VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

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Visual Supply Company
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

4.69 out of 5
255K Ratings
8 months ago, Evananderson517
Love it, just a couple easy fixes!
VSCO is my go-to for chill photo sharing and editing. Super simple and elegant. Just a couple things to fix: - On iPad, the feed always glitches and is a nightmare to use. The photos on my timeline will be super blown up, rotation to portrait/landscape mode always confuses the app, and it takes several attempts at quitting the app and refreshing the feed to be able to see the entire photo. I usually end up just going on my phone to enjoy my friend’s photos. - Discovering and searching for friends could be better. I often find my friends have an account, which is exciting but also disappointing because I wanted to find them sooner! Possibly integration with other social media channels or better account discovery would be nice. I would also love to discover more creators and amazing photographers outside of what VSCO reposts! - I also want the ability to search in my followers/ing list- I get it’s not supposed to be like a hyper-social app but it would be nice to quickly search for my friend and see their latest photography. - The recipes feature is really confusing- every once in a while I’ll try to figure out how to set it and change it and such but I usually end up manually editing the photo. Edit: the app automatically pauses device audio if the volume buttons are pressed inside the app, kind of like it’s its own video. Very irritating happens all the time!
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1 year ago, deathliestholo
Absolutely adore this app.
Paying for premium or not, this app is the best for photo editing. It gives you so many choices to edit with, and you can also post your photos to your feed so other people can come visit your profile and see what you’ve edited. I’ve dedicatedly used VSCO since it came out many moons ago, and have loved it since the very beginning. It’s been great to watch this app blossom into what it’s become today and inspire a whole aesthetic which is so cool to me. May not be my aesthetic personally, but the fact they inspired their own aesthetic is way cool. I don’t see myself ever stopping using VSCO even though I can’t afford premium anymore, I had it for a year, and on my old phone years back, back when they sold filters and packs I had all of them too but I lost access to that Apple ID. Have no idea what it is under unfortunately even though I had it for 5 years. Lost everything. Including my access to that VSCO since it was attached to that Apple ID. I love you guys greatly, and maybe one day if I can afford premium again that would be amazing. I miss my old account lol, would be really interesting to see what’s on it. no idea how to retrieve it though. Thanks again VSCO for all of the memories throughout the years. It’s definitely been worth it.
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1 year ago, Lcall4
Good, but…
PLEASE ADD AN ARCHIVE FEATURE!! 😭 I have some posts that I don’t want on my page at this time but I don’t want to fully delete them. It’d be so nice if we could archive things to restore later. Another thing, I would personally enjoy if journals came back, I think they’re great for documenting travel, road trips and other fun experiences. I feel like journals are cool because you can include multiple pictures in one “post”. Instagram, for example, allows users to include up to 10 images as a part of their post. Pinterest now has a similar feature. VSCO doesn’t have any feature like this, where you can include more than one picture, so I think journals fill that void. Sometimes, I’ll take a lot of great pictures at a life event (prom, graduation, a vacation, etc.) but I don’t feel like I’m able to post all the pictures because it’d clutter up my feed. Journals could help allow me to post more. I also like how you could give them little titles and stuff. So cute! I also like how on this app, there are no visible likes and comments on posts—PLEASE keep it that way because it separates VSCO from other social media apps! I also feel more confident posting because I don’t have to worry whether something will get likes and comments or not. It’s nice because you also can’t see how many likes other people’s posts get. I think it’s great and it’s why I prefer this app to other social media apps.
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2 years ago, heysavnac
this is the true photographers social media.
no follower count. no like count. no comment section. i love this app so much. things that can improve: 1: MAJOR ISSUE - White line appearing on posted photos you use the crop/straighten/perspective tool on. Any photo that uses these tools that essentially crop the photo in one way or another will result in a white line once the photo is posted to VSCO. PLEASE fix this! 2: BORDERS - Please consider to allow for Non-square borders? I want even borders around my non 1:1 images! Maybe some more colors to the palette of options? 3: “Remove” tool - Minimum size brush is still too small, max zoom could be increased along side with a smaller brush to enable more intricate correction. Maybe a target mask option would be nice so we can help the Ai decide what to replace the selection with. 4: Smaller Text - allow us to make the text even smaller than is currently possible? Thanks and please keep the app NUMBERLESS with followers and likes please! It’s what keeps this app wholesome and healthy.
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4 years ago, helloooooiooo76544788
It’s cool
I really enjoy vsco, it’s a fun app I know many people who wish there were comments and likes things that normal social media apps have but I don’t mind, it has good filters but I wish there were more things for free. Don’t get me wrong this app has a lot of free things, but personally I’d love to have the filters the membership offers, but I don’t feel like paying money for it since I don’t use it to often. Just a suggestion. I ,however, do really enjoy the free Dsco feature I love taking short clips and I like how that’s free, it’s also a shame that I think you have to be a part of the membership to post videos. But unlike other apps this app has a lot more than just filters and has things like exposure and contrast to match what you think looks best on the picture there’s a large variety of things you can use to edit your picture, and I have to say they look amazing, I also like how you can repost it and favorite it, it’s different and I like how you can see the posts you have respirated, I also love the discover feature so you can see cool images that other people have posted I defiantly use the studio a lot to edit my apps, and I personally don’t own any social media but it’s cool that it can save to your camera roll and you can post it in other social media apps. Overall, it’s a great app and I would recommend it to a friend (I have actually)
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2 years ago, KevinIsaiah
Not worth paying for
I have used and enjoyed VSCO for years, but the newest update made a lot of manual adjustment filters (clarity, grain, etc.) locked for free users. Frankly, VSCO was a convenience app for me - I am not paying the equivalent of a streaming service every month just to have editing options on my phone that I can easily do for free on my computer. I have no interest in using VSCO as a social media platform, and I am disappointed they’ve removed so many manual adjustment options from users without a paid subscription. It is one thing to charge for preset filters and automated adjustments, but not manual ones. Further, I don’t support the subscription model - I dropped photoshop when Adobe decided you couldn’t own the software outright anymore, and I’m not going to support the subscription model for a phone app with far fewer features. If you’re willing to use the subscription feature then I’m sure you’ll enjoy VSCO, but I’m sick and tired of never ending monthly payments just because tech companies are trying to end outright ownership. I’d even be willing to pay a one-time payment option for premium (as in, pay a high flat rate once and always have access - NOT an annual renewing subscription), but I won’t support ongoing fees to manually edit my own photos. I’ll just use my computer. Disappointing to lose VSCO like this, but at least I’ll free up more space in my phone!
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1 year ago, KayBayBay0709
Unfair Paywall
As a long-time user of VSCO since 2014, I find myself increasingly disappointed with the direction the platform has taken, prompting me to share this negative review. While VSCO initially offered a unique and creative space for photography enthusiasts, recent changes have left me feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. One of the most significant issues I have with VSCO is their decision to put filters behind a paywall. When I first joined the platform, I eagerly invested in a collection of filters, expecting to have access to them indefinitely. However, VSCO's decision to gate these filters behind a subscription membership feels like a betrayal to loyal users like myself. It seems unfair to expect us to pay for filters that we have already purchased, essentially holding them hostage unless we subscribe to their expensive membership plan. Speaking of the membership, let's address the elephant in the room: it's simply too expensive for what you get. VSCO's pricing structure feels exorbitant, especially considering the limited features provided in return. While the subscription promises additional tools and access to new filters, the value simply doesn't justify the cost. Many other competing apps offer similar functionalities at a fraction of the price or even for free. VSCO's insistence on maintaining such high prices without providing substantial benefits is a disheartening business strategy.
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2 months ago, rrrachowww
App crashing, won’t recognize my paid account, support page not working
The app has been crashing as soon as I open it for about a week now. I’ve done all recent updates and nothing works. I submitted a ticket through the Apple Store, and nothing. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, and now it won’t even recognize my email address. It just keeps trying to get me to sign up again. I tried submitting a request for support via my computer and as soon as I hit submit, I get an error page. This is beyond frustrating, since it’s a paid app. Can someone please resolve this? Thanks! Update: STILL NOTHING. I have submitted a second support ticket per the response below, 5 days ago, and crickets. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS OR GIVE ME A REFUND?? Update 2: I’ve officially canceled my subscription, as it’s been nothing but crickets from VSCO, aside from the response to this review, which is clearly just optics for them because they haven’t done a single thing to help me since I emailed support (more than once). Today, I searched Reddit to see who else is having these same issues, and found a post from 2 days ago from the CEO of VSCO, Eric Wittman. He says he is aware of issues but they are still working through issues, and to DM him directly on Reddit so he can better understand what’s going on. So I sent him a message. At this point, I’ll be shocked if anything gets resolved, but worth trying since I’ve…[checks notes]…ALREADY PAID FOR THE APP.
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2 years ago, jqleenvd
Great, except cannot override original photo
I have been using VSCO for years. I am the family photographer (dslr/iPhone) and have found VSCO incredibly easy to just make simple, stylish, modern edits to photos. It has helped me capture deliver beautiful memories to my family members for years. The greatest feature of all (imo) was recently removed from the last update. I used to be able to save all VSCO-edited photos to my camera roll and have it apply the changes to the original photo. Now, with the feature removed, I have to save all drafts to the camera roll, which creates duplicates (original and VSCO-edited photo). I don’t want duplicates in my library, especially when family photos are often nearly 50+ or hundreds for each event or baby milestone. I get the idea of there being an artistic reason for having this feature removed, but as a person who is incredibly busy and having just recently started a family, I just don’t have time to sort through my photos to clean up my library or filter through the duplicates to figure out what to send to my family. It is so, SO frustrating, especially as a VSCO membership holder. I will continue to use VSCO, but please bring back this feature for my sanity as well as others (it looks like I am not alone with missing this feature).
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3 months ago, fleurdelil
Used to be great
Years ago I used VSCO daily for my editing needs. It used to be the most streamlined, user-friendly app and like so many other things got ruined by superfluous updates that belabor the editing process and just make using it an unpleasant experience. You used to be able to upload a ton of photos in order; now they upload out of order. You used to be able swipe between photos in the gallery in the photo editor, now you have to exit the photo editor and manually select the photo, which may require scrolling all the way back to find your place if you’re editing a large batch. Getting to the photo editor and presets is no longer a quick one button command. Neither is saving a photo, there’s about four steps to do that now, and then you are asked if you want to save your edits within the app (that should be a given?!). There are a million categories for presets so it’s a constant scroll to get where you need to be, which for me is usually “favorites” or “recents”. The app is buggy and photos disappear. I could go on and on. The editing tools are fine, the presets are great, but the app is absolute garbage and you can’t convince me the people doing the updates are actually using it themselves because if so they’d be banging their heads against a wall. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, VSCO. Oh, and it used to be free!
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4 years ago, ya yeet b
always room for improvement
I personally think VSCO is a great alternative to not only IG, but a great platform to share photos with other editors! I love the fact that there is no number associated with each post. All the social standards of having “a lot of likes/comments” is not an issue here. It allows creators to really just focus on expressing themselves through photo editing. I would like to say the same for video but it’s only available to members, which are those who can afford to do so; leaving those who aren’t as fortunate enough without that opportunity. I think making VSCO’s video feature free would really attract more users. In addition, I love how vsco can be easily linked to instagram (amongst other apps as well), but I dislike the fact that one must scroll and see every individual photo. I think if VSCO adapted a similar case to instagram, where photos are all in collages so that one can see multiple photos at once, rather than scrolling to view each individual one, it would be much more efficient. I guess being able to view VSCO through Instagram where one can see view multiple photos instead of scrolling down through every picture. Kind of like the desktop version of VSCO but on mobile (thru links). Overall, it’s a great app!!
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4 years ago, ggesoff
new layout is HORRIBLE
Not sure how new this layout is, if my app just now updated an old update or if this is brand new, but the new layout of the app is HORRIBLE. It is in no way, shape, or form user-friendly. I tend to dump a bunch of pictures into VSCO and then edit them, saving as I go. Now I have to scroll through my camera roll and I can only select ONE PHOTO at a time, I have to edit it right then and there, there’s no option to upload a bunch of pictures and then edit them later, and if I wanted to do that I would have to individually select each picture and “save to drafts” for every single one, scrolling back through my camera roll each time and THEN I can go to the SEPARATE “Drafts” tab to edit it. One of the worst parts of this whole feature is that if I select a picture and edit it right there in the “Studio - Camera Roll” tab, there is no way to save it to my camera roll AND save it to my drafts. So if I want to save it, I have to individually add it to my drafts, then change tabs, and edit/save it from there. If I want to edit it then save it from the Camera Roll tab, I have no way to go back and edit it later because it doesn’t go into my drafts, where it would normally be stored. I cannot emphasize enough, this update is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! I am so disappointed and know that VSCO can do much better — it’s as if no one thought these changes through. Very disappointed. Please go back to the old setup.
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1 year ago, punkrackle
Dissatisfied & frustrated after years of loyal use.
I’ve used VSCO for almost a decade now, maybe longer—I even remember when the app was branded VSCOcam—and have been a paying member of the VSCO user community for almost as long. But it’s absurd that even after giving them $30/year for YEARS they continue to hound me to pay even more for an even more expensive premium membership. Let me be clear—I am perfectly fine with VSCO’s new pro membership. I was actually excited at first and considered upgrading to it! It sounds very useful and worth the money, to be honest. But the constant barrage of email reminders to “complete my upgrade” (which I have received daily ever since I simply looked at the new tier), combined with the in-app advertisement for the new membership that I can neither remove nor opt out of (despite already having an active, paid VSCO subscription)—is testing my loyalty. VSCO, please treat your loyal, longtime users with respect and stop milking our money out of us. In my opinion, the $30/year I already spend is already plenty enough for those new features you’re now charging even more for. And if you disagree with that statement—which is totally valid, you’re the devs, after all, and only you know how much work you put into this app—at the very least, stop harassing me to give you more of money.
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5 years ago, Nice and the best
Hate update from a while ago
I loved vsco but I hate the storing now because it all goes to my camera roll but that just takes up more storage I like to keep my pictures I take on vsco on vsco and the only way I can keep them if I delete it from my camera roll is if I post it but I don’t post every picture I take I like to just mess around with some of mine that I don’t want everyone to see. Please fix this so many people have complained about it and still it hasn’t been fixed I about want to use a new app but. I think you guys should also add the feature to make our vsco account private. Another thing that irritates me is that if I delete my vsco or something happens or say I got a new phone when I download vsco again all my old photos will be gone and yes I know I can save them to my camera roll to back them up but I hate having my vsco pictures on my camera roll I got vsco so my friends could see my fun pictures that I edit I don’t want to have to save my vsco pictures to my camera roll or another app it’s just better to have them on there. Please fix this it’s getting a little annoying and infuriating. I would prefer to not have to switch to another editing app when you guys can just switch it back to the original version you had it.
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3 years ago, glittttttterbom
VSCO journals/ new update
This used to be my favorite social media app because it has never been related to likes or the amount of followers you have. I have been using VSCO for over 6 years now and recently the quality of the app has GREATLY depleted. I am constantly having issues with cropping my photos. I woke up this morning to see my app had updated and that all my Journals were removed. I looked up online and found that VSCO has gotten rid of the journal section for good starting today. I have 6 years of photo journals on this app, that are now all deleted. They creators said this change happened because journals are not creative and they want to keep this a creative space. Well I have been using journals to group photos together like an online scrapbook. Along with that I am an artist and use them to keep track of my progress, so remind me why that isn’t creative enough for you? I am so upset by the removal of journals and all my hard work on keeping my journals up to date with good captions is now gone. The least they could have done was give a warning about this so I could have saved them before they got completely removed. And worst of all I tried contacting the VSCO team to see if there is a way to recover my journals and they have zero information on their website on how to get in touch. Not even an email.
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2 years ago, anna philips
Please read this
Ok so I’ve had VSCO for a bit, and it was great, but recently they took away some of the filters and editing tools and made it so you had to pay and have like a membership to use them. THEY USED TO BE FREE! So I came on here to see if anyone else said anything and someone did, the response from VSCO was that they were sorry the user was having trouble getting the membership/tools and whatnot, that’s not the point, the point is we just want back what we had for free. You took away the free tools and made it so you have to pay for them. I just don’t understand. I rlly like them. But I’m sorry, I’m not paying for the membership, I never buy stuff or pay for premium stuff on apps. I guess I’ll have to deal with this. All I ask is to please give us more free tools and filters. Now for those who want the app, it’s nice, you can edit and post, follow ppl etc. BUT for lots of the stuff you have to pay to use it. VSCO, thank you for a great app. Thank you for making a good way to share with friends. Edit: I do suggest getting this. Sorry if this review sounds negative. I am just frustrated. I do think that this is a good app . I suggest this to anyone.
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3 years ago, Calvin.york99
It’s Going Downhill- Two Suggestions
The thing that is currently getting the most on my nerves though is that when I finish editing and choose whether or not to save or to post, the phone automatically scrolls back to the saved photo. This is so frustrating when I’m editing photos that are farther back or even relatively close and my place in my camera roll is not saved. I don’t want to scroll all the way back, edit another photo and then do the process again. It’s tedious and pointless. I guess this is in place, so we can see where the edited photo lands? But, that’s not helpful. I think that a button at the top of the screen that says “jump to most recent photos” or something would be more useful. Loosing my spot constantly is SO frustrating. I love VSCO, and I will stick around because I love and am used to the editing software they have. However, I feel like with each new update, VSCO is making it harder to stay. They got rid of the studio, which was very handy. I liked having the photos I was editing in one place. When editing my photos, I don’t want my whole camera roll there with all my screenshots too. I want to choose what’s in the studio. I really want studio back. I use VSCO on my iPhone 11, and I would love to be contacted
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2 years ago, @rockwisdom
y’all fell off
I’m a photographer and the app used to be me go-to editing app. VSCO took all the tools and filters I use for my edits and made them where I can only access them if I purchase a subscription. That was kinda trash because free version of the app already barely had any features. Now the app is pretty much a waste of space without a subscription. I’m not gonna lie y’all got me. I submitted and went ahead and bought in because I’ve been using VSCO for 2 years. Now this new “Studio” update is trash because I used to be able simply just copy my edits from certain drafts and paste them on to a bulk of photos. Now, I have to make those bulk of photos into drafts, edit them and then save them into my camera roll which makes the editing process more difficult and creates hella unnecessary duplicates of pictures that i have to go back and delete. My thing is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and y’all are doing TOO much. Please stop and fix this once great app. I don’t even leave reviews but the recent updates of this app doesn’t “appeal to a serious creative” like me and have ruined a once great editing app. I can’t even switch apps because i’ve financially dedicated a year to this BS😐. Please don’t leave a generic message under my review.
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1 year ago, elizabeth is very positive
great app but PLEASE fix collage feature
i have been using vsco for years, i have the premium membership (not the new premium membership?? the original premium membership if that makes sense) and i use it all the time. i am BEGGING the developers to fix the collage feature. it is buggy as all get out, i so appreciate that you guys have added the option to save the collage to your gallery so that you can come back and edit it later as opposed to just a one and done type deal, however half the time doing so completely wrecks the orientation of/other edits made to the images in the collage. it is so convenient to have such a simplistic and powerful photo editor in combination with a collage app, especially considering how FEW really good collage apps there are available. i like that you can overlay images however you want, there are no stodgy formatting rules, it’s easy to work with and really enables creativity in that regard- you guys could stay so competitive if you really put some oomf into the collage capabilities of this app. anyway that’s my 2 cents as someone who really appreciates so many aspects of this app!!
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3 years ago, Picture Press
Bad update
Like many others that have written recent reviews, I have been a loyal VSCO user for years now and have the paid membership. I used to love this app, but the new update is super confusing. I liked uploading a bunch of my favorite photos into the studio and then batch editing. It used to be so easy, but now it’s very convoluted and hard to copy paste edits across photos and make sure they are all consistent before saving a copy to my camera roll. Please revert and listen to your user base. :( Update: maybe I am missing something but I HATE that it now asks me to “modify photo?” and then saves over the raw photo in my camera roll with the applied edits. I like keeping my raw photos separate from edited because as editing styles change I know I always have the original preserved for use at a later date. In addition, there appears to be a weird bug where an edited photo looks different in the studio then when you actually open it in edit mode. The last version of VSCO was perfect; please please please revert. I’ve had to switch to the Lightroom app because I hate this update so much. I assume VSCO is trying to save money because server space for everyone’s photos and edits was too costly. I would rather pay more for the old app than deal with this new update. Please fix, how many bad reviews will it take?
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7 months ago, MandyRose808
A lot more inconvenient now
The app used to have the ability to tap on all the photos you want from your camera roll to the drafts area and you can just edit all of them straight from there. Simple. Easy. But then VSCO removed that feature and made it so that you have to manually scroll through your entire camera roll to edit a picture ONE by ONE. Now the only option when you select multiple photos is to create a montage. I don’t want that. I just want to move them all to drafts to edit them quickly. It was so much more convenient before. I run a small online shop, so I edit pictures often- and several of them in a row at that. It takes up twice the time to edit than it did before. Please bring it back. Update: it’s still bad. They changed it so that you can add multiple pictures back into the edit page at a time, but the edited pictures sit next to the raw pictures when trying to find them again in the VSCO app. So you have to scroll a lot again. Also, you removed the ability to edit screenshots. I can’t even edit a picture I got from my own camera roll because it’s a screenshot. That’s wild.
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4 years ago, Perripenguin
Suggestion for paid members
I LOVE the app and I absolutely love the entire platform, however as a paid member I would like the ability to sign into my account online on my laptop and edit photos from there. I feel like paid members would be able to get even more from the platform as this would allow members to see colors and filters more clearly and allow members to make even better/smarter editing decisions. I went to do this one time because when I printed out the photo after I edited it, and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would but yet it looked great on my phone app. I’ve used the app less because of this only because I don’t feel like I’m getting a true editing experience. It only makes sense to me, as you can access VSCO on a computer already and can log in and even browse around! You’d think I could at least edit the photos I’ve uploaded under my profile before I post them on the VSCO feed. I will more than likely cancel my subscription and find another app that will allow me to make edits on my laptop as well. Giving it 3 stars for now until VSCO gives paid members a little more freedom outside of the app itself.
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2 years ago, Mr Pooky
Not useful Anymore. I don’t want to create drafts.
I have been a free member for over 6 years and with the recent changes to editing tools and removal of some free filters, I figured it would finally be worth purchasing the membership for an app I have used (for free!) for all of these years. After all, it is was a great app that I continued to use because they continued to make the app better and the membership is reasonably priced. However, less than a month after purchasing membership, this latest update was released and has made the app virtually unusable for my workflow. The new UI/UX is so simplistic it is difficult to use, the removal of the ability to directly edit photos on your camera roll has been removed (which was the reason I stuck with VSCO as my go-to editing app for so long), only being able to see thumbnails rather than the full image for imports, and just the overall degradation of the app has made me regret my decision. Just please please please add back the option to edit photos directly without having to create drafts for all my photos. My phone already has so little space available that I cannot afford to have an app that double up on storage data just to edit photos, it is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, angela underwood is my vsco
terrible customer service!! And an update I would like to request.
Honestly, I like how vsco is an alternative to Instagram, but what is most annoying is that it doesn’t show everyone your followers or likes, and doesn’t have a setting to turn it on. And yes, I get that people are self-conscious, but there should be a setting to turn things on like a publicly show your followers, likes, and comments. Like Instagram !! I am not allowed to have Instagram for many reasons. And many of my friends also aren’t allowed to have Instagram. many others feel this way about the likes, followers, and comments. And I have tried to contact you on the ‘request a feature’ page. But I got an email back saying ‘we do not respond to emails that request a feature’ or something along those lines. And that is truly disrespectful because the whole self-conscience thing I said earlier? Well, that makes people feel like they can’t be heard. So I suggest you talk to your staff and make a few updates, because the last thing I said about the ‘request a feature’ is truly outrageous. And also, please read more of the reviews for this app, as you will see my point as many other people feel this way, it isn’t just me. Sincerely, Angela
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5 months ago, Leag666
Going down hill :(
I’ve been a long time fan of VSCO and have really appreciated the added editing features. However, the app is becoming more and more frustrating to the point of being unusable. Every SINGLE TIME I open the app I have to close like 3 pop ups , and they’re always the same ones trying to get me to pay more . I LOATHE pop ups and companies need to get with the program and make for a better user experience that’s not so spammy. Maybe then they’d actually make more sales like they only seem to care about these days. Overall, though the functionality of the app isn’t cutting it. Now, when I try to select photos to copy and paste edits it’s all janky and glitchy. Videos don’t play unless you are trying to edit them, and you can’t pause the video on a certain spot when editing so it just keeps playing on a loop and usually crashes the app after a while. The worst thing, though, is that all of my video exports come out super faded and washed out. I’ve read several forums and it sounds like there’s no solution to this. It’s 2024!!! So, unfortunately I need to edit videos using another app, making it practically pointless to use VSCO anymore.
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2 years ago, 😐Just No😐
Literally what happened?
Okay, so I’ve had VSCO for years, but took a break from it in 2020 for obvious reasons. Since then, I’ve been using other photo editing software, and I’m in the midst of finally editing some photos that I’ve had backlogged. I go through a cycle of trying to figure out what software to use when editing sets of photos, and decided to go back onto VSCO to see if anything was viable. I was first surprised with the layout. Having to constantly import photos instead from your camera roll instead of them already being accessible in the app was an immediate turn off. Then I said “okay, check out what the filter and editing layouts look like”. I was even more shocked to see what features were once free are now under a paywall. I mean seriously? You want ME to pay to add grain to my photos, a feature that used to be free? Genuinely gobsmacked. I’m seriously starting to loathe these companies that were once accessible for most now being whisked away to corporate greed. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a VSCO X membership, but at the time of having it, the extra features to pay for made sense. What a waste, I genuinely loved this app, but similar to Picsart, this is another unnecessary money-hungry company.
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2 years ago, sage bernstein
Best App Ever… until it removed features for non members
This app was easily the BEST app I’ve ver had. I’ve had vsco since I was in 7th grade and I’m currently a sophomore in college. It’s documented so many fun times (and not so fun times) in my life and has honestly grown up alongside with me. I loved VSCO bc it was unlike any other filter app I’ve had before and it was my go to editing app until you took such crucial features away :( . It’s one thing for some filters to be taken away but, clarity? tone? grain?. Those are crucial things to use to edit photos. Plus you’ve gotten rid of VITAL filters I’ve used since this app came out such as C1. I understand there’s a free trial for the full version but eventually that runs out and vsco has been with me since years. I think it’s so uncool for vsco to take filters and features away from people who have supported this app for 7 + years. It’s honestly so disappointing and I now have to go to Lightroom or Prequel to filter my pictures. Super disappointed in vsco and I’d 1000% change my review if they restored those features and filters for free, because I love vsco and it’s premise so much, it’s just so not cool that they’re taking things away from people who have been there since the start
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3 years ago, chan !!
Verification Troubles
It’s an amazing editing app that allows for everyone to make their own custom adjustments and even gives them a good selection of pre- made filters that allows the user to have a good glimpse of what the app can do. The whole feed and layout is similar like to Instagram but still has that unique feature and qualities that makes it different than the- said app. Although some troubles in trying to claim the account of others and for yourself, is quite hard as you cannot verify your account unless the email that you put in, is correct. The problem with this issue, is that many users change emails and even get new phones (completely) and loose access to their old email for them to actually verify the account. Without adding the feature for them to change their email or even add their new email/ phone number, they can’t verify their account and edit their account (such as account name, edit the bio, links, etc). If VSCO adds the feature of letting the users claim their account in different ways, then it’s better for them, altogether.
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1 year ago, Cowyehevdivhjfc272518
Worth the money
I see a lot of people with issues for paying for VSCO. I do the yearly membership and I’ve been paying for VSCO since probably 2017. It’s one of my favorite apps because it has so many amazing editing features and even though it is technically social media, it doesn’t feel like it. I often delete social media apps from my phone but I haven’t deleted VSCO once as there is no toxic environment about it. To me it seems to be a place where anyone can post what they want without the fear of being judges. Somehow it just feels different than the rest. It is a little upsetting that they’re increasing prices but seems like all membership platforms are unfortunately. Two things I would love to see this application add is a blemish fix feature and the abilities to add grain to a video. I never understood why such a popular feature wouldn’t be available for he video editing. Other than that, as someone who loves photography, it’s one of my favorite apps!
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4 years ago, Melody Joy Dawn
I’ve really enjoyed using VSCO through the past few years, but recently it’s really been frustrating. With its most recent update, if you don’t have premium you can’t post DSCOs like we used to be able to. And i haven’t been able to post journals since this past summer (2020). The journals just sit in my journals section and the cover photo is blank and they refuse to actually post. As of this past day, i’m not able to post or even edit any photo without the app completely freezing up and not responding to touch. i’ve opened and closed the app as well as deleted and redownloaded the app to try and fix these bugs but it has not helped at all. Please come up with a solution. Also with the recent update, whenever i want to save a photo to camera roll from my drafts, it takes me to the camera roll section instead of just letting me stay in drafts. then when i want to go back to drafts, i have to scroll every single time back down to where i left off with editing. this makes batch editing really frustrating as well. i have expressed to my friends how upsetting this new update is, and they’ve agreed with me. Please revert back some of these changes.
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4 years ago, natalie k anderson
Love the app, but please add this feature!!
I’ve been using VSCO for many years now and I love it—their presets are amazing and the “look” VSCO has mastered even persuaded me to upgrade to the full version. I really love being able to create journals, which brings me to my next point: please please PLEASE (i’m literally begging u) create a feature that allows owners to download images from their journals. I ended up creating a bunch of journals with some of my favorite edited photos, then lost my phone (and with it my artist studio) and as a result, I no longer have access to downloading the edited versions. While I sometimes do copy and paste edits, I typically make small individual changes and to go through the entire process for each journal would take hours. Please make this option available—it wouldn’t even have to be for public use, but at least give owners of the photos the option. I would be so appreciative! Otherwise I have 0 complaints and suggest it to anyone who enjoys photography.
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2 years ago, jagdtony
Taking away filters purchased before the release of their membership option
I’m not one to want to leave low scoring reviews on apps I genuinely enjoy using and have been using for years but after jumping on the app today to edit a few photos again I realized it’s been done again. Ever since the release of VSCO’s membership option I lost most if not, all of the filter packs that I purchased when I first joined the application. Luckily they prompted me with restoring old purchases; didnt say ALL of my old purchases so I wasn’t surprised to find that they only restored a minimal assortment of the filters that I purchased. That was maybe, a year- almost two years ago, I’ve made do and kinda just let it go. But today I see that I lost about 5 more filters that I already purchased before. I totally understand pushing the membership option in order to keep the application afloat and thriving but one would think all their old purchases of the filters would be grandfathered into this new version. So you know we don’t feel robbed. It’s really disappointing that I can’t restore all the packs that I bought a while ago.
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1 year ago, 72unicorns
paywall feels like a scam
i’ve used vsco since the early days, before there was any kind of membership needed. i paid for all of the filter packs back then because it was a one time payment and i enjoyed the way they looked. now many of those filters i already paid for, and several of the ones that had always been free are once again behind a paywall. to me this feels like a scam. i’ve spent money on a product and had it taken away from me again. not to mention that settings like grain and color had always been free but now you must pay for them. i would rather just edit these in the photos app at this point. i was understanding when they added a membership to use NEW features or specific NEW filters but taking things that we already purchased or things that were once free and putting them behind a paywall is just so cheap. not to mention it’s now a monthly payment for something that was once free. i don’t believe i’ll be using this app anymore. it’s very apparent the company doesn’t care about its users, they only care about making money. the fact that the developer response on all negative reviews is copied and pasted speaks volumes to this fact.
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1 year ago, Meulisvs
Looking for another app
I have been using VSCO since 2014. Every single picture I have edited I have used this app for it. I remember everyone would ask me what app I used and would tell them VSCO. And they would use it even years later. To the point that everyoneI knew used this app. And loved when it blew up because everyone can now see how great this app is. I like what they have added like posting your picture on the app And discovering creators. That being said I will not be using this app again. Introducing a paid membership is stupid. It makes since when making content is what you do. Not when you just want to edit a picture to post on Instagram. It was ok when they introduced it and people who want it could buy it and you could still use the app and do most of the edits I had been doing since 2014. And it’s now a total subscription app now for except for a handful of filters. You can have both and have people like me still use filters that we have always used and have a subscription for people who what it and offer more. But completely forcing us to pay is a slap to our face . It makes me sad since this is the only app a have ever used.
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5 months ago, Frustrated bicth 🏳️‍🌈
first thing is, i only gave this app a five star rating so it comes out on top. actually the first thing is is that this app is a secret porn app. you can access hard core pornography by putting in certain hashtags and search handles. i know this because i found my daughter massaging herself with a rose toy that she said was her friends but i later found out that she got it for free off of VSCO! as soon as i found out this app contained explicit content i went to check on my son who also had VSCO, i walked in to his room without knocking to find him cuming all over his laptop which was open to VSCO! he also had many sex toys that he was using, which also come from VSCO. i do recommend this app because everything i just said is absolutely not true. this app is actually harmless and i less stressful version of instagram. don’t fall so easily to people who are professional at gaslighting people. love ya 🩷
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2 years ago, Cecelia G.
Money Hungry, Disgusting App
I've used this app for years and enjoyed it. However, I woke up this morning to my preset recipe being locked due to the creators making C1, a free filter for as long as I've used the app, a membership-only option. This is extremely discouraging and outrageous, especially when this change happened with no warning. The fact that VSCO has suddenly changed many of their free options to paid-for options really goes to show how little VSCO cares about its members. Why now do these filters cost money? How were they worth nothing a month ago and now suddenly, without any premium changes to these settings, they're $8 monthly? I'm a low-income individual who cannot afford to pay $8 a month for an app I used for fun and to edit my instagram photos. I will be deleting this app and making sure everyone I know does so as well. I'm not someone who usually writes negative reviews at all, but this change makes me so beyond upset. I hope that the owners will take the time to look into their hearts and reverse this incredibly unpopular change for the sake of the people who need the money they would spend on a membership to pay for a roof over their heads.
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2 months ago, AmosG405
Used to be good.
VSCO, by far, has to be the most disappointing app I've ever used. Not complaining about the user experience or design; those things are great. I am specifically talking about the stupid "Membership" that VSCO is slowly forcing everyone to participate in. VSCO is not worth (I repeat, NOT worth) $30 or $60 a year. It's not. It's just not. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I PAY $30/$60 A YEAR FOR THIS APP???? $30 for grain???? And then slowly, $30 for literally all the presets and filters???? WHAT??? Who does VSCO think they are? Why would VSCO self sabotage like this? Are they trying to compete with Adobe or something? Because they're not. VSCO used to be good. It used to be a fun alternative to Instagram but with way better presets and photo editing options for people who actually cared about the things they posted. This app used to have a charm to it; they created a space for people who cared. But I guess VSCO instead wants to be full of niche, pretentious, 1%ers who think they're better than everyone else. Good marketing moves VSCO👍🏼 Get rid of your Day Ones to make room for tumblr text posts and pretention👍🏼 Very cool. I'm going to laugh when this company bankrupts and ends up shutting down the app completely.
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2 years ago, caffienated junebug
I guess this is goodbye
I can see that a number of users have already hopped on to say exactly what I’m going to say, but I’ll add my two cents to the fray. I’ve been using this app for 6+ years now. I found it to be a nice Instagram alternative and the editing tools were simple, and easy to use. While I am perfectly fine with having a paid version because I understand the developers need to make money, I find it insulting that they would simply take away features that have always been available for free. I cannot use presets that I have created and used for multiple years because they are now hidden under the premium option. Even the grain setting, which I used as recently as 3 days ago (yes, GRAIN) is now a paid features. Yeah, no thanks. I have contemplated purchasing the premium option as a way to support an app that I have used for so long, but I will certainly never do that now. Looks like I now can now just rely on Apples native editing tools. I can see the developers are giving a blanket “sorry for your experience” response to all these, which is hilarious to me. Until you bring back the features you removed, consider me a lost customer.
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6 years ago, P. C. O.
Love it, but it could be better imo
I use this to edit all my photos and I love it, I'm also a VSCO X member and I definitely recommend it for everyone. But, I would like it if you guys made the highlight option to not only take away highlights but to enhance them as well, or present an option where I can select what portions of my image I want highlighted (I’d prefer this more), and the same for shadows. Also, I’d like to be able to add presets to DSCO, not just the ones you offer as soon as I take it, because the way it functions now I’d have to save the DSCO, then re upload it to VSCO, which I find tedious. I’d also like the option to turn other videos I have into DSCO. Oh, also for DSCO, I want to be able to save it to my VSCO library, instead of only being to save it to my phone or uploading it to my VSCO feed, and make it longer, DSCOs are so short. And it would be cool if you introduced options that are fun like chromatic aberration, or vintage scratches and dust. If you guys had all these things I wouldn’t touch another app lol. The app’s dope though, keep it up.
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5 months ago, @thericheproject
Great Film Emulations & Unstable App
I've been a dedicated user of VSCO for over ten years, and it ranks as one of my top apps. For about eight years, I've integrated its use with VSCO Keys and Film Emulations in Lightroom Classic. The mobile version has evolved impressively, especially with the addition of video editing, making it an essential tool for content creators. However, a significant problem persists: frequent crashes. These crashes not only disrupt the workflow but often result in the loss of 10-15 minutes of editing work. The app tends to crash during critical actions like sharing or saving to the gallery, and at times, it fails to save content altogether. Selecting the share button can cause crashes, and there are instances where it stops saving videos to the gallery, displaying a message that the "item failed to save to gallery". This leaves users in a bind, unable to post unedited content and having to seek alternative, though less visually appealing, editing solutions. My advice is to prioritize stability over rapid innovation to maintain the reliability that many creators depend on.
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2 years ago, Makeup fiend
Turning regular settings into premium settings
VSCO was great when it was accessible to everyone of all economic statuses, it’s a great beginner app on how to edit photos and play with lighting. However recently, they started making certain settings that were originally not paid for, premium settings. Pretty whack. Used to like the app, but don’t love how they’re trying to make everyone pay for it now. Going to switch to a different editing app after being loyal for years! It’s just not right. EDIT: Response to VSCO: “Basic” settings like adjusting shadows and highlights should not he in the subscription. People, me included, have bought filters years ago, and now we are expected to pay even more money annually to have those filters back? On top of this, those who have subscribed to the app have complained on social media of the subscription not even working and having bad bugs in it. Apparently VSCO’s instagram bio is about having a community of artists, but when you’re forcing loyal customers to pay this amount for basic features that are otherwise free on competing apps, you’re not about community. And you are not about supporting poor artists.
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2 years ago, dance girl💗💚❤💜💙💛
Is VSCO that desperate for subscribers?
I have been using VSCO for almost 8 years now and it has been one of my favorite apps to edit my photos. However, I feel like they are VERY desperate for subscribers to pay the monthly subscription! More specificly desperate for money! The reason why I feel this way is because whenever I edit a photo, I notice that some of the features that I usually use (tone, grain, and split tone) are all of sudden locked now which is SO frustrating. Even some of the filters I usually use are now locked as well. I feel like they’re doing this in order for people to end up spending their money and subscribing for membership! It’s already annoying editing pictures straight from the camera roll instead of selecting certain photos like I used to, and now locking features that everyone loves?! There was also a time where I could use the DSCO feature for free and now that is locked too! Because of this, it makes me want to not use VSCO anymore and if VSCO continues to do these unnecessary updates then I will be using a different photo editing platfrom! Get it together!
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5 years ago, zgrooms
Hate the update!
I used to absolutely love this app. There wasn’t a quality I didn’t like about it. I never actually had an account, or the paid version, and still loved it! I use it to edit my photos for my blog. Recently, after updating the app I noticed a change to the way photos are stored. If I delete a photo in my camera roll, it deletes the edited version from the app. I absolutely hate this change. I use the app to edit my photos before posting, but love to be able to go back and review old photos from the past. After editing and posting on Instagram I always delete them from my camera roll because I don’t like to have a ton of food pictures on my phone. I always loved that I could go back in the VSCO app and pull up old photos to reuse on my blog if I wanted to. Now that the photos delete themselves when I remove them from my camera roll I am no longer able to store them in the VSCO app. This is super frustrating, and makes me wonder whether I want to continue using the app to edit my photos. I usually never review things, but I wanted to share my thoughts in hope that this is something that can be changed.
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8 months ago, Jenalyn.nicole
I love VSCO
I have used vsco for years, as both a photo editing app and a social media platform. I have 2 accounts, pro for my main account but not my second- if you’re willing to pay for premium it is worth it for both, but if not then don’t even bother to download. They have locked so many features for those who don’t subscribe that without a premium account, it does barely more than I can do in the photo app on my iphone. Went down to four starts because 1. like others, I would love to have an archive option and 2. every time I open the app I’m accosted with messages from vsco promoting this or that new feature and will sometimes get multiple during the 10-15 minutes i’m on there. These messages have to be dismissed before you can use the app and it’s annoying when I’m just there to edit a picture rather than learn about new features. I’d rather they make a separate message inbox for these notifications that I can check if i’m interested.
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3 years ago, amc135
Disappointing update
I’ve used and loved vsco religiously since the days of the old app and am a vsco x subscriber. I know this probably won’t be read or changed back, but I’m really, really disappointed with the new layout. I usually throw a bunch of photos into vsco, edit some of them, then save the ones that come out the best. I reeeeeally don’t like having to edit right from my camera roll then save as a draft if I don’t want to save it back to my camera roll. I do so much comparison and tweaking in the app before I save the ones I love, and this new workflow is not conducive to that at all. I also absolutely hate that copying and pasting filters overrides the photo in my camera roll — who in the world would want to do that?? Overall, this is just mega disappointing. I’m really tired of companies fixing things that aren’t broken and not listening to consumers, so hopefully you hear my two cents. Thanks for making an app I’ve loved for many, many years. I would hate to abandon it now, but the workflow is not sustainable for me in it’s current state. Edit: copy-pasting the same response on everyone’s review is not a good look...😒
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5 years ago, well this is 4 stars
Frustrating Storage Due To Update
I absolutely love vsco & it’s filters & I’ve been using them for years. One of my favorite things was I could import photos into my vsco studio & delete them from my camera roll. Whenever I had the time, I could go back into my vsco studio & get around to editing. Sometimes I’d save it to my camera roll if I was ready to share/post somewhere, but most of the time I didn’t. Keeping it in my vsco studio until I needed it just kept everything organized and I could easily keep track of my photos and edits. However, this new update deletes photos from the studio if the original is deleted from the camera roll. This has only caused frustration and an immensely unorganized mess of photos in my camera roll. I don’t want everything there, I don’t always need everything exported from the app. And what if I accidentally delete the original? The edit I worked so hard on is gone. This update has only made me use vsco less, and other editing apps a whole lot more. The storage did not need to be fixed, it was functioning perfectly! Overall, this update was extremely upsetting.
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4 years ago, lightbluepanda
Great app but i have these inconveniences
I’ll start off by saying that this is a great app. I love using it to edit and I especially love how no one can see each other’s numbers of followers, likes, republishes, etc. It’s a free and positive space for me to post whatever I want without having to stop and think about what other people’s opinions of it may be. There’s no negativity on the app. The reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because of the update. I don’t like how when I delete a picture from my camera roll, it gets deleted from the studio as well. Maybe I don’t want the edited pic on my camera roll anymore but i do on the studio. Perhaps i’ve changed my mind and i want it back. Having it stored in my studio was great for me. Also, I liked being able to click on the home buttons on the bottom to go back to the top of the page I’m on. I can refresh quicker that way, but now I have to scroll back ALL the way to the top? I find that very inconvenient. Please go back to how it was before.
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1 year ago, Cookiew01
Avid Member No Longer
Like many users have written recently, i’ve been an avid user of VSCO for the past 5 years and have purchased the annual pass for more editing tools & filters primarily. Thought the price was reasonable and I loved the simplicity of the app and how enjoyable it is to share photos with friends. Recently was emailed about the price increase for the subscription and was appalled! Instead of raising the price $5, they raised it a whole $10! Half the price of the original cost, and there’s nothing new being added to the app in addition to this increase. EXTREMELY upset with these money grabbing developers. Considering purchasing a subscription somewhere else since the company no longer has the best interest of their customers in mind. Going through the recent reviews, I found that the developers’ response to these types of comments are simply to review their new policies and features, but they’re giving no true reasoning behind the increase. It was a great app that really inspired creativity, but I will sadly have to stray away from it. Don’t waste your money on it.
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5 years ago, dissapointedperusual101
non app owner views
Because my viewers of my vsco web page without the application on their phone can only view a certain amount of my content, I have decided to no longer focus on my vsco, which was my highest prioritized platform of social media, and now only focus on my instagram and Facebook. I enjoyed having my vsco as a personal blog type app available for my viewers to look at my page even if they didn’t have the app. Now since vsco requires those to have the app to see all content I must shift my focus to a more easily accessible platform. I wanted to share my art and more personal side but don’t want to be limited because an application wants more users. I thought vsco supported everyone’s differences and sharing those with the world but now I see their focus on strictly obtaining users and making money off of them. This makes me less inclined to utilize vsco and far less inclined to ever purchase again through vsco. Your app brand was different and used to focus on the individual and now you’re just another one of the others, focusing primarily on money and less of the freedom of the user.
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2 months ago, eagleeyekat
Missing Old Studio Photos
Got a new phone, and was disappointed to see several photos missing from my studio when I logged in. They actually show up as blank tiles, but don’t load the images. Some of the missing photos are the oldest, while others are the newest! The preview page is also glitchy; trying to scroll down to see which filter I used is treated like a “stretch” so I have to keep my finger on the screen to view it, ie VSCO thinks it all fits in my screen when it doesn’t… VSCO charges so much money and yet is so glitchy. What a waste. Previous review: I’ve used this app since 2013, long before the subscription model was a notion, so I know that filters like A6 and C1, and tools like tone, split tone, and grain were free. They were FREE FOR YEARS. Now they’re behind the subscription paywall. Shows how greedy VSCO has become, which is a shame because it was the best, most accessible photo editing app for people of all budgets and interests. I can’t afford that expensive membership anymore, and now it feels like a slap in the face for having to use the free version without the features that—it bears repeating—were FREE FOR YEARS.
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