Wakie Chat: Talk to Strangers

4.5 (14.4K)
112 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wakie Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wakie Chat: Talk to Strangers

4.53 out of 5
14.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Frinch9
Permanent ban!
Hi Wakie team I’ve sent a message afew days ago concerning a banned friend of mine through contact support which brought no responses from you and made me write this. There are always people who like us and dislike us as well. Looking at the list you made by clicking each profile, you only have set options as reporting and blocking for the second group which indeed lead your team to decide whether a user must get banned! there is no room beside the report button for those who like us to make it just! I do like this app alot but speaking about freedom of speech and yet people get permanently banned without even realizing the real reason and without even being considered by their rates as well as their reports, doesn’t sound like freedom!
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2 years ago, Nickname leo
Lame and Horrible “Customer Service”
I signed up last year, first, it seemed really cool until their moderators started to report people for silly reasons!! Their moderators are biased, if you are a female, and know any of their desperate-for-women moderators, you got all you want! Users are being banned because some female told their moderators that she doesn’t like you and the next thing you see is a warning from Wakie (lucky if you get one though) or immediate ban LOL I had a subscription and few people that I know and we all decided to end it since this chat is basically: who you know!! Not to mention the heavy amount of hatred towards minorities and religions, yet Wakie does nothing. Also, there are teenagers on this app, like 11 years old kids chatting!! Wakie is a great place for pedophiles who hunt online and I witnesses that in some pf their clubs however, you cannot report clubs and I am positive even if you report clubs, Wakie won’t do nothing. The creator of this app just doesn’t understand the burden and the danger that his app can do, the damage to some people that can cause. This app should be banned.
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6 years ago, Always honest dan
This app is really fun when it's late at night and I have a lot of stuff on my mind. I like to have calls with random people and talk about life, philosophy, politics, music, live life, etc... I met some really awesome people on here and I talk to them daily. I currently have a 4.9 rating out of 5 stars and the better I am to people in calls the higher ratings I get, which lets me talk to other highly rated people. This is really good because it means much better conversations! Highly recommend this app. I just started using the group chat feature in it too and it is already lots of fun!
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1 month ago, burns13s
Good, Could be Better
Been using Wakie for a pretty long while now. I've met some good people from around the globe. It's fun to learn about other cultures. I do have a few issues though, sometimes calls just don't work and I have to force close the app. Some more settings for notifications would've earned 5 stars, that's probably the most annoying part of the app. And yes I'm aware you can choose "Stop notifications" from the list, but this behavior should be able to be set as default. Overall it has been a great experience and would recommend it to people looking to learn about different cultures from across the planet.
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5 years ago, Lynne0331
I am loving this app! I downloaded it thinking I might try it out and I just started listening to the groups chat with each other and it was hilarious and fun and sometimes we had really good conversations and other times it was nonsense but it wasn’t childish or anything. You can find a group to chat with or a person to chat with one on one. I only just downloaded the app and I love it just after my first use. I love that you can talk to people from all over the world! It’s amazing :) I will be using this app everyday.
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3 years ago, BeeEspo24
Disgusting! Loaded with perverts
I only downloaded Wakie so that I could use the alarm feature, where someone random calls you for 1-5 minutes to wake you up. I have always woken up quicker and in a better mood if I am up and talking within the first few minutes of my day. I tried it twice, and both days I woke up to some disgusting excuse for a man trying to talk to me about “morning wood” and the next explicitly harassing me and trying to ask me where I was actually located before the call could automatically hangup. Useless, I wish other apps existed with the same feature because Wakie doesn’t do anything to those users who are reported for sexually harassing the people they’re assigned to call.
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4 years ago, WakieReview
Great place to talk and meet people!!
Wakie is a good place to talk to all sorts of people from all around the world. You can enjoy conversations and debates about any subjects or topics. With people from different countries religions ethnicities... interesting to hear different points of views. I do want warn people that not all people on here are positive and interesting some are dark and you need find balance here. It can be like a click here so as long as you know yourself and enjoy talking to others it’s going be a learning experience. Enjoy everyone!
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5 years ago, 3rdSonNoName
Great for building confidence
A lot of time women are harassed by a lot of men on here. I’m happy to be the guy who laughs and scolds older men for being disrespectful to women. This is a great place to talk about feeling without feeling scammed. I think there should be some type of enforcement on men breaking the rules. A banned is not enough now days. I hope platforms like this are able to make the women not feel harassed by vulgar men. I take everything the women say serious to their safety and well-being.
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3 months ago, MattyDaddy🦁🦄💕
Former Mod: great app, just addicting.
I loved wakie. I used it for many years. I met a lot of great people all over the world. Also a lot of creeps and weird people. Eventually I became a moderator. The app was already addicting, but now I had to use the app to keep my mod status. The benefits of being a mod weren’t even worth it. It was a way to kill time on my phone. It went from an alarm clock app, to talking with strangers, and now group calls with friends and new voices. Good times, but now I’m very busy so I had to get rid of it. I do miss everyone.
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2 years ago, A guy 97
Depending on where you are
I very much like Wakie. I travelled abroad to the U.S. to study college, and Wakie was a major way for me to practice English in the beginning, and now is a major way for me to talk to my fellow countrymen and people who speak my mother tongue. The U.S. is not full of people speaking the languages I speak, but Wakie is! For these reasons, and for others like ease of use and their interface being nice enough… I enjoy the experience of using the app and it is a way to feel belonging and a sense of community across the world. Good job Wakie! 👍🏼
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4 years ago, Ryan Qasemi
Fun But Strange
It’s a fun and addictive app that can fill up your boredom at any time. But the rules are strange. You can get banned over the simplest things, like a shirtless profile picture. And according to themselves, your data (profile, chats, voice, etc.) will be collected and might get used in basically any way, including being published or sold to who knows who! Like, there’s no guarantee on data security. This makes it a little concerning knowing there are governments eager to buy stuffs like this. Living in a country ruled by a totalitarian regime, this makes me feel a bit unsafe. So beware what you do on this addictive app.
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6 years ago, Kdsmack
One of my favorite apps BUT...
This app is amazing. I’ve been using it since May 2017 I got 349 calls And my star rating is 4,4 out of 5 And my topic is “I bet I can make you laugh” In this app all I do is making people laugh and talk to people for a smile In every app there will be trolls who call just to say mean stuff and hang up Then they will give me a 1 star rating And now WAIKIE is threatening to ban me if I get more 1 star rating!!!! Seriously wth?!! If you guys record those phone calls then listen to them! I never say anything mean to anyone and now I might get banned if I get more trolls?! I don’t think that’s fair. I hope someone fixes it I’m afraid to go on the app now because if some people troll me I might get banned 😑
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1 month ago, Ishat Azad
you get permanently banned for everything
don’t get this app they ban you for everything all the mods are super biased only help their friends or people they like even if their doing something wrong and support is trash too i’ve tried contacting them several times they won’t help you my account has been banned for over a year now i have done nothing wrong never posted nudes or engaged in any type of inappropriate behavior only thing is people will block you for the stupidest reasons like copy ur topic and then block you and that’s a violation there’s no way to prevent that and it adds up and i got banned still trying to get back on the app but unfair bans really and violations for literally just existing on the app are a thing and it’s really bad so just don’t waste ur time unless you wanna get banned and lose people you’ve known for years through the app literally 2 years and they ban me they won’t even help to try and restore my account
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3 months ago, Kem Nefrew
Literally the best app to meet ppl from around the world!
I love how you can see what time zone a individual lives in. There is a plethora of people to talk to so there’s no possible way you could be bored. All topics are interesting plus you can come up with your own topics to discuss. This app is just a blessing.
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7 months ago, Wakie user
It stopped working
I’ve been using this app for a while now and it was doing great, I got to meet some nice friends and since yesterday it just stopped working!!!!! I have deleted the app and reinstall it but nothing is working. Please fix this I can’t lose my friends like that😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, minovara
Best alarm clock
Great alarm clock because nothing wakes you up better than a stranger calling you. It’s done through the app and no phone numbers are exchanged. However, the rest of the app gets a little inappropriate and there’s a lot of mopping. Just stick to its intention for the wake up call and don’t get warped into any other drama on there.
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2 years ago, chelstastic
I love the wake up calls!! The only complaint I have is the mini games you have about 5 seconds to answer a question, but by the time you’re done reading the question, you have 1 second to answer. It’s a shame because the game has a lot of potential to actually be fun, but it’s not because the timer ruins the game. :(
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4 years ago, Bswarrior
Very Addictive
This app is very addictive. You make friends and chat as much as you want from all over the world. Posting topics, and also boost the topic a great way to receive requests . Phone call feature and the rating is what makes this app so good. A great way to make friends and relationships. 😃
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5 years ago, Shoeibmr
Great update and crashing is fixed
Thanks for the quick fix for the club crash problem. Everything seems fine for now. Chats are a little bit slow by the way.
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5 years ago, duck a nickname
Update is absolutely awful and you’ve ruined the app even further.
Since your foolish update me and many f the people I have met on wakie have not been able to get even one good call going. Ever call I try to answer never ends up connecting to a call. Where as I had a 5 star rating before because I could fully talk to ppl without being prejudged now I can’t get one single call. I hope you guys are happy you’ve made the app worse since you’ve decided to remove the ability to look through calls while your topic is searching.
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7 years ago, Marbosh911
Really the app not as before
The app has many changes , which leads the users are despairing ,the app as before all those updates , which made the app really not for use , i hate it now, few people that you can talk with, i was very happy to see app not seeks for money and makes people talk to each other , with no limits. Bring the old version of the app , or bring back the features that you have deleted. I do love this app but not in this way . Sorry
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12 months ago, Zeckeyyy
Voice games take forever to connect you to someone now. Ma
Maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. Voice calls take longer than before to connect you to someone now. Even when the network connection is strong
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5 months ago, Nelma B.
Hoard of 18+ activity
You could definitely use the app to talk about deep topics and I have come across people who use it for that reason. It’s inevitable that there would be people only attracted to the app for NSFW activity but it has taken over about 80% of the app that it is almost unusable. The features are great and would be fun for actually conversations but the mass amount of NSFW people ruin its potential.
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5 months ago, Josh Reno 13
5 star
Well people on here are nice but I am a guy so I don’t hey weird people a lot of women I talk too tell me some weird things but myself haven’t had any weird things happen to me hopefully it’s goes smooth yeah
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3 years ago, jay10177
Good experience on the app bad experience with Subscription
Wakie you just lost a long time subscriber because you did some sneaky stuff by changing my monthly subscription to weekly. The Wakie plus monthly membership is $9.99 And the weekly is $7.99 which as far as I know does the same thing. Why would I want a weekly membership and end up paying more???. I’m disappointed bye Wakie
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4 years ago, Elena_nz
I can’t deal with this
So i had this one friend was my only fave then she deleted her account but I cannot get her out of the faves list this needs to be fixed pisses me off
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6 years ago, movies 4you
What happened to the wake-up app that has a someone from another country call and wake you?
What happened to the wake-up app that has a someone from another country call and wake you?
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2 years ago, Nili21367
This app is only good for lonely people. It’s filled with people who want to talk but they’re often actually digitally sexually harassing you. This app will definitely get shut down one day. It’s filthy.
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5 years ago, frnk1398
Wakie is definitely great
Wakie is absolutely a good one but the thing is people are sometimes making it irritating as They don’t behave decently. Well, if there was a report button which was for reporting the person not its photo was much better. Wish u luck plus success ❤️
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5 years ago, isixsjd
Newest update
So this app is pretty great but unfortunately with this new update I’ve encountered many people with the same issue including myself. This issue is that when one tries to join a club call they got booted out of the app immediately, I do not know why this happens but other than that this app is pretty great
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3 months ago, Teeny puffs
Best app ever
You guys are so good at making apps, like I even found myself a boyfriend, but the bad thing is people so many people just say they want to with me I like talking to strangers
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11 months ago, Emily Alexina Chia
Great app but
This is a great app with a lot of potential but I am a voiceover user, and your app isn’t quite very accessible. There’s buttons that just say buttons if you could, please make this ap more accessible and label the buttons then I will consider leaving you guys a five star review.
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2 years ago, musicman1501
Keeps blind Voiceover users completely out of the conversation.
Very disappointing. It wouldn't be too difficult to ad VO accessibility to this app, ,but the dev does not appear to be interested. If this ever changes, I'd love to check out the app, and I'm sure many others as well.
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5 years ago, korrieshabazz
What the heck!?
I got notifications saying that I’m on the verge of having my account permanently suspended for getting blocked and I don’t even know why I get blocked, it’s like I can get blocked by someone for no reason and I would still get that that notification with temporary blocks on personal chats. That’s not right at all really
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6 years ago, SkyWarriorZ
Fix it please
There is a big problem in IOS, the audio of my whole device went off if I chat on private for long time
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2 years ago, A7mmD1987
Best app ever
I love this app but you guys should make a video call service after that nobody gonna compete wakieu guys need to work on the call quality more
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6 months ago, BiasedMods
No Monitoring of religious extremism
I have been on this app for a while now and what I have seen is completely unacceptable. There are a bunch of users who post hate mongering topics which include religious hate , national hate etc and they are openly promoted and no action are taken against them. In fact people who stand against them are banned. Look into this before this becomes a big deal
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5 years ago, MAFalasi91
Amazing App
Been using walkie for few years and met some amazing people though I wish if they would release a new update as its been crashing a lot on my Iphone 11 Pro Max hope this issue gets fixed.
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Perfect for passing time
When i got lots of time free and i'm bored, i go here. I go here to get even more bored. When i use this, the time goes by fast even if i'm bored while using it. Perfect app
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5 years ago, zaydi123
The carrousel is a mistake
It’s a bad idea to encourage people to have one screen just waiting... men are visionary’s they like things that shine, no woman picks up the call because she looks away if you have less value, the carrousel gives failed expectations, waste of time & we all love money so please don’t waste our time & improve the carrousel, Thank you.
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2 years ago, Jabed Khan
Magnificent app
This app is really amazing. It comes with plenty of free features for everyone, unlimited phone calls , messaging.
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6 years ago, Foreverguzz
Wakie is racist against Americans. They ban you whenever you say something, I’ve been banned for 14 days because I said I have more money than most people do, which I do. My friend from the UK posted the exact same thing and nothing happened to him. The app is racist and supports pedophiles, so if you like being sexually harassed and treated unfairly download this app but if you have any brains you’d stay away from it.
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4 years ago, up at 3am
I wish I could report a user for being a verbal abuse but when you click on the profile there is no option for that.
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3 years ago, insightful opinion
Very racist and perverted men
The people on this app, specifically those that identify as male, are sexist and perverted. Indians and white people are also racist on this app using racial slurs. It’s a very toxic app to use. If you are toxic, it might not bother you, but for those of us that are keen on who we talk to and what we feed our spirit, stay clear of this app. I do not recommend it.
Show more
3 years ago, #onlyCi
Does what it’s supposed to
But the app has a serious issue of perverted people (mostly men) and doesn’t do anything to control or limit this. You can’t even report someone’s page if you need to. At the very least have a separate room or something for those looking for sexual encounters.
Show more
4 years ago, THE EGY K
It doesn’t wanna start it didn’t give me any options to sign up ! It’s just starting to open and then it says find the right person to talk to!! And I wait for a minutes until my phone sleep! And there is nothing!!! It’s not my phone I restarted and I deleted the app and downloaded again and it didn’t fix anything !
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6 years ago, Rorybear2000
Needs some management
I keep getting barraged by horny Arab men when all I want is a decent conversation. I think this app could be great if there was a filter because it seems like everyone on here just wants to see me nude, and if I wanted that I’d go to tinder.
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2 years ago, StacyReviews
Bullied off of Wakie
I was bullied off of the app by the CIA agents will run it. It’s not fair. I deserve to be able to speak to my fellow humans just like everybody else. There are too many glitches and too much social engineering. It’s a really good idea for an app and could be used for so much good.
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3 years ago, frustratedJonny
Crashes literally every time someone calls me
This app is struggling to send my messages when I'm mid conversation. There's bots that request paid complements and every time i hear a ring which is i think some person attempting to call me the app crashes and i can't answer. 😡
Show more
1 year ago, Yeganeh Moussavi
This application is definitely not worth of your time and energy. People are always sexually assaulting each other in different kind of ways and there is ABSOLUTELY no option to put an end to this problem. There should be a law or any kind of regulation to control this.
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