Walmart MoneyCard

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Green Dot Corporation
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User Reviews for Walmart MoneyCard

4 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Christopher22182
Works great, majority of the time!
I’ve used this App and the bank that backs it and honestly it does work great. Only one snag with the App is you have to make sure you are running the latest version to get full access! Just like a regular bank that too only can do so much. Even with the severe weather that hit the Houston area I was able to get into my account and check it. Only problem I had encountered was trying to obtain copies of my bank statements! It too did the bleep totally forgot who I was while still using the App. When you encounter this try to stop what you are doing in the App and close it, wait at least thirty minutes to clear the network bug! This is where most users get their account compromised over. Frustrating you bet. Sadly, they do so have a daily limit of $500 a day to withdraw. I too got stuck in a pinch and needed to get more than the limit could give me. My work around was simply draw $260 separately on two days at a Walmart. Why? The FEE’s that’s why, you don’t get hit as hard if you do this at checkout! Hope this little bit helps others here, been using the App for just over two years and had almost zero issues until this recent freak storm that hit the Houston area.
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4 months ago, GlamHaven
Please fix this mess or you’re losing a long term customer
(Update Feb 2024) It’s been six months. Still the issues are not fixed. They did an update. Screwed it royally. Know if. And still don’t have it fixed. I never ever used to have one problem with the app or card. Not one. I recommended it to everyone. Wouldn’t recommend it to a dog at this point. Did the balance issues. My money shouldn’t fluctuate. I can’t trust the balance ever. And the slide to check balance doesn’t work unless you log in. So why have it at this point. DO NOT RECOMMEND. How long does it take to fix the mess you created with your updates?? I have had this card for over 7 years. Never ever had any issues until August. I am so tired of it being declined for no reason. Repeatedly. Slide balance doesn’t display the correct amount unless you log in. I’ve relied on that feature for years. I’ve even had my balance change. It would bounce up a couple hundred dollars, I’d make a purchase then suddenly be over drawn. Prepaid capabilities should be getting more advanced not worse. Why is this not being addressed or fixed.? It’s been months with plenty of time. And I don’t want a developer response. You know what the problems are clearly, so fix them!! I’ve had the same routing number for so long I don’t want to change but I will if I have to. Chime seems a lot easier. At this point it feels like Walmart Money Card has turned into a scam to hold everybody’s money hostage. It’s OUTRAGEOUS.
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6 years ago, Starlight2018
absolutely love this app/card
we have used walmart money card for a couple years now, we LOVE it! we have never had any issues with it. our deposits go in 2 days earlier than anyone else’s. my account has never been in the negative. we have not had any problems. however, i rated a 4 star because recently when i try to go in to the app it says they were not able to log in and all my info is correct. but when it finally lets me log in there’s glitches with it. like the cash back tracker is showing $0 when there’s a cash back amount. and the entries for saving money in the vault is 0 when it shouldn’t be. but then i can log out and log in back in and it will show the correct info. log out and log in back in and it’s all messed up again. i think they just need to update the app. and i would be thrilled if they could fix this issue.
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7 months ago, Zach Lowrance
Lost money
I’ve been using the money card for many years now, had almost next to zero issues until a few days ago, moving money from my savings to checkings, the app reported a technical issue, I thought okay I’ll refresh and it’ll resolve it, it did not, I attempted to move money from my savings to checking again, same technical issue, BUT instead of not moving the money from savings to checking, the money just disappeared, 500 dollars, Christmas presents, bills, groceries, 500 dollars gone, I called support, they said oh it should show up in an hours time, a day later zero hint at the money returning, as someone who is living pay check to pay check you could imagine how losing 500 dollars would affect you, to say I’m stressed or at a loss for words would be an understatement, I simply have no idea what I’m going to do and they have been absolutely no help, at the risk of losing your money, please god go get a cash app or Venmo card if you want to stay away from the big banks, if Walmart wants to reach out to resolve this issue I’d gladly change my tune, but right now I’m out Christmas for my family and mandatory bills that have to be paid, this is the first time I’ve ever written a review for almost anything, and it pains me to even have to do this, but honestly I don’t know what else to do and if I can stop this from happening to someone else I will gladly
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2 years ago, csmithkpa
I have had two new cards since I saw an unauthorized Uber Pass on my account for $9.99. It have been going on for 10 months. I called them and said I didn’t need another new card I need this merchant blocked. They did not do that. Instead they sent me ANOTHER card and accepted the dispute. Now today this merchant charged me again! I called and told them that I wanted to speak to someone that could help me figure this problem out. The foreign woman just kept reading the exact same script over and over to the point where it felt like I was talking to a computer. I eventually had to hang up and see if I could speak to someone else. I got the EXACT SAME RESPONSE VERBATIM. They do not do any customer support what-so-ever. All they do is say your card has been compromised and send me a new one. That didn’t solve the issue the first 2 times around yet they thought a third time was going to solve my grievances. I kept telling them I do not want this “solution” they eventually gave me the merchant information to get in contact with them but after I hung up they blocked my account, took off my withdrawal protection and now I can’t login until I submit my aid like that’s going to solve my problems. This is the worst company I have EVER dealt with in my life. I would only recommend this company to people that I absolutely do not like but never to a friend
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4 years ago, deqpivty
Worst experience with any “bank”
I strongly recommend you do not get this card. For starters, you can’t link it to any money app. So you need to wire Some money? Too bad. All those money apps know how unreliable the wal mart money network is. Oh, and you better hope that you don’t have your card stolen. I recently had that happen, my entire wallet actually. I replaced my card over the app, but see, you have to talk to someone over the phone to change your address. Good luck getting anyone to answer. Every day for 8 days I left the phone on hold for 4 hours sometimes... never answer until the 9th day and by this time I am more than frustrated. I am struggling financially because I don’t have access to my money and I am getting boxed food from the local church at their food pantry, just to make sure my children survive. I voiced this to them on that 9th day and stressed how important this was, ya know, for me to get MY MONEY that I trusted GREEN DOT BANK with, and there’s just nothing they can do. “They’re terribly sorry but my replacement card is on the way” oh and it gets better, even though I have waited 9 days.... my address was changed so now the process starts all over. Still waiting on my card, everyone. I SURE HOPE MY KIDS SURVIVE ANOTHER 15 DAYS WITHOUT FINANCIAL SUPPORT. After I get my money, I’m taking everything out & making sure everyone knows my experience. My children are hungry, and I am disgusted.
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6 years ago, alligarcon
Not satisfied
Please explain to me how I can have a direct drop go in say today 7/12 (being notified by text at 7 am that the $ was deposited) and go to an ATM at 5 pm to withdraw money and when I check my balance a day later it shows my ATM withdrawal before the deposit which actually makes my account negative. This makes no sense. If I were to go to an ATM and deposit hadn’t gone in yet I would not have been given the $ requested. But yet every time I get paid this is what happens. It just makes me wonder how this works exactly and think that my balance they show is not right. There’s no way I would have been given say $60 at 4 pm if my deposit hadn’t gone in yet and I didn’t have $60 in the account. I called about this and was given the run around about it. It really upsets me that they are so casual about it when this is all the money I have. How can I have -$162 or whatever but yet my deposit went in at 7 am!!!! I feel like they move transactions around the way they want them not really the way they happened. How does that work?? I don’t like this one bit and cannot hey someone who speaks clear enough English to explain my issue to and get the help I need for this. Very frustrating!!!! I think I’m being ripped off constantly by this account. No ATM would dispense money if you don’t have it in the account. Am I right???
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2 years ago, mikyhddc69
Good for getting your direct deposit early.
I’ve had the Walmart money card for about 6 years. I get my direct deposit usually a day before payday. I’ve had only a few times when it wasn’t early. However, as of late I am not liking the way the Green Dot Bank works. I recently had to make a withdrawal from an investment account and use mobile deposit to deposit my check from this account. I had deposited the check as per the instructions. I Do everything right and the check isn’t in my account 5 days later. This is a check from a bank, going to a bank, into my account. I called my investment company and the check is cleared on their end. But Walmart money card isn’t putting the funds into my account until 10 days later after the deposit. It says 5 days on the website. And before I deposit the check I called and spoke with someone (who I couldn’t understand)…that person said 2 days to clear and deposit the funds. I am totally, 100% unhappy with the misinformation and inconsistent answers I get from the representatives. I think they have a dartboard and they throw the dart at the answer they give you to certain questions.
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1 year ago, 5ooowatts
Don’t Do It!
I have my regular Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts. I also have PayPal debit, Money Lion Roar account, Dave app debit, Bridget & even Float Me for a really rainy day. I have got to honestly say that this has been the worst money debit card experience I have ever had. I direct deposit my entire paycheck twice a month to Walmart money card, thinking that they were an old company with a new Avenue and would provide many benefits. We cannot transfer money in or out to other linked debit cards! The only way money is getting in is if it is direct deposited. If it is coming out, through an ATM, they tell you that you won’t pay a service fee at their listed ATMs, but this is not true. We pay at least three dollars every single time no matter where we are. If we want more money we must go to the store, make a purchase and ask for cash back we can only receive $100 or $200. getting money-My own money has been a juggling exercise ever started up with them, and I will be closing soon. Money Lion is so much more smooth, provides so many knowledgeable benefits, allows transfer of funds without charge instantaneously and so much more.
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5 years ago, LisaWessel
Less than one star
I got the card to be able to pay my bills and hopefully us it for our business. I loaded the card and when I got on the app. I followed all directions at no point it this registration was I prompted to choose a PIN number. I used the card for a couple of weeks by changing the debit to credit. Yesterday I purchased my groceries then scanned the second order for the business that transaction was declined! I tried it again declined! I took my items to customer service. They helped me call the number on the back of the card, the lady I talked to said she would approve the purchase but I had to wait one hour! I but the groceries back I couldn’t wait. Today I tried to purchase my groceries, declined again! I took the items to customer service I called the number again and the lady hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. I called back again, the customer service associate then tried to help me with the call, she finally got with a supervisor he was talking us through the application and the application had no place to choose a PIN number, he said to try the purchase again and when it again was declined he hung up! I just want my money back! Do not buy this card! Very dissatisfied customer Lisa Wessel
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5 years ago, jskuu
0 stars, awful app.
I’d complain a lot more about the app itself but I don’t even have the luxury of being able to log into my own account more than half the time. All I get is an error message basically stating something went wrong and I can’t log in. The card also cannot seem to remember my login info EVER so what’s the point of even making it an option. It’s a gamble when your money is actually going to be deposited, it could be 2 days early, it could be a week late who knows. Anyways I’d go on with a lot more detail as to why both Walmart and green dot are awful companies for hosting such a service with almost 0 customer support and 0 knowledge of how to make a functioning app but I literally can’t log in as you read this. Ps, Greendot, if you’re going to reply to this review. Do not tell me to call the number on the back of the card. It gets me nowhere and is useless. Considering you use the same couple reply templates just shows the amount of care you have for customers trusting you of all companies with their money. If you aren’t going to directly help me when you reply, do not reply at all. I cannot wait to cancel this account.
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6 years ago, Pusher girl
Green Dot bank is the WORST bank and I will make sure to never use my Walmart Card Again! Last week I had a huge purchase online for Walmart that totaled to $450. They then took a security hold out of my account for $450! So it’s basically as if I was double charged!!! The money was supposed to go back on my card 3-5 days after my purchase but it has now been 8 BUSINESS DAYS. I am BEYOND fed up and so angry. I have called customer service everyday, but all the agents have been so rude, condescending, and UNHELPFUL. One agent said she was going to transfer me and then HUNG UP!!?? I would have been more patient, but I am moving into an apartment and the money they STOLE from my account is part of my security deposit, and my money to LIVE OFF OF. I will NEVER trust this bank with my money again, and as soon as the money that they wrongfully took from my account is put back on I am immediately closing the account and never using their services again. I am so dissatisfied and disgusted with the service I have received from the agents. I would understand if it was $20, but we’re taking about close to $500. NEVER AGAIN. DO NOT USE THIS APP. WOULD RATE THIS APP ZERO STARS IF I COULD.
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5 years ago, julessssssss15
This card is a rip off don’t purchase it! Loading fee is $3 and monthly fee is $5 so basically I spend $8 almost every month to have this stupid thing on top of that if you do not have the funds in your account when the monthly fee comes around - you still pay it and potentially go into negative even though they promote protection from overdrafting... LOL. Plus. One day I was having issues with my card and called customer service support (the number on the card) and they were so rude and very unhelpful, I was having a hard time understanding this women on the phone and she hung up on me!! So I had to start the whole process over again! I spend a lot of money at our towns Walmart, I shop online with Walmart’s apps and yet over and over Walmart’s “representatives” or employees have a hard time showing me any sort of kindness when I’m nothing but that! It’s just frustrating and belittling to have to be subjected to this behavior! Even the shopping at our local store is unpleasant most time! I don’t know but maybe Walmart should promote better customer service with all they’re departments a little more!! I
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7 months ago, Stephanie loves bubs
Don’t use
DO NOT USE THIS CARD They charge you more than the terms and conditions states and when I reached out to them to fix it they said that it changed and they can do 10 transactions. Well I’ve only had this card a month and nothing was sent to me stating it changed. Every agent I reached does not understand or speak English. They never answer your question. They literally starting saying things that made no sense and had nothing to do with why I was calling. And they refuse to give you any numbers to reach someone that you can understand and vice versa. They charged me $140 when the most they were supposed to be able to was $75 and they refuse to fix it and give me my money back. They will take all your money and you can’t do anything about it. Anybody that says there are no overdraft fees is lying and they work for the company. I get way more than $500 direct deposit and they over charged me so much. You also cannot put this card on any money apps including Apple Pay. They charge you outrageous ATM fees unless you go into a Walmart and pull the money off there.
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1 month ago, TooBusy4BS
Goes Down too often
It seems like every other month there is some sort of system problem. The one happening right now is the money I have in my savings is not showing up. I keep my money in the savings until i need to use it to protect my money from being stolen or used without my knowledge. Currently It says $0.00, which is incorrect. When I use the chat to find out what’s going on they just say they’re sorry for the inconvenience and the issue has been escalated to the appropriate department. It has been over 24 hours now with no access to my money and it is more than just an inconvenience. In the past this has happened but didn’t last as long. There are also times when you can see the money but you can’t move it or if you can move it the balance isn’t updated for hours. Very inconvenient if you are getting ready to check out somewhere and you’re waiting for the funds to transfer. I have 1 month left until I claim the cash back that I have earned the past year then I’m done with this card.
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5 years ago, dylan dif
Biggest mistake I’ve ever made...
I have had nothing but issues since the purchase of this card. Not being able to speak to a representative in person is beyond frustrating because the automated help crap doesn’t even have an option to handle the issues I am having. I loaded a weeks pay onto this card only to have my money locked away never to be touched again! This card gets declined just about everywhere I go. I cannot use it at atms or purchase gas with it. I downloaded the app to try and rectify the problem but it keeps giving me an error saying I need to go on your website on a web browser to access my account info. The app will not accept my login information which was entered correctly because I got access to my info on a web browser using my login info. I have reached out to Walmart twice with emails regarding my issue and have never gotten a response and it’s been over 2 weeks for both attempts. As soon as this gets handled I will never be dealing with this card again or Walmart as a company. Figure this out ASAP. I am extremely dissatisfied.
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12 months ago, Bozehead
Not at all on the consumers side
They structured the card to literally use it against you. Don’t load it until after you activate it. If you can’t activate it, you can’t call customer service because you have to have an open account to get in the system. Walmart will tell you there is nothing they can do and that they only have the number on the back of the card and to call it. You can’t get past the automated message in the system unless you have an account open or can successfully activate your card. There is no other option on the website. No one to talk to and that’s it. Your money is there but they decided you can’t use it. Absolutely disgusting of such a large corporation to actively cause harm to loyal customers they claim to serve. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. And if profits go down in your town, bet they won’t up and close down leaving your town with no grocery stores after cleaning out all the other local chains. They do care if you or your family eats. Don’t believe me go buy a money card and find out.
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2 years ago, Ms. Eichenlaub
My money Card
Well I just wanted to say that I’m very happy with the new improvement with the Walmart Money Card. When I first signed up for the card I had a lot of issues. At one time before Walmart had the major improvement and had all of the updates corrected it was awful. I wasn’t able to get any money out of my account for a month. I had two direct deposits and wasn’t able to get the money. I would go to Walmart and try to have customer service take the money off and they say that their system needed to be updated and they couldn’t get the money for me. It was a mess, but after the updates and all the improvements the Walmart Money Card works GREAT!!!! I’m glad I waited around because I’m really happy with the service. So thank you and please keep the updates just the way they are.
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2 years ago, pop roro76
Walmart moneyCard
I advise people not to get this card at all. This card is very very bad. You only can have a certain amount given to you they dictate what you take out if you’re stranded like I am with my kids and UK get home and you can’t touch your own money that is a big problem. What happens if you your kids or something happens to y’all while Marcus and they don’t care they just want to issue out your money. I’ll let you know now leave this card along. Do not use this card. This card is not any good for your money to be put on there for no reason at all if you put a large amount on there you cannot get it off you cannot you have to wait months to get your money off of there so I’m asking and I’m letting you guys know please do not again do not use this card for any reason, I hate this card with a passion money Walmart do not care about their customers at all they make you get $500 a day and you only can pull out 200 and 300 that’s how they get their money they make you split 500 and payments so you can pay them
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6 years ago, GatorBaby30
Finally a card that gets me and my busy life!!!
I absolutely love this card!! I like how everything is so fast and easy. Direct deposit from work I receive faster than a traditional bank. Transferring money from my savings account to my checking account takes literally 1 minute or less. I don’t have to worry about if my checks are stolen because if they aren’t preauthorized (which can also be done in a minute or less through the app) they don’t get paid best part no return check fees or drama if my checks are stolen trying to get my money back cause they’re never cashed! Cash back for shopping at all Walmart affiliated retailers and gas stations. You are notified when anything happens with your account. I can manage my account 24 hours a day 7 days a week I don’t have to ever deal with going to a bank and standing in lines anymore!!!
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6 years ago, Tttiffy
No more early despot I guess?
Me and my husband have NEVER had a problem with this card until one month ago. We have already received direct deposit on Thursday , with his check being always having Friday on it. Well last month we woke up no money on Thursday , he couldn’t even go to work. It went on that Thursday at 1:20pm, okay that was fine what ever he lost a day of work but at least we got the money. The following Thursday no money when he woke up, didn’t come till Friday , we were like it’s just the holiday, NO IT WASN'T ! okay well this is the third Thursday in a row that we were expecting his direct deposit and yet again no money! We got this card for early direct deposit and we can’t even get our money till Friday now! And every single time we call the number on the back of the card they say “we don’t see your direct deposit”, and that’s a lie, we get so much taken out for our rent every paycheck and that always hits the bank Thursday. I’m just wondering why we don’t get our deposit till Friday now when our other bank get there part for the rent on Thursdays?
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4 years ago, WalmartGreenDotFail
Only a fool uses one basket.
After losing my job due to corona, I decided to use this card for my UC benefits. The card was stolen, my fault I admit that. But two weeks for a replacement card? The fact I can walk into any bank and have a card printed on the spot shows me a card can be printed and mailed in two days. If they would let me use the machine I could drive anywhere in the country and print the card myself faster then their failed system they have in place. I worked hard everyday my entire life, I can’t even imagine the failure of business practices that must be going on at Walmart and Green Dot. Something so simple as printing and mailing a card. I am ashamed that I in anyway support these obvious failures with money I pay in fees. In America you show support with your dollars, you choose the winners and losersdo not support companies that obviously do not have the supply chain to provide a service. Their service is terrible and they should fail. Give your money to a company that can provide the service in a timely matter.
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6 years ago, Craig In MI
Check deposits.
The feature of taking a picture of your check to deposit it is nice, However, every other time I do it, it gets declined for some reason. So I have to go to the bank it was drawn on, cash it, and go to a store to reload it. Then that feature vanished from my app altogether. I was told by customer service that it was still there but I was looking at it and the option was gone. A few days later the option appeared again. Been trying to use it every day for 2 weeks and it says that feature is not available and try again later. No convenience here at all. Having to go to the bank, cash it, and having to go to a store to reload it is not convenient at all. They advertise to go to any checkout lane and hand the cashier your card and check and they will reload it. Yesterday I was told by a cashier that they don’t do that and haven’t for over two years. I am about ready to pull the plug on this. It has turned out Ronnie more of a headache then a convenience.
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10 months ago, brainwhirlwind
Bank network is compromised
Been using this prepaid debit system for over a decade and have had plenty of problems. This is the last time I trust this bank or card. Replacing the card does next to nothing except make more work for me, and make hackers laugh. This is the last fraud I will face with this company. Not only have they switched bank names a few years back, probably because the first went bankrupt, they constantly give fraud alerts and money has maliciously gone missing since they removed the registry. Now I get charges and no fraud alerts. Even some payment systems will not accept this card or bank account because they know how insecure and untrustworthy this system is. If you are going to try this card because it just seems convenient, I highly recommend you don’t leave money in the account and get yourself a real bank account to hold your money because you will lose money and have money stolen through fraudulent charges and disappearing $$$ without registry entries.
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10 months ago, Rbull101958
Card issue was resolved.
I am happy to report that my issue was resolved ASAP. Very courteous and quick, to fix the error. I hate I had to give a review for a response, but I thought two weeks was long enough to locate my money.. I do recommend the card. I will continue to use the card just maybe not the vault. I have used the Walmart money card for many years with direct deposit with no problems UNTIL RECENTLY I made a transaction from my account into my vault, it took my transaction, but did not put it into my vault. I am having an issue getting that resolved after almost 3 weeks. So please be aware and take into consideration
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4 years ago, Zezzy'z
I try to get my card for 3 months all ready , I order a NEW CARD , cuz my card was too old and they hold my money block my card and never send my debit cart, till now! , I keep calling and people all over the world answer and don’t speak English, from philipinas , India , China , Mexico and hung me up when I ask for my debit card and tell me they all ready send my card and they didn’t send nothing I talk with 4 supervisor and always say wait 15 days or 9 days I change my address cuz I move and they don’t want to send my card to my POBOX, since I live in a very small town no services of post office delivery in houses. So I am very frustrated and don’t know what to do they keep my money and don’t send my card I call about, 45 times during 3 months A C CHIRRE LUCERNE , California
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10 months ago, UMADAOPER
Love this card!
I wish I would’ve locked my card, last week , but it was somehow hacked and three purchases were made as soon as I deposited the money, I hope an employee didn’t do it when I loaded it! Otherwise I haven’t had any issues beside losing it in the last 8 or 9 years . The annual fee was like $6.00, and if you don’t have the money in the account, they will not pay a bill and charge you an overdraft fee. That’s the beauty of it. I don’t know about this new card, a MasterCard? It sounds like a charge card, but it says it’s a MoneyCard. I always suggest to my family members to get one if they can, but they’re so mistrusting of the debit cards and they won’t even try it unless I insist, so I will be ordering one for my husband and my daughter!
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2 years ago, pissed80
I have had my Walmart card for many years with no problems but over the past couple of years money has been taken out several times not authorized and without my knowledge. Every single time I dispute a transaction it gets declined. Every now and then they ask me if I authorized a big amout purchase using my PIN number and I say yes but when a big purchase is made online or a place I’ve never purchase from, I get nothing and they let it go threw. I’ve called to stop a pending transaction that I didn’t authorize and I am and told they can’t do that so it goes threw. Then I dispute it and they decline that even though I called to stop it. What kind of bank declines their members dispute and don’t help them. I have lost hundreds maybe more than a 1000$ because they don’t protect their card holders. This is the worse card or bank to have your money in cuz they treat you like the criminal instead of like a valued member. Your money is not save using Walmart prepaid cards.
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5 years ago, Cedeaa
This customer service is worse than AT&T
I’ve been using this service since last December and was told during sign up that I would not be charged an atm fee. Started tracking my transactions and figured out I was being charged that fee. I called customer service to address the issue and the representative was super unhelpful. She kept directing me to the app and even caught an attitude with me. Asked to speak to her manager to ACTUALLY address the issue, and was told they would call me back at their earliest convenience. It took them 6 DAYS to reach out to me and when they did the phone rang twice. I watched it. I was working so could immediately get to the call but stopped everything I was doing for this call and ended after 2 rings. A voicemail was left saying that that was management and since I missed the call I would have to start the process again. I’m seconds away from deactivating the card and deleting the app. Customer service is KEY.
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5 years ago, MAE_8
This WAS a great app and prepaid card
I have had the Walmart MoneyCard for 7 months now. The first 4 months everything was great. I always received my check 2 days before. I would receive consistent updates about my balance, deposits, and spending. Fast forward to January 2019 and an update changed that all! My spending notifications are delayed sometimes up to 24 hours. I NEVER receive deposit information. And I am no longer receiving my paycheck 2 days early. Everything that kept me with this card and the app has disappeared. Some days the app glitches so badly it force closes multiple times and I have to call to get my balance information. Slide for balance never works. Most days I have to refresh my balance 2-3 times to see an updated balance. I always have an issue moving money from my stash. There always seems to be a glitch, I just wish this could go back to being the easy to use, accurate app that I first downloaded.
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5 years ago, Ja ray
Held my check for a week and would let me have it back
I deposited the check on line so it would be free, but they held it for a dang week. I needed it the next business day like I was told it would clear. I would have preferences to cash it at the bank and deposit the cash because I need it now, but now I’m forced to wait and week. Customer service promised it will never be more than 1-5 business days, but 7 days is a week guys. Customer service want rude, but could do nothing more than apologize over and over. They couldn’t even get me through to talk to a supervisor. The deposits gets denied all the time and they won’t tell you why. This is terrible banking. My 10 year old daughter can do better than this. I’ve been depositing checks online with Chase for the past few years. I’m going back to fast deposits and reliable banking. It also not accepted at Uber, online, renters insurance, and can’t be connected to Paypal. I’ve called about all of these issues and there was nothing anyone could do.
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6 years ago, SmoreSpohrs
I have used Wal-Mart money card for many years, at least six. I love that I never have to worry about overdraft fees. It simply will not let me use it if it's not there. Brick and mortar banks are always letting me overdraft so they can collect fees, I hate it. Also, I recently had a $0.05 withdrawal from my account. It was a precursor to draining my account to see if it was a valid number. They immediately shut down my account. It took a few days to get a new card, but I didn't have to stress over having to deal with identity theft. The app is great because I can pay bills, put money in "Savings" and know my balance immediately. Perfect really! My Wal-Mart money card is my preferred way to bank. I love it. It keeps my money safe and they don't try to poach it out of me at every chance.
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2 years ago, QueenDooda
Loyal user
I’ve had my Walmart card for over 5+ years. I totally recommend it . Great with online shopping and every day uses. Perks are direct deposit and on hand check deposit. Favorite feature is the ability to save an amount to the side and keep a useable amount in daily checking without any hassle ( never change that feature!) ( take a few days to process is the downside) Although I love this card a few down sides is…loading fee at Walmart. I can see at other stores but it’s literally a Walmart card why pay a fee in Walmart. It don’t link with 3 parties well for example “ Cash App” . App sometimes malfunctions . Overall great card wish it could help build credit 🤷🏽‍♀️
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2 years ago, UnicornUSA
Wonderful but didn’t update to new card automatically
I downloaded app when I purchased my temporary Walmart card. Every time I log into app it asks if I had received my personalized chip-enabled card. Once I received my personalized card, the app did not switch over to the new card. I put new card info into app to activate it. My understanding was that it would deactivate temp card and switch all info over but it didn’t. App still reflects temp card. It still asks me if I received new card. So I can’t use full functions of app because it reflects temp card. Walmart contacted me to ask why I wasn’t using new card. So putting money on new card isn’t free via app. I was just on call with Walmart money card for about 18 minutes just now regarding this issue. She didn’t know answer so she hung up as I was writing this.
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8 months ago, Sekrubas73
Frustrated loyal customer
I have had this card for over 10 years. I’m sad to report within the past 6 months what ever updates they are trying are make to improve the experience is making it unusable. I have over 150k plus that runs through this card yearly and if I can’t get access to it when I need it, whether it’s accessing the site or going to take money out like I do every week and now gets declined with no explanation and I get a text a half an hour later asking if I tried to take money off my card. Ahhh yes I did but now I’m home soooo what good did that do. Then I get to look like a jackass to the person in front and the line behind. Also looking at all the most recent comments I’m not the only one having a problem. I actually identify with most of their issues as well. Fix it or you will lose the loyal and it won’t be worth it to me. There are other fish out in the sea. 🙄
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3 months ago, Lil momma1979
Terrible customer service and fraud investigation
Customer service reps are nearly impossible to understand and really do not listen to you. Also if you submit a request to investigate a charge, they will block your account without advance notice and you have to call and get a new card issued. They do not automatically issue a new card. Until that is done, your account is blocked. They don’t care that it affects bill payments or deposits. Then they will deny your claim of fraudulent charges and tell you that you authorized the charges with no explanation. You have to then make a written request for their “proof” that you authorized charges you knew nothing about. The company has definitely went downhill over the years. I like getting my paycheck early but it’s not worth the way they handle people’s money, terrible customer service, and their limited options on the app and website.
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4 years ago, Applrocks
Needs a ton of upgrades
Unable to find “Family Accounts” icon on iPhone & customer service gave information on ho to find it. However, the “Family Accounts” section is a different set up than what was described by customer service. Customer service is unable to edit or help with any personal information entered into account that time of set up. If incorrect information is accidentally typed in at account set up, you must close the account & get a new one. Customer service said that money placed into the main account would be accessible to everyone listed under the “Family Accounts”, but this is not the case when using the app. Each additional person is linked to the main account only through the routing number & then given a separate account number. This card functionality is the same as any bank, and customer service should be able expanded to offer as much help with your account as needed.
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2 years ago, Ninliy
So many problems lately
I used to be ok with this card, I have had it for a couple of years now. Since the 4th of July when their system went down I feel like I’ve had nothing but problems with it and most often these days it’s transferring money from savings to checking. The customer service rep today tried to tell me today when I called that I did not make a transfer but quickly pulled back when I demanded a manager and suddenly there my transfer was in the system but it was a technical issue preventing it from going into my checking. I will be switching banks. This would probably be a good card for someone who doesn’t need a savings account and just needs access to a checking but be forewarned their customer service is incompetent and they often blame their issues on technical matters and have no idea when it’s going to get fixed half the time.
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4 years ago, NinerFan15
The absolute worst everything..
If you value your time, stay away from everything that involves GreenDot and Walmart money card. I don’t care what experience anyone has had using the service offered by Walmart money card and green dot. If you have anything good to say about them and their service, just wait until you have questions that need answering or you expect to be able to use options like direct deposit. Sorry, they closed and changed things without giving notice. Sure you can log into the app or the website, they make it look all good. That is until you try and navigate through the app and/site. You’ll be surprised to see that any options you choose are not available with this card. Oh, and just wait until you try and seek answers through the customer service chat which ends in nothing. Call the number, ends in nothing. If you’re lucky and someone calls you back, good luck with trying to get any kind of help to resolve your issue. It’s always nice when you think you can count on a service to find out it’s all a mirage to make you think it’s there. For the admin that is going to try and communicate back to me with this issue, DON’T BOTHER ME WITH IT. Unless you plan on ensuring the very prompt payment of my complete direct deposits that are now nowhere to be found by anyone. If not, leave me alone.
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5 years ago, fireplacemaker
Worst customer service
Just got off the phone with a lady and explained to her that when I log in To my account it says that money was deposited into the account but when I call the Walmart number to check my balance it says It hasn't been posted .. she argued that their records doesn’t show it but when I called my other bank that was going to deposit the money, they say it was deposited a week ago .. then I ask to talk to a manager and she said that they where busy and would call in 4 hours .. I have bills due and need the money and Walmart doesn’t seem to care about me as a customer or any one else according to all the negative reviews on here ... worst Custumer service ever stay away from this card.
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4 years ago, Cherish_B1
Don’t recommend
The app hardly ever works so you can only login from the site which has limited access to things. Most times if they have a technical issue your deposit won’t hit for another 24-48 hours and it’s such as hassle when you’re the financial provider for your family! There’s also a monthly fee they charge of $5 if you don’t have enough deposited into the account by the due date and you’re charged fees to take out and even add money to the card, it’s ridiculous. I only got it to get the early deposit but I’ve decided it’s too much of a hassle so I’ll stick to using my normal bank! A pro to having the card is the day early deposit, cash back earned when shopping or getting gas at WalMart/Sam’s and the fact they now allow you to do disputes via the app (when it works). Point is, I don’t recommend as a primary card!
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12 months ago, rscafetta
Stay Away!
This has truly been the worst card that I’ve ever had! The app has constant issues that take forever to fix and the card itself is nothing but a headache! I’ve had issues with moving money from my vault into my available balance way too many times and trying to get a hold of someone in customer service is impossible! Nothing is worse than being in a store and you have ZERO access to your own funds! If your money is in the vault and the system goes down, there is absolutely nothing you can do to resolve the issue and move your own money over! I wouldn’t recommend this card to my worst enemy! I’ve already started the process to open an account with someone else and as soon as that process is complete, I will be canceling this card immediately! Do yourselves a favor and stay as far away from this card!
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3 years ago, drbhh
False advertising
I chose this card for its check deposit by smart phone feature. I couldn’t make it work so went to chat feature. After being force choices into categories that didn’t work so they could chose the right agent here was my experience First two times No one ever came. Third time I dud get an agent who informed me about the very complicated process you must go through before you can put a check on your card that really seemed designed to make sure no one ever gets to use the feature I chose this card for. Even though others have said it’s not a bank-true and apparently neither is green dot. But in order to put a check into your account you basically have to give over all your banking functions for little in return. Steer clear people these are high level scammers whose lower level people are trained not to give you information to lodge a complaint.
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5 years ago, GreenDotStealers
GREEN DOT BANK IS THE WORST EVER‼️ THEY LET A GYM CHARGE MY CARD $144 THAT I NEVER EVEN BEEN TO NOR HAVE A MEMBERSHIP WITH THEM ! customer service is UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I had to call for dayssss just to talk to an UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGER! I had 4 different agents get on the line & tell me that they was looking for a manager for me to speak to just to come back to the line 10minutes later telling me “the manager is just going to tell you the same-thing” I had to argue with this man just for him to go find me a manager! & the other 3 just put me on hold ! 2 hung up & 1 never came back to the phone! they denied my dispute due to “the transaction having no errors” LIKE WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN WHEN IM EXPLAINING TO YOU I NEVER EVEN HAD A MEMBERSHIP WITH THIS GYM! now i’m waiting weeks for a letter explaining why they didn’t find an error so now $144 is gone from my hard working money because my card holder won’t even fight to see why tf my card was charged from a place I never even been to!!!
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5 years ago, markkshootterrr
Legit !
I have had my card for 2 years direct deposit with the app never had any problems great interface text alerts on balance & deposits .. kinda cool really.. no need to worry about the government going directly into your account for depts because this is a smaller bank I stay away from tcf, us bank , Wells Fargo they sell your information and will allow enough to take from your account & then won’t allow to take out how much money u want with daily limits .. I have a credit card all in all this is a nice debit card plus if you shop at Walmart at the end of the year you get cash back actually cash . Really cool
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4 years ago, crazy at this point
The downfalls of a Walmart prepaid card
I’ve used a Walmart prepaid card for a year no problems, now it has expired and a new one was sent I was allowed to deposit money on the new card only to find out that although they say it’s activated it is not !! I have spent the majority of a week and talked to customer support over 20 times and no one can figure out how to activate this card and when I call the on line guy says it’s activated but it is not , when I downloaded the app I keep getting a message that says due to technical difficulties they can’t do anything now they have my money and I can’t access it I feel like I’ve literally been robbed since I can’t take off my money, the card is not functional and no one knows a darn thing , now I have to get an attorney to figure out how to proceed from here to get my money back plus I’m so ready to sue them for emotional distress !!
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5 years ago, tarrahlyn
Very beneficial, only one issue.
This card is great for the things I need it for. Bill pay online, loading it for free when I cash a check at Walmart, getting a percentage back of what I spend at Walmart once a year, and no charge to send money person to person straight from the app. The only problem I have is that it is not Apple Pay compatible. I can deposit the money that is apple payed to me but I cannot pull money out of the account to Apple Pay someone else. And come on, iPhones have taken over so everything should be iPhone compatible. That’s my only complaint however, i do like the card tho. Thanks.
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3 years ago, NiecyGirl247
Love the card!
I guess everybody’s experience is different because I was reading all the negative reviews and seeing a lot of things that people are experiencing negatively but I have not experienced nothing negative with this card. I have had no issues with this card and the reason I switched from RushCard to this card is because whenever I had an issue I can actually speak to someone in customer service with no problem so this card is like having a actual checking account and my check is posted two days before my payday.
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4 years ago, Cline island
Use to be satisfied
I use to be happy with this app. This past week, every time I would log into the app, it would send me an error message and I can’t get in. This is very frustrating as I very much rely on that app to stay up to date on my money... I would use it 2-6 times a day. Oh and my husband got one after me and he gets 2-3% cash back on his purchases. I don’t where I got my card before this “promotion”. That’s totally not fare!!! Green Dot/Walmart, if you fix these issues and stay on top of the maintenance, I will gladly remove this review and give you five stars!!! Now is the time to do this more than ever with the pandemic going on... There’s a whole lot of people that depend on you!... Please, don’t disappoint us to the point that you lose our business. Like I said, please fix and I will give five stars and leave you a wonderful review!
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8 months ago, Unsatisfied customer 732
Would not suggest! Do NOT trust!
Do NOT trust this card!!!! I’ve been with this card for 9 years and up until a couple months ago I had no issues but for some reason over the past couple months it’s been very BAD! They keep having “issues “ to where I can’t use my card. And I keep my card overdraft off and somehow it keeps turning itself back on and they charge $15 per overdraft hmmm! And then when you call to see what’s going on and ask for a manager, the LADY keeps acting like she loses service and hangs up! I called 6 times one day and I’m almost positive it was the same lady manager but she kept using a different name and then when you tell her the problem she goes quiet and then it hangs up!! I am going back to my old bank. I think it’s becoming a big scam!!!!!!
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