War Free

4.2 (101)
40.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Optime Software LLC
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for War Free

4.2 out of 5
101 Ratings
1 year ago, travenature1
Needs update
There’s a glitch it adds cards during game but doesn’t know what causes it maybe the war does it. Because one of the games ended with 72 cards instead of 52 cards and had two ace of spades ♠️
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1 year ago, Bro Dippy
Great Game For Passing Time
I like the four card draw for War, but when you or especially the opponent runs out of four cards to draw and draw one or two cards and wins the war,it seems unfair! Maybe it should go both ways, if either player has less than four cards to draw, then both draw the same amount of cards, from 1 to 4, or, the opponent with less then four lose by forfeit.
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5 years ago, Sam 123765
Take a pass
I played ten games and lost 9 out of the 10. I don’t expect to win every game but the law of averages suggests I should win more than 1 out of 10. 3 of the games the opponent had all 4 aces and 9 of the 12 face cards. All 3 of those games were over in under 2 minutes. I get that the “War”card game, in general, is a total time killer and takes no strategy. That being said, take a pass on this app and try a different one. The one star is because the game looks good.
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9 years ago, Barrel Fox
First off, let me say that I normally don't write reviews. The cards are not altered or changed throughout the game. Each card is traceable through the deck (if you don't believe me, count any card down from the bottom of the deck). I win about as many as I loose. This is a great game, but just a tad too predictable. The winning card will always go on the bottom of the deck. That is the only downfall I see in this app. All in all, I'll be playing this game for awhile.
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7 years ago, Johns92
Great game to waste time
Great game to kill time. I play this game all the time before my classes start and when I'm waiting at either the airport or at the doctors office.
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5 years ago, agrivation
I am giving this a rating of 2 because I have played 1 game and lost nearly all of the wars. This infuriated me because I love war but not at the price that I lose every time!
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5 years ago, Dmm Walks Tall
Didn’t give double war
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7 years ago, Cj 0901
Great overall
Fun to kill time
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4 years ago, astrolady20
The game is just like the children’s game. It’s good, suspenseful, fun to play.
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6 years ago, bubby daddy
War free
The computer player wins to often. Cards do not come up in order from the computer players hand. Need a updated version real bad.
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5 years ago, marcrus
War free
Great gem to kil a time
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6 years ago, mrhudsonman89
Good game
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5 years ago, fdvhbvh
This game is rigged for u to lose
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14 years ago, The Midi Master
Pointless 1 Player Mode
Each time I play I lose, mainly from the loss of an ace by war and I can NEVER get it back! Also this isn't called war it's a popular speed card game with War's twist. War (The Version I Know): A game played with 52 card of one deck. Ace is the strongest. Each player starts out with and always has 6 cards unless all you have is 6 or less cards in your hand with no deck. A deck is all cards played or collected. A War occurs when 2 cards are the same. First you lie down 3 cards from the deck (NOT YOUR HAND) horizontally showing each of the cards' backside. The middle cards are chosen. The player who has the stronger card take all the cards involved and puts it at the bottom of his deck. The game goes on until a player forfits or runs out of cards. In a forfit, the player with more cards wins. In a finished game the one who collected all 52 cards, wins!
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11 years ago, hounddog57
This makes War... extra boooring !
I understand that war is a boring game. However, somehow this game makes it even more boring and dull. There are few options to choose, one of the few of which is the game speed. There isn't a whole lot of difference between slow, medium and fast. At least offer a fully automated mode (perhaps even with an extra fast mode) and perhaps, and a manual mode ("ultra-slow"). Some other options would be nice as well, like the option to have the players decks shuffled each time they've been played through (even if this is not one of the rules that are allowed, it should be). Some additional statistics might offer some extra interest, perhaps the number of iterations a player went through their deck. I understand the idea of using a mindless game, but this game as it is seems to make a mindless game even boring.
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15 years ago, Seatac33
The initial screen goes by so fast a person is unable to choose "options" or "demo" or "how to play." I have restarted the game at least a dozen times trying to choose to read the instructions but have yet to be successful. The game, especially the war part, sure doesn't play the same as I remember playing it as a child. It seems to me that during "war" we would each put down three more cards face down after the tie cards,and then we each placed ONE more card face up, and whoever had the higher card would then get the whole stack. That sure isn't the way this game is playing, but I can't manage to move fast enough to check out the rules to see if my memory is off, or if this game off! Oh well, that's what happens when ya get old and feeble....can't focus to read fast enough, can't move fast enough,and CRS!!!! LOL
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9 years ago, Terrytot
I gave this game a try despite the reviews, I figured I'd give it a try - big mistake! I tap on my card when we have War and I will give you an example: I will turn over a Queen and the computer has a three - the computer takes the cards. I tap the next card and I would have an eight and the computer will have a two and again, the computer takes the cards. I assumed the one with highest card takes the cards not the other way around. Regardless, I played a total of 20 rounds and I did not win not once. What fun is that? Crazy! It's ridiculous! If you want to be frustrated then I'd recommend this app. If you'd rather play a nice, relaxing game, I'd recommend solitaire. Don't bother with this app!!!
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14 years ago, Ipadrockforever
Ubber fun
This is just how I expected the game to be. I downloaded his app before reading reviews, and I'm glad i didn't because I may not have otherwise downloaded it. This I just like a regular war game. Nothing special like exploding cannons, but I does allow you to play this fun card game without tying up another person for a lengthy time. It's great long car rides or watching a tv at the same time. Download it, it's worth it!!!
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10 years ago, DEEP3147
Sad But True
I gave this App 2 Stars, because the concept is brilliant. The execution of that concept, needs more work. Games are about the players. If they have no way to win, then why download. I read all of the reviews. Even though they weren't Rave reviews, I was curious. I downloaded the App and to my Surprise the Negative Reviews are on point. So Sad, this could be a great app. However the player has to win. The player has to believe there is an opening to beat the computer. You Cheat the Players out of the joy to conquer. That's what Games are about!! My Opinion ( even if you don't want it ) GO BACK to the DRAWING BOARD N REVAMP THIS APP.
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12 years ago, Igor-G5
Great game
This, like all the Optime games is a great game. Fun play to kill some time. Yes, it has ads for other games just like all free apps. They aren't doing all the work with the great programming for nothing. If you don't want ads, buy the paid version. They have to make money one way or the other. And yes, War is a time consuming game. I've won 3 to my computer opponent's 0 so,no it's not rigged. And yes, War is a mindless game. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could.  Optime.
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14 years ago, Asianeko
Just like the real game
Not sure why people are rating it low for being long and boring. Have they not played War with regular cards? It takes forever, and both sides can bounce back from what seems like grim defeat. I have won and lost multiple times so I know it's not rigged like some people claim. 4 stars since it is dead on to the card game, just not sure if the game has any electronic appeal :)
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14 years ago, Skooter0070
What's up
All you people saying it's boring abd all you do is click the card. What did you expect cannons to jump out and attack each other? And the game is not rigged i got three aces on my first try and you all are just whiners who deserve to be locked in a room with just this app
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15 years ago, Willieo23xyz99itdwletesmyreviewifthenicknameistaken?!?!?!
Great job!
About the complaints-it is showing you the cards won/lost after a war...not doing 3 more wars. And the guy who said it went into the game too fast obviously didn't see the gear for options. I loved the soubd efect and graphic for a war. The only thing I would add is the option for twos to beat aces. Great job on a classic game.
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13 years ago, EHalmi
The only reason I gave this game 5 stars is because the creators would read it! it takes way too long and it is way too back and forth. I just played for a half an hour and lost. I began predicting the next move before it happened. I truly was disappointed with this good old fashioned card game.
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12 years ago, chef.ryan
It is what it is
It's war plain and simple. I win plenty and lose just as many. For those saying it's boring, I wonder if you have ever played war in person? It's supposed to be a game that passes time and doesn't take much skill. And that's exactly what is being represented here.
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14 years ago, vogt_v
Yeah it gets boring, but I still like it
War is a no brainer, but you can actually keep track of the cards in each hand after each pile has been gone through and find out if you have a chance of winning the next pair (not completely predictable, but keeps me from getting frustrated). For complainers on always loosing: THE APP DOES NOT WIN ALL THE TIME, I HAVE ACTUALLY WON MORE TIMES, and I haven't played 10 games yet!
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12 years ago, Jjddaass
still some bugs
i was playin a game today, and we both put down the same card so we did the war. and the face up card he put down was a 3. my face up card was a King. and won the cards. how did the comp win with a 3 when i had a king? and its happened the other way, he had the high card and i had to low and he won the war. i rarly win at that part. some how no matter what card i have he wins 99% of the time
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13 years ago, Givemeanuntakenname
More of an invasion than a war
They call this game war but I disagree because you start out ok they win some you win some and it's pretty even. Bit then suddenly they like sabatoge you and take all your good cards an you are left fighting with your last cards while they trample over whatever is left of you. So basicly it is more like an enemy invasion that completely succeeds rather than a war. But if you are looking for a game where you can be innialated time and time again then congragulations! You have found your perfect app!
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13 years ago, Manda-Bear7946
Flash to the past!
I used to play this game with my mother while my sisters took piano lessons. It is a fun, completely luck based game (no skill involved). The interface is user-friendly and the rules are as I remember them. Perhaps there are a few more "wars" than I statistically remember, but it keeps things livened up!
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13 years ago, iPhone love 2
I give it five stars because I love this game. Won the first game I played! And besides that I like playing this game when I go on longtrips. On the next update though I would like this game even more if you could create games and have people join in. Know what I mean?
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15 years ago, Kodark
What I find funny about card and luck games is though it is supposed to be random it's repetitive in the ranodmiser. Fortunatly it's a fun game and the reason why it takes so long to win is that it changes the cards to "please" the player with a long game. KODARK
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15 years ago, Rollinwarlock
If you like to loose buy this game
I played 30 games and the computer won 24 and I won 6. War has nothing to do with skill, so it's not that I'm playing bad. War is all about luck and the computer is way too lucky. If you need a lesson in patients or how to be a good looser then this app is for you. However, if you like a fair game just go get a real deck of cards.
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12 years ago, Jdudnjdhdhhdhdheixboeh
You can't win and it is ENDLESS
It would be fun if they didn't set it to where you always lose. I always come so close to winning then theres 3 wars back to back then the computer gets all of them and wins. I hate games where the computer always wins. Also, the game goes on FOREVER! I would come so close to winning then the computer would gain a ton then I would and it keeps on going!
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13 years ago, Cruton 13
Does what it says.
This is the card game called war. Therefore you should rate it by what it's meant to be. This isn't going to appeal to everyone cuz you can't really make any discisions. I do wish they would add the option to have 2's kill aces because that's how I grew up playing it.
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12 years ago, BadBoy13 64
One problem
I like the game, but it should be where u show the cards until you run out of card. Instead of giving cards to each other. (makes the game shorter)
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9 years ago, Starly385
Not fair
I only just got this game but I saw right from the beginning it was unfair the computer player wins the cards almost all the time even when I do win I get only 2s to 5s if I'm lucky I get a jack or a 10 but even so I don't win every time I get a ace the computer gets one and we go in war and then lose and lose all my good cards I even restarted to see if it was just bad luck but it happened again don't get this game it's unfair and dumb and waste of space on phone
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13 years ago, tonyjoeh
Idk what everyone is talking about. The game is absolutely random and I win games all the time. Right now computer has five wins and I have four. It's an awesome game, I play it every night and Its the only thing that makes me fall asleep.
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13 years ago, Chuck6886
Game is set up for computer/phone opponent to win. I played exactly 50 games and won 2. Of those 50 games the opponent dealt himself all 4 Aces 35 times and 3 of them 9 times. In the wars , when I won I would get mostly low cards but when he won he would get my high cards including the only Ace or two I would have. Would give the game zero stars but I am forced to give it at least one star. Guess what game was deleted from my phone?
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13 years ago, NancyMultani
Cool app
I won the first game I played easily. I guess it's just up to the player to decide if they wish to download the game. I just had to try it after all these horrible reviews. I think it deserves a try.
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12 years ago, BlitzSword
Rigged Shuffling
I love the game war. But with a computer shuffling the deck, it becomes a terrible game where more of the better cards are given to the computer, chance wars over the best cards, and stacked to make the computer claim victory. The game is rigged and I'm mad I wasted my time on 11 games that I never won... Making the deck like that makes it no longer a game of luck, it makes the app a place for advertising instead of actual play.
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13 years ago, Randall Stark
Well let's see, to play the game I touch the same button over and over again. I press that button forever, nothing happens! This game is basically solitary because all the gamer has to do is touch a button. The only difference between AI and players is a stupid button. Don't buy this is more repetitive than the tick of a clock.
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15 years ago, Foster826
Fun, but is it fair?
I'm not one to call out a game for being rigged, but this one raises an eyebrow. It's a game of pure chance, and I have not even come close to winning the five times I have played. It's a pretty fun game to kill time, but it would be better if I actually had a shot at winning and wasn't "pwned" by the computer every single time.
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13 years ago, SpamanFamily
Love it !!!
It is perfect. I use it while I'm on the phone and my 12 yr old daughter uses it, especially while waiting for a table or our food in a restaurant. No problems at all with it.
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14 years ago, russelbutt
It's War
What did you expect? War is not a complicated game. Even in real life. You just flip cards. I like this version of War because of the clean interface and the cool design and gameplay. And it's free. People giving this game 1 star, please think about valid reasons for your review before you bash a perfectly good game.
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9 years ago, Kit-Kat702
First if all, the game is free. Second of all, if you don't like it you can always delete it. I think that War is a good game. I've played the game before with real cards and have had people win twice in a row so quit having a cow. If you like war then you should get this game.
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12 years ago, gprhxh hooxh
Honestly, whaddup with everyone saying you cant beat it? i beat it my first two times and a few times so far after that.. its a great game and an amazing way to pass time. its totally worth it. :)
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13 years ago, Riverlassy
Brings back many memories...
This app reminds me of when my brother used to play War this way with my mom and dad when we were little, except there isn't any fighting. =>. Thanks.
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12 years ago, An Amazing Person<3
Yes you may think this is boring but the actual game itself may be boring. But I love this because cards won't go everywhere and you can keep track way easier so it becomes more fun and relaxing(: War!!
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13 years ago, Janet1975
I give it 5 stars because it is a great game to play by your self when you do not have any thing to do. So I hope people will go and play it? I hope they will have other kind of game like this one?
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13 years ago, alesserevil
Just not the same
It's definitely just like the card game but lacks that entertaining element that only a real friend could provide while playing. I always played with a discard pile of won cards that would get shuffled when you ran out of draw cards. This game predictably puts the cards at the bottom of your draw pile. Not exactly thrilling to tap the exact same spot for 15 minutes per game.
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