WaFd Bank

4.8 (2.4K)
81.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Washington Federal
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WaFd Bank

4.84 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Great game_5
Great app over all but wish I had the ability to freeze my card in the app
I use the app to monitor spending and budget. I have multiple accounts and don’t use all of the accounts constantly. It would be nice to have a option to freeze the card to prevent spending in the case of identify theft. I have this option in all the apps of the other institutions I have cards through. Other then that I love the app.
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2 months ago, Noryb123654
WaFd Mobile App
I like many features of this app and also like WaFd Bank and its services. I do have one serious concern about the mobile app, however. Up until about 8-9 months ago, I was able to view and print copies of me cancelled checks using my iPad or my iPhone. Last summer (2023) this function is no longer available to me. When I click on “view check” , I get an essentially blank screen with a small square box in the middle with an ‘x’ in it—but no check view. Clicking on the little box, or anywhere else in the screen, does nothing. I have reported this issue directly to the bank, but so far, my problem has not been resolved. I am still able to use my iPad and iPhone to view cancelled checks from my account with a different bank, so I know my iPhone and iPad still have the capability. I am hoping that the Developers can suggest a solution to resolve this issue. For me, the app would receive a five star rating were I able to use this feature again.
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11 months ago, AmberM1886
Annoying to reset info, asks for inappropriate user info.
Annoying to reset passwords or usernames, app gives errors when you try to reset your password. It asks for your SSN, which I feel is highly inappropriate the SSN isn’t meant to be used for personal identification this way and putting it into an app is just asking to have it stolen. When you cannot reset your password because it throws errors it freezes up when you try to call a representative. I can’t really rate the app since even getting into it is a huge PITA
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10 months ago, Missy Tsn
Amanda at Broadway, Tucson location
I am so incredibly impressed with everyone I’ve met at the Tucson Broadway location but Amanda is beyond the best! I’ve also never experienced better customer service anywhere! They are welcoming, kind, considerate, extremely knowledgeable, and just beautiful people in general. I actually take time to go into the bank just to say Hi! It’s lovely!
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2 years ago, Justabitdisappointed
App needs work!
The app is nice because it allows you to link outside WaFd accounts to monitor payments and totally remaining. The issue is it doesn’t automatically update when purchases are made. There will be a pending transaction and it shows $0, sometimes for a couple of days. There are times when I have to log out and log back in for it to even register that there are updated transactions. I keep a register of purchases and payments but it is very hard to reconcile using this app.
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2 years ago, Patynme63
Checking and Savings
I went online to open an account and put down a 25 dollar deposit, They turned me down without an explanation and did not return my 25 dollar deposit, when I call they act all nice and always lie say it takes 7 business days, than I call again and the next person says it takes 15 days to return your money than the last time it was 30 days, it really doesn’t matter they just lie, I’m glad they turned me down because I don’t know how much they would cheat me out of if I had given them more money, so do yourself a favor and don’t let these thieves steal from you.
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9 months ago, Hopelessly Romantic Mick
It’s a bank that pays you no interest on your savings
WaFed steals your money. They pay nothing on checking and short term savings accounts. I have a credit Union Gesa that pays me 7% on the 1st $5,000 of my savings account. Why can’t these theifs pay me 3-4%….I’m going to switch my Social Security deposit to GESA and rid myself of these thieves as soon as I can. Their on-line account app is OK a little “trying and clunky” in its operation. Not bad but, not great
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10 months ago, Shar516
WaFed Banking App
This is an excellent mobile app! I am able to view my accounts in “real time” and know the correct amount debited for purchases and payments. My only critique would be that this app lacks a running balance for each debit and credits applied to the bank account. Overall. It is an excellent app!
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2 years ago, bbb1234679
Budgeting features
This app is great because it allows you to sync all your accounts, even the ones outside of WaFd bank so you can see all your bank accounts, loan accounts, etc. all in one place. It is easy to check your balance and move money around. Love seeing all my finances in one place.
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2 years ago, n!:)3 fjajbebiwkd
App is good but it made me make a new password
i tried logging into the app but my face id didn’t work so i had to manually enter in the password. i entered it in and it said it was wrong and no i didn’t forgot my passcode i had a picture taken so i know i did it right then i figured might as well make a new password so i try to do that and it says that there has been a error and it won’t let me make a new password kind of appalled at how a banking firm is having issues like this
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1 year ago, isaiahbruce
My experience
Tanja at the WaFd bank in Benson AZ is the most kindest, outgoing with the BEST customer service! She’s very direct and answers all questions no matter how many times you have to ask her. Her patience is outstanding! Banks need more people like her! Thank you so much Tanja! You’re truly a blessing to meet and I really appreciate you!😊
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2 years ago, Cureinsea
My WaFd Way
I work at WaFd Bank, so my love, support, and bias can not be anonymous or hidden. What stands out to me that you need to know, is that the great look, speed, and ease of use are not developed with robotic analytics. This is a hands on bank, and this apps development is client and colleague developed. It is truly for and will work for you. Thank you
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2 years ago, SciFiLesli
Love it!
This is great. I added all my accounts from other banks so now I can track everything in one place (for free). It puts my transactions into budget categories automatically so now I know what I am spending, and I’m following a budget better than before. So convenient!
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2 years ago, Grumpy Guy100
Most Improved
WaFd bank used to just “get by” with a functional but not a wow app. Their recent update provided much easier interfaces between simple functions like transfers, mobile deposits etc. combined with free checking is a new winner in the crowded but usually boring banking sector.
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1 month ago, Michael Liberatore
The Best Bank Ever
This is the best Bank that make’s life go around just a lot more easier because they take time to get to know the Each & Every individual that Bank’s With Them To Where there not to be taken as a Joke.
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5 months ago, DebbiePPCLP
Appreciate the convenience
I appreciate the convenience of being able to move money around and the notifications I receive through the app
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1 week ago, Uber notes
This is the best bank in the banking universe. I have been with them for many years. I have encouraged many friends, relatives and even grandkids to bank with them. Their mobile banking app is user friendly and staff is above top notch.
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2 years ago, ashkell1984
Transactions taking a few days to show up lately
It’s been okay for a few years but I have transactions that have gone through but my balance remains the same at WaFd for a couple days longer. These are transactions that used to process next day with same financial institutions. What gives?
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2 years ago, Aress524
Great App!!!
This is hands down one of the most user-friendly apps I’ve ever used. And it’s very simple to get to customer service either by chat or on phone call through the app as well.
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2 years ago, taracvell
Accepting terms of bill payment
There is not an option to click that I agree to the terms of service so I can enroll in the bill pay.. please fix.
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2 months ago, M8F
WaFd mobile app
Great mobile banking app !! Highly recommended this app if using WaFd bank Only thing is I wish they had better display of information as far as the way app is laid out.
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2 years ago, tkc26
User friendly
The updates have improved the speed and functionality. I find it very easy to navigate.
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1 year ago, CYANNET
Happy Customer
I have been a Wafed customer for over a year now and I have never had any problems getting any issues resolved they are a great company.
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1 year ago, grandma 3!
Staying on track
This app lets me see what I spend my finances and let’s me not over spend. It helps me see when I pay my bills and keep track Thank you
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2 years ago, beta miki
Transferring money
It is not a bad app and a weird app because when I go to transfer money with zelle it won’t pop up, this is the second time this has happened it took over 24 hours for it to deposit the first time and now I am waiting again. It also seems to be happening with only one contact:/ rather frustrating when I need the money immediately
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1 year ago, akxgxkebfb jdnf. hkddkksms
It’s good
It works and I can see all my information. I also can deposit checks which is cool. Overall quite happy with it
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2 years ago, Dalulate
Great App, but not optimized
WaFd has a great app on their hands, but if you’re using a iPhone 13 Pro or higher it is not using the 120hz display on the device which makes it a laggy experience compared to the rest of the phone.
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2 years ago, Edin7777
User Friendly
Easy app and very user friendly would definitely recommend 😀
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3 months ago, nbks4
Great app!
Great app, easy to use. I like all the detailed information it gives on transactions. And that I can easily add memos to them. Plus budgeting help.
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6 months ago, cheakspredah
Great Banking!!
Definitely a great bank, makes me feel like my money is good and safe, i enjoy the check deposits, it comes within a day and getting some of it instantly is wonderful.
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9 months ago, Mccart's
Internal transfer capabilities between checking and home equity does not work. .
User experience needs to be improved dramatically with the capabilities within the mobile app. Unfortunately, one has to login to desktop application to complete many of the simple transfers and tasks.
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2 years ago, Chefcwb
Garbage App
Terrible app, for me to take the time to write this should tell you everything you need to know. Deposits never work on the first try if at all, transfers don’t ever work on the app. Customers service says “does it work on your computer if so just do it there”. Terrible app, terrible customer service. Can’t wait to be rid of this trash bank.
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2 years ago, right winger
The best banking app. I like the way it breaks everything down. Easy to see categorized spending for the month. And quick access is great. I love it.
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2 years ago, TD(999)
Love the updates!
I can do everything I need to right from my mobile app. Thanks WaFD Bank for consistently improving!
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2 years ago, Hiutsuri
Above Average
Most important features are easy to find and use. Important information are in logical locations, and there are a fair amount of useful tools included.
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11 months ago, Emilylea
Service oriented
The folks at WAFD are very service oriented, they have many ways to save you money I.e. their insurance unit. Give WAFD a try you will not be disappointed.
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1 year ago, Elsie Lorene
My bank
Everyone in my bank always has a smile Takes care of all my needs I love my bank
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2 years ago, Simpler2016
Online banking
Love the new updates. So fast and easy to use and great new budgeting tools. I can track all my spending.
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9 months ago, Albuquerque visitor
Safety and Friendly
I appreciate the extra security with WaFd’s secure browser and how friendly and helpful the staff are every time I am in the branch.
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2 years ago, mareberri
LOVE This!
It’s so easy to use, and love being able link my other banking accounts inside of it
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2 years ago, Sled Queen
WaFd On-line Banking
I love WaFd On-line Banking! It’s easy to use and I especially like that I can use Face Recognition and not have to sign in each time. Thx!
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1 year ago, Pancinator
No customer support for glitches
I tried to delete some payees on bill pay, the app wouldn’t do it, customer support was of absolutely no help. I know have payers on my account that are useless.
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2 years ago, LubetechDave
Easy to use
I love using the app it makes banking so much more convenient and simple.
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8 months ago, Sun-stone
User friendly
This app is easy to use and looks nice too.
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8 months ago, John_Adam
Love this bank
All the WaFd banks I have been to have been great experiences. All friendly and the app is easy to use.
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2 years ago, Schnurrbart1
Wasn’t sure when BOA passed me over to WF, but over these 10 yrs; Washington Federal has become my all time favorite. Very secure, safe banking.
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2 months ago, Zol Anna
Like bill paying option.
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3 months ago, Mosaic man!
Keep up the progress. Thank you for the security! protect me from myself!
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6 months ago, geoglobalone
Great Bank - Great App
Efficient , elegant GUI s etc., Nicely done - great data feed back Easy easy easy to use Instinctual navigation design
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3 weeks ago, J&$41P
Excellent service very friendly and helpful.
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