Walk MS

4.6 (1K)
102.2 MB
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National MS Society
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walk MS

4.61 out of 5
1K Ratings
6 years ago, penguinree
Makes tracking easy
This app works like a charm every time for me. So easy to use and keep track of all my donations and my teams donations. Like most apps, you’ll need a WiFi or Lte connection to log on and check, but it’s still so much faster and easier than logging into my mobile page for the same info. Love it!
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2 months ago, IrritatedGamer030415
Deposit Check function does not work
If not for this issue, I would give the app a 5⭐️ rating because it’s really well done. However, since this issue has not been resolved in at least 3 months, I wonder if the only way to get it fixed is by being a Karen. Fine. I’ll be Karen. Here’s the message I just submitted via the app: “It is impossible to complete a check deposit through the app. After several attempts at scanning the front side first, I realized I might have more success starting with the back because the app does not scale down to screen size after initiating screen capture. I can’t scroll to the left to see all options. It might have worked had I not gotten (half) an error message. See 2 attachments. This was the size and orientation of the screen and I was unable to shrink it or scroll left once I was out of the welcome page. This is very frustrating because it was a known issue PRIOR to the walk back in April. I’m using an iPhone. Maybe it’s an incompatibility issue. Whatever it is, it’s aggravating.”
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1 year ago, Margles0206
Registration process/website
Everyone I have recruited on my team, has complained to me about registering for the Walk; in fact, at least one of my members simply won’t mess with it. The thing most complained about, especially with people who’ve been participating in the Walk for several years - their email or password is not recognized. My husband receives emails from you throughout the year, yet when he tried to register, using the same email address, it’s not recognized?! This also happens to me, on the website. I’ve established my page, with my team, yet often when I sign in, it also says it’s not recognized. Another issue with the website- my team information is usually inaccurate. I would understand if this technology was all new to Walk MS, but the app and online registration has been available for many years. Honestly, every year, when the time for Walk MS starts coming up, I dread having to deal with the frustration, and find myself procrastinating contacting and putting my team together. I hope that this whole process can someday be simplified and user-friendly. Thanks for listening, Melinda ❤️
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3 years ago, Galookah
MS Walk App
I’ve already expressed my frustration with this app to Janine Sharma (w/the MS Society, who has been very helpful, BTW). It’s been this way for years- slow and semi annoying (okay, pretty annoying at times). Whenever I want to thank my donors, for example, the app has a glitch and has an incorrect email address listed. Also, I’ve had two donors who didn’t donate through the app on FB, and even though there is an option to list their names, only one of the names actually took. I really appreciate all of the efforts of the MS Society, and I realize that it’s not the easiest task to design and coordinate such an app, but I just had to voice some of my frustration. Thank you much for reading my review. Please do not take it personally.
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7 months ago, PattiSt
I cannot Deposit Checks
Since January 25, I have been attempting to deposit three checks for Walk MS. So far, I’ve $250 to deposit. The app is not allowing someone with an iPhone to deposit checks. I’ve talked to the NMSS at least twice and emailed several times. Since the beginning, they are aware of the problem and trying to correct. It is so frustrating. I like to deposit checks myself because then I know my account is getting credit. I was told to try removing the app and reinstalling it. I did and still does not work. I was then told a new app would be created in 2024. This is totally inexcusable!!!
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3 years ago, Hooked on Prime
MS Walk app is very Handy.
The MS walk app on your phone helps you keep upto date with donations and able to send emails or messages to donors at your fingertips.
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5 months ago, Edret2007
This app is buggy!
The app should work more smoothly than it does! Yes, it has collected donations, but it has been impossible for me to deposit the checks that I have. Today, I have had to delete and then reinstall the app every time I have looked at it! I am still committed to the cause. But I am very disappointed in this app! I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest iOS.
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5 months ago, Sensei Carr
really not worth the trouble
This app is painful to use - half the time when I open it, it’s completely unresponsive - when it does come up operational, half the time it locks up in one mode or the other - the one time I managed to get to the screen to deposit a check, it let me take a pix of one side, then locked up in “zoom” mode making it impossible to take a pix of the other side
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4 years ago, Em's iTunes Account
Needs screen rotation for iPad keyboard use
Like the App, esp since I’m a phone & iPad Pro user & don’t use a laptop or PC anymore. BUT (huge “BUT”) there is no rotation on the iPhone or iPad/iPad Pro, so using the iPad keyboard is impossible, unless you like looking at your screen sideways when you’re typing! Please fix this, I’d rather scroll than get a sore neck.
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2 years ago, PartyALittle
Great and has Check Capture!!!
Love the app! Check capture has made my life so much easier!
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2 years ago, Krys603
I can’t even send an email
App is really terrible-especially when we are asking people to donate money-this should work better! I can’t even send an email asking for donations through the app (or log in, or create a correct social media post). Please fix all the glitches-too many to name.
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1 year ago, AmberM_79
Fixes needed
Half the time I can’t log in due to incorrect credentials (they’re not) or no events (there are). Then once I’m in, often I’ve raised $0 (I’ve raised over $500) and again no events listed. Really frustrating.
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2 years ago, DemoLawyer
Anyone participating in a WalkMS event should REALLY get and use this app. Makes the logistics so much easier. WELL DONE!
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1 year ago, m2hill
Not happy with this new setup or app
Having a hard time with figuring out the app. I want to send an email with a link to my page and can’t seem to find a way to do it. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, NGaber76
Great app
Easy to use
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2 years ago, Claudia Sophia
GPS doesn’t work
And to put pictures it’s so slow
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5 years ago, RySy13
Every time I try to log in it says I’m not registered for any events. I am a team captain and warrior and am beyond frustrated. I’m able to view progress by following fb links but never from here.
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3 years ago, geogprof
Clumsy app
As with the website this National MS society app lacks functionality and ease of use. For example, there’s no direct way to identify and thank donors.
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3 years ago, bccdny
The app doesn’t do much
You’re better off looking onto the website. There is so much that cannot be done here and it’s a shame. Lots of lost opportunities.
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1 year ago, djmerritt
Difficult to post progress
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6 years ago, Kimbajkbk
Newest version issue!
My husband & I get an error when we try to open app. It says Connection unavailable! We are unable to retrieve your information right now. Please make sure you can connect to the internet and try again. Anyone else getting this message?
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1 year ago, Sallyboombots
Mobil App not responding
Email Icon not working. Home page does not open all the time.
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5 months ago, P123896
Fix this
Worst app I’m losing donations because my people can’t log on
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8 years ago, Soccrgump
No point to this app
I'm not sure what this app is supposed to do. Half the time it can't load my information; you can't do anything from the app; the "get donations" button is for entering donations, which makes no sense; if you click on "Team progress," it takes you to your personal progress...and the list goes on. This app needs a major revamp!!
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6 years ago, JuliRPh
Won't connect
Useless...just keeps saying "can not connect. Make sure you are connected to internet"
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6 years ago, Whoa3634
Newest version
Will not load. Version 2
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6 years ago, SD Librarian
It doesn't work anymore 😔 Won't let me sign in.
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6 years ago, musiCAL306
This is the worst app ever attempted to be invented. I've tried throughout the seven years of doing Walk MS to use this app and it never fails to disappoint. Each year brings a different issue. This year, I can't even login as it won't allow me to enter my password, just my username. It's a waste of valuable space, I'm deleting it and won't be trying it next year.
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6 years ago, Kaymac72
Can't sign in
It only gives me an option to enter my password. When I enter it I get an error asking for my username. No place to enter my username! 😩😩 PLEASE FIX THIS APP OR IT IS USELESS!
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7 years ago, CureMS07
Can't use
This is the second year in a row I tried using this app after registering for the MS Walk on the NMSS website. I enter my username and password on the app, and it says I am not registered for any events. I have deleted and reinstalled the app at least 5 times. I still get the same message. But I can log into the NMSS website and see the event I'm registered for and access my Participant Center, etc. I'll update my review if and when this problem is fixed. :-(
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