Wallpapers for Demon Slayer

Photo & Video
4.8 (1.1K)
43.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Anatoly Modestov
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallpapers for Demon Slayer

4.78 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
7 months ago, sargent.unicorn
I love this app but
I love anime so much I love inuyasha MHA SPYXFAMILY and naruto but the very first one i watched was demon slayer so i automatically got this app when i saw it and ive had it for like six months and its such a good app i love how you different anime wallpapers too but whats with the ads all of the sudden when i downloaded the app there was no ads but when the beginning of october hit all of the sudden i get ads every second and i cant even look at two wallpapers without an add overall the app is a ten out of ten but you could get a higher rating if you removed the ads and put it back to the way it was but also PLEASE UPDATE THE WALLPAPERS DAILY i have like every single one for demon slayer and naruto downloaded and theres still nothing new other than that great app guys please keep up the hard work to make the app better 😊
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6 months ago, Sakura10184
So I love this app. It has amazing wallpapers and they all have great quality. There are some things I would change tho: 1) search bar. It is really hard to find a certain character, Doma for example. I only found a few of him, and half of them Shinobu was in. 2) Less furries. There are so many pictures with the characters having cat ears, paws, and more. I have nothing against them, I just would like a little less. Solution- add more normal ones. 3) Clothes. A lot of them- Mitsuri and Shinobu mostly- have so little clothes on. I do not suggest to children under 14. 4) MORE MUICHIRO. I found only like 7 Muichiro. And most of them have all the Hashiras in them. Another reason for a search bar. 5) More animes. There are other animes included, but I wish there were more. Like Voltron or Komi Can't Communicate, things like those. Just more diversity. 6) Less weird ships. One was like Tanjiro and Gyomei. WHY??! Other than that- I know it seems like a lot, but there are more amazing things too- it's a great app. I highly recommend for Demon Slayer lovers!
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1 year ago, ~scarlett finney~
Why I love this app
I love anime and I watch it a lot especially demon slayer and my hero academia and I always have to go on google and take a screenshot of a photo of a demon slayer character or a my hero academia character but I can never find any that I like but then I got this and there as so many cool wallpapers I recommend this app alot!!!!
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1 year ago, catgurlbelike
Okay so first. People are saying it’s just a demon slayer wallpaper app but no! There’s a button that has four squares and It has MHA, attack on titan, dragon ball Z, and Naruto! So people FIND. IT. But there is some wierd ships lol like Nezuko and Tanjiro like WHAT THE HECK, THERE BRO AND SIS. When I saw this I was like “No…. Just no” but other wise it’s great!❄️❄️❄️❄️ P.s my fav ship is Zentisu and Nezuko channnn, also love Giyu bye!!💦🌊💧💦🌊💧🐳🚿
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12 months ago, weeeeeeewooooooohiiiiiii
Love this game but a lot of ads
So i just wanted to look at art but then an ad show’s up i x out of the ad then when I scroll another ad shows up i’m just a demon slayer fan that is waiting for season 5 of demon slayer sorry if rude
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2 years ago, liasloo
Love it!!
I absolutely love it! Super cute wallpapers and you can even change the filter on it!! I must say there are some pretty interesting ships on there that you wouldn’t really expect. But other wise super cute!! I definitely recommend it❤️❤️❤️✨
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1 year ago, Random guy who likes ds
Very good
If you like demon slayer i would definitely recommend you this app although you have to scroll through to find the character you want overall it’s the only problem is maybe they should add a search bar
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2 years ago, Trickster712
So everyone who wants there to be more animes, this app is only for demon slayer wallpapers. You can download other anime wallpaper apps. But this is amazing! The wallpapers are great and there are a lot of ads, but this is still the best wallpaper app I’ve ever seen before! Have a good day! :)
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1 year ago, mally patterson
Just good but to much ads
It’s good because it has tons of different types of wallpapers but it is sometimes inappropriate but just a little bit and too much adds if the creator of this app is seeing this please cut down on the ads pleas and thank you
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7 months ago, 😜🤪😝😜☺️
Amazing app🍡🍡🩷
These wallpapers are amazing 🤩, it’s not like those ugly rip off wallpapers that you get but it’s well edited and especially since I love demon slayer☺️I recommend this app to anyone who wants to get a good wallpaper.🍡🩷
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10 months ago, agent
I love this app so much!💕 but the thing that I wish would change is all of the photos of different animes photos that are in the demon slayer slot. Like for example there’s Tokyol goul photos in the demon slayer slot!! So it get confusing. But overall it’s a pretty good app🌺
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11 months ago, Pizza party bruh
Idk what to name this
This app is amazing there are a lot of things to choose from and there are quite a few ships that I don’t really mind and it is just a beautiful app
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12 months ago, gosh call
I’m dying
So I just got the app and laughed so hard I cried because I saw the picture of tanjuro zenitsu with guns and that is why keep making apps with those kind of pictures
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2 years ago, demen salyer fan
This is so cute 💜❤️🧡💛💙💚💖
I was so surprised that I saw such a-a cute thing like this I loved it bc I love the anime so i became in love with the anime and there was a app on TikTok but it showed me this so I was thanking that I needed my brother to try this and see what he thinks💖🥰
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2 years ago, Ana233145
It’s good
It’s great and has a lots of choices and good art but there are really stupid and weird ships/lovers. Personally, I would go to the hero’s section and get everyone separately. (Side note needs less adds) Over all, it’s a great app definitely for Demon slayer fans.
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2 years ago, NavyDude2009
Very great
I downloaded this app from the positive reviews, and there is no charge for this app. Sure some things are weird but overall amazing
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2 years ago, NOW PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!
Too many ads!
Though it is a pretty good app for wallpapers there are wayyyy too many ads for this I watched an ad then 5 seconds later another ad please take away some of these ads
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10 months ago, hellow my name is poop
I adore this game🤗
This game is so good I love everything about it the pictures there’s no ads you don’t have to pay for anything there is one thing that I would like for the game is more mitsuri photos.
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2 years ago, ratlover13245thehot
It’s kinda weird
It’s nice but kinda weird- the ships in their are weird the art is cool but the drawings are kinda weird tbh and it needs more anime like one peice spy x family one punch man a promised never land and attack on titan if u could add more that would be great but it’s still nice
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1 year ago, #badappdontgetwasttimeandmoney
Awesome app!
This app is amazing because I really love demon slayer and other anime. The only thing that I disliked about the app was there was way too many adds. Anyway it’s really great and you should get it if you like demon slayer and other anime!
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6 months ago, blue tiger 847
So I love anime (like LOVE it) I watch a lot and this app is great but I just wanna ask if you could add ouran high school host club, it’s one of my favorite anime’s and I hope you add it, that’s all :D
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2 years ago, 𝙻𝚒𝚣𝚣𝚎𝙺𝚊𝚠𝚊𝚒𝚒♡♥︎
So cute but the ships are a bit weird i love anime and demon slayer best wallpaper app i ever had♡ when i got this i loved it i have 2 of the wallpapers on i have the nezuko one
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2 years ago, Scut_Monkey
This app is amazing! The artwork is so detailed and lovely! I use this app for my every background and I could stare at one picture for hours! Props the artists!
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2 years ago, crazy panda 69
This app is absolutely amazing, except that there are so very weird drawings and ships of characters. But overall, tho app is amazing!!!
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1 year ago, TravisRenee
Not good
I watch Demon slayer on Netflix so I became a bit obsessed I got this app because I thought it was cute I’m on an iPhone 5 so this might be different for other people but when I got on the app it just kicked me off and no matter how many times I get on it it just turns off would not recommend
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1 year ago, Dan Sidey
Amazing 🤠🤠
Its so good, I cant choose which one to pick! Thanks for this game but there is a few weird ships
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2 months ago, iloveanimes
So good
Wow great app but it would be nice if you could add howls moving castle wallpapers and new 2024 anime ones too thanks
Show more
2 years ago, hbvvvggggy
I Ann
I love this app so much i like the photos and the art I hop you can see this your app.
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2 years ago, hdrhhrrntjfnrjjr
Best app ever
I love it! There are no adds but some pictures are not to unholy.
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6 months ago, I do?????
This app is so cool to have but I don’t know what?
This app is cool, but I don’t like the pictures they show but I think it is a good app
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6 months ago, Ships / Crushes
Good but csn please change
Its a Very cute app, Don’t get me wrong but There are crazy stuff lile Nezuko and Tanjiro getting married !?? Like they are siblings!!!!!
Show more
6 months ago, Evie long tanjious lover
I love this app so much a specially the ships like tanjiou and the flame hashera I wish they had more apps like this best app ever!
Show more
6 months ago, Nowuwuee
Love it but
Why so many ads
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1 year ago, biggest anime fan
Cool game
This game is like so cool the fact that you can get wallpapers of anime but not only demon slayer attack on titan, dragon ball Z , Naruto and one punch man
Show more
2 years ago, haysgenwisvenwksj
The art is great the show is great, thanks for making this 👌
Show more
2 years ago, Neek77
Love it but…
Nice wallpapers love how I could changes the colors but the ships are disappointed and disgusting I saw rengoku x tanjiro and a lot more
Show more
2 years ago, gg lbf
To many adds
There are to many adds but overall it’s good
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1 year ago, Midoriya #hero-UA
I love the my hero academia wallpapers I am a big fan of Deku and I love that there is a variety of MHA content 😆✌️
Show more
2 years ago, tanjiro is a simp
The ships 🛳🚢⛴📦🚚
THE SHIPS like are cute but bro I hate Giyu and Tanjiro shipping it’s cute but bro 😟 Rengoku and Tanjiro 🧐 nezuko on top of Tanjiro 😕 Giyu and sabito 😌imagine if a kid gets this? Hentai almost 😟
Show more
1 year ago, Cheyenne to be
People need to stop shipping
Show more
12 months ago, Madulmira
More Muichiro wallpapers please!
I only found 3, please add more?
Show more
4 months ago, Nuugfd
I love the wall papers but
It won’t download for some reason
Show more
1 year ago, uman2008
Best app to ever use for wallpaper
Show more
2 years ago, rosie sam
El GaTo
I love this app but some things are just no but 5★★★★★★
Show more
1 year ago, Nashira_zoldyck
Amazing art but..
They’re is definitely some VERY interesting ships, such as sanemi x genya 🤡 and tanjiro x muichiro 🥸 so minus some weird ships it’s pretty good.
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10 months ago, eyyyllnuiu
I was choosing my wallpaper, and then I saw this Tan x Giyu😨😨😨😨
Show more
11 months ago, Yuri_luv_the_knifu_
The game is really good but I saw nezuko pregnant and the father was tanjiro😨 please get rid of the inappropriate stuff! They are siblings!! :(
Show more
2 years ago, catcatmat
Best app ever🤯🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰
This App is the best way for you to a wallpaper
Show more
2 years ago, MikaelaMarie1235639/$,73
Wayyy to sus but it’s pretty cool but I didn’t know the main character was…g a y
Show more
1 year ago, h&hfvbv
I’m muslim
So they have some very inappropriate stuff for wallpapers so please change it. And i love tanjiro and Rengoku byee
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