War Robots Multiplayer Battles

4.7 (507.8K)
267.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for War Robots Multiplayer Battles

4.73 out of 5
507.8K Ratings
1 year ago, EpicMF.
Good game but my issue haven’t been solved
It’s a very fun game keeps you busy but one problem and that ruins it all. I can’t do my quest because it won’t mark it as if I did it I didn’t have this problem before I would control beacons and get points but after purchasing the pass it stopped letting me do a quest that I need so I can get to the end of the pass I have left feedback and can’t even log into my online account haven’t received an email or anything my money is just gonna go in the trash I would give it a 5 star but if I pay for something I expect what I am paying for to actually work if I get an update and get my rewards, which I know I would’ve won them all by now, then I will update this to an outstanding review. Great game but please let me win what I paid for before time runs out. UPDATE THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED. What ever the problem was it has been fix I will not delete my previous review instead I will use that so people can see that yes problems can occur and it’s my first ever since I started playing but guaranteed it is going to get fixed I understand that they were busy with the new updates so it took them a while now I can do my quests in peace I have 10days but hey time to do everything I can to get it done. This game is great ladies and gentlemen I just can’t get enough the storylines are great the robots are great the challenge to get better is magnificent I just absolutely do recommend downloading this game my people.
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5 years ago, TheRedBladeLiger
Great game but there is a major draw back to the game
I’ve been playing the game for a long time. I think I’ve been playing it since it practically came out. I love the game all around from the time it came out with the first couple bots until now with all the amazing graphics but since they came out with all the in app purchases the game has became a lot easier to win if you buy your way in. Here are three examples the first one is from last night I was in a battle my entire team including myself was demolished by one player not even 5 minutes into the game, The second one is from a week ago I was in a team death match game and my team was on top when a random player joins the other team and wipes my team out with one bot we where only able to take a third of his health bar down, the last example is from a month age I was in a free for all match and I was doing pretty good for having 8 deaths and one bit left I was coming around the corner and the guy one hits me from 500 meters away. The game would be better if all the players who bought there way to the higher ranks be put on their own server with people like them who have the room to buy there way into the ranks and put the people who don’t buy their whole hanger but buy some of it at least us people who actually grind out the hard work will have a fare chance unlike the players who can just tap tap tap done bought there way to a mk II bot and maxed lvl 12 weapons
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3 years ago, Sasher7364
I have a suggestion for a bot and other things
It’s a great game and the unique features that are in the game. The one thing I want is a robot that has two heavy weapon slots and two light weapon slots. And the ability would make the robot fold its weapons back and slow the robots down by about ten or eight. And after the weapons are back, the robot would open up some kind of compartment and out would come a mini gun of some sort. One on each side. In my opinion rocket launchers are a bit common so it would be like a machine gun instead. These weapons would have the range of a punisher’s. They would deal a lot of damage (maybe about 9,000 each gun), and the mini guns would have a special effect. The player would be able to choose which effect they want on the mini guns. The player will have to unlock these effects. The duration of the ability would be 13 seconds. Pixonic, if you are reading this. I would like to have a change in how things work in the game. I would love if the player could choose the effect on these guns. I think the player should be able to choose the effect (if a built in weapon has one) that the gun uses. Like for example Orochi. I would like if the player could choose from suppression or lock down or D.O.T. Because it would spice the game up. If Pixonic can do that I would love it and I think other players would too. Thank you for reading my review.
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4 years ago, bgghsjhs
War robot is a great game it really fun and this is why you should play it
War robots is a really good game. You should play it. I would give War robots 6/5 star if it was possible. Trust me, I am in master league 2. War robots is a battling game with quick match, team death match, beacon rush, domination and free-for-all. Scrimmage and Arena is a game mode done once a week that lasts for 3 days. Also there is squads and clans. To play War robots in domination, you can win in 2 ways. The first way is by beacon control, which is getting the opponents beacon to the bottom. The other way is destroying all of the opponents robots. Beacon rush is same as domination but you can spawn on your team beacons. Team death match destroy all the opponents team’s robots to win. Free-for-all, its a free for all but you spawn random. Area is a free for all but you win gold. Quick match is domination, beacon rush and team death match. Scrimmage is a quick match with custom stuff weapons and robots. War robot has constant updates like war robot remastered Ravana, Cerberus, Nightingale, Nucleon, Atomizer, Quarker, Overdrive Unit, Nodens, Cataclysm and Cyclone. War robots has a test server to test out a lot of new things such as Scorpion, Accelerator and Quantum Sensor. War robots has a great community unlike other games. If you are a YouTuber that’s playing war robots and you are popular, Pixonic will support you by putting your video IN THE GAME!!! Pixonic is the creator of war robots.
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6 years ago, Rootdick3666
Gambling game that steals your money!!
This is a bizarre game in the fact that it’s a gambling game hidden by the allure of robots fighting one another. Everything in this game is RIGGED!!! you can’t earn anything in this game you have to gamble for each thing you get worth having and all the games are rigged so you spend real money and pay a pre-set top dollar for each item before you can gain it. Bots cost $250 plus weapons cost $150 a piece (bot holds three!) then leveling it up quickly you’re looking at $900-$1000 per robot in a 5 robot hanger...yea that’s right $5,000 and no way to earn these bots without forking out $1,000’s of dollars ... yea you can run the nothing bots like I do but you’re only playing so the pay2play guys having something to kill... one $1,000 bot kills everyone on the opposing team by himself ... money is all this RUSSIAN Company cares about... multiple messages sent on cheating and not one real reply they don’t care if people are cheating only that the $8 million a month keeps pouring in from suckers around the world... UPDATE: Developers post is a lie!! You can’t “earn” a high dollar bot by playing... they give you 5 components every week or so for a Haechi (need 10,000!!) so yea you can earn a bot in about 73 years!!! YOU CAN NOT EARN A GOOD BOT IN THIS LIFETIME... you may pass this game down to your kids and then down to your grandkids maybe those kids will finally be able to “earn” the bots...what a joke
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3 years ago, Hanna39
Hours of entertainment
Such a great game for fun action. Great you can end a battle and jump into another without waiting for damage repair time. I have to laugh at the reviews complaining about players who can buy their wins. The entitlement issue in this world is reflected in those reviews. People want everything for free. They think the developers are just building this game out of the goodness of their heart. I'm sure they make some money off the ads but their income is based on the purchases made in the game. I commend the developers for making such a fun game that can be played for free. This game has graphics, great options, entertaining videos from the developers (who you can tell put a lot of love into every feature), great sound, etc. They need to allow two upgrade slots to be active at the same time, 1 for Mechs only, 1 for weapons only. After the first few levels, most upgrades get into taking days to complete. If you have a Mech upgrading to a level that requires 3-4 days to finish and you earn or buy a new weapon, it's just sitting, waiting to upgrade until the Mech is done. They also need to slow down with the additions. In the past year or two we added modules, pilots (with skill perks), drones (which introduced the headache of shields), and now an Orbital Strike which is ridiculous. Get back to what the game is meant to be! Removed a star from my initial 4 star review because the game is moving away from the Robot vs Robot play style that it's meant to be.
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3 years ago, Yullfloat2
Good but not great
My second review, and my first still stands. It is an addictive game, and I play it frequently. Mismatches seems a little better, but since matches are determined by player level instead of robot power, this problem will never be completely resolved. But I can live with that, even though it is very frustrating at times. The other issue was and still is that this game is overtly pay-to-win. You can research and build top notch weapons and bots for free, but it takes a very long time. By the time you get them in decent shape to be effective, they are mostly second tier or worse obsolete. Tech moves fast in this game, and unless you pay a ton of cash up front, you’ll never get caught up, even if you watch the ads. I’d also add that perhaps the worst update to the game was the addition of drones, in my opinion. Not worth the extra cash needed. Just gives the pros who already spend a boatload of cash one more way to beat up the regular players. Might feel different if they didn’t require so many power cells to operate, or if the power cells were more readily available to everyone. That being said, it can still be an enjoyable game, as long as you don’t expect to just roll on up to Champion level on a free account. There will be some discouraging mismatches and you probably won’t be top tier if you play free, but you can have fun and even have some great games from time to time.
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3 years ago, bherm01
Great Game But it’s Pay to Win
I’ve played the game since it came out years ago and have never stopped enjoying it. The concept is great with a decent variety of maps and play styles as well as events to retain interest. I will continue to play for years to come. My only complaint is that in order to be really successful in the game you have to pay. It didn’t seem that way many years ago but as the game has grown in popularity so has the gap between paying and non paying players. That being said, the app is a business created to make money so it’s completely understandable, so if you have money to spend on a game then you will be successful. The reasoning is that the new robots that are released are super powerful compared to the existing robots and make many of their abilities obsolete. This leaves a high level older generation robot destroyed in seconds after encountering a newer robot. These newer robots are only obtainable by spending large sums of money or daily grinding on an event where the chances of getting one are very small. Again great game overall, so much fun, but paying will guarantee success almost immediately when spending enough whereas playing free over time will not. Also, as of recently during the Christmas event a certain in game currency is obtained by earning honor points during battles. The problem is that your progress does not reflect the amount you actually earn in each battle and shorts you significantly over time.
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4 years ago, Dangermart
Epic robot battle that is mostly free to play. You absolutely can compete without cash.
I gave it five stars out of sympathy for a game I like...it really is a 4 star game that would be 5 star if they fixed the matching system. Allow free to play and the small small spenders to have more equitable matching. I play with my son and we continue to rise in the league tiers. Sounds good - only problem is once we get to a tier level that has decent rewards we are then playing against the professional class of players. Those guys spend thousands of dollars. Good for them. However, the matching systems is broken when people who spend zero dollars end up getting matched vs the professionals. Rising up the league tiers is way too easy - it’s counterintuitive but true. Once you rise in pvp tier you cannot lower yourself without violating terms of service - for which you get penalized. The real problem then is a real actual paywall. Get into expert of God forbid master tier and you will never get another kill again. Congratulations, you are attacking professional players with a BB gun.... Fix player vs player matchups and the game is fixed. This would be very easy to do - apply a Hanger power tabulation. The more powerful robots and weapons the higher your power score. Use power score for battle matches. That would fix this game.... All that said, no other pvp game has the depth and smoothness of game play.
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3 years ago, Swag Cube
Great overall, but gameplay is challenging at higher levels
War robots is a great game. Ive had it for many years and am still hyped each update to see the new features and concepts. However, im’m sad that at the higher trophy levels (master/expert) gameplay becomes stale for those with little progress. The problem is that people who are free to play are stuck at higher levels as they’re surrounded by players with better gear. Now this wouldn’t be a problem normally, but robots and weapons take weeks (if you’re focusing on producing that one weapon/robot) to months if you’re trying to build multiple at once. At higher levels, it becomes almost chance if you get carried by your own team, or get mowed down by one almost maxed player who just has better gear, so you can’t do anything about it. My suggestion would be for them to release a gamemode that takes into account your current robots and weapons and their levels and makes a sort of “gear score” off of that. Better weapons could mean higher gear scores. For example, a golem with a magnum, taran and redemmer might be the same gear score as a scorpion with pinatas and orkans. Then, the matchmaker would put you into battle with those with similar gear scores. They could even make it so that this mode wouldn’t affect trophy level, but it still gives rewards. Trust me, i love this game, its mechanics and i dont even mind if its p2w. But if the combat isn’t very fair, it becomes hard to pick up.
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4 years ago, Nathanosman123
I really love your game and the concept is amazingly cultivating. The problems with this game is that I’ve been playing for 3 years on and off and this is mainly due to people being completely maxed out while my whole team is average without any large purchases or even any. I think of myself as a above average skilled player except the fact that my bots take way to long to level up and how the multipliers are. Even with the ads to remove 4 hours a week upgrade for 1 weapon on 1 of my bots that has 2+ weapons is just a very long process and I feel that if you have money you can just buy your way through the game. With that happening lower league players are also affected due to people buying through the game and lower level players are left with a bad experience which I feel could be stopping more people from joining this game. Also with the upgrade times people who have just begun cannot improve within 1 year to an average league because of the difference in level of bots instead of skill. With this I hope you change the matchmaking from random to more evenly matched battles. Within 20 games of every mode at least 15 of them had people with such unbalanced hangars that make it almost impossible even with the greatest amount of skill. I hope you understand the issues and tend to them. Thank you.
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4 years ago, jbdestroyer
Great game, feels very pay to win
This game is easily one of the best games on the market, and makes it into my top 5 favorite mobile games of all time, but, there are certain things that need improvement. 1. Leveling up. I’ve been playing this game for around 2.5 years at this point, and I’m level 25. It takes forever to level up and leveling up is the only way to obtain more workshop spaces to produce more components for more weapons. That brings me to my next issue, the component system. It takes forever to make components in the workshop, and it is extremely expensive to produce components. For a casual player like me, this makes it feel like an eternity to get the one weapon you want while people who spend $100 on this game will have what you want in a second. The game feels very pay to win in most situations. I was going to buy fuijn with gold before the workshop update. When the workshop update came out, all that grinding for gold was useless because you then had to produce components to get the robot. 3. Skill based matchmaking would be extremely useful, especially when you get paired with people who have maxed out mkll robots that have maxed out weaponry. This game is amazing and has very good graphics, but it needs to be less pay to win and more so a casual game. I think that with these improvements, it could attract many players to the glorious warfare of this game.
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6 years ago, Planetrobot
I Love The New Stuff Except...
I’ve been playing this game almost since the beginning. I fell in love with it from day one because it wasn’t like most device games that turn what should be a chance to get away from the annoyances of life into a... well a chore! I also like that I can still progress without having to buy anything. Now I love everything in the game except for one issue with the most recent development. Now I know this is kind of stupid but I think it has a lot to do with game play. Whenever you get a kill, the big ribbon that goes across the top of the scream and the butch voice shouting KILL! Is somewhat distracting, and even for a game with giant robots blowing things up Michael Bay stile is kind of tacky, but mainly distracting. I know it’s a little thing but I don’t think any of us really need that much fanfare to tell us that we got a kill especially since the game already tells us that and the weapon that we did it with on the bottom of the screen and in a way that doesn’t distract us from the battle even for a second (trust me I’ve been blown to bits once or twice just for looking away from the game for a couple seconds). I like the game, and I hope you keep making new maps, also, I think it’d be really cool if there was a way to upgrade more than one thing at a time, maybe one robot or weapon per hangar? Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, guybrian
Great game but pay to win
The graphics are great but I’m not a fan of people paying for practicality maxed out bots and weapons, it’s annoying and unfair for those who grinded up to where they are at and for some random to melt the entire team off the map. I’m fine with the bundles with bots and weapons but make them base level along with gold to help them up part way, and for the lasers to either have faster burnout rate and/or slower recharge rate or to have way less damage because it is not fun having campers in open maps melt me down the moment I spawn in, and because of that we all tend to hide away while the other team waits with their mk2 or mk3 lasers or long range weapons they bought. Overall great game with amazing potential to be better, I’m not sure if it is just me but I tend to lag a lot when I actually have really good internet, ive died countless times because either I lag or someone else lags and just melts me down. And I’ve realized that when the torrent robot launches the torrent, it glitches from in front of you (while still doing damage behind a wall) to behind you thus taking you out. And also how the eagle robot with the electricity can damage you behind any cover you are in, not just the ones with illustrated gaps but solid buildings too. I do enjoy the game but just like any other one, this still needs some small and some major touch ups here and there.
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3 years ago, Sinister Vox (0V2IC5)
Top notch meta - just laggy
Hello pixonic! I have been playing this game since the second year from its release. Everything is going good and I am enjoying the new stuff coming into the game. The amazing graphics and effects definitely show how much work was put into it. There is lots of diversity making it open to anyone into mechs and hi action fights. Overall, it’s a good game. However, as I play on, certain things have started to decrease my interest in the game. The first part is the general unstableness of the game. I have experienced tremendous lag over the past event and it has made it virtually impossible to play. There have been times where the robot doesn’t spawn, error messages block the screen mid-game, and the game force quits due to the overload of new meta. The other bit of it is the lucrative part. The game has turned into a pay-to-win scenario where only the rich can afford the best stuff. I have seen other complaints of this concept of being matched against these OP enemies. It makes it harder to win and complete the special tasks for people less then mk2 max. This is all the negative things I have to say, but it still is a very good game. I will give it a 5 star rating because I still love it and will continue playing. Hopefully these bugs and issues will be resolved and make the game more fun for every commander out there.
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2 years ago, WEYAHOO
Could be better but still a excellent game
The mechanics of the game are amazing, and so is the game in general. However, when players load into the game, they don’t really get a full understanding, of why are robots battling each other. Having a storyline can really make the game exciting and fun to play however, when there is no storyline to catch up on what going on, then the game isn’t as good as if it were to have a story. Another thing that i also see, is that they should work a bit more on the graphics, sometimes i see maps with vehicles and there not overall to realistic, however if the graphics could be improved, then it would really help in how the game is described, and if you were to add a story line, then this would really effect how the game plays out. Another thing i see the game have is to many transactions. By having more and more transaction, this make the game more and more pay to win. And if that wasn’t enough, you already have a system in which if you watch a ad, you get a prize. These transaction really make players rich at the game quickly, and therefore effects other players in which they have to constantly keep dealing with this one enemy, while the other enemies of the team, go take beacons. And by the time you already killed this one player, your enemies already took control of all the other beacons.
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4 months ago, 911aces
Nice little PvP robot game. Do wish they had mission. But the Pvp is great. Im on an Iphone 8 and have had no problems with lag or freezing in-game. Based on skill and upgrades. Downside Takes a while to upgrade so when you reach a certain lvl if you don't purchase you will be outgunned. But with skill and patience you can play and have fun still. My advice save your coins for your first legendary robot so you can put as much into it as you can. Takes about a month from scratch. Upside is when you do finally get a good robot you can dominate cause you figured out the mechanics but trial and error. have this on my other iPhone as well paid no money and built my robots up. I wanted to try one on my iPhone 8 too but have bought items and was much faster to advance. Overall the hard road or easy street is just fun if you like destruction. One thing is they do have daily deals you can get if your smart that are far cheaper then paying full price. Its nice to see good discounts. So if you can spare forty bucks you can make a great robot to mk2 fairly easy. Last piece of advice is save you titan coin for a good titan. Your first Titan wont be your last. Wait till you get one you love and then spend your titan coin to upgrade it as much as possible and you'll dominate the arenas.
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5 years ago, betweenthesedays
Awesome Game Style and Idea, Economy Slightly Unbalanced
First off, I absolutely love the controls of the game, as well as the visuals: You can tell this game isn’t a secondary game to the developers, and that this is their main game. There are constant updates with plenty of new maps, modes, robots, and weapons. Smooth graphics and gameplay makes this easily a five-star game. The weekend test servers to try new content are a good check to the power of new items. Skirmishes ever week Thursday-Saturday boost your silver hugely, and give you places to try different setups. There are many ways to progress to new levels and higher leagues. There are so many different weapons for different play styles, and many upgrades to current equipment, to give you an edge in battle. With the new workshop for the components, you can get the better equipment like Blitz, Spectre, and the new Pantheon Pack coming this November. I congratulate Pixonic games for their idea for the game and the design. However, there are some downsides to the economy that brought the game down one star. It is super hard to earn gold, silver, and buy upgrades. Loot boxes and Royale cards are not high rewarding. Other than the economy, the game is awesome. Download it and try it yourself. If you don’t like it, that’s fine! All opinions are different. Thank you, Pixonic for this amazing game! Look me up in game , my pilot I.D. is L7XD74, Artemis Fowl Sr. See you all on the battlefield pilots!!!
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6 years ago, Uugdgjfgnfgj
Nice game with a bad habit
This game WAS the best. I’m a big fan of this game, running in blasting your enemies out of existence or jumping around the corner shooting balls of plasma. But it’s on it’s way out. The new bots and weapons are totally changing the game. A year ago it was a shock to have a full gold bot hanger by it was achievable someday. Now you can’t even compete with that. Let’s say that you get 10 components every day for the storm weapon (as an example). In 1,000 days you have 1 storm. Oh yeah I want another one. Another 1,000 days. There you go 2 storms. That’s about 18 years of playing. Why? Here’s a tip, either make something super powerful and everyone can get it (ex. Punishers have highest DPRC a.k.a damage per reload cycle and they are silver) or totally nerf it down to earth. The last time you guys added a silver weapon/bot........ I think back before the British bots. I want these developers to realize that these bots and weapons can wipe out an entire team. If you put an experienced squad only with MK2 Griffins, Leos, Carnages, and Natashas vs level 15s with all dash bots MK2 with shocktrains and scourges the dash bots would win. It’s no more about skill, it’s about how much money that you pump into the game. There are some dedicated people out there that want to go back to the old ways, and I agree. How ever you guys see this I hope I made a good point and I hope these changes will be at least considered. Thanks for you’re time.
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6 years ago, ziggy1960
Not fun anymore
This game like all games starts out fun but as you play more you realize that it’s all about spending money to get anywhere. With every up grade they have added more and more expensive robots and weapons that are almost unbeatable unless you buy more and more. I can’t tell you how many times I have had my whole inventory of robots killed off by a single enemy robot that just had to much protection and a whole bunch of lethal weapons. It’s just not fun to be completely humiliated by someone who was able to spend a lot of money just to be unbeatable in a game. It’s a waste of time if you don’t plan on spending a ton of money. They bait you with “fixed/rigged” rewards and supply drops that amount to nothing. Like most games the most valuable item, in this case gold, is almost impossible to get unless you buy it. The sad part is when the game first came out it was very basic and very fun. Not so much now after so many updates that just added more things to spend money on to even be competitive or fun. I continue to play but that’s only until I find another favorite game to play because war robots has lost my interest and I won’t spend any more of my hard earned money to buy a weapon or robot only to have another update come out that requires even more money just to be competitive. It’s not fun being robot fodder for rich people! Thumbs down to the developer for turning a great game into a waste of time and money game .
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2 years ago, The most useful
Amazing Game and my experience playing.
I have been playing this game for relatively about over a year. It’s always been fun first starting until u get higher level and then u start matching with players that spend hundreds of dollars on this game destroying us. I understand that is how this game creating company makes money is from those people spending hundreds of dollars but it makes others that can not afford to do it quit the game. Which isn’t a problem for this company because they would care less if the free to play players quit. I’m not saying people can’t spend money or shouldn’t be allowed but there should be a limit to the amount of damage some of these robots you can buy do. So maybe nerfing it to where it can’t one shot you or just putting the people who spend money into other matches with other people who spend money. Another thing I would suggest is adding more challenges for us free to play people to where we can earn robots and stuff. Meaning make it so people who haven’t spent any money get their own special challenges in which they can do to earn better stuff. Maybe have like a list of challenges where if u complete them all you get a special robot or something. Please consider it. Or just add more challenges in general
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11 months ago, Sonic is beast!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good game, but headed in a direction that worries me
I’ve just gotten back into this game after years, and it’s still a quality game. Is it difficult to progress without spending money? Very. Is it frustrating facing pay to win cowards who hide behind their money to have over powered guns and mechs? Absolutely. But I still enjoy it, kinks and all. However, I do not appreciate the new loading screen added with a certain person (pilot?) in a red dress with her breasts way too exposed. I understand you’re trying to appeal to people (and that’s a disgusting way to do it), but children play this game, and I don’t want to have to watch my back to make sure people don’t think I’m playing a porn game when in reality it’s an action game. I would be extremely disappointed if more and more over sexualized pilots come out, making the game have a lusty feel to it. I hope this review gets to you, and I hope you take into account what you’re really bringing to people. If you over sexualize this game, you may poison kids minds by exposing them to (although a light amount) pornographic images. If kids are curious enough, they will go searching, and they’ll get sucked into a poisonous addiction. I struggled with it, and games like this didn’t help. You have no idea the life-crippling power an addiction to porn has. It will tear a person in two. I pray you make the right decision. Thank you for a wonderful game. God bless.
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6 years ago, TheParkourGamer
Very good but some changes could be made
Ok I really love this game. But there are a few things that could be changed. Ok this will be long review so here we go. One the components are really easy to get but they give you so little that you just have to pay money to get the components for the new bots. Two the royales are VERY rigged and you could end up wasting your gold. I wasted TWO FREAKING MONTHS WORTH OF GOLD I GOT ON ONE ROYALE AND THERE WERE TWO SLOTS LEFT AND I WAS THIS. CLOSE TO WINNING A BUTCH OR 2500 K. I GOT NIETHER. And it took me another three months to get the amount of gold I spent back. So I just takes you a while and I think you could be given way more gold as a reward in Battles and maybe even get gold in the supply drops. I have a friend Buttbasher on WR and he wanted to get the hover. So too get 100 hover components it’s was 1200 workshop points and it took him about 3/4 of a year to get it. THATS OUTRAGEOUSLY LONG AND STUPID. Why can’t you be able to pay 1200 WP for 500 hover components surely that’s better and more efficient right. And also hangar deck x and the skirmish are very fun but it would take you sooooo long to get the actual robots. If I shorten this review it would be please make it that you could so that you can win more gold and either make it so that you can get more components for guns and bots easier or make it so that it requires less components for new bots and guns. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS DarkBladeHunter
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3 years ago, wildwaters
Still a great game after all these years
I went from playing to paying because I love this game, I do not want this game to ever stop making content. I see free to play players get frustrated with this game and I lost my account before and had to start over but luckily I found my account again so I know how it feels to start this game from scratch with a weak bot. But another game I went to paying for called summoners war which is also pvp added material that allowed high end paying players to actually team up with noobs or free to play to take on big bosses in a sort of dungeon style way that can help your less fortunate players still gain juicy rewards. I know it’s a pvp game but even fortnite puts a little pve action in sometimes. I remember one time I seen this game put a little PVE action in it. It was a giant robot that the team had to take down. That was really cool and enjoyable. I believe It would be nice if you guys put a little pve boss that is overpowered that master tier level players can take down in a team up fashion that would allow free to play players who is also on the team with the end game players to gain access to legendary weapons and a few of the powerful robots that they dream of owning like ao jun, but yet still keep some robots pay only or dedication to the game for years to access only.
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6 years ago, vasxxx
Pretty good I guess
I’ve played this game for about 2 and a half years. It was REALLY FUN and addicting for such an awesome game. Updates come in... and new bits and guns are introduced. But these new bots and weapons are too power for and almost impossible to get. For example, this game is basically a pay to win, and it. Be using the inquisidor as an example. So, to get at least 7000 components or more for it, you need to pay 100 bucks, which I wouldn’t expect someone to pay for that, it’s a complete rip off. I also want to explain about the loot boxes. I’d say their should at least be a feature where your able to remove components from the loot boxes and switch them out with silver and gold. It takes me a while to get 100 keys to open a box, I would expect some gold or double the amount of keys but instead I get components of a bot that I don’t want or would take forever to get. It’s very annoying how the loot boxes are just filled with component. So basically loot boxes are pretty useless because their just filled with components. Also for the new spin machine thing added. It’s such a ‘scam’ I would say, because most of the items in the spin thing 8s basically filled with silver which I guess makes the thing fare so you wouldn’t get the actual robot in one go. But the more you spin on it the gold doubles but if you keep going you’ll get get silver and so you basically wasted most of your gold on a spin thing that scams you.
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3 years ago, TankDestroyer78
I didn’t know Titans were an addition until recently when I re-downloaded the game. They are very powerful robots that can turn the tide if someone on your side has one. The problem is: the matchmaker doesn’t read the pilot’s load outs before the match, so you can get a match where the entire enemy side has Titans and none of your side does. Unfortunately, this results in extremely one-sided battles where you’re doomed to failed from the start. I’m almost level 30, which is when the Titans unlock, but it’s still unfair to have to fight 3 at a time while it’s just you and one other person left. The game is fun, but this new robot introduction has shifted the balance in fairness from what the game originally was. Also, most of the good robots cost gold or puzzle pieces, and you can only get puzzle pieces from the lab, which gives only a small amount at a time while the robots cost tens of thousands of puzzle pieces, resulting in lots of “wallet warriors.” Ive had to fight multiples of battles where the entire team has nothing but “premium bots” as I like to call them and my team is horribly outmatched because most of us are using bots from when the game was originally released. If the devs were willing to do a complete rebalance of the bots and weapons that would make the game even better, but I doubt they’d be willing to do something like that as it seems that the game is moving from user friendly to pay-to-win.
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4 years ago, TUFAZNAILZ aka LOCKDOWN
Allow steals
I play this game a lot and it is a excellent game. That being said hear out this improvement. Allow weapons to be stolen after a kill. One weapon per bot. But only after you have reached a total of 3 bots in your hanger. Can this improvement be implemented. Each bot that spawns in a match can have up to 1 weapon stolen and put in his weapons storage for use always until stolen from his bot. Only the first bot to the kill can steal the weapon which allows fire fights to erupt over weapons making it 1. Hard to steal. 2. Keeps bots from hiding. 3. You developer’s can add a no steal component for purchase per bot, that you can win or buy. 4. People who grind hard to up grade there bots because they don’t have the money are on a even playing field so to speak with guys that buy there way into the ranks. 5. I believe this will take this game to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL. Think about it. Make some adjustments to this idea and let’s make it a reality. Thanks *LOCKDOWN* There is a problem in some robots the can’t fire in to the air. When being fired upon. Like Arthur he can’t fire at other bots in the air especially when it’s the flying Titan. Which is a Hugh disadvantage. Because he can’t return fire when being fired upon. This happens a lot and needs to be fixed in a update. So that he can fire in the air all the time and not just sometimes.
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3 years ago, Peter Skinner
Pixonic Has put in AI Teachable
But I think they have finally found a way to combat the Cowboys… And as an American warrior I cannot let this stand on your side of the street! I adjure test prospect command commission and order by the Constitution and Bill of Rights of United States of America that all American programmers should dare to make a better first person robotics shooter!Though all proper respect is due to the first mech warrior games. I’m gonna get you guys because I know some of you work for the KGB I have put in a lot of time messing... oh let me shut up because I cannot confirm that even though I’m just joking it’s not funny when a joke makes it look like you work for a guy named Vladimir. Nobody messes with the Russians in America only the Chinese because they think they gave us the flu and they like blowing their own horns. I think you guys should make an advertisement for your game and say “this is actual footage from the game and the only artificial intelligence is the one you bring with you”. May the programmers and people at work at the Pixonic be safe through this worldwide epidemic thank you for the past present and future of your most excellent mobile phone game. And always remember that what you put in may not be what you get out... I know I know I can’t help myself
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6 years ago, Diablomtherfckr
I’m impressed
I just want to say I’ve been playing this game sense it first came out and no one was basically was playing but the same old teams. I’ve always loved this game sense it came out for its strategic game play and mostly because it was the first robot simulated war play game that was a success. At the end of the day these game ain’t for everyone because you have to invest a lot of your time as well as money. Well let me correct my self, IF YOU WANT TO ADVANCE then you’ll need and want to invest some money so that you may feel good about your self!. If I had to give one piece of advice to new comers , IT WOULD BE TO NOT RUSH BECAUSE you’ll get tons of silver which will help you build your ideal robot, also stack up as much money as possible and just enjoy losing as much as winning because you’ll never be able to win consistently unless in a unbeatable clan and to get in one of those you’ll have to be unbeatable. Save all your gold try to reach 2500 gold to get an amazing robot to start you off if not then CHOOSE WISELY. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses no matter what weapons you have your health is more important. Weapons are defined by their abilities not their compatibility with other weapons. Their abilities combined is what makes them better. LIKE I SAID BEFORE ABOVE STAY CALM AND ENJOY THE WINS AND LOSSES. Enjoyyy
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2 years ago, Logan ulmer 717
Despite everything it’s still enjoyable
I’ve been playing this game since it came out is has always been and always will be my favorite game we started out with two main currency gold and silver as they added in new bots the old one got more and more outdated it’s still fun to play them in the lower leagues as the game got older it gained more currency more things that you had to buy in order to progress in the leagues there are people in the lower leagues that have their 500+$ bots and shred your team some times I just wish they made it more friendly to players that haven’t spent 200+ to be honest I’ve spent about 125 on this and In my opinion it was worth it .... at the time and of course things change and will continue to change one day I’ll get up there where the people who just joined and spent a hole ton of money and show them what real skill is I will show them that just because you pay won’t mean you’re going to win skill is more than brute force and a lot of cash I’ve taken down Titans with a griffin and to all the people who spent so much money you can’t buy skill and to all those people who dont like me keep on chugging you’ll get there eventually FWI if you’re struggling then there’s always Mech arena
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3 years ago, A wwr player
I use to love playing this game, it was easily one of my favorite games to play for the longest time. But now I can’t stand playing it,in the beginning there where only like 20 bots, basically the same bot but three different sizes, small, medium and large, the amount of weapon hard points and type of weapons was based on the size, the match making was typically quite balanced. The weapons where fun but not to overpowered. And it was always fun to play. But American robot update (robot that has 2 sets of weapons it can switch between) started the end of my interest. From that point on the weapons and robots starting becomeing more overpowered, more unbalanced, and more pay to win. Originally there where 3 (then five with the Japan robot update) that required a different in game currency. These robots where hard to get but where soul end game robots. All the good bots could be grabbed without spending a dime, and the ones that would be usually paid to get could be countered by f2p robots. But now that’s all changed, with them adding so many new bots and weapons that can only be gotten through end game currency, that are absurdly overpowered in order to do even the slightest amount of damage requires you to pay vast sums of money. Another amazing game ruined by the greedy pay to win system now in place.
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5 years ago, XyleThePixel
$cant compete$
This is an amazing game to be able to just pick up and gun enemy bots down or to play strategically with a squad. The game itself is very fun and easy to like but it’s just getting ridiculous. With each update and each new wave of bots to play for anything more than to look at your bot valued at over $100 and more than that in weaponry is impossible. I myself purchased the bulgasari, and rayker, each of these bots took big hits “NERFED” immediately after being released on top of that direct counters to these bots particularly the bulgasari are abundant, literally any lockdown weapon or stealth bot and you are forced watch yourself die. And each update new bots that are slap in the face powerful are being released and valued at the same price. When the bulgasari was decent the only other movement or rushing bots were jumping bots “not stealth jump” And then the the bulgasari gets a dash nerf, sheild nerf and speed nerf, on top of orkans being nerfed my bot has been entirely downgraded and still valued at the price of newly released bots. Now with the Greek bots being released my raykers suppression will have 0 effect on these powerhouses because of there impenetrable shield. I’m sitting in diamond two with no hopes of progression, I think before and after releasing new content they should take a look at the current bots and make each bot able to compete as it should with each bot valued so high they shouldn’t just be snuffed out each update.
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3 years ago, legendary Thomas
I love this game and I have 2 ideas
I love playing this game but it has gotten hard. I think there is too much good stuff to buy and people buy it and get unstoppable robots I think it should be not as op and not often. I also noticed it takes 10,000 parts for work shop that seems way to much because it’s going to take years to get a robot and that’s too long. I have a suggestion for a robot that’s going to be different than the normal war robot. Name it shredder and it has two arms with 4 sharp blades on each of them. It attacks by swinging its arms at something. It has two modes shredding mode and defense mode. In shredding mode it is a % faster. It also brings out its arms and has 4 spikes on the back that shoots lasers to anything behind it. And in defense mode it has a Gun that does a lot damage but has % of speed token away and a % of defense added (deactivate the defense when switching back) and it’s back spikes gets deactivated (activate when switching) Also things about the robots - can not go in any energy shields, absorption , and any other shields unless shield breaker is active and if it is still in it takes extra damage and then when it’s out it takes less again I’m really a big fan hope you guys consider this. By Red battler4
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4 years ago, guido84756
Only one small issue
By far the best game out there. Wonderfull graphics. Fantastic gameplay. However......Only a little gripe. When a robot has a special skill that can be used, the button to activate that skill is positioned too close to the “fire” button. I happen to use an iPad Pro and constantly find myself accidentally pressing the “skill” button unintentionally which causes the skill to activate. I can only imagine the problems a player with a smaller screen must have. If you are looking for a team game, this isn’t the game for you. Sure it’s 6 v 6 team play but you are randomly thrown into a battle with players that you will likely never see again. Make no mistake, it is every person for themselves in these battles. If a “teammate “ is shooting at the guy shooting you, it is only because he wants to “snipe” your kill after you have reduced the guy to very little life left. The rewards for individual achievements are significantly greater than if your “team” wins the battles, i.e. kills, beacons captured, etc. I often see teammates sit back and watch as the opponents gang up and reduce you to mush only to step in after you are killed to snag what should have been your kill. Don’t plan on any assistance when it comes to staying alive and in the game. Nobody cares about you.
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5 years ago, CommanderSamples
I’ve played this game for a long time, probably since a month or two after it’s release. But I’ve found a major problem now a-days, TOO MANY PAY TO WINS. I understand that you guys need to make money, I mean, everybody does if you want to have a successful and happy life, but it can sometimes get absurd. The hardest part is to use the old robots like the Leo that used to be so overpowered when the only abilities were like jumping and shielding, but now with overpowered weapons and overpowered robots and the constant GRIND for free to plays to even dream about getting one unless they’re extremely lucky or have loads of gold form before is too much. I’ve had too many occasions when I’ve been totally demolished by people with overpowered robots and weapons. An example is when I was using the Leo, which as you know has loads of health. I was sitting on top of a snipping point, as usual, and then a guy, which I assume is a pay to win as his aim was garbage, melted my health away. I barely could chip any of his health before he killed me, as I was reloading my main cannon. I’ve decided to take a break from this game and play some other games until maybe something can be done about people who pay, like maybe a separate server or lobby? Either way AMAZING game. Keep up the good work! <3
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2 years ago, kmassey78920
I used to love this game but…….
There is this other game called Mech Arena and they are trying to basically copy everything from War Robots and they have taken off and after playing it the things that I like are it’s graphics and it’s also a little bit easier too like that Spider Mech well I never had that Mech here but in Mech Arena I got it 7 days after I started. Another thing the gold in here is abundant in Mech Arena and you can get almost daily at a steady amount from the events, crates, and tournaments. A draw back from not playing War Robots was not being able to shoot a weapon on a Mech and after a while of nailing it broke which was a mechanic I loved. The overall Gamplay is nice and the graphics aren’t to bad just War Robots has kinda realistic graphics that make it look old while Mech Arena is more smooth and flashy also Mech Arena is easier to progress in the game. Here’s a tip these events I was talking about well some of them had decent but not overpowered Mechs and weapons sometimes that if you do stuff each day you get points and the points get you rewards and eventually you get the Mech or weapon at a certain amount points. You would get points by doing 2v2 matches, 5v5 matches, certain amount of damage etc.
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5 years ago, MacDaddyStretch
Geared towards pay to play.
I must say I’ve had this game for several years, and it overall has been one of my favorite games; but I am slowly losing interest in it. It’s not as fun as it used to be. It seems as though money has become the focal point, as what happens to any good thing or game. The game isn’t designed for the normal everyday person that has to budget hard for everything they have and don’t have spare change to spend on games. Upgrades take absolutely forever. Certain weapons and robots are nearly unattainable for people like me. I fight in battles against robots and teams that have robots and weapons I could only dream of having because I don’t have the extra money to put towards it. My team and I then get absolutely destroyed and smeared all over the map, which of course does nothing good for my statistics or personal profile. I just wish the game was more friendly to those that just simply want to enjoy the path of the game, and play it the right way, and upgrade as we go. In conclusion, If you are blessed to have a ton of money to spend on video games then you will be successful in this game. You will be able to purchase the necessary weapons and equipment needed to be competitive. If not, be prepared for a very very very long fairly unsuccessful road, and a mediocre gaming experience. Get used to watching your robots get eaten like they walked into a wood chipper.
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5 years ago, some else appreciateve
Mech battle
You should team with Mech wars by djinnworks studios. Also you should be able to play with other players online. Not AI’S seriously bro they don’t do anything. The robot work station is very messy on the screen with all those tabs. Mech wars has some good things on it and war robots do to but if y’all work together and make each other better. I own both games and I’m a lvl 11/12 in mech wars. But bro leveling up is fast too. Also WHY do you start and then make us have to use money first to upgrade when fighting. Also you should be able to get a gold bonuses after battles. Like bruh mech wars has that down! I think some robots look too OP. Also mech wars got rated same like y’all and trust me it’s great! My name in mech wars is bravowolf but I’m in a clan! [nail]bravowolf. It’s global so it’s extremely fun too. Also when a robot dies they drop a energy cell it’s extremely good for chest and it’s awesome. It takes a while for you to get used to the controls but it’s not too much! -signed poisonfang P.S PLEASE Team With Djinnworks studios I think it will be worth it! If it doesn’t then I’m sorry for the wast of time. I take the blame if it doesn’t. Tell djinnworks studios that A player named Bravowolf gave the idea and thinks it could work. Thank you for reading this long response. -poisonfang
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1 year ago, Lazzarblade
As a long term War Robots gamer, the gameplay is phenomenal, the graphics, everything. It has so many great feats and nevertheless deserves its spot on the podium. There is just one thing missing that would complete it as a whole, it needs a story/campaign. The game already has PvE and background about pilots(backstory), so it wouldn’t be hard to set up, economically speaking it would be a great investment attracting a lot more players and furthermore win a lot more awards. Speaking more on the 5 star review, the game has me hooked and has many players, but I will say I’ve had some money in my pocket to spare for this game (it is worth the money). But not many people have the same privilege to spend lofty as though I, not right away anyways. So I believe creating a campaign can bring alot of players in, and catch more attention. I see the potential of where this could go and how much more productive it can be, speaking by on my end as a fellow gamer, this game could destroy the platform of mobile gaming with this newly profound idea of a story. To sum it up the game is amazing, and absolutely love it. The direction the game is going is awesome. I’ve just had some insight on how the game could become even greater than it already is.
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5 years ago, Star_hawk6
There is some I want to improve and updates to come back
So I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years and I’ve wanted some improvements and the first thing is testing new robots like if u can’t buy it in the paint section there is a button that says “test robot” if I click it it well tell me to choose a weapon if I’m done with that I will vs computer robots and they won’t attack me unless if I click a button that will make the computer robots attack me and another mode to choose the computers weapons and robot I can also choose paint for my robot to test on to the second update I want is to build your own robot you also can choose paint oh and you can also build your own weapon you can choose your weapon with palsma shotgun automatic machine gun lockdown like the pulser corona glory halo and shredder like those modes you can pick on to the robots you choose your robots ability like dash, assault mode, and the rest and each battle you earn parts for your robots you can also create your own part that would cost about 500 gold I want you war robots to add a ability and it would be invisablity maybe that’s all I can think of if you are reading this thank you and war robots if your reading this maybe can you add my ideas or just respond thank you
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3 years ago, Littlesparrow1126
Make the price go down
The 70 and 30% off things that you can buy at the store for two or three dollars there OK bye platinum is really useful the people can barely get it and since everything so highly expensive nobody can really by platinum or anything else because it's too expensive they're not gonna and platinum is a very necessary to for upgrading and getting tight and weapons entitled but it's so expensive the people don't wanna buy it and because the quest to get it only give you 25 if you get both of them in that one day but for me it takes multiple days to get the 10 so I can't get platinum easily but it's too expensive in the store so I don't wanna buy it but if you make the prices go down and make it to where you get more platinum a lot more people would buy stuff it's just make the prices go down they don't need to be that high they were that high nobody wants to buy them and less the really really rich or just don't care so for the sake of the people they don't want to buy $100 for just 700 platinum make the prices go down or make it to where you can get more platinum for quest like 50 platinum for 5000 honor instead of 1700 honor for 15 because if you did that people would buy platinum so just make the price go down.
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7 years ago, JOHNA7829
What a great game!
I would like to thank pixonic and the war Robots community for downloading this game. This game is great for military skills and strategies within battles and upgrades. Even the currency people saved up over the past 3 years. I have started playing this in September 2016 and have experienced a lot of great gameplay. I was even able to name myself Mr. Kick with the pilot id 4763L8 on an iOS device that I gotten a day after my birthday. And last April, I didn’t notice that this game was released on my birthday. What a miracle! That was unexpected to see this game grow at the same time as me. Even if I get challenged by stuff happening in my battle experience, I’ll still play no matter what. Thank you developers, pixonic, War Robots community, and you, the pilots in the game for supporting this incredible game that has gotten me in a better mood everyday. Keep up the good work and I hope that you guys/girls have an incredible year. Our future of better gameplay and strategy is ahead of us. Oh, and also, I would like to thank the YouTubers that kept me playing along the way. Adrian Chong, Chainfire War Robots, Stew Pendous, Blitheran, Jag_arch, etc. give them some credit for he awesome representations they’ve done to help us for what to do when the game gets more challenging.
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3 years ago, Dragonking722
Please fix the balancing system
While I have loved this game for a long time, it pretty clearly has some glaring issues. Not only is there a massive jump between levels where you can either have the most powerful robots of all time or you have nothing, but when people do have these robots they absolutely decimate all of their lobbies. I will admit, I have put a couple bucks into this game because I think it deserves that support. But these people are putting in hundreds on hundreds of dollars and they stay in the same rankings. Level ups are begrudgingly slow, robot power gaps are massive, and people with powerful robots are simply not separated from people who don't. Its truly absurd and it takes all the fun out of even wanting to play the game. And on top of this, although its not as important, the ads that pop up when you first boot up the game are infuriating. You just have to sit there and close out of every single absurdly priced offer instead of putting them all in one place and having it have a notification mark that says “new offers” or something. That alone would make this game better I think. Im so tired of closing out of 25 offers of 100 bucks to buy the same robot but with another piece of gold. Please please fix these things. Its turning your game into a pay to win and its only enforced by your constant offers. Thanks for reading if you did.
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4 years ago, AngeloBurton
Access to pieces
I think the research times to build robots and weapons is unreasonable considering 10,000 parts are needed and u can only do 150 or so per 24 hour period I spend money on the game but let’s be fair 3 days for 170 parts nor fair and we should have access to all robots but only be able to use 5 plus the titan unless u fight only one battle type you cannot be prepared for the different types under Quick Match I love the games yet so of the robot designs for weapons are odd and why do not the robot come with the recommended weapons when u buy it winning a robot coming with weapons one thing but why you buy it there should be the weapons recommended it have should be equipped so robot are un fair but I am learning the weaknesses of them as a way to battle them successfully in free for all players team up and play against you I have been in there and have to fight all the players and I watch when I get killed some of them will fight others but most times the players fight together and when you die they wait for you to come back in I have gotten first and second place by watching them because they did not kill each other if you have a good spot just wait until the time is about to run out and join the fight
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3 years ago, robot of destrucion
I am sad but good game
I love this game but there are some weird things one the game has lowered my rewards and waiting time it takes 5 minutes just to start one battle and by the time I get in I can’t even pick a robot so take this out plz. Two the game had a new update I was just about to buy my dream robot weyland and the update came out. So now wayland is not an offer and I have to get components or try to get a crate. Also the game has weird prices there is a paint job that costs more than 3 pilots and a 4 legged robot rajjin so why is that and change the prices a little sorry to bother you but I swear🙏🏾 this is one of the last ones I have found it or really hard to get gold I barely get any and it is hard saving up for a robot that is worth 4000 and see other things you need so I would appreciate if you fix that lastly a little like the gold thing it is a bit annoying to get components so send me hair to get gold and components easily lastly for some reason the game took away all my gamemodes except skirmish and domination so tell me why it is doing that and this is a little early but HAPPY VALENTINES Day 💗💗💞💘ps about the first problem it actually does not let me play so plz plz plz get me out of low priority queue this is one of my favorite games so I don’t want to delete the game so get me out of it
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5 years ago, D.E. Davenport
Please read.
If you happened to wonder what Apple would let developers get away with in freemium games, please read the recent reviews for this game. After a vague heads up about incoming changes, the developer masked a big change to how building works as a holiday update. Items that players worked on for months were invalidated and “compensated” at a rate so low it makes it hard to justify spending money in the future. The “conversion” of assets to new assets is at a rate so low it’s hard to believe as well as costing exorbitant amounts of one of the in game currencies. There are several in game currencies to make it confusing. One of the currencies are keys to unlock what appears to be a random game of chance. After watching the outcomes for a while it does not seem random at all. It seems random within a tier of prize quality somehow based on the amount of real money you spend. On a cursory review, you may agree that your chances of getting something other than base rewards increases by the amount of money you throw at it. The other part of the game which would try to appear random is a game where you pay with a different earned currency “tokens” to turn over cards which give rewards. This also seems to scale the rewards by the amount of the currency you spend. This game scales the costs of the card by the number you turn over. Gold, silver, tokens, keys and your wasted patience are the costs of this game.
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5 years ago, CrabmasterJesus
Kind of pay to win
I have come back to this game off an on for years, and it’s changed some for the better, some for worse. Pretty easy game to make the standard money, but it really can’t buy you any robots. There’s maybe a handful of them that you can buy with standard credits, the rest are either purchased with gold, or made in the workshop, which takes credits, and an eternity of patience. The little red ticket spinner thing I loved at first when I came back to play, I managed to get a gun I’d otherwise have to spend gold on, but since my first week playing I’ve realized I was either lucky the first week, or it’s rigged to throw you a bone the first week and then just give you 10K - 25 K for literally weeks and weeks after that. I rarely hit anything. If it’s gonna be a blatant cash grab, don’t try to dress it up, just make it pay to win, why bother adding the spinner? It feels like it’s intentionally there to frustrate me to the point of giving up or spending money, and I’m more inclined to give up. The robots you can actually buy, and guns, are ridiculously priced as well. I usually will spend up to 10-15 bucks on an app if I like it to support the developers and it’s nice to get something exclusive in return. Some of these things they’re asking for 50 bucks, and it’s not that great of a deal....cmon guys. Don’t you feel dead inside doing this?
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5 years ago, TURtLE MECHnIC
Pay to win
I have played war robots for almost three years now and have not been able to get any good weapons or robots, it just takes to much time and the pieces for robots take weeks to get, many people just buy the pieces and get good robots, for me a player who doesn't like to spend money on games I do not like this about the game and for me and many other player it has made the game not fun to play. The game developers obviously care more about money I see ads for their game everywhere, I love this game but the developers keep adding new weapons and robots that they haven't focused on the gameplay the graphics have remained the same for as long as I can remember the game modes aren't very creative and now it is just unplayable for me and my friends. And don't even get me started on the gambling the game practically enforces it people spend hours of their time playing games so they should get good stuff for their time but all this game does is is mock you, for instance I save up 100 keys for a chest hoping to get something good instead I get 100 parts for a weapon I'll never use these guys are so unoriginal all of their events are just the same thing. I've invested hours into this game and all it's doing is showing me that rich kids will be better than you no matter how much experience you have and that gambling is a good thing. Thank you for your time
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6 months ago, Aspiring Farmer
Was great, ruined for anyone not pfp
Updated review. I have played this game for many years and spent hundreds of hours on it and plenty of money. Here’s the summary. Was an awesome concept and amazing game - by far my favorite and gave me lots of joy. Over the years, they went to a mind-numbing proliferation of new and better robots so that in order to keep up you basically had to pay some money. That wasn’t the end yet. Finally though, they destroyed the competitiveness of the game completely with the Newton robot which can basically levitate any robot in the air and destroy it within max 2 shots. Also, ochorochi which is basically unkillable in close combat by less than 3 or 4 other robots collaborating. Congratulations developers, I am sure you are making lots of money from players willing to spend a ton to completely dominate the game and maybe your intent is actually to weed out the players that don’t line your pockets so probably a success in your eyes. At the same time, you’ve sold out. I’m sure you’re getting what you want. My advice - don’t bother getting into this game because eventually you will just be annoyed that however well you play and how many hours you spent upgrading your equipment, eventually, a big payer will just toast you and the rest of your team. I won’t be paying any more for the pleasure of participating in a non- competitive game.
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6 months ago, Bonehammer
I would avoid this game if I were you
This game has so much potential and I’ve been playing it for probably 5+ years. Over time I’ve watched some good things and some bad things based upon the evolution of the game. First the game glitches a lot especially when you’re in heavy play. Robots are not balanced team matching is not balanced tightens are not balanced it is taking me years to build my Stable, and in the last six months they release some robots that are ridiculously faster and stronger. The amount of time it takes to upgrade which you can only do one at a time I could take as much as seven days it cost you a ton of coin. There have been times when I’ve been completely maxed out on my robot, and I would face a comparable robot that only had 10% left in life, and yet I would lose. This would be due to latency problems, so when you have these latency issues, your strikes do not count. I’ve had the same issues when my robot would get destroyed and then I would drop in with a new robot and by the time I landed I would be destroyed again. In the meantime it took 20 seconds before I would have control over my robot. Ever since the beginning, I have always reported the issues and provided good input to make the game better. However, it falls on deaf ears. So if I were you, I would stay away from this game as it is addicting. But at the end of the day you’ll wish you did not participate.
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