Wallpaper Maker- Icon Changer

Photo & Video
4.5 (18.9K)
293.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallpaper Maker- Icon Changer

4.52 out of 5
18.9K Ratings
3 months ago, zoe71929
This app is completely awesome!
I love this app so much it literally gives me so much free icons and I love the idea of the different cool pastel icons some of the stuff you have to get for premium but I literally don’t care the wallpapers are all locked (except for some) it’s super fun to make a wallpaper and widgets I was expecting a little more make your own widget or icon but it’s still awesome I recommend this app 99 percent and I am not being payed to say this! This comes out real! So I think you should download it I looked at all the critical reviews but they are all fake this app is awesome don’t listen to the critical reviews I downloaded the app to see if the reviews were real and they aren’t they are just being super dramatic DOWNLOAD THISSS! It’s so amazing I love it
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2 years ago, D 𝕣 𝖆 𝒈 ö 𝓷 🐲
It’s ok, not the best.
It’s a nice one. it has some flaws I’ll point out later. but first let’s start with the good things. I like the options of pictures and fonts, I use Filto. I would recommend Filto if you like to edit photos and videos but it doesn’t have that much of a font option as this app does. I will not call this 5 stars. 4 or 3, seems to be a better rating. Most all apps have a lock to things. (which is technically how they get money.) but I won’t bug. The prices are decent, not as bad as others, I won’t say which,(probably because, I literally forgot🤣) now the flaws are, you don’t have a big Selection of thing when you are picking and making a wallpaper. Kind of the only way to share is screenshot and crop the photo to then just make it the wallpaper. Well, if you read this all the way through, that is for reading my review! Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day, night, afternoon, what ever time it is for you! Bye #Technoblade never dies!!!
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2 weeks ago, Bazkid29
A really good app
This is a really good app even though I just started using it and I need to learn how to use this thing to create a wallpaper but otherwise I know how to use it. I really like this app and everything good there’s one thing that doesn’t add my rating, but I just want to say all the really good stuff is a subscription. Well at least non-subscription stuff has some good things but most of them aren’t that good otherwise this app is really good.
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6 years ago, Annie Benjerman
Not Worth getting it 👎🏼
Once, I was trying to edit this wallpaper and make it better to send to my mom for Independence Day, so I found this app, AND I was in LOVE! I was bouncing off walls when I saw it because I can make an AWESOME picture with EVERYTHING. So I bought the app after thinking for a while. When I got it I was super excited. But when I went on there, the only thing I had, was DISAPPOINTMENT! 😥😥 All the cool pictures are LOCKED. The beautiful pictures in pixabay are LOCKED. You can’t share the photos you make to all social media you want to share it. Do NOT try to get this app, it is A WAIST of time. It keeps crashing ALL THE TIME. it took me about 10 TIMES to even open it. 10 TIMES!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿 I lagged SOO much. If you want a decent wallpaper, buy SOMETHING ELSE!!! And when you try to put an animated pic in it, all it brings you is DISAPPOINTMENT!!
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2 years ago, ItzXoe
Best Theme app out there!
I first found out about apps like this through a themify ad and tried it. DID not work. I tried a few others and gave up. When I saw this one I gave it a try and yes they want you to buy premium, they do still have ones that work without buying it. The only downside is that you have to manually apply some of the icons. Maybe we could make our own icons? Anyways, this app is amazing otherwise! Keep up the good icons that are usable! (If you don’t believe me try it out!)
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5 years ago, VGHHHgGGgHhYgBbHh
This game is amazing!
I honestly thought that from all these bad reviews this app would be a bad app, but this game is is amazing! The pictures are very pretty and the text are so awesome! I got this app like, a week ago and it is AMAZING!!! I have already made like, fifteen wallpaper and have suggested this app to all of my family members. I highly suggest this app to everyone for kid to adult to senior citizens! Thank you for taking the time to read this review. ❤️😀📱
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2 years ago, kkrich2025
Widgets don’t work
I got this app with the intention of making cool wallpapers with Bible verses. In the end, the wallpapers aren’t any more special than if I used “markup” in my photos app. Then I tried to add one of the battery widgets because they look cute. After I added it though, I realized that it didn’t actually track how much battery my phone has, which makes sense because I don’t think apps can read local data like that without permission. Still, kind of false advertising. If you want cute widgets that don’t actually do anything accurate, go ahead. That’s it though.
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5 years ago, Im broke. How are you?
Good but not Entirely
Whenever I installed and opened this app, it already had all the things I like. But there was a problem. I had to Sign up just to save some Live Photo’s. If you’re like me, (Broke) then you already know the struggle of having to either do chores or get a job. But recently I lost my money from one of my family members. I had 80 something dollars and It was literally just gone. So now I’m broke and can’t afford this. Please don’t make people spend money for some Live Photo’s for your wallpaper.
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6 years ago, pops_ o_ lockaaaaaa
So i’m an eleven year old girl that wanted a good wallpaper making app. i found this app and i was very happy. i looked and scrolled through and but of course you had to pay more for certain things. and attention EVERYONE i tried to make a wallpaper with the moving images ( gifs ) and they did NOT WORK! i tried again and again, i saved it to whatever i could and it still didn’t work. if you want to have pretty basic wallpapers then go ahead but i couldn’t use a lot of stuff just because you had to pay extra for it, and that is ridiculous for a wallpaper making app!
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6 years ago, Caitlyn is hyper
Not worth it👎🏻👎🏻
I found this app when I was looking for a cute wallpaper that would match my persona. When I saw the glitter wallpaper option on the picture I was freaking out (I’m in love with glitter) and then I saw the sparkly whale! I was bouncing of the walls with excitement!!!! When I finally bought said app I was excited to see that the glitter wallpaper option was there when I picked it I pick the color I wanted and then when I went to customizing it there was no whale😢😢. It also laged so much I had to close the game five times!! FIVE TIMES!!! I’m quite unsatisfied with the quality of this app and would recommend this to NO ONE!!!! If you want a decent wallpaper LOOK ELSEWHERE!!
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10 months ago, Kittycat _gamer
Ok ok
So for me it’s pretty good at first I tried making a background that has all me cats in it so I have three cats so one of each cat but I also added one more of all of them together so k clicked the button to put them all together and I just sat there waiting for like five minutes so I tried like three more times but that still didn’t work so I just tried the three but it still didn’t work so I tried that like about five more times so I just tried two of them and it only worked for that but did this happened to any one else?
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2 months ago, Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
To: Wallpaper Maker. From: Laniyah Bejger the downloaded
Thank you so much for making this app including everyone if they want to change their app icons wallpapers and more. You made my phone more aesthetic detailed and all the compliments I got from it. I will use this app until I can’t anymore, thank you so much!
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3 years ago, Marley Troy
I would really like a developer review for this one because you need to listen up. There are a lot better wallpaper apps than this one. I’m a child and I barely have any money and the good wallpapers are all locked unless you have premium. I know a lot of you will be like “well it’s cheap just buy it” but I don’t have enough money for that. Also when I go to create a live wallpaper I click on the video I want and it just brings you out to the home screen again. Big glitch needs to be fixed. I got it because it sounded fun it’s really not. I do not recommend downloading if you do not want to pay any money.
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2 years ago, LillyReviews!
This is so terrible do not get!
Ok so before I got this app I looked at the reviews and they were all terrible I mean all basically bad so I’m used to apps like this having to get the premium to actually get something so I was like yah I’m a 9 year old girl who just wants some cute kawaii wallpaper and first of all I thought I’d have a little bit of options but when I’m searching there is no options literally! It’s just blank and when I go to animals in the options there all locked you have to get the premium literally for everything!!! I’m am so wearing TO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!🤬😡😭😔😈😈😈
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2 years ago, sue suk
This app is not that bad 👍
So when I downloaded this app I was so excited because there are really cute wallpapers and widgets and you can decorate your Home Screen I was so excited but it turns out that I had to download stuff and like go on a website or something and I got upset so I hope they can they can fix that up but overall I really like this app I recommend it 🙂
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6 years ago, Emoji_Girl25
At first I was skeptical about it because people were saying it crashes a lot, but it worked perfectly fine. 10/10. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of decorations. They should make an update and add more stuff. Thats my only complaint. Love it and you should get it.
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6 years ago, 🌸blissful.blossom🌸
Not worth the time
Okay, I’ll be honest; when I first saw this, I thought it was conventional and cute until I realized that there were Smule advertisements bouncing here and there from time to time. I understand the creator wants to make money, but when I’m trying to make a background, I do not expect to have multiple ads while creating one. Not to mention, the quality is pretty disappointing even if you do purchase from this app since I know someone who decided to buy from here.
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4 years ago, Spock2468
Whenever I went to crop a photo from a landscape to one that would fit my phone (which is the first step!) the photo would instantly become blurry. Didn’t matter if I edited or saved, all of it was just blurry. Will be deleting. I came for high resolution photos I could edit and am disappointed in the quality I received. If you came looking for something similar to me I highly recommend the app “Text Art”. It works much better
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3 years ago, FoxxyGirl14
This app is not worth getting Idk why it got a 4.5 it’s the same thing as a normal wallpaper just go to setting press wallpaper and pick it. That’s all you have to do you shouldn’t download this game the ones that are supposed to be “Live” they are NOT! That’s all this game does.
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2 years ago, Evilyn!
Love it!!!
This app is a great app. I tried like three other wallpaper apps and this ones free and has great unique styles. The only thing that was a little complicated was changing the app icon manually but overall I would definitely recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Stargirl023
Live wallpaper doesn’t work!
You don’t know how excited I was to try the live wallpaper cause all the other ones don’t work. I did everything correct on the live wallpaper I did like unicorns and stuff but it didn’t work! But the good thing is that I’ll probably use the quote wallpaper instead. P.s could you please add a horse section in the quote wallpaper with horse shoes and little horse stuff cause horses are one of my favorites!
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7 months ago, Literally lilllyyy
Everything about it
I think you don’t have to buy anything unless the things that are really nice because my mom and dad don’t let me buy anything but I love this app either than that I love everything about it
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1 year ago, GolfproVu
I have tried several apps to make wallpapers and this app is perfect! I have already made 1 wallpaper for West Virginia (my state!) I know the outstanding options cost money but it’s ok! I LOVE U GUYS! This app has options of app icons, wallpapers, make your own wallpapers and 1 more option! I LOVE THIS APP MORE THAN ANY OTHER MAKE YOUR OWN WALLPAPER APP!
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6 years ago, polargirl333
I Love It!
It’s a great app and I have the cutest wallpaper it makes me happy. But one problem when I made a live wallpaper it didn’t move when I was making it it was moving and once I got to my settings and it didn’t move when I set it to my home screen. ??❓❓❓❓❓❓❓But besides that Its a great app
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6 years ago, bubbledrooneverstop
Not good at all
I got this app to make my own wallpaper for my phone but when I got I to the app Add presses create it wouldn’t let me use my pics from my. Camera so i deleted it and it wouldn’t even let me choose boy backgrounds like I’m not a boy but what if I was then what would happen in just saying if your gonna get this.....🤢😷 good luck to you and I hope you can try to enjoy this bad app that is still like one of the first 5 apps that show when you type in the search bar “make your own wallpaper “. 😭
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2 years ago, KELP07
This app is not like other wallpaper/widget apps. This lets you design and save your wallpapers, easily install edited apps and wallpapers themes, and get super cute stuff! FOR FREE! I’m not just some paid person to review. I literally just downloaded it and I love it! Please use this! The BEST phone editing app.. EVER!
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10 months ago, Once_Twice_Thrice
Not very good whatsoever
So basically I was super excited to try this app because most apps don’t let my phone use widgets because it’s an old phone. I looked at the reviews and got uneasy before I tried it, I finally decided to and I got my hopes up because this app seemed applicable. Guess what? It wasn’t. I tried the widgets and it did nothing, and THEN I looked at the wallpapers and ALL OF THEM WERE LOCKED!!!!! You have to pay $5 or something to even use it correctly!! Like what???
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4 years ago, G.Tinama
I like it
You know that this app is good I like it you can edit all the photos but there si Big problem some of them you bendy o pay money for some and that’s a big problem and I really don’t like that but after all ots really amazing app you must try this
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3 years ago, nfjgenetjeyk
Pls read
I love this game so much when I saw the reviews I wasn’t going to download it but then I gave it a chance and it was so good it was so good I sent one to my mom she loved the wallpaper I made and I loved it too so please download the game thank you
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6 years ago, totallytaco
I saw this app about a year or two ago and downloaded it onto my iPad. I then tried it and found it was awful! Most cool designs are locked. I mean, I know you have to make money, but then not as many people will download it! (This is why I hate in-app purchases.) I have other great wallpaper and photo design apps. Also this app never loads, and you can’t remove watermarks without paying. The only good thing is that it gives you a 2-day free trial before you have to pay.
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6 years ago, Jtlolzhrjddhbdhdbdvj
This app is perfect for me because I see pictures all the time that I love but want to add more to. I see a lot of ratings saying the app crashes for them, but it works perfectly for me. I recommend this for everyone 😊
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6 years ago, usuallyloyalcustomer
I don't know anymore
I'm giving it half because it always crashes you have to buy a lot of it and it doesn't have many decoration things for wallpaper when you make one it has to be on pose for size and it is very glitchy it does what it want when it wants I could be playing phase 10 and It will bring me on to it I deleted it and will never get it again
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6 years ago, Gamer_666666
I got the app to make cute wallpapers, but it is horrible!! If you are a very in patient person like I am you will know that getting kicked out of the app ten times and having to start over is very stressful!!! Btw most of the stuff on this app you have to pay for it so don't expect much!! I literally was almost done with my drawing hitting share when the screen would go black and kick me out!!! Totally don't recommend this app I'm deleting it right now!!
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7 months ago, hsbsudbhdhd
THIS IS THE WORST APP I HAVE EVER DOWNLOADED! They expect you to pay 7 dollars a week for the full access. It’s so stupid! And the wallpapers are not cute AT ALL! They are very ugly and very poor quality! I would not even pay 1 dollar per year for this full access everything is so ugly! So many adds too! It also try’s to scam you, it telling you a wallpaper is free and it really is not. It takes you to the page where you pay. WHAT A TOTAL SCAM
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3 years ago, M🥰a😁d☺️d😴i
Not worth the time
At first I was in love with this app. When I tried to set up my Home Screen everything was going well until I could add the app to my screen. All the app i choose only half of them would add. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened
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2 years ago, flufyfirebal
Pretty good
I love this app, I think it’s awesome to make any wallpaper you want, I just wish you didn’t have to pay to get more options but other than that it’s a pretty good app.
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4 years ago, joey and other youtubers fan
Its an AMAZING app
This is an amazing app because you can write anything on the wallpaper that you choose any wallpaper that u choose in-fact and I recommend this app it has wallpapers that are beautiful its amazing 5 stars for sure for me
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7 years ago, Hogger126
It is great
This is amazing because you can make your own wallpapers and you can design them the way you want them and that is the great thing that you can make it your self
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2 years ago, Party girl9
Terrible 😞
I was so excited to download this app but it is so difficult to use and the instructions make you download the app icons but it don’t even work. Pls don’t download this app it’s to difficult and all the good wallpapers are lock for no reason but if you try to unlock it you have to pay and I don’t wanna pay for no reason bc the app is not even that good. I’m very disappointed.
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5 months ago, Yayimawesome!
I tried the paid version since there was a free trial and there were practically no options. It feels like this app was made in 2008. It has such limited options, especially with how advanced technology is in this day in age. I’m not able to center or edit my fonts and I think there are much better apps to use that can get the job done for free…
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3 years ago, SotoMichael98
Not a hassle
Just as the title says. Does what I want. Perfect for me. Look no further. Last app tried to charge me to do basically anything on their app… this is the way
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2 years ago, Primrose G
i LOVE this app!!!!! At first I thought it was a cheap scam, but I got it and I am so lucky literally almost in tears of how amazing it looks. Thank you so so much who ever made this!!!!!! Totally recommend!
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6 years ago, XxNetherGirlxX
What happened?!
I had this app before it did the big update! When I had it, it was perfect! I loved everything about it and how simple it was to make me wallpaper. Now that I have downloaded the new version every time I open the app I get a blank black screen. Nothing else happens no matter how long I wait it stays the same. This app isn't worth it anymore!
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7 months ago, Elizabeth, Roseburg
Why I g Gave this four star
OK so I didn’t know I had to pay for some of the stuff for like a good trial. Well I don’t wanna play I just wanna I can get cute wallpapers for free and I don’t like how it goes to my camera roll but otherwise that it’s good By Ava
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2 years ago, what should o put?
I can’t even make a wallpaper
I tried to make a still wallpaper but it only aloud one. And having tracking enabled for a wallpaper maker app thats sus. When I First saw this app I was like WOW! But I checked the reviews and did not care. So after the PIECE OF GARBAGE I look at the reviews again and they SUCKED! I don’t recommend getting this. Btw app your lucky your even getting a rating with your garbage.
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4 years ago, madi the goat
Pretty good but not
I down loaded this once and it was perfect but one thing was bad. It was that when you make a wallpaper it would otimaticly be saved. I feel that you should have the choice to save or not. But I give this app 4 stars.
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6 years ago, Mrs. Bianca
A glitch
I love this app but when I tap a button it sometimes does not work so I keep on tapping but still it does not work!🤯Please fix this glitch and I will be grateful! Thank you!😊
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4 years ago, gabbysayinstuff
It force quit literally every time I tried to save the wallpaper I made. The fact that you have to pay $4.99 a week to unlock things is just ridiculous, not to mention you can’t save anything without the water mark. As if someone is going to be looking at your Home Screen long enough to see it and be like “wow, I’m gonna download that app too!” Another money hole of an app. Don’t bother.
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2 years ago, Baylee the gamer
My thoughts on wallpaper maker
This app is amazing so cool I love making my own wallpapers and seeing some you put in the app for me. Totally recommend it for people who love creating!!!😍😍😍
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3 years ago, it Change my life
Love game
This game has changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without it if I don’t hear from you my apps I can change it
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