Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

4.7 (43.7K)
1308 MB
Age rating
Current version
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Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

4.75 out of 5
43.7K Ratings
5 years ago, GTWJ789
I love it, Just a few things to make it better
I’ve been playing this game for about two days now and I can honestly say that it’s extremely fun. I love being a giant walking tank killing enemies by the dozen and watching trucks explode. I’m all about it! Things is that I feel like it needs a few little improvements to make it more satisfying. First off, when you’re going one on one with another giant robot, I want to see something cooler than a robot’s arm getting cut off. I mean no offense but thats pretty lame since literally every other enemy turned into either a cloud of blood or explodes. Why not after you cut off the arm, you do something like cut it with your sword right down the middle, or you shoot your canon at it and since it’s so weak it explodes! Main point is be creative and give me something more than something’s robot arm being destroyed. I want explosions! Second off I’m not paying for anything. I downloaded a free game and I expect it to be beatable FREE. I saw a lot of reviews saying that it’s pay to win, I haven’t seen anything besides “special offers”. I haven’t seen anything that would make it impossible to play without paying money yet (probably because I’ve only played for two days so far) but if this game becomes impossible because I don’t want to pay for weapons or armor, I’m literally done. Anyway, other than those two things, everything else in my opinion is perfect. I love this game to be honest.
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7 months ago, Slitheringbee
Now some people say it’s pay to play or win I say wrong first of all I haven’t spent a single cent so far and it’s been going great I got lots of good stuff for free not only that but I love multiplayer I am in local rank and my rank is 87 out of 3,498 people what I’m trying to say is if it’s to hard for you well don’t play but it isn’t pay to win or whatever else my opinion great game super fun have been playing five days not even a single problem and it’s challenging like when you finish a chapter you have to do patrols and campaigns which makes it fun I also got 22 achievements and other stuff the point is it is not like other people say also try the game maybe you’ll like it maybe not your choice just don’t lie about a game like that also its an awesome game only thing I’m looking forward to is that in multiplayer when I rip off the arm of another player and I hit it with that and its helm falls off maybe I can cut it down in half or something cause facing 1,234 players in multiplayer which I have beaten it’s still super hard cause I’m only 626 I’m not lying if you see slitheringbee or DESTROYER thats me bye great game by the way
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6 years ago, Ads are too many in numbers
40k? yes. Pay to win? Kind of. Problems? Yes.
I’m a big fan of this game, play it daily. Love the 40k universe and the lore behind it. Freeblade works well for what it’s trying to do. You can get through the campaign without any purchases and it isn’t exponentially harder if you don’t. Multiplayer is a bit different. You can buy gold, the premium currency, or find it. If you buy it, it is a lot easier to get valor chests and good supply drops. Overall, not extremely pay to win but with some aspects that are. But this game has problems. One is saving. What I tend to do is run 3 patrol missions every time I open the app and a couple of multiplayer battles if I am on wifi. If I’m not, patrols only. Then when I reconnect to wifi about 15-20 minutes later, all my save data from the last session is erased with no “load save” option. Once, I completed the last few patrols I needed to get the next chapter and completed it. I came back a little later and every bit of my progress was gone. Another issue is patrol medals. It makes sense to have us do a few patrols every chapter to keep us playing, but once you get past a certain point it’s 40+ medals per chapter and then you blaze through the campaign missions in a minuscule fraction of what it took to get there. But, I do like this game and will continue to play.
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6 years ago, Xenomrph
Fantastic, addictive
I never write App Store reviews but I’m making an exception for this game because I just can’t stop playing it. The production values are top notch in every regard, from the graphics and animations, sound effects, soundtrack, voice-overs, everything. The game is easy to pick up and play, with intuitive controls and missions that take about 1-3 minutes to complete, so it never feels like you’re locked in for a huge amount of time. The various weapons really let you customize your Knight and they genuinely change the way you have to approach different enemies. It’s rare to find a free-to-play game that just lets me have fun and doesn’t quickly gate itself behind a paywall, require purchases in order to win, or relentlessly try to get me to make in-app purchases; I felt good buying in-app items and gold with this game because I felt I’d gotten (and continue to get) a genuine value out of the free content, and that’s worth rewarding the developers for. Heck, the game convinced me to go out and buy an actual Imperial Knight model kit so I could make my Freeblade in real life. Good job, developers, your game rules.
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7 months ago, natethethird3
The emperor is with us!!!!!
I absolutely loved this game growing up as a kid and getting my first tablet, I played the crap out of this game knowing nothing about the warhammer universe and then came back after 6 years after spending two years basically learning the crap out of the lore and then remembered that this game was still on the play store, but that all came crashing down when the game kept crashing on me because at the time I was trying to find a warhammer mobile game that would actually interest me to play for hours and I meant any game that I could play but the wolf marine tactical game was sort of dull because I played mechanicus on my switch and then played tactical arena one that came out last year and then the card games, but this game was the one good game that I felt could have been more if we’ll you guys kept updating it, and then an update… and it fixed the crashing and I played more and more trying to unlock the items my dumb 10 year old brain couldn’t do
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3 years ago, TheLagGhost
Fun, but a few gripes
I like a lot of the choices in this game; the ability to hop in whenever I want with little downtime is great. Feels powerful, mech times, the usual. Problems include a patrol I was in where the ork copter was above my camera range and none of my weapons could target or destroy it (forest); one of the multiplayer maps seems I almost never get enough enemies to get more/equal chances of fury; destructables aren't very telegraphed so I shoot everywhere; inventory management is just hording and discarding when you run out of space. Seems a few of the game's quality of life things (more forges, customizations) runs on rare currency I have <100 of (gold) as of the end of Chapter 4. But I do like this game, the on-rail amusement park camera with gun control is cool for a mobile game and still sells the power of holding so much artillery in your hands. Sometimes, the two-tanky enemy encounters aren't well telegraphed as to which I should target first, so I die a few times guessing which one to target. Dialogue seems a bit sped up, but maybe only I play for the story lol.
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6 years ago, NewLunarRepublicGrunt
Overall review
This game is loads of fun. As a 40k warhammer mobile game its close if not top of the line. Especially because it’s free. Only a few select items have to be bought. Everything else is accessible through in game currency and events pretty easily. The only problem is the saves. Progress is very easily wiped. I’ve lost hours of gameplay. Logging into Facebook and having the internet connected helps with this problem but there’s no guarantee. Hopefully this is will be eliminated in the future. The missions are fairly short and vary slightly in map and enemies. This allows for a quick game every now and then. The game does have a problem with certain weapons being clearly better in every way compared to others. Such as the graviton gun essentially being an overpowered stubber. Or the power fist just being straight up better then the chainsword. A little more help on how the multiplayer works in terms of the level of other knights would be appreciated. Other then those 4.8/5
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5 years ago, Mania_Knight
Awesome game, but something to consider.
40k I just love how this game brings the titan out of me, but battle animations need an update because in Patrols and in the campaign missions the combat animations aren’t at there best I would like to see more than just the same motions over and over again it would make it better if there from this third person point of view an epic battle between these giant robot mech suits (I looked at pictures I know there mechs) and like if you miss you get hit like you do in the game but like also make it so it’s like you also have the chance to block an attach from them to and that the cpu enemy mech can also block to if they can could you also add like a feature were you could also dodge attaches to if you can’t block the in coming attach ( by the way I have already finished the game) anyway that’s all and if you could add those features that would be great because if you did it would make this game absolutely epic.
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4 years ago, Commander☠💣
Inventory Space and Forging
The game is visually great, but there is no way to tell how many items I have and how much inventory space I have left. It is unclear weather or not boosters count as items and take up inventory space. There is no area where I can see my entire inventory in a group and there is no way to trash boosters. I have gotten to a point where all of my war gear is good (about 9% critical strike damage on multiple pieces of armor) so I don’t want to trash it but it also takes me a couple days to get enough ore to forge them into new gear. How does the game decide what the stats will be for the forged gear? It doesn’t appear to always be strait addition of qualities. In the forge, does the valor chance bar mean the chance to get a new and different quality or the chance for the qualities in the old war gear to carry over into the new war gear? Why doesn’t the qualities for 1 piece of gear carry over into the new piece of gear? For example, I can forge 3 pieces of armor together that each have the effect of +8 Valor(or something close to that), but the new piece of armor will have completely different effects. The +8 Valor wasn’t added to or even carried over to the new piece of armor, it was simply removed.
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4 years ago, Atomic0534
Love the game to death, but don’t bother with the ads
Seriously, been playing this game for years and is by far my favorite game on mobile. Would HIGHLY suggest this game to anyone. If I’m being honest, though, there are a few problems, mainly being a customization problem (not huge problem) and the ads. The ads don’t actually do anything, and the only way to get out of them is to just close out the game entirely. They are completely optional though, so you only have this problem if you click a button with the ad option. Another thing is the forge and making helms for your knight (big robot) once you get into the highest level, you can forge helmets but there either looks like a wierd face with no helmet or a helm that makes your face look like a robot duck. Other than that, best game by far.
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6 years ago, The_Great_Oz
Would be 5 if supported
This is an amazing game. Looks amazing, good story line, a ton of content to go along with. Multiplayer is fun with a great chance for cool prizes. All this said, “customer care”is awful and gives little actual resolution. After multiple data losses, costing days of progress, I had submitted multiple tickets. I outlined what I lost. Sent screen shots. Detailed how I was playing and the platform I used. After more then a week, I got a basic reply telling me it was a known issue for data loss on Apple products and given a rather poor work around (change your paint job and force save for those needing to know). There was no offer of a time for a fix. No real offer to help make up for time lost. Just not good. If customer care responded in a timely manner, fixed amazingly critical bugs, or at least offered some sort of compensation when a player submits actual proof of loss, I’d give this a far better rating. Enjoy the game, but don’t assume anything you earn along the way will be there the next time you turn on the game.
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6 years ago, TrrblSwftSwd
They disabled my participation in the multiplayer and daily events!
...for a week before re-enabling me quietly. In desperation, I even deleted my game and reinstalled it in hopes that the problem had lay with a corrupted app data AND having to reset my phone to retrieve my hard won status as a 55th level player placing in the top ten ranking every week. I confirmed that they were locking me out based on my Game Center ID because the same thing happened when I tried to play on my iPad. I don't know why they did this since they never responded to my emails, but I presume that they decided to reinstate me after they determined that I had re-started as a entry-level player. THIS was the last straw. I've been plagued with many bugs in this game, but if this is how they treat a loyal, "paying" (and believe me, I've paid) customer/patron, I'm DONE!!! I'm walking away.... Update: OK, I eventually came back to claw my way back to the top again, and they did it again: they lost my profile in their cloud, wiping out my months of effort. No point in trying to contact their support team. They never reply. REALLY?!
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3 years ago, Zay 15
Hi this is an AMAZING game and I’m literally addicted! Graphics are up to a standard and game play is awesome! I just got this and haven’t even done anything for the past 4 hours but this! This is one of my Favorite games ever and only have one thing I’d recommend. The thing is is that this game should let you change the auto run and let you move freely and happily. Awesome game though and cool content! If the developer is reading this then please try and make it at least 5 times more fun! I still love the game and the game is so fun. I’d pay money every day just to play it! Oh and another recommendation, please take away the blood and make it “for younger” people. The game could probably be a 10 and up game without the blood. I am a huge fan of your games so please make more awesome content like this!!!!
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4 years ago, MistaReaper
One of the best games out there.
So ima start with thx for a great game. The orbs and chaos forces are worthy opponents. But I do have a few complaints. I don’t get why I have to sign into Facebook or Game Center to play online. Plus, you removed Game Center but it’s still up there. I’m 12. Why would I have a Facebook profile?! I don’t. I don’t know why that’s necessary, especially when the game is rated 12+. So please make it so all you need is an internet connection. Because it does get annoying fighting orbs and chaos for the rest of the game. I mean, it’s interesting when you find a new enemy, like lord of skulls and heldrake. But once I complete the campaign, there’s not going to be anything to do. And why should need to buy something just to get loyalty rank, which is required for daily rewards after day 7!!! Like come on! Disable that! Otherwise it’s a good game but you really should some of these issues.
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7 years ago, How bout dem panthers?
Progress wiped away like a Freeblade does heresy.
Before I say anything more, I love the game. I’ve been getting more and more into Warhammer recently, and knowing this game had been out a while, I got it to further my interest, and it was pretty neat. Nothing too special about it other than it’s Warhammer themed, but a little rail-shooter is nice to play on occasion. Nice and simple, I don’t need to think as much as I would a triple A game, or something similar. But I entered the app today (just a few minutes ago, in fact) and all my progress is gone. I hadn’t progressed much in terms of players who place at the top of the multiplayer season, or the events, but it was definitely a few weeks worth. I have no recollection of deleting the app, and I don’t see a “Reset Progress” button. It only makes me more frustrated to see that the Game Center achievements are still listed. So I don’t know what happened. I know this isn’t on me, and I see other reviews that describe similar problems. Y’all need to find out what’s doing that, cause it’s certainly ruined my experience playing your game.
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5 years ago, EnderDude2234
Amazing, two problems.
Let’s start with the good: this is amazing. The variety of gear and customization options is wide and looks epic as all heck no matter what you choose. The campaign story and the fact that you ARE a giant robot and not just in one is cool. The fighting mechanics are original and like nothing I’ve seen yet in a game. The graphics are detailed, the names of things themselves are creative as all get out, and it never ceases to amaze me the sheer amount of detail that goes into this. The two problems are that the best light weapon, the Graviton Gun, is unobtainable without payment in real life money, similar with coins. The second problem is that you have to do way to much late game to get to the next campaign chapter that it becomes monotonous. Other than that, amazing game 10/10 would recommend.
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3 years ago, Jace Valiant
One of the best games out there but...
I have loved this game since day one, it is an amazing game set in the 40k universe and had amazing gameplay and storyline. It had all the makings of a great game. Had. The major downfall that lead me to become VERY irritated was the save data. It is constantly not saving the progress that I often have spent the day working on Just to have it completely deleted in a heartbeat. And I’m not talking about several hours of save data loss, I’m talking several LEVELS of save loss. Also, when looking for a manual save button, there was none which lead to more frustration. Devs, can you please correct this? I do enjoy this game very much and would like to continue using it but with out the extreme save loss. Thank you. (Also it seems others are having this problem so it probably would be very important to look into.)
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5 months ago, yaboi2010
Best game I’ve played on mobile EVER
Every time I went into a mission on this game I always expected something different, and there always was every mission in this game is very different very fun always having something different about them in terms of variety. The weapons and armor pieces are fun to mess around with there’s always some wacky combination. multiplayer needs some tweaks but events really are pretty dumb not needed but still fun anyways. The game took quite a while to finally finish. It took me over three months. This was an entirely new save that I just started in 2023 in August so I finished the game relatively quickly. There’s a lot of paid-in options, but not very paid to win per se but very fun overall to play all around.
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4 years ago, Crabbusmcgee
Great game, lacks features
If you want something to pass the time, I highly recommend this game. As a rails shooter, I like it. The controls, on the other hand, leave more to be desired. Having to press harder on the screen to zoom in with your light weapon is extremely frustrating if you’re not used to it - you’ll find yourself using your heavy weapon when all you wanted to do was zoom, and same for when you want to use the heavy weapon. The developers should take advantage of the motion control features to give the player the immersive experience of feeling like a turret gunner. By doing this, zooming with your light weapon can be toggled (as well as depth, maybe a scroll bar) and switching to your heavy weapon could be as simple as a button tap. Firing would also be a separate button to give us more control and accuracy.
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6 years ago, Talisman-5
Melee, auto cannon, and Valor
I know everybody has better than the iPad mini 2, but that’s what I have. The game runs good on my prehistoric device but there are some changes I would like to see. 1. Melee. Whenever you kill whatever it is in melee, say a mega dread or whatever, you always walk past the dead enemy but reappear in the same spot you where before the engagement. It’s just a little pet peeve of mine that a game flows smoothly. 2. Auto Cannon. When you fire your mounted weapon, it targets all the enemies on screen, even if they happen to be behind a wall. I don’t know if this is the case with all mounted weapons, but it’s a bit unrealistic when your light weapon cannot fire through walls, whilst your mounted can. 3. Valor Medals. Earning Multiplayer targeted wargear is great, but it takes quiet a while to earn it. After you receive your daily valor medals, you have to earn them. I would like to have a valor multiplier in place so it’s not as hard to earn a crate. What I mean is, one valor crate is worth 60 medals (of course you can spend in-game currency on it too) but winning a multiplayer battle is worth 5 medals. That’s a 12 multiplayer win streak to get a Single crate. I personally believe that these crates should be less expensive, or should have a medal multiplier for each win. Thank you for your time, developers!
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4 years ago, 5678iscool
Love the game
I love the game, and have been playing it for a while but there are some things I would like added and changed. A co op mini campaign would be super fun, especially if it included a different enemy, like chaos marines of another god or another xeno. Also, for one of the patrol mission, I don’t remember the id, but I can say it is an ork patrol in the regular woods, at the end there is a mega dread, some infantry and two defkoptas. Well, one of the defkoptas goes offscreen and is untargetable even by carapace mounted weapons and I have found that the only way to destroy it is by using the lightning cannon. But here is the kicker, the level doesn’t end until it is destroyed and even though you can’t attack it, it can still attack you. So if you ever look at this, please try to fix it
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4 years ago, laurabuggggg
Awesome game but...
THIS APP IS GREAT! I love being a giant mech and destroying stuff! But there is a suggestion I have for you developers. At some point in the first few minutes of the game, it says something about changing your paint job to strike fear into your opponents. Well, how about make it actually happen? In the next update, make it so that you have a fear meter for your enemies. Make it so that different paint colors have different fear levels (eg. red has a better fear level than green). Make it so that the bigger your fear level is, the higher chance of the bad guys running away from you. This is a suggestion that I want to see in the next update. Please respond!
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6 years ago, DamagesX
Frustrating and Annoying Game
This is hands down one of the worst games I have ever played. When the game systems especially the camera is working against you it makes it almost impossible to play. Throw in a terrible PvP system that is so erratic, you’ll want to throw your phone at a wall. Yes I understand fury generation is key but when the camera whips around and puts you in a position where you can’t find any enemies it’s extremely frustrating. Also, when lower level opponents with weaker gear can one hit you as soon as the match starts you’ll start to question how things really are supposed to work. Single player is very repetitive with few missions being exciting. Enemy units are also repetitive. The quests range from almost impossible to ridiculously easy. There is no consistency. Everything is designed for you to purchase in game items as good ones in free to play are few and far between. Another big problem with this game is the save game system. The cloud and local saves work against each other and can eliminate any progress made. In offline mode it will refuse to save a majority of the times. Overall this game is repetitive, boring and frustrating. I’ve played the table top and PC games which are great but this is absolutely atrocious for the Warhammer gaming universe. I wish I had more thumbs to put down but as I only have two, two thumbs way down...
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1 year ago, Novakaiine
It’s fun
Good game overall. It’s a Rail-shooter so be prepared for that. My biggest issues are that sometimes the came changes too quickly before I’ve had a chance to take out the lesser enemies just because I defeated the big “set-piece” enemies as well as the daily reward. For some reason the daily reward doesn’t actually reset at 24 hours, it resets and then skips your ability to claim the reward if you don’t claim the reward within a certain time period. I haven’t been able to claim my daily reward in a few days because I just haven’t logged in at the same time as my first daily reward claim. I’ve literally played the game and seen 4 hours until my daily reward, only to play the game 6 hours later and see the daily reward not be available for another 23 hours. That needs to get fixed. Badly.
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4 years ago, Gamer\Reviewer1234
An issue
I believe this game is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, but I’m here to mainly address an issue, relating to the “Patrol” missions. In one of these missions, at one point you come against two ork choppers and a squigoth. You can kill the squigoth and the first ork chopper fine, but the second one is out of your field of vision, and is also above your attack range. This means that you cannot progress, since you need to kill all enemies in an area to progress. I initially thought I could rescan the area for a different mission, but the area simply gave me the Sam mission the next day! I tried to use a different area, but the same thing happened! Even when I rescan, it still gives me the same mission! So please, fix this error, I need this to be fixed in order to progress through the campaign.
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4 years ago, sdjdjaidn
Fun but deleted my progress
Yesterday, I was halfway through a game when I needed to go do something and shut the app down. Today when I opened it, I realized that I had lost two experience levels, a chaos relic, and some good gear. It essentially reset everything I did yesterday. Could be my fault for shutting down the game but doing that shouldn’t be the reason it doesn’t save everything I did yesterday. I understand I will receive no score on the level I started but they should not reset everything that I did finish. I’m pretty sure when it says”returning to the fist of caliban” means that it is saving whatever you did. But I guess just shutting down one game erases everything you’ve done that day. It’s happened to me before and I’d like to see it fixed. Otherwise it’s a great game.
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6 years ago, Tydic
I had been playing this game for the past few months daily and even spent $$$ on some in app purchases, but then opened it this morning to play and my entire game was completely deleted!!!!! It seems like this is a widespread problem with every player at this point from what I’ve been reading, but Pixel has been absolutely no help in trying to help fix this and basically has ignored me as well as all others with this problem. I spent a lot of time and money on this app because it actually was a great game that I had planned to keep playing and purchasing more in app content as well, but if Pixel is unwilling to do something quickly to fix this as well as give the players that this happened to some sort of in game compensation for the inconvenience they have caused then I will continue to strongly urge EVERYBODY not to download or play anything produced by Pixel because they’ll screw you and leave you hanging. GET THIS FIXED AND COMPENSATE OUR TROUBLES PIXEL!!!
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4 years ago, MykullT
Good game marred by very frustrating bugs.
This could be a great game, but some really bad bugs get in the way. What I like: • You can play the game entirely without making a purchase. There are reasons why you want to, but you’re not forced to. (Hint: If you like the game, unlocking a weapon and getting to Loyalty rank 1 early on is probably worth it. Making a late purchase is less valuable later in the game.) • Missions are quick and snappy, some are challenging but none are impossible. • Advancement is generally fast enough to feel like you’re making progress. What I don’t like: • The number of patrols you need to do to advance to higher levels becomes numbing. • The gear bundles are somewhat frustrating. You pay to get a lot of stuff you don’t particularly need in order to get the one thing you do want. • The game crashes. Often. Very often. • Crashes are bad enough, but it means you can lose advancements. Examples of things I’ve lost in a crash, multiple times: - Hundreds of thousands of ore - Hundreds of valor medals - A weapon that was in the middle of being forged - A weapon that had just completed in forged, was upgraded twice, and equipped on my knight This is a good game, but it could be a great game if it was more stable. Until they fix these problems, I can’t give it more than 2 stars.
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5 years ago, Poo do
Well, I really like the game but...
This is a really great game and I love playing but there is a huge problem. I don’t know if this has happened to any other people but often there would be a glitch where the screen would not react to anything I do on it. Another thing is the fact of that whenever I exit out of the app and go back in, all my progress would be lost and I’d have to completely restart. I would be playing for several hours and have pretty good gear but then leave and come back to me losing all progress. This might not be happening for other people but it is for me and it is very annoying. It seems to be that not a lot of people have experienced this due to the reviews. But all in all, it is a very fun game and you’ll enjoy playing it.
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7 years ago, Machina Dominus
Machina Dominus
This game is by far one of the best app games for Warhammer 40k. You take the power of a Knight-Apparent, the holy armor of the Mechanicus and one of the Feudal ruler of the Knight World's. The graphics are gorgeous and gameplay is fun. I enjoy watching hordes of infantry cut down by my Krak misses and Stubber fire. My only problem is the customization. You have access to liveries and regular customization but what i would really want is to be able to customize the liveries themselves. Keep the symbolism and ,on Chaos Knights, the extra aesthetics but let me go in and customize the colors, especially on the Chaos knights. I would love to have a Nurgle themed knight but alas that option isn't available. Other wise its a 4/5 game because in opinion no game is perfect and always has room for improvements
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8 months ago, weazo678
I love this game sooooo much. This game I’ve played for at least 4 or so years. But every now and three it won’t save my work and some times I did a bunch of work but it didn’t save, the reason why I’m writing this is because I just recently became a chaos knight ( through getting medals not buying it ) and I closed the app after I got all the “congratulations “ “ good job” and then later I got on and I still needed 3 more medals. I’m still rating this game 5 stars because I love it so but please fix this ( also please make it a little less grindy, you need a lot of patrol meddles and you can only get 3 a day) the normal meddles are fine) LOVE THIS GAME A LOT!!!
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5 years ago, Turtle720
Best disappointment of an app
First, I do like the style of play. The game is very linear, not an rpg, you can either put on good gear or not... there is nothing role playing about it. My issue is not with the game play. It is with the support, or lack thereof. I have submitted 3 tickets for big losses in data in game. Legendary items lost, millions of ore lost, thousands of valor medals lost... I have spent a lot of money on this game ($100+), when I did not know that there were these issues. Weeks pass by and no resolution. The issues, looking at the forums have been around much longer than I have been playing. You are told to force save by changing your paint job, this does not work. You still will lose your data. This game should be an embarrassment to Apple and an example of lowering standards. Apple used to enforce support for apps in the App Store. I sincerely hope the bugs are fixed, but it does not look like they are even trying.
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9 months ago, SchadTheBad
Good, but needs some work still
I’ve been playing for over a week now at the time of writing this and I would definitely say that this game is worth your time, but would recommend giving it a few days before you decide it to be worth your money. There is an issue with the game data not ‘saving’ properly sometimes as apparently it saves your ‘online’ data to a Cloud server (I still don’t know what to call this thing, a server I guess?) or it can save to your device when ‘offline’. If you don’t have the greatest connection for your phone at certain times of the day or just have bad service in general, I would say make your purchases sparingly.
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4 years ago, listeningnc
Great game but.....
I just wanted to say that this game is awesome it really brings out the Warhammer universe and is a awesome game I just want to say that this game is practically trying to get you to buy stuff for the table top game and in a way is kind’ve forcing us players to buy the better and more upgraded Freeblades that make mine that put a lot of hard work in seem like a joke and well it always makes me want to play Warhammer SpaceMarine which might be the point but in all the Warhammer trailers that show the Freeblade like in Dawn of war 3 they were bigger than at 20 Ultra marines but in this game it’s maybe only 3 feet tall compared to the other ones Just know we gamers man
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6 years ago, cbidude
Great game, but constantly loses progress
This game is a blast to play. Great graphics. Story line is s little dry, but that’s not the point of the game. Controls are easy enough. Better on newer phones. There is one caveat. The game “forgets” what you did earlier. I have to redo stuff day after day. All the time. Just last night I collected crates and finished all available missions. This morning? Have to do it all over again. It’s every day!!! I was nearly ready to level up last night...this morning I’m about halfway. It’s maddening!! It didn’t ask if I wanted to use cloud data, just started up with lost progress. At one point I needed 29 patrols to move to next chapter. I bet I’ve done 40, because I will do the three allotted, and the next time I start the game, it’s forgotten I did them.
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7 months ago, Khidruun
UI needs some serious work
I love rail shooters and this one has a lot of potential. The first few missions were extremely fun, but once I acquired a second weapon, I repeatedly died. The main trouble was that it was impossible for me to tell which weapon I was actually using at any given moment. The HUD gave me no indication, and no feedback or indicator of any kind when I tried to switch back and forth between them. On top of this I had to juggle ammo and heat management, as well as manually deploying shields. All while being actively attacked. A little extra effort into the UI would go a long way here. A tutorial aboard about how to switch weapons in combat, at some point *before* I start getting shot at, would help a lot too.
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6 years ago, Shutup&TakemyMoney
Fun to play, but saves never stay.
Now don’t get me wrong, this game is fun. The missions are simple, the graphics and animations are smooth, and the gameplay is fun. Now I haven’t really progressed all that much since I just got the game recently, but I find it annoying that most of my work suddenly got reset after I had to close the game when it froze while I was trying to get free blessings for my freeblade. It’s pretty obvious I’m not the only one who’s suffering this, but a bug like this could (and probably is) really hamper the player base, especially if the users affected spent a good bit of money in the ingame store. I had nearly hope this bug can be eventually fixed because I don’t want to have to grind away, only to realize my work didn’t save into the cloud ☹️
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3 years ago, throw me into a lava pit
Cool but…a few suggestions
This is a REALLY ACTION GAME AND A GREAT ONE TO but I have some suggestions whenever the iCloud sign comes up I read it and it says ok I click on it but nothing happens so I try to to get put of my game then get back in again and it works but please fix the sign. I have been playing since quite a while since season 134 but the game has changed like about every day we should get like 20 coins and 1,000 ore a day please add that I’m trying to be helpful I’m really not trying to be mean or disruptive but these are my opinions and suggestions thank you for reading developers and builders the last thing do you mind if like we can play with real people (I don’t know if the multiplayer is real people but eh)
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7 years ago, Joey Bag'oBallz
This game is apart of my daily ins and outs
I adore this game, it's gotten to a point where I'll play it multiple times a day every day. One of the first books I read when I got into Warhammer was HH: Mechanicum. When they finally came out with an actual knight model are you eventually I'd be getting one. This game has allowed me to play as a knight which is like a dream come true as a Warhammer 40,000 player. And after years of playing I finally on my own knight and again this game has come through for me being the test area for a color scheme for my own physical Freeblade. I love this game and will continue playing for the foreseeable future!!!
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4 years ago, TheMasonite123
Love it, but make ads skippable.
The game overall is amazing, but if you’re going to add the option of getting rewards for ads instead of paying the most precious resource in the game, don’t just play Age Of Z ads that loop and never show an X to close the ad. Just to unlock chapter 7 and not take 4 weeks, I had to spend hundreds of gold on re-scans for patrols just to get to the next chapter! Don’t make ads not able to close, Don’t make spending precious coins necessary to progress the storyline, And then I’d give a 5-star. Sorry if the rating is a little pessimistic, but it’s honest.
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4 years ago, Apprater4040395
It’s so cool
It is so much fun I love this game I have a love for robots and this sure does the trick keep going and there’s no adds unless you chose too any way it’s five stars for great campaign and the multiplayer fighting and the graphics I love this game you who’s reading this play it. It has tons of cool gear I have a hand with electric shock on it isn’t that cool please play it I love the power you can gain and the bad guys robots are awesome to please play this game I please you play it now it’s awesome . Free blade your awesome and it’s not pay to win I didn’t buy anything and I’m almost to the boss. Well forge on my knights
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4 years ago, deathquote
Great game. Bad ads.
This game is spectacular. I have been playing for... a few months, i think, and I’m currently at level 40. In the game though, when you choose to watch an ad, it repeats itself, over and over, never ending, and I can’t save my progress before i exit out and double press the home button, and swipe up where it says Freeblade. It doesn’t even save! Please, makers of. Freeblade, fix this sucky glitch, because it ruins the great expeirience known as freeblade. And it doesn’t give me what I watched the ad for! WHAT THE FRIDGE! Fix this scam before you lose a faithful player.
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7 years ago, rick's dads account
Mediocre rail shooter with disgusting micro
I have no idea how this game is reviewed so highly. The game itself is just a rail shooter with pretty cumbersome controls and no ability to control the screen which causes problems where you get hit by enemies that are blocked from your vision by the titans body and you cant move forward until you kill them in some cases. The disgusting part is how much of the in game gold currency things cost. I played a fair amount of the game (up to chapter 4 plus most of the bonus runs up to that point) just bc i like 40k and still cant afford what they designate as premium colors. The main page also bombards you with ads for in game items that are absurdly expensive and other games. I dont play many iphone games so maybe this is just standard, but i cant believe this is considered a good one.
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5 years ago, Lucky Day Scratchee
They are no longer updating or adding content
The gameplay is insanely fun but if you are on IOS be prepared to constantly lose your purchases and saves and even forged/unlocked equipment. It is infuriating to say the least. And the game doesn’t make any attempt to explain stats or what they do in any way except the occasional tip in a loading screen. The wargearis confusing and many times higher rated gear that is even more rare will have significantly lower stats than a piece that should (in theory) be vastly inferior. But the game also fails to explain wargear ratings and the insanity that is the forging process. The saddest thing though is that even though this game is insanely fun and had great potential the developers have announced that thy will be focusing on their other game and this one has no advancement for the foreseeable future. Good luck
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6 years ago, jackgreg
Apple TV is not supported
On checking, and according to the developers own language (see their support page FAQs), Apple TV is *not* included in the iOS or Apple devices that support this game. That said, I’ve been using it on the Apple TV (gen 4) for abt 5 months- it’s ok and enticing for a free game (at first), but otherwise is scamming players who invest cash. Any review of game forums will show a huge list of issues that players have encountered following the release (incl. lost game progress, unreachable game awards, and limits to game progress even after cash purchases). The developer’s gamer tech support and response rate seems phantom-like at best, and at worst gives the ever-increasing feeling that the whole thing is just gaming the user with hooks, rather than providing a genuine lasting entertainment.
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6 years ago, DEUSwithextraVULT
Overwhelming Sadness
Alrighty, I absolutely love this game but I got ripped something terrible. After finally acquiring a lightning cannon, my iPad’s battery died shortly after and after letting it recharged, I get back into the game and find all the great loot I acquired from my daily drops GONE and the drops themselves reset. Along with some fairly high grade weapons, I also lost THREE Quastoris tokens and only got lower grade loot when I opened the drops again... I miss my lightning cannon... But I guess the Emperor willed that I shouldn’t command such power... I’m not expecting a new one but this is something that should be looked into.
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2 years ago, rap2orblue
Such a good game
Ok.. I’ve been playing this game every time we go to a place to get new phones, I always loved this game and had to know if I could get it on my iPad, i’ve been loving this game and it is addictive. this game has been so fun every single time I played unlocking new things forging new things together even customizing my Freeblade in the demo I thought it was great but when you play the real game it’s 10/10! So if you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you busy for a looooong time you better download this game.
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2 years ago, JesusConQueso
Game does not save data…
Don’t bother with this game unless you enjoy grinding for gear only to have hours of progress wiped away because the game refuses to sync with the company’s servers to save your progress. I just lost 3 levels and some excellent gear because the game hasn’t saved in over a day! I don’t have a Facebook account and I’m certainly not making one for a game, if that’s the only way to get it to save progress somewhat reliably (from what I’ve read even this is not guaranteed) then the game is flat out broken. I don’t need frustration like this is my life, I downloaded this game as a fun distraction, and it would be fantastically fun if it didn’t erase my progress REPEATEDLY. Don’t waste your time, it isn’t worth it. I’m deleting it and won’t be looking back.
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4 years ago, Swords-man
Needs a few fixes
I like the gameplay. The graphic are good for an app. It’s definitely Warhammer. What I don’t like is how poorly the game saves what I’ve done. I’ll repaint and a upgrade my Freeblade and the next day it’s back the way it was. It’ll be like that for three or four days before it holds onto what I’ve done. The same goes for daily rewards. I was stuck on day 75 for about a month. Now I’m stuck on day 86. The weekly reward has given me the paint job “Dryad Bark” about 10 times so far, and there’s nothing you can do with the extras because it’s either have or have not. This is why I don’t spend money on this game. All that being said, it is really a lot of fun.
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5 years ago, A Thirst for a new unit
Awesome game, but one problem.
This game is so far my favorite out of the War Hammer 40k universe, I’m having so much fun playing it, doing events or playing multiplayer to obtain other weaponry (Gauntlet, Lightning Cannon, and Graviton) but in daily events the 1% is a joke because it isn’t attainable (so far by my experience) In the daily event right now on February 14, 2019, I am ranked #51 and still not in the 1% (the event rewards ladder near the top is 10%, 1%, then top 50) I wish the daily events just didn’t have the 1% I know it is small but it is aggravating to see that it is not possible (again so far by my experience) that it can’t be obtained.
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