Wallpapers HD for iPhone!

4.6 (32.2K)
79.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skol Games LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wallpapers HD for iPhone!

4.61 out of 5
32.2K Ratings
4 years ago, lislyi7312
This App is the BEST This is not like any other app this app has millions of selections to pick in the first minute I download like 20 that I liked there is millions of GOREGEOUS photos and more and more and more I am not those people who are actually secretly a worker that is writing good reviews this is actually a good review if I could give this a 1,000 rating I would 5 STARS for sure no doubt just on thing I would suggest is Live Photo’s but other than that the best wallpaper app in the world I was looking through a lot and some didnt work or was glitchy or something like that but this was the best if u are asthetic here is your app if u are into cars here’s your app if u are into dark rhymes here’s your app if u are into nature here’s your app now I don’t have al day for each category but I migh not of mentioned your thing but it’s in there I just hadn’t type all day but PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS APP it’s the best I’m not kidding.
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4 years ago, ladybug princess awesome
I have been looking for a wallpaper app for so long, but all of them want you to pay for premium and if you don’t pay all you get is the dum wallpapers. But this app you don’t have to pay for anything! (so far at least) The reason I rated this four stars is that it could use a few more things to make it the best app it could be. One recommendation I have is to have a search bar where you can search different photos such as flowers, dogs, etc. I understand that there is already a place where you can select different categories but it barely covers any categories. Also there are a good amount of adds on the app.(I understand that putting adds give you money because this is a free app) But there aren’t so many that you will lose your mind.(that happens to me with a lot of apps😊)I really hope to see the search bar update on your already fantastic app! I totally recommend this app if you are going to get a wallpaper app! (If you don’t get this one your better off not getting one)
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4 years ago, Fun star28❤️🤪
Best wallpaper app ever!!❤️
I love this app so much, it doesn’t make you pay for the app, they have amazing wallpapers, and you are always saying “WOW.” But... you can only save 5 wallpapers a day but you can still take screenshots which I don’t mind doing because I do that a lot with other apps! I think that’s the only bad thing about the app, but I also wish there was a search bar in the app. But this is the best wallpaper app, I used to have this other app and it made you pay to use it and another one where the wallpapers were sooo boring, but with app they are so beautiful, and like I said before all you would keep saying is WOW🤩!!!!! I love this app and everyone should get it if looking for a wallpaper app!!😍😍❤️❤️
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10 months ago, nsvdjanfn
It’s okay but smarten up guys.
You see this app is pretty good for a wallpaper app and stuff but you can only download 4 wallpapers a day? No. Just no. And the app is scamming us. Some wallpapers you have to pay for the VIP or whatever you call it but when really you can find it for free in another section and also if we wanted one we can just screenshot it and cut out the extra stuff we don’t want if you already had downloaded four wallpapers. This app is just a scam so my advice? Look deep. Then you will find the wallpaper you wanted for free even though earlier you found it for free in a whole other tab. Something else, TOO MANY ADS if you are scrolling for a while after a specific point an ad pops up, 15 seconds later? ANOTHER AD. So yeah this is my feed back. All I beg of you is to stop scamming us okay? Some people actually bought the VIP thing just for a silly wallpaper that is free in a whole other tab. They wasted their money.
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4 years ago, Mdoaos
I have a few wallpaper apps in you and another one are probably the best ones I haveThis is a really good game and I absolutely love it I love all the wall papers and that there’s different categories and I’m gonna use it all the time because I’m actually a little picky on my Wallpapers I absolutely love literally so many wallpapers and I just can’t decide so I feel like getting wallpaper abs instead of looking on the Internet and having to go back there or thousand times if you don’t like it is a lot harder so that’s why I like wallpaper app is better because they’re just easier and they also give you more wallpapers I really love this app and also I just wanna say the wallpapers are beautiful
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3 years ago, love it!! so fun!!
This app is absolutely amazing……….but
Hi!! I love this app, it has so many amazing wallpapers that I love. I just got this app and am already using this for both Home Screen and Lock Screen!! This app has so many beautiful pictures and the animals pictures are just plain adorable! But…..there is 1 thing that could change to make this app perfect, I would love it if you could add a anime Category from anime shows; I love anime so much and really want a anime Lock Screen but there is none, please do add the e category but if not then that’s totally fine!! Thx for reading this long message 😅. Have a great day!!
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4 years ago, Barbara middlemiss
This app is amazing if you want gorgeous and amazing and like it’s so cool you can different categories on the side and all you have to do is click save at the bottom of the screen and then there you go this is the best thing ever go get it it’s amazing you’ll be so surprised once it works so well for you it works well for me there’s no glitches or anything it was a perfect app for me and I think that whoever gets this is really smart because this is the best app and I hope you enjoy it! ^_^❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖❤️💖💖❤️💖❤️ Best wallpaper app I’ve ever tested/it is totally free and I love that’s about it
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3 years ago, 🐕PUP🐕
Love this app just think there one thing you should add
This app has been a dream, even more of a dream since I had it for maybe over a year, but I just think there’s one thing you guys could add. I think the app would be even more amazing if our favorite pictures were organized, like how it is when you select a picture. Thank you for reading this section, and I hope you could do something about it, but besides that the app I is the best wallpaper game I have ever had. Thank you again for reading 😊
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5 years ago, My lame nickname
This has to be one of my number one most favorite apps. For my backgrounds on my IPad, I’ve always just used the wallpapers already in settings. NOW I can get cool and FREE😝 wallpapers. Ads don’t pop up so often either, just in case you hate ads disturbing you every time you do something😒. You can select different categories, plus edit the picture, and then I’ll go to your photos.(IF you say yes and let it go to photos) Just a little suggestion for the developer: Maybe you should try adding moving wallpapers too?😊
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5 years ago, Catsrulethewod
It’s ok but can do better
While I love the features that this app provides it can really be a lot better and it needs improvement! There should be many more categories than there are! There also needs to be more girly and more colorful colored wallpapers. I also do not like how on some of the wallpapers you can’t even download the wallpaper to your camera roll! I know that you can screen shot the wallpaper but the whole point of the app is to be able to download wallpapers and make them your backdrop. And what if you have a cell phone that doesn’t allowed screen shots??!! Just something that needs to be taken into consideration!
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4 years ago, thepersonyoushouldlistentolol
Its pretty awesome but....
This app is absolutely amazing! The wallpapers are beautiful, they work amazingly i remember the first time i got it i wanted to download like 500! But i could go anywhere lime that, i wasn't aloud to pay for the premium so i was only aloud to have 5 pictures downloaded each day! I ended up installing it and than deleting it so i can get more photos but that was wrong so i never did it again and now i need to wait 16 hours until i get the picture i rlly wanted other than that this app is amazing!
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3 years ago, kk mermaid
There’s so many pictures it’s just too good to be true
This game is a fun it’s not really a game but you download pictures and it goes onto your phone it’s super good and does the pictures as it says there’s a lot of buttons you can share with your friends and family The lock screens I got the fish one because I love fish so much and they just have a Lock screens and super good I think this is the best lock screen app so whoever like you whoever you are download this weather apps are ripoffs
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4 years ago, kenzie cane
I am in love with this app! I love all of the different wallpapers and all of the different patterns and stuff like that. Although I do wonder if there could be more categories. For example colors like yellow, purple, pink, Patel blue and pastel pink..And so on and so forth..I would love for there to be an aesthetics categories, E-Girl category, VSCO girl catagory..And so on. These are just some ways to improve this app. So far there are no bugs or anything and every thing is perfect! Thank you for taking time out of your day/night to read this! Best of luck, Kenzie-Marie Klavins
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4 years ago, :3/:3
Great app and you don’t need to pay
This app is the best wallpaper app for many reasons one reason is because you don’t have to pay to use wallpapers and the next reason is because there are so many wallpapers I don’t get bored looking for wallpapers but the only thing I would like to see on the app is there’s a search bar to look for different wallpapers because then if you do then it would make the app so much better.
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5 months ago, yulissatinajeroseanzea
Love but there’s A LOT of ads.
Ok don’t get me wrong I LOVE the wallpapers this has to offer. Unlike other wallpaper apps I downloaded in the past I had to buy something but this app lets you pick out wallpapers and you don’t have to pay for them, well you do but that’s if you get premium. But that’s besides the point, this does have a lot of ads but in my opinion it’s kinda worth it because the wallpapers are SOO cool and mesmerizing! Definitely gonna use it again! 😃🥰
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4 years ago, 3girlmommy
Hey I just got this game after I looked at a lot of other wallpaper apps and I went in them and they all cost money then I found this awesome game and it did not even cost money. Anyway you can find real life pictures of animals and all sorts of things and on the side there are some names of some pictures and they are for some WALLPAPER . I love this game you should get it you will have so much fun please get this APP 😏🤗🌇🌃🎆🌄🎑🏞🌅🎇🌆🌌
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1 year ago, my real name is hailey
I love this app so much and I have so many of the wallpaper’s saved and that I used but, the ads. The ads are so annoying and I will not be paying just to get the apps away you shouldn't have to pay just to not have ads pop up every five seconds because that gets annoying and I know you having the ads give you money because people will pay you just so that they don't have to watch an ad every five seconds. That is my love and hate relationship to this app.
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10 months ago, Penguin 8
Just got this this week. I’m loving the wallpaper / pictures I’ve seen so far
Cool looking app; really cool pictures, but if you don’t want the paid version, then the amount of commercials / ads is Absolutely ridiculous Every few minutes or so & you can only save like 3 pictures before you’ll get & continue to get a prompt to buy w/ 3 options. They don’t cost much, even for a full year, but I’m going to research more apps like this; and there’s Always photos and wallpapers online
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1 year ago, idkifthisisgoodornot
I’m not even joking this game is amazing! The actual review I would but is 4.5 just because if the fact that you can’t save more than 4 photos per day. 🫤 But other than that, it’s amazing! I really recommend this app to anyone who is looking for more cute, amazing, and WONDERFUL wallpapers. This app is now officially and legally the best wallpaper app in the history of wallpaper apps. I ❤️ this app so much!
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4 years ago, meow kitten meow
So good!!!!!😀
I love this app so much! It has some of the best wallpapers I use! There are so many different wallpapers to choose from. Before I got this app, I had just one wallpaper and I was getting tired of it so I decided to get this app. And I am very pleasantly surprised! I found two wallpapers that I liked instantly! There is such a variety of wallpapers to choose from! I would DEFINITELY recommend this app to get if you want a new wallpaper!
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7 months ago, Lee R.
I LOVE this app it’s the best app, I got I like it because u don’t have to pay and I’m sooooo excited!!!! I recommend this app, it’s so nice that u have choices, my favorites are the Christmas & space & cars jk I loveeeeeee all of them and I’m not the people who get payed to write a reviews The people that are reading this u should get This app you’ll love it trust me, oh and u can also pay to get some nice ones.
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12 months ago, Izznuts
What liked and what I didn’t liked
What liked was that it has so many different wallpapers but what I hate is that you have to pay to get updates and I’m only 11 and I Just got the app so for me I have to get the hang of it but is okay my favorite thing is it has so many thing you can see and us cute, animals, popular and more try it out
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11 months ago, Jozef Phillips
First of all, I would like to say that this app is so cool 😎 Second of all, I love the wallpapers. Third of all, it looks cute. Finally, It helps my friends get impressed 😏 Now their are ads, but still it’s very good. I would like to say to the creator of this “WOW! I love this app!!” Which I would like to do. For whoever is reading this, I would highly recommend you to download this app.
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2 years ago, 55debbiecriv
Not free
I downloaded this app based on the reviews that said it was free. Well I was able to get two wallpapers for my iPad and iPhone and that’s it. Every single time I click on a picture now a big box comes up asking me to subscribe for a month or a year. I cannot get rid of the screen. It comes up every single time I try to get a new wallpaper. I even waited a day before trying again thinking there might be a daily limit, but no, it still comes up and blocks me from downloading any more pics. I would like to know why the reviews say it is free when it is not.
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5 years ago, I LOVE WAFFLES101
I really like this app!
I think this app is grate! I just think that we (everyone that has the app) should be able to type in a search bar for something that we want to have but, we cannot. I also wish we could have more choices in animals or food and fire and everything else. I do like how there are so many categories we can choose from.i think that is all!❤️But otherwise I really like this app. Thankyou😊
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5 years ago, Andrea Bennington
Love the Pics-Hate So MANY Ads
Through the years the amount of ads that you must see has gone from 2014=just a constant strip down at the bottom to 2019=constant strip at bottom to ads that stop you from viewing wallpapers and force you to play games for 30 secs every 10 wallpapers that you look at. That is a lot of ads and I look at wallpapers a bit less than I used to, but still use them for Holiday wallpapers.
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2 years ago, kinslee.s
I love this!
It is amazing I get so Maney compliments on my new wallpaper they are so pretty who ever made this game thank you so much it even gives you Options between if you want a popular wallpaper or a new wallpaper a black and white paw paper a car wallpaper or a awesome wallpaper it is so cool I love it and I will be changing my background awesome with this cool new game!
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4 years ago, kitten puppies and wolfes
It’s the best ever I love it soooooo much I think that my friend liked it too because I showed it to her and downloaded it as soon as I showed it to her. Also it’s free and their are so much wallpapers to pick from. And they are the perfect size for my I pad and it’s not like it is way to BIG like the other app!!!!!!!!! And the pictures are so creative and I just love it sooooo much
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3 years ago, Nicky Jenn
Spectacular! 🥰🙃
This app is amazing! They have a very, very large selection of wallpapers! And they have categories so you can go straight to where you wanna go. The wallpapers are very beautiful and are one-of-a-kind. Love them so much! Just wish there weren’t so many ads! (But that’s totally fine; I like keeping things free)
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4 months ago, SidewinderCdub
Best wall paper app
Here is my second review just forget about the adds even though they pop up a bunch! This is amazing I really love these wall papers almost every weekend I get a new wall paper I just love the dog and cat ones because they make me smile that I just stare at them so I would for sure get this app!
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4 years ago, 𝓴𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓻𝓪
This app is very good but...
I love this app, but there’s just one thing missing. There’s no search option . For example, when I wanted a Fall background, I was trying to see if there was a search option. I really do love this app. But I do wish that there was a search option. But I’m still giving it a 5 star review.
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3 years ago, WolfDigHorseSpiritz123
My Review
I think the effects are amazing and I at least added 100 photos to my device from this app. I love how you can tap the topic but about that, I think there should be a search bar so you can narrow it down and make it more specific. That is the only downside I have about this app but other than that, this app is amazing!
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5 years ago, Alex for16918
The reason this app is awesome is because I’m not very girly so girly wallpaper Apps are so out of the question there are thousands of wallpapers on here which I loved you so amazing I did a fire picture one that said I’ve always like to play with fire and a great dragon one with a crown that said guardian angel it’s just the best app ever so there’s my review get this app immediately BRB
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3 years ago, Gloria988
PLEASE ADD KPOP, and please reply.
I love this app because I get so many pretty wallpapers. The ones in nature are very pretty but I have one complain. I want MORE categories. I wish that they added these categories; KPOP; CITIES (especially Seoul South Korea). Other than that I recommend this app but because there aren’t as many categories that have to do with specific things, I give this app 4 stars. PLEASE REPLY AND ADD THE CATEGORIES.
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6 years ago, Exjoey
Ad-supported, showing free wallpapers
What you get - Categorized wallpapers, mainly from Flickr and other free sources (tap on a wallpaper in the App and it will give you the source of the picture, which makes it legal I guess) The free version has Ads, and a limit of 10 wallpapers that can be downloaded per day. After having the (free) App for a while I realized that I was downloading ones I already have. New backgrounds don’t seem to be added that often.
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4 years ago, kk aqesome
Love it but
I love this app especially because you have so many options. But I wish their was a way to search what your looking for like say you want fantasy it’s not on the topics and you can’t search it. But other than that this app is great!
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1 year ago, stef21anies
Great wallpapers
Beautiful pics to display. Being able to save 4 a day is great but there should be a mark on the ones you have saved because if you hit the save. Button more than once not knowing if it saved or not it will still count has your 4 saved pics allowed
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8 months ago, Sara D B
Can’t tell which Wallpapers Are Free From The Premium One’s
The wallpapers are beautiful and I would have given this app five Stars but I am only giving too stars because the ad’s are overbearing and you can’t actually tell the free wallpapers from the premium one’s. For instance the premium wallpapers obviously have green dots but there are some wallpapers that don’t have the green dots that it pops up and says you have to have premium to download them.
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4 years ago, Rockin'Sparrow
NEARLY perfect
I absolutely love this app but I do think you should change it just so people can make/share more than 5 wallpapers. Otherwise no complaints to those who consider getting it: there ARE adds but there aren’t that annoying you should TOTALLY get this app! You won’t regret it! 🤗
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3 years ago, I'm a blah
Really Good… Buuuuut
This is an amazing app. It has really cool, cute, pictures. It even takes only a split-second to download! However… it gives you adds, lots and lots of adds. I’m talking like one every 17 seconds. It can get annoying but at the same time the pictures are worth it! I hope you agree.
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5 years ago, 9t0k
I love this one thing!!
This game is Awsome. I love how it’s free I just found this app and i was looking for one that was free. I looked at everything and couldn’t find one that was free. I love 💗 how you can just get the wallpaper on and you don’t have to wait. It’s just that sometimes there’s a lot of ads. Hey but it’s now one of my favorite games!! 😀😀
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2 years ago, Lily coldhearted
GREAT GAME but two cons
OK so there are a little bit too many ads and like when you’re off this app for a long time you don’t get more wallpapers you only get four that’s like the only thing I don’t like please change this
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4 years ago, maddyziglerfan#cry
Good but some minor problems
I think the app is very good it is hard to get a clean back drop. One of the problems is that they need a search bar for other cadagorys.(Sorry for spelling problems). The other problem is they only let you pick 5 backgrounds every day. I know you could just screen shot them be that is not the porpoise.🤗🤔👌🐳🐬🦄
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9 months ago, AgentAvery007
WOW 😯 interesting
So,this app is very fun I really recommend this wallpaper app! But the ads.... the ads are very annoying like when I’m finding a good picture for my background it’s well....it doesn’t let me Finnish Editing my picture so,I would love to have less ads on this wonderful game/app! I hope u get it! ;)
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4 years ago, kokoHdhdur
Read this !!
So I downloaded this app because I was tired of the backgrounds in settings. So at first this app is fine BUT it gives you a limit of saving 5 backgrounds a day that’s it!? Are you kidding me the backgrounds in the game are really really cute and you get one background a day?:/ really disappointed ugh don’t download you are just wasting your time I hate to say this but you are . I deleted this app in like 20 minutes after downloading
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4 years ago, inzanadi
I downloaded the app with high expectations seeing the beautiful pictures previewed in the App Store however, once I did, request to upgrade blocked seeing any pictures when I said no, an ad popped up and covered the whole screen. I dismissed the ad, and then a request to try the other apps available from the same developer popped up. This would not be dismissed. I give up. I might have been willing to purchase but without being able to see anything you lost my business.
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6 years ago, unknownwasalreadytaken:(
Really cool
This app is amazing. Please if your looking for a good wallpaper app then please do download this one. It has about 15 to 20 categories and they are such amazing pictures. Not only are the pictures amazing but they aren’t blurry and they look professional. Just saying, this app rocks.
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3 years ago, Deve8sgirl
Ads ads ads….no time
Too many ads. The on screen, pop ups, and videos ads are constant. There’s no search engine so it’s very time consuming thumbing through all the pics with ads popping up constantly. I don’t mind ads every once in a while but it’s ridiculous when you spend more time looking at ads than you do the actually wallpapers.
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11 months ago, Mystic351
Ads keep popping up
I’m still getting ads and I’ve purchased the lifetime plan. Why is that occurring when your site says ad free when you upgrade? Thank you for your assistance in the matter.
Show more
4 years ago, Elvin18Wheelers
Too many Ads
Great wallpapers but wow, ad after ad after ad. You wouldn't think an ad would pop up as much as in this app. Im not paying to remove ads on an app that I won't use all the time. But it got so annoying that after using it for about 2 minutes I deleted it. Can't just go through the photos without an ad popping out every minute.
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