Warlords Classic Strategy

4.7 (1.3K)
45.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Konstantin Slichnyi
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Warlords Classic Strategy

4.74 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Nathantrainer8888
Worth it
This game is definitely worth the 5 bucks to play, especially if you have friends that will get it with you as well. It's like a fantasy version of risk. Every match is unique due to the amount of variation the game presents. You can play against AI, other people, or both. The AI matches alone would still make this an enjoyable game, but being able to play against other players is what really sold me on this. There's a lot of strategy involved but the game is simple enough for anyone to pickup after 30 or so minutes of playing. The downsides of the game are that each match is a commitment taking on average about 5 hours of your time to complete, this isn't a huge issue as you can sit the game down and pick it back up where you left off at your leisure, and the matchmaking could greatly be improved. If you don't have anyone to invite to a PVP game then you're forced to match up with a random person. You can't just search for a match though, you click the type of game you want to play and you hit start. If there is a match already created then you join that one but if there's not then you do your turn 1 and basically just have to hope someone eventually gets matched into your game. Overall, fun yet tactically challenging with definite room for improvement when it comes to the matchmaking system. I do recommend you get this game.
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4 years ago, Ken N.
Great game!
Warlords was one of my very first favorite computer games when I was growing up, and I was really happy to see it get ported to the iPad. Game play is great and I have enjoyed many hours of game play. I do have one very minor complaint. The sound effects in the game do not seem to be linked in any way to the volume controls. If sound effects are turned on in settings, then they are just as loud if my volume is on very quiet or very loud. I assume this is just a carry over of a port of this game from when it ran on PCs with much less sophisticated sound options.
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4 years ago, c_edwards406
Mostly the same from the original on the Mac
I grew up playing this game on the Mac for hours and hours as a kid. It’s great to see that this game has been revived and pretty much the same as the original. There are so many more maps to play, so exploring worlds other than Illuria is nice. I would give this game 5 stars, but there are a few elements of the original game that are not available in this version. These include: 1) no option for enhanced gameplay so armies can be produced faster than normal, 2) there is no option to view all battles (either com vs com or human vs com), or opt to see only battles that involve your armies, making it less obvious which forces survived or didn’t survive battles, 3) the difficulty settings for the computer are either knight, lord, or warlord, missing the Baron setting in between knight and lord difficulties, 4) you don’t get a report or text box after capturing or losing a city of how much gold you won/lost, and 5) when you conquer all other enemies, you cannot really explore the rest of the map as the ‘End Turn’ button is grayed out, meaning you cannot rest and regain movement (this is probably a glitch more than anything, but it makes it deflating somewhat when you do win). Other than that, the game is great and the added graphical and musical fanfare to battles is a nice addition.
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6 months ago, way harder than it needs to be
Great Adaptation
I loved this game when I was younger. My brothers and I would sit around the old desktop playing this for hours and hours. I like that the Warlords II Deluxe maps still incorporate the fixed army options in each castle and require you make navies like in Warlords I. We actually used to play a customized version of the game a friend of my dad’s made which played almost exactly like the II deluxe version on this app. I am grateful someone took the time to make this app, my but is the AI players are fairly dumb. For example, they never create navies, ever, so on any map with much water they are incredibly easy to outmaneuver. I would give this 5 stars except that the reason I got the app was so me and my brothers could play it together again, but for the life of me and after much google research I can NOT figure out how to create a game and invite people to it. There just isn’t a way to do it, at least not one that makes any sense. That was the main draw and I can’t do it.
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2 years ago, Nicknames are stupid!!!!!!!!!!
Game makers are greedy
I already wrote out a long review but I’m not seeing it posted. I got to it from within the game which probably only hands it off to Apple if you rate them with 5 stars. Don’t purchase this game. It is a waste of money. Your $4.99 used to be worth it and gave you many maps. Now they require you to pay for all but 3 maps. At least for now. What’s next? Pay for every single map? Pay for every single Hero? Pay 10 cents per turn? Based on the game makers behavior, I would not be surprised by any of those. They are greedy and do not deserve our support. I understand that they need to make money which is why I was willing to pay for the game in the first place and pay for some of the extra maps. But this recent change is ridiculous. They are stealing from us. Last month, our game purchase got us gameplay on 14 maps. Now our purchase only gets us gameplay on 3 maps. Where is our refund for what they deducted from our gameplay? It’s like buying a car, driving it around for a month. Then the dealership coming and taking the tires and requiring you to pay extra for them because they decided the tires were not included in the original purchase.
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5 years ago, michael j 1235764
Really good
I spent way too many hours on this game and I would highly recommend it there is a button that lets you buy heroes which is a little annoying but it is not forced on you or anything, it’s just a button in the corner kind of a weird thing to gripe about but it’s really the only annoyance I had and thinking about it, I guess I don’t really have good reason to either since it is just for people who want to and it isn’t really encouraged at all Anyway the game is great I highly recommend it
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3 years ago, UrsusK
The turn-based strategy classic now with new maps and online play
If you’re looking at screenshots and think this might be that classic turn-based 4x fantasy game of conquering cities and sending heroes on quests, it is! It’s endlessly replayable thanks to many new maps that come with the base game as well as online or hot seat play. Worth the price and unlike the pay-to-play cripple ware of too many current mobile games.
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2 years ago, patito
Great game, greedy developer
Many know this game from the early days of computer gaming. The port doesn’t work the same as the original but it’s fairly close (most annoyingly, automated troop movements aren’t optimized to avoid conflicts). I purchased the app a few years ago and it came with the classic maps from the original game. Since then the developer has chosen to lock all but three maps, which now have to be purchased separately. I could understand charging for newly developed maps, thereby extending gameplay, but hobbling the game and forcing devoted fans to now pay for something offered free with the purchase of the game just a few years ago seems greedy.
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2 years ago, Mean bean 77
PLEASE READ: fate of the game in your balance
Mr. Konstantin Slichnyi, Why am I required to repurchase the maps? If this is a glitch please resolve as I was able to redeem a few maps couple weeks ago. Otherwise, the cult followers, the majority of the players, will surely go elsewhere and the app will sadly die. If you need to generate revenue then release the map editor for single purchase or subscription so that maps can be crowdsourced and shared with players. Thanks
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2 years ago, Bffhdjemjs
Still needs a little work
One of my absolute favorite games growing up and this app holds true to the original. The problem is that there's no option for me to see the battles and the big issue is that when I'm attacked, the battle screen doesn't launch, so I don't get to watch my defenses. With how fast it goes, there are times I don't even realize I was attacked. If that could be "fixed" it would make this game 5 stars. It would also be cool to be able to buy production. Other than that, this game is great and nostalgic.
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4 years ago, Abraveb
Good game but battles are unpredictable
Time n time I lose a battle where the strength rating heavily favors me yet I lose. How does a hero with firesword companied by 2 giant units lose tp 2 units of elf archers out in plains? This battle left 1 computer elf archer. I had another hero close by so I attack the single elf archer only to see another hero die. In summary 2 elf archers defeat 2 heroes one with fire sword accompanied by 2 giants out in the plains not in the Forrest. SERIOUSLY FLAWED
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7 years ago, Gronti
Multiplayer Mess
I give one star in reference to the multiplayer functionality only. For the rest of the game, it's 5 stars. With the removal of the Game Center app from iOS 10, creating, inviting and joining a multiplayer game among friends is an impossibly complex and utterly frustrating task. It's fairly straightforward to create and send out invites to your existing contacts. The issue is if you're the invitee and trying to join. You receive a text message with an invite. Tap the invite, the game opens to the multiplayer screen, ... and from then on your on your own. There's no intuitive path forward - a complete failure in the UX department. A clever person might tap the Load Multiplayer button. This does bring up what might be your game, but then joining it causes an error or dumps you into a different game with strangers. Very frustrating, but worse? Utterly no support from the developers. There is no specific documentation nor even a website. There's a Facebook page, but it's dormant with no luck getting a response there.
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1 year ago, Flagginwagon
risk,archon,heroes of might and magic all combined in one game. it takes a little time to play, which doesnt bother me. If you’re looking for a 10 min timewaster this ain’t it. for me replay value was pretty good. ive played it on and off for many years on non ios platforms. it has some 16 bit charm to it, so ifyou like a vintage/retro fantasy wargame, this may be a good choice for you.
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11 months ago, Poppa D 79
Thank you!
This is a classic! I remember as a child playing this with friends or alone against the computer, either way it was a lot of fun. There is an option in game to switch between warlords I, II, and III graphic styles which is absolutely awesome. What a great TB strategy gem, there will definitely be more hours sunk into this one. Thank you for the port to iOS!
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3 years ago, kazahof
Still fun, want more maps
This is still a great game. My daughter scoffed at the old school interface/graphics and thought it would be easy. Not so much, huh? I would support improving the UI a bit—though I know nostalgia probably drives 95% of sales therefore change is fraught. Also, while I do love there are more maps with this version, I want more still. And why can’t the AI use navies? That’s always bugged me.
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7 years ago, Shimshamalakazam
Thank you to all those involved with development of my classic favorite warlords!!! I have always loved the simplicity of warlords games, that's cause they truly catered to there players. I was amped to give five stars but unfortunately the text or font is so small I can't read it. I searched for options to enlarge words, but there aren't any. Luckily I'm familiar with setting up a game and figured it out through trial and error.. Still and this must be said... this is a keeper😀
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4 years ago, Splusmer
Still my favorite iOS game
I loved the original DOS versions of Warlords, and this iOS version just continues the love—it’s got the great, addictive gameplay I remember and has a graphics style basically identical to the originals yet still somehow easier on the eye. The team behind it continues to make improvements small and large, and I continue to say, “Oh, maybe one more turn....” :)
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6 years ago, No Qualms
Continues to pull me in
I’ve been a fan of Warlords since it came out in the 90s and I consistently play it today thanks to it being on the iPad. It seems like the programmers have upgraded the maps to allow the more advanced (Warlords 2 for the old school players) creatures like dragons and demons to be available. Please continue to upgrade and add more maps.
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7 years ago, drinebold
Mostly faithful to the original
Great to see Warlords back in all its glory. Diplomacy is missing, but I'm not sure there was much point of it in the original game anyway. My only gripe is that I'd like to have the option of seeing the battles between enemies, and even more importantly, the battle screen when *I'm* being attacked. Not sure why the developers left that part out. But otherwise it's all the fun of the original.
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2 years ago, Omnipsy
Those were the days
A predecessor to Civ, Warlords was a solo/multiplayer game that had all the addictive qualities of todays games but without the graphics fluff. Keep it simple principles and you have a game that friends will enjoy destroying each other at over and over again. Thank you devs for bringing this one back to life.
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8 years ago, 2 generations
Pay it forward
It was so great to find this blast from the past that actually worked better than the original and then introduce it to my kids. They were hooked which shows the original power of this game still stands strong. Thank you for making it live again.
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4 years ago, JeremyWh
The classic!
This is the original Warlords game from 1989! Although now it comes with 12 additional maps! Great game, easy to learn, easy to play for hours. AI is decent, but not super smart. But you can let AI get +1 for all troops, and that’s a good handicap. Great for pass and play. Also has internet multiplayer, but that can be a bit fiddly to set up. Works well when set up.
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6 years ago, Nomrakram
Exactly like the classic
If you ever played the original, this is exactly the same. Also, the paid version is worth it. The free is ok, and is just the original. But the paid versions adds some cool maps and a few have the unique troops like in warlords 2. I am very happy and I look forward to anything else the developers release!
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4 years ago, Big hhhhh
Open Ended Gameplay Godsend
Warlords while being a great port of an old game has a amazing game structure. If you’re really looking for a risk like open world to conquer this game has it for you. Once again it’s not a single player guided campaign. I find that the simplicity of design in gameplay structure is ideal and works well on mobile. Great game highly recommended.
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5 years ago, Wuddog32
Still Love The Game
First introduced to the Warlords series in 1994. Loved it then, and still love it. Just wish there were a few more maps available. Have played almost every Warlord on each map currently available. Nearing 100 games in total. Great for air travel. Great while waiting for that appointment that isn’t on time.
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4 months ago, 👏👏👏💯
Good game but greedy devs
Good game AI could be better but overall I would of given it 8.5/10 but I had bought the full game that came with 9 maps which was included in the deal but now they took the maps and left me and other original customers 3. This has to be borderline illegal and basically theft. I would change my review if the maps were given back to the original customers who bought it before that scam update!!
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3 years ago, T🤬
Amazing nostalgia!
I have remembered many many days of playing the original Warlords game on the Apple IIe in the basement with my brother. This is perfection, the old school graphics and style with the interactive multiplayer features. Thanks to the developers for bringing this back! My brother and I are back to playing Warlords!
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1 year ago, TigerRaiders
Gem in the rough
Graphics are lame (at first glance) but control is extensive and the characters you unlock are interesting. You really have to plan and take risks well and it takes forever to play a match, beware, this will waste precious hours of your life if you like strategy games like "Axis and Allies" or "Risk."
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1 year ago, Warlord Knight
One of my favorite games of childhood
I loved the Warlords Series when I was a kid, this game is the perfect simplicity that it offered, imagining the massive battles of knights on pegasi against the goblin hordes is amazing to experience again. Would you be able to port Warlords 3: Reign of Heroes or Darklords Rising? I would gladly pay for those! I miss such amazing games
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5 years ago, Mtblue44
Love this game
I loved it originally came out and this is a great port of the original. I just wish they would add more options like they did in warlords 2 and 3. Not everyone liked it but I loved the campaigns and the changes. Gives a lot more ways to play it. I would pay for more additional content.
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5 years ago, SapperDCII
Good, Needs More from Warlords II
I enjoy this remake almost as much as the original game. What I loved about the old game was the ability to create random maps, something not in this remake which detracts from the replay value. Also, travel by boats is not in this version, sometimes stranding your hero’s allies. Add those two, five stars.
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6 years ago, dsup18
Get it
This is well worth the money. It’s like the original game, but they added a lot to it. I don’t like some of the new worlds with the new graphics, because they look much worse compared to the original, but the worlds that have the original graphics are great.
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3 years ago, NateTheGreat802
Fantastic but I have a suggestion
A level editor or builder would make this game perfect. Idk how difficult this would be to implement but man it would be awesome. I would love to create my own maps and then play them. Even creating custom factions would be awesome as well!
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2 years ago, Reagan Targaryen
Great old title, still awesome
Awesome that this game is here! Kudos to the team that revived it, total nostalgia combined with simple gameplay and solid strategy/tactics. I do wish that the AI had a stronger difficulty level, less predictable and dumb. Also more freedom to choose your squad on multiplayer and to save the game on solo
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3 years ago, Netmaster 29
Updated review. Still Best game ever. Worth every $
Best game taking me back to the PC days. Great interface and graphics. But please. Please please. More maps. Even better random maps. Love the latest 2 maps in 2021. More maps please. Happy to support and pay
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6 years ago, HarveyColorado
Never changes
I have enjoyed playing this game since the 1990s, I just wish the developers would take the time to create a few new maps, maybe a portal that would drop you on another continent or some kind of twist. It’s getting old playing the same maps time and time again.
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5 years ago, Ryansurles
I love playing this. You can make it as challenging as you need. Fog of war gives an even mysterious element as you play. Heroes can explore places and get some great allies like ghosts, wizards and even dragons, not to mention extra loot to boost strength and leadership skills. Fantasy strategy at its’ best. Remade from an old PC title.
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3 years ago, Elwinbrown
Love this game
Have been playing Warlords for almost 30 years. It never gets old. Wish the frequency of new maps was better, but I am happy to be able to play it on my iPad. “Let the war begin”
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5 years ago, Skyrider*7
Warlords...Great Game!
I really missed playing this game on pc. Glad they have it for iPhone. Just wish they had the expansion for this where you could create your own scenarios. And I wish someone would come out with those Sierra online games for the iPhone...Space Quest, King’s Quest, Colonel’s Bequest, Gold Rush etc...
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5 years ago, Aysten13
I used to play this game when I was a kid on my old computer and having it now on my phone is insane. I love the new maps and units they have Made and love even more how they kept everything from the original game including the units,map,names,items,and textures.
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5 years ago, Stalight39
I really enjoy this game
All starting positions feel fairly balanced, it’s a great game that you can either pick up whenever, or drop hours on a huge campaign. Only issue is the user manual is pretty dense, and it feels like it drops you in without much of a tutorial
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5 years ago, Mr. T T T
I remember playing Warlords with dad and brothers on the original DOS setup. I was thrilled when I found this game. I love the features they added from Warlords 2. I hope they keep adding upgrades and maps. I can’t to see what they do next. FANTASTIC work guys keep it up.
Show more
7 years ago, Raidi0head
Blast from the past
One of my favorite games of all time. I used to play the PC version back in the day with friends almost every weekend. The iPad version is very true to the original. Love the new Krilantis map option. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, The Pink Phantom
Old school turn based goodness
A great implementation of the original. Turn based fantasy armies waging war. A variety of units with each having bonuses or vulnerabilities depending on the terrain. Also there are hero units that can explore various ruins to find magical items and unusual allies.
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4 years ago, Thronecrusher
Superb update!
The game keeps getting better! Only complaint: at least stick with the papyrus font if the alternative is the current use of comic sans. The copy right now is very hard to look at and very quickly fatiguing to the eyes.
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4 years ago, N00less cluebie
New chat allows for better team play!
The option of group chat allows the formation of teams in a much more seamless manner rather than resorting to using LINE or DISCORD or the like. I can’t wait for shared fog of war view!
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4 weeks ago, tsiborg
Basic, Classic
This was one of the first graphical computer war games I ever played! Amiga was the computer. One of the best classic games available. The other maps should be included.
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3 years ago, B-Twixed
Beyond amazing
Simple enough to understand, but complex enough to he interesting. My only wish is that there was a map building feature.
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2 years ago, Trexzombo
Was fun but they took away access to maps that were free
The old game from the 90’s is still fun to play. Recently, however the removed access to some new maps that had been free. Irritating! Please “grandfather “ in those who had access at the very least!
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2 years ago, Mateo Cochino
Money grabbing thieves
I paid $5 for this app several years ago and thus supported the developers. It’s been awhile since I’ve played, but now I can only use three maps that are “free.” The game was not free for me when I bought it, so I shouldn’t have to pay more to unlock additional maps. Three maps for $5 is a heist. Shame on you for profiting off a game that should be freeware at this point.
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