Walking Dead: The Game

4.2 (4.4K)
358.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Howyaknow, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walking Dead: The Game

4.19 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Dragonskinglue
Good story, game design flaws
The story is good. There's no doubt in that. But the game was likely not made with the mobile platform in mind, resulting in confusing, clunky movement and camera controls. It's also a choice-heavy game with no option to save manually or skip cutscenes (many of which are unnecessary and lengthy). So it means if you were to alter the outcome of a choice, you often have to replay a good 10+ min of game, rewatching the characters engage in boring, mundane activities such as opening a door (every door-opening in this game has a long cutscene. For atmospheric reason I understand why, but they should only play once). Did I also say you are likely to get some dialogue options wrong? Not because you would regret your choice, but many dialogue choices do not reflect what your character would actually say. The choices are a short version of your character's often emotional, long response, and there were moments that I went "wait, I did not mean it that way! I did not know you'd say it like a jerk...guess I'll have to rewind again." The game would be much better if it were not so frustrating at times. I recommend buying the PC version, which at least has slightly better navigation.
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9 months ago, wevirus
This game now officially works!!
I downloaded this game before but deleted it cuz I wasn’t much of an TWD fan, but decided to come back after so many years later since TWD the original had officially ended and really needed to feel the vibe of it. And I was facing the same problem as well with the eps not being downloaded after buying (and yes I ignored what other reviews said). But now that they do work now I can enjoy playing all 5 eps and plus the 400 days of the 5 characters. Thanks for putting so much work into this dev and I really mean it looking forward to playing season 2 hopefully sometime this year. Oh and FYI, if it’s ever possible could you also do Season 3 and Michonne series, that would really mean a lot to me though I understand doing may take many years of work and a lot to do, so take as much time as you or y’all need, but just know that I am willing to play both of the first and second season games with no regrets. And I honestly don’t know if I am now the first person to re-trying this game and gonna do season 2 soon but I really hope that this season will indeed work. And if even not now, then hopefully in the future. And again, thank you so much Dev for all the hard work you have done, and hope from the bottom of my heart that you continue doing great and that the games will work and will reach success in the futures. And one more FYI, hopefully season 4 the finale as well
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11 months ago, miraarimmyass
Good game but one issue…
I downloaded this game after remembering I really wanted to play it when I was younger. I played the first episode (which is free) and absolutely loved it, it brought back so many memories of watching play through of the game so I purchased the bundle which unlocks episodes 2-5 and “400 days”. I was disappointed to find out that the game wouldn’t let me download the other episodes so I checked the reviews from others and found out it’s a common issue others have been having. I took the advice of another rater who said they reached out to the company who created the game and they gave them steps to take to fix the issue - lo and behold, still nothing. As a final try, I deleted the game and redownloaded it. It let me restore my purchase, so it recognizes the fact that I’ve made the purchase - it just won’t let me redeem it. I understand that this is an older game but the developers should really look into this issue especially because they’re taking peoples money and apparently refusing to let people get a refund, according to the other reviews. It is a really amazing game but I would recommend buying it on a different platform. I just found out it is available on the switch so I will try there next! :)
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2 years ago, realreviewok
This game was amazing !
The story was good but I would’ve like it to go into more detail about the main character Lee . Like he was in a affair and killed the guy ? Or was it a accident? They don’t show like a flash back . Making decisions should’ve gave you “us” the player more time it was really fast what if some players read slower than other . Making choices , sometimes I would’ve have to just press randomly . Also there’s no save points mid episode . I would have to start a chapter all over sometimes it sucked . The 400 days episode was so short I wouldn’t pay for it it was all random and all over the place . Overall it’s a good game needs some fixes . Seems like the newer games still have same issues so I’m not going to buy clearly they don’t listen to there players to fix the gameplay and what we want .
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4 years ago, the pepole who love roblox
The sadness part at the ending
When I downloaded the walking dead when i get to episode five the no time left I was playing it on ps4 after I get ending and the episode four Lee got bit and it was so sad when I get to episode five I started playing as a killer when trying to save clementine the ending I got was so sad but I just wish that Lee didn’t get bit after he got bit he went to the horde he went to savannah then when he try’s and save clementine but the iron thing broke then he went down but after that he was gonna try and kill all the walker there but he was going for clementine I didn’t let Kenny chop his hand but after that Lee had a clever and glass for a weapon when he pick up the broken glass he started to bleed after that he killed some walkers he went to focus mode cause of clementine he love her that’s why Lee is a hero now he sacrificed him self to save clementine after he saved her he fainted then clementine pull him in to a save place and the ending was so sad people would cry and I cried after that I had to make a choose a choice after the choices I let Lee turn it was sad and I cried harder.
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3 years ago, Negan1always
Xbox one controller
This game is 5/5 no doubt. I paired my Xbox controller with it and only one button works. I hit the start button and it pauses the game. Am I doing something wrong or is the Xbox on controller not compatible with the game? Does anyone else have an issue with the Xbox one controller having one button work. The game is mint and have played it on Xbox one ( wish telltale/ sky bound didn’t end the way they did ) every game developed from the 1st one to the final chapter ( including Michonn was amazing ) I’m just not trying to use touch screen on my iPhone 7. ( I know the phone is a little out dated but still. One button working kind of makes me think it should work. ) I won’t go on, but if you are thinking about playing this game, it is amazing from start to finish. Watching and seeing Clem grow up and ( I won’t spoil anything ) so make sure to install this. I’d just rather not use touch screen ? Do these even get read ?
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7 years ago, RHPill
Great story and variety
I purchased this game in 2013 on my iPhone 5s, so when I got the iPhone 7 this year I wanted to play this game all over again. I was having trouble, at first, restoring my $20 purchase. Thankfully, after researching the issue, I realized it was mostly user error on my part. They have trouble restoring purchases on new devices but there is actually a simple way to make it happen if you follow directions correctly. It's found on their website. Overall, this game holds up really well for being five years old and on a cell phone! It has a significant amount of choices that really do affect your outcome in quite a few ways and it ran really smoothly on my phone as I played. It's really odd to read such horrible reviews from a couple of people. However, nothing really gets 100% positive reviews. Just the world we live in.
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4 years ago, i.Keen
Careful! A Rip off is on the line! Potential SCAM
I bought the full bundle. None of the episodes after episode 1 would download. I had more than enough space and the App Store confirmed this works on my device. This wouldn’t give me my money back. I tried to delete it and download it again to see if it’d work. But I had to purchase it AGAIN in order to download them. So despite me already buying it, not only did it take my money, but it also didn’t even save my purchase on my iCloud. The money was taken from me and I could not even play the game. And I’m not even the type to have much money at all to spend like this, but I did it because I really wanted to play this game. So this was very hard loss to take in for me. I got scammed and lost money that I had specifically saved for this. There is another review who claims a similar case. I’m not sure if this will work for others. But I don’t think it’s worth risking. So if you are desperate, I suggest maybe getting the game or games from a video game store on a disc.
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7 years ago, stepkj
now THIS is worth buying!
I hate that I LOVE this game soooo much! The characters are so realistic and you get very much into the game! The reason I hate it is because people do die a lot (not gonna spoil it) and it tugs at my emotions so much. I'm literally jumping with fear whenever a zombie pops out and crying when a head is shot off! 😭 (Not to mention this game deals with cannibalism and lots of other gory, creepy scenes that could give you nightmares!) this game scares me WAY too much but I LOVE it! I'm a 17 year old female actually feeling like a grown man having to protect and save an 8 year old girl 😭 yes there are in app purchases to get all of the other episodes (only the first one is free) but I promise to you it is 100% worth it!!! If you actually enjoyed the first episode and were intrigued by the preview of the second episode, BUY THE REST OF THE SEASON! You won't regret it!! 🙌🙌
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5 years ago, 12:54 am
Loved this game!
Omg the walking dead is not a joke when your friends say it’s fun. It’s a thriller, funny and it’s another good thing about the app it actually feels like survival training but just sitting and touching a screen. My favorite character clementine. A smart little eight year old surviving a zombie apocalypse. Just by sitting in a treehouse. Until lee shows up from a car crash because he murdered his wife for having an affair with another man. You can playas the character and play as in the beginning of the game. To be honest I would recommend 10 or older it might screw a little kid like a 6 year old might be scared of going outside for a while. It has violent, scary, murder, and sadly cannibalism. All I’m saying is that The walking dead is a good game for gamers that like drama. If you read my Review thank you and have a good day!
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10 months ago, Block1088
Paid for but overtime back WT back
I paid for all the chapters I don’t care about the 400+ add-on just the chapters I paid for happening around 2011 maybe sooner but I know for a fact I paid for my episodes and when I try to restore it, it is not there. Just because I didn’t pay or have no reaction within the past four years I still paid I hate complaining, but I love this game and I did pay for it I paid for it when I had an iPad. I just don’t remember what year but I know for a fact I paid please if you want me to pay. I’ll pay just don’t make me pay for the full price I swear I had all the chapters I’m not trying to play you I just won a game that I paid for a long time ago that’s all. Even if you say no let me know even if you tell me no
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4 years ago, ❄️tyler❄️
I absolutely love it
This game is amazing From the graphics To the Characters and don’t forget the Hard to make choices. The first episode is amazing and free (not gonna spill the tea). After the first episode you feel attached ad protective of a 8 yr old little go. It makes you wanna keep her from harms way. The game has in app purchases but you can get ep 2-5 and special ep 400 days for $15 now instead of $20 from the past. That’s a good Deal! But before that read this part it includes zombies, cannibalism, Death by zombies, Death by people, and losing very important characters or people you like in the game! I recommend this game because you can make choices that effect what people think and the whole story! This game will tug at your emotions and make you wanna cry!😭
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8 years ago, Onesrslypissedperson
Rip off! Doesn't even work
This game is a scam. Don't waste your money. I paid for all episodes and after repeatedly trying everything, the game will not download. After going through a lot of hassle to find support, I asked for my money back and they said they could not offer a refund. I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, many people have complained about this glitch. The game developers know about this bug, yet have not fixed it, nor are they giving refunds? How unethical. What a rip off. They should be ashamed to be marketing faulty products to unknowing consumers. Either fix the glitch, or give refunds to those who are being robbed by it. They should be offering such a poorly made game for free. It's priced outrageously and you have about a 50% chance that it might not even work. Will not be buying from telltale again, and I strongly recommend against buying anything from this company. I will be telling friends about my experience. I still want my money back.
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3 years ago, taco kichen fun
Awesome story and graphics
So when I was about 11 I was really into zombie games! When I watched zombie movies it made me want to get a zombie game...I found this and I was obsessed right when I found it I got the bundle and it did it! It wouldn’t give my money back UNTIL i turned my phone on airplane mode idk about u but it worked so I played the game and oh my in the beginning there’s cussing so I hid in my room and played it or when I was around my parents I had ear buds in lol.. anyways Maybe take out the cussing? Kids go on this and u know kids they copy stuff from adults anyways it’s awesome and Tysm for reading this ( if u did lol ) anyways here I am 19 years old still have the game! Keep up the good work😃
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3 years ago, J_ROD_2K4
I’ve had problems with purchase and reinstalling
Ok this is by far one of the greatest games I’ve played on mobile but there is a BIG BIG issue with the purchase and reinstalling with this game first I bought all 4 seasons and the 400 pack for 15 I played for a while but I had to delete all the episodes because I had to clear space on my phone so I did all that and when I went to download them again I tryed pushing restore purchase and nothing I got out of the app and turned off my phone nothing so I tryed purchasing it again cuz it’s not let me purchase something I already bought so that’s what I did and now I lost money I tryed to get a refund from the apple website but it was denied. (btw I have proof of purchase and everything but there’s no way I can get my money back I have tryed all options)
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8 years ago, ElizWiggins
Won't fully download after purchase! Terrible support time.
Started out really liking this game. Sometimes a little slow with a lot of non-interactive video. Got close to the end and after a recent update I could no longer download content. I paid for the multiple episode with the 400 day bonus. After trying to contact them and following their instructions as well as going onto their developer website and following all instructions there including restoring my entire iPad I still cannot download the content. At all! And since I had to restore it, per their instructions, I can get none of the episodes to load except for the first. I have repeatedly emailed support and still have not heard anything back. Doesn't take long t take my money, it shouldn't take long to respond. I either want all of my money back or I want it fixed, which I would prefer! I would change my star review if I could actually play the game I paid for.
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5 years ago, Creeper Sheep
The best Telltale game EVER
This game is the best telltale game ever. It has a AMAZING STORY with characters you care for and can side with. When something happens to someone, you care and feel awful about it even if you didn’t like that character that much. The choices are so hard and no matter what you choose the consiquences make you feel bad. The only thing that has flaws are the graphics but even then I can’t complain because Telltale can only do so much. I lied there are to flaws the characters have flaws and that is a good thing because it makes them so relatable. So really I actually can’t find anything wrong with this game. 10 out of 10 5 stars I love this game, keep up the good work and have a nice day :).
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7 years ago, Bbgfsgbdgdbh
i hate this game
this has to be one of the worst games i've played. you made me fall in love with characters and then they died, they DIED. i worked so hard and the ending made it so much worse. this game is absolutely incredible, incredible at destroying feelings and lives. if you have any sort of heart or soul you 10/10 would not like this game. in all actuality it was amazing and had a really great plot line but still. i thought somehow it would have some sort of an okay ending, but no, that's apparently not how the world works. if you like well thought out and a good heart wrenching game then this is great for you. i thoroughly enjoyed this game and would play it again if i had the time. rip every single feeling i've ever had.
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5 years ago, Albert Rios
Games good somethings wrong with the app purchase
Had the same problem with IPhoneXR. “I like the stories and the animation on the game”, but I bought all the other episodes and I could not play them. It’s seems there’s a error on the installation and download. The developers have a walkthrough if your having this problem. Pictures included the whole enchilada. I repurchase the game in the app. “It was FREE don’t worry”. With a little more patients the words (Coming Soon) changed to (Available). Episode 2 successfully downloaded and getting ready to download the other episodes. Thank you Telltale Support and AppStore Support.
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7 years ago, EZE Ruthless
Choice-driven game? Duck would disagree.
Look, I get that game development hasn't advanced to the point where REAL choice-driven games (you know--the kind where your choice actually affects the outcome in significant ways) exist yet. But what good is a "choice-driven" game if you can't save characters you care about? What good is it when all of the choices you make ultimately prove utterly meaningless? I really don't want to pay money to buy a game where none of my choices change the fact that a kid character we've all grown attached to is going to die in the woods regardless of what I do, thanks very much. So if you're not going to give us real choice, maybe you could at least give us the power to prevent little kid death by zombie bite or gunshot wound? Otherwise, your game is just a bit too much "gritty realism" with not nearly enough power for us as gamers to do anything about it.
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6 years ago, H4dl3y
Tell me how to restore purchase
I bought this game, as well as S2 in late December 2016. I’ve had no problem restoring the full season purchase I made for Season 2, but I’m having trouble with restoring Season 1. I think it was a promotion at the time, but I bought S1 for around $4.99, I think. I have the Apple receipt in my email, trust me, I spent an hour looking for it and saving it for easy access, just in case. I’ve researched, and it’s said to “repurchase” the season pass to fix the issue? Problem is, it’s currently saying it’ll be $20. And with my luck I will be RECHARGED instead of it telling me I’ve already bought it in the past, and proceeding to ask if I’d like to re-download my previous purchase. What can I do to fix this issue, without risking being recharged? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE these games, I don’t regret buying seasons 1-3 at ALL, but I’m giving it a 1-Star til my issue can be fixed.
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8 years ago, Noenamer
Need free episodes
You guys made a great game, but you really should tell us in the description that the episodes cost money. I downloaded the game because I just got the iPhone 7 and I was happy. Then once I finish the first episode "would you like to buy the second episode?" BUY!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? I wanted this game so bad when I watched pewdiepie play it. And I loved the first episode. BUT SERIOUSLY!?!? I'm not hating it. But I'm also not loving the fact that u guys don't tell us these things when we download it. You should at least put it in the description so people like me don't go through the same thing. Anyway it was a great game up until I had buy the rest of it. Which I didn't and I am not going to unless it says "would you like to 'get' the second episode?"😠
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7 years ago, SuperStriker19
Great game
I love this game and the next too, but it doesn't allow me to restore my purchases on another device and that something they should fix. Other than that if you're a Walking Dead fan you should get this and the multi pack! Update: I figured how to restore purchases. As long as you are logged into your iTunes account that you purchased the other episodes you can restore them by "buying" it again. Hit the buy button; it will ask if you are sure if you wanna buy it just hit ok and you will see another message pop up saying you have already purchased and you can download them for free. Just make sure you are logged in with same iTunes account you used to first purchase the episodes. :) Another update (1/9/17): I wish there was a quick save you could use. I hate having to repeat steps I've already done especially if I don't have a lot of time to play. I don't know if Telltale would update this so it had that feature, but it would be nice!
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7 years ago, TruthSayer102
The game revolves around your choice. The game's story can completely change all because of a choice you do. The story is incredible, very sad at times (I did manage to laugh a few times from some of the game's jokes). I think the graphics are meant to represent the comic book version (I never read them), which is fine. There are graphical glitches in the game (Lee violently shaking his head as he goes to look at something on the floor in a hallway), but they are more of a nuisance than an actual issue. Overall, the game is phenomenal. Worth the money (episode one is free, where the rest cost $$$).
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8 years ago, Lex0210
Can't get it work!
The game itself should get 5 stars, it's a great concept & a great game even playing on an iPad vs a console BUT after finishing Chpt 1 I can't get any other episodes to download. I get a message about the connection being lost during downloading, which isn't true...my phone & iPad run off the same wifi connection so if there is no connection I can't be looking for solutions to this problem on my phone w/ wifi while simultaneously not having wifi to download. Apparently it's a issue that has been going on for at least a year but nothing as been resolved about it. I want to finish this game since my console version was scratched & is not playable anymore, but I'm not buying this game a 3rd time. It's a shame too because what I got to play was fantastic...
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5 years ago, neneydas
Good and bad story game+S2+S3+S4
So when i was around 4 or 5 i bought this game the walking dead. So when bought it i immediately saw that the was FUN. But when i finished E1 i had to buy the next E i had buy it once again. I was completely mad. Then i asked if she buy it but the she had no money now when im older (9yrs old) i want to get it again but when i saw the pictures IT WAS THE SAME!!!! I was EXTREMELY MAD EVEN S2 S3 AND S4. I would say its a good game but take out purchases from the game its unbelievable how show made a game BUT WITH PURCHASES IN IT. I would give it a 4 look its a good show and story but take out purchases. Peace and out
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8 years ago, DylantheSurgeon
This is the first time I have given all five star. This game is incredible. It's well made and adapts to your choices!! There are so many roads you could take with this game. I hear that there are some problems with downloading the game, I had none. Sometimes the downloading process stalled but these things always happen. It would be smart to buy just the second one and get it to download before you buy all of it. This game provokes so many emotions. It's disturbing, sad, happy and a whole lot of other things. I recommend this game!! It is well worth the money !!
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10 months ago, MarcosB05
Perfect Game and still a disappointment
I know Telltale Games shut down and came back I think but I wanted to play this game on my Mini IPad 2 and when I restored purchases because I had bought it years ago, it restored my purchases but the episodes still said “Coming Soon” I’ve seen people having downloading issues but they didn’t say about a “Coming Soon” Issue, I like the game, it’s really nice and I love the walking dead, but I’m unfortunately gonna have to give this game a 2 stars, It’d be a 5 star if it wasn’t scamming me and wasting my time, don’t get me wrong, I never thought in the entire world that I would give this game a 2 stars, It hurts my heart but I need to warn people before buying the multi-episode pack.
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6 years ago, TrinChicken
My bad... :/
Ok, good part, awesome amazing game, 10/10 recommend! 👏🏽👏🏽 Bad part, I paid for the $20 purchase that gave you all repossessed plus the 400 and I tried to play the 2nd episode, AND IT TRIED TO MAKE ME BUY IT!! I tried to restore the purchase but that didn’t work either! I am soo mad and I don’t know if it’s because TellTale shut down or what, but don’t waste your money!! Edit: So apparently I’m dumb, and if you do this go to the app support under write a review and then go through and look for the purchases one and if you follow the steps it works out just fine. Have fun playing!! :D
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4 years ago, Nncncncndjdksk
Best game ever, but one problem...
I love this game and I have only played through the first two episodes and I just want to say that 5 dollars per episode may seem like a lot but it is definitely worth it. The only problem I have with it is that when I bought episode 2 and I was finished I went to restore my purchase and it didn’t work. I think it might either be a glitch or that you are only supposed to be aloud to restore the purchase on the 400 days special episode pass. Please let me know which one it is. Thank You!
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8 years ago, Alden F.
One of the best games out there.
This is, without a doubt, one of the most engrossing games I have ever played on any platform. It has a way of sucking you in, and making you feel like you truly are living in a post-apocolyptic zombie world that is amazing. There isn’t a character here that is just filler, or fluff. They all have a point. This game takes the idea of the choose your own adventure books to an entirely new level. Choices you make can impact the game episodes down the line. My only problem with it is the inability to restore purchases. No matter how many times I tell it to, it doesn’t restore purchases. Because of that, it's only worthy of one star. So, if you want to replay it, never delete it from your device. Otherwise, you'll be forking over another $20.
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8 years ago, Agitated long time customer
I originally bought this game upon release on PC and iPad and just recently I had the urge to want to play it again after finishing the new Michonne story so far. After installing it I tried to restore my purchase of the episodes I bought with no luck. I contacted support from telltale games and have been receiving emails all week to try to help me with the issue and I was patient. Until the last email I received when I told them that I tried the instructions they gave me except factory restoring my iPad for one game and none of them worked. Then they replied can you be more specific on which instructions you followed? Then I snapped because at that point they are just delaying me from receiving something I Paid for upon release. So in closing great game but awful awful support.
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3 years ago, Longhair 69
Great game but a problem
I love the game and played it before but I had to delete it cause it took up to much space and now i was playing it and hit restore purchase like 10 or 20 times and every time it said I could buy the 2nd episode but I paid for it before can you please fix it It’s been a few months and it’s still not fixed please fix this cause otherwise ima have to delete it cause I ain’t paying another 20 dollars for the all of the other episodes
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3 years ago, timeape
Great Game Restore purchase options are terrible.
I bought the free episode back in 2014 and in late 2017 I decided to buy the entire series and it’s been on my device for three years. Recently I removed the app to make room for other games. I decided to download the game again but the restore option wasn’t working sense it was an old game on a newer device. If the new developers could make so it would be easier to restore my purchases that would be great.
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4 years ago, BellaB882089
Amazing game and great graphics
Okay so don’t get me wrong this is an amazing game but it’s really gory. Like this is the most realistic game I’ve ever played. And I really like the story line. I got five minutes in before my heart started racing, and if you aren’t one for scary games I don’t recommend using headphones, just go into settings and put the subtitles on. And I’m not really one to right but reviews like this but I had to this time. This is an amazing game but it’s not for me it’s to scary. But if you like scary games than this is for you.
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12 months ago, brookeapritt
Episode Download Glitch :(
i’ve grown to adore this game and have played it many times! but after coming back to revisit this story and experience it once again i noticed that i am not even able to download episodes 2-5 due to glitches. i’ve deleted, downloaded, and replayed episode 1 in order to maybe fix this problem but alas, nothing has helped. at this point, i am so burnt out by the first episode that my drive to replay this story is gone. i’ve even tried re-purchasing the episodes, which didn’t help, and costed me yet another $15. please resolve this so players like me can enjoy this story for what it really is as opposed to only experiencing these annoying glitches. <3
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4 weeks ago, ✨Nochu
How to restore purchases!
I’ve often come to a problem where it doesn’t recognize that I bought the multipack or episodes, if you come to this problem, here’s what helped me. Click “buy” it’ll take you through the process to purchase it again, don’t worry it won’t take any money on your account. It’ll say that you already own it and give the episodes to you for free! Hope this helps
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8 years ago, IsaacGameing
This is one of my all time favorite games out there. The story is amazing and everything you do actually will lead to something. It really brings you into the game and get addicting. I actually felt like I was in the zombie apocalypse, I have to say that people are all saying that the game is glitched but it's probably because you have and old phone, as long as you have a newer phone/tablet than this game works perfectly. 5 stars for being one of the best games I've played.
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7 years ago, Jensbdbj
Thanks to my team and we all have the same problem as we have been having fun at this point here and I have been going on the game and we have been trying for the game for the team and I have to wait until I am at a time and am not going back at the same game until we get to see them and I am having to the right back at this time of year so we are not sure if it was the right one or we would be the same we have to do that and I have no problem going back at the same game as well we are going back at this time and I have been going back to being the right people for a game of a bad game. THANKS FOR NOTHING. Btw , don't get it if u want to restore your purchases it doesn't work.
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3 years ago, Mandia86
One of the best games on iOS
Please fix tge restore purchases. Had to update my iOS so I had to delete my game. I'm not repurchasing my episodes when I already paid... This game amazed me. It was well worth my money. I'm looking forward to the new episodes. I love the show and now I can play this game and make different scenarios . You guys did well with this. The story lines are great, the graphics, and there's no lag what so ever. Mad props to the makers. CAN THE APP DEVELOPERS PLEASE CONTACT ME!?
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7 years ago, Frankensteinfruitylooper
Fun game; horrible company
I loved playing the first episode of this game and decided to purchase episode 2-5 and 400 days. I encountered multiple download errors after my purchase to the point that my game refused to open. I emailed Telltale support multiple times with no response. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled my game and all of my purchases were made obsolete. Telltale never reimbursed my purchases and I had to bug the Apple Store support until they were able to help me with the issue. I will never give my money or time to any games made by telltale seeing as they have no regard for their customers. It was a great storyline but horrendous customer service.
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8 years ago, MathCzyk
DO NOT buy the next episodes pack.
I am having the same rip-off experience as other viewers here. I bought the "episodes 2-5" pack for $20 waaaay back when this game first came out. I just got a new iphone7, and now I can't get to any of the extra episodes. I've followed the app developer's ridiculous steps to restore purchases four times, and still no episodes 2-5. I emailed their support team, and they just wrote back and told me to reset my phone or connect via a different data network. What the heck is that?!?! I got a BRAND NEW PHONE - how is resetting it going to help anything?!?! And a different data network? Are they serious?!? I want my $20 back. It's too bad, because episode 1 was great.
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6 years ago, Social Bot
This game changed
My life. I know it sounds crazy, but it's such a super character driven game. Little Clem makes all the choices. The story was incredible. I played it three times and loved it each time. Please believe me. This is an incredibly amazing story. A story of courage and personal growth. It emphasizes the importance of socialization and working with others for a common cause. THE ZOMBIES ARE JUST SECONDARY. They are a treat and a scary site. However the greatest threat is the lost of humanity and all the wonderful things that make us human.
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1 year ago, Mr. House Computer Database
Still one of the best stories in a video game to date.
The Walking Dead presents one of the most gripping, thrilling, emotional, and heart-wrenching stories ever made in video game format. With the release of The Walking Dead: The Final Season you have no reason to not buy this and play the entire story from start to end. If you have never played any of these games before, you are in for a positively wild ride you will never forget!
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2 years ago, Willienat
The walking dead for iOS
Graphics are fine and it is a fun game on a platform like ps3 or ps4 what have you but it is not optimized for the iPhone it delays when I try to click a response when I’m having a conversation in the story and the controls and moving are little wonky if it was fixed to run smoother I would play it I just bought episode 2 otherwise I might just go back to playing on ps4 or one of my consoles since the game doesn’t run as good on the iPhone the controls aren’t as good it is hard to maneuver around.
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3 years ago, Akeirawesome
Random consistent Shutdowns
I paid fir all the episodes of the game and now I’m on episode 4 I made it about half way but now the game keeps randomly cutting off whenever I try to play I exited out the app and cleared my history but it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t even let me continue playing in the episode let alone get in it to even do so. All money wasted for now can you please resolve this issue
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7 years ago, GlitchesSux
Don't let anyone talk you out of playing this one!!!!
Simply THE BEST GAME EVER... so many choices to make thru the game it's like getting 12 in 1..... I have played this game over and over just to see how the other endings come out. You can't help but fall in love with the two main characters; Lee and Clementine... matter of fact, you love them too much and you actually miss them in season 3... Clem is there in S1 but not the same. My main point is - NO GLITCHES EVER EXPERIENCED, FANTASTIC STORY GAME, YOU WILL LOOOOOVE IT. GET IT NOW!
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8 years ago, Haiiiii:D
Please fix!! This game is amazing!!
This game is really worth every star and penny, but I only give it a low rate because I can't download any of my pre-bought chapters! :( I am able to restore my purchases, but I am unable to download any of them again which is very discouraging. The second Walking Dead game works just fine, however. Please can this problem be fixed soon? A lot of other people are having this same problem with not being able to download chapters and it would be much appreciated! This game is seriously worth it!
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7 years ago, Monster_lover03
We shouldn't have to buy
Why should we have to buy the episodes you should have it that if u complete one you can move on to the next basically it's like gloving some one part of something they wanted but they need to buy the rest like giving some one 20 years of there life then saying you can't live unless u pay for more. We shouldn't have to pay for more. Other then that it's an amazing game
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1 year ago, That guy4622
think like a lotta people I bought the 400 days pack and didn’t read the reviews which was kinda dumb on my part but basically it’s pretty much a scam and it won’t work apparently this has been going on for YEARS but they still haven’t fixed the problem, the problem being that nothing will download once you bought it. So if you are the smart lucky person who is reading the reviews DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. You will waste your time and money the only real way to play this game is to get it on some kinda Xbox or play station become mobile does not work:/ great game tho sad it doesn’t work:||||
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