many apps now have).
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6 years ago, NickSchwartz
Great app
This is a great app that works even if you just have the free version, I did pay for the premium version. I paid for the premium to test it on my schools WiFi network that blocks like everything, even Netflix man cruelty. Anyways as I was saying this app is great to protect your IP address and works perfectly, but my schools WiFi is stronger and blocks VPN. Otherwise this app is great if you want a secure VPN connections to a (public WiFi network).
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5 years ago, 吟小迪
How to make it work in China?
My friends have been using this app (amazing) for bypassing the Chinese firewall for a while... but recent days it stopped working with error message about “due to policies, this service is stopped in mainland China”. Is there any system settings on the iPhone we can do to still make your service work in China? Thanks much!!
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7 years ago, Miss mufet
I only gave this more than one star so that more people will see it. Please whatever you do, do not download this app. I see that it looks like a lifesaver, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! I can no longer use data nor wifi on my phone without VPN because it downloaded a virus on my phone! Please do not download this for it will totally destroy the sense of a phone!!
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2 years ago, = :3
Was pretty great
This was my main VPN I used when I was in China and everything worked fantastic! However, I’ve noticed that whenever I turn on my vpn nowadays, it slows down all my loading speeds into a noticeably slow speed. It takes an extra few minutes to load one video than I have if I hadn’t turned on my vpn. It sometimes becomes so slow that websites are made unusable. :(
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6 years ago, Dawgphish
The Best!
VPN Proxy Master is the absolute best VPN provider for all of my Apple products. The main aspect concluding my opinion is it’s cost...it’s free. This is one of the very few instances where the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ does not apply. If I wasn’t on a fixed income I would use their pay subscription service, but it is not feasible. I highly recommend!
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4 years ago, kaswffggfsffhjk
Please Notice This
1. I did 5 stars so it could show up. I’d give this a three because it has 5 states in USA instead of 50.. My state is not on there so I’m kind of mad. Because roblox Crashes And Lags I searched up how to fix it and this came up, so I tried it did not have my state, so I did the only free one Canada. ROBLOX still glitches and crashes.
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6 years ago, Raintree1012
Was great when it worked.
The service I’m PAYING for won’t work so half the time I can’t use it. I get all the ads and only have access to the basic stuff. Keeps asking me to subscribe which I am and it acknowledges but still doesn’t let me use the service. The app service brings you to a link that doesn’t work and when you message them on Facebook they never get back to you. Save your money don’t bother subscribing.
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6 years ago, CLRosas01
This is a great vpn I had downloaded three others but they did not work. Depressing because our school locked all the fun stuff that we could get on too so vpn is the only way we can bypass it and VPN proxy Master helped me on the first try it wasn’t hard or complicated at all and because of it I had a better day Thank You !!!!
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6 years ago, imani ♡♡
This is a really amazing app I like to use my phone at school but at School I have no service on my phone so I use this app and I give us five stars because I really do recommend it and it’s a really good app and it connect to any Wi-Fi but it doesn’t connect to other people to connect with own and I just think it’s really good so download it
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7 years ago, Ed Esso
Not Bad, Not Bad!
For the time being, at least, I'm staying with the FREE version because it suits my basic needs, with very quick connection and excellent speed. You're going to be disconnected after a few hours, but that in itself is to be expected when you're not paying anything!
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3 months ago, Robo-1701
A reasonably reliable app undermined by obnoxious ads
An ad that takes over the whole screen and won’t let you close them immediately is irritating enough when it’s in one’s own language, but it’s nothing compared to having it taken over by ads that don’t even use the same alphabet, let alone the same language. Needless to say, that does an amazing job of undermining what is otherwise a reasonably reliable app.
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