Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2

4.1 (1.7K)
565.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Howyaknow, LLC
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2

4.15 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Sp_reyes99
Downloading issues
I love this game, I’ve played it before and just recently re-downloaded it to restart the season but once I got past episode one it would not let me download episode 2-5, it would let me purchase but not download. It said “Please connect device to internet connection”, when I was already connected. I attempted to go on to the Telltale website to try and get some answers and they recommend to keep trying, opening and stopping the game, turning on and off my phone and also suggested to delete and download the application again; which none worked. I noticed this has been an on going issue since 2014 and it’s still not working. I had no choice but to delete the game.
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9 months ago, wevirus
You forgot one ep(5)!!!
Okay so I just downloaded eps 2-4 and I wasn’t able to download ep 5 and when I tried to the game just kicked me out. I turned off my device to see if that was some sort of problem and apparently it still happened. If you can and have time dev/devs, please go back on ep 5 and fix the downloading as soon as possible, cuz I really do deeply indeed wanna play season 2 of TWD Clementine, the other eps do indeed seem okay I guess. Please Dev/Devs, read my review and fix this problem cuz I didn’t waste 15 dollars for no reason. I believe that there will be a way and take time on doing it, just not too long I hope. And if it’s ever possible in the future, please do the same update on TWD Michonne and Season 3, I checked them out and they both say “Coming Soon”, and no way I will buy those games until I see for myself that they are actually able to be purchased and an actual update. Please read my review as soon as possible, and hope you do okay. Thank you and I hope that these games do reach success in App Store this year or in the future👍🏻
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1 month ago, Christine K
Issues with the adoptive dev
I feel compelled to write this review due to the scam going on with New Frontier remaining in the App Store with purchasing available for episodes that are not playable—for over 3 years?! This game had a wonderful, moving plot, which I adored, but it was also unplayable on its own. I had to work around numerous bugs that created *This choice is blank!* options where player-selectable options should have been. I ended up referencing walkthroughs by online gamers who happened to go down my same plot line. Really unacceptable. Some lazy company is taking the money from what used to be a fantastic game series. Either fix these games or remove them from the App Store. It really is outrageous & the epitome of greed. I intended to play other ex-Telltale games, but now I’ve changed my mind. It’s not worth the time, $, and frustration to troubleshoot my way to the conclusion that this adopted developer has such low regard for their (inherited) customer base. Gross.
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7 years ago, LeighFie_
Wonderful game, but "the choice is blank!" error is not good
I'm someone who isn't too involved in the gaming world, but I stumbled upon this game after the season 2 release and was hooked from the start because of how fun it is that the story changes depending upon the choices you make. I played both seasons in a week and haven't played since. When season 3 was announced, I was ecstatic when I saw the game was available for iOS. But I'm on episode 3 of season 2 now, and I am not sure how much more I can take of the "the choice is blank!" error when choosing a response in dialogue. The responses are there, but I cannot read them (the boxes all say "the choice is blank!") and am forced to choose blindly, causing me to do/say things I wouldn't have chosen had I been able to see what my choices were. I was willing to put up with it here and there but it's increased in frequency so much that I am finding the game to be no fun anymore. It's too bad because the game itself is truly wonderful. 😔
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6 years ago, lpskitty
Oh my god (spoiler warning)
Ok, this is by far one of the best games I have ever played. I loved playing as clementine and the dramatic climax of this game is fanominal I love this game so much, and have actually had to actually sleep on some choices in real life. The ending had me in tears having to choose to leave Kenny or stay with him. (I let him kill Jane she was a awesome character. But with the end and the baby being hid in the care leaves me with no regret for killing her there must of been something wrong in the head. I ended up going into Wellington. Because all together Kenny wanted me to and it was his wishes. I actually cried when the credits rolled and the season 3 is downloading as I type. I really hope Kenny and aj make there way into season 3. A absolutely amazing game!! A must play Even if you don’t watch walking dead because I don’t even And this was still amazing.
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7 years ago, xmovinforwardx
I Iove this so much.
This is such a great game. I had done season one twice because of a phone switch so to be able to play both season 1 and 2 back to back was just amazing. This is a great story and being able to play as clementine is a bonus. I was very ehh with my choices simply because I wanted to see clementine as the little girl that we've known and love from the first game but she is growing. I'm hoping to be able to play with her again. The reason why I put 3 instead of 5 stars is because I seem to be having trouble replaying the game at all which I really want to do, and other reasons listed below but mainly this. Please help me out telltale I really want to replay this without losing my original save file! I'm very glad to have paid for this game. Keep it up tell tale. Please grow in your level of excellence in these games. We love them and will keep supporting you if you keep working on these games with everything you got. :)
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2 years ago, coolperson567845
Would be an incredible game if they patched it
I never pay for apps and I paid 15 for this one. I love telltale games and finally gave in after many years of only playing the first level. Season one was great. Season 2 would be if only you could actually make the choices you’re meant to make. The choices come up but In each box it says “this choice is blank” I took a picture of it but can’t figure out how to upload it. As much as this app costs I think this is kinda ridiculous. It’s a great game but the choices are the whole game so they really need to patch this . Even waited a week to see if it would get fixed but it’s still the same. Kinda want my money back as decision making is the game. Hope someone sees this and fixes it. If it actually worked the way it was supposed to I’d give it 5 Stars for sure. But the name of the game is decision making and when you can’t actually make decisions, what’s the point?
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7 months ago, metaldispenser
Serious bug still not fixed. Save your money for now or try PC/console
Holds up pretty nice visually and runs surprisingly smooth, controls can be a little awkward at times but nothing too bad. Worst thing however is a bug where sometimes all the choices will appear as “This choice is blank”. Not an issue with episode 1 but starts popping up in episode 2. Closing the game and restarting it only sometimes worked, but it’d still randomly happen later on. Come episode 3 and its occurring an insane amount to the point where it’s almost every other choice encounter. Makes it difficult to play when the games main mechanic is player choice and you can’t even see what you’re choosing. I’m sad that the free episode is more fine tuned than the ones you pay for. Even though this bugs been going on for years I’m hoping it’ll get fixed one day. Save yourself the money for now.
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4 years ago, Oaklen H
Some issues
Like others have said in these reviews, The Walking Dead is a game that has a lot to offer, and a lot to stick with you as a gamer. As for this season, I’ve had issues. I can forgive a mobile game for shadow issues, and minor character bugs. What bothers me, is the “This Choice is Blank” bug. I have deleted my game and lost all my data. I have turned the device on and off. I have searched for help online, and nothing seems to fix this issue. If the devs are still working on this game, an update for this would be a tremendous help, and I wish I could give this game 5/5, but I’m frankly at my wits end with this bug. Please, devs. This bug isn’t minor enough to ignore, a story can’t be complete with choices that claim to be blank.
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8 years ago, Supreme1s
New update causing issues
I'm a huge fan of the walking dead comics, show, and, most recently, the game. I downloaded the most recent update, and now when I attempt to download episodes 4 and 5, the game tells me I'm not connected to any internet. I tried turning off my wifi and downloading it using my data, but got the same notification from the game. All of my other apps are working fine with the Internet, so this must be a game issue. Seeing as they have my money already, it would be lovely if they could fix this issue quickly so that I can download the product I've paid for. This is a 5 star game... As soon as I can actually play the whole game, that is.
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6 years ago, Snoopy Glue
Why would you do this?
I don’t understand. This glitch, where the dialogue options are replaced with ‘The choice is blank,’ has been around for over a year! Why would you guys who maintain this app leave in an obvious detrimental glitch in the game since last year’s update ? There’s no excuse for this. Please, this is laziness that makes Telltale seem careless. I love the Walking Dead game series, but disregard for customer’s problems speak badly for you. The negligence of the people maintaining this game make me feel that the company Telltale can care less about the issues players experience within a game, and won’t fix problems unless they cause a significant loss in downloads. You can do better than this. Please fix it. I don’t like having to redo chapters over again because my blind choices.
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10 months ago, lil_stink19
Downloading issues
I absolutely love the walking dead tall tale series but the games won’t let me download a dam thing I’ve legit tried everything and still nothing I’ve looked around on the web for two days to see,here and try the same things and it still not work it would be much easier if you guys can help fix these issues with these great games I would really love to play this game asap all the way through instead of just one episode of each of the walking dead games and don’t tell me to do the same thing as the rest of the people have done just fix the bugs please that’s all I ask I really love these games
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7 years ago, Qetesh71
Great game...but..
I have played all three of these games and I have a huge problem with two of them. They do not explain what happened to Krista or her baby and they do not explain what happened to Kenny in the third one. The game is good and interesting and you get hooked on it almost immediately. It's like the TV series you can't only watch the first season without knowing what's going to happen next. Overall I'm going to give this game for star even though it didn't quite explain what happened to the rest of the groups.
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5 years ago, Dejonae
The game won’t download
I purchased episode 2 for this game and when I tried downloading the episode the game said I was not connected to network even tho I used my three WiFi networks and data. Every other app on my phone works fine w the WiFi and season 1 of this game worked okay but now season 2 won’t let me play episode 2? I need help because I just paid for an episode that I cannot play and I can’t refund my payment because it won’t let me restore my purchase. Also I deleted the game n downloaded it and now I cannot even find my file which was saved cuz I have my previous file from season 1. Please give me a refund or help me get the app working. I truly do like this game.
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1 year ago, kmop.nct
Downloads not working.
I love these games and the story is just amazing. Though I have one issue. I cant play the rest of the game because every time without fail, when I try to install the next episodes I’ve bought, it says “Network unavailable”. I know this seems like a simple fix, but this is the only application which it says such a thing. My wifi is amazing and works on every device on every app so it’s not my internet connection. I restarted my phone 2 times and it’s still the same thing. Like I said, it’s not my wifi and not my phone so I assume the issue is with the game.
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7 years ago, Linkssword118
A great game, but some problems
The game is great because the story line and the choices that people can make but when I played episode 3 in season 2 for the first time it didn't have the characters talking just looking and moving and had all the choices say "the choice is blank" which is annoying cause I don't know what the choices are. It would be great if that issue could be fix preferably that it would be. It's still a great game but it would be better if that problem would be fixed.
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2 years ago, Azdeathsword
Please fix this bug but perfectly great series
I’m having trouble because episode one worked perfectly fine but episode two is working horribly because whenever I try to download it it goes to 60 and then 61 and then it stops in and doesn’t load and then it just says my network isn’t working so I really want you to fix the bug because I really wanna finish this whole series
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5 years ago, Gchbshshb
It’s Really Great!... but has it’s flaws/glitches
Comparing it to the Xbox and PC it’s pretty much the exact same the game. but there’s a couple music spots that are missing and a couple little glitches here and there. like in Clementine eyes do something weird at the rest stop at the beginning of the game in episode one... but put this aside. this is a really good game and has potential on the iOS Device thanks by telltale games. But Can you try to fix the flaws/glitches. Sincerely The game community. Thanks!!!
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12 months ago, Sour-Shadows
Please help me!
I had a problem, the twd 1 game downloaded and had no problem with purchasing however the twd2 (this app) I had problems with downloading. I had purchased the bundle pack and when I tried downloading on data, also on Wi-Fi, I came to nothing just a screen that reads ‘connect device to the internet’. I tried shutting off my phone and closing all the apps but nothing is really working. This is my first time using IOS so tell me what I can do to try and downloading.
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8 years ago, geovoneee
Great Game, But.....
I really love this game! It's fantastic and really immersive. But after this new recent update, the game is broken. I was deciding on doing different endings for TWD: A New Frontier, but now I can't change save files. It would be amazing for a new update to fix this problem. Oh, and another one is the graphics. The shadows are either floating on the screen or all over the place. If you release a new update, please test play so that you guys know that it is good and ready. Thank you.
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2 weeks ago, Proxima.-.
I don’t know if there is a fix for this but the game takes up maybe 60 percent of your actual screen when playing an episode. As far as I can tell there is no full screen option. Leaving me with an unplayable tiny little window where the actual game is happening. The rest of my screen is taken up by some random border. This is very annoying.
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4 years ago, PotatoAimed
Love the story, hate the blank choices
THIS CHOICE IS BLANK! THIS CHOICE IS BLANK! THIS CHOICE IS BLANK! THIS CHOICE IS BLANK!!! Love the story, but there’s a god awful bug that says THIS CHOICE IS BLANK for every option. I live-streamed the game as this happened, uninstalled then reinstalled hoping it would fix. It didn’t!! I didn’t have this issue with season one, so pretty disappointed I didn’t get to see most of the options I had for certain situations. It for sure was a BLIND PLAYTHROUGH... couldn’t even see what I was choosing! Other than this bug, the controls are simple enough.
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1 year ago, Longhair 69
There’s a problem
The game is AMAZING but there is one singular problem. At points in the game there will be a option called. Choice is blank. I don’t like it cause if my character is trying to be nice and there is a blank choice I would just pick random so my character could become mean and then I have to reset my game. So please fix the blank choice thing. Originally i would give the game 5 stars but with this problem I give it 4 or 3. Again please fix this
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5 years ago, PNC818
Can’t download episodes
I’ve played two other telltale games with no problem with episode downloads. I got this one to continue the walking dead franchise story, but for some reason every time I try to download any episode from 2 to 5 I get a notification saying there’s no network connection. This is super frustrating considering I’m on WiFi and data and it still won’t download. As well as me spending $14 to buy the bundle of all the episode. So I would love for this problem to get fixed, considering I basically wasted money on a bugged game.
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4 years ago, KRAFtMac1
“Choice is blank” issue 😒
It seems like this has been an issue for YEARS now and the developers seem to just really NOT CARE! I would normally give a 5/5 star rating because season one of this game was amazing and I thought this would be similar; BUT I want the average star rating to go down for this app so that the developers realize that this is a HUGE issue that affects the experience and fun aspect of this game 🙄. DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you actually want to “Make choices” and guide the story like it advertises because that is literally what the ONE bug of this game affects. Alright ima head out now because the developers probably don’t even care lol
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3 years ago, Katishka
The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2
Love the game play so far, but keep getting “This choice is blank”. The choices are so important to me and it’s frustrating to have to pick a random choice just to move the game along. Is there a way to fix it? A patch? An update? So far in Season 2, Episode 3...every choice is “this choice is blank”. Have a recent screenshot. Time to fix it. Especially because Season 1 was incredible.
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5 years ago, NyyahBaby
Hi it’s saying that I have to connect to my Internet in order to download the rest of the episodes but I’m already connected to my Internet and I try to turn it on and off it hi it’s saying that I have to connect to my Internet in order to download the best of the episodes but I’m already connected to my Internet and I tried to turn it on and off and it saying the same thing so I would really truly appreciate it if you could fix this problem so that I can play the games and if you can’t then I would like my money back
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1 year ago, talekasesco
I love these games and have bought them all!
I am just really upset that the last episode of clementine is unavailable on the App Store after I have invested so much in these games and this story on the App Store. I really dont think it is fair to put all of them but the last one on the iphone App Store. I would love to buy and play the final story. 😔
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7 years ago, kdnowknd
A good game and fun to play, but I'm not sure how important your choices really are, as I've played making different decisions and it always turns out the same. The game has crashed on me several times, it can lag with the dialogue not matching up with the characters' mouths, and there have been several times when the choice boxes are blank. I restart my iPad and it seems to fix the boxes, but not the lags. For $5 an episode, I guess it's cheap entertainment... just don't expect perfection.
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5 years ago, Avery Micael Newman
At the beginning
I love how this game is entertaining to me I love how it has action and have sentences you get to pick and tell you what is happening next I love it has the guy that dies in the beginning that helped the girl stay alive this game is the second best game after dead trigger which gives you characters whit different intelligence to beat levels which different characters.
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7 years ago, Bucky3797
Spoiler alert!!! Best game btw
This is by far the best game I have ever played. I've never actually gotten this emotional about a game but man these decisions are... especially one of the last ones in the 5th episode where oh have to shoot Kenny or look away as he kills Jane alongside the decision to leave Kenny I was a little depressed I left Kenny I hope I run into him again later... maybe when Alvin grows up alittle
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6 years ago, Oaslydigogkvjfudbfj
Love it but where’s My Money
So after beating the game I kinda got bored playing the same chapters over and over again so I decided to restore all my purchases but when I did I didn’t get my money back. To make it worse I couldn’t even get the chapters back. I really love the game but there’s nothing else left to do after beating the game again and again. Please tell me something that went wrong and why I didn’t get my money back when I “restored” my purchases
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2 months ago, myecstxy
it’s a good game but..
The game is great I’ve played it on the ps3 in the past no issue . For some reason on mobile it has a bug where all choices are blank, besides the stay quiet choice. I don’t know why this is happening and I know it’s an old game but hopefully it can be fixed. But overall the walking dead series has always been a good game franchise.
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7 years ago, uS8lAiUHv62ObCEK
THE CHOICE IS BLANK. Still. After years.
THE CHOICE IS BLANK THE CHOICE IS BLANK THE CHOICE IS BLANK THE CHOICE IS BLANK This bug has been around for years now and the developers at TT either a) are incompetent or b) do not care about the quality of their products. This bug manifested for me first in A Wolf Among Us. And now I'm playing TWD2 and this is happening again. It's a bug in their engine that is nearly detrimental to the experience, but after years they have not fixed it. Mind blown. Not only this, but another bug that's been around for years — which also happened in TWAU and is now happening for me in TWD2 — is where there is no voice audio. So a scene just plays through and everything else functions perfectly fine except that none of the characters are saying their lines. I just began episode 3 and this is happening, and I just feel embarrassed for this company at this point.
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7 years ago, More like pc plz
I loved season 1 and 2 one problem it says my iPad can't handle season 3 so I'm gonna have to restart the whole game playing on my iPad Air which I don't really mind restarting the 2nd one but I have to restart 1 and 2 that's the 2nd time I had to replay its kinda annoying but if my iPad really can't handle it I'm fine with that but please make sure the iPad wifi doesn't work.
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2 years ago, Adjó
Alright so Ep 1 of Season 2 I have 0 problems with but as I begin Ep 2 the game begun to bug out , from my responses not working on into the choices just being flat out BLANK. And for a loupe game that was 15$, only for it to not work as intended is a complete and utter RIP OFF, so until this is fixed I’ve disputed a claim for a full refund . What a waste because I really enjoy the series, and reading other comments / feedback I see this has been going on for some YEARS. And the Devs don’t care to fix it so I’ll delete it .
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6 years ago, jayynia
I absolutely love twd game series. I’ve loved it ever sense I seen the trailer for it. But when I downloaded season 2 I also bought all of the episodes with the multi pack, I played the whole game until the end. So I uninstalled it to give my phone some space but when I re-installed it I was right back to only having episode one.I logged back in and I tried to restore my purchase multiple times but it did nothing. Other than that I love the game I just would like to know what’s going on.
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6 years ago, Zchloi
Huge disappointment
After all this time of waiting for the Final Season I find I have been lied to and it is not coming out on mobile devices!!! Telltale you specifically stated in Season 3 Clementines story would continue yet it will only continue for other devices!!!! All three seasons of the Walking Dead came out on mobile so it also makes no sense for this one to be any different!!! Please get your act together and release this Season for mobile!!! I am a huge fan of your games and would love to conclude this emotionally gripping story of a Clementine!!!!
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7 years ago, Pinkhoodie
Don't buy this before searching the net...
It's so sad, but apparently this company keeps cranking out games and leaving all previous ones with the dust without fixing any issues that come up. In my opinion these games are not cheap for an IOS game. So it's disappointing to realize they are unplayable. I started also getting the "this choice is blank" bug. But, it looks like I'm just out of luck because any resolutions I have found online haven't worked. I think it has turned me off to this franchise from here on out. What a waste of money...
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8 months ago, Iisnana
Great story but a lot of bugs
The storyline is fantastic, but this game has a lot of glitches and bugs. Often, the response selection is blank, leaving me no way of choosing proper responses. The sound is often buggy at the beginning of the episodes. There is ambient sound, but you can’t hear the voices. I have to do a hard shut down at the beginning of the chapters to fix the voices, but I have no idea how to deal with the blank response boxes.
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3 years ago, SolidMeow
Game bug, Blank choice.
I’ve seen multiple, multiple people complaining about the same issue. I’m not sure if it will be fixed, however, for a game intended to be played on PC and Console, it runs relatively smoothly. I’m not sure if telltale is even in business still so I’m not sure if the problem CAN be fixed, but it should be brought to attention to others.
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9 months ago, asaidsym
would be great, with no bugs
the game itself is great, 5 stars all the way. however i paid $15 for the season pack only to play episode 2 and have “this choice is blank” when faced with the next thing i say. literally every box says that. now you can pick one of the boxes and it’ll say something random but that is incredibly annoying because it might not be what you wanted to say. not that you can even know what you want to see because you can’t see the options anyway… i wanted to play for nostalgia, and if you’re the same, or just want to play for the first time, i recommend holding off on buying the pack until they fix the bugs.
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12 months ago, Jng1989
Downloading issue
After paying for the extra episodes, I’ve tried to download what I’ve purchased to no avail. I’ve deleted the app, restored my purchases, restarted my phone and the app continues to tell me “Network Unavailable” whether I’m connected to Wi-Fi or on my 5G network. How do I request a refund because I purchased a broken product. What a shame, I had high hopes for the game.
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2 years ago, kailyn.w
this is game is absolutely awesome !! My new favorite game to play ! The graphics are so well , and I haven’t had any type of issue with the game ! And with that it’s not a scam when you buy more episodes , as in just taking your money so I definitely recommend you play this game !!🤩🤩💗
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5 years ago, DylantheSurgeon
LOVE this game but it has issues
I am hooked and I think that this game is 10X better than the first if you can believe. I only have one issue with it and it’s worth losing two stars. 50% of the game it shows all possible responses as ( this response is blank) it makes it hard to be involved in the story when there is a random choice instead of choosing what you would say. I found myself auto clicking a certain box every time because I didn’t know what I was clicking. If this could be patched I would be so grateful, I really want a chance to run through the story and get the whole experience. Regardless, thank you for making such an amazing game and I’m excited to play the next one
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2 years ago, Honeypot_
Choice issues
It’s an awesome game, however, there are bug issues that really get me upset, a lot of choices are coming up blank and you never know what choice you’re making when you click them. Kinda defeats the purpose of the game and takes your will away. FIX THIS !!!
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6 years ago, Dreamkeeper41
I love this game
I’m a more of a mmorpg gamer but I stumbled on this game bought both seasons but my question do you plan in making the rest of the seasons. We are up to what season 8 on the show. I,love the story like and interaction of this game. I would be willing to pay for more seasons. Just love this game. I can put it down.
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5 years ago, Dimond360
Network issue
The app is having the same issue on my phone I bought all the episodes and it’s saying that I have no network connection I even have a new phone now. If the issue is still proceeding I would possibly like a refund. Thank you
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1 year ago, Ess as fdc
Episodes Won’t Download. Please help.
Look I love TWD but the reason for 3 stars is because the episodes aren’t downloading and it tells me I’m not connected to Wi-Fi when I am. This is the first time I bought the multi pack for the game but please help me out, I’ve done everything to fix it, nothing works. Please respond with an answer to help my situation. Thanks have a great day.
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5 years ago, Bimini_Twist
Are you serious!?!?!
I would love to say this is a great game but after I spent 15 dollars for the whole season, I attempt to download the other parts and it refuses to do so, telling me I’m not connected to the internet when I clearly am connected. I would have just contacted the developer instead of writing this review but there’s no contact information anywhere in the apple store or the game. How is there no “contact us” button in your game? I’d like my 15 dollars back if I can’t get any support to play the freakin game. Thank you.
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