VPN Service by VeePN

4.5 (4.1K)
51.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Veepn Corp
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for VPN Service by VeePN

4.51 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
4 years ago, xxxMagnoliaxxx
Great service to bypass location restrictions
Great app for watching streaming services like Hotstar, Disney+, Netflix in the countries which restrict mentioned streaming websites. Also, you can share your profile with family members and friends. Veepn offers you 10 slots from the start. I’ve been using veepn for a while and it’s been amazing experience and people working in their support team are very polite and friendly. Unlike other apps I used before it gives you extra features - netguard (ad-block), hotspot WiFi protection for extra security. The interface is good & simple - all you do is select a vpn location and tap to connect. So for those of you guys using vpn in your daily life for watching streaming content - this will be very useful app. Ultra fast, and simply does its work! Thanks and can’t even think of any alternative service at this time!
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6 months ago, Kieran Adolphus
I love this app!
It’s a must when you travel and want to browse the internet as usual. I haven’t tried all the features offered by VeePN, but what I get with this software is more than enough for me. The connection is fast and you can choose from many locations. I couldn’t log into my account once, and VeePN’s customer support managed to help me on the same day when I reached out to them. Great service, thanks a lot!
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5 months ago, ahmedbakhtiyar
Poor customer service and connection ,NordVPN is way better
I. Bought there 5 year plan and they said on their website that they have India as a server location, that’s true but I always had issues connecting to their India servers and even when it connected the websites didn’t work and they would recognize the vpn and just error out. I reached out to their customer service and raised this issue with one specific site not working. They said they were going to do an unblocking process and it would take 2 weeks and I said fine update me once done. They updated me for 1 week or so and then I reached out to them at the end of week two, they came back saying its still in unblocking process. Well, its over 3 months and they are I guess still unblocking because I haven’t heard anything from them and site still doesn’t work. Better stay away and get NordVPN, they have India now and also works fine with that same site. I had nord before, but tried this new thing to experiment but failed.
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7 months ago, Kuvalis Jarrod
A great VPN app
A great VPN app, I’m completely happy with it. Much cheaper than other VPNs I tried (and no less effective). I had a couple of connection issues in the past but their support provided all the help I needed. I turned to them when the Wireguard protocol stopped working on my mac. And the reply was really quick! Thanks Alex for instantly responding to my request. He was polite and guided me through every step. Much appreciated!!
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1 year ago, spencer larsen
This app is the virus and the scam
If you have been looking in ur calender you will notice that it says you have a virus and have to clean it but if you click on the link its not apples real website but when you click on the link it will take you to instructions telling you to install that vpn but I already have one and it says i do in the settings so if you need a vpn dont use this one
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6 months ago, Terrill Tierra
Compared to all the VPNs I tried this one ROCKS.
All features work perfectly and the app itself is very easy to use. The free version for the browser was just fine but the paid application exceeded my expectations (and it’s not too expensive). Much faster than I thought it would be!
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1 year ago, arresnmi
Terrible customer service
The actual vpn worked most of the time. It didn’t work with Prime video at all . It suddenly stopped working on my tv in December and was told they’d let me know when they found a fix for it. Luckily my subscription was ending soon. I also had a problem with double payment one month and was REFUSED a refund. I was upset as I paid twice due to an error on their part. I suggest not using it- if you have a problem you’re pretty much on your own.
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8 months ago, anime365
Great customer service
Got it for the free trial, but couldn’t figure out how to cancel it. The customer service was really fast and they helped cancel my subscription and helped me get a refund. Worked perfectly while I did have it though!!
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6 months ago, Kylie Considine
No complaints!
VeePN is a good app that does exactly what you expect from it. Sometimes the connection can be a bit slow, but you can always connect to another server.
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4 years ago, simondar9527
Unusable at all! Delayed refund!
It's really unusable! The connection method is too bad! The speed is too slow! Sometimes it can't be connected at all! I used it the first time I bought it and found that I couldn't meet my requirements and applied for a refund. However, the customer service staff has been looking for various Reasons for delaying the refund time, and asked me to participate in some tests that I can't do at all. It is really a bad experience!
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6 years ago, TheCrayZ1
Servers problem
What happened with Netherlands servers? Update 3: now is working again. Still hoping for auto-reconnect or at least a kill-switch for when it randomly disconnects. Update 2: is not working at all. It doesn't show the profile install. I have tried re-downloading. Is like if all the servers are down. I have to keep re-downloading the app. Servers, for example Netherlands won't connect. It just started happening recently. Please fix it. Is getting frustrating to keep on downloading it. Update: it has been working fine for a few weeks now. This app just really needs a automatic reconnect feature. If it had that it would be almost perfect.
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2 months ago, Emma Rices
A decent VPN for a reasonable price. Veepn is a very effective tool to unblock websites (and also good for privacy). The app was updated several times and now works much better and faster than a year ago. Love it!
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7 months ago, Abe Denesik
A great VPN app
A great VPN app, I’m completely happy with it. Much cheaper than other VPNs I tried (and no less effective). I had a couple of connection issues in the past but their support provided all the help I needed.
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1 year ago, Bit by VeePN
Poor Support
I purchased the 5 year Plan. The software keeps “forgetting” that I have a subscription and won’t let me sign in as a Subscribed User. I downloaded VeePN for iOS and the software doesn’t give me the option to sign in to my account. It only allows me to purchase another Subscription. When I contact User Support, it takes days for the support people to get back with me by email.
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11 months ago, Hamid9100
I purchased
I purchased the premium service through the website but icant enter it in my iPhone,what should ido?only a new purchase request is accepted
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4 weeks ago, Kattavkav
Charged me to two accounts and will not refund
I signed up for a free trial and immediately after signing up I was charged for a second account. I continued to be charged for two accounts without realizing it and they will not refund me and provided no explanation other than “not eligible”. I travel regularly so I was excited to find a quality VPN…I’d say this is not a company I want to do business with.
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3 years ago, Hafsah Swafieldvx
Love it on iPhone 11!
Not so much on my Window 10. Won’t download and execute and join the other programs! But half a loaf is better than no loaf.
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3 years ago, Banks Meldingsv
Great VPN
Just recently moved from privateinternetaccess VPN but do miss a few features from PIA like how it allowed the user to see how much bandwidth was used
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5 years ago, Giezi Nafzger
This goes for tha Free version as I used to have the Premium which was Excellent as well! I cannot complain about the Free vpn version this is a must-have
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5 years ago, erichhaun
Awesome customer service. Easy to use
I'd recommend this software. Wide choice of locations. It does slow my connection but not enough to be a problem.
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3 years ago, Syann Lilloelh
Good for privacy
recommend for sure
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3 years ago, Princesa Praundlinlb
Easy indeed
Easy to sign up, download, and apply. Great price. Good selection.
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1 year ago, Hg11222
So far I have sent three different emails to your support center and no one has responded back to me. I want to cancel my subscription and I demand you refund my money. If I don’t hear from you within a week I will be taking Legal action.
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6 months ago, ghjdhdhd
Be careful of Misleading Advertising
The company advertises low rate by presenting dollar to month ratio as though a customer would pay a low monthly fee, but actually charge a large lump sum. Sleazy strategy for a company advertising to protect privacy. There are plenty of amazing free VPN services so I would look elsewhere first.
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1 year ago, R8M32
Am I able to use my same login on my computer? I will change review per response.
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5 years ago, Quentrell Pargeter
Great Apps! Works perfectly fine!!
Easy to use and I can access to FB at US!
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4 years ago, Alexis O'Keefe
Didn’t even work
I got onto the app. I turned on all the things in my settings, i picked the region i wanted, and turned the VPN on. Went onto netflix and it was still american netflix. I tried with 5 other regions and it just kept disconnecting me. Would not recommend.
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3 months ago, Jekshlkdm
Works well. Thank you
Works well. Thank you
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5 years ago, Darma Ballefant
Great way to connect to fb and other restricted apps in US
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6 years ago, TheSpider2
Fast, simple, free Everything I just want from such kind of application
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1 year ago, Kianmazizi
Good on the chrome n everything
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4 months ago, Dialhbthhhg
That's terrible.
It's really rubbish. It takes an hour to succeed in each connection. The connection speed is too poor. The network speed after successful connection is like a snail...
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4 years ago, bellnghmrider
This was perfect, right up until the 2.5.1 release. Now I can’t switch servers, because whenever I try the app crashes. Fix that and I will happily update to a five star rating.
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3 years ago, waikaiobu
It failed to login and connect anymore once update.
It failed to login and connect anymore once update.
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3 years ago, iPhone12 user1
I can’t log in my account on my iPhone for several days.
I can’t log in my account on my iPhone for several days.
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5 years ago, Flora Maty
Pretty easy
The best VPN service ever. Has never failed me. Keep the good work
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4 years ago, Timmy22021990
Cannot access to Appstore while VPN was turned on
I cannot access to Appstore while connecting to Singapore server. There must be a problem. Please check and fix it. By the way, Vietnam server was not available on Desktop app. What's wrong with it.
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5 years ago, pump xxx
Who else is her because of luxurypranks
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2 years ago, Anonymousssssz
Calendar is saying that I have some kind of virus in my phone and I could lose all my stuff. It told me to download this app. I’m not paying 70$ for my phone to not have a virus
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1 year ago, mikehawk0057
Horrible Customer Service
The no refund policy is ridiculous. I don’t even use this ghetto VPN service and it overdrafted my account. I’m not responsible for paying VEEPN’s electricity bill, i hate this business.
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10 months ago, StickyStickers234
You literally have to pay to use the app.
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11 months ago, MarthaNancyWanda
I deleted the app after the free trial and it still kept charging me $10 a week even know I canceled it in settings and I deleted the app but it still charged me!
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4 years ago, badd1671222
This app is broken
I try to write you some needs Wi-Fi it just kicks me out and it won’t let me use it even when I don’t need that it doesn’t work
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5 years ago, Jarlin Duchatel
the best i have had..
Awesome app
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4 years ago, KiMinhas
Crashes when tap on any location.
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10 months ago, Glb9004
Tell people next time 😑
You literally have to pay to use.
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2 years ago, ggshxb
Don’t subscribe this app,it’s cheat
There is no need to pay the money. The developer has run away
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2 years ago, veepn user
Doesn’t work in china
It worked for a hot minute then I can’t even open the app.
Show more
3 years ago, Donlionli
No verification before the new version released?
No.1 broken app on my phone.
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3 years ago, mikemisch@
I don’t need or want another phone
This is my iPhone 8 and it works fine! Leave me and my phone alone
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