WallpaperSize : Resize & Fit

3.2 (65)
19.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ki Tat Chung
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WallpaperSize : Resize & Fit

3.23 out of 5
65 Ratings
9 years ago, PhilipEfthimiou
Great but..
It would be great if there was an option for the quality the photo is saved in, as it is sometimes poor. Also, a choice to change the background colour would be great.
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2 years ago, J.hnH
Suggestions To Developers
This app has been my goto for creating a minimalist wallpaper with just a photo and solid colored background, but there are a few suggestions that I’d add to make the user experience a lot smoother and easier. • Add a grid overlay so that when you’re aligning your images, you’re better able to accurately place where you want it to be. • Add some sort of feature that lets you know when an image is centered (both vertically and horizontally). For example, if the image is centered horizontally, there would be a vertical line going down the middle letting the user know that the image has been centered. • Feature to set presets. This way, you’re able to place an image at the same location / coordinate (and possibly with a set color background) every time you use the preset. With this feature, you won’t have to worry if an image is in the same location as your other wallpapers and that the background of the color will be exactly the same as your previous creations. I hope this reviews is seen by the developers as I feel that these features and additions would benefit the app and user experience greatly. If these features had been added prior, I would have given a 5 star easily.
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4 years ago, Rose75629294
Love this app!!
This app is perfect! Whenever I have a picture that is too big or too small for my screen saver I go straight to this app and it solves my problem. I can make it smaller or larger and I can choose the color behind the photo as well. And it accurately shows how the screen will be and where the time and date will be so your photo is not covering it. I would defiantly recommend and give this app a 10/10
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4 years ago, da_ghostis'
This app works great srsly😁😁! But there’s just one slight problem. There’s ads after every wallpaper. They’re not too much of a problem, but I think it would be better if they didn’t have so many. But other than that, there’s no problems! The app works great 👍 you can choose whatever color for the background and it’s bice if you have a picture you like but it’s to big for you screen!!! Thank you 🙏
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4 years ago, goodbowler
this app works, but not well
I got this app to make a card someone wrote for me my lock screen, and whatever i did there was black around it, no many how many pictures i took. It worked for a completely random photo, but not for this. I tried other pictures and it still didn’t work. Only on one did it work. Don’t bother getting this unless you don’t mind 2 big black lines on your screen.
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4 years ago, VanHalensing
Missing one feature
There’s one feature I wish it had. I wish you could pick your phone, so it accurately shows where the time/icons would be. Mine didn’t line up like their picture. Otherwise, exactly what I was looking for.
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4 years ago, cclaire h.
It worked perfectly
I needed to take a photo that was taken on an iPhone 7 and make it fit on a iPhone 11 wallpaper without cutting anyone out of the photo. It literally did exactly what I needed it to do, and very simply!
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2 years ago, Moon_Knight13
I have been looking for an app like this for a long time!! Absolutely does everything to help me fit pics to my screen. Highly recommend
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4 years ago, Kevin9217
Works great!
Solved a lot of problems with pictures not being of the right size and resolution actually. Definitely would recommend this!
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6 years ago, Gaurangachandra
Home screen with a black background
I was looking for a tool that can create a wallpaper with a photo with black background and this app was able to do it seamlessly. Used it on iPhone 8+
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2 years ago, Karelin Ramos
Very cool!
App works perfectly. I was able to make a nice wallpaper within minutes. Something I really like about this app is the wide variety of colors to choose.
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6 years ago, faith.in.music
Did the job!
I have an iPhone SE and could not resize & save a picture for a background. And after downloading this....it worked perfectly!
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4 years ago, littlebabty
No scaling???
How are you going to advertise that you can re-scale pictures when your app can’t even do that. I’m trying to re-scale a landscape photo and I wanted to scale it to portrait... don’t get this app if that’s what you’re trying to do, it’s basically pointless because you can do all the same things within settings lol
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6 years ago, clarraaa
Worked great!!
This app is so quick and easy to use. Didn’t have any issues with it whatsoever and it solved my problem. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, David's Red Headed Wife
Works as advertised!
Was extremely easy to use. Worked perfectly!
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2 years ago, iAladdin
Ok but
The app should be made to retain the original file name Should also save the output to the same album that the image was used from Should also made to retain the date/time stamp. If it does the above I would rate it at 5 star and buy the pro version
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4 years ago, Crakehead
I love it no joke no cap
I love this app so much!!! Every time I need a wallpaper fit i use this app! It’s literally amazing please never delete this
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7 years ago, Beadwitch7
I agree with the reviewer who said that the latest version gets stuck on choosing a photo. It freezes up. It’s now virtually useless. Please fix this!!
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6 years ago, KtenSimms
Unable to use
Gets stuck on the photo select page, tried reinstalling with same result. Deleted the app.
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2 years ago, ycc47rhxf
Is this supposed to work?
Doesn’t work at all, just a waste of time. Deleting it now..
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6 years ago, Ss637
Crashes (v3.2)
Crashes when you click save to camera roll
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6 years ago, Donnylav
Perfectly worked.
2018 oct 31
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6 years ago, Melzenitram
Worked once then kept getting stuck. Deleted.
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5 years ago, Rabid_AU
With iOS 13 app no longer works.
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4 years ago, joescathy
iPhone Wallpaper
HOW do I resize my wallpaper??? Your app was not in the least bit helpful!
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5 years ago, ApatheticFox
8K photo
I had a 8k photo I wanted to use but the app makes it blurry.
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7 years ago, WalkerBiker
The latest update (v. 2.4) is unusable. The app gets stuck on selecting a photo.
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9 years ago, The Forbidden Doctor
1st review, ever.
This is my first review I've ever given an App. Seriously. I am so shocked that this app worked so perfectly, easily, and did exactly what it said it would do. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to figure out how to get my picture on the wallpaper without it ZOOMING in again after it was just simply saved to my camera roll, but *magically* it did! I know it's a little thing - my wallpaper - but it was important to "this starfish." A worthy first review, I say. :-)
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10 years ago, Kelseybrianna
Finally something that does what it says it will!
I NEVER write reviews, but this app deserves one. I have been so frustrated with my iPhone messing up my photos I set as a background. This does exactly what it is supposed to do, by fixing the pictures, and is beyond simple to use. I tried several other "wallpaper fix" apps before this, but this is by FAR the best. Thank you!
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9 years ago, GothRavenWolf
I absolutely love this app! After trying to resize my picture to fit and going through countless apps and failing, I found this app and it's perfect! The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I don't like how it only allows for a white background. I wish I could change the background color to a different color!
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9 years ago, TheGeek!
Resizes as promised!
This was the 2nd app I tried. It resized it as promised. I just wish it could change the background color AROUND the picture from white to another color. After resizing I emailed the picture, changed the background color to black, and emailed it back to my phone. A great app, I just wish you had a color option.
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9 years ago, Panda Girl 4
Amazing but..
This is just what I was looking for. It resizes the picture you want just as said. The only thing I don't like about the app is that you ant change the background color around the picture. White doesn't always look good with the picture you want. Please add color option and I will rate 5 stars!!
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10 years ago, 2299Nick
I just wanted a simple iPad app to help me resize my wall paper, this one works perfectly. No sliding scale, no entering measurements, just pinch and save. 5 Stars! I wasn't trying to recreate the Mona Lisa, I just wanted to resize a picture, thank you developers for making it as simple as it should be.
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10 years ago, Gem322
Finally what I was looking for
After downloading multiple apps and finding that they all either didn't work it had way too many frills, this one did exactly what I wanted. Thank you for ending my frustration. My wallpaper is perfect. :)
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9 years ago, Gizzardlips
Awesome App!
Does exactly what I wanted it to do. Shrunk and repositioned camera photo for my home screen wallpaper so image wasn't blocked by icons. Paid the .99 cents to upgrade and could choose from a lot of background colors too. Great app. Simple and effective! Bravo!
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10 years ago, ROEdkill
Long search simple solution
After trying many apps in order to combat MAC's idiotic issues I found this and believe all who need a simple way of resizing images for their ipad should download this now
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9 years ago, Bluecatmom
Does what it claims
I finally found a program that works as it says it will. The free program is fine for my needs and has put a stop to the zooming when I tried to use a new wallpaper. Very pleased.
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10 years ago, J.York1011
Actually Works.
I downloaded tons of different apps saying they would resize my photo perfectly, yet the image was still zoomed and parts cuts off. I decided to try this app on a whim, and what do you know, it actually works!!
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9 years ago, Say whatt?
Exactly what it says.
Wanted to edit a landscape picture of my friends and i for my background. Super easy to use, took about a minute and a half including download.
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9 years ago, Stephanie cooler16
Easy, fast and useful. It's just what I needed! I was looking for many apps and most apps didn't work well not most All of them didn't work. This one does! I love it!!💕
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9 years ago, Lunden Harris
This is what you're looking for
Took a photo that iOS wouldn't let me set as my background, shrunk it and put it back into my camera roll.
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10 years ago, That girl with reviews
Better than I expected
I thought this would be another rip off but actually even though it has no color you could add, it works pretty well.
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10 years ago, nana'berta
Simple! Please update for iOS 8, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
Until I found this app, every one I tried just offered to crop my pics. Not what I wanted at all. It took less than a minute to resize and save a pic in this app.
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10 years ago, Jackstar77
It's decent
If you're looking to resize your wallpaper then you're out of luck. This app only rotates and zoom in on your picture. However, it's still better than the default apple zooming.
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10 years ago, deekayare
Really works well
After trying everything to resize a photo I happened upon this app. Photo fixed to fit in seconds. Wow great app.
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9 years ago, Seaj07
Does what I need
This app does exactly what it says it will do. The only problem is I can't change the background color. Which kills the tone of the image.
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7 years ago, Snowtoads17
Picture Moves, it is FLUID
It set fine as a background but it "moves" when I change the angle I hold the phone at. If i twist my phone, I get white edges showing. The time and date on the lock screen sometimes move over the picture if I hold the phone a certain direction. The picture is fluid, not SET.
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9 years ago, Awesomeiguessook
It's simple, and fast. Gets the job done within seconds. I guess I won't be deleting this app... Ever.
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8 years ago, Cad nine
Rip off
Not much I can do with a black screen. After it finally worked resized my pic seven times for a back ground never worked once still never fit the screen. Found a app did it perfect in one shot had to watch a clash of clans add. That was worth it this is not!
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8 years ago, Kaerys W
Extras Rip Off
I like the app, but I had previously paid $1.99 for the extras, so I could change the background color. I open the app today and it's asking me to pay again! Very upset. And of course, no way to contact.
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